These introductory comments are for my American readers.

The presidential election is less than a month away. There are only two men who have any chance of winning that election - Al Gore or George Bush. Al is a bit flawed and definitely boring. George has as his senior political advisor Ralph Reed, the cute, friendly, boyish former head of the Christian Coalition (and Pat Robertson's Josef Goebbels).

Al Gore, however, does have the training to step in directly to lead the strongest, longest streak of economic growth that any economy has ever shown. He supports gay/lesbian rights to legal equality. And, so far, we haven't seen him play dirty in this election.

George, on the other hand carries with him the personal support of Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition. We have had the chance to see him turn to the preacher/wannabe fuehrer to pull his nuts out of the fire after his substantial loss in NH (Robertson and the religious right started a rumour campaign against McCain in SC that included telling people that McCain had a bi-racial child <he has a Vietnamese adopted daughter>). The Robertson effort was very under the radar and very effective among the less-educated voters who make up his fascist movement and the Republican party in the South.

This election is important on a number of fronts - do you want an economy that continues to grow or one that is thrown back into the grow and burst cycle that Bush's dad and Ronnie the B-movie actor gave us? Do you want up to 3 supreme court judges appointed in the next 4 years who will make decisions on gay rights, women's reproductive rights, guns, hate crime legislation, etc, based on law or on what Pat Robertson says are his conversations with God? Do you want gay acceptance (legal and social) to continue to spread or do you want acceptance that acceptance rejected on the federal level? Do you want federal officials appointed who are favourable to the law or who are intolerant, close-minded bigots?

If you vote for Bush, stay home or vote for Nader, you effectively vote for Bush and the Robertson agenda for America. You'll have yourself to blame for the first recession to hit America in 8+ years, you'll have yourself to blame for the increasingly anti-gay stance that will take over the federal government. And you'll be able to blame yourself for the return of the American decline that started with Vietnam and continued through 1992. That decline has been arrested for the past 8 years but George Bush is guaranteed to start the country spiralling downwards again with more poorly educated Americans with a federal government that is underfunded because of his tax cuts and with spiralling inflation because of the federal debt.

If you vote for Gore, America has a chance to enter the 21st century still growing, vibrant, and better educated than it has been for 25 or more years. And you'll hopefully have broken the back of christian fascism. Unfortunately, I'm not an American citizen - I can't vote. Fortunately, my passport isn't American - I can leave before George opens the door for Pat.

VOTE NOV 7!!!!! You're voting for your legal and economic rights for the next 20 or more years.



One of the Christian Soldier brothers was naked and slowly stroking himself when I opened my eyes and saw him standing beside the bed studying us. Actually, he wasn't exactly studying us, his eyes were on Frank's cock which was pretty open to viewing because my buddy had thrown his leg over both of mine in his sleep and it was just lying there nestled in its bed of black pubic hair, hiding within its cowl.

He slowly became aware I was awake and looked at me. He blushed slightly and his hand's movement on his cock stopped.

"Don't mind me," I told him smiling. "A hot rod needs tending."

"Yeah," he mumbled and started stroking himself again. "I just wish Henry could understand that."

I had never tried to carry on a conversation when I was getting off - either solo or in coitus. I didn't know the etiquette of jerking off with other guys or getting it on with somebody while talking to somebody else.

In my experience, though, I hadn't felt much like talking while I was getting porked and there wasn't much chance to talk when I had a cock in my mouth. Besides, I had only jerked off alone or when one of four guys was plowing my ass or I was swinging on his joint. I didn't know if Jimmy could; but, as my mind firmly shut the door to sleep behind it, I was coming up with a lot of questions I wanted answered.

"What's with you two?" I asked.

He studied my face for a moment, trying to pull himself out of the growing sexual energy surrounding him and his fantasy. "What do you mean?" He slowed down on his stroking.

"You like the sex, Jimmy," I told him. "You get hard, you shoot off - you like it. Yet, Henry gets bent out of shape at that - at you liking it or his enjoying it himself."

"Yeah," he sighed, bringing his second hand down to his cock to hold his balls and the bottom third of his shaft. "I do - we both do. Only, that's a sin - it's an abomination."


He glanced at Frank's withered manhood and smiled at the sock covering it. He screwed his eyes closed and speeded up his stroking until it was a blur. He groaned. His body went rigid, his ass flexing. "Sweet Jesus!" A rope of jizz belched out of him and arched toward the foot of the bed. All he had left after that was dribble. Those fell on the floor.

When he was through, he smiled beatifically and relaxed.

"How?" I asked again.

"What?" He blushed and looked down at his still hard cock. "Oh! God says in the Bible homosexuality is an abomination - somewhere between being a mortal and a cardinal sin. That means getting off on sucking a guy off or getting fucked."

"But you and Henry do both of those."

He looked down at his feet and blushed. "Yeah. I do especially. I think I'm homosexual, Mark."

He frowned. "Only, that's wrong. But I can't seem to keep my mind off sex since we got here-" He glanced back at Frank's cock and shivered. "Since we met you two. Henry keeps trying to help me get back into a state of salvation - only, last night, it was me trying to beat the devil out of him."

"By spanking him?" I felt Frank stir beside me and glanced down. He wasn't opening his eyes but I knew he was awake. His cockhead was trying to escape the cowl of his foreskin.

"That's part of it. He fucks me or I suck him - you know, helping him out or to test my state of salvation. If I get hard, that's when he spanks me - trying to beat Satan out of me." Tears glistened in his eyes. "Only, that's getting me hard any more. Or I don't lose my hard-on-" He shook his head slowly. "Last night, I shot a load the one time he was wailing away at my ass."

"Did you spank him for getting off while Mark fucked him?" Frank asked, pulling himself up against the head of my bed.

"Yeah. He was sure hard - he even shot off. That was more spunk than I've ever tried to swallow before. It was the first time it ever happened and it blew his ever-loving mind. He had me beating his ass for half an hour."

"You two are crazier than-" Frank started but couldn't think of anything that sounded nuttier than what he had already heard.

Jimmy grinned sheepishly. "I came in to ask which mass you were going to."


"It's Sunday. And both of us think we need confession pretty bad."

"Give me a few and I'll drive you."

"You aren't going?" he asked in surprise.

I snorted. "Jimmy, I don't go to church anymore. I don't think I believe all those fairy tales. I do know I don't believe this bullshit distinction between abomination and helping a guy out. You pork a guy or get porked, you ought to enjoy it. That's what sex is all about. If you don't, don't do it."

"You're saying you're an abomination." He stared at me in disbelief.

"He's saying he gets off on the sex," Frank told him. "So do I. And so do you two.'

"That's abomination."

"That's being gay," I told him.

"You strut around, showing off your abomination?" Jimmy's eyes were getting rounder.

I grinned. "I haven't yet, but I've only been out of the closet going on three days - give me time to find out where I can strut my stuff and I will."


"Go get cleaned up," Frank told him, breaking in. "Mark'll take you to church so you can fill your heads with some more of that shit you guys use for brains."

He watched Jimmy trot out into the family room. "Get those crazy assholes out of here, Mark," he hissed softly.

"That one likes you," I snickered.

"Fuck him and the horse he rode in on too." He glanced over his shoulder at me. His fingers hesitantly slipped across my hip to find my cock still hard from my watching Jimmy's solo performance. Gripping it, he groaned: "Double shit." He ground his ass against me. "Do it," he whispered.

"Give me a condom, queer ass."

"Jimmy tells me you aren't going to confession," Henry said as I slipped behind the wheel of my car.

"He tells you right," I said, feeling defensive at someone - anyone - questioning my lack of church attendance. I went through that bullshit years ago with my parents and nobody else had any right to question me on it. Being defensive, I wasn't far from being hostile too.

"You need to find salvation, Mark. You're getting too close to being an abomination - if you aren't already there."

"Understand something, okay?" I growled at him as I started the car. "I'm not into your fascist shit of übermenschen and untermenschen, your crazy distinctions between helping a guy out and being an abomination, or your crazy faith in a fucking church that hasn't known what it was talking about since it made peace with Hitler and Mussolini."

"You don't want salvation?" he asked, disbelief in his voice, staring at me as I turned onto Arlington Boulevard and drove toward St. Thomas Henry.

"I don't believe in it, Henry. So, let's cut the Christian fascist crap and be friends - because, the way I see it, denying what you are is a pretty silly way of living."

I noticed Jimmy's hand reach across the seat to touch his brother's arm. "Cool it, Henry," he said softly.

Silence was a immediate shroud over us. I didn't know if I liked that better than the false witnessing and inquisition I had been getting moments earlier.

"We'll catch a ride back," Henry announced as he stepped onto the macadam of the church's car park. "It'll probably be the middle of the afternoon or later." He slammed the door behind him and I was getting ready to call him on it.

"He's just in one of his moods, Mark," Jimmy offered. "Forgive him, please?"

"What's got into him?" I growled, not looking back at the twin.

"Your cock. Mine. Frank's. Me wanting to get it on with you guys. Him wanting to. The whole afternoon and evening yesterday-" He chuckled. "Take your pick. See you."

Frank was naked and sitting on the couch when I entered the family room. He was playing with the rope from last night, pulling it through one set of fingers and watching it fall through the other set to the floor. "They're at church?" he asked and didn't look up.


"Tie me up, old buddy."

"Do what?" I demanded and stared at him. Only slowly did I remember how wild it had been Friday night when it was just the two of us.

"Tie me up like I did you."

"You sure?"

He nodded slowly and looked up at me.

"You want everything? The paddle and the dildo too?"

He studied me with suddenly hollow eyes and shuddered. "Yeah," he mumbled so softly I wasn't sure I heard him. "Don't ask me to explain it," he said louder. "I don't want to talk about it. Let's just do it."

I nodded and held my hand out for the rope.

"No," he grunted. "Use ours. Good old Henry may have given me my wake up call with this one, but that doesn't mean I'm going to use his to get off with my best buddy."

I went to the bedroom and pulled his paper bag from under the bed. He was hard when I got back. He got down on his knees and held his hands out behind him to me. I quickly tied them together with him watching me over his shoulder and let the clothesline fall at his ankles.

"Do it all - just like I did to you the other night."

I made sure the line was tight enough it rode in his crack as I tied his ankles to his hands. Standing back up, I got out of my clothes with his eyes still on me and sat on the couch in front of him.

"Lick my balls," I told him, making my voice a command. As he had done to me Friday. "Then, my ass. I want you to rim it good." He looked up at me in surprise but quickly moved his vision down to my cock.

He made the decision to surrender unconditionally then. Before, he had come close when he let me bind him. He surrendered his ability to protect himself then, trusting me not to hurt him. But, now, he was surrendering even his right to refuse me and what I might decide to order him to do.

He slowly leaned forward and touched one testicle tentatively with his tongue. A moment later, he pulled gently on the ballsack with his teeth. He sucked on one and then the other ball before his tongue slipped under my scrotum.

My eyes rounded with the sensations he was beginning to cause as his lips, tongue, and teeth moved to my bud and caressed, licked, and nipped at its wrinkled skin. José had know what he was doing when he was getting me ready for my first fuck. But, even as a novice, Frank wasn't far behind him. My balls climbed up on my shaft in anticipation of a world-class eruption.

Frank wasn't ready to match José's possession of my ass. And I wasn't willing to suggest it. Even if he was willing to give me control, I didn't want my best buddy to know I knew what a tongue could do to an ass. That was José and me - this was just the two of us. I wasn't willing to mix the two.

He returned to my balls and washed them. His nose pressed against my shaft as he sucked first one and, then, the other of my jewels. He chewed gently on my bag.

He took his time in bringing his tongue back to explore along the ridges and veins of my shaft; but, by the time his lips started down around my cock, I was ready to climb the walls.

"Suck my cock," I growled and humped against his face. "Jesus shit!"

He sucked, his spit a drool down my shaft. He buried his nose in my pubes and I saw the smile crinkle around his eyes as he pulled out to my head and looked up at me.

I put my hands on the top of his head and directed him back down my pole, spreading my legs wide.

He bobbed and I fucked, his nose hiding in my pubes with each downstroke.

I looked down his back, seeing his hands tied together and trying to free themselves so they could join in the fun, seeing the bubbles of his butt spread invitingly for anyone to enter.

Too soon, I was slipping over the edge, my balls tightening on my shaft. He kept pistoning on my cock. "I'm going to come," I mumbled in wonder at how awesome this was feeling. He bobbed faster and my balls couldn't take any more. I erupted deep in his throat, holding his face against my pubes, my body rigid.

He was still licking my cockhead when I finally managed to unkink my muscles. He was still licking and sucking gently, getting all of my jizz.

I pushed his face away and stood up. My hand dove under him and found his meat hard and throbbing. "You liked that, didn't you, Frank?"

He nodded.

I felt his abdomen and found the wet, thick layer of goo I figured I'd find. "You shot off just swinging on my joint, didn't you, Frank?"

Again, he nodded.

"Get off your haunches," I growled. I was getting into commanding him and his attempts to fulfill my orders. "Hike your ass up so I can get to it." I was still holding onto his hard meat and wondered what I should do next. I grinned then, remembering Friday night. "Get me the paddle, Frank."

He stretched his chest across the couch and got the paddle between his teeth. I grinned and felt his nipples. They were hard all right. I took the paddle from his teeth. "We're going to see just how much you like to come," I told him and kept his cock in my other hand.

I didn't hit him hard. Frank Ciencias was my friend, we were best buddies and sex buddies. I sure wasn't about to admit to wanting him beating my ass for me as a purely sexual enterprise. I popped his ass with the paddle.

He reared as wood connected to ass-flesh, his muscles locking together, pumping his cock against my hand. As he settled back he looked over his shoulder at me. "Keep doing it, Mark," he moaned. "Spank my ass and make me come."

Why the fuck not?

I held onto his pole, gripping it and letting it slide through my fingers as he reared and bucked with each new blow to his fanny.

Angry redness spread across his cheeks but he wouldn't let me stop. "Spank me till I come," he cried. "Make me come."

The paddle came up from under him, hitting the softest, roundest parts of his cheeks. He grunted and mumbled something in Spanish, and I felt his goo spread over my hand.

"Yeah," he gasped as he collapsed against the couch, letting his balls pump the rest of his second load of jizz onto my hand and the carpet beneath us.

"Give me that dildo," I commanded him, not giving him time to enjoy the feelings spreading over him. I almost shot a load spanking his butt and jerking him off. I was just beginning to imagine what it'd be like ramming a plastic cock up his ass.

He stared back at me, caught somewhere between his satiation, the discomfort of his position, the pain his ass had to be for him, his resistance to letting me dominate him, and his desire for more.

"Pick it up in your mouth and give it to me."

He shuddered and stretched to get the dildo positioned where he could grab it between his teeth - if he stretched.

I grinned at his effort.

He finally got it along its shaft and reared back to give it to me.

I moved it so its head was touching his lips. "Suck it, Frank. Show me how much you want it."

"Shit," he growled but opened his mouth and took it all the way to my fingers on its base. I pistoned it in and out of his mouth several times and his eyes grew glassy. I pulled it away from his face and heard a soft little plop as it broke from his lips and the suction he had on it.

I placed it at his pucker and reached under him for his cock. I grinned when I found it hard again, its skin pulled back and bunching under its knob. "You want me to fuck you with this, Frank Ciencias?"

He shivered, his whole body in on the act. He didn't look back at me but, in a small voice, said: "Yeah."

"What do you want, Frank?"

"Fuck me, damn it. Fuck me with that dildo. I want it."

I rammed it into his ass, giving him no time to prepare for it.

He gasped. His pucker was slurping on the dildo's base.

"I don't think you want it."

"Shit," he hissed and gazed back at me.

"Wiggle that ass around on it. Show me how much you want it there, Frank."

I was giving Frank Ciencias a lot more than he had given me Friday night, but he wanted everything I gave him.

I didn't know if I'd want my ass red all over or if I'd come with somebody getting it to that point. But I was willing to wonder about it. He would no more hurt me than I would him. But this stuff wasn't about pain and taking pain. And, though he and José had pretty well dominated me before the twins showed up and changed things in my head around some, I didn't think I could submit myself to Frank or José as Frank was doing to me.

If this was what Frank wanted, though, I was going to give it to him.

He ground his ass on the dildo, pumping his meat in and out of my fist. He grunted and he sighed, working himself on the plastic cock in his ass and my hand on his pole. "Christ," he moaned. "Get your cock in there, Mark. I want the real thing."

"What do you want?"

"I want you fucking me. I want the real thing in my ass. I want a big real dick in there. Please, Mark."

I let go of the dildo and his gut expelled it.

"Jesus, that feels so empty," he groaned.

"What do you want in it?"

"Your dick. Please, Mark, fuck me."

I stood up, letting go of his meat, and looked around for the condoms. I didn't see them. "Where are they, Frank?"

"Rubbers?" He looked up at me. "Shit! There's some in the bag with the toys. Hurry."

I reached over him to the bag, my meat riding between his cheeks into the dimple of his spine down the small of his back and he clinched them on it. I humped him there a couple of times while I tore the packet and pulled out the condom. "You like that, Frank?" I asked as he continued grasping at me with his cheeks and wiggling his butt against my movement.

"Get that damned thing on," he growled. "I need you inside my ass fucking me. I want to feel Mark Edwards there - as deep as he can get."

Rolling the plastic over my pole, I pulled back far enough to center it at his pucker. Gripping the clothesline holding his hands to his feet, I pulled his upper body upright as I slipped into his hole.

"Yeah," he sighed. "Let me feel your pubes against my ass, Mark. I want - Jesus, that smarts!" he grunted when my pubes pressed hard against his globes.

I started to pull back but he gripped me tight with his assring. "Don't. Stay there and let me just grind against you for a minute."

"You sure?"


Having a hard cock deep in a warm, tight ass and not doing anything about it was hell. Every instinct demanded I start the friction that would get the juices flowing that popped me into hyperspace and the nirvana that was gratification.

I held it as long as I could without going out of my mind and started to rock back and forth slowly, sending my hands up his back and around his sides to his nipples. He moaned as I found both of them.

"Feels good, babe," he mumbled. "Keep it slow and easy for a while, okay?"

Long, slow strokes met his thrusts, balls bouncing on upturned cheeks before pressing hard against them. I could feel him coming at me through each curly pubic hair. I tweaked his nipples and he moaned. I pulled all the way out of him, slipping my cock along his crack for a stroke, and he groaned. I slammed back into him and he sighed even as he bucked against the sudden shock of my reentry.

I brought one of my hands down his chest to find his meat riding hard against his abdomen and gripped it, stroking it in synchronization with my movements in him. He ground his butt against me in appreciation. The feel of his skin bunching beneath his flange and then going past his cockhead the width of my first two fingers on the downstroke was a turn-on.

My hands found the floor and I pushed off his back. I untied him and pulled myself up on the couch; he continued to lie across the cushion, his cheek pressed against it, and looked back at me. "That was pretty intense," I said and smiled at him as I pulled off the condom.

His hand stroked my calf and he smiled. "I don't think I even know a word that would describe what it was for me." He pushed himself off the couch and crawled between my legs. "I'm just going to lie against you, okay?" I nodded and stroked his hair when he kissed my cock and sent his arms around my waist to hug me. He lay with his head on my thigh, his chin nearly touching me, and smiled up at me.

"I sure as hell proved I'm as queer as you are - probably more so."

"You think so?"

"You want to try getting off while I spank you?"

I shook my head at that one.

"Can you imagine our two Hitlerjungen getting as degraded as I was and shooting as many times as I did?"


"Christ," he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "That boy has puppy dog eyes."

"He just likes skin where you've got some extra," I told him and chuckled.

"He's not so bad - but that brother of his-"

"You just had a bad experience with him." I grinned broadly.

"Getting lassoed, having your own dirty sock stuck in your mouth, and watching that boy ram his poker home into my virgin ass is a little more than a bad experience, Mark," he answered slowly.

"Now we both know we like it, do you want to - you know, make it permanent?" I asked, wondering if I should re-open how I had thought I felt about him. A very real part of me hoped we would stay where we were - fuck buddies, plain and simple.

He pushed himself up and looked back at me. "No. At least not yet."

I frowned at the nebulousness of his answer.

"We're both gay. We both like dick any way we've had it. We're friends. But you're talking some kind of relationship, and I'm not ready for that."

"You thinking about going back to your high school love?"


It connected then. It had been there all along, but I had been slow on the uptake. I never once made the connection.

Luke Tonkavitch had been in school with us. He was on the swim team with me and was everybody's fair-haired boy until the beginning of our senior year. He and Frank were inseparable for more than a year before his popularity took its nosedive.

Rumors started circulating when we started our senior year; and Luke wasn't anybody's fair-haired boy any more. Rumors about him being a cocksucker and queer.

"What happened to him?" I asked slowly.

"He's at Georgia State-"

"You still see him?" I demanded.

"We talk occasionally."

"You fuck him, don't you?"

"No. Not since we went out that last time and he gave me a choice of putting out or no more sex." He snorted. "We were sucking each other off almost every day and I was porking him just as regular. It was the best of all possible worlds for me-"

"And he wanted love?"

"Yeah. That freaked me. I demanded he take me home. I got really bent out of shape the guy I was dicking daily wanted a piece of me now and then."

"You're going to try to reestablish what you two had?"

"I don't know, Mark. I hurt him pretty bad. It's amazing he was even willing to talk to me after-"

"You told on him!" Boy, was I ever more slow. Revelations were hitting on me like I was the Delphi oracle back there in good old Greece with Homer. And I had thought I was in love with Frank Ciencias? I was lucky Henry roped him and woke him up.

He hung his head. "Yeah. He kept calling me after I turned down his ultimatum. I was scared. I didn't want to be queer and I had a couple of days to think about things. I told one guy at school. Just one guy. Luke was history after that."

"Would you have told on me?"

"That was then, Mark. I managed to grow up a lot even before the Aryan cowboy roped and tied me last night - and took my cherry."

I forced my thoughts away from Luke and what had happened to him - and what wasn't going to happen with us. I didn't hurt and I was a little surprised at that. We still had our friendship and our sex. Best of all, I knew that was all I wanted from Frank Ciencias.

"I better straighten this place up," I mumbled. "The folks are coming back tonight sometime." I didn't feel like doing a damned thing. My cock was wiped out and my body with it. All I had left was a nice, warm, good feeling all over - one learning Frank still had a flame burning for another man couldn't touch.

"Shit!" He pushed up, his cheek grazing my chest as he turned to look at me. "They called while you were driving those crazy cowboys to church."

"What did they say?" I asked, my concern growing as I shifted gears and started to worry about my Aunt.

"They're staying the rest of the week in Winchester. Your aunt's okay; it's just she's having a real problem getting around. I told them you had everything under control."

"Under control?" I laughed. "I don't think I could stand seeing it if it were any less under control than it is now."

He grinned. "It would really be crazy then, wouldn't it?"

"You coming over tonight?" I asked, wondering if I was going to have to face my re-saved house guests alone.

"I don't know-" He frowned. "Shit if I like that Henry." He looked at my cock and then up at me. "Probably. They may be mindless Nazis, but they've both got dicks as big as yours and know how to use them when they don't have the old devil himself breathing down their backs."

"More likely a priest or two."

"Priests? Come on, Mark. Some poor celibate bastard might cop a fuck off a choirboy now and then. But I can't imagine a priest caught up in that Nazi shit they were spouting about Indians, Latinos, and black people."

"Their Monsignor Robertson does. He's the one who screwed up their heads."

"Crazy bastards!" He looked crestfallen. "When are they due back?"

"Henry said sometime this afternoon. Why?"

He looked away quickly. "I can't hack seeing them right off." He sighed. "Tonight, I'll be coming over to sleep with you - if we get into it with them, that's okay. But, if I stay around this afternoon, it's going to be for them." He pursed his lips. "I may like dick down my throat and up my ass, but not that much."


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