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Chapter 3 -- Fall Break, Part 2

Ari's cock felt good sliding down Justin's throat. Deep-throating wasn't something Justin was normally good at but he didn't have much choice with Ari holding the back of his head and thrusting forcefully into his mouth. Spit was running down Justin's chin and coating Ari's nuts. Justin could feel Ari shooting precum down the back of his throat every now and then.

"Oh man, suck my fat cock." Ari groaned as he face fucked Justin. "You like that fat cock in your mouth, don't you boy?" Ari asked not really expecting a reply with his cock thrusting in and out of Justin's mouth but talking dirty was hot, so Ari did it anyway. Ari could feel his cock sliding down the back of Justin's well lubed throat. Taking control of a blowjob and making the person just submit to sucking his huge cock was Ari's favorite way to get head.

Justin didn't say anything in reply but just continued to suck Ari's cock - feeling it slide in and out of his mouth and down his throat - as Ari pounded his face. It was all he could do to flick his tongue around Ari's shaft when he pulled all the way out and keep his throat relaxed so he wouldn't gag when his schoolmate thrust back in. Ari knew how to fuck a mouth and he wasn't giving Justin much rest either. He just kept a steady rhythm pumping in and out of Justin's mouth and trying to hold off from cumming. Finally, Justin feels Ari's cock stiffen - getting even harder than it was before...He's got to be close now...

"Justin wake up." Justin heard as he felt himself shaken.

Opening his eyes, Justin sees Eric straddling his midsection and pinning him down with the blankets. "Come on man, its past 2, dude. Get your lazy ass out of bed."

"What?" Justin replies still groggy and trying to pull his arms out from under the covers so he can rub his eyes.

"Come on, I've been up for two hours. Everyone is outside having a good time." Eric says with a laugh as he climbs off of Justin and throws the covers back. "Get up you lazy shit."

"Damn it man, I was having a great dream." Justin moans throwing his arm over his eyes and pulling the covers back over his hard cock.

"Yeah from the look of your cock you were having a whopper." Eric replies openly eyeing over Justin's body. Heading out the door, Eric shouts, "Come on, everyone is out side hanging out at the River."

Laying back in the bed, Justin felt his head throbbing with what is sure to be an enormous hang over. Closing his eyes, he tries to recapture his dream...but he can't recapture the moment. Might as well just get up, he thinks. Heading to the bathroom, Justin quickly showers and brushes his teeth and heads back into the room to dress and heads upstairs. Nobody is around the house but coming from outside he can hear the voices of his friends down at the River. Grabbing a glass of water Justin begins to rummage around the kitchen for breakfast food. It's clear someone has gone to the Safeway because the refrigerator is now restocked with beer and other food that they had not purchased the night before. When a search of the fridge yields nothing, Justin heads over to all the accumulated food on the counters. Finding a banana, Justin begins pealing back the skin and heads over to the balcony. Down below he can see everyone is either laid out on the deck sunning or in the River on inner tubes. Too bad nobody is naked, Justin thinks as he watches Ari float around in the River and remembering a few details of his dream while eating the banana. After finishing his breakfast, Justin heads back to his room and changes into his swimsuit.

For the rest of the day, everyone hangs out at the River -- drinking beer, talking, swimming, and sunning -- enjoying the last warm days of Fall and the fact that classrooms are far away. Most of the guys are out on the River kicking back in inner tubes and working off their hangovers with more beer. The girls are up on the deck sunning and pretty much ignoring the cat calls from the guys to get out on the water...or get naked. Laying back on the deck, Justin can feel the heat of the sun on his chest and the warm planks of the deck underneath his back. Listening to the girls idle banter and the guys splashing in the River, its not too long before Justin begins to drift off... thinking back to the jack off session he'd had with Eric. He can still remember the feeling of Eric's cum hitting his chest...

Feeling drops of cold water hitting his chest, Justin wakes with a start. Putting his hand up to block the glare from the sun, Justin sees Martin standing above him. God that was one hell of a jack off session. Justin thinks to himself.

"Hey man, can you put some sunscreen on my back?" Martin asks.

"Yeah, sure." Justin replies sitting up. Watching Martin dry off, Justin adjusts his crotch to hide his rapidly diminishing cock. I hope Martin didn't see that, they'll never stop teasing me...

After Martin's bitching last night about getting naked in the hot tub, Justin's rather surprised to see Martin asking him to apply lotion to his back...but beggar's can't be choosers and Justin decides to make sure Martin's lower back is well covered. Making small talk, Justin beings to rub lotion onto Martin's shoulders and work his way down his back. Feeling Martin's smooth skin slip beneath his hands while rubbing the lotion just above the waist of Martin's swimsuit, Justin can feel his cock start to stiffen thinking about slipping his hand down farther below the waist line of his trunks. I bet there is a tight pucker hole down there.

"Almost done man?" Martin asks sounding a bit uncomfortable.

"Yeah, done." Justin replies while pulling his hands away from Martin quickly.

"Thanks man." Martin shouts back as he scampers back to the inner tube to resume the fun out on the River.

As the day wears on, Justin slowly feels his hang over recede and after a while, he decides to join in the drinking and inner tubing. Floating around on the River is incredibly relaxing and school couldn't seem farther away. None of the girls join the guys out on the River and, for the most part, the guys stick to the inner tubes. However, everyone talks to everyone else and the alcohol flows freely.

Later in the day, the girls head up to the house to prepare a meal since they had all agreed that they'd take turns fixing dinners. Trish and Brad decide to head up to the house to "take a nap." Of course, their excuse doesn't fool anyone, they are going to fuck and everyone knows it. After a few more minutes of tubing, the guys decide to head up to the house also. With the sun going down, the temperature has gotten a little to cold for being out on the water.

"So spill the beans man, did you fuck Liz last night?" Martin asks Ari as they all stand around drying off.

"Nah, we just made out for a while," Ari replies grinning.

"Wait a minute, I think I missed something here." Eric says loudly as he whips the towel around his back and vigorously starts drying off his back. "You and Liz hooked up last night?" he continues on looking at Ari.

"Hooked up?" Martin interjects before Ari can reply. "After you guys all went to bed, Ari and Liz spent the night in our room. I had to sleep on the damned couch upstairs."

Martin's statement elicits a round of cat calls and demands for details but Ari sticks to his guns telling the guys that he and Liz just made out. Of course nobody believes him and they all make clear that they don't, but Ari wouldn't budge.

"You guys think I wouldn't fuck her given the chance?" Ari defends himself with a laugh. "I've not had a piece in six months and I couldn't even get a lousy blowjob last night. She said my cock was too big."

So he can keep a secret, Justin thinks to himself as he thinks back to his dream this morning. Maybe things will work out this week after all.

"Well it is a monster dude." Steven says while holding his index finger and his thumb together in a circle and holding it in front of his crotch about 8 inches out. In the background, Martin is holding his beer can in front of his crotch. Everyone has a good laugh and the jokes all proceed around the previous nights conversation on cock size...about Brad's being the thickest and how nobody can believe his girlfriend made him show everyone. Soon the conversation is back on each of the guys boasting which of the girls they'd have sex with given the chance and what they'd do during the course of an evening. To Justin about the only truly fun part of the whole conversation is watching all of them at one point or another adjust themselves. They are all clearly hard up, except for Brad, who is just a horn dog even by a 25 year old male's horny standards and jockin' Trish at least three times a day.

"Dinner is ready boys." The six men hear Sara shout down from the upper balcony. Heading up to the house, the men split off into their bedrooms to change. I guess straight boys do have manners when pussy is on the line, Justin thinks with a chuckle as he and Eric wash up quick before dinner.

Heading upstairs, the six of them find the dinner table laid out with spaghetti, beer, wine, garlic bread, and a tossed salad. The girls have clearly outdone themselves. Sitting around the table is tight for ten people but that just adds to the cozy atmosphere of the gathering. Soon the booze (yet again) is being consumed as fast as the food. The conversation ranges from law school chit chat to discussing the war and just about any other political topic in vogue on campus. In the end though, the food is gone and everyone is even deeper in a happy buzzed.

"So what are we going to do with the rest of the evening guys?" Eric asks rocking back in his chair feeling stuffed.

Moving around the table, everyone attempts to answer Eric's question. About all that anyone really gets resolved is that nobody really can agree on what to do. Finally, after way too much discussion to suit the majority of them, Eric, Martin, Justin, Jessi, Ari, and Liz decide to head to the bars up the road and the rest decide to stay and soak in the hot tub. The boys have kitchen duty since the girls did the cooking. But with the six of them, they make short work of the nights dinner dishes. While the guys are cleaning up, the girls head outside to drink and relax in the cool evening air. Its October and despite the unusual heat of the day, a breeze from the ocean at night brings in a cool breeze.

After the dishes are washed, Justin decides to take a quick shower before getting ready to head out. After having sunscreen on all day, he fells sticky. It'd feel good to take a cold shower and wash it all off.

"Hey Shrimp, can I join you?" Justin hears Eric ask over the falling water.

"Yeah sure," Justin replies as Eric opens the door steps in. In the warm steam of the shower, Justin can smell a mixture of booze, sweat, River water, and sunscreen rinse off Eric as he moves underneath the shower head. The two proceed to wash off while doing their usual dance of trying to avoid touching each other and making small talk. Of course, its a lot harder than in Justin's shower at home but that just makes it all the more humorous in Justin's mind. Every once in a while Justin can feel Eric's cock brush against his ass or leg as they move around the shower stall. Just think of dead puppies and vomit, Justin thinks to himself to prevent himself from getting hard. Finishing up as quickly as possible, Justin decides to exist the shower before he loses control of his cock. Luckily, Eric stays in the shower giving Justin time to dry off without having to see his friend wet and naked. Close call...Justin thinks has he heads into the bedroom to dress. Through the door, he can hear Brad and Trish going at it again.

"Those two never stop man." Eric says walking into the room with his towel around his waist.

Jumping with surprise, Justin replies, "Yeah, lucky fucker," while looking up and watching Eric finish drying himself off. If its possible, the half semester of their morning workouts appears to have made Eric even more cut. His abs are now a firm six pack all the time and if he flexes...become an 8 pack...Eric has got to be the fittest straight guy I've seen.

"So what should we wear out tonight Shrimp?" Eric asks. "We have to look hot for the local meat!"

"Yeah, I guess we do." Justin replies continuing to openly stare at Eric while he dresses. Eric's muscles rippling and flexing under his smooth skin as he pulls on his underwear and pants is mesmerizing.

"I don't think you should wear that shirt." Justin says as Eric is pulling on a baggy blue and white rugby shirt.

"Why not?" Eric asks.

"Cause that one is baggy and you have a great body." Justin laughs.

"Yeah?" Eric says.

"Yeah, you should show it off if you got it." Justin replies with a smile

"You think?" Eric continues rubbing his hand down his chest to his abs. It actually seems like he's blushing.

"Whatever man," Justin responds with a laugh and throws a pillow at Eric. "You know you're don't need me to tell you."

Catching the pillow, Eric says, "you're not so bad yourself you know...all our lifting has got you tight."

Hearing a knock at the door, the two stop their banter as Justin moves to open the door.


Getting to the bars as the was the easy part of the night. They are all long the main strip and within a few blocks of one another: Rainbow Cattle Company, FAB, and the Eagle. However, managing to have a good time, that was another matter.

The six of them had started out in good spirits but, for Justin, Ari's homophobic comments began to grate on his nerves. The fact that nobody else thought the comments were overly offensive was just one more burr in his side by the time they'd shuffled through RCC and FAB. As if the Eagle was going to be any more to Ari's liking. RCC was too gay, Ari complained. He didn't like the guys openly staring at him. FAB was too dancey. And now, the Eagle was too dark. The girls tried to laugh the comments off telling him that of course they were going to stare at him given how sexy he was. Luckily, the man hadn't ask them to leave without finishing their beers. That probably would have pissed off even the girls.


So by the time they'd gotten to the Eagle, they all had a few in them. What was most amazing to Justin was the fact that the Eagle let them in. None of them had leather on but after the three guys agreed to take their shirts off, the bouncer agreed to let them in...even the girls. Once inside, Ari made clear to the others he didn't see what the big deal was which just annoyed Justin even more. To make matters worse, nobody could figure out why he was in a bad mood and he didn't really feel up to outing himself just to shut up one guy...big dick or no big dick. Finally in the end, even a good beer buzz wasn't going to keep Justin around. Under Ari's influence, Brad and Eric were not much fun to be around and the occasional comment from them was a bit more than Justin wanted to deal with. In the end, he decided to head home and go to bed.


"Hey Justin, mind if I sleep in here tonight?" Justin hears as the door to his room creeps open. Opening his eyes, Justin sees the clock on the nightstand reading 4:00 am. WTF! Justin thinks. However, deciding he doesn't want to deal with Martin, Justin stays silent and pretends to be asleep. Hearing Martin slip into the room, Justin thinks feeling grumpy, doesn't sound like you were going to wait on my permission anyway.

"Justin, you awake?" Martin whispers while stripping down. "Brad, Ari, Liz, and Sarah are making out in our room...and Jessi told me to go sleep with you. I guess I'm shit out of luck for getting laid." He sounds a bit dejected which perversely cheers Justin up a bit.

Unless you make a move on me...I guess...Fat chance at that...Justin thinks to himself.

Feeling the bed shake a little as Martin climbs under the covers, Justin decides to continue to lay motionless and silent. At 6'4 and 185lbs, Martin takes up a good portion of the bed and Justin can feel the heat coming off of his body under the covers. Ok now I'm going to get hard...Justin thinks with a chuckle. Mixed in with the heat is a faint smell of booze and pot. I guess someone brought some weed with them on our merry camping trip.

"I guess your passed out." Martin whispers.

After a while, hearing nothing come out of Martin, Justin begins to drift off to sleep. Feeling the bed shake a little, Justin wakes back up. Feeling the bed shake a little more, Justin thinks, He jacking off? as he feels his cock begin to stiffen.

Now that he's fully awake, Justin can hear Martin breathing heavily and slowly jacking off under the covers. Wondering what he should do, Justin lays there stiff with his heart beating out of his chest. Damn...Justin thinks racking his brain with indecision.

Deciding to try and take his chances, Justin rolls over to face Martin mumbling as if he's still asleep and dreaming.

"Shit!" Martin says rather loudly and immediately stops yanking on his cock. He also tries to reign in his heavy breathing.

In response, Justin quietly mumbles a little pretending to still be asleep. Let's see how far I can take this, he thinks. His heart is still pounding in his chest and his cock is so hard its almost painful but he's enjoying being so sneaky.

"Are you awake Justin?" Martin whispers while turning on his side to face Justin. After a few minutes, Justin feels the bed begin to shake a little as Martin beings to slowly jack off again. Laying there silently, Justin listens to Martin's breathing speed up in response to this friend's slow stimulation of his cock. This is so hot! Justin thinks and begins to worry that he might not be able to find a way to jack off himself. I'll never get back to sleep this horny. He thinks.


To Justin's surprise, he can feel Martin's hand slowly move across the space between them and gently touch his abs. It takes all of his self control to not flinch at Martin's touch but he manages to keep up the appearance of sleep. Slow and steady breathing...remember you're asleep, he thinks.

Martin's hand didn't stay long on Justin's abs. After a few seconds, Justin could feel it move slowly moves down his stomach until it found Justin's cock. Deciding to end his torment, Justin mummers, "Mmmmm..."

"Hey man, you want to fool around?" Martin replies as he begins to slowly stroke Justin's stiff cock.

"What...what are you doing?" Justin replies hoping he sounds confused and sleepy.

"Making you feel good you want me to stop?" Martin replies.

"No, I like it." Justin replies grinning in the dark. Hooked and ready to reel in...

"Good, just lay there and enjoy it then." Martin responds while picking up the pace of his strokes.

Not wanting to ruin the moment or push Martin to do something he doesn't want, Justin decides to comply. Sounds good to me, he thinks while rolling onto his back. As he does so, he feels his friend move closer. Their now close enough Justin can feel the hairs on Martin's chest tickling his shoulder. He can also feel Martin's cock rubbing his thigh as his friend slowly dry humps his leg. Reaching up, Martin takes a hold of Justin's stiff shaft and begins jerking him off.

"You got a nice cock man." Martin whispers. "Yeah...a nice one. I wanted to touch it since I saw you naked in the locker room with Eric." He continues on between heavy breaths. "I bet he's got a big fat cock, too."

"That feels good man." Justin replies. "You done this before?"

"Yeah, I had a buddy in ROTC I fooled around with."

A ROTC guy, no fucking way...Justin thinks, You just keep getting better and better... "Man, you're really good." Justin purrs his own breathing getting heavy. Justin means it too. Martin knows how to jack a guy off...varying his grip and stimulating the parts of Justin's cock that cause him to stiffen the most. For a guy whose never touched Justin's cock before tonight, Martin is doing an amazing job.

"Well, don't tell anyone and we can do it often." Martin whispers.

"I won't." Justin quickly replies. "And you can do this anytime you want..."

From then on, neither of them talk. Justin begins to feel his leg moisten with precum from Martin humping on his leg. He also notices Martin's arm is coated with a thin layer of keeps brushing against his abs and leaving a damp trail behind. Moving his hand over, Justin brushes against it Martin's stomach. As he expected, his hand comes away damp. At Justin's touch, Martin's breathing quickens a bit.

"I'm going to shoot." He hears Martin gasp as he feels his friend move quickly onto his knees. Through the dim light in the room Justin watches Martin furiously stroking both their cocks.

"Me too." Justin replies as his buddy's cum begins shooting onto his chest and cock. From the feel of it, Martin is covering him in quite a coating. Justin can feel the thick gobs coat his abs and provide lube for his cock increasing the sensation coming from Martin's strokes. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Justin feels his cock begin to force the loads out in pulses of pleasure that coat his chest and neck with more warm wetness. Its several minutes before Justin is fully back to reality. Damn, that was one hell of a load...Justin thinks as he begins to calm down. By then Martin is laying back beside Justin. Not wanting to spoil the moment, Justin decides to lay quietly and wait for Martin to talk, fall to sleep, or go shower.

"Can I lick it off Justin?" Martin asks after they have both regained some self control.

"What?" Justin replies sounding more shocked than he intended.

"Um...I like to lick it off." Martin responds sounding bashful. "Is that ok?"

"Yeah, if you want to man." Justin says grinning in the dark as he feels Martin bend over onto his hands and legs above him.

"Thanks." Martin replies while moving his head down to Justin's crotch. Justin feels him begin licking his cock clean. Once Martin has finished licking Justin's pole clean, he says, "Put your hands on the back of my head man." Now I see what he likes. Justin thinks as he puts his hands on the back of Martin's head, feeling his damp hair, and pushes him back down to his cum covered abs. Justin guides him around to all the wet spots on his abs and chest slowly allowing Martin's eager tongue to lap up their loads. Martin's tongue feels good and Justin enjoys the role playing. I wonder what other shit this guy is into? Justin thinks as he feels his cock begin stiffen again as Martin beings to clean the last loads off his neck. With his friend this close above him, Justin can feel the heat radiating off of his friend's still damp body.

Deciding to take another chance, Justin gently pushes Martin's head down to his cock. "Suck it." He says in as commanding of a whisper he can muster. Holding Martin's head, Justin feels a slight resistance to his push. "Suck it now." He continues pushing harder. Not letting up on his pressure, he feels a grin slip across his face in the dark as Martin's warm eager mouth swallows his cock.