But Anton ignored the laughing and clapping clubgoers, grabbed me by the hand, and led me into a corner. We started where we left off, our hands frantically feeling every part of each other. I reached under his t-shirt and felt his abs, perfectly defined, leading up to his chest, which was broad and lean, like most Russian guys. I ran my fingers over his nipple and he shuddered, doing the same to me. We couldn't get enough of each other.

I wondered how far we could take it at this club. The place was packed and there was nothing you could really call "privacy" anywhere. I wondered where I was going to sleep. It was 3am and public transport had long since stopped running, I had no way of making the hour trip back to the university campus where I was living. Anton, almost reading my mind, staring looking for his housemate. "I don't have keys", he explained, "or money for a taxi ride home." It's not my policy to offer money to guys in clubs, but I would've given him a thousand bucks if that's how much it cost. We started looking for Misha in the huge club, which was beginning to thin out of people, and had no luck. Anton asked his friends, who said that his supposedly gay housemate was screwing some chick in the toilets. By the way, if any of you guys ever come to Russia and want to pick up, that's gotta be the place to go.

We bought a beer and ran into Misha, who had lost his shirt somewhere and looked off his face. Satisfied that he could still get home, Anton's favourite song started again and he led me back to the dancefloor. We danced slow and close, pressed against each other so hard we could hardly move. Anton reached his hand under my shirt and slowly caressed my abs with his finger. He moved downwards and slid his finger under my boxer shorts, feeling its way through the hair, stroking the base of my hard cock in little circles. I felt like I was about to explode and quietly returned the favour. He sighed and his beautiful eyes glazed over. Again, it felt like among those seething bodies, that loud Russian pop, the DJ in his tiny room... it felt like we were the only guys in the world.

We sat down again and he shivered, said he was cold, and put his head in my lap. I gave him my top and ran my fingers through his hair, silently thanking God or whoever put me in that club that night. We were kissing again when my crew of friends came up, announcing they were about to leave. I had no idea what I was going to do, but Anton was holding my hand so hard that I couldn't get up, not that I would have, even if a thousand bulls had been galloping along the dancefloor, headed right for us.

Anton decided he should go too, and told me so, but didn't say I could come with him. "To hell with it", I thought, "I ain't going to wait to be invited", and I put on my coat and scarf. We headed up the stairs hand in hand, with his housemate and some other chick following us. The moment we got out he dropped his hand away, even though there was nobody on the street. You have to be careful here. We walked towards the taxis on the main road, and he said "well, we are going home now, what will you do?". I said, "may I stay at your place?". He said, "no, you may not", and looked distressed. Not as distressed as me, though, and he saw my face fell. I felt like I was going to disappear into the snow.

"Not, may," he said, swearing at his English. "How do you say it... you may not stay with me... you HAVE to stay with me." Then he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me, in full view of the passing traffic, and nobody on Earth was feeling as good as me, at that moment, 3:51am on Saturday in Russia.

The taxi took us back to his place and we sat down for tea. He introduced me to his only straight housemate, Kofa, a beautiful blonde 25 year old nurse in the city. I was beginning to realize that Anton smoked about once every five minutes, way more than me, but I lit up too, because I wanted to do exactly what he was doing.

We sat on the bench in the tiny kitchen, an old Soviet TV playing MTV on top of the fridge. The others were talking about us in Russian, but we were ignoring them. Anton was whispering in my ear in rapid Russian.

"You're amazing, my beautiful boy from the club...I'm so happy I found you... my sexy guy... and so big, too...and you have no idea what I'm saying". I did, I actually understood everything, and told him so (hey, I was still drunk), and he blushed all over and squinted his eyes. He downed his tea, butted out his cigarette, and pulled me into the one bedroom in the apartment. He pushed me onto the bed and pinned me down. Then he said "stay there, I've gotta get something", and left the room. "Finally", I thought, "a Russian guy who actually practices safe sex". When he brought in some photos, though, my gutter mind failed yet again. We lay on the bed and he showed me his family, his friends, his home town, and his old teachers. There was something strange about some of the pictures at night, and he explained to me that he lived so far north that in summer, it hardly gets dark at night, and in winter they don't see the sun. Where I come from it's always sunny, and I just couldn't imagine this. It was still Russia but it seemed like another world.

We finished the photos and I rolled on to him. We kissed for an eternity, and he took off my jeans with his feet. He rolled my shirt up to my neck and moved his lips down my body, slowly breathing as he went. I shivered all over. He took my boxer shorts in his teeth and wrenched them down, then spent a moment looking me over, a slight smile on his face. "Close your eyes", he said, and they hadn't been closed for more than a second before he plunged down on my cock, slowly taking in more and more of its 7.5 inches until he had almost the whole thing. Normally when a guy's sucking me off I try to at least touch them in some way, but my whole body was focused on the waves of pleasure that were starting in my cock and radiating through me. He stopped sucking and licked slowly up the each side, gently caressing my balls as he went. He moved his tongue up the centre, and I stared at his blonde hair, wondering if life could get much better. He flickered his tongue around my cock head, encircling it in rapid rings. I felt myself tense, suddenly about to cum, and pulled him off. I threw him down on the bed and tore off his clothes.

I waited before taking off his briefs, staring at the bulge his cock made through them. I mean, Russian guys are known for their size, and I've got with some pretty big guys in my time, but this would be a record. His cock was pointing straight at his stomach, straining for release, and the briefs couldn't even keep it inside them " I could see its head throbbing at the elastic bit. I slowly took them off and moved my face up to his tiny brown nipples, sucking them and running my teeth across them.

I moved my hand down and reached my hand around his enormous cock. Mine is big and thick, but his was bigger and thicker. I'm not a slut, but I've been with enough guys, and I  had never seen anything like this. My hand could hardly reach around its with. I had instinctively begun to stroke it, slowly, up and down, and he was shivering with every stroke. He grabbed my own cock and his lips closed on mine. We crammed our tongues into each others mouths, kissing strongly, violently. We were jerking each other off so hard that we were gasping for breath between kisses. I thought he'd come when I felt a splash on my stomach, but it was just precum, pulsing out of him. I plunged down and licked it off, and he tensed, ready to come.

I'm normally a top and I was wondering when I'd get the opportunity to ride this amazing guy. It wasn't going to be tonight.  He pulled me off and squeezed his enormous cock, covering the whole top half of it with slick precum, and roughly lifted my legs over his shoulders. He felt for my bud and moved himself into position. I felt his head pressing against me and he just plunged into me in one fierce thrust. I thought vaguely that he didn't have a condom but I was just too far gone as he slammed into me, each thrust harder than the last.

Every so often he would pull out all the way, stare into my eyes and thrust in again. Every movement we made was connected with each other; every thrust he made, I matched. He moved his hips around as he was all the way in and I could feel him deep inside me, circling my prostate. All I could think about was his cock, as my body tensed to come. He had my arms pinned down and I couldn't jerk off, but I was sure as hell gonna come anyway. I felt waves of ecstasy ripple through my body and my ass tightened around his amazing cock. I saw his whole body tense up, too and he looked like a Greek statue, with all sweat and muscles and beauty. My ass was so tight that he could hardly move in and out as I shot my load. He plunged deep and moaned, and I could feel his hot seed inside me. It felt like we were both shooting for 30 seconds or more, and I felt my cum all over my neck and the bedhead behind me. He licked a bit of it off and gave me a long, lingering kiss as he pulled out of me.

We cleaned each other up with our clubbing clothes, and as I was putting my shirt back on, I accidentally slammed my hand into the tacky chandelier-like light fitting (I told you I was tall), smashing half of it away. It made a really fucking loud shattering noise and glass went everywhere, all over the bed. Miraculously I only had a little bit of glass in my hand and pulled it out, no problems, but it sure as hell made his housemates wonder what we'd been doing in there. Sex being over, I thought it was probably a pretty good time to get his number, but he said his phone wasn't working " he had left his charger in a small city two weeks ago when he'd been there, and could only send and receive SMS. I wanted the number anyway, but he didn't give it to me, and I dropped it as we sank into bed together, our tight bodies close together.

I still remember the way he slept. Every so often he would jerk so violently that I thought he must be awake, but I guess he was having bad dreams. I was so tired, and by this time it was nearly 7am and I could see the grey of dawn outside, but it took me ages to sleep. It took me ages because I knew that something very special had happened. Of all the guys, all the boyfriends, I'd never really felt this before. And I knew it wasn't lust, a crush, or anything else like that. I was in love.