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Chapter 4 - Thanksgiving Break

The Invitation

Taking a seat across the table from Justin and taking a long pull off his beer, Eric asks, "So Justin, do you have any big plans for Thanksgiving Break?"

"No, I am just going to get some studying done." Justin replies unenthusiastically while shuffling the cards.

"What? Not going to visit your brothers?," Eric asks.

"Nah...Ben is in Germany and Jack is in Japan. I couldn't get a ticket that was inexpensive enough to visit either of them." Justin replies.

"Your brothers are Marines, right?" Eric asks.

"Yeah. Ben joined up after Jack did." Justin says. "What about you? What are you doing for Break?" Justin continues changing the subject off of his family.

"I'm going back home." Eric answers and then, getting a bright look on his face Eric asks, "Hey Shrimp, why don't you come and stay at my place?"

"Nah man, I couldn't." Justin replies looking down at the cards he's shuffling.

"Ah come on Shrimp. My parents won't mind at all. They'd be happy to meet you." Eric replies solicitously taking another big gulp of his beer.

"Dude, I couldn't get a ticket this late in the game anyway and even if I could it'd cost a fortune." Trying to change the subject, Justin says, "We're playing five card stud, two's are wild."

"Not a problem Shrimp whatever you want to play...and you're in luck. I just bought my ticket on United and I earned a companion ticket for free. We can use it and it won't cost you a thing." Eric replies excitedly. "Plus my brother will be down and we can hit the bars. It'll be kickin!"

"Man, I can't. I've barely started my outlines." Justin replies while dealing out the cards.

"Well then we'll study Shrimp. We'll bring Torts and bang out an outline over the week." Seeing Justin about to reply, Eric adds, "Come on buddy, you can't just sit here alone all week. Everyone is heading home Brad, Trish, Sarah, Martin, Liz...everyone."

"Dude, I can't go. Can we just drop it and play some poker." Justin responds.

Taking a look at his cards, Eric says, "We are playin' Shrimp, we're playin. "I bet a buck." He continues while throwing down four blue chips.

"A buck! Got a good hand eh? I see your buck and raise you fifty." Justin replies with a smile as he throws down six blue chips.

"Growin' some balls are you Shrimp? I see your raise and I bet if I win you go with me for Break."

"Dude, that's not cool man. I can't go." Justin replies in a pleading voice.

"Come on can go." Eric responds in an equally pleading voice but with a big grin on his face and getting up to get another beer.

"Eric I said drop it. Now what's your bet?"

"I told you my bet." Eric replies while fishing around in the fridge.

"That's not a bet...that's not a real bet I mean. Now bet." Justin replies as Eric returns to the table carrying four beers.

"Ok, I see your raise and I raise two bucks." Eric replies walking back over to the table. "But you got to give me a good reason why you won't go Shrimp. We'd have such a fun time."

"I meet your raise," Justin replies throwing four blue chips into the pile. "What you got?"

"Full house. Kings high. You?" Eric replies laying his five cards on the table with a big grin.

"Damn! Three Aces," Justin responds eyeing the beers and laying down a pair of aces and a two.

Reaching over Eric begins to gather up the chips. "Needing a beer bud? Justin asks sarcastically.

"Yeah, you're a bit behind, so I brought back four." Leaning back Eric chugs the beer in his hand.

"Four?" Justin shouts.

"Yeah, two for you and two for me." Eric says laughing slamming the empty bottle down on the table.

"Man, I can't drink that much tonight." Justin responds while grabbing one of the beers and twisting off the cap.

"Shrimp, you're just no fun tonight." Eric replies laughing and shuffling the cards. For the next half hour, the friends play five card stud or five card draw and chit chat about school, lifting, and girls from their classes.

Returning to their prior conversation, Eric says, "So, you have to give me a good reason why you won't go on break with me."

"Look, I want to go but I don't like just showing up on someone's front porch uninvited and it's the Holidays. You should spend time with your family. I'd just be a third wheel." Justin replies while shuffling the deck.

"Dude, my parents are NOT going to care and I'd love to have you over! Come on. Say yes." Eric says while getting up from the table and heading over to Justin's side with a grin on his face

His eyes following his friend, Justin begins to scoot his chair back. "Eric take your seat man."

Moving quickly Eric locks Justin in a bear hug and says, "Say you'll go."

Squirming in his seat trying to break away, Justin says "Come on man, last time we did this I found guacamole all over the house for two weeks."

"Say you'll go and I will stop," Eric laughs back. "You know you can't get free Shrimp."

Struggling harder Justin can feel Eric's hot breath on his back and his muscles flex as he struggles. Oh god, don't think about that right now... "Come on man, this is childish...stop."

"Childish is right but you're the one being childish, it's a free ticket, my parents won't mind, and I promise we'll study hard." Eric says controlling his friend easily.

"Ok ok I'll let me go"

Releasing Justin, Eric carefully backs away with a big grin on his face. "Now that's talking sense," he says still smiling despite his friend's sullen look. Grabbing his beer from the table Eric says, "Cheers Shrimp."

"Cheers Eric." Justin replies a smile spreading across his face as he raises his beer and taps it softly against Eric's. I can't be mad at this guy. Justin thinks with a sigh.

Returning his beer to his mouth, Eric finishes off his last beer and head's to the fridge for more.

"Whew Justin, you're really getting strong." Eric says while flexing his arms on his way to the fridge.

"Working out with you and Brad is doing me good. I've gained close to 5 lbs." Justin replies.

"Wow! That's fucking crazy. I thought you were looking bigger than you were at the beginning of the semester." Eric continues from inside the fridge.

"Yeah, my chest has gained an inch."

"Sweet, that's impressive! I've just maintained man" Eric says from inside the fridge. Standing up and closing the door, Eric says, "Hey, let me see."

"Haha, my chest? You see me every morning dude."

"Come on, take your shirt off and let me see!" Putting two more beers in front of Justin and taking his seat across the table with his two.

"Nah, I'm not pumped up time we lift you and Brad can have your own private showing," Justin replies with a loud laugh.

"What are these for?," Justin asks, looking down at the two beers in front of him.

"Those are for you to drink slow poke. So shut your hole and get drinking."

"Dude, I told you I'm not getting hammered tonight." Justin replies moving the two beers to the side of the table next to the one remaining from Eric's earlier foray to the fridge.

"Awe man, come on, you're being such a pill tonight...drink up."

"Eric you are driving a hard bargain. Forcing me to go to your place, pressuring me to drink. You give peer pressure a new meaning," Justin replies with a chuckle.

"Haha, so what you think Brad is up to right now?" Eric asks.

"Probably about this big," Justin replies, holding his hands apart about the size of Brad's cock.

"Good one man. Damn, that dude is so lucky." Eric says while adjusting his crotch.

That depends on which way he swings...Justin thinks to himself. "Yeah, he's got a hottie on his cock tonight."

"That he does. So when's the last time you got laid man?" Eric asks while taking another big pull on his beer.

"Oh man, its been at least a year." Justin replies lying.

"Holy Fuck! A year?" Looking under the table, Eric shouts, "your dick still there dude?"

"Yeah, its there man. You've seen it."

"Haha, yeah yeah yeah" Eric replies straightening himself up and feeling a bit dizzy as he grabs the table. "Whoa, I think I shouldn't do that again..."

"Well, you've had over three beers in the last 45 minutes man."

"True true, deal some cards man." Eric says while getting up and heading to the bathroom.

After Eric gets back, the two friends proceed to play cards and talk it up, about an hour later, Justin stands up with a big yawn and says, "Dude, we got to hit the hay. It's almost 2:30."

Catching Justin's yawn, Eric replies, "Yeah." Getting up from the table, Eric heads to the bathroom also.

"Hey man, I was headed here first, wait your turn." Justin protests while watching Eric enter the room.

"Dude, whip your cock out and piss, the pot is big enough for two." As the two arrive at the toilet.

"Eric, no way," Justin replies while watching his friend unzip his fly. "Come on Eric. I don't want to see you piss," giving Eric another firm push back towards the door.

"Shimp, don't make me piss on the floor," Eric replies, resisting Justin's push and making headway towards the pot; his cock in his hand.

"Ugh, I give up!" Justin replies throwing his hands in the air and exiting the bathroom.

"Haha, you pussy, won't piss at the same pot as me," Eric says laughing as he begins to urinate.

His back stiffening, Justin walks out of the bathroom. I'm too tired for his games! Justin thinks while rubbing his eyes. Heading over to the linen closet, Justin gets the bedding for the couch. Looking back at the bathroom, Justin still hears Eric pissing and he shouts, "You're on the couch tonight honcho."

"Ok, Shrimp," Eric shouts as he finishes up.

Putting the bedding on the couch, Justin heads back to the bathroom and squeezes by Eric as he heads out. "Thanks for the bed, Shrimp," Eric grins looking down at Justin as he passes by in the door.

Ignoring the thanks, Justin heads over to the pot and relieves himself. From the living room, Justin can hear Eric fumbling around making the bed up and then undressing himself.

Walking into the living room, Justin catches a glimpse of Eric's cock and torso as he pulls the covers up. "You have enough blankets?" Justin asks after he sees Eric situated.

"Yeah I'm fine, Justin." Eric replies while flopping around on the couch trying to get comfortable.

"Good Night," Justin says as he reaches over to the light switch and flips it off.

"You too Shrimp." Eric says.

God, he's got a cock on him. Justin thinks heading to his room. Undressing and pulling back the covers, Justin crawls in bed and turns off the bedside light. As the street light floods the room in a dull glow, Justin lays his head on the pillow and looks over at the picture on his night stand. The picture shows his parents and two brothers the summer before his parents accident, everyone is happy and enjoying a bar-b-que on the deck. Good night mom and dad, Ben and Jack. Justin thinks feeling suddenly feeling very lonely. Reaching out and picking up the picture to examine it closer for what seems like the 100th time, he feels a few tears begin to run down his cheek. We were so happy. Time and therapy have made his feelings bearable but not a day goes by that Justin doesn't wish his parents are still here, that his brothers were closer, or even that he just had another chance to tell his parents he loved them. You're going to wake up Eric, Justin thinks wiping away the tears in his eyes. Losing himself thinking back on happy memories, Justin stares at the picture and lets the tears stream down his face.

"Are you ok Shrimp?" Eric asks from the bedroom door. He'd heard Justin crying when he got up to relieve himself again. Eric feels a certain awkwardness at catching his friend crying but he'd feel even worse if he just went back to the couch and ignored it.

Justin jumps in surprise at the sound of Eric's voice. Wiping the tears out of his eyes and turning his head on the pillow so his friend won't see him cry, Justin replies, "I'm fine Eric, go to bed," while trying to gain control of his emotions.

Eric can see the picture in Justin's hand. He's seen the picture before. It's the one of Justin's family taken the summer before his parents accident. "Oh, Shrimp. I'm sorry." Eric says rushing over to the bed.

"Its ok Eric..."Justin replies attempting to assure Eric that he's ok and making a weak attempt to push him away. Eric resists quietly and lifts Justin up while scooting underneath him. Holding his friend even tighter and laying his head back on the headboard, Eric listens to his friends gentle crying. He figures just being there physically is enough and decides he'll wait to see if Justin wants to talk. After an hour or so, Justin falls asleep with his head on Eric's chest; his sobbing reduced to occasional sniffles and hiccups. Eric has long since fallen asleep with his arms wrapped around Justin's torso and his chest damp with his friend's tears.

The next morning Justin awakens with a start; the memories of the night before rushing into his head. Oh man, Justin thinks to himself coming fully awake and realizing he's still wrapped in Eric's arms. Rolling over towards Eric to get the morning sun out of his face, Justin can feel Eric's even breathing telling him his friend is still asleep. Justin can feel Eric's thick cock pressing against his boxers and pushing against his own stiff cock. Oh man...his cock is huge, leave it to me to get a straight guy in bed by crying my eyes out. Justin thinks while trying to disengage from Eric's arms. Feeling Eric's arms pull him back onto his chest, Justin realizes that he's not going to be able to get out of Eric's arms without waking him. Resigning himself to the situation, Justin decides why fight it and lays his head back down on Eric's chest. Taking a deep breath, Justin breathes in Eric's scent which is a sweet mix of perspiration, Eric's deodorant and what has to be cum. Justin knows he's not going to get any sleep but watching Eric's hard cock in his boxers is not a bad job either.

The Plane Trip

Handing the flight attendant their boarding passes, Justin and Eric walk down the boarding ramp, proceed to find their seats and stow their carry-on wheelies and backpacks. They packed light, taking just a few changes of clothes in the wheelies and their computers, Torts textbooks and a few study guides in their backpacks. Both plan to focus on Torts and get a solid outline banged out before the break is over. If they accomplish that task, they will only have Contracts and Civil Procedure to focus on for the next two weeks before exams actually start.

Waiting for the plane to take off, Justin reads the day's Wall Street Journal and scopes out hot guys getting on the plane, wondering where they are headed. Vacation? Family? Eric relaxes with his iPod at full volume belting out Van Halen. Justin and Brad don't agree with Eric's choice as a favorite band, but everyone's tastes are different and he keeps his headphones on unless they are at his dorm room. Boarding is actually quick and largely painless. It's a Tuesday flight and they skipped out a day early from the start of Break, so much of campus is still holed up in classrooms. Just perfect...nice and quiet, I hate assholes who have to share their life story with the entire plane. Justin thinks to himself as the plane finishes boarding. The two still haven't talked about the event's of Friday morning. Justin woke up alone. Eric having left some time after Justin feel asleep for the second time. Justin didn't feel comfortable talking about it and Eric seemed eager to ignore that it had happened also.

Landing four hours later, Eric and Justin are met at the airport by Eric's brother Josh. He's a spitting image of Eric same height, build and smile. They could be twins, Justin thinks only to be confirmed a bit later.

"Yeah, everyone thinks we're twins but we're actually born 18 months apart." Josh shouts from the front of the Ford Excursion he's maneuvering through Atlanta traffic.

"So how are the California girls?" Josh continues on not really talking to either of them in particular.

"Both of us wouldn't know, Josh. Justin and I ain't had any action. Ain't that right Shrimp?" Eric responds looking back at Justin from the front passenger seat.

"Yeah, all work and no play has made me a dull boy." Justin replies with a chuckle.

"Heck, and here I figured law school would be full of hot easy babes." Josh says disappointed.

"I wish, It is nuttin' like undergrad little is truly all work and no play." Eric says.

"So Josh, what do you do for a living?" Justin asks trying to change the subject to something less frat boyish.

"I'm an accountant." Josh says.

"How's that going?" Justin continues trying to sound solicitous.

"Its all right, it pays the bills...I'm going to do it for a few years and then probably head to grad school myself." Josh replies.

"Law?" Justin asks.

"Not really sure, I really liked economics also." Josh says.

"So Josh, got a girlfriend?" Eric asks interrupting the questioning.

"Nah." Josh replies while looking at Justin in the rearview mirror. Cute...he thinks.

"What about Jenni? I thought you guys were going strong." Eric asks.

"We were, but a few weeks ago she started getting all serious on me."

"Haha, little brother wants to sow his wild oats, eh" Eric laughs while giving Josh a punch in the arm.

"Hey man, I'm driving." Josh shouts back while trying to rub his arm but keep his right hand on the wheel.

Closing his eyes, Justin puts his head back and pretends to sleep while listening to the two brothers catch up and talk about old times football, girls, boozing it up, college together. It turns out Josh was a solid quarterback and played in college a bit. Could these two guys be more alike? Justin thinks as he drifts off to sleep.

Feeling the car jolt as Josh puts the vehicle in park, Justin is jolted out of a steamy dream involving a guy in their Torts class. Josh and Eric are still chattering away in the front about girls from high school and what they are up to now. Looking out the window, Justin sees what has to be the largest house he's ever seen. It's a two story plantation style home but its clearly been blown up and overbuilt. Eric's parents have clearly done well for themselves.

"You awake Shrimp?" Eric shouts back as he opens the door and climbs out. "Let's get inside and introduce you to the `rents. It's almost time to eat."

"Yeah, I am getting ready. What about our bags?" Justin shouts through the closed doors.

"The help will get them." Eric shouts back while waiting on Justin to exit the vehicle. The help? Justin thinks as the three head to the front door.

Heading inside, Eric and Josh find their parents in the kitchen talking while supervising the making of dinner. Seeing their sons enter, the two parents rush over and give them both hugs and then introduce themselves to Justin. From their conversation, Justin finds out that the two are both successful real estate attorneys with a joint practice in Atlanta.

After a little more small talk, the brothers take Justin on a short tour around the house ending at Justin's room on the second floor. To his surprise, Justin sees that his bags have arrived while he was downstairs being introduced to Eric's parents.

As Justin expected, dinner went smoothly and was a surprisingly simple affair. The table was well set but simple with enough food for the five of them but not an excessive amount of food left over. The conversation flows freely and, despite the fact that everyone at the table is related to law, covers many topics and the law very little.

After dinner the three young men head back to the "Entertainment Room" at the far end of the south wing. Justin didn't think much would surprise him about this house but the "entertainment room" was definitely impressive and the use room is clearly an understatement. The "room" appears to be the size of many people's homes and at two stories tall, fills both floors of the end of the house. Oak paneling covers the walls and ceiling. A staircase leads up to the loft.

"Josh, give Justin the tour." Eric grins seeing the look of shock on Justin's face.

"Well Justin for starters..."and with that comment Josh leads Justin around the room pointing out the two pool tables covered with green velvet and looking to weigh some god awful amount as they walk by. In the middle of the room, Justin sees a full bar off to the right and a fooze ball table and a large heavy oak table that currently had an enormous puzzle being constructed on it to the left. The latter quarter of the room is filled with several overstuffed leather couches and chairs that frame a white marble fireplace. "Basically, any guy's wet dream." Josh says as he finishes off the tour.

His face covered in a big grin, Justin quips, "And your parents let you guys alone in here?" It's clearly a straight guy's fantasy room. The oak paneling alone must of cost a fortune.

"Oh yeah, we've had some killer parties in this room." Josh replies clearly pleased with himself.

"It's our room. Mom and Dad used it as the library when we were little but now it's all ours." Eric adds in at the same time.

"Holy cow!" Justin replies clearly speechless as he looks around the room.

"Hey Josh, pour us some vodka tonics, while I show Justin the media room." Eric asks, and then looking at Justin, "If this room has got you quaking, wait until you see the media room."

"Ok, bro, but don't start anything until I'm up there." Josh responds.

"Media room?" Justin asks.

"Yeah, where we watch movies. Follow me Shrimp." Eric replies heading off towards the stairs.

Both friends head up the stairs as Eric continues to explain the room and pointing out little gadgets Josh didn't show Justin the first time around. At the top of the stairs, Eric turns up the lighting revealing the loft. Four overstuffed but comfortable-looking couches, two on each side of an isle, fill the room. A large movie screen hangs on the far wall. Eight speakers are visible in the room. A projector hangs from the ceiling in front of the two.

"Almost done Josh?" Eric shouts over his shoulder and looking over at Justin, "Now Shrimp, THIS is going to blow your mind."

"It's blown man, its blown." Justin replies.

"Nah, I mean wait `til you see what this theater can do."

"Here we are guys." Josh says passing out the vodka tonics while leading the three guys off to take seats at the front of the room.

"Ok Shrimp, you ready?" Eric asks.

"As ready as I'll ever be I guess." Justin replies with a grin.

"Disk 42, right Josh?" Eric asks, picking up the enormous remote from the corner of the couch.

"Yeah that's a good one man." Josh replies as Justin watches Eric fiddle around with a small LCD screen remote.

"Ok guys. here we go." Eric shouts as the lights in the room dim and the lights from the projector light up the screen; first with a blue field and then the screen comes alive with white water rapids in all of its HDTV glory. The sound is perfectly timed and just as loud as in the movie theaters. Justin gives both guys a look of complete awe. Abruptly the movie stops and the blue screen comes back to silence.

"Show him the good stuff, Josh." Eric says handing Josh the remote.

"You know the numbers just as well as I do." Josh replies with a laugh while typing in the numbers 96 which appear on the screen in life sized enormity.

Looking back at the screen, Justin is overwhelmed with the sight of a cock thrusting in and out of a very wet pussy about 10 times life size. He is, also, shocked by the realism of the sound. It really sounds like two people are fucking right in front of the three men.

"Ah, turn that off..." Justin shouts above the soundtrack looking over at Josh and thrusting his hand in front of his face.

"A bit to much for you bud?" Josh replies with a grin shutting off the audio but not the video.

"Holy crap guys! Porn is great but THAT was a bit much." Justin responds turning his head back to the ongoing video. "Don't you guys worry about your parents catching you?"

"Nah, the room is soundproofed and its our room. They never come over here." Eric replies.

"Dad had this wing remodeled just for us, so this wing of the house is pretty much ours. The door behind us leads back to our bedrooms. We just figured we'd wait until after dinner to give you the full tour." Josh chimes in.

"What's even better, Shrimp is the pool deck also has a hot tub and sauna. As long as we don't get too loud, mom and dad won't hear a thing." Eric says.

"I thought you guys said it was sound proofed?" Justin asks.

"This wing is Shrimp, but the pool deck isn't totally sound proofed outside their windows." Eric replies.

Taking his eyes off the video, Justin asks where the restroom is and heads off to relieve himself. When he gets back, Josh and Eric are downstairs at the bar. Justin sees another vodka tonic waiting for him. Oh boy. He thinks taking a seat at the bar. For the rest of the night, the three men talk and the vodka tonics do not stop. By the end of the evening, all three of them are pretty happy. At about midnight, they decide to call it a night.

Once in his room, Justin strips down to his boxers, grabs his toothbrush and facial cleanser and heads into the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face, Justin begins to work in the cleanser. This place is a palace. He thinks as he bends down to rinse off his face. Hearing a knock at the door, Justin pauses from his efforts.

"Is it ok if I come in?" Josh asks through the door.

"Yeah, sure, I'm just getting ready for bed." Justin replies as Josh beings to open the door. Josh is in a pair of lounge pants and nothing else.

"Ok, I didn't want to make you uncomfortable, but since we have to share a bathroom and all, I figured I should ask." Josh says as he saddles up to the second sink and beginning to wash is face. He's tightly muscled just like Eric but has a bit less body fat, if that's possible. They truly are amazingly similar.

"This bathroom can accommodate more than me easily" Justin laughs as his eyes scan the large room in the mirror and hoping that Josh doesn't see him checking him out.

"Yeah, it used to be ours but Eric moved over to the new room once mom and dad added on the rest of the wing." Josh says rubbing soap on his face. The two finish up while making small talk about the bathroom.

"You have everything you need Justin?" Josh asks as Justin heads back to his room.

"Yeah, I think so. That bed is going to feel like a dream. I don't think I've been this stiff since my first freshman year track practice."

"Long flight?" Josh asks, leaning against the bathroom sink.

"Yeah, that and I ran a few miles today before we got on the plane."

"If you like, I can give you a massage." Josh offers.

"Nah, but thanks." Justin offers hoping he doesn't sound as nervous as the offer made him.

"Ok," Josh replies disappointed and heading back to his room.

Was that a come on? Justin thinks as he heads back to his room and climbs into bed. The thought also makes Justin realize something else, he's found a difference between Josh and his brother, Josh did not badger him to do what he wanted even though he clearly was disappointed that Justin said no. Laying in bed, Justin can't get Josh out of his head. Might as well...fuck it... Getting out of bed, Justin pulls on his boxers and walks through the bathroom over to Josh's door He knocks softly and waits hoping Josh has not gone to sleep.

"Yeah?" Justin hears from the other side of the door.

"Is the massage offer still open?" Justin asks through the door.

"Sure man, give me a second to get some pants on." Josh replies.

Jesus! Naked would have been just fine. Justin thinks while sitting on the edge of his bed to wait on Josh. Once Josh appears, Justin is pleasantly surprise to see him wearing only the pair of tight boxer briefs. Justin openly stares at Josh's nicely muscled chest. As if earlier in the bathroom wasn't enough, Justin lets his eyes drink up the sight of Josh's body. He can see Josh's balls move in his pants as he walks over. Watching them flop around is mesmerizing. These two guys are gods!

"Do you want me to start on your chest or your back?," Josh asks.

"On my back is fine." Justin replies coming back to his senses. "Do you want to do it here on the bed or what?" He stammers.

"Yeah the bed's fine man," Josh replies as he climbs into the bed watching Justin roll onto his stomach. "The mattress is firm so it should support us both; as long as your comfortable."

"Let me know if you want more or less pressure," Josh says while moving to straddle Justin's lower legs.

"Ok." Justin replies.

Feeling Josh's hands beginning to work on his back, Justin tries to think about anything but the feeling of Josh's nuts pressing against his ass. Under Josh's firm kneeding, Justin can feel the tension leaving his shoulders and back in places he didn't even know he was tense. Josh's hands know right where to press and seem to magically seek out the knots of tension Justin built up during the flight and the last few weeks of school. Soon Justin feels himself relaxing and slowly drifting off to sleep.

Waking up the next morning with a start, Justin remembers back to the previous night and Josh's firm hands on his back. Oh shit...Justin thinks realizing he's naked in his bed. Fuck, what happened to my pants? Rolling over to the edge of the bed, Justin sees his lounge pants laying neatly folded by the side of the bed on the floor. Fuck, did he take them off? Justin thinks trying to remember back to the night before. However, the details of the night after the massage started are hazing and all Justin can clearly remember is asking Josh to give him the massage. Reaching back to his ass, Justin checks to make sure its not lubed up. Not finding any, Justin relaxes back into his pillow thinking of Josh while feeling his cock stiffen. Reaching down to his cock, he slowly starts to stroke his meat remembering how Josh's dick felt pressed against his ass the night before and how strong his hands felt on his back. Picking up the pace, Justin's mind wonders to Eric and all the times he's seen him the showers, on his couch, in his bed. Mmmmm...I got to get that cock in my ass. Justin thinks has he tightens his grip on his dick. Stroking his cock while images of Eric fucking him float through his head, Justin can almost imagine what Eric's fat cock would feel like inside him pounding his ass. He can imagine reaching up and rubbing Eric's chest and then reaching under his ass to stroke Eric's balls as he fucks his ass. Minutes later, Justin can feel his ballsack tighten up as he gets close to climaxing. Increasing his stroke and lightly squeezing his nuts, Justin feels his body tighten and his breathing quicken as thick gobs of cum shoot on his chest and neck.

Fuck...Justin thinks as he hears a knock at the door. Quickly pulling the sheets over his cummed up body and slowing down his breathing, Justin says, "Come in."

"I hope I didn't wake you," Eric responds, poking his head in the door.

"Nah, I'd just woke up." Justin replies feeling the cum soak into the sheets on his chest.

"Well, its already 11 a.m. and I know you wanted to study..."

"11 a.m.! What the fuck!" Justin interrupts before Eric can finish. My orgasm is ruined. Justin thinks.

"Yeah bro, you slept in."

"Why didn't you wake me."

"Well, Josh said you guys stayed up late last night and I didn't want to wake you."

Feeling a moment of panic, Justin asks, "He did?"

"Yeah. He said you guys got to talking and forgot about the time. What did you guys all talk about?"

"Man, I don't remember. I was so tired and toasted last night." Justin replies hoping that will be enough to hold Eric off.

"Glad I went to bed early then. I've got a few hours of torts in already."

"Fuck!" Justin says clearly angry and hitting his fists on the bed.

"Well, don't just bitch man." Eric chuckles, "get your ass out of bed and lets go study."

"I will, just let me get dressed."

"Haha, don't want me to see your mornin' wood, Shrimp?"

"Fuck off Eric, I'll be down in a minute." Justin replies too hung over to deal with Eric's typical banter about nudity.

"Ok, ok Shrimp. Whatever you say," Eric replies exiting the room.

For the rest of the day, Eric and Justin study in the boy's wing. Taking breaks now and then to play with all the games and watch some TV. To Justin's surprise, lunch was prepared by the family maid and set out for them to eat precisely at noon. Everything is exactly as needed for maximal studying their own quiet wing of the house, cooking and cleaning taken care of, etc. Eric was right, its the prefect place to study. Towards dinner time, Josh comes home from work.

"How was work?," Eric asks.

"Long...I'm beat from last night man." Josh replies while looking at Justin, smiling on his way across the room. Justin is clearly trying to avoid direct eye contact with Josh. What game is he playing here? Justin thinks to himself and hoping he isn't blushing.

"Well, if you two fuckers would have gone to bed at a decent hour, you wouldn't be so tired." Eric chuckles at Josh's back watching him exit the room. "Go find out what's for dinner, bullocks."

"Fuck off!" Josh shouts from down the hall sounding honestly pissed off.

"Bullocks?" Justin asks.

"Yeah, its Josh's nick name." Eric replies.

"What's it mean?" Justin asked knowing full well what the name probably meant after feeling Josh's nuts against his ass the night before.

"You'll have to ask him...its his story to tell."

"Ah man come on...." Justin replies.

"Nah, you just ask focus on proximate cause man or you're not going to pass this exam, Shrimp." Eric retorts with a smirk on his face.

Ugh...Justin thinks but he knows Eric is right focusing on one task as a time is the only way to get through the slog of exams. Burying his head back behind is laptop screen, Justin focuses back on his outline. I probably don't want to know for sure anyway. About an hour later, Josh comes in the room. He's all sweaty and in gym clothes.

"Dinner's going to be ready in about 20 minutes guys." Josh shouts while heading up the stairs to shower. Justin lets his eyes follow him up the stairs watching his back muscles ripple under his sweaty shirt.

"Ok Shrimp, that's it for a while. I gotta take a break." Eric says while exhaling deeply and lacing his hands behind his head.

"Yeah me too." Justin replies looking up from his computer and admiring Eric's pecs.

"You want to go for a swim after dinner?" Eric asks.

"Nah, I didn't bring a suit."

Laughing, Eric replies, "who said you needed one?"

"I should study a bit more anyway."

"Yeah, I guess that's right. We could hot tub it later."

"No suit...remember?"

"Dude, we don't need, em. You've seen me naked a 1000 times."

"What about your parents?"

"They won't bother us man. Seeing that Justin obviously isn't buying his argument, Eric adds, did they hear us last night?"

"Well...I guess that's true, we'll see what happens after we're done studying."

The two friends continue to banter while making their way to the dining room. Just like last night, dinner is a simple straight forward affair and the conversation is lively. After dinner, Eric and Justin retire back to the boy's wing to get in a few more hours of outlining. Josh heads off to the home theater to watch a movie.

A couple hours later, Josh comes in the room, "Ok boys, enough studying for the night."

"I agree," Eric replies while leaning back and rubbing his eyes, "I'm just about finished with the outline anyway."

"For once, I actually agree, I just typed the last sentence." Justin quips.

"Well it looks like I couldn't have arrived at a better time," Josh says while walking over to the bar. "Pick your poison guys..."

"I'll have a vodka tonic, lil' bro." Eric replies.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Justin replies.

"Three vodka tonics coming right up," Josh says while putting three tall glasses on the bar top.

"Errrr....those are kinda big," Justin laughs while getting up from his table and closing his laptop.

"Yeah, cause you're getting fucked up, Shrimp," Eric says smacking Justin on the back as they walk over to the bar.

"We'll see about that guys, I already over slept one day." Justin responds with a big grin on his face and pulling up a chair at the bar.

"Well, I think having your first outline done, is grounds for a celebration." Josh says as Justin and Eric get situated at the bar. Pulling out three shot glasses, Josh pours them full of vodka. "Here's to your outlines guys." Picking up a shot, each of the boys holds it up, shouts cheers, and downs it in one gulp.

"Damn, not how I expected to start the rest of the night," Eric says with a laugh. "That shit is harsh!"

"Well, wash it down with this." Josh says handing Eric a mug filled with vodka tonic. The three guys proceed to drink quite heavily. By midnight, the three of them are completely trashed after playing asshole for two hours.

"Hey guys, lets hop in the hot tub?" Josh shouts at the end of their latest game of asshole.

"Yeah, good idea, bro." Eric replies while standing up and shrugging off his shirt. "Come on guys, last guy in the hot tub has to blow me." He shouts while tossing his shirt at Justin.

"Oh god," Justin sighs but he still stands up quickly. Not that I'd mind losing that bet!

"Better hurry mate, Eric's got a big one!" Josh tells Justin as he runs by pulling his shirt over his head.

Jesus and I thought Eric was the crazy one! Justin thinks while pulling off his shirt and heading out the door. By the time Justin makes it to the hot tub, both Josh and Eric are already down to their boxers, wrestling around in the grass.

"Think you're going to get in first, bro?" Eric asks, while struggling to bring Josh to the ground.

"I'm there before you pussy." Josh replies.

Seeing his opportunity, Justin runs by the two and quickly strips before getting in the hot tub. Both guys haven't noticed him yet. They are totally engrossed in their wrestling. Damn, this is so fuckin' hot. Two guys in their boxers, wrestling around in the wet grass. I'm in heaven! Justin thinks watching the two roll around. From the sound of things, they aren't going to give up until one wins. Fuck! I'm gonna pop a boner! Justin thinks while listening to their banter and feeling his cock stiffen. Shit. He thinks, beginning to panic as he feels his cock becoming fully erect and not having any luck stopping its rise. Finally, Josh pins Eric. The two are covered in grass and dirt and are sweaty from their wrestling.

"Told you I'd win pussy. Law school has got you weak bro." Justin chuckles while pushing Eric's head in the ground before he dismounts.

"Whatever man, if you wouldn't have elbowed me in the nose, I'd have kicked your ass." Eric replies while wiping a little blood from under his nose.

Justin watches both of them. I've died and gone to heaven. He thinks, while watching both of them brush dirt and grass off of themselves. Finally looking up at the hot tub, the two remember Justin.

"Shit!" Eric exclaims as he realizes Justin beat them both.

"Fuck!" Josh follows with realizing the same.

Justin just laughs and waits to see what they will do while enjoying the moment. He's still hard but the bubbles have got his stiff cock well hidden.

"Well, fuck me little brother. We just got served by Shrimp." Eric says with a laugh.

"Yeah and it looks like we'll be blowin' him together," Josh laughs in reply following his brother over to the hot tub.

"Scoot over Shrimp." Eric shouts while jumping in. Josh slips in on the other side of Justin.

"Take it easy you drunk ass!" Justin shouts back and gives Eric a splash.

"Be careful Shrimp," Eric replies giving Justin a bigger splash. "You'll wind up on the grass."

"Whatever, you got beat by your little brother." Justin banters back giving Eric another splash.

"He fights dirty. I'd take him in a fair match any day," Eric responds giving both Justin and Josh a big splash.

"Ok guys, enough with the splashing...the chlorine is going to kill my eyes." Josh says while rubbing his eyes. "Besides, I think we owe someone a blowjob don't we brother? Josh laughs as he moves closer to Justin.

"Oh yeah, I've never been one to blow a bet." Eric replies moving closer to Justin also.

Seeing the two moving closer to him, Justin begins to move to the center of the hot tub hoping to escape them.

To be continued...