A Few Words From Our Author:

Hi! After enjoying stories for the past year or so here in Nifty, I thought it was only fair that I give a little back. Even though I have written a great deal over my lifetime, this is the first real story that has ever been shared with others. I never have attempted to write an erotic story before, so please forgive me.

Just to warn you in advance… there will be no sexual events happening right away. This is a story of a developing romance that will definitely include sex, but just as in real life it takes time for it to happen.

This story is a work of fiction. There are a couple of characters here that are based off of real people, but any names and such have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty. If you are underage, please don't proceed… you know the drill. Even though I would like to say the events in this story are true, I must admit that they are not. If you have any feedback on the story (positive or negative), please feel free to send them my way. My e-mail address is JustTheStud@hotmail.com.

And Now… Our Featured Presentation:


"Why me? Why does it always have to be me stuck with the early morning shift?" began Robert as he slowly rolled out of his bed.

After smacking the alarm into submission, he made his way to the mirror and stared at it. His short brown hair was a mess and his deep blue eyes seemed a little hazy but regardless, anyone who happened to have seen the reflection would have been impressed. Robert was 5'11" and weighed a little over 130 pounds. The countless hours he spent at the swimming pool helped him to keep his swimmers build.

The young college sophomore stretched and turned to head towards the bathroom. Today was his first day of classes again and he wanted himself to look his best. As he closed the door that connected his dorm room to the bathroom Robert slowly removed his boxers and climbed into the shower. He hissed as he turned on the shower realizing he forgot to let the water warm up. Even though he hated the cold water it did help to fully awaken him. Robert kept his eyes shut as the water ran down his tanned body. As he washed himself, he could not help but think of how he hoped this year would turn out. One area that kept returning to his mind was the hope of meeting someone and falling in love. This is one area that concerned most all college students, but Robert felt he had a reason to be especially worried. Ever since he started high school he felt he was attracted to guys than girls. It was something he could not explain even though he had several female friends that had on more than one occasion come onto him.

His mind drifted back to reality once again when he realized that he needed to start his day. Although his first class did not begin for another eight hours, Robert worked at two radio stations. One of them expected him there at 5:30 that morning to sign on. After finishing his shower and dressing himself, he made his way to the radio station.

"Fifty minutes of non-stop hit music… right here on Q104. Good morning, I'm Rob Michaels. Still to come we'll have music from…" Robert began after clearing his throat. One of the many things he had to do for the station was work on his vocal exercises. Radio DJs were expected to have their voices ready to go when they showed up to work because a DJs voice is just like a carpenter's tools. They have to be cared for, and used properly. As Robert arrived at the front of the station, he took out his keys and unlocked the door. He made his way to the on-air studio and prepared himself for his first break. Everything seemed to be going well as he watched the clock and the CD player beside him count down, until he turned on his microphone to talk. As the on-air light began to flash, a very loud buzz made its way over the airwaves. Robert paused for a second and then turned the mic off. Just as he did the buzzing stopped.

"Oh great!" the young man began as he tried to figure out what he we would do about the problem. "It looks like I will not be talking for a while until the Engineer gets here."

The rest of the morning went basically the same way. No matter what he did, something always seemed to want to malfunction or break. After finishing his shift, he let out a sigh of relief. He quickly left the station before his boss could start asking a million obvious questions. Once he arrived back home, he began looking over his schedule. His first class would be Swimming and it started in less than an hour. Robert could not help but smile; there was no better way for him to unwind than to swim several laps around the pool.

"If I am going to get there on time, I had best get my stuff together," he said aloud to himself as he began throwing a towel and a change of clothes into his duffel bag. Once he had the last of the things he wanted to take he walked out of the door and across campus to the swimming facilities. As he made his way inside, he nodded to the instructor.

"Welcome back Mr. Michaels. I am glad to see you brought your stuff. Those that did will be getting started today," said the instructor as she watched Robert make his way towards the men's locker room.

"Thanks Monica, today has been a real killer so I am looking forward to a few laps."

Robert turned and headed into the locker room. He set his bag on the bench beside him and began to change into his swimming trunks. As he did several other guys made their way into the room also and began to change. A smile crept upon Robert's lips as he began to notice the guys that entered the locker room were actually did not look too bad.

He shook his head after he finished changing into his trunks and entered the shower. All students were required to take a shower before entering the pool, so Robert turned the nozzle on and let the warm water message his back. He stood there several minutes just relaxing with his eyes closed. When he opened them, he could not help but to take a quick breath. Across the room was another guy standing under the shower just as he had been. Robert could not help but stare for a moment; fortunately he managed to regain control over his senses and made his way into the pool area.

All he could think about as he sat beside the pool was the guy he saw in the shower earlier. His long tanned legs, his very muscular and defined stomach, his short blond hair, and his piercing blue eyes. Even though Robert only saw his eyes for a few seconds, he found himself lost in them. As much as he tried, he could not take his mind off this mystery guy.