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Once again... this is a work of fiction.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty.  Sex does not happen quickly in this story, it will happen but it will happen at its own pace.  And finally if you are underage, you know you should not be here right now.  

And Now… Our Featured Presentation:

"Aright… I think most of us are here, and from what I can see most of you brought your stuff to dress out today. Great! Well, my name is Monica and I will be your instructor for the course. If you are enrolled in this class, I am assuming you have swimming experience and all know the basic swim strokes. If for some reason you do not, see me after class and I will get you in another class that will be more beneficial to you," Monica began as she grabbed her clipboard. "When I call your name, just say 'here' or something so I can start matching names and faces for those that I don't know".

Monica began going through her list, calling a name and looking up to see the face that responded to her. Robert kept looking around the room as well. He wanted to find out the name of the person he saw in the locker room earlier. Robert did not think it should be a difficult of a task to find his name out; there were only four other guys in his class. He could not help it, but is eyes gazed slowly back to this young man. There seemed to be a glow of confidence around him that made him stand out from all the others in the room.

"Christopher Matheny?" asked Monica as she glanced back up from her clipboard.

"Please call me Chris…" the young man with the angelic face responded.

"Chris… Chris… what a fitting name for such a handsome guy," Robert thought as he just stared at him.

"Robert Michaels?" Monica called as she looked directly at him. She waited a moment for him to respond but noticed that he seemed to be off in his own little world. "Earth to Robert… come in Robert!"

Suddenly realizing he had been put on the spot, Robert pulled his thoughts back together, meekly replying to show his presence. He watched Monica smile at him as she set her clipboard back down.

"OK class… since today is our first day, I am not going to push you too hard. You should already know basic swim and rescue techniques, but today is going to be a refresher course. I want you all to stretch out and then get in the water for a few warm up laps. After you are done, we will review rescue swimming and after that you can have the rest of class to do whatever you like."

Robert smiled and began his stretching exercises. He eyes found themselves wandering to where Chris was. After watching for a few minutes, he realized Chris was not stretching properly. Gathering what courage he could find in himself, he decided to go and make a formal introduction.

"Yanno if you turn your arm at a slightly different angle and pull it back the other way, you will have a much easier time with that stretch," Robert began as he started stretching next to Chris.

Chris turned to Robert for a second as he demonstrated what he said just a moment earlier. How Robert was doing it seemed to make a lot of sense. No wonder he always disliked stretching before swimming.

"Thanks man!" he replied while trying to duplicate what Robert had shown him. "Nice to meet ya. My name is Chris."

"Robert… nice to meet ya as well."

The two finished their stretches without saying another word. After Robert finished, he began doing his warm up laps. As he swam, all thoughts left his mind. This was the time Robert found to relax and totally unwind. There was nothing that could disturb him as he repeated the motions time and time again.

"Yo! Robert!" Monica yelled while watching the swimmers in the pool, "Slow down! This is not a race. You should be just warming up right now."

But Monica's efforts were to no avail. Robert could not have heard her if he wanted to. He was in a trance, moving his arms and legs without even thinking about it. After finishing eight laps around the pool, Robert returned back to near where Monica was standing. She just smiled at him realizing what swimming ment to him and remembering what he told her last year about his past.

The rest of the class went without incident. Robert helped demonstrate the rescue techniques while silently wishing he could be using Chris as an example. Thoughts kept popping in his mind that he would love to perform CPR or mouth-to-mouth on the cute guy.

Later that night Robert stood in his dorm room trying to decide how he should finish organizing his room. His roommate left an hour earlier to go drinking with some of his friends, so he was by himself. As he placed a stack of books on his desk, his mind once again returned to Chris. Robert could not understand why he had such feelings her him. Hell, he had said hardly a dozen words to him, but still he could not help himself. He sighed as he flopped down on his bed.

"There is no way a guy that cute could be gay. The girls just would not allow it," Robert said breathlessly. "Why do I have to feel this way about guys? It is so wrong to have feelings for someone of your own gender? WHY?!" he said aloud again, smacking his hands beside the bed.

Robert fell asleep while contemplating his dilemma. He did not even hear his roommate return from his night of drinking and partying at the local bar. But even in his sleep he could not avoid facing himself and how he felt.

"Hey there! How are ya class going?" Chris said as he sat his tray down on the table where Robert sat eating alone.

"Not too bad. I have Johnson for Speech class… man he is a major prick."

"I know what you mean. I was supposed to be in his class last semester but I transferred to another section after the first day. How in the world could the university keep such a jackass as part of its faculty?"

"Dunno… though I do think it has something to do with him being tenured. After so long they basically CAN'T fire you even when you do suck majorly. They can only hope you get sick and die or eventually retire."

"Have you taken Calc 1 yet? The professor gave us an assignment due Thursday, but I don't understand it too well," Chris asked as Robert finished the last of the food on his plate.

"Yeah… I had it. It was a piece of cake. I can help ya if you like."

"That would be great. Wanna come by my apartment? That way I can grab the book and get the papers he gave out with it."

"Sure," Robert replied. He smiled to himself. All he could picture is sitting next to Chris alone in his apartment, even if it was just for a tutoring session.

"Cool. Thanks! I appreciate it. My car is over in the lot next to the Union. We can stop by now if ya are not too busy."

"Nah… I am finished with my classes for now anyway. Lets go!"

Robert picked up his mess and deposited it in the nearest trash bin. He followed Chris out of the Union, thoroughly enjoying the view in front of him. After arriving at Chris' apartment, they headed into a second room. There were weights in one corner of the room, a nice stereo system, and on the other side a large desk with a chair on each side of it. Chris blushed slightly as Robert looked around the room obviously impressed.

"My parents took care of furnishing the apartment. They said they wanted me to have a good environment to study in."

"It's cool man," Robert replied as he turned his attention to the chair near him. "I really like it."

Chris took the other seat across from Robert and grabbed his book. They began working on the assignment together as Robert explained how Chris was expected to do it. As Robert continued to help Chris, he slowly stopped being conscience about sitting so close to the cute guy in front of him.

"That's it!" Robert exclaimed, "You got it now. See? I told ya it was not too hard."

"Wow… your right. If you look at it like you showed me, it is not hard at all! You're a genius!"

Robert blushed for a moment, soaking in the praise given to him by such a cute guy. The two just looked at each other for a moment. That moment seemed to be an eternity for Robert. Without even thinking about what he was doing, he slowly reached across the desk and kissed Chris on the cheek.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Chris yelled as he jumped back from the chair. "Get the hell out of here you little queer fag!"

Robert could not believe what he just did. He never had allowed himself to lose control of his emotions in such a way, and now Chris was pissed off at him. Robert got up and ran out of the room, tears streaming down his face. He did not even think to grab his bag that he left next to the front door as he raced out of the house. All he could think was Chris hated him now and that he was going to out him to the rest of the entire school.