Like Three Musketeers

By Erik Maskot

Chapter 1: My brother and his friend

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was one time I thought I was home alone. I had pulled out my stack of pornographic magazines from under my bed, and had them spread all around me on the bed while I was masturbating. Right when I came I discovered that my older brother, Rick, and his best friend Tony, were standing in the doorway watching me. I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't do anything. I had cum all over, on my hand, my stomach, everywhere. I tried to cover myself, but they've seen what they needed and walked away without saying a word. I believed they were smiling or laughing, though.

The next few days I was scared my brother was gonna tell my parents or my friends, or his friends. I was even afraid of talking to him. You know how it is when you're eighteen. The problem was not mostly the masturbation itself. It sure made me embarrassed having been caught, but the worst thing was that the magazines were not ordinary magazines like Playboy or Penthouse. They were hardcore gay magazines. Nobody knew I was gay. At least not until now.

One day two weeks later I came home early from school. I noticed that Rick and Tony's bikes were parked in the front yard, but the front door was locked. I unlocked the door and was surprised how quiet it was. I thought they weren't home after all. When I walked past the door to Rick's room, I thought I heard a noise. I tried to peek through the key hole, but couldn't see anything. I was sure I had heard somebody moan.

I took my schoolbag to my room. That's when I noticed that all my gay mags were lying on the floor, that is, half of them were missing.

I snuck back to Rick's room. I was sure that I heard somebody in there breathing heavily. I still couldn't see anything through the key hole, though. I tried to open the door a little bit without a sound. Luckily the door didn't squeak. I opened it about an inch, and noticed a whole bunch of magazines lying on the floor.I was getting a hard-on in my jeans, when I saw my brother rubbing his cock. He was completely naked. His balls were moving up and down as he slowly jacked. He really knew how to please himself. I couldn't stand watching any longer and pulled my dick out of my jeans.

Moving his hand up and down his shaft, feeling his pecs with his other hand - he was absolutely gorgeous. I watched as he threw his head back and arched his hips forward, with full strong fist movement.

I didn't see Tony, whom I knew was a hot stud. I tried to open the door another inch. I still didn't see him. I jumped when somebody in an instant pulled the door open and grabbed my arm. It was Tony. He was stark naked, and had the biggest hard-on I've ever seen. He pulled me inside my brother's room.

I had never seen as many gay mags lying on the floor. There had to be at least fifty of them, which meant they weren't all mine. Rick said to me "Hope you don't mind that we borrowed some from you. You got some pretty hot mags." I didn't answer. Then he continued. "You can just relax. We have the whole weekend. Mom and dad went to Chicago, and won't be home before Sunday evening."

He stood up and put his arms around me. "How about some brotherly love," he said with a smile and kissed me on my cheek. Tony was standing behind me, and he pulled my pants down. Then he pulled my shirt off. While Rick's cock was rubbing mine, I could feel Tony's cock rubbing my ass, when we all joined in a group hug.

Then Rick went downstairs, locked the front door again, and came back up with a twelve-pack of beer from the fridge in the kitchen. We wouldn't leave the house all weekend. We had everything we needed.

We all opened the first beer, and had a sip. We all seemed a little nervous at first, as this was the first time we'd all been naked in front of each other, and we were all virgins. But after a while, after a couple of beers, we relaxed, started looking in the mags, making comments, and started playing with each other. Tony pulled out a gay video from his bag, and put it in Rick's VCR. I had a look in Tony's bag, and was almost shocked. There were several video tapes in there, and I started looking through them. Then Rick pulled out a metal briefcase from under his bed. He unlocked it, and handed it over to me. "Here are more tapes," he said. I smiled at him. I still couldn't believe that my own brother was gay as well. And so was his best friend, and they didn't even know that about each other. This was like a coming out weekend.

In Tony's bag I also found a couple of video-CD's and some CD's by Pansy Division, a gay punk bank. Then I pulled out a butt plug, and lubricants. Tony's big bag was like opening a big birthday present or a treasure chest. Even if it wasn't mine, I was full of joy. Rick was full of surprise and excitement too, while Tony was laughing. There was a big wooden box on the bottom of the bag. I was about to pull it out, as Tony grabbed me and started wrestling me. We were both laughing, but when he had locked me down with his legs, he started lubricating the butt plug. Then he rolled me over, and pushed the butt plug up my ass. I partly screamed from the sudden pain, but I was partly laughing still. When it was inside me, I moaned. It felt weird, but still so good.

With that butt plug in my ass, I was eager to know what was inside that wooden box. Rick had already pulled it out, and was about to open it. His mouth opened with amazement. At first he held up a dildo. I cheered. Then he pulled out a bigger one, and handed it to me. It had to be 7-8inches. Tony was still laughing. He seemed to have the time of his life. Rick pulled a bigger dildo and held it up in front of my face. It had to be ten inches. Then a 12-inch dildo. When Rick pulled out the last one, he couldn't get his hand all around it. He was stuttering when he uttered the words "Have you ever had this one up your ass?" It was a 20-inch dildo, thick as an arm. Tony admitted he hadn't, but he had seen people in one of his videos sitting down on one.

We kept drinking beer, and another twelve-pack was brought up to the room. I still had the butt plug in my ass. We were getting drunk, and we were petting each other, watching videos and playing with the dildos. The biggest dildo seemed to impress Rick the most. He kept using his hands on it, while studying it.

I was playing with the 7-inch dildo, and when Tony turned away from me for a moment to look at the video covers, I took a chance, lubricated the dildo and pressed it against his asshole. Tony was caught by surprise and screamed, but he soon pushed against the dildo and it slid in. I started fucking him with it. He moaned loudly.

Rick put the big dildo down and started looking at the ten-incher. He figured if he was ever gonna be able to sit down on the big one, he had to try some smaller ones first. He admitted to us that he had been fucking himself with shampoo bottles in the bathtub before.

Tony said he had to go to the bathroom, and I said I wanted to go with him. Seeing another guy pissing turned me on. I had a hard time pissing while Tony was watching me, but finally I relaxed enough to empty my bladder. When I was finished, Tony put his arms around me and kissed me. We stood like that for a while before we went back to Rick. When we came back to the room, Rick had the ten-inch dildo up his ass already. When Rick when to the bathroom, he was walking funny with the dildo in his ass. We were laughing.

Tony wanted to know if I wanted to try the 12-inch dildo. I said yes. While Tony lubricated it, I pulled out the buttplug. The 12-incher went in smoother than I thought it would. I was lying on my back, with my legs up in the air, while Tony was jerking it all the way in. Rick came back and was turned on by the sight. He wanted to watch the giant dildo video, so Tony found it and put it in the VCR.

The tape turned us all on, and Rick lubricated the giant dildo. He tried to sit down on it, but it was too big for him. The sphincter protested when he tried. Rick screamed, but obviously he couldn't relax enough. We were watching him trying, we were consuming more beer, and tried to help Rick in any way we could. We figured he needed to relax, so we gave him more beer. Two hours later the movie ended. Rick was completely shitfaced, and before he knew the head of the dildo popped inside. We cheered. We supported him when he tried to slide down further. When he had taken about one third of the dildo, he couldn't take anymore. He was riding on it for a while, and he came. His cum was flying through the air and landed on an open page of one of the gay mags. A gorgeous guy in the mag was all covered with cum.

I went down on all four and started licking my brother's cum. Rick pulled the dildo out. His ass was wide open before it slowly pulled itself together.

Tony decided he was gonna try too. Both his ass and the dildo were well lubricated. As my brother could do it, convinced Tony that he could get the giant dildo up his ass too. But it was not easy. He tried to sit down on it, but his sphincter fought against the black rubber monster. But little by little he got closer. A couple more beers made him relax more, and Tony was becoming very drunk also. Still, it must have taken more than an hour before the dildo slowly slid inside. Tony moaned. He continued sitting down on it, let it slide in further. I knew Tony was about to come, so I went down on my knees and placed my mouth in front of his cock. My tongue touched its head, and that was all it took for Tony. Nobody had ever done that to him, and I'm pretty sure he had ever shot a load that big, as he did this time when he came in my mouth. Tony was sitting on the dildo for a while, didn't want to let it go, as he finally had achieved his goal since he was sixteen. He was so happy.

When he finally pulled the giant dildo out, my brother wanted to know if I wanted to try. The size of the monster cock worried me. Still it turned me on. Besides, if my brother and his best friend could do it... As I also was more drunk that I had ever been before, it was not hard talking me into it. Tony lubricated my ass with his fingers, and I almost came right then. Before I knew it, Tony had four fingers inside me, and he fucked me with his hand. I sighed and moaned. Then my brother stopped him, and placed the 20-inch dildo right under my ass. I sat down on its head. I was nervous, and noticed that my hands were shaking a little bit.

I tried to push hard, but my sphincter wasn't gonna give up without a fight, and I yelled "Ouch!" when it felt like I was gonna burst. I took a big breath, and tried again, slowly. I was sure it was too big for me, and I told them I couldn't take it. But the other two told me I was doing good. I tried to relax a little, took a big sip of my beer, clenched my teeth together, and tried again.

Tony and Rick were playing with me, they were biting my earlobes, licking my nipples and kissing me. Then for a moment I forgot all about the pain, and before I understood what was going on, the head popped inside my ass. I started breathing heavily, like I was in shock, like I didn't know what just happened. I'd done it! All three of us cheered. While we were all drinking more beer, Tony put in a new video, and I slowly started sliding up and down on the giant rubber cock. In the end I sat as far down on it as it would go. My older brother went down on the floor, and embraced his lips around my cock, and as this was the first time for me as well, I came right away and filled his mouth with man juice.

That night we cuddled up together, all three of us, and fell asleep in my brother's king size bed. All of us naked under a big blanket.

* * * * *

It was already afternoon when I woke up again. My arms were wrapped around Rick. I thought that night had brought me and my brother closer together. We had shared a common secret, and this would keep us close forever. No more secrets between us. And Tony had also shared his secret with us. I felt like we were the Three Musketeers. One for all, all for one.

I felt Tony's cock pressing against my ass. He put his arms around me and Rick. We felt so happy.

Awhile later my brother said he had to go to the bathroom, and so did the other two of us, so we went together. It was so hot seeing the others pissing. Rick was looking down on his cock for a while, and then slowly he said: "How about shaving off all the hair down there?" We all got excited by the idea, and Rick took out the shaving foam and a razor from the medicine cabinet. He lathered the area around Tony's cock, and carefully he started shaving him. Tony's cock was hard, but so were ours. Then his balls were shaved. He was so smooth, and when I touched him he came right in my face. We all laughed. Then Rick made him turn around, and shaved his ass.

Then it was my turn. While Rick carefully moved the razor up and down and removed every single hair on my body, Tony was shaving his legs and chest. Soon we were both smooth and soft all over. We both did Rick's body. Afterwards the three of us went into the bathtub. Touching each other made us all cum, because our skin was so sensible. We didn't get up before the water in the tub was cold. The whole weekend we were walking around the house all naked. When the doorbell rang, we all jumped and looked at each other. Nobody made an attempt to open the door, and when it finally quit, and the person walked away, we all started laughing.

Our backyard had a solid fence around it, and the trees around our yard were so high that nobody could look without using a ladder. Besides, we knew that our next door neighbors were gone for the weekend. Therefore we had our own nude barbecue party in the backyard.

This was the most perverted weekend in my life so far, that's for sure. How about steak with cum sauce? That was Tony's idea. He was the oldest of us, though only six months older than my brother. He was the one with almost all the ideas that included sexual pleasures. He had the most magazines and videos, and he knew everything that guys could do together in theory. It wasn't hard to put theory into practice, though. He fucked my brother lying in the grass that night, then he fucked me. In the end Rick fucked him, while Tony sucked me off. The sun was about to rise when we finally went to bed again. And we slept most of the day.

Late in the afternoon I remembered that my parents would becoming home soon, and we started running around the whole house naked to clean up everything, especially made sure that no dildos, magazines or videos were lying around. The three of us traded magazines and videos, so we had something new to look at till the next time we had a gathering.

We were almost surprised by my parents. When we heard the doorbell, we were still naked. I ran into my room, put on my jeans and a t-shirt in a heartbeat, then went downstairs and unlocked the door. Rick and Tony were also dressed by the time I got back, and my parents had no suspicion whatsoever about what's been going on this weekend.

Chapter 2: The next weekend - San Francisco

The following days I felt that the friendship between us was stronger than ever before. I didn't have to worry about Rick or Tony telling anybody that I was gay. We were acting normal, but we were probably spending more time together because we had so many plans and had so much to talk about. We were making plans for the next weekend. Tony said he wanted to go to San Francisco. Neither one of us had ever been there before. We all knew that Frisco had many gay bars, so going there sounded like a great idea.

We started driving from L.A. Friday morning, as there was no school that day. Making only two stops to eat, we were there in the afternoon, and checked in at a cheap motel. We lied down and rested for a while, before we were ready to go out and explore gay San Francisco.

The first bar we arrived at, we were stopped at the door and asked for ID. As we were all under 21 they wouldn't let us in. We were bummed. Was this how our trip was gonna end? We were too young. I was 18, Rick and Tony were 20.

The next place we tried the same thing happened, but there was a man coming out who noticed how bummed we were, and asked if he could help us. He was too old for us, but we told him about our problem. He was nice and gave us address and directions. We thanked him and started walking in the direction he had pointed out.

It turned out that the street was a dark narrow alleyway, and we weren't exactly sure if we should go in there or not. Only one street light was working. I said, if this was the only place in San Francisco we could get in, we should go for it. After discussing it for a moment, we agreed. There were three of us, and we were the Three Musketeers. Nothing could stop us.

We found the address. A small sign above the door indicated that this was the place. From the outside it looked pretty deserted. All the windows were painted black. Tony tried to open the door, but it was locked. But we heard music inside, so we decided to knock on the door.

A young guy with a pretty face opened the door. And he wasn't just a pretty face, he was a stud. He was all muscles, was at least 6'5", short brown hair, and a big bulge in his skin tight jeans. He smiled when he saw our mouths dropping. He let us inside, and locked the door again behind us. The light was dim, but the guy couldn't have been much older than the three of us. When he turned around to let us in the next door, I noticed his nice ass.

He held the door open for us, and when I passed him our eyes met. He gave me a sly smile and winked. I felt like my heart melted.

Inside there was a bar. It was obviously pretty early still, as things were slow. Only a couple of other guests who also seemed to be pretty young. Also the bartender turned out to be a stud. He was older than everybody else, but he still he could not have been thirty yet. 28 or 29 maybe. He had been working out a lot too, I could tell. He was all muscles. He was not as tall as the doorkeeper, but still taller than me. He had blond, short hair. He was not wearing any shirt, so we definitely could admire his muscles. He told us his name was Brad, and wanted to know what he could get for us. We all ordered a beer.

Rick and Tony went over to the pool table, to play. I noticed that the bartender had his eyes glued to their asses. We were all wearing tight jeans, and I had to admit that Rick and Tony both had nice asses. The bartender gave the hot doorguy a nod, and the doorguy went over to the pool table as well, watching the game for a little while. His jeans were so tight on him, and his big bulge seemed bigger now than it did when we arrived.

The other two guests in the bar all of a sudden showed some interest too. They also moved over to the pool table, but by the looks of their eyes they were not interested in the game. I decided to walk over as well. Only the bartender was still on his post.

One of the guests looked at me and smiled.

"I'm Johnny," he said. "And this is Steve," he continued and nodded towards his friend.

"Hi, I'm Erik," I replied, "and that's my brother Rick, and our friend Tony."

The muscular doorguy presented himself as Shawn.

Brad, the bartender arrived with more beer for all of us. Then Shawn put a hand on Tony's butt and squeezed it hard, so Tony sounded out a loud moan. "Nice and firm," Shawn said.

Tony was about to open his belt and pull his pants down, but Shawn was quicker and already had his hands there. He pressed his crotch against Tony's ass while opening his pants. With his hands inside, he made Tony's pants fall to the floor, before lifted Tony up on the pool table, then opened his own pants.

Brad did the same thing to Rick, and then Johnny and Steve had their hands all over me. I quickly was undressed too, and my face was pushed down on the pool table. I noticed there were cum stains on the table, so I was sure we were not the first ones to have sex on that table.

"Show us your little cunt," Johnny whispered in my ear, spreading my asscheeks. I noticed how big Brad and Shawn's cocks were, and when I turned my head, seeing Johnny and Steve taking their jeans off, theirs were also at least twelve inches.

"Now I'll be entering your cute little asshole," Johnny said, leaning down slightly and pushing his tongue into my ear.

"Yeah, let me have it," I replied, looking at his fully bared mancock. Johnny probably knew that I was a cock addict, and that he would be able to get me to do anything he well wanted with his giant cock as bait. Each of his balls was the size of a lemon, and he had the biggest piss-slit I had ever seen. It was more than an inch long, gaping open, with delicate little lips.

Steve had stretched my anus wide open, completely exposed my fucklips. He bent down and tongued my asshole, felt it open easily and suck in his tongue. He pulled away, placed two fingers at my anal opening, drove them in to the knuckles. I groaned and shoved my butt back at his hand.

I looked up, glanced at Rick and Tony, who were being given the same treatment. Johnny had a small bottle of poppers in his hand. He cracked open the little bottle, leaned down and held it to my nostril. I took a huge whiff without hesitation, and then he gave Steve a whiff, and then one himself. Steve pulled his fingers out, and I became more animated when I sucked in another big one of the bottle, groaned, wiggled my hips and thrust them back at Johnny's cock.

The poppers and the sight of Johnny's thick pole in my rectum had taken me completely. I was completely lost to the sex. While I was being fucked, Johnny reached under my body and pinched my nipples hard. He fucked me hard.

Steve put his cock in front of my face. I opened up my mouth, and he shoved it down my throat. Being drugged I never even thought of being gagged. I couldn't see Rick or Tony, but I heard their growling and moaning.

It didn't take long before I had the taste of cum in my mouth, and I also felt Johnny pushing his cock all the way to the bottom. I knew he was filling me up with his man juice. I felt Tony's hand grabbing onto mine across the table. He squeezed my hand hard as Shawn was fucking him like insane. He was moaning and growling loudly. Rick was also moaning and growling, as Brad was fucking him so hard the pool table was shaking. Pretty soon both of them were filled with cum.

Brad, Shawn, Johnny and Steve pulled up their pants, and went back to where they had been when we first came here. Brad picked up our clothes, and he told us if we were naked all night the drinks were on the house. We didn't have much choice, as he hid our clothes somewhere behind the counter.

Soon more people arrived. I noticed that everybody were so young, and I asked someone about it. He could tell me it was because nobody over thirty were let in. The club was actually illegal because they served people under 21,which I was happy about. By the way, they guy's name was Jimmy, a cute, intelligent looking guy of 22 years old. He had dark skin, or tanned, and had black shoulder length hair.

Serving people under 21was obviously not the only thing going on in this club. There sure was some action too. It didn't take long before Jimmy opened his zipper and pulled out his cock. He asked me what I thought of it, but he already knew I was addicted to it.

He told me to bend over the stool, and as he placed himself behind me, he entered me and started fucking me. The guy on the other stool right next to me, let his uncut cock out as well, and I had to suck on it. It was pretty hot in the club, and I was drenched in sweat.

Jimmy kept saying "Ooh, your ass is sooo nice," and "Your ass is perfect," while his cock was slowly going in and out.

The blond curly headed guy with the uncut cock in front of me suddenly screamed out "Awwgh, I'm cumming," and his cock began to erupt into my mouth. Pulse after pulse of hot, sweet cum filled my mouth and slipped from the corners to drip down my chin. I swallowed as much as I could. As I had licked his cock clean, he thanked me and walked away.

Jimmy was still behind me. Each time he drove his cock in, the stool scooted a few inches. I felt him speed up, and his cock swelled in my ass. He pumped his warm cum into my hole and then pulled out. Precum drizzled from my cock and nothing had touched it.

I started moving towards the bath room, as I needed to take a piss. Then I discovered there was a dark hallway to the right past the bathroom. I thought this had to be a darkroom. I'd hears about darkrooms, but had never seen one. Out of curiosity I forgot to go to the bathroom, and continued into the dark.

It was completely dark, and I almost stumbled over three guys involved in hot action. One guy was on his back with another one fucking his ass, while the third one had his cock rammed down his throat.

I continued into the dark. It was like being in a cave. There was absolutely no light at all. I became aware of more familiar sounds. The sound of cocksucking and assfucking, punctuated by moans and sudden intakes of breath.

I put out my hand to locate the wall so I could find my way around, and after a few steps my hand touched a guy in denim. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him. His hands squeezed my asscheeks, and he whispered "Ooooh, nice and firm. Just what my big cock desires." He let out his cock, which surely was a monster cock. It had to be twelve inches, at least.

I put my arms around his body and felt his young smooth skin. We kissed. He had big sensual lips, and by feeling his hair, I figured he was black. I had always dreamt of being taken by a black muscle guy.

Then another one showed up in the dark. Now two black guys were kissing me and licking my ears. I slid my hand down to the second one's crotch, and came in contact with another monster cock.

The first one turned me around, and began to kiss my neck while he grinded his cock against the crack of my ass. The words "fuck me, please" passed my lips, and I heard him laugh a little. Like he had other plans... Yeah, right.

He ran his cock up and down my crack a few times, the precum pouring out of his piss-slit, being the only lubricant when he centered the head of his cock on my asshole, and began to push against the resistance of my tight asshole. He grabbed my hips and increased the pressure against my resisting sphincter and finally, the head of his cock popped inside my hot, clinging dampness of my ass. His whole cock filled me, and I could feel his cock hairs come in contact with my shaved ass cheeks. Then he pulled it out just to the ring beneath the head, and then he pushed it back in. I moaned loudly.

He began to increase the pace. My ass tightened on his cock, and the first wave of his cum shot from the end of his cock, and into my ass. He held my body tightly against mine as the waves of pleasure swept though him.

As soon as he pulled out, the second one grabbed my ass and pushed his cock inside me. He pinched my nipples as he was fucking me. I could feel his big balls slapping against my thighs. He slid his hands up to his shoulders and continued to slam his cock into my ass. Soon I noticed he couldn't hold back any longer, and he exploded from the end of his cock into my ass. He continued fucking me as wave after wave of cum filled my body. Then he pulled himself out, patted my ass disappeared in the dark.

Now I really had to take a piss. I felt my way back through the dark. My hands touched naked bodies, and hands were touching me, but I finally found my way out and the bathroom. I entered.

As I went over to the urinals, a young guy, about 20, with short black hair, took the place beside me, even though the room was almost empty. He was smiling at me. I looked down and saw his big hard cock. he leaned over to me and smiled again.

"I need your piss," he whispered in my ear. That turned me on. Ever since I saw Rick and Tony pissing last weekend, I'd been dreaming of this, but hadn't dared telling my brother and his friend.

He positioned himself in front of me, took hold of my cock that was about to burst, looked up at me and nodded. "C'mon. Do it!"

I released a mighty stream onto his crotch. "Oh yeah," he groaned. A big wet spot in front of his jeans. He unbuttoned them, ripped off his t-shirt, and I sprayed all over his chest. He began beating himself off, and I aimed my piss onto his cock. Then he went down on his knees and positioned my cock in front of his open mouth, swallowing the last drops.

"Shit, that was hot!" he said, standing up again. My cock was rock hard. I licked the piss off of his chest, and began sucking his nipples. We were both too far into what we were doing, and never heard the door open.

Then my partner discovered him. It was Tony. He watched us for a moment. "There's room for one more," my partner finally said. "Why don't you come and join us." Tony didn't need much time to consider. He aimed his dick at our new friend and started pissing all over his face, chest and crotch.

I started kissing Tony. We went down on the floor and started sucking each other off in a 69 position. The black haired guy spread his legs and stood over us, aimed his cock at us and sprayed his piss allover us. That was too much for me and Tony, and we exploded in each others' mouths. This also was too much for our friend, who came allover us. Soaked in cum and piss we went back to the bar.

People smiled at us. A hot sexy blond guy took my hand. He had one of the prettiest smiles I had ever seen. In his other hand he was holding a glass of beer. He took off his t-shirt and poured some of the beer on his chest. I started licking it off him. He then dumped the rest of the beer over my head, and we started having sex in the bar. What I didn't notice was that everybody in the bar, there had to be about a hundred of them now, formed a circle around us, and they all took their cocks out and started masturbating. While this hot stud was fucking my ass, one by one came forward and shot their loads of cum in our faces. In the end I was so full of cum that not even my brother recognized me. The stud came inside my ass, and while we were kissing, guys were still shooting their loads in our faces.

We stayed there the whole night, and when we went back to the motel in the morning, we were glad it was just a cheap motel and not a hotel with a front desk. Our clothes were stained with sperm, and our hair, especially mine, were soaked with the stuff. Besides, we were smelling like sperm, and there would be no doubt what we'd been doing. We took a shower together, then fell asleep right away when we lied down on our beds.

Chapter 3: The weekend in San Francisco - the 2nd night

Sometime in the afternoon we woke up. Neither one of us really cared about what time it was. We were hungry, so we ordered a pizza. About twenty minutes later the delivery boy knocked on the door and Rick opened, forgetting he was still naked. The pizza delivery boy got a weird look in his face, and Rick realized he had forgot to cover himself. Afraid that someone else outside would discover it, he asked the delivery boy to come inside and shut the door. At first he had his doubts. Well, who wouldn't, seeing three naked guys in the room? But he finally stepped inside and shut the door behind him.

He was a very cute guy, maybe 17-18 and had short, dark brown hair. >From his body I would guess he was working out. He seemed a little unsecure while he was standing there waiting for Rick to find the money. Was it because he was straight, and naked guys made him uncomfortable? Or was it because he was gay, and afraid that we would notice he had a big boner. He sure did have a big bulge in his pants. I said "Rick, you better prepare a big tip for this guy, because he's horny as hell."

The delivery boy seemed to panic and was ready to turn around and run off. But Tony blocked the door and put his arms around him.

"No, please don't. I have never done this before. P-p-please..." the boy stuttered.

Tony calmed him down. "Now, take it easy. We wouldn't do anything to hurt you." He kissed him on his cheek. "Why don't we start with names? I'm Tony, and this is Rick and Erik."

Still nervous, the delivery boy said his name was Frank.

Tony started kissing him. At first Frank was afraid of returning the kisses, never having kissed another boy before, but he soon gave in. When Tony tried to unbuckle his belt, Frank started protesting again, but Tony was stronger, and soon his tight blue 501's dropped to the floor. Frank was wearing jocks. The fabric in front covered a big bulge, that proved he was turned on by the whole situation, and his bubble butt was smooth and nice, just waiting for a manrod to fuck his hole.

As he was still a virgin, Rick bent forward in front of him, and wanted Frank to fuck him, so Frank wouldn't be scared of us trying to bang his ass. It didn't take many seconds before Frank dropped his jocks to the floor and stepped forward, so his big cock could touch Rick's hot ass.

The unexperienced guy came about the same second he entered Rick's hole. He felt ashamed of himself, and wanted to pull out and run, but Tony held him tight, and Frank's cock stayed inside Rick. Soon Frank's cock grew hard again. Frank started fucking Rick, and I kissed them both. Tony was rimming Frank's ass, and he was moaning loudly. Frank was so excited that he didn't notice that Tony was trying to enter him with his cock, not until he felt the pain when Tony tried to break into his back door. But Tony did it quick, and Frank only let out a long "Aaaaahhhh!" which could have been a scream, but it could also have been a moan of surprise. It obviously didn't seem painful anymore, as Tony was inside him, and started fucking him slowly. I started fucking my brother right next to them.

"Feels good?" Tony asked Frank.

"Yessss!" Frank answered in a striking voice. He leaned over the table with pizza on it. He was pushing towards Tony, and Tony was fucking him deeper.

"You like having a dick in your ass?" Tony asked.

"Yesss, yesss!" Frank moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" After a few minutes Tony couldn't hold back any longer, and he came inside him. The same moment Frank started shooting too, spraying his semen all over the pizza he had brought us just a few minutes earlier. This worried Frank for a moment, but then Rick took a slice and started eating it. He calmed down and actually got turned on by it. I pulled my cock out of my brother's ass, and started cumming on the pizza as well.

Frank started cleaning himself, as he had to get back to work. Rick handed him the money for the pizza, plus a fifty dollar tip. I gave him our phone number and told him to give us a call whenever he came to L.A. He had a big grin on his face, said "Sure!" and by the looks on his face when he left, he was probably planning his trip to L.A. already.

The three of us sat down and ate the pizza. It was the best pizza we'd ever eaten.

* * * * *

After we'd eaten, we were talking about what we were gonna do that night. Tony wanted to find store that was selling sex toys. He was hooked on sex toys. Rick and I didn't have much, so we decided to come with. We checked out San Francisco gay guide, found one, and drove over there.

From the outside it didn't look very big, but as soon as we got inside it turned out to have everything that we'd been dreaming about. Rick and I started looking through the gay mags and videos, while Tony was checking out the toys. He found a dildo with a pump. The dildo could be pumped up and make it grow bigger while inside you. Tony had to have it. He also bought handcuffs and an enlargement pump. Rick bought some more magazines and videos. I found a piss video that I bought, plus a vibrator.

When we were ready to leave, I discovered that there were guys coming in, paid, and walked further into the store, down a dark hallway. I wanted to find out what that was, and asked. The store owner said it was a movie theater. Tony took our stuff out in the car, and we decided to checkout the theater. We paid and went in.

There turned out to be several rooms, all showing gay porn. I went into one of the rooms, where they were showing a gang bang movie. Tony and Rick went to a different room. Just inside I noticed there was a group of young latinos watching. They all turned towards me, staring at me. I was wearing one of my tightest jeans, so my bubble butt and bulge in front were really showing. When I saw how hot the latinos were, my bulge grew even bigger, and they noticed. There were 10-12 of them, and all about 18-20 years old, and they had just arrived too.

One of them came forward and looked into my eyes. Darn, did I adore his looks. He rubbed his hand on my ass, and whispered "You want us to fuck you, don't you, amigo?" He didn't wait for my answer, just unbuckled my belt, and pulled my jeans down.

Facing the screen where a black guy was fucking a college guy, I felt a finger lubricating my ass, and soon a fairly big cock entered my ass and started fucking me. The other ones had opened their pants as well, and were pulling on their cocks. I was moaning loudly, the others smiling satisfied, knowing that I loved it, and that their turns would be coming soon.

The first one seemed to take his time, fucking me slowly, wanting to enjoy it and make it last. When he finally came, he came in big spurts and filled me up good. When he pulled himself out, he stepped in front of me and wanted me to lick him clean. At the same time the next one entered my ass. The first guy came again, and covered my tongue and face with cum. I sucked him dry, while my ass was being filled with more cum. The gang didn't want to waste any time, and as soon as one pulled out of my ass, the next one was ready to enter me. I heard voices saying that my ass was such a good fuck, so hard and tight. I loved hearing it, and I sprayed the floor with my own sperm, several times, without even touching my cock. It seemed so fast, but it must have been at least an hour before everybody had emptied themselves inside me. A new movie had started.

The first guy who had fucked me, his name was Juan, came over to me again and kissed me, saying I was the hottest thing he'd ever fucked. I could have taken him with me home. That's how hot he was. I almost felt sad when he left. Later I would notice that he had left a photo in my pocket, with his phone number on back of it.

I went into the bathroom to take a quick leak when I noticed this other hot guy standing at one of the urinals. He looked to be about my age, had blond hair and was a little more muscular than me. As I entered he turned from the urinal and was stroking his cock. It looked huge in his hand, and I thought it had to be twelve inches long and very thick.

All I could think to say was "That's a nice one." He looked at me and motioned for me to come over to him. He put his arms around me and started kissing me. I went down on my knees. I had his giant dick in front of my face. I reached out with my tongue and gently teased the opening before I let his giant monster into my mouth. He was really big and thick, but I managed to get several inches of him in my mouth, and I began sucking him as I stroked him. His moans made me feel good about the job I was doing. Then he stopped me, and he pulled it out of me.

Even though he had not cum, he figured that it was my turn. He started sucking me and giving me the best blowjob that I had ever had. I swear he sucked me all the way to the base of my cock. He was definitely experienced and I enjoyed his talents. After a few minutes he had me on the verge of orgasm. He took me all the way in his mouth and swallowed every drop of my cum, and continued to suck me until I was completely drained and my cock became soft in his mouth.

Then he turned me around. Before I knew what was happening he had positioned himself between my legs with both of my legs on his shoulders, on the floor, in a perfect position to fuck me. He grabbed both of my legs and pushed them up to my chest and began to rub his hard cock against my asshole. Out of his coat pocket he grabbed a bottle of lubrication, lubricated his cock stroking it four or five times. Then he did the same thing to my asshole. With two fingers inside me he lubed my asshole. It felt good with his fingers sliding in and out of my ass. Before I realized that he had pulled his fingers out, he was back with his monster cock, rubbing the head against my eager asshole.

He eased the head inside. It hurt for a moment, so he just stood still for a second as my body adjusted. Then he slid a little more inside of me and pulled back out. He started a steady in and out motion going deeper in my hole each time, until he was buried to the hilt. He started pumping in and out. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster. After about five minutes of hard stroking he came inside me with his dick buried all the way. We were lying like that on the floor for a while, knowing that someone could enter the bathroom any second. In the end he gave me a kiss, pulled himself out of me, buttoned his pants and left.

I heard noises from one of the booths, and went into the next booth. I looked through a gloryhole and saw two naked guys making out. The look of lust on the one's face was mesmerizing as he nursed his partner's shaft. I was filled with cocklust again. I heard something and turned to see a nice cock coming through the gloryhole on the opposite wall. I turned my attention to it and attacked it like the starved guy I was. In my raging cocklust I brought my man to a powerful orgasm quickly. His moans of pleasure thrilled. I milked him dry and as I finished him off I felt the booth door open. I turned to see a tall guy smiling at me. His pants went to his ankles and a large ten inch cock was suddenly in my face. He said "Suck me off, cocksucker." Like drawn to a magnet I enveloped his cock. He slammed my face fucking it like a pussy.

He talked nasty to me, calling me a cocksucker and I was surprised that his vulgarity only turned me on even more. Soon he filled my eager mouth with cum and I loved it. While still on my knees cleaning off his cock he opened the door calling a friend. He said "Get your ass in here. I've got a horny cocksucker who needs more dick."

His friend entered and I soon was sucking another hard cock with my previous cockman encouraging me on. Enjoying his manly taste, eagerly slurping his precum that wet my imagination for what came next. I felt the first blast of cum hit my tongue. The second blast filled my mouth and I gagged to swallow it all. I sucked slowly. Draining every drop of cum as his cock became limp. I sucked as long as he let me savoring every drop of man juice and every moan and groan of his pleasure. Then I kissed the head, and the two left.

I noticed a new guy in the booth right next to mine, and I heard a voice say "Put your dick through the hole." I stood up and stuck my cock through the hole in the wall. A few seconds later I felt a warm mouth close around the head. I pumped my hips forward and back and rocked my cock down this stranger's throat. I felt the cum building in my balls and I knew that I would soon be shooting my load. I hoped that he would swallow my load. I bucked my hips forward as my orgasm hit and the cum erupted out of my cock. He did not miss a beat. The warm mouth sucked hard to finish the load. I sat back and breathed heavily after my orgasm.

* * * * *

I was so exhausted. I must have fallen asleep in the bathroom. Anyway, I don't know how I got back to our car. I was so sore all over, my ass, my cock. And I was asleep most of the drive back to L.A. But this had been my best weekend ever. I was no so addicted to gay sex, as soon as I felt okay again, I started hustling downtown L.A. I didn't need the money, but I surely needed the cocks. As I came of age I started frequenting the L.A. gay clubs, sometimes with Rick and Tony, sometimes with Frank who had now moved in with me, and sometimes with other new gay friends of mine. Then I started starring in gay X-rated movies. I just couldn't have enough of it. Sex was my life, at home and at work. And it paid pretty well.