Learning To Fly - by Dave MacMillan

Time does fly went you're having fun - it's almost August already. Time for new installments for each of my novels being serialised on Nifty. I've given you 2 chapters of Learning To Fly this month because - well ... There is a political intrigue element to this story (at least a sociological one) - just as there is  with Confessions Of A Vampire. And I needed to get you caught up to where that element begins to become involved before the end of the summer.

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Chapter 3


I was of mixed emotions as I sat in the family room of my parents' house and watched the sun set through the sliding glass doors that opened onto the back yard. Frank had said he'd be over at nine and it was nearly that. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what he planned on us doing.

Mark Edwards was trying to think his way through the shit he found himself in, instead of running like hell from it. One moment, he was a silly kid who thought he was in love and was scared to death at the idea of showing it. He sucks cock and what does he get? Yeah-

No love - just sex. Lots of it

But sex sure was good. I didn't know which one of the two men I had sex with already today knocked all that violin music and flowers stuff out of my head, but it sure was gone now. I wasn't afraid of it now - or myself. Put a good-looking guy in front of me, give him a hard, willing cock, and I was going to go down on him. Like Frank, my buddy of fifteen years who didn't love me but sure had plans for us.

My hand slipped inside the waistband of my safari shorts as I imagined I was tonguing his tool. The worst of it was every time I let an image of Frank naked into my thoughts I got hard as hell. I had my own plans for us too.

I grinned as I allowed myself to accept they were probably pretty close to what Frank had in mind. I sure hoped he wanted his pole pummeling my ass a lot because that's exactly where I wanted it. José had convinced me of that already. There and down my throat.

But I hadn't got love when Frank shot his load past my tonsils this morning. He took my admission I loved him and shoved it down my throat along with his boner. He better be planning on doing the same thing again tonight - and a lot more. But, this time, I wasn't some naive kid going into it.

He said he'd help me hone my skills. I frowned. Sure. My queer skills - sucking and getting fucked. He had in mind taking what he could get from me. Getting his rocks off. Because there wasn't some girl around to do it for him.

Just like José. Mi maricón especial, shit. Just because he had a big cock and the prettiest eyes I ever saw. Well - he did have a pretty buff body too. The truth was he was better in every department than Frank - from looks to tool. But he didn't have more than fifteen years of us knowing each other going for him like Frank did.

Frank's and my friendship.

I smiled again, letting the thin anger drop from me. I sure didn't need it. We had been through growing up together. We were pretty close even - as friends went. That had to count for something.

I figured that, to Frank now, I was his friend who had a little extra something going for him - like me being so much taller. I grinned. And bigger in the cock department too. I got him off and he didn't have any other friends who'd do that for him.

And José . . .

From pretty eyes and a buff body to a cock the size of a royal sceptre. An Aztec god become real in Falls Church, VA.

Neither one of them offered me love. Being around either of them kept me thinking about sex, though - now I knew what sucking and fucking was about. That was all right - better than all right - without flowers and music fogging up my brain. That and all that religious shit about God hating what was fun.

What I knew I had to do was keep it down to just the two of them. Otherwise, Mark Edwards was going to be known as queer all over Falls Church VA.

José picked up on it fast enough. There were a lot of other guys who'd have their blinders off quick enough if I wasn't careful about whom I drooled for in public. And that included the two of them. José would deliver the guys from the restaurant in a heartbeat if either of us got uncool about sex. And Frank could deliver too many of the rest of the 18 to 25 year old male population of Falls Church if he or I screwed up even once.

I wasn't at all sure I could keep my pants up even if I was facing a gang-bang I knew wouldn't be good for my reputation.

I was caught between a rock and a hard place and I wasn't finding a way out of it. I accepted myself as a homosexual, I knew I was one dick-crazy queer - but I didn't want everybody knowing it. I enjoyed the sex with both of them; it didn't take much to get me into just sex - all of it. I wanted it. I wanted Frank Ciencias fucking my ass tonight as soon as he could get out of his clothes. Just like I wanted José doing the honors come Wednesday.

I always was that way - if I liked something, I went overboard with it. And that was what I was afraid of. If Frank Ciencias stayed the slightest bit cool when he got here, I was going to have him banging my ass like he would a girl, like it was a cunt - as José had. Like I wanted him to. All night long. And it'd keep my lava flowing as much as it did his.

It was like when we were little and Frank and his older brother would play cowboys and Indians with me. They were always the Indians and ended up tying me up. They started out with tying my hands behind my back and parading me around the back yard.

I liked it. I kept pushing for more; and I got my legs and hands tied. I got tied down on Frank's bed. I got stripped and tied. I got stripped, spanked, and tied. I was always wanting more. Until their mom came in that last time and found Frank and his brother taking turns paddling my bare up-turned ass.

I liked sex now just like I had like getting tied up and spanked then. Frank had real plans for the summer, just like he had when he brought out that paddle the first time. I was just as helpless before those plans now as I was then. And José had me for a Wednesday work-out next week but I already knew, the moment I got an itch in my ass and Frank wasn't immediately available, I was going to find my Mexican penga and be his maricón especial while he was humping me.

Before I could start exploring a line of thought that could give me some questions as well as answers that would frame the crazy feelings going through my head, Frank was standing at the sliding doors holding a paper bag. He grinned from ear to ear and waved to me.

I rose and started toward them to let him in. My cock moved in my briefs and was hard.

"I brought us some toys, Mark," he said and held up a paper bag as he entered the house.

"Toys?" I asked dubiously.

"Not a whole lot of shit - a least not yet." He grinned even wider. "Just a few things I thought would be fun while you're still learning to fly - later on, we can get into some really awesome things I saw today when you're ready."

"What're you talking about?" I demanded, trying to intimidate him with my height and failing like I did when we were kids.

Frank was not one to be intimidated when he had his mind set on something.

"Let's have a drink, Mark," he offered, diverting the flow of conversation. "I'll take a rum and soda."

Dutifully, I went into the kitchen and mixed two drinks for us. I wasn't fuming, I already accepted we were going to get into sex. I was hard. I wanted it. I was just worried what kind of toys he had and what he planned on doing with them.

When I got back to the family room, he had pulled the curtains on the doors and was standing naked in the middle of the room waiting for me.

I stopped and was staring at his hard cock pointing straight out at me, its skin bunched behind the head's wide flange. It was beckoning me and I knew I was lost. Screw his toys. Let him bring them along - just so long as I got his cock in me.

"Come on in, Mark," he called, grinning at me. "Bring me that drink." I took a step toward him and, then, another one, my eyes riveted on his seven thick inches and all the sex I could hope for. I handed him one glass and, shivering with both fear and anticipation, reached down to take his pole in my now free hand.

"You are a hungry one, aren't you, babe?" he said. "But not yet." He swivelled his hips, pulling his erection away from my approaching hand.

My eyes travelled up his hairless, slim body to stare questioningly into his brown eyes.

He grinned and patted my cheek gently. "Down the hatch, Mark. Let a little dæmon rum get in there and lubricate the old reactions some first. You need to be tooling on all cylinders and naked too. Then we'll play." He patted my cheek again, a little harder, his thumb outlining my lower lip. "You got the plan now, old buddy?"

I nodded numbly and looked down at my drink in my hand. I lifted it to my lips and chugged it. "That's a good boy," he told me and patted my fanny through my shorts. "Now, you get out of your clothes while I go get us another one, okay?"

I nodded again, my eyes locked on his hard cock. And wanting it.

"You'll get it tonight, babe," he laughed, "Every way from Sunday. Now, get out of those things."

There was command in his voice and I understood instinctively that he wasn't going to brook disagreement. I watched his cute, round buns flex and slide together as he started for the kitchen, carrying his paper sack with him.

I didn't let myself think; I pulled off my shirt and pushed off the docksiders. I was going to get his cock. Just him and me - with nobody to bother us. Nobody to come along and catch us. Just him, his cock, and me. I knew I wanted that more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. I unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide down my legs, thrilling as they brushed the hairs of my thighs.

My fingers slipped beneath the band of my briefs and followed the slope of my asscheeks. I was hard and tenting the front of the soft cotton. I was going to have all of Frank's body under me to feel, to touch - to explore. I kneaded my cheeks and gasped at the pleasure that brought me, with a naked Frank about to join me.

"Get out of those damned briefs, Mark," he growled from behind me. "And stop playing with your ass. That's mine tonight."

I turned, my face flaming with embarrassment. He was grinning at me, his cock still as hard as it was when he left me.

"Shuck them, Mark."

I didn't hesitate. I pushed the briefs over my ass and down to my knees where they fell to the floor. He threw his bag onto the couch.

His fingers touched my nearest asscheek and I shivered at the feel of yet another man touching my naked ass. At the feel of Frank doing it.

"You like that, don't you, Mark?"

I nodded.

He spread his fingers across the globe and squeezed. "Well, turn around here and let's see what you've got."

I turned to face him, reaching out to where his cock should be.

He whistled and put a glass in my approaching hand. "You're a big one, old buddy," he mumbled, gazing at my eight plus inches for long moments. He forced a laugh then and pulled his eyes away from what stood out from my legs. "Down the hatch, Mark. This one'll really lubricate the old reactions."

"I want-"

"Drink up first. Then, we can get into some action."

I dutifully brought the glass to my lips and started to chug it down as I did the one I made. My eyes watered and I was fighting to hold the liquor in my mouth instead of spewing it everywhere. I stared at the glass in my hand and, then, at him.

I swallowed little amounts of it - until my mouth was empty. "You didn't put any soda in it," I accused him when I could finally speak.

"Naw, I didn't, Mark. Finish it off, old buddy, so we can play."

I was high and getting higher as I sipped on pure 150 proof rum. His hand moved freely over my ass and that was doing a lot to keep me hard as hell. Moments later, I held out the empty glass for him to see and reached for his boner with my free hand. If I had any doubts before, they were gone and forgotten. I wanted his cock. I wanted sex. I wanted it all.

"We're going to have to clean you out."

I stared at him with no comprehension and he grinned.

"One guy told me you can make a mess when you're getting fucked. I guess you sort of lose awareness and maybe some control-" His thin face was one big grin as he pulled away from me and stepped to the couch and his bag.

I stared at his back and didn't even think about his buns as he leaned over to search around in that paper bag. "You're telling me I might shit while you're fucking me?"

That sure as hell was the furthest thing from my mind when José had his monument to young Mexico buried deep in me earlier. It took several moments to break through the revulsion and remember just how stretched I felt when the Mexican was soft enough to slip out of me. I probably wouldn't have felt it if I needed to take a shit right then.

"What're you suggesting?" I asked timidly.

He stood up, turned, and grinned. He was holding up a little plastic bag with a thin hose attached to it. Even though I had never seen one, I knew with certainty the fucking thing was a douche bag. My face burned with embarrassment.

"Let's find a toilet and we'll take care of that little problem before it can think of happening." He chuckled. "I plan on fucking you all night long."

"What're you going to do?" I mumbled, not wanting to hear what I was sure I was going to.

"You're going to get an enema, Mark." He started for the toilet next to the guest bedroom. "Come on. We need to clean you out before we start in on the fun we're going to have tonight."

My whole body burnt with shame as I slowly followed after him. My erection was gone. My assmuscle was clinched tight. I wasn't at all sure I wanted a night of Frank's cock if this was the price I was going to have to pay for it. I stopped at the door just as he finished filling the bag. He squirted liquid soap in and screwed the top on it before he turned to face me.

"Come on, Mark. Get down on all fours and hike that ass so we can get this over with." He lifted the lid of the toilet. "There you go, old buddy - it's ready for you the moment you feel the urge."

"Frank, I'm not so sure of this."

"Yeah? Well, I don't want shit on my dick and I don't want to be cleaning the pulverized stuff off my short hairs and balls, either-" He shot me a grin. "And that's what I plan on doing to your ass tonight - pulverize it. After I'm through with it, you won't know what to do with yourself without a hard dick in it."

I wanted that too. Only, I didn't want my ass being douched. That had to be embarrassing. Shit! I already was embarrassed.

"Mark, get down on that floor."

His hand was between my shoulder blades. I stopped looking into his face and glanced down at his cock. It was still hard and a drop of clear drool oozed from its piss-slit.

I was screwed and knew it. I let his hand on my back direct me down and aimed my face at his best feature. My lips went past the flange of his meat as my knees found the floor.

Well, maybe . . .

Just because I never did something didn't mean I should be afraid or, even, embarrassed to try it out. Getting my ass douched probably wasn't any worse than getting it fucked. I swallowed the rest of him and heard him chuckle above me.

"Yeah, slurp on that dick, old buddy," he mumbled. I felt a long, slim, hard something find its way into my ass cleft but didn't think too much about it. I had Frank's cock down my throat. "You suck and I'll get you going down at the other end."

He leaned over me and I was having to take him sideways to get all of him. One of his hands went directly to my asscheeks and began to knead them. His other hand held something that dry-humped my ass-valley a couple of times before it started south with no intention of returning. It soon massaged my asslips and I accepted that it felt good as hell.

His hand crossed over my one globe and its fingers spread my cheeks to expose my pucker. The douche syringe dove for home.

My eyes bulged as I began to fill up. But Frank was in a whole different world. He humped my face with his cock and, in synchronization, fucked my ass with the syringe while my guts filled up with lukewarm, soapy water. My hard cock dripped, my balls strangled it. And I wondered if I could pop a nut before my guts exploded. I reached between my legs and started to fist my meat.

Pressure built where I never knew it before. I pumped my cock harder and my balls churned. I ground my ass against the invasion there. And I tried to get Frank off. I couldn't come close to describing the intensity that had gripped me.

"You're getting off on this," he mumbled in awe above me. "You're actually getting off on having an enema. Shit."

I didn't care what he thought. My guts were on the verge of exploding. My balls were ready to unload. I was in my own world and I wasn't about to leave for nothing.

I pulled off Frank's cock as the first rope erupted out of my meat and gasped. I tried to relax and give myself up to feeling spent. Only, my guts were signalling overload and that didn't make any sense. Not in that one moment of timeless eternity.

I was yanked out of the world of pleasure I had been jerking off on. I needed to move my ass - fast. I pushed to my feet and aimed my ass at the open toilet bowl. The syringe pulled out of me as I fishtailed my butt over the porcelain goddess and started down on her seat.

Frank was grinning at me as my guts erupted out of my asshole. "You are one crazy mother-fucking queer, Mark Edwards," he said and tossed the spent douche bag into the lavatory sink. "I'll wait for you outside while you clean up." He was shaking his head when he left me.

He met me with another drink when I left the toilet. He permitted me to take his cock in my hand; but, instead of letting me get down on my knees and start working on it like I had while he gave me an enema, he used it to pull me to the couch. "I'm going to sit down while you swing on this joint," he told me and winked. I grinned back at him happily and followed, holding onto the boner.

This boy knew I liked his cock and what it could do for me. Shit! I liked what his dirty mind came up with for us to try too.

He sat on the sofa and spread his legs for me.

I knelt and immediately buried my face in his pubes, tasting each inch of him as his cock slipped into my throat. I heard paper rustling but ignored it, giving myself up to bobbing on his boner.

He pulled a length of clothes line from the bag he brought with him and, finding one end of it, tied it to my left wrist. I wasn't paying attention. I had what I wanted. I had him. I had his cock. I had sex. He moved my left hand off his hip onto my back while I bobbed mindlessly on his meat.

He groaned. "That feels good. Just keep sucking on that wiener like there's no tomorrow." He ran his fingers through my blond hair and guided my movements on him for a moment or two. "Yeah, that's it, Mark," he breathed softly.

He took my right hand and placed it on my back. I didn't resist. I wasn't thinking. My mind wasn't connecting that he was tying me up. I was lost in the sex of his seven inch boner sliding in and out of my throat. I didn't know he looped the line several times around that hand and he brought my other hand up onto my back. That he tied them together behind me.

"I'm going to lie down, Mark-" His fingers moved possessively over my shoulders and over my hands to my cheeks. "Don't let go of my dick but hold up on the action until I get myself situated."

When he was lying back against the arm of the sofa and stretched out along its length, he reached up to play with my curls. "You're really liking this, aren't you?"

I glanced at his face from the corner of my eye, unwilling to let him go, and nodded.

He grinned.

"Okay, I'm getting kind of close. Lean over me good and really work this tool; old buddy. I'll give you a blast that'll make this morning's load seem like pre-cum."

I did as I was told, raising off my haunches and twisting so my chest was over his abdomen and I had a direct shot at his pole. He moved his arms and chest, doing things with his hands, but that didn't bother me. I was beginning to wonder if I could get his balls pass my lips along with all of his boner.

The length of line trailed from my hands over my ass and he wrapped it around, first, my left ankle and, then, my right. I was ignoring his movements, his cock was the center of my attention. He lay back, his hand again moving to my head and directing its movement on him.

"I'm getting close, old buddy." He humped up to meet my face, pulling my head down to meet his thrust and burying my nose in his ballsack. "Yeah, that's it, Mark - suck that dick."

His other hand found my chest and began to rub my nearest nipple. I felt my balls explode, sending jizz out my stiff pole, as he pulled on the nipple, squeezing it hard. His hand moved from my nipple down onto my abdomen. "Shit," he grunted. "You shot a wad just sucking me off."

There was wonder in his voice but I was past hearing it. His cock was swelling against my tonsils and I knew from this morning's encounters he was about to shoot. I speeded up my bobbing. I was about to get a bushel of apples.

"I'm - shit," he groaned and humped himself past my tonsils, freezing as the first rope of his jizz hit the back of my throat. His body was rigid, his muscles locked together, as his balls pumped out another rope. He collapsed then, rigidity becoming pliability, and he was falling away from me.

He shot another rope and I tasted this one. I savored it, rolling it around on his cockhead with my tongue, before swallowing it too. I had learned a lot from my lunch with José. Frank shuddered and groaned. He pushed me away then, pulling his cock from my control of it.

When he had his meat free of my lips, he lifted his leg over my head and sat up, primly keeping his legs pressed together, his meat caught between his thighs. He studied me for moment before reaching out and ruffling my hair. "That was awesome, Mark," he groaned and smiled at me.

"Yeah-" I sat back on my haunches, unable to take my eyes off the cock I had just possessed and already wanted again.

"I've got a great night planned for us." He inched his ass closer to the edge of the sofa.

He picked up the end of a strand of clothesline I didn't remember from the floor.

My eyes narrowed. "What's that for?" I asked.

"Remember when we were kids and Rafe and me used to tie you up?"

I nodded, unsuspecting curiosity beginning to slip into concern.

"Remember how you got off on getting your pants pulled down while you were tied up?"

I gulped but nodded.

"And how you liked to get paddled?"

I didn't like how this was sounding. I was also beginning to remember the he kept moving around while I was gobbling his wiener, that he was moving my arms around behind me. Tentatively, I tried to move my arms.

And couldn't.

With my heart in my throat, I looked over my shoulder at what I could see of my back. There was my ass and my fingers just above it. I lifted my hands off the small of my back and saw the rope around both wrists, holding them together. I also felt it slide roughly over my assglobe and get caught in my crack.

"I'm tied up," I groaned and looked back at him.

Frank picked up his bag and reached into it to bring out a tube. He threw that onto the sofa and reached in again to bring out a dildo that looked to be bigger than he was.

My eyes widened as he threw that on the sofa and went back into the bag to pull out a paddle.

"I told you we were going to have some fun tonight, didn't I?" he asked as he broke the rubber holding the ball to the paddle.

"What're you going to do?" I mewed, accepting my complete vulnerability.

He chuckled. "Well, you used to really get off on getting your butt blistered-" He held up the paddle.

"No, Frank." I stared up at him, all thought of his still hard cock forgotten. I searched for his eyes.

"And we both know I'm going to fuck your ass good - so, I got us some desensitizer lube."

"Fuck me, but don't paddle me," I pleaded, seeing my melons up-ended and getting redder as he walloped them. "Please."

"Anyway, Mark, I was told at one store a guy's first time getting fucked needs a lot of assplay to make it fun for him." He grinned broadly. "So, we're going to give you a lot of assplay to loosen you up."

I tried to rise from my haunches and found Frank had my legs tied up too. Tears welled in my eyes as I continued to stare up at him.

He grinned again and picked up the tube of desensitizer and I was left to follow his movements with my eyes. It was just like when I was a kid and watching him pick up the play paddle. He squirted out a glob of the stuff on my finger and moved behind me.

Over my shoulder I watched him spread my cheeks with one hand and bend over to look at my ass closer than anybody but José had done before. I felt my cock grow into another erection as he continued his inspection. "That's really a cute little pucker, old buddy," he said in surprise. "I've never looked at one up close like this."

The hand with the glob of lubricant moved under his chest and out of my sight. But I felt its fingers on the inside of each cheek guarding my asshole, spreading them wider. Then, I felt the cool lubricant touch my pucker and jerked.

His finger spread it the length of my crack and returned to my asslips. It pushed through them roughly, shooting through my assring before I could react.

I grunted. My nuts threatened to explode.

"Feel good, Mark?" he asked, moving his finger around in me. His other hand moved around my thigh and found my hard cock before I could answer. "Yeah, I guess it does. You've got a boner. Let's see what another finger does for you."

I bucked as his second finger pushed into me. His hand stroked my pole a couple of times as his fingers punched in and nearly out of my ass. "You do like it."

"Frank, come on-"

"Damn! I think that guy was lying to me about all the damned assplay you'd need-"

Doubt showed in his eyes as he looked up my back at me and found my eyes watching him. "You are a virgin down here, aren't you?"

I didn't immediately answer because I was thinking about José. It only took me a second to know it'd be uncool to let Frank Ciencias think somebody else got my ass first. He popped my nearest cheek with his open palm. "Aren't you?"

"Frank," I grunted, fighting back tears. "You're the only guy who's ever got this close to my ass."

He grinned. "And I'm the one who's going to pop your cherry too, old buddy." He smiled and looked down at his fingers disappearing into my ass. `Reach up there and get me the paddle.'

"You've got my hands tied behind my back," I told him plaintively, wondering what it'd feel like to have him paddling me with his fingers in my ass.

"Use your mouth, Mark. You're real versatile with it."

I stretched to get my chest onto the cushion and had to twist to reach the ping pong paddle. I got it between my teeth and started to manoeuver back off the sofa. My nipples rubbed against the rough material of the cushion, shooting excitement through my already hard cock as they hardened. My balls rode close to my shaft; I knew much more of this and I was going to shoot all over the place. Again.

I raised myself as best I could and twisted around to present him with the paddle between my teeth. He was grinning and I knew he had been watching me.

I was again beyond embarrassment. Beyond shame. I was hard and close to coming. And I wanted him spanking me - like when we were kids.

"Now, get me the dildo."

"Come on, Frank-"


I stretched and manoeuvered again, rubbing my nipples harder and longer now I knew what that did for me. Frank shoved another finger into my ass just as I got the dildo in my mouth. My fucktube erupted and I groaned.

Frank laughed behind me and stroked me a couple more times. "Didn't I tell you we were going to have fun tonight?"

"Yeah," I mumbled, settling into the sated feeling a spent set of balls was giving me.

"Give me the damned dildo, Mark," he growled, pulling me immediately out of the satiation and twisting me around to give him the plastic dick.

"That's a good boy."

I smiled with a sudden rush of pride.

He pulled his fingers from my ass and I felt uncomfortably empty. I groaned.

"Don't worry, old buddy. I'm going to fill you up again in just a minute-" He stroked me a couple more times to make sure I was staying hard. "Okay, you're all set in front. Lie down across the sofa and leave the driving to me."

He laughed at his joke on the Greyhound advert and put the head of the dildo at the entrance to my ass. I stretched and twisted again - and made sure both my nipples were on the cushion. He pressed the dildo against my lips until they parted, opening up for the thing.

I groaned as its cool, hard head pushed against my assring and rubbed my chest hard over the cushion, leaving my backside to Frank. It felt a lot wider than I remembered José being; it actually hurt as it began to press into me.

The paddle hit me then. Right in the middle of the softest, thickest part of my cheek. I howled in surprise and reared - and the dildo slid home.

Frank was grinning at me when I looked over my shoulder at him, tears in my eyes. "Caught you by surprise, didn't I, old buddy?" His fingers walked around my thigh and found my cock riding my abdomen. "You're still hard, Mark. You want me to paddle you with this thing in you or just plough your butt with it?"

I blinked away tears and ground my ass on its plastic invader. "Fuck me with the dildo," I told him and ground my hips on the thing. It was sending all sorts of feelings out over my body, ones I already had with José - but, now, I tried to isolate them. I could even feel the air touching the hairs on my arms and legs. I shivered and tightened my assring on the plastic dick as Frank started fucking me with it.

"Jesus," I groaned, trying to shove my ass back to keep it in me each time he started pulling it out. My balls were riding my cock again and I was grinding my chest against the sofa. I was again past thinking, just as I was while I gobbled his dick that morning or José was ploughing my butt that afternoon.

"You like that, Mark?" he called from behind me. I nodded and ground my ass harder on the dildo. "You want a real one in that ass?"

I looked back at him with lust-filled eyes. "Yeah," I groaned. I just wanted my butt fucked. I wanted to come again. But I still was conscious enough to know a real cock could do things a fake one couldn't, that it would feel better. "Fuck me, please, Frank. I want you fucking me, I want your cock in me."

The dildo slipped out of my lovechute, its head spreading my assring, spreading my asslips. And I was empty.

"Hurry," I groaned.

He straddled my ankles and his cock found my crack. It started moving up and down the crevice between my cheeks and I groaned. "I need it in me," I yelled at him.

"What do you want, Mark?"

"I want your cock in my ass. God, I want it bad. Fuck me."

He stopped humping me between my greased cheeks and reached over me to pull his paper sack to him. He slowly started humping my crack again as he pulled a foiled packet out and tore it open. "I guess we don't really need this thing," he said, holding the condom up for me to see. "But it doesn't hurt to be careful, does it?"

I shook my head slowly and watched as he slipped the sheaf of clear plastic over his cockhead. He grinned back at me as he used his humping my crack to roll the rubber down his shaft for him.

I felt his cock move to my pucker. He held there for a moment and he said: "Push back on it, Mark. Show me how much you want it. You gotta take it all the way to the root."

I looked back at him in surprise but inched my butt backward, relishing the feel of his cock spreading my ring, slipping into me. Because I wanted it. Because I was making it happen. He didn't move until my globes were nuzzling his pubes. "Yeah," I moaned happily, proud I'd impaled myself.

He took the clothesline and scraped it across my cheek as he started to move in me. From his cock to my hip dimple and back again, over and over. My balls rode my shaft. I laid my head on the cushion and let him push my nipples across the rough fabric each time he ground his pubes against my ass.

"I'm-" I groaned softly and couldn't say any more as my balls unloaded again. We were silent for an eternity, the only sound in the room was the soft plop of his balls hitting my cheeks over and over again.

I gave myself up to the feelings coming out of my ass and spreading through my body. My cock softened and bounced from one thigh to the other with his every thrust, leaving drool each time it touched skin.

My thoughts were a kaleidoscope of images. Me sucking him. His cock. The paddle. My helplessness. The dildo in my mouth and, then, up my ass. His cock and my ass sliding onto it. Mine spraying jizz. I smiled and was glad I had his boner where it was - in my ass where it belonged.

Frank grunted, breaking into the silence that held my sexual gratification. "Shit."

I forced myself to look back at him. His face was straining and I realized he was pounding my ass now with short, hard strokes. I tightened my assring around him, instinctively understanding he was close and trying to help him.

"I'm gonna-"

I felt him swell deep inside me.

He ground his pubes against my globes, pressing hard against me. "Jesus," he cried and I felt the heat of his jizz shooting into the tip of the rubber as deep in me as he could get it.

His arms went around my chest as he collapsed against me. His hips still humped against my ass - short, tight bumps against me.

I grinned and ground my butt against his thatch.

* * *

"Well, was it fun - or what?" he asked as he untied me.

"It was fun, Frank," I answered and rubbed circulation back into my wrists. "How about you? Did you like it?"

"Shit, yeah. We're going to have a high old time this summer, old buddy."

I grinned slowly. "Is that a promise?"

"You'd better believe it-" He stared at my ass for a moment. "That was the best fuck I ever imagined," he said in awe.

"You're going to spend the night?"

"You want me to?"

"Yeah. I think I can only stand being tied up once a night, though."

"I can handle that." He grinned. "We'll keep this stuff for one work-out a night - otherwise, it's plain old suck and fuck."

"Yeah." I gazed at him and touched his cheek, tracing his jaw with my finger. "Don't get me wrong. I got off on it and I want it like that again," I told him slowly, feeling a little ashamed at what I was admitting to, "as long as it isn't any rougher than what we had."

"You liked the paddling, didn't you?"

"I think I can get used to it again." I grinned. "Yeah. Only, we're going to have to take that one real slow and easy. I don't want you blistering me - and I want to stay hard when you're doing it to me."

I reached out and took his soft cock in my hand and felt it start to grow, its head beginning to poke out of its lace cowl. "It's amazing what one of these things can do to a guy."

He laughed and grabbed my nearest cheek. "It's amazing what one of these things can go for a guy."

"Want another drink?"

"Yeah." He picked up the dildo and followed me into the kitchen. He tossed it into the sink, set the stopper in the drain, and ran water over it. "We're going to need to soak it in bleach."

I stared at him. "Why?"

"The guy where I bought it said that shit kills even AIDS."

I shrugged and pulled out the rum bottle. Frank watched as I poured liquor and soda into our glasses. "Mark, I think you've managed to graduate from the beginner's slopes tonight."

I chuckled. "You think so?"

"Well, I'll have to run you through your paces the rest of the night just to make sure - but, yeah."

"I think I can handle the advanced slopes as long as you've run me through the lessons a couple of times."

"You know my brother's coming home the first of the week?"

"Yeah?" I handed him his drink and, turning my back to him, rubbed my butt against his groin. "Rafe graduated from that university in Madrid?"

I was rewarded with his cock growing to its full length and width. He reached around my hip and grabbed me. I sprang into erection. "Yeah. Want to try a dry-hump right here in your mom's kitchen?" he asked.

"We've got all night, Frank."

"Yeah. And we both have cocks that stay hard." His boner slipped easily into the valley between my cheeks and he put both arms around me to pull himself close as he began to hump my crack.

I leaned against the counter and wiggled my butt against him. I took my boner in my hand, stroking it and giving myself up to the feelings spreading over me.

"Jesus," Frank growled almost immediately.

"What's wrong?" I felt the splatter of his jizz against my back then and knew he had shot a load. I turned back to face him and started to pull hard at my boner.

"You want some help?"

"You want to suck it?"

He hesitated, his eyes on my hard porker. "I ain't doing that stuff, Mark-" He grinned. "But I'll beat your meat for you." His hand moved to replace mine and I gave myself up to the strangeness of another hand pistoning up and down my boner.

"Come on, Mark - shoot," he grunted several moments later, flaying away at my cock.

"I don't think I can," I told him, looking down at his hand speeding along my cockshaft.

"You sure?"

I chuckled. "I think I've shot a lot more jizz than you have - give me a few and let my balls fill up again." I laughed. "I'll be ready for the next round."

We returned to the family room, my cock still hard and his only half-soft. "How long's Rafe staying?" I asked, my thoughts returning to Frank's brother.

"The summer-" He studied me for a couple of seconds and grinned. "Now, that would definitely be the advanced slope for you, Mark."

"What would?" I sipped at my drink and settled on the couch beside him, my hand going to his thigh. Possessively.

"You, me, and Rafe getting it on together."

My mind went blank. But I knew I couldn't hide. I knew from this morning there wasn't anything between Frank and me but our friendship and now our sex. The same kind of friendship I had with a couple of other guys and, to a lesser degree, with his brother. And I still did everything I had done tonight. Sex was sex, and I knew I was definitely an addict to it.

Still, though, Frank and I went back forever. It hadn't been bad letting myself go with him. But Rafe too? The guy who hadn't want to play with me for a while when I was eleven and twelve because he thought I was a crazy queer?

That was long ago, however; and he was better looking than Frank. He was a bigger guy than his brother too - almost my height and about my weight. I was willing to bet his tool was bigger than his brother's as well. I remembered he got off on paddling me when we were kids - even more than Frank had.

"You want that?" I asked quietly, trying to sort through all the crazy thoughts going around in my head. I didn't know whether I ought to be scared shitless or planning one ever more wanton summer.

"It'd sure make things a lot simpler if it was the three of us instead of just you and me. I wouldn't have to sneak away every time I needed some relief."

"It isn't going to be all the time, Frank," I groaned. "Shit. You've got parents and I've got them too. We can't just shuck our clothes and get it on whenever we've got a hard-on."

"Sure we can," he grinned. "There's garages and toolsheds at both houses. And you and Rafe both have cars."

"You're telling me you want me to let your brother fuck me in front of you?"

"Why not? I'm going to fuck you in front of him the first time the three of us get together."

"Ouch! I thought we were supposed to be friends." But I was already imagining it with both of them and liking the idea better each time it popped into my head.

"We are, Mark. Shit, you like a hot dick in your mouth and up your ass - so, why shouldn't you have one at both ends at the same time? And let them belong to your friends?"

"How do you know Rafe'll even be interested?"

Frank laughed. "Hell, he had you figured years ago. He even suggested we pull you out of your closet a few years ago."

"He did?" I asked and immediately felt regret they hadn't.

"Sure he did." He grinned. "I had a hell of a time convincing him to leave you alone."

"You really want me putting out for him?" He nodded. "On demand - whenever he wants it?"

"Why not? You'll like it - you'll have two dicks to keep you happy."

I suddenly had another one of the crazy thoughts I had been flashing on all night. What if I could get Frank to swing on my meat? What if I could them both to go that far? It'd sure liven up the summer for us, more even than just me doing the sucking and taking cock up my ass.

"I'll do it on one condition," I told him, knowing full well I'd soon be hiking my ass up to both of them whether he accepted my condition or not. Only, I hoped he didn't have me that well figured.

I was hoping. Something I thought I picked up on in the kitchen. I was hoping he'd go down on me, that he could imagine himself swinging on my joint. It'd only been there for a second; but it felt like he came close to doing it.

"What's that?"

"You suck me off tonight."

"Shit," he grunted and slipped down the sofa from me. "I don't do queer shit."

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it," I told him.

He turned and stared at me, studying me. His eyes left mine and took in my face before moving to my chest. They stopped when they found my cock, still the boner it was when we were in the kitchen.

"Say I do," he said slowly. "It'd be just the one time, right?"

"Just the night, Frank - that is, unless you find you like it and want more of it."

He frowned. "I'll be fucking you all night too, right?"

I shrugged. "Sure. There seems to be a permanent itch up my ass and you do a good job of scratching it for me."

"And you'll keep quiet about it around Rafe and everybody else too?"

I nodded.

"You aren't going to act like some faggot every time we're together? You'll act normal?"

I smiled sweetly and flopped my wrist. "What do you expect from a girl, honey?" I gushed.

"Jesus. I don't know about this-"

I chugged my drink and stood up. "Let's go to bed, Frank," I told him and started toward my bedroom. I was grinning. I was going to lose another part of my virginity tonight and I was hoping Frank wouldn't stop playing my horn after just one night.





I woke up facing Frank on my narrow bed, our arms holding each other. It took me a second to understand why he was there in my arms. Then I smiled.

We had spent half the night doing things my bed was never designed for grown men to do on it. My cock was hard at the thought of his lips on it, just as my ass tingled at the memory of his meat ploughing it. There sure wasn't anything virgin about Mark Edwards this Saturday morning - unless I wanted to claim a lack of buns to date for my hot dog.

I glanced at the top of the night table beside him and saw nothing but torn foil and blushed. We were going to have to buy more condoms. I knew what that meant: I wasn't getting fucked again until I had some. It also meant I had better damned sure hide the evidence of their use so the folks didn't find it before the garbage men took it away.

Frank snuggled closer to me in his sleep, his cock hard and digging into my stomach while mine slipped beneath his balls trying to sneak to a home vehemently denied it.

I pushed the sheet from him and just let my eyes feast on his naked body for long minutes. And wished he felt more for me than he did.

There wouldn't be José or anybody else then. Just the two of us in love and sharing that love together. I shoved that thought away hurriedly. Forget love. I had sex. Frank and José now and, after Monday, Rafe. It was all I was going to get from any of them, but I was getting plenty of it. I'd be getting even more. I was liking the hell out of it too. And I was liking the variety of it as well.

I just couldn't start looking around for more of it - not here in Falls Church. That was the path to a very bad time. Everybody knowing I was queer and friendships dying over night because they did. And my parents knowing. They'd have me down in front of Father Ralph so fast my head would spin. Definitely not a pretty picture.

I moved closer to him and smiled as his groin pressed against mine, our sweat gluing us together where it counted most. My lips brushed his neck. I saw it then. A small box of condoms on the lower rack of the night table. I grinned broadly. I could get a morning fuck after all.

Frank humped my cock in his sleep. Just little movements and slow, his cock riding between our abdomens and mine between his thighs, his balls straddling it. But it was steady and rhythmic. I lay there and held him to me while he got us both off in his dreams.


He had taken to my cock like a duck to water when we reached the bed. He just walked right up to me, took it in his hand and knelt before it.

"All right, Mark, you wanted this," he told me and licked the underside of my skinless knob. "You'd better enjoy it." He dove on it then, his tongue a glove sliding down its length.

"Jesus," I cried out, staring down at him devouring my boner like a pro. He got his nose to my pubes the very first time. His hands went to my hips and he was directing my first blow job after that.

Frank Ciencias brought one hand back to cradle my balls and twisted them gently as he pistoned up and down my meat, giving its head an extra little lick each time it got back out to his lips.

He let go of my sack and sent his hand around my hip to slip its fingers into my crack. First, one and, then, a second finger found their way past my asslips and started fucking me while he sucked me. I was coming before I could fully appreciate having him on my tool that first time.

I collapsed on the bed after he let me go and stared at him. "Where the hell did you learn to do that?" I demanded a lot more harshly than I'd intended.

He grinned, rounded the bed, and opened a rubber while I watched. "There was a guy at school a couple years ago," he said and started working the latex down along the length of his cock. "We got into it pretty heavy for a while."

"Why'd you stop?" I asked as he rounded the bed and stopped at my knees.

"He wanted to fuck me," he answered and spread my legs. I encircled his waist with them as he put his cock at my asslips. "I wasn't ready to let him do that."

"Did you fuck him?" I asked. In answer, he pushed his meat into me and I spread my legs wider to let him all the way in - and forgot all about the boy in school.


Frank was close. His balls were riding his shaft as he continued his slow, steady humping in his sleep. He smiled and pushed his hips tight against me and gushered. That kicked me over the edge and I was erupting between his legs and close to his ass.

His eyes flew open and he was staring at me. "You fucked me!" he yelled, pushing me from him and falling away from me at the same time his leg went under him to stop his fall before he was over the mattress. His hand went behind his balls and came back with my jizz. "Mark, I trusted you."

He grabbed the sheet and wiped my spunk from between his legs. "Why'd you do it?" he demanded, standing with his legs close together and staring at me lying on the bed.

"You caught it between your legs, Frank," I told him, "and started humping us both. I've got your shit all over my side."

"You like it, though, Mark. You want to take it up your ass. You want spunk all over you. Jesus, you should have woke me up." He picked up his shorts and pulled them over his legs.

"Why're you mad at me?" I demanded, pulling out of the euphoria I'd found came with sex. "You did it."

"I didn't know what I was doing." He pulled on his shirt and avoided looking at me. "It doesn't mean shit."

"I didn't go in your ass," I told him, sitting up on the bed.

"You sure were close, though." He looked around the room, his eyes finding the clock. "It's ten already - I've got to go."

He was acting normal again and I relaxed.

"You coming back tonight?"

"Yeah-" He grinned. "I like your tight ass on my dick."

"You going to suck me off like last night - like you used to do with your buddy?"

He shrugged. "Why the hell not? It adds some really nice spice to our sex, don't you think?"

"Yeah." I grinned.

He laughed. Then frowned. "That's what he said too - until he started pushing to get into my ass. Just understand, that's off-limits - no matter what. You accept that?" I nodded. "And when Rafe's around I don't blow horns - so, don't even think about it."

"Maybe he would if he knew you did," I offered.

He shook his head vehemently. "We aren't ever going to find out, old buddy. Any time Rafe's around, we stay cool and you do your thing solo."

I nodded again, accepting his condition.

I headed for the shower after he let himself out. I had enough dried jizz on my face, in my hair, on my body, I could impregnate a woman's prison. Besides, I had to piss.


I was heading out of the family room along the foyer - to my car and the nearest drug store where I could stock up on more rubbers for what Frank and I were going to be doing.

The doorbell chimed. I stared at the door in front of me, my fears and imagination joining forces and working overtime. Was I already found out? Was it some slime wanting a quick blow job? Or the cops come to take me away?

I opened the door slowly, suspicious of what I'd find on the other side of it.

"Hi, Mark," Father Ralph said and smiled, gazing directly into my eyes.

Oh God! They already found out at church and he was here to try to save me. Bring out the holy water and anointing oil.

I forced a smile onto my face. I didn't want Father Ralph seeing my soul but didn't pull my eyes from his. "Father," I managed in a nearly normal sounding voice. "What in the world brings you to the house?"

He smiled. The skin around his eyes crinkling.

Good. He hadn't caught the queer part of my soul when he was looking in my eyes. "I brought the boys over."

"Boys?" I stared at him in surprise. "What boys?"

He looked shocked. "Your mother didn't tell you?"

I shook my head slowly. Boys? What had Mom done to me?

"They're fine lads from our Christian Soldier camp in Montana, Mark," he said softly, his concern showing in his face. "Your mother said they could stay by you this next week they're at St. Thomas Henry helping with our youth program."

"Montana?" I said, trying to remember my American geography. "Christian Soldiers?" I mumbled. "Youth program?"

He smiled. "It's just this week. They won't be any trouble at all. Is she here?"

"Father, they're down at my Aunt's in Winchester for the week-end," I told him, feeling my heart sink to somewhere near my knees. I was about to take on two kids and nursemaid them until the folks got home. Glory be and all that shit.

How was I going to have Frank fucking me with kids sticking their noses into things?

"Is she well?" Father Ralph asked, concern in his voice. "We offered a prayer for your aunt at mass last Sunday."

"It's just surgery on her foot," I told him hurriedly. "Nothing real serious - bunions, I think. She just can't get around very well."

"I'll pray for her in my own prayers, Mark. Give me a minute and I'll get the boys up here so you three can get acquainted." He turned and waved to people in the car at the curb.

I stared at the ground. How had I got into this mess? How did I get out of it?


I looked out at the car then. I saw two men get out of the car and start toward us, carrying backpacks. I stared.

Children, hell! These guys were my age. My height or taller, blond short hair, chiseled features and hard muscles under their uniform white t-shirts and black shorts.

Boys, my ass! They both looked like Green Berets in Army-issued civilian wear. I was willing to bet either one of them could wrestle down a full-grown buffalo single-handed. And God help the poor Indians who got in their way.

In spite of being more than slightly pissed at the monkey wrench their appearance represented for my plans for myself and Frank, my mouth was already watering.

"Henry and Jimmy are twins," Father Ralph explained the obvious to me as he returned to the door with the Teutonic twins in tow. "Gentlemen, this is Mark Edwards. He was part of our youth group at the church once," he glanced over his shoulder at me as if I were some sinner and he was Jesus ready to pick me up.

"Hi, Mark," they offered in unison. They were smiling at me, full of wholesome goodness when I looked at them. The purple plains of majesty. Their whole faces were lighted up - except for their eyes. I was sure that, if anything, they were trying to see into my soul even deeper than Father Ralph had.

I knew with absolute certainty I was in deep shit.

"Well," Father Ralph offered, "I'll see you gentlemen at church tomorrow." Both of them nodded at the same time like it was a military exercise.

All three of us watched the priest walk back to the car. Alone

"Which one of you is who?" I asked as the priest's car pulled away.

The one on the left said he was Jimmy. Stepping in right after his brother's last syllable, Henry identified himself.

I nodded. "How do I tell you apart?" I studied them, my question giving me legitimate permission to do so without either one of them bashing my brains in. They were two inches taller than me. And I was willing to bet they were within a quarter inch of each other on every measurement queers, the army, the church, and clothes manufacturers had come up with.

Henry colored. "I've got a little mole just inside my hairline on the left side."

"And you don't?" I asked Jimmy.

He shook his head.

I turned back to Henry. "Maybe you should cut your hair shorter or something so a guy could see your mole."

He colored more. "I don't think that'd help, Mark. The mole's not on my head."

Jimmy chuckled as I turned red in turn, finally understanding the mole was buried under his brother's black shorts.

"Maybe I need to get you into the house and show you where things are," I offered after too long a silence and stood back to let them enter.

"I guess Mom plans on giving you the guest room," I told them leading them to the room across the family room from mine. I opened the door and stepped back, letting them see the standard-sized bed beyond us. "Do you two sleep together?" I asked and tried to guess which one of them was which.

"Sometimes," the one closest to me said. His brother was already in the room and putting his bag on the dresser very carefully.

"Nothing wrong in brothers sleeping together," I said brightly.

"Where do you sleep?" he asked, his voice lower than it had been.

"Across this room." I pointed. "That's my door."

"And do you sleep with someone?" His voice was even quieter, his eyes studying me closely.

I blushed from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

He nodded as his brother joined us. "Henry, Mark here seems to have a friend he helps out once in a while." There was a flicker of interest in Henry's eyes.

"You aren't a faggot, are you, Mark?" Henry asked and both of them watched me closely. I was immediately a chameleon - trying to blanch and blush at the same time.

"A faggot's one who goes around proudly proclaiming he's an abomination," he explained without a change in his tone.

"Then, what's this helping out a friend stuff?" I asked timidly and wondered which one of them was going to hit me first - and which one would kill me.

Jimmy chuckled. "That's a man who sees his friend hurting and helps him - like Henry and I do when things become too hard."

"But he does the same thing a faggot does - at least, that's how I'm understanding you."

"No!" Henry growled. "He's not an abomination and he doesn't strut his pride for all to see. He offers himself to help his friend's need; he doesn't do it to satisfy himself."

"Oh," I said meekly. I told myself I'd take time to consider that little distinction when I knew I wasn't going to die in the process.

"You were going someplace when we showed up?" Jimmy asked, pulling us away from a serious discussion of whether the homosexual should enjoy himself while committing a homosexual act or convince himself he didn't. A discussion that might well have entailed reconstruction on some of my features I liked just where they were.

"I was-" I blushed. "I was going out to Tyson's Corner to sort of look around," I told him.

They both nodded, their faces granite like good old Jefferson's up there at Mt. Rushmore.

"Would you like to come with me?" I offered.

They nodded - again in unison.

I decided too much togetherness didn't have much to commend it.

I managed to lose them in the aviary court just long enough to slip into the drug store and pick up two giant-size boxes of condoms and see them slide into their paper bag before the Teutonic twins found me.

"A lot of people," the one I thought was Jimmy opined as I led us out into the throng of week-end shoppers.

"Far too many," Henry agreed and I imagined he was wishing he was back on the range in the big sky country. He wasn't alone. I was wishing he was there too, even as I was thinking how nice it'd be to have both of them naked and the three of us doing something about our erections. But, then, did Christian Soldiers even get erections?

I remembering the distinction Henry had made between faggots and those who helped others out of their hurt. I was beginning to sneak peeks at one or the other's baskets. It was pretty obvious from the direction of that whole set of comments back at the house these guys helped each other out. It just wasn't obvious how often that help came or if they wanted a stranger joining in to help them out. They could just be up-front buggers who were naive as shit.

I didn't doubt for a minute that, if I did make a guess and guessed wrong, I'd be minus some of the teeth the folks had spent so much money on keeping straight and pearly white. That tamped the interest developing in me about their sex lives.

I pulled out of the car park onto the access road.

"You do help friends out, don't you, Mark?" the one I thought of as Jimmy asked as I drove onto the overpass that kept me out of the traffic jam King Street at Tyson's Corner always was.

I blanched. "Sometimes," I managed to say.

"Would you consider Henry and me friends?"

"Cut to the chase - what're you asking me?" Out of the corner of my eye, I saw surprise cover his face.

"What didn't you understand?" his brother asked, leaning over the back of my seat. His hand found my shoulder.

"You guys have your own codes you talk in. I think I understand what you're saying - but I'm not sure. And, to be perfectly honest, I figure if I guess wrong I'm dead meat."

They chewed on that for a few minutes while I cut through the back roads that got us out of the extended Tyson's traffic jam. I was turning north onto Arlington Highway to head back to King when Jimmy nodded and said: "I'm asking if you suck dick, Mark. If you fuck and get fucked?"

"And you two do that?"

Henry laughed from the back seat. "Can you imagine being on a fucking farm with 500 guys for the past eight years?" he asked. "No girls - not even nuns."

"Jesus! You really drew a life sentence, didn't you?" I opined and Jimmy nodded.

"We were twelve when family services in Chicago sent us out to Monsignor Robertson's camp for wayward boys. Henry and I were the youngest for a couple of years."

"But you're Christian Soldiers, whatever that is."

"We're the spearhead of the church's reclamation of America, Mark. We're the Aryan Nation - its new leadership. Some of us have infiltrated skinhead organizations and are taking them over too."

"You're shitting me," I grunted and was barely able to keep the car on the road.

He shook his head.

"You're like those guys with Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed?"

He nodded.

"And you do cock?" I yelped.

"We help each other out - and, back at camp, some of the others when they need it."

"Mark," Henry offered from the backseat. "Homosexuality is an abomination before God. I can tell you Jimmy and I aren't homosexual - we're Christian. But we're also normal nineteen year olds - we get hard and hurt. Just like when we did when we were thirteen. The only sex we have available is each other and the others in the same boat we are.

"We don't flaunt it. We aren't proud of either our sexual appetites or how we've found to satisfy them. We're not especially ashamed of what we do, either. We just help each other out. We're like soldiers in the Greek and Roman armies."

"It's even part of the initiation into the CS," Jimmy offered.

"I'm not a member and I'm not joining," I told them quickly. "So why do you want to know what kind of sex I like?"

"You're a good-looking man." Jimmy laughed and punched his twin's arm. "And familiarity can lead to boredom and, sometimes, even contempt."

"So, you're asking if I'll add some spice to your sex?"

"That's about it," Henry answered for both of them.

I glanced at Jimmy's crotch as I turned onto the exit for King Street. We were three blocks from the house. His basket had definitely got larger since the last time I looked. "I'm game," I agreed.

And immediately wondered what I had got myself into.


"You want to just do it?" I asked as I pushed the door to behind us.

"You mean now?" Henry asked, sounding shocked.

"You've got a hot date?" I shot back.

"It's still light outside-"

"And Father Ralph gave you both to me. I've got a date later, but I'm free and game now."

Before Henry could come up with another excuse, Jimmy pulled his shirt over his head and I was staring at perfectly hewn pecs and abs and all those other muscles a guy can build up working on a farm in Montana. I whistled. Smooth sun-bronzed skin slipped beneath his shorts and came out the other end of them.

"You like the way I look?" he asked with surprise.

"You don't hurt the eyes. Shit. You said you got it on with more than just yourselves, didn't you?" Henry nodded uncertainly. "Don't you go for the guys in that camp of yours who look best?"

"That wouldn't be very Christian," he answered, managing not to look at me.

I saw where I was facing a dead-end argument. "Let's get comfortable and get into it," I suggested, pulling my own shirt over my arms as I passed them. In the family room, I chucked my bag of condoms toward the couch and pushed off my docksiders. I pushed my shorts over my ass more slowly, pleased my cock was already tenting the hell out of my briefs.

I stood in the middle of the room and watched them watching me. My tented-out briefs were the only thing between me and nudity. With Frank or José I'd have already shucked the cotton, ready for the coming event. With these two, I didn't want to go too fast and leave them behind.

Henry got the message first. He pulled off his t-shirt and pushed off his squeaky white sneakers. He met my gaze as he pushed his shorts onto his thighs and let them drop. He was naked and had a spear sticking straight at me.

I couldn't help myself, I licked my lips.

Jimmy unceremoniously shucked his shorts and pushed off his sneakers. He was as naked as his brother.

I pulled my briefs over my cock and slipped them onto my thighs. I stepped out of them and walked over to the boys from the big sky country.

I aimed for the one I thought was Henry. "You said you had a mole in your hairline," I told him and bent to look for it, taking his cock in my hand so it wouldn't bash my head. He was as skinned as I was and I realized these brothers were going to be my first time with circumcised meat.

"That feels good," he mumbled.

"Yeah?" I looked up at him watching me. "Show me where it is." I watched as he spread pubic hair to expose his mole. I licked it and he groaned. I pumped his cock twice and felt his whole body tense.

I looked up in surprise. "You aren't that close, are you?"

He shook his head. "I'm just not used to men being so open."

"Yeah?" I grinned and plunged down his cock, taking it all the way to show him how open I could be. Henry gasped. The lack of skin under the flange felt strange on my tongue after my experiences with Frank and José but it didn't slow me down a bit.

I felt Jimmy's hand touch my asscheek, a timid mouse unsure of itself. I decided he needed some lessons from José or Frank. But his timidity got me thinking beyond the reality of two stiff porkers that were perfect matches and bigger than Frank's.

I stood up. "Henry, sit down in that chair," I told the Montanan. "And spread your legs wide."

He did as he was told without even thinking about it. He just sat down and spread his legs - like some robot. I was getting deeper into what I had been thinking. I hope I was about to lose the rest of my virginity - inside Jimmy's ass.

"Jimmy, you go down on him. Take all of him and really work his pole."

He knelt immediately like a well-trained altar boy, grasped his brother's thighs and swallowed his pole.

I kneaded his cheeks and he moaned, wiggling his butt under my spread fingers.

"Hike it up here so I can get to it." I watched it rise on a par with his brother's legs. They were the nicest buns I had seen - even better than José's.

I found my bag from the drug store on the couch where I tossed it and quickly tore open one of the boxes, pulling a foiled condom out. I opened it hurriedly and spread the latex over my cockhead and down the shaft. Stepping back to Jimmy's hiked ass, I knelt behind him and positioned myself.

My covered knob touched his pucker and he sighed around his brother's slab of meat. "Want it now?" I asked. He bobbed his head on the cock buried in his throat, trying to find me out of the corner of his eye.

I gripped his hips and pushed into him even as I was marveling at the perfect roundness of his ass. This boy had a prettier ass than I did. He moaned when my pubes started to scratch his ass - as José had done to me. Henry was humping his mouth with a regular rhythm; I brought my movements into time with his, giving Jimmy what I hoped was one intense experience.

Firmly in the saddle and riding at a slow canter, I sent one of my hands past his hip to find his cock. It wasn't hard. Just a soft tube of meat hanging down and slapping against his thighs and everywhere else my ploughing his ass sent it.

I pulled on its head gently, grinding my hips and trying to cover every inch of lovechute with my cock to get some sort of arousal out of him. He became tumescent slowly and I changed to rubbing the head with my thumb. "Get hard," I demanded through clinched teeth and ploughed on.

I was my only frame of reference. I didn't understand what was wrong with the Christian Soldier wedged between his brother and me.

I was fucking my first ass. I was in my first three-way. I was getting it on with two Nordic gods the fatherland would have been proud of. I was feeling my way along an unlighted and unmarked path. When I had a pole poking my ass, I was hard.

Shit! I was already coming the first time when the thing was still pushing the pucker aside and rushing for home, even if it did take my balls a while to realize they were supposed to churn. I could barely imagine what one at either end would do to me.

Jimmy got hard finally. I didn't know what got him there: his brother's cock past his tonsils, me deep in his ass, or my thumb rubbing his cockhead while my other fingers gripped his shaft and stroked it.

He humped back tentatively, catching me at the beginning of my own movement into him, and let me rock him. My fingers slid up his cockshaft to its large-sized head with my forward movement, just as his lips and tongue went down his brother's meat. My retreats brought my fingers to his pubes and his lips to the head of his brother's equal-sized cock. We were synchronized and working on all cylinders.

I was feeling sensations I never felt before. Having Frank slurping on my tool or jerking myself off had never prepared me for what a willing lovechute could do for a cock inside it.


I came too soon. My balls rode my shaft and tried to strangle it. I speeded up my ploughing instinctively, hearing the soft plops of my thighs banging Jimmy's globes and sticking to them before I could pull back come faster and faster. I was already into the short, hard strokes that presaged an orgasm.

Henry was watching me from the other end of his brother. My shortening strokes in him, my wrist's quickening movement at his hip, and Jimmy's own speeded up tempo on his cock. "He's hard?" he asked softly.

I nodded and wondered how long I could hold it. I understood the etiquette of being permitted to fuck a guy after being a pincushion for the past two days - he was supposed to get off at least once while I was in him.

Jimmy's body was quivering but I was sure I was trying to hold Mount Saint Helen back. It almost hurt. It did hurt - but it was a good hurt. Just a little more and Jimmy would shoot and I could erupt. I could spray my lava into the plastic bag I had on my cock in his ass.

Henry grunted and I heard liquid slurping sounds ahead of me, sucking sounds that hadn't been there before. They kicked me over the edge and I exploded into the rubber deep in the Teutonic god's ass. I tightened my grip on his hip and glued my pubes to his asscheeks as my volley speeded out my cock.

My hand working Jimmy's pole was wet and the boy was rigid as a statute as his balls relieved themselves.

Henry pushed back into the chair, pulling himself from his brother's mouth. I held myself tight against that same brother's ass as my cock trembled in fear of any more friction.

Mark Edwards was finally totally and completely a non-virgin. I sighed and forced myself from the fields of Eros back to the family room and the two Christian Soldiers I was having fun with.

Jimmy's eyes were filled with tears as he sat up on his haunches, his head bent in shame before his brother. Henry was staring down at him. No words. No action. Just tears and strange gazes. I pulled the spent rubber off my cock and wondered what the shit was going on under the folks' roof.

"You enjoyed it," Henry said finally, his voice as accusatory as the Pope's reading holy writ to a sinner.

"I couldn't help it," Jimmy mumbled softly, his whole body blushing with shame.

"Enjoying it makes you a faggot, Jimmy. That's what Monsignor Robertson says."

"I know." He sniffed.

I stared at them uncomprehendingly. Hell! Why do something if you don't enjoy it? This fraternal discussion wasn't making a whole lot of sense.

"I don't want a dead faggot for a brother, Jimmy."

"I'm sorry, Henry. I-" He glanced over his shoulder at me. "I wasn't hard, but Mark kept working on it. I couldn't help it!"

"You let yourself get hard, Jimmy. You shot a load while you helped Mark out - while you helped us out. I've got some of it on my leg right now."

Jimmy looked down his brother's calves in horror. He saw a glob of offending jizz and bent over hurriedly to lick it off.

I entered the fray. `You guys are out of your gourds," I chuckled. "Jimmy's ass sure wasn't virgin - he took me without a whimper."

"We help each other out, Mark," Henry explained in code.

"So, why shouldn't he come too?"

"That makes him a faggot."

"What does it make the guy behind him?"

"In need," Henry explained.

"Maybe both of you are in need when you're doing it."

"Both of us?" Jimmy asked in a whisper. "Like when I got hard with you in my ass?"

I nodded.

"No," Henry grunted, reasserting his authority. "Remember, Jimmy? Monsignor Robertson explained that to us. It's all right to be a receptacle to your comrade's need. That need's a physical, human, thing. Helping him out is a Christian thing. But to enjoy it, to let yourself become aroused when he's in you - your mouth or your ass - that's abomination."

I stared at them both. It sounded like Henry and this Monsignor Robertson were into mentally controlling the sex urge to me. Let it go and get all worked up if it's your cock going down a throat or up an ass; but bring down the mental barriers and keep your mind in charge of your cock if it was your throat or ass being used. And keep fear in charge of your mind every time you had your clothes off and could be enjoying yourself. It sounded pretty one-sided to me.

"I think we both better pray about this, Jimmy," Henry said, pushing himself out of the chair. His brother pushed himself to his feet and, his head bowed - hang-dog fashion - started after his brother into the guest bedroom. I stared at the two naked Teutonic gods and wondered where they left their brains.

I was in the kitchen off the family room pouring myself a soda when something hard plopped against something soft in their room - loudly. Jimmy cried out. I made a beeline for the family room and the boys' room adjacent to it.

`Get out of him, Satan,' I heard Henry growl through the nearly closed door.

`I don't feel any cleaner, Henry,' Jimmy mumbled to his brother. `Do it again.'

I heard the whistle this time. Any boy who's survived a Catholic school run by monks knows the sound of a paddle diving through the air.

It hit hard; and I pushed the door open just enough to see Jimmy on the bed with his cute set of buns in the air and Henry's hand on the short end of a nasty looking wooden paddle that covered Jimmy's ass.

`Leave him, Satan. My brother's not evil.' The paddle rose from Jimmy ass, arching far above and behind Henry's head, like a golf club. `Leave him!'

It came down again, making that same kind of noise the Irish claim banshees do when they come for a man's soul. Jimmy groaned. His ass was red as hell.