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Chapter 3 -- Fall Break, Part 1

Over the next two weeks Brad, Justin, and Eric continue to hash out their Fall Break plans and study their asses off. In the mornings, they hit the gym and then head to classes. On Thursday nights, they go to bar review, Brad goes home with his sorority "friend with benefits," Trish, and Eric and Justin head back to Justin's for beers and a late night of drinking games. Everyone is happy - Brad is getting some and Trish appears happy with the situation too. She gets a hot guy on her arm that the other undergrad guys can't match and from what Brad says, the sex is dynamite in a china store. Eric and Justin get to spend a lot of time together which agreeable to the two of them...if for different reasons. It's a routine that works for the three of them and the two weeks fly by.

The school work gets done and on Friday afternoon they head up off to Guerneville with Trish and a few other friends from school. Six of their friends from school are coming up with them but in a separate car. Three girls -- Sara, Jessi, Liz -- and three guys -- Martin, Ari, Steven - besides the three of them

Justin had changed the camping plans somewhat after finding "a friend" that knew someone who had a vacation home on the Russian River he was willing to "rent" to Justin for a reduced rate. At least that is what he'd told his friends. After hearing about the house -- 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, hot tub, and private dock on the river, his friends ditched the camping plans in a hurry. They were all looking forward to a week relaxing in luxury and tubing in the river. What they didn't ask Justin was how he had gotten a reduced rate or how Justin knew this "friend" -- all they were concerned about was for $50 each they could enjoy a week at what promised to be a fun location. Not that their lack of interest mattered to Justin, he'd been happy to have Jack fuck him a few times in order to shave two grand off the rental price. Thinking back on their evenings, still caused Justin's cock to stir in his pants. Jack was in his 40s but he was more fit than most guys in Justin's own age group and he was impressive in bed. To make matters even better, Jack had a fat uncut cock that he knew how to use like few men Justin had been with. That's always the nice thing about older men -- they have more experience and less hang ups. Justin thought while he helping his friends load up the car.

Trying to keep his mind off of how it felt to have Jack shooting loads in his mouth and ass, Justin kept going over all the possibilities the weekend presented. There weren't enough bedrooms to go around and Eric had offered to room with Justin. Two of the other guys had offered to sleep on the floor if necessary to make the trip work. Of course, Brad and Trish were going to fuck all week -- so nobody objected when they demanded their own room. Everyone knows that. The big question on Eric's mind was which of the three remaining girls he'd get to fuck first and he'd made it clear to Brad and Justin that any of them would do. Everyone has a girl except Eric and I...this should be interesting. Justin thought while helping Brad and Eric load the car.

"This is going to be great guys!" Brad says enthusiastically.

"Yeah, you're the one with the pussy dude. Eric replies in a conspiratoril tone while looking around to make sure Trish didn't hear him.

"Hey dude, not so loud, she's in the car!" Brad replies but clearly he's not mad. "I got to keep a good thing going."

"Ah she don't care man."

After packing up the car, the three guys climb in and head off for the two hour drive north to the house, where the others are meeting them.

"So you guys know the Russian River is homo central right?" Brad says from the back seat.

"What?" Eric replies sounding a bit shocked.

"Oh yeah man, its got more gay men then SF per capita."

"No way!"

"Yeah, all the old hippies moved up there after the "Revolution" died at the end of `Nam man! At least that's what my dad told me."

"So what guys." Trish pipes into the conversation sounding bored and unscandalized.

"It's not big deal, Honey. I'm just telling everyone."

"Well, what makes you think they'd be interested in you three anyway? Straight guys always assume a gay guy is after them."

With these two they'd be correct. Justin thinks to himself with a chuckle.

"Honey, don't get all upset now. You know I have nothing against gay guys."

"I know, but you still said it with a bit of scandal in your voice."

"So what does everyone want to do tomorrow?" Justin interjects, trying to change the conversation.

"Well, it's supposed to be 85 for the rest of the week. I plan on getting enough beer to last the week, inflating a tube and floating down the river `til I'm red as a lobster." Eric says with a big grin on his face.

"You got that right!" Brad adds in. I still cannot believe you got us this place Justin -- 4 bedrooms and a hot tub. We're going to live like kings."

"When are Martin and the others leaving?" Justin asks.

"Martin had to finish up his LW4L paper, they said they were going to head out after that." Brad replies.

"Thank god, I have that done!" Eric says. Those papers are pointless.

"Yeah, they really are. How hard can it be to write a memo. We don't need a whole damned class in the subject!" Brad says.

"Ok you three, enough school talk...I spy something green." Trish interrupts.

Navigating north through the beginning of weekend traffic, the four spend the rest of the afternoon chatting about sports, clothes (Trish and Justin mostly), parties, school gossip, and other topics. From the traffic on the interstate its pretty clear they are not the only ones thinking getting to the Russian River is a good idea. They arrive in Guerneville about three hours later -- hot, cramped in the car, and hungry. Heading straight for the house, the four agree that they'll just order pizzas for the night and after they settle in for a bit, run to the Safeway up the road and get some beer and other goodies. Martin and the others won't arrive until well after dinner time due to rush hour traffic.

Arriving at the house, all of them are impressed from the start. From the road it looks like a typical one-story ranch house. But once one is inside you realize its actually three and a half stories because of the slope of the hill. On the back of the house, which really is the front if one considers the river view, there are two decks overlooking the river. The largest deck contains an 8 person hot tub and stairs leading down to the dock abutting the Russian River itself. The back yard is mostly grown over with various wildflowers, a few redwoods, and various tall grasses.

"Wow this place is great Shrimp!" Justin hears Brad say as they all walk around the first floor of the place. "I guess the bedrooms are all on the other floors." Looking around the first floor, the four see that it is clearly for entertaining and contains a living room, dining room, kitchen and a powder room. Each of the rooms is reasonably well appointed with comfortable - if over stuffed furniture. Basically, what you'd expect to find in an upscale vacation home. It's nice but not entirely expensive. Out the sliding glass doors, opposite the entrance, the four see a narrow deck with a few chairs.

"Yeah, lets go get our bedrooms." Eric says walking over to the stairs and heading down. On the second floor, the four find a small rec room with a card table and some folding chairs, and on opposite sides of the rec room, two bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The biggest room is clearly the master bedroom suit with a king sized bed and a small sitting area. "We'll take this one guys!" Brad announces as he puts Trish's bag on the bed and drop his much smaller bag into an armchair in the room. The sliding glass doors in the rec room lead out to a large deck where the hot tub sits along with a large table covered by a canopy. Walking out onto the deck, Eric lifts the hot tub cover to see if the hot tub is on. Its hot and running. Fucking excellent. He thinks while going back into the main room. The other bedroom is just a bit smaller and contains a queen sized bed.

Continuing down to the lower level, Justin finds two large bedrooms with a common bathroom. They are larger than Justin's bedroom upstairs and both contain a double bed and a small day bed. "We'll take the other bedroom," Justin calls up the stairs. If I have to share a bed with anyone, I'm not sleeping in a double. Justin thinks to himself with a chuckle. Of course the thought of sharing a bed with Eric for a week has been giving him a stiffy off and on all day.

"The other ones not as nice, Shrimp?" Eric shouts down the stairs.

"No, they are only double beds."

"Ok, I got your bag bud." Eric replies down the stairs while putting their bags in the other bedroom.

Heading back up the stairs, Justin asks, "So you guys want to head to the store and get some booze?"

"If its alright with you guys, Trish and I are going to take a nap. She's really tired from the drive." Eric replies.

"Yeah, that's ok with me," says Justin, of course, knowing the second he and Eric leave, Trish and Brad will be fucking their brains out.

"I guess its just you and I, Shrimp." Eric says putting his arm around Justin and giving his shoulder a firm squeeze.

"Yup, I guess it is Eric." Justin replies while going into their room to get the keys to the car.

"Any requests?" Eric asks, while peeking his head in Brad and Trish's room.

"No, anything is a-ok for me. I'm parched guys." Brad replies.

Heading upstairs, Eric and Justin make their way back to the Safeway. "So how long you think we should give them," Justin asks with a laugh.

"I'm sure they'll work it out with out our help." Eric replies. "Besides I'm really sore, so the hot tub is calling my name."

"Oh hell yeah man!" Justin replies. Hurrying through the Safeway, the two load up on Miller Lite, chips, salsa/dip, and other junk food snacks they will want until they get back to the store. They even remember to ask the checkout clerk what who has the best pizza in town -- Andorno's.

Heading back to the house with their bounty, Justin and Eric enter the house and begin putting the beer and food in the refrigerator. Hearing some banging sounds through the walls, they both figure Brad and Trish are still fucking, so why not just unpack the car, order pizza and have a few beers until they are done. Calling Andorno's, Eric orders two large pizzas -- one "Pride of Petaluma" and a "North Coast" and a "The Works." It's enough to feed 12 people but with five guys, both figure its best to error on the side of caution.

"Hey Shrimp, lets go hot tub." Eric says after they are done packing the fridge with their grocery haul.

"Ok, that sounds perfect." Justin responds.

Heading downstairs, Justin yells through the door at Brad and Trish, "There is 70 bucks upstairs on the table for the pizza, if you hear the door bell go pay the driver."

"Ok." Is all they hear in reply along with a stopping of the rhythmic banging.

Walking into the bedroom, Justin sees Eric naked and rummaging through is suitcase. "I can't find my swimsuit, Shrimp." Eric says with a bit of concern in his voice. Justin cannot help but notice how buff Eric is nor can he not notice his fat cock hanging between his legs. Law school hasn't added any weight to this boy.

"Well shit man."

"Yeah, It's not in here." Eric replies looking up at Shrimp and openly watching him undress. "I guess I can just go naked." He says with a smirk. Damn, Justin has killer abs. Eric thinks wishing he had as defined a body as his friend.

"Its just the two of us, I don't care." Justin responds finally noticing Eric's open stare. He was totally just checking me out!

"Well if I go naked, will you?" Eric asks with a smirk.

"Yeah, I guess." Justin replies finally stripping off his boxers. "Go grab some towels from the bathroom. I'll go upstairs and grab a few beers."

"Ok, see you outside." Justin says as he heads up to get a few beers. Pulling off the thermal cover, Eric finds the hot tub at a warm 102 degrees. The people who rent the place must have their act together. Walking up the steps, Eric gingerly puts in his right foot. Feeling the hot water surround his foot and then his legs...cock...stomach...and finally his chest, Eric lets out a slow sigh of contentment. Best of all, I get to watch Justin walk from the door to the hot tub, butt ass naked -- he'll be so embarrassed.

Seeing Justin opening the door carrying four beers, Eric shouts, "For a short guy, you got a nice cock Shrimp."

Not really knowing what to say, Justin replies, "Yours isn't so bad either" with a laugh but still blushing. Climbing up the steps to the hot tub, Justin can feel the heat in his face and Eric's eyes on him. "You sure know how to put someone on guard." Justin continues blushing harder and moving the beers in front of his crotch.

"I'm just shitting with you Shrimp. I wanted to see what you'd do." Eric says while reaching up to grab a few of the beers so Justin can use his free hand to get in the hot tub. Climbing into the hot tub, Justin feels the hot water slide over his body as he sinks into the water. "Should we turn the bubbles on?" he asks.

"Nah, I am enjoying the soak." Eric replies taking a big drink out of his beer. "I am just getting fucked up all weekend man."

"Me too. It's going to be a fun time. Martin and the others should be here in a few hours." Justin replies finally fully reclining in the hot tub.

"We're going to be trashed by then!" Taking another big pull off of his beer which is now close to gone.

The two continue to chat over their beers -- talking about what they plan on doing for the next week, if there is any chance of getting with Jessi, Sara or Liz. Just as they are finishing their last beer, they hear Trish yell from the first deck, "Pizza arrived guys." Getting out of the hot tub, the two notice that the air has cooled off a little. Justin's eyes follow Eric as he is getting out, watching the steam rise off of his wet body. Damn, I got to get him out of my head or I'm gonna pop one.

Heading up to their room, the two men dry quickly, dress and head up stairs for pizza. Brad and Trish are freshly showered and have the pizzas laid out on the dining room table. They've already begun eating.

"I hope you guys don't mind, but we were starving." Trish asks.

"No big deal at all." Eric responds grabbing a plate and moving over to "The Works." Settling in, the four sit around and dig into the food.

"So how was the hot tub, guys?" Brad finally asks after eating a few slices.

"It was perfect." Justin replies.

"Yeah, they had it all ready to go when I pulled the cover off." Eric adds.

"Were you two naked down there?" Trish states with a giggle.

"Yup, I forgot my swimsuit, so Shrimp and I went naked." Eric replies taking a bite out of his pizza slice.

"Oh shit, I forgot mine too!" Brad shouts.

"Well, three naked guys is fine by me." Trish laughs. "If I have a few more beers, I'll probably be naked too."

"I'll tell you guys this, once we're done eating, I'm hitting the hot tub." Brad says finishing up his beer. Getting up from the table he heads into the kitchen, "Anyone need a beer?"

"I do." Justin and Eric reply in unison.

"Baby, see if you can find something to put some ice in, we'll just bring out a 12 pack to the hot tub." Trish asks.

"Yeah, great I idea, get on that Brad." Eric says with a chuckle.

After finishing up their dinner, the four head downstairs, strip and head to the hot tub. The three men are naked and Trish is in a skimpy thong bathing suit. Brad sets the beers and ice he rigged up in large salad bowl on the stairs after the others have all gotten into the water. Climbing in slowly he decides to sit on the edge of the tub and slowly ease himself in. From Justin's view point he can see right up Brad's legs -- his nuts are at full length and his cock is fat and hanging low. As if Eric naked wasn't enough.

"Ok, so who needs a beer?" Brad announces while reaching down and grabbing beers to pass out to the others. Of course, they all do. Luckily, Brad brought down a full twelve pack...three beers a piece should last them a while. Settling in the four friends talk and start to drink heavily. After about an hour, their partying is broken up by a shout from above.

"There you guys are, didn't you hear the door bell?" Martin shouts from the top floor balcony.

"Hey Martin! You guys finally got here! About time!" Three of the four shout back.

"Get down here and get in the hot tub guys!" Brad shouts.

Coming out on the balcony, Sara shouts down, "Hey guys, where are our rooms?"

"They are the bottom floor." Trish shouts up.

"Bring more beer...when you come out." Eric shouts with a laugh.

From inside the house, the four can hear bags being moved around and down the stairs.

After settling in, the six newcomers file out onto the second story deck. Jessi is carrying two twelve packs of beer.

"So what's going on out here guys?" Ari asks.

"What's it look like, we're getting drunk boys!" Brad replies.

"Come on everyone, get in." Eric adds. "The water is warm and there is plenty of room."

"The only rule is -- boys are naked." Trish adds with a laugh.

"What?" Ari asks. "No way." Martin shouts. "What the fuck?" Steven adds.

"Brad and I forgot our swimsuits, so Trish made a rule...only naked guys in the hot tub." Eric replies.

"No way guys...I ain't sitting with no naked guys." Martin retorts looking incredulous.

"Oh come on you big baby. I'll get naked if it makes you feel any better." Trish replies while rolling her eyes and beginning to undo her top.

"This is going to be a really fun weekend." Ari says with a grin and beginning to take of his shoes.

"You're not getting in there man, are you?" Martin asks.

Pulling off his shirt and pants quickly, Ari replies, "heck yeah man, what's the big deal?"

Climbing up the steps to the tub, Ari strips off his briefs and begins to get in the water. Justin gets a distinct impression he's in heaven. He's wanted to see Ari naked since the first time he'd seen him in Torts. He's one of the few Latino guys at school and he's also worked out impressively smart. At 5'11 he's also not short like most Latino guys Justin has seen around campus. A total package guy. Trying not to be too obvious, Justin sneaks a few peeks at his cock as he undresses. Its uncut and a little longer than average. Of course, proof is in the erection.

"Well boys, what are you waiting for...get in." Sara taunts them as she beings to strip. "Let's get this party started."

"Yeah come on guys, don't be pussies." Brad shouts splashing water at them.

With a bit more taunting and cajoling, all of them end up in the hot tub...and they are all naked. Eric is sitting next to Justin and Trish is on Justin's other side. With all 10 of them in the hot tub it's a pretty tight fit. The hot tub has room for them, but they are side by side and pressing the flesh. After passing around a round of beers, Brad settles back in the tub.

"Ok, so what have you guys been up to?" Liz asks.

"Just had some pizza and been drinking." Eric replies. "If you guys are hungry there is pizza in the fridge."

"We stopped in Petaluma." Martin replies looking sullen and taking a slug off his beer.

After a while, the 10 of them settle into conversations and begin to drink with abandon again. Every once in a while the conversation is broken by someone getting up and going to the downstairs bathroom but the beer flows freely and the conversation starts up quickly. Soon even Martin is clearly having a good time and is over the fact that he's naked with six other guys. In Justin's mind, he was probably more worried about being naked in front of the girls then really worried about being naked in front of the other guys.

"Hey who wants to play truth or dare?" Sara asks looking around the hot tub.

"Yeah good idea." Ari replies along with generally everyone else. "let's play "wuss rules guys."

"What's wuss rules?" Eric asks.

"Well rather than asking a question and if the person doesn't answer, you give them a dare. In wuss rules, the person picks either a truth or dare and if they don't do it, they are a wuss and they have to take the punishment."

"What's the punishment?" Justin asks.

"Well whatever we make it. But it has to be bad enough to make sure most people will take the dares. Of course, we can all vote if the person asks us to decide if the dare or question is too personal to be asked. If we vote that it is, they just have to finish their beer and we continue on."

"Sounds good to me guys." Eric says. After a short discussion they all agree that it would be a fun variation on the game.

"Ok so what's our wuss penalty?" Ari asks.

"How about if you refuse to answer the question or do the dare, you have to kiss a member of the same sex?" Jessi responds. Immediately there is a corus of No's from the guys in the group.

To which the girls basically reply, "Oh grow up. If you don't want to kiss a guy, then just make sure you don't wuss right?" After a bunch of cajoling, they all agree that the wuss penalty will be kissing a member of the same sex.

"You want to go first Sara since it was your idea?" Ari asks.

"Ok, Martin -- truth or dare?" Sara asks.

"Dare" Martin replies to everyone's oohh and aaaahhing.

"Ok, let's see. I dare you to get out of the hot tub and turn around slowly four times while we watch." Sara says with a grin.

"Ha, that's nuttin." Martin replies. Getting out of the hot tub he does exactly what he's been dared to do. He turns around slowly while they watch. Justin is quite impressed. While Martin does have the buffest body, he's 6'4 and has a nice sized cock. Overall, Justin might not pick him first, but he'd not turn him down either. Of course, watching the steam rise off his body doesn't help Justin keep his erection down either.

Climbing back into the water, Martin says, "Ok Liz, truth or dare."

"Truth." Liz replies.

"What's your bra size?" Martin asks to everyone's hooting and hollering.

"Oh that's an easy one, 34B." Liz replies. Looking at Justin, Liz asks, "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Justin replies.

"Ok...let's think of a good what age did you lose your virginity?"

"14" Justin replies.

"You dog!" Eric shouts. "I hear a story coming on...."

"Nah, this isn't story or dare...its Truth or Dare."

"Trish, Truth or Dare" Justin asks.

"Dare" Trish replies.

"Ok...I dare you to make out with Brad, until I tell you to stop."

"Sounds go to me." Trish replies as she leans over to Brad.

"Me too." Brad laughs as they begin making out.

Waiting until they've made out for a few minutes and everyone has gotten a good laugh, Justin finally says, "Ok, you can stop now."

Of course, they don't just stop there but keep going for another minute or so until all the cat calls and splashing water get them to stop.

"So, I get to pick now." Trish laughs while thinking of a question.

Turning back to Brad, she asks, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." He replies.

"I dare you to stand up." Trish says with a laugh.

"Hey no way, that's not fair." Brad says laughing and beginning to blush profusely.

"You accepted the dare, honey." Trish giggles.

"Come on guys..." Brad laughs. "What's the penalty if I don't do it guys?"

"If you don't do the dare you have to kiss one of the guys." Jessi replies with a laugh.

"Oh man...fine." Brad replies as he begins to stand up. Once he's standing his cock barely clears the surface of the water but its at full hardness and sticking straight out. All the girls let out giggles and ooohhhsss and pretty much uniformly all the guys voice their disgust at seeing Brad hard. Steven even shouted out, "Damn Brad how big is your meat?" As they all giggled and gawked.

Brad wasn't really embarrassed by his cock being hard. After all, he'd just gotten done kissing his girlfriend while they are both naked, he just didn't want to sport his wood in front of the other guys. He knew they'd be comparing his size to them and its just not something he wanted everyone to know -- he had a fat cock that put most guys to shame. After everyone had settled down enough for Brad to be heard, he asked, "Ok Trish, can I sit down now."

"Yes, you can Bradley." Trish replied with a giggle.

Taking his place, Brad begins to scan around the hot tub looking for who to ask his next question too.

"Steven, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." Steven replies.

"Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy?" Brad asks.

"Well, define sexual." Steven replies getting everyone to laugh again and a few to splash water his way.

"Oh, you're going to be a good lawyer someday Steven." Liz laughs.

"Well, I just want to be precise here," Steven replies.

"How about if you were with a guy in a room and either of you came...that's sexual. Fair enough?" Brad says.

"Well if that's your definition, then yeah I have. I jacked off a few times with a buddy when I was 14." Steven says.

"Homo." Eric shouts out but clearly kidding.

"Yeah you homo." Ari adds.

"I ain't gay. So I jacked off big deal." Steven says defensively. "Alright, Eric, Truth or dare?"

"Truth, homo." Eric shouts back laughing.

"Have you ever done anything sexual with a guy?" Steven asks.

"Yeah, I jacked off with a buddy too." Eric says grinning.

"Then who you calling a homo." Steven laughs back. Continuing around the circle all the guys ask each other if they've ever done anything sexual with a guy. All of them replied that they've jacked off with a friend at one point in time. Justin lies and says that's all he's done...but he really doesn't consider it a lie...well, maybe just a white lie.

After the jack off question, the questions become more and more sexual and more and more probing. The game also ends up morphing into a game of straight up Truth rather then Truth or Dare, but everyone is enjoying themselves and the booze is definitely loosening everyone's tongues and lowering their inhibitions. In the end, they are all drunk as hell and learning way more about each other's sexual experiences and bodies than they'd thought possible in an evening. For example, after Liz started the question concerning how many sexual partners each of them had, it came out that she'd had the most at 32 men in 25 years. They all also learned that while Brad has the thickest cock at 7" around, Steven has the shortest at 6" from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head, and lastly, that Ari had the longest at 8 3/4". Needless to say, the girls demanded proof. So Ari took Liz and Sara into the downstairs bathroom and showed them. According to their public statements, they only measured it...they didn't do anything else. The group also found out that Justin had had the most orgasms in one night -- 15 -- of course he was nineteen at the time and that Sara was capable of over 20 in one night with the right guy.

After the last beer is gone, the 10 begin to head for their beds dripping water all over the house because nobody had thought to bring towels. Clearly, the late comers are more sober than Brad, Trish, Justin or Eric but they are all so drunk, its certain nobody will be feeling well tomorrow. Alternately leaning on each other completely unconcerned that they are butt ass naked, Justin and Eric stumble off to their room. Eric because he's pretty damned drunk and Justin because he's enjoying the naked men and barely able to support Eric's weight. Once inside the room, Eric collapses down on the bed dripping water all over the covers.

"Hey man, dry're getting the covers all wet" Justin shouts throwing a towel on top of Eric.

"I'm so drunk man, I can't." Eric responds slurring a few words.

Moving over to Eric, Justin grabs his arm and hauls him up, "Eric, dry off."

Laughing, Eric beings to dry himself off rather poorly, "Shrimp, I'm too drunk, come and dry me off Shrimp." Eric says with a drunken laugh as he falls back onto the bed.

"Oh man, you're going to have everything wet." Justin shouts noticing the covers are getting wet from the water off Eric's body. He's a good deal more sober than Eric and the thought of sleeping in damp bedding is not appealing.

Holding up his towel, Eric says quietly, "Shhhhhh...don't yell Shrimp...people are sleeping...come over here and dry me off...I won't tell anyone."

"Man do it yourself." Justin says lowering his voice as he heads off to the bathroom to hang up his wet towel. After relieving himself, Justin returns to the room. Eric has finished drying himself off. His towel is crumpled up by the side of the bed. Walking over, Justin picks it up and returns to the bathroom and spreads it out on a towel rack. Slob. Eric is sprawled out in the middle of the bed asleep. His arm is covering his eyes and he's laying on top of the covers. Oh man, he's too hot for his own good. Justin thinks as he looks over Eric while walking to the bathroom. Eric's fat uncut cock is semi-hard and laying across his lower abs.

Returning to the room, Justin says "Ugh, Eric wake up." He gets no reply. "Eric, wake up." He says again this time trying to shake Eric awake.

Giggling Eric pushes back refusing to move.

"Move over to your side of the bed and you got to put on your PJ's Eric." Justin says. In the background, Justin can hear faint moans coming from Brad and Trish's room across the hall.

"Nah Shrimp, I sleep naked." Eric giggles and continuing to maintain his position in the middle of the bed.

Not wanting to argue and in the end happier his friend is naked anyway, Justin decides to focus his efforts on getting his friend to move over. "Come on man, you can't sleep in the middle of the bed. Get under the covers and move over." Justin says again shaking and pushing his friend.

"Ok...ok." Eric says as he moves clumsily over to his side of the bed and awkwardly getting himself under the covers.

Crawling into bed, Justin reaches up and turns off the lamp by the bedside and settles back into the bed. The sounds from the other room are getting steadily louder. Its pretty obvious Brad is pounding the hell out of Trish and she's enjoying it a lot.

"Shrimp?" Eric whispers quietly as he rolls over to face his friend.

"What?" Justin replies quietly,

"Can you hear those two?"

"Yeah, go to sleep." Justin replies.

A few minutes later, Eric asks, "Shrimp?"

"What?" Justin responds trying not to sound annoyed.

"Did you really jack off with your friends back in high school?" Eric asks.

"Yeah, you did too right?"

"Yeah, I kind of lied tonight though." Eric replies with a quiet giggle. Hearing his friends reply, Justin can feel his heart start to beat faster.

"Oh yeah?" Justin says rolling over to face his friend. "How so?" Oh comes something good.

"I've done it more than a few times."

"Really?" Justin replies egging Eric on hoping he'll tell him more.

"Yeah, I had a few buddies on the football team and we used to jack off all the time together. It was so much fun." Eric continues as he tells Justin a few of the stories.

"Oh man, that's crazy." Justin can feel his heart racing in his chest. Jesus, is he coming on to me?

"I'd do it with you if you wanted to, I'm so damned horny." Eric continues on his breathing getting heavier. "Can you hear Brad and Trish next, it's getting me really hot."

"You're drunk Eric...go to sleep." Justin responds kindly but worried his friend will regret it if they did anything in the morning when he's sober. Justin can feel Eric roll over on his back and begin to stroke his cock under the covers.

"Come on Shrimp. I won't tell anyone." Eric replies pulling back the sheets on his side of the bed.

Thinking the lack of privacy will deter his friend, Justin says, "Ok but only if you do it with the lights on."

"Yeah that's the spirit Shrimp." Eric says with a quiet laugh as he reaches up to turn on the light. I should have known better! Justin thinks to himself but in the end he just decides to go with the flow.

As the light floods the room, Justin can see Eric's cock is at full attention. It reaches nearly to his belly button and is fat. Rolling back onto the bed, Eric and Justin are side by side and almost close enough to touch. Now that its hard, Eric's foreskin is tight around the head of his cock and covers it to about the half way point. Pulling back his covers, Justin beings to stroke his cock while he watches Eric stroke his.

"There you go, Shrimp, stroke that meat." Eric continues with a husky voice slowly stroking his cock. For a while, the two sit silently and watch each other stroke. "You got a nice sized cock for a short guy." Eric says breaking the silence.

"Thanks man." Justin responds blushing. "Your cock isn't so bad either."

"It's big but I'm a big guy. You are small though and your cock is nearly as big as mine." Eric says stopping his stroking and watching Justin. "Just how big are you?" he asks.

"7, you?"

"8...but yours still looks bigger." Eric says. "In the end, they get the job done no matter what the size."

"I need some lube." He says as he gets out of bed and drunkenly walks over to his bag. "Man I am fucking drunk." Sitting up with his back on the headboard, Justin watches Eric fish around in his bag. Finally he sees his friend pull out a small bottle and move slowly back to the bed, his cock still at full attention and now glistening with precum. "This lube is fucking great Shrimp." Eric says climbing next to Justin. They are now close enough now that Eric's arm is touching Justin's. Justin can feel he is covered with a light sheen of cool sweat. Opening the bottle, Eric pours out a fair amount of lube onto his cock. "Want some?" he asks as he works the lube over his cock.

"What kind is it?" Justin asks.

"Wet Platinum -- it doesn't dry out." Eric says handing the bottle to Justin.

Justin has heard of the lube and even used it but he is curious how Eric, a straight guy has heard about it. "Where did you get it?"

"Down in the Castro."

"You went to the Castro for it?" Justin replies sounding incredulous.

"Shhhhh....people are sleeping Shrimp. Yeah, it's the only place to get it. Gay men got the best shit for sex dude. You should go sometime." Eric says with sincerity.

Laughing out loud at the private joke, Justin pours some of the lube on his cock.

"Like it?" Eric asks while watching his friend rub the lube down his shaft.

"Yeah its great." Settling back onto the bed, Justin watches his friend stroke his cock and imagines how it would feel inside his ass. After a while, he can hear Eric's breathing become heavier and deeper.

"You getting close?" Justin asks feeling his cock stiffen even more at the thought of Eric cumming in his ass.

"Yeah, pretty soon." Eric replies stroking his cock faster.

"I'm gonna cum, Shrimp." Eric says as he begins to stiffen. Justin can feel the muscles in Eric's arm tense up. Watching Eric's cock, Justin sees Eric's stomach muscles begin to clench and unclench as his orgasm takes over his body. After a few seconds, big watery loads begin to shoot from Eric's cock. They fly all over his chest and stomach and a few even land on Justin's chest. Oh fuck he can shoot. Justin thinks as he feels himself reaching climax. Thick white gobs of goo begin blowing out of Justin's cock onto his stomach. Collapsing back against the headboard, the two friends lay breathing heavily. Looking over at Eric, Justin is amazed to see his chest completely covered in cum. Eric's neck is also wet with sweat. Looking down at his own stomach, Justin notices Eric's cum on his chest because its clearly different than his own thicker whiter loads.

"Sorry I should have warned you." Eric finally says has his breathing begins to slow down. "I shoot buckets and I haven't cum in two days, so this was a bit bigger than normal."

"I guess so." Justin replies with a chuckle. He's never seen a guy cum so much...and he's been with a lot of guys.

"It normally really grosses girls out. Especially if they are giving me head and I cum in their mouth." Eric continues.

I would swallow every drop. Justin thinks as he gets out of bed heading to the bathroom to get a towel. Grabbing two hand towels he heads back into the bedroom. Eric is still sitting against the headboard, his cum covering his chest. Throwing a towel on Eric's face, Justin says, "ok sport, lets clean up and get to bed."

"This little thing isn't going to work Shrimp." Eric replies. "Take a shower with me and lets get cleaned up." Hopping out of bed, Eric heads into the bathroom and turns on the shower.

What the hell. Justin thinks as he drops the hand towel on the floor and heads to the bathroom. The shower in the bathroom is a stall shower and its not made for two people. Squeezing in, Justin is very conscious of the fact that they are basically body to body facing each other.

"Shrimp, you won't tell anyone we did this will you?" Eric asks blushing.

"Scout's Honor." Justin replies with sincerity but laughing.

"Cool, I've not cum that hard since school started." Eric says laughing at Justin's joke. "I know it sounds homo but I like cumming with another guy."

"It's cool." Justin replies as the two maneuver around in the shower to alternately lather up and then get under the water. Unlike the first time they showered together, Justin decides he's not going to protest Eric inadvertently touching him as they move around each other. They quickly finish showering and dry off in silence.

Crawling into bed, the two drift off to sleep quickly from the alcohol and the post orgasm relaxation. As Justin drifts off, he feels Eric roll over closer to him.