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Chapter 2 -- Bar Review

So guys, we going to bar review tonight?" Eric asks enthusiastically. As soon as the last class is over Thursday afternoon, school cleared out and the students who weren't complete nerds took the night off for some well earned rest and relaxation.

"Yeah, I need a beer about as much as I need pussy!" Brad replies with a grin covering his face.

"Sure, sounds like plan." Justin replies obviously less enthused and frowning.

"What gives shrimp? You don't sound so eager." Eric says poking Justin in the ribs.

"Hey you big dork, don't do that...its cool. I'm sure I'll keep my own with you two..." Justin retorts with just a bit more enthusiasm.

"Is that a challenge Shrimp?" Brad retorts, poking Justin in the same manner as Eric did.

"Yeah, you thinking you can drink us up Shrimp? I'll give you a handicap, how bout that? For every two beers you drink, I'll drink three...that's about our weight ratio..." Eric adds laughing loudly.

Laughing, Justin says, "Two to Three...I don't think so man -- you got to weigh more that that compared to me...anyway, I'll see you guys at dinner -- we can start then."

"Deal", Brad shouts enthusiastically.

"You're on!" Eric joins in.

Later that evening, Brad and Eric head over to Justin's. Both of them are looking forward to having a good time. Finally a night where they don't have to talk about classes for an entire evening. None of them have classes on Friday and they both agree that school will not be a topic of discussion.

"So who do you think is hot in our class?" Eric asks as the two walk down the hill.

"Well, Angie is a looker but Sarah has some crazy nice tits. What about you?" Brad replies while hold his hands out in front of his chest mimicking Sarah's breast size.

"Yeah, Sarah does, but I'm partial to more petite girls -- what you think of


"Yeah, she's nice. She definitely is always dressed tight but she's got a boyfriend. I usually don't waste my time on chicks like that."

"Yeah me neither I'm just saying...she's definitely hot."

"Yeah I'd bone her...but she's small. I wonder if she could handle it?" Brad says with a laugh and a knowing look on his face directed at Eric. He'd been with petite girls who had some difficulties with his thickness. He liked to avoid that as much as possible. Sex wasn't has fun when you had to hold back from the hard thrusting sweaty action.

"Worried about splittin' her in two?" Eric asks with a conspirital tone and a devilish grin. Wow, that must be a nice sized cock.

"Dude, she's just got that tiny waist and I ain't a small guy." Brad replies adding some swagger to his step.

"Yeah, I noticed that in the shower man." Eric laughs while grabbing at Brad's crotch.

"You been checking me out? you homo." Brad shouts while punching Eric hard in the shoulder and pushing his hands away. "You might be taller than me man, but I can kick your ass." Brad continues, clearly enjoying the banter.

"Come on man, I've seen you checking me out too." Eric retorts taking a swing at Brad's shoulder but missing as Brad ducks. Little shit is quick!

"Homo," Brad shouts moving down the street while throwing punches at Eric and successfully dodging his throws.

"Whatever man," Eric moves around to avoid Brad's jabs and bounces on the balls of his feet dancing around in a circle. "You know you want my ass..."

"Hah, you wish, I'd split you in two man." Brad laughs, while moving on down the road. "Let's get to Justin's, I'm starving. " I've not been with a guy in four years...but

"Yeah me too." Eric agrees and begins moving down the street too. "I wonder what he's making tonight?"

They both reach Justin's door still laughing. Brad reaches up to the door knock and knocks loudly. Right as Justin opens the door, Eric lands a punch on Brad's shoulder, hard enough to make an audible crack.

"That's for on the way over here and for calling me a homo." Eric laughs eyeing Brad so he can avoid any further hits.

"I can see you two can't keep your hands off each other like usual," Justin replies dryly as he moves out of the way for them to enter. Not that I wouldn't mind my hands on both of you right now...

"Well, Brad here is the one thing I like to see." Eric shouts eyeing the dinner table which is set with three beers and a big bowl of guacamole and chips. "Justin, what did Brad and I do to make you our housewife?"

Besides giving me enough jack off fantasies to last a lifetime and view of you two naked every chance you have to strip in front of me in the last three days...Nothing, I just like to cook." Justin replies grinning and obviously happy at the praise.

"Well lets drink up homos." Brad gushes.

"To our seventh week of classes," Eric cheers holding up his beer. The other two hold up their beers and nock them together -- "To our seventh week of classes." They all say in unison tapping their beers together.

"Speaking of guys finish your LW4L paper?" Justin asks.

"Yeah," Eric answers. "It blew."

"Ok guys, new rule...anyone who talks about classes has to finish their beer. Deal?" Brad replies.

"Yeah good idea -- fuck school!" Eric responds.

"Deal." Justin replies.

"So what about you Brad?" Eric asks grinning sheepishly.

"Yeah I finished it." Brad responds.

"Drink mother fucker!" Eric shouts, "its your rule you got to follow it."

"Hey way," Brad replies with a little heat in his voice, though he's clearly not overly mad...more shocked then angry.

"Nah, you did make the rule Brad." Justin pipes in. "Don't be a sore sport. Bottoms up," Justin says while reaching over to Brad's beer and leading it to his mouth.

"Well, if I am drinking, you guys got to drink also...and Eric didn't you agree on some handicap for Shrimp?" Brad adds after finishing off his bottle and letting out a loud belch.

"Yeah, Eric...what was it...3 to 2?" Justin asks.

"You want to play this game Shrimp? Its going to work both ways -- if I drink 3 then you got to drink 2." Eric replies giving Justin a probing stare.

"I can keep up with you fuck." Justin replies while giving Eric a push.

"Ok it's a deal then." Leaning across the table Eric grabs a chip and some guac and pops it in his mouth.

"So what's for dinner Shrimp?" Brad asks eagerly.

"Well it's a bit of a stretch but we're having chicken breasts marinated in honey bbq sauce, asparagus with lemon, and garlic mashed potatoes." Justin says with some flair.

"Holy shit, shrimp!...are the three of us on a date?" Eric interjects laughing loudly.

"Yeah, heavy drinking and fine food. Sounds like most of my dates." Justin replies joining Eric in laughing. "But what about the sex?" Everyone gets a laugh out of the last comment.

"So when do we eat?" Brad asks while popping another chip in his mouth and finishing off his beer. "The sooner we get a eatin, the sooner we all screw right?" Brad says with a laugh but also looking around at the other two.

"We got an hour. So drink up boys. Who needs round two...or should that be round three in your case Eric?" Justin replies ignoring Brad's last comment. Only in my wet dreams!

"Hit me up Shrimp, I've got my drinking shoes on tonight. You're going down!" Eric replies grinning and hitting his fist on the table.

"Hit me up too." Brad adds.

"So Shrimp, Eric thinks Sarah Jamison is hot...what you say?" Brad shouts to Justin over the clanking beer bottles from the freezer.

"She's alright...around my height so that's a good thing. I tend to like bigger tits though too." Justin replies while opening the beers. Or should I say, a big fat cock?

"Boy you two are picky." Eric adds good naturedly. "Brad over here was bullshitting me on the way over saying he thinks she's too tiny to take his cock. What you think of that load of horse shit Shrimp?"

"Hey hey hey...I'm just sayin..." Brad replies while stuffing his face with chips and guac.

"Is that so Brad?" Justin asks, raising an eyebrow as he hands Brad his beer. Jesus, sounds like something I've got to see to believe. DAMN!

"Hey when you got it you got it." Brad replies leaning back in his chair and grabbing his crotch. And it isn't horse shit Eric. "What about you Shrimp, who you think is boneable?"

"I don't know, I've seen so many ugly girls as at this school...its depressing."

"What, you're full of it." Eric shouts disbelievingly.

"Fuck off, Shrimp." Brad adds just as disbelieving.

"What about Angie Parker or Jen Tomson?" Eric asks while taking a long pull from his beer.

"Angie is a total bitch man, why do I want to bone that? And Jen has a horse mouth...what are you thinking?" Justin replies with a certain amount of false disgust. Now you on the other hand...

"Dude, that's harsh!" Eric replies laughing and taking another pull. Picky fuck...

"Yeah, ouch." Brad adds throwing a chip at Justin. "I'd bone Angie or Jen in a heartbeat...even on the same night!"

The conversation continues on through dinner and the beer flows freely. Brad -- 6, Justin -- 3 and Eric -- 6. By the time they roll out to door for bar review, they all have a good buzz going. In Justin's mind, this bar review proves to be a good excuse for heavy drinking and the guys ogling the girls and the girls trying to appear modest but just as horny as the guys -- as it usually is. Eric and Brad try to get laid and Justin hangs out talking to the girls too and trying to think of excuses to fend off their advances. Eric manages to talk about a quarter of the night with Angie while still managing to drink three beers for every two Justin drinks and Brad seems to be scamming on some undergrad history major --Trish -- TriDelt of course - who as a senior should know better about what a guy at a bar wants -- Delta Delta Delta, Felt ya Felt ya Felt ya. In the end this leaves, Justin drinking quite a bit and spending most of the night giving pointers to Eric and Brad about good things to say to their respective love interests. Justin doesn't mind too much, it gives him time to watch them both without them noticing and there are enough other people from the 1L class at the bar to keep him occupied. About closing time, Eric and Brad make their way back over to Justin. Eric is clearly trash and Brad is clearly horny and trashed.

"So we're going to a after-hours party hosted by her sorority guys." Brad yells clearly excited and from the look of his pants, trying hard to hide a semi hard cock.

"Sweet man, you're gonna get some." Eric replies giving Brad a forceful bear hug. "Angie blew me off." Eric continues in a bit more of a dejected voice.

"Remember to wrap it up Brad, we don't want you coming down with something." Justin adds trying to sound cheery and giving Brad a poke in the ribs.

"Hope that's ok guys...I know we had plans to drink some more." Brad says sounding a bit concerned but not enough to overcome a chance to get laid.

"It's cool man, Justin and I will just stay up and shoot the breeze." Eric replies nonplussed. "Guy's got to take it when he can get it..."

"Yeah don't sweat it Brad, go and do the whole damned sorority." Justin says giving Brad another poke in the ribs.

"Ouch! You Homo...ok, see you later." Brad says over his shoulder while moving back through the crowd to the TriDelt.

"You look pretty drunk, you ok?" Justin shouts over the music to Eric.

"I'm copasetic bud...lets go...I'm starving." Eric says leaning in on Justin and wraping an arm around his shoulder.

"What you want to eat?" Justin asks, trying to support Eric who clearly has managed to keep up his end of the handicap quite well but at present is close to knocking them both over.

"You got anymore of guacamole?" Eric says clearly relishing the idea of more dip.

"I can makes some more if you want. I don't mind..."

"Wow, thanks man. You do too much for Brad and I, you know that?"

"Its ok, I like to cook."

"Nah, I mean you are always there for us and you cook dinner almost every night when we don't eat out or get carry let us study at your place, you listen to our bullshit."

"I like to cook, its no big deal."

"Aww...Eric replies and plants a big kiss on Justin's head and slumping onto him even more. Youre blushing." such a sweet guy.

"Thank god my place isn't far, you're a heavy bastard. Justin says while pushing on Eric to get him to support more of his weight." Sloppy drunk...

After they arrive back at Justin's, Eric grabs some beers and begins to help Justin prep for the guacamole. Nearly dropping the tomatoes and acting not too steady with the knife. "Go sit down before you hurt yourself" Justin says sternly taking a steak knife away from Eric. "You don't use these to cut tomatoes stupid."

"No sweat captain." Eric replies saluting Justin before pulling up a chair at the dinner table. "Hey man you mind if I crash here tonight?"

"Ok with me...I got some spare sheets and stuff for the couch?"

"Thanks, I'm drunk enough I'd probably get lost walking up the hill to the dorm."

Laughing loudly, Justin replies, "I doubt that its not 50 feet up the hill."

"Yeah man but it's a long 50 feet stepping over the bums."

"Hey, easy on the homeless..."

Raising his hands up, Eric feigns shock, "Don't get me wrong, I'm just sayin' it'd be hard for me to walk home. So can you believe Angie bailed on me?" Safer topic

"Yeah I told you she was a bitch."

"Fair enough, you called it at dinner. But still..." Eric sounds clearly disappointed. "She seemed so interested."

"Yeah that's how some girls are. They aren't really interested but they don't want to hurt your feelings so they act interested until you actually try and get in their pants...then they bail."

"Geeesh, you're moody tonight." Eric responds, with a hearty chuckle.

"Nah, just been there before."

"Yeah, women, can't live with them, and you cant fuck `em."

"Guac's ready...maybe she met another guy? Who knows with girls like her, she's always such a snob in class I can't imagine her in bed."

"Wow that's quick!"

"It don't take much -- tomatoes, onions, avocados, some sour cream, a pinch of garlic and jalapenos...10 min tops."

"And that will be one beer man."

"What do you mean?"

"You talked about school."


"Just now, you brought up Angie in class."

"Man that don't've been discussing her all night."

"Yeah it does! I didn't bring up school though, just her."

"No way..."

"Yes way..." Eric replies munching on a chip with a heap of guac. "The rule is, if you discuss school you have to finish a beer."

"Well, all I said was she's a bitch in class."

"That's enough."

"Fine but that's my second beer so that means you got two to finish."

"Fair enough, unlike some in the room, I keep my bargain without complaints!" Eric replies grinning widely.

"Justin brings over two beers and hands them over to Eric." Taking a seat across the table he beings munching chips and guac.

"Sorry Angie didn't work out bud." Justin offers trying to cheer up Eric. I'm available though.

"Its cool. I got my right hand...I'll live. Besides maybe I should just swear off women anyway...they are just trouble." Guys are so much simplier.

"Oh yeah, that will work. you're always talking about pussy." Don't swear off me though.

"Yeah it's nice aint it? So drink up man, I'm already on the first of my two and you've not touched yours."

"I'm eating...and I don't like to get wasted..."

"Yeah but if you don't drink, how am I going to take advantage of you?" Eric offers with a silly grin splitting his face. Downing his beer in one gulp, Eric says, "Now you gotta finish yours. You're behind me now."

"I see, so you want me to pass out and then you are going to take advantage of me?" Justin laughs while starting to finish off his beer. I wish...

"Nah, that's not my m.o. man...I'll just get you drunk enough that you can't fight me off."

"Well that's good, I'd hate to go to bed and wake up with you molesting me."

"Cant molest the willing..."

"Shut up," Justin laughs throwing a chip at Eric.

"Hey," Eric responds by throwing a loaded down chip at Justin.

"Hey man, easy that one was messy!" Justin shouts while wiping guac off his face and his shirt.

"Pretty boy are you?" Eric says reaching over and smearing guac in Justin's hair.

"Hey! Easy tiger..."Justin shouts while scooting his chair back. "That's not cool..."

"Aaaaa, you liked it," Eric laughs and begins moving around the table with his hands up, the right one covered in gauc. "You better not let me catch you."

"Hey enough already, I'm a mess now." Justin says clearly not wanting any further mess but having trouble keeping a smile off his face. "Enough's enough...Justin says trying to back away from Eric and looking around for an escape route." Diving towards the table, Justin attempts to move around his drunk friend.

Moving quicker than Justin thought possible for a drunk guy Eric closes the distance between the two and begins to smear the rest of the guac on his hands onto Justin's face and head. "Got you" Eric laughs.

"Hey that's not funny," Justin yells trying to squirm free of eric, who despite being drunk is clearly much stronger than Justin -- not that Justin minds feeling Eric's chest muscles flexing trying to control him but covered in gauc isn't a good feeling. Eric is laughing so hard he can't reply and isn't having much trouble controlling Justin's movements.

"Hey come on, stop it now." Justin yells squirming harder but realizing he's not going to break free.

"You're not going to break free, I'm too strong for you," Eric finally manages to say between his laughing. "If you stop squirming I'll let you go." Despite Eric's promise, Justin continues to squirm. Once he's within reach of the table he grabs a handful of guac and smears it in Eric's face and on his shirt.

"We'll see how you like it fucker!" At this turn of events Eric just laughs harder.

"You surprised me Shrimp, but I'm not letting you go until you stop squirming."

"Let me go," Justin replies squirming harder and beginning to consider getting a bit violent.

"Nah, you got to settle down." He feels so nice and tight...

"Fine!" Justin shouts and goes limp. Jesus this fucker is strong.

"There now was that so hard?" Eric chuckles. Relaxing his hold on Justin, Eric moves to back away.

"No, but now your dead meat!" Justin shouts laughing and taking a good natured swing at Eric. Grabbing his hand, Eric laughs.

"You don't want to hurt me Shrimp." Eric replies as the two struggle around the room while Justin trys to land a punch on Eric.

Seeing that he's not going to be able to land a solid punch on is bigger friend, Justin finally gives up. "Screw off man." Justin shouts pulling his arm free from Eric's latest deflection and heading for the bathroom. "I'm getting cleaned up. I'll find you a towel. You're a mess too." Justin adds clearly not upset. Ok.

While Eric hears Justin rummaging around the hallway and in the bathroom. He sits down and finishes off the guacamole and another beer. That was kinda nice...Justin as a tight little body! After a while he hears the shower start, getting up he walks to the bathroom door and knocks. "Justin can I come in and take a piss?"

"Yeah I don't care."

Opening the door, Eric enters. It's a nice bathroom. Tile floor and walls, pedestal sink with antique knobs, glass shower stall through which Eric can see Justin washing off the guac. "You got a really nice place Justin." Eric says while pissing.

"Thanks man."

How do you afford it?

"I got some money saved up."

"Oh yeah?...nice."

"Yeah, I did some commercials as a kid and my parents saved the money for me."

"No shit?"

"Yeah. Lucky me."

"That's not a bad deal I guess." Finishing up, Eric decides to shower up. No time like the present, Shrimp's got room in there. Stripping off his clothes, Eric opens the back half of the shower door.

"Hey man, what are you doing?"

"What's it look like?" Eric replies. As he steps into the shower while looking over Justin's wet frame openly. What the fuck is he doing...God he's got a nice build, for a tiny guy - he's got a nice dick too. "You've seen me naked before, what's the big deal?" Eric asks.

"There's no room man, you'll be all over me." Justin answers, taking a quick glance at Eric but trying to close the door unsuccessfully. Up close he's so much better. I gotta think of something nasty or I'm going to get hard.

"Let me get under the water, Shrimp." Eric says moving towards Justin after entering the back half of the stall.

"Hey...wait..."Justin replies but moving out of the way. "You're too big to pass me..."Justin says while struggling to move out of the way of Eric's nude body as he tries to move by, "...the stall isn't wide enough..." Justin struggles as they brush up against each other during the passing...

"Settle down Justin," Eric replies as he moves by. "See that wasn't so bad" Eric continues before putting his head under the shower head. "You're almost done anyway..." Eric laughs as the water runs through his hair and mouth.

Justin takes the opportunity to openly admire Eric's body up close while watching the water run down his back and small of his back, his firm ass and hairy legs...his smooth tanned skin. Holy Jesus, think bad thoughts. God that ass...arms...shoulders...Justin thinks as his mouth goes dry. Turning around, Eric wipes off his face and opens his eyes, briefly catching Justin admiring his body. He was checking me out?!?

"You still have guac in your hair..." Eric offers. While opening returning Justin's once over.

"Yeah its hard to get out man." Stupid fuck...did he just check me out?

"Here, come here and I'll pick out the chunks." Eric laughs. Wow, he's tight. Eric thinks unsure what Justin would do if he made a move on him.

"Nah, I'll get it," Justin offers while swatting away Eric's hand not wanting to be touched. That will make me hard for sure!

"Oh Jesus! come here." Eric replies, reaching out and grabbing Justin's head. "I won't tell anyone you let me touch you in the shower if you don't." He continues laughing loudly.

"Hey don't pull me, you'll make me fall..." Justin shouts almost slipping and struggling against Eric's grip. But catching Eric's arm to stablize himself. This isn't too bad, it's a good excuse to look down at his cock while he picks the onions out of my hair.

"There you go, all clean." Eric announces after a few seconds.

"I should get out then..." Justin responds, clearing his throat.

"You want to rinse off first?" Think bad thoughts or you're going to get hard.

"Yeah." So the two begin the process of exchanging places while trying not to touch. After letting the warm water run down his back and face, Justin exits the shower. All clean.

Holy Jesus, what is Eric doing? He keeps looking at me... "I'm going to get ready for bed."

"Awww...come on Shrimp...lets stay up." Eric replies over the splashing water from the shower and his activities.

"Nah, I should get to bed." Justin replies drying off his body hurriedly while still trying not to pop a woody. "It's getting late...and you're hella drunk."

"I'm not drunk man...I've only had two beers since we've gotten here."

Justin looks over his shoulder giving Eric a dirty look. "Ok, fine, we can stay up a bit longer..." I can't ever tell you no Justin thinks with a sigh.

"Yeah, I guess strip poker isn't an option since we are both already naked!" Eric interrupts with a loud laugh.

"Haha," Justin finds himself laughing at Eric's comment, "I'll find you something to wear. "

Moving off into this bedroom Justin begins to rummage around in his closet for something big enough for Eric to wear. We aren't exactly the same size -- he's 6 inches taller than me and easily 30 lbs heavier....all muscle too! Justin thinks as he rummages around. Searching around Justin manages to find a t-shirt a trick left behind and a pair of his brothers sweats that got mixed up with his prior to the move out. "I found you some clothes." Justin shouts from inside the closet.

"Thanks Shrimp," Eric replies from the bathroom, "I'm almost done drying off."

Walking into the bathroom, Justin hands Eric the clothes while looking him up and down. Eric is standing in the small space with a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair clinging to his head dripping water every now and then onto his muscled shoulders and chest.

"Where did you find the clothes Shrimp? I'm not exactly your size." Eric asks while accepting the clothes from Justin.

"They were my brother's and got mixed up in the move." Justin replies while walking out of the bathroom. "Get dressed and I'll get us some beers."

Walking into the living room Justin surveys the damage from the guac fight. Its not too bad, looks like most of it got on the two of us. Walking over to the fridge, Justin opens the door and rummages around for some beer. Grabbing two, Justin closes the door just as Eric walks in from the hallway. The clothes Justin found for Eric are a bit too small for him and they outline Eric's body in all the right places.

"Lets play a drinking game." Eric say to Justin with a chipper tone and a grin on his face.

"Nah, I don't want to get any more drunk then I already am." Justin responds trying not to be too obvious while checking out Eric's outfit.

"I'm not hearing it Justin, I'm still drinking 3 to 2 on you and if I can handle it, then you can handle it." Eric replies. "Where is a deck of cards?" Eric asks, while scanning around the room. "Ah..." he says, his eyes landing on a deck by the coffee table.

"What do you have in mind?" Justin asks cautiously while taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"Something about Hi/Lo/Red/Black?" Eric replies back. "Highest card wins -- loser drinks. Face cards are two drinks. If you play red/black you drink double." Eric explains as he moves into the kitchen and grabs a few more beers from the fridge.

"Ok...but you're going down man. You've had way more to drink the I have." Justin laughs.

"But Shrimp, I've got the size advantage." Eric laughs in reply.

In what department bucko. Justin thinks to himself with a chuckle. "Just get your ass in the chair and deal the first round."

Over the next several hours, Justin and Eric talk it up while playing cards and pounding back the beers. Finally, after the last of the beer has run out, Justin realizes that its now early morning and they are both fully trashed.

"Eric, it's got to be time for bed now bud."

"Ok, ok...but can I sleep in your bed tonight...your couch doesn't look comfortable." Eric asks.

"I can sleep on the couch. I don't mind." Justin responds while going into the hallway to find the spare sheets.

"Nah Justin. I'll sleep on the couch. I don't want to put you out." Eric replies raising his hands solicitously.

"Nah I don't mind. You're too big to sleep on the couch anyway." Justin replies trying not to sound agitated and really wanting to get to bed.

"Yeah but its your place. I'll be ok." Eric argues back while pulling the tshirt over his head.

Putting the sheets down on the couch. Justin walks over to Eric and beings to push him over to the bedroom. "I told you, you can sleep in the bed, now get in there."

Laughing Eric half heartedly resists, Shrimp, I'm not kicking you out of your own bed...but he really doesn't resist to forcefully.

Once they arrive at the bed, Justin gives Eric a final push onto the bed. "You're already here. Now shut up." Quickly exiting the room, Justin turns off the light and beings to close the door... "Good night Eric." Looking up, Justin can see his friend pulling off his sweats...

Good night Justin hears over the rustling of the sheets.

Jesus, Justin thinks to himself and remembering his hands on Eric's chest. He's got the tightest body!

Making up the couch Justin crawls in and quickly falls asleep while dreaming of Eric.

Feeling a hand on his chest, Justin opens his eyes with a start and sees Eric standing above him butt naked. "Rise and shine sleepy head."

"Wha..." Justin mumbles before coming fully awake.

"It's time to wake up's past noon."

"It is?" Justin replies while admiring Eric this time fully sober.

"Yeah, I just got up myself." Eric responds walking across the room to the kitchen unconcerned with his nudity. "Nice wood you got there Shrimp" Eric says in a joking voice.

"What do you mean?" Justin responds but then notices his morning wood. "Oh god man..." His face flushing Justin grabs a pillow from the floor and covers up his lower body. "You sure now how to embarrass a guy."

"No need to be embarrassed, Justin. Its just your body."

Yeah, but you don't have to point it out.

Haha, what do you want for breakfast Shrimp?

I'm not hungry, I'm too hung over.

Me neither I guess. I wonder if Brad had a good time last night? Eric says with a chuckle.

Oh man, you know he fucked the hell out of that girl.

Yeah, from the way he talks, he's a real animal. He'll have her walking bowlegged for a week.

Hearing a knock at Justin's door, Eric walks over and opens it. Seeing Brad looking like he slept in his clothes and smelling of stale booze and pussy..."Well look what the cat drug in..."

"What's up guys?" Brad says in a chipper voice walking into Justin's house. Looking around and noticing that Eric is naked and Justin is on the couch wrapped in a blanket. His eyes expanding and a look of bewilderment covering his face Brad blurts out, "What is going on here boys? You all fucking or something?" but clearly not meaning it.

"Yeah, I fucked Eric four times last night...he's got one hell of an ass." Justin replies busting out laughing at Brad's comment.

"So spill be the beans Brad, did you get some?" Ignoring both of their comments, Eric asks.

"After you get some clothes on dude, a shower is one thing, but..." Brad replies while putting his hand up to his eyes.

Heading off to the bedroom, Eric responds "Yeah yeah...fine...prude..." Off in the background, Justin and Brad hear Eric rummaging around for the sweats from last night.

Looking over at Justin, Brad produced an enormous grin, "Dude you are NOT going to believe last night!"

Coming back into the living room still pulling up the sweats and adjusting the drawstring..."wait, dude don't start yet. Let me get a soda..." Eric asks.

"So after we left you guys, we went back to her apartment?

"Wait, you didn't go to the after-hours?"

"Nah, she had no plans for that at all. We got in the door and she was just tearing off my clothes."

"Oh hell yeah!"

"We went over to the couch and she pushed me down and just started sucking my cock right there man..."

"Oh way..."

"Yeah, so she's suckin and sucking...and I mean like a pro! I was fingerin her pussy and playin around with her clit. She was just moaning and loving it..."

"Yeah she was man!" Eric shouts clearly loving the story.

"It gets so much better."

"Yeah you know it does..."

"How about we let him talk, Eric so we can hear the story." Justin says with a laugh.

"So anyway guys, she pushes me back and tells me to just relax. She's going to suck my cock and I should just enjoy it. Well, she keep sucking and sucking and finally I tell her, I'm getting she slows down a bit and then she asks me...she fuckin asks me...How many times can you cum tonight? I tell her oh about three." Brad tells the two with a huge grin on his face. "So with that she says, that's good, I want all of them, now lay back and cum...and she just starts sucking my cock again. And I am TELLING you guys she SUCKED my cock. So finally I came and I was totally expecting her to stop but she just kept sucking and then swallowed the whole load. I was in heaven. So after that we went to her bedroom and started making out and just going at it right there again. She was so hot."

"So how many times did you fuck her dude?" Eric asks interrupting Brad's monologue while adjusting his crotch.

"Three times last night and once this morning."

"You dog!"

"Yeah it was sweet." Diving back into his story Brad relates his escapade from the prior night. Finally, finishing up his tale, Brad looks over to Eric and notices he's sporting a woody. "Jesus...horny Eric?"

"Yeah dude, that story got me hot. Sorry guys, I'll try and control it."

"Haha, its cool, I'm just giving you a HARD time. I don't think I could get hard if I wanted. I'm so sore..."

"Oh yuck!" Justin responds while getting up off the couch and heading into his room.

While he's in the bedroom he hears Brad and Eric talking it up about the night before and Eric telling Brad about the gauc fight and the night they spent drinking while they prepare breakfast.

"So its two weeks until Fall Break guys, what do you want to do?" Justin asks coming out of the bedroom.

"I was thinking we could go camping up North guys." Brad replies.

"Yeah that would be great." Eric adds.

"Ok, I've got a three person tent. What do you guys have?" Justin joins in. Over breakfast the three friends being to lay out plans for their camping trip. After finishing off some scrambled eggs, OJ, and French toast, the three friends part ways and agree to meet up later that night to start the studying that has piled up over the weekend.

I got to get this place cleaned up. Justin thinks to himself after Brad and Eric have left. Walking over to the couch Justin begins to pick up and fold the bedding from the night before. Mulling over the prior evening and Brad's comments on his escapade, Justin begins to feel his cock stiffen thinking back to seeing Eric in the shower and naked earlier in the morning. Walking into his bedroom with his arms full of the folded bedding, Justin puts it in the closet and begins to make his bed. Mmmmm, Eric slept here last night...Justin thinks with a pleased feeling. Reaching down to his pants, Justin rubs his cock and thinks about Eric's naked body laying in his bed sleeping and warm. Pulling out his stiffening member, Justin sits on the edge of the bed and strokes slowly thinking about Eric...the water falling off his body in the shower...his cock stiffening at Brad's recitation...imagining Eric's strong arms around him as they wrestle about the room...increasing the speed of his stroke Justin feels his balls tighten up as he begins to cum onto his chest and hand...after cleaning up his load Justin crawls into his bed and closes his eyes intending to rest for a moment.