Disclaimer: This story has a homosexual nature, if you don't want to read it then don't.

Chapter 7: Burn Until the End

God Damn! What the hell was taking him so long? I looked at my watch again. Hmm, I've been waiting for 23 minutes so far... I hated waiting for Terrance at the pool. After awhile the smell of chlorine just gets to me and I feel like loosing my lunch. Plus, I felt like the odd one out, the only person fully clothed in a sea of half naked people.

I leaned against the counter and pulled my cap visor over my brow. I looked down at my MP3 player in my palm, the heavily beating rock music echoing through my ears. It was blinking at me, "Come on Terrance, my battery's almost dead." I looked back up at the locker-room door. I was about to give up and just walk to my next class alone, when Terrance came walking out with his gym bag. His hair was still damp and he looked a little distorted. I hope he rinsed off in the shower, I was sick from inhaling chlorine for the past half hour.

"Mother Fucker! What took so long?" I said punching him firmly in the arm and then pulling the earphones from my head.

He looked at me funny, like he wasn't even paying attention to me.

"What? What happened?" I said as I picked up my skateboard and looked back at him.

He shook his head and looked back at the locker-room. I stared at him then fallowed his gaze.

With his head bowed he said, "Well, I think there's.... this umm... never mind."

He looked back up at me and pasted a smile back on his face. What was that all about? The locker-room? I may be a new addition to the 'club' but I didn't think that I was ready to know what gay guys did in the locker-rooms when no one was looking. I shrugged my shoulders at him as he just continued smiling.

We started walking and where soon outside. It felt good to finally breath in some fresh air. If Terrance could find another work out besides swimming, I'd be all for it. As we walked away form the pool I took a look around. Wow, for mid afternoon, campus sure was empty. I then heard Terrance clear his throat, breaking my train of thought.

He looked over at me, "So do you know any of Logan's friends?"

I looked at the sky then down at the concrete, "Well, just their names, he uhh... doesn't talk about then much."

He laughed on an exhale, "Well that's.... understandable I guess."

I looked back up at him, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure they're all jocks. And what would they think if they found out they're new quarterback was gay and that he had a skater punk for a boyfriend?"

I gave him the eye as I clenched my teeth at him. Did he even realize we were outside? Fucking anyone could eavesdrop. I took another look around.... nobody.

"Relax," he said, "you know I wouldn't say shit like that in front of everyone."

"Yeah," I said as I sighed in relief.

Terrance looked back at the sidewalk in front of us, "Well I just thought it was kinda weird that he knows all of your friends and you don't know any of his."

I laughed sarcastically, "Well, like you said, he's the football jock and I'm his skater boyfriend... God! We're freaks.... like the odd couple."

Terrance laughed along with me and commented, "Opposites attract I guess."

I smiled back at him. For Logan and I, 'opposites' was too weak of a word.

"Well if I ever did meet his friends... what would we talk about?"

I looked at Terrance who gave me a look that noted that he didn't have an answer.

"I just think that Logan thinks that me and his friends have nothing in common.... so why drag me into it?"

Terrance smiled back at me, "Yeah, maybe you don't have anything in common with his friends, but you and Logan sure talk like girlfriends."

I elbowed him and he continued, "Well... I could tell he was different from all the other fuckers that play sports for the University and the other sea of guys that drool over you .... he really does care about you, you know that?"

I looked back down at my feet as we slowly walked. I knew he cared about me. Hell, he said he loved me. But would that be strong enough to dull the pain of everyone's, including his friend's, opinion of us? I didn't like this feeling of uncertainty. I wanted Logan here with me, just to know that I wasn't in this alone, that he would at least tell me we'd be ok if everyone shunned us out.... I wasn't handling this very well.

Terrance looked back at me and smiled warmly.

"Well, I'm glad you're with Logan. He's a good guy. He'll probably do a better job of keeping you out of trouble than I do," Terrance said as he eyed me.

I quietly stroked my left forearm as he said it... hiding the scars even though he'd seen them a hundred times. I was glad he was happy for me... hell I was happy for myself. I could hardly remember a time when I was this happy... this in love. I hoped it didn't fall apart on me. One can only take so much failure before everything starts to crack. Ok Ethan, let's not dwell on the past.

I put a smile back on and looked at Terrance, "So....?"

"So what?" he said confused.

"Why all the questions about Logan's friends? You know any of them?"

"Well..., I was just askin'?"

"Ok," I said smiling at him.

"Well kicks, I guess I'll see ya after class?" he said as started to walk away towards his next class.

"Well, uh... I'm kinda gonna wait for Logan when he gets out."

Terrance laughed out loud, "Ok then, I'll see ya back at the apartment."

I nodded and walked the rest of the way to my next class. I guess I could ask Logan about his friends. I wonder what they'd think about us. I pondered that as I finally realized how slow I'd been walking. The campus finally seemed to be filling up with people. I was fishing my MP3 player out of my pocket when I was bummed from behind. Who the fuck?

I heard an apology, "Oh... dude I'm sorry."

A little annoyed I looked up at the guy. He stared at me as I realized he looked familiar. Hey, wasn't he on the football team? Blue eyes, brown hair.... one of Logan's friends. What the fuck was his name? Well who ever he was, he had wet hair and the faint smell of chlorine.... the pool.

I looked back down at the floor.

"It's ok," I said as I put my earphones on and turned up the volume.

It looked like he was about to say something as I gave him half a smiled and walked off into the crowed of people rushing to get somewhere. He was one of Logan's friends.... Adam? My chest began to fall into my stomach. I hope he didn't recognize me.

"So I'll see you after class?" I said into my cell phone as I strolled to chemistry lab smiling at the sidewalk.

"Yeah I'll wait outside for you," Ethan's voice said into my ear.

Listening to his voice reminded me that my mind was still blown from last night, and the night before, and the one before that since Saturday. Today was Wednesday, and considering Ethan and I had been together for less than a week, I think the sexual, as well as the emotional satisfaction, was awesome. It made me wonder how I survived without it before. We hadn't done anything different from the first night. But I guess me being the experienced partner, I wanted just a little bit more, knowing there were other things just as fun.

"Ok then, miss you," I said as softly as I could without whispering.

"Uhh.... miss you too," he answered.



I heard Ethan's cell phone beep as he hung up. I stood in front of the chem lab building and looked at my new cell phone, small and shinny. My dad had sent it to me in the mail. I would guess as a late graduation present. But late or not, it still felt good that he remembered me. I hadn't seen him in over 3 years. I think that he'd be different from what I remembered. I know that I've changed since then too. But I wonder what he'd say about me now? What would he say about Ethan? I continued to look at the cell phone in my palm. I was happy, and if that didn't make him happy then....? then.... well I dunno.

I slipped the phone back into my pants pocket. And I guess for the first time I let the thought sink in that maybe being with Ethan was going to have some consequences. I bit my lip, took a deep breath and I realized,... I didn't care. I didn't care what everyone else thought of me. That was their problem, not mine. But I did care about what they thought of Ethan. I know that he worries, and I know he's a little frightened of what other people think about him or us or even me. I just wish he wouldn't take it out so hard on himself. I know its probably just male bravado that keeps him from asking me or anyone else for help. I love him. He knows I love him. It's probably true that love cures all ailments, maybe not all at once and maybe not as fast as you want it to, but it sure is worth the wait.

I threw open the door to the lab as I scanned the room looking for Dave. I don't know what it was about him, but he always had the best advice. Maybe because he was in a gay relationship and he was just telling me from experience. And me being new to whole 'having a boyfriend', I needed all the advice I could get.

I continued looking as I finally spotted Dave hunched over the lab table in the corner writing away in his notebook.

"Hey Dave."

He looked up and smiled as I approached.

"What up Logan?" he said as I pulled up a seat and dropped my bag from my shoulder onto the floor.

"So what's been goin' on?" he asked as he smirked at me.


I looked at him, squinting my right eye.

"You can't stop smiling," he said turning his chair into me.

"Well... uhh..." I laughed as I tried to answer.

Dave looked at me square in the eyes, "It's that Ethan guy isn't it?"

I could feel the rush of blood to my face as I was dead sure I turned bright red.

"Uh, yeah," I said under my breath but still loud enough for him to hear. He grinned like he was about to laugh.

"So you two are....?"

He was about to gesture something when I finished his sentence.


"Yeah," he said, dropping his hands

I nodded. He broke out laughing.

"I told you. Aren't you glad you fallowed my advice?"

I nodded again and smiled.

He leaned back in his stool and said, "So how's it going for you two?"

I looked down at my knees, "Well, he's new to this and there are a lot of things I wanna do with him but... I think it scares him."

His face went puzzled as he asked, "In front of other people or..... sex?" his voice going small.

I let out a sight and continued to stare away, "Both, I mean, even I'm not used to doing things in front of other people with him..... But, he makes me feel..."

I looked up at him with a weak smile.

"Like I own the world, like other people can go to hell along with their opinions.... but, for both of us that's gonna take some time to get used to."

Dave frowned and nodded, "and.....?"

I looked back down, "The sex?.... well, let's just say that it's not just an ordinary sized gun I'm carrying around...."

I remembered the stunned look in Ethan's eyes the night he saw my cock. I remembered the knife like feeling as I felt it gently tearing at my heart.

".... I see it in his eyes sometimes, the fear. I... I don't want to hurt him, but how else am I gonna show him that I love him?"

I blinked at him and I felt the corner of eyes begin to dampen right there in the Chem lab. Great kind of man in turning out to be. Dave's hand came around and patted me on the back.

"Don't worry Logan."

I looked up at him.

"He's new to this, that's the risk and the wait both you and him took. But from what I understand, he loves you just as much, right?"

I nodded.

He continued, "Well in that case.... are you ready to let him do to you what you want to do to him?"

That struck me as I thought about it. He was right. I do love him enough to let him. We were equals. There was no dominant role to play, no one destined to fall into a stereotype. Whatever we did, we did it equally. I smiled up at Dave.

"Yeah, I guess I am ready."

"Good," he said, "I really don't know what to tell you. I've never been in that sort of situation. But I've learned that if you love each other no matter what,... things seem to work out."

I smiled back at him, "Thanks Dave, it means a lot to me that I can just dump my problems out on you."

He let out a hardy laugh, "nah, no problem. You know if you need to talk, I'm here for ya."

He smiled widely as I smiled back. Class started and I finally seemed able to concentrate, the whole time feeling the low burn in my chest. I loved him. And for Ethan I felt ready to do anything.

I watched everyone pass by as I leaned against the wall outside of Logan's Chem lab class, my backpack and skateboard thrown at my feet as I kicked at the carpet. Waiting again... well at least this time it wasn't the pool. I pulled my cap down farther over my face and folded my arms. I noticed a few people's lingering glances at me as they passed by. I guess it was that sub-conscious feeling you get when you think that someone knows something about you when in reality they don't. I guess all my anxiety was now on people figuring me out instead of just being stared at and judged.

The people continued to pass by as I looked down at my shoes and remembered that first night that everything seemed to fall into place, me standing in front of Logan in the middle of the apartment living room and oddly enough, staring down at my shoes. I remembered how scared I was, and then I remembered Logan's face. I guess I learned a lot about him that night and realized a lot about myself also.

I smiled coyly to myself as I then thought about him tonight in my bed. I also thought about what we'd been doing lately and well... handjobs were nice, but I felt like turning it up a bit. I mean, gay sex definitely went beyond handjobs, I wasn't dense. I kinda let my smile fade as I thought, 'would it be ok with Logan?' I mean, he was my boyfriend, not my girlfriend, and it didn't feel right making decisions without him.

Just then the doors to my left swung open and students began to pour into the hall. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as I kept a look out for Logan. Practically the last one out, he was fallowed by another guy; jet black hair, definitely older but not by much, and definitely doing something to keep in shape. This must be Dave, Logan's lab partner that he somewhat mentioned. I looked up form under my cap and smiled at Logan. He smiled back as he took the few steps and stood in front of me. He let out a sigh as I took my cap off and ruffled my hair, still looking up at him. I caught Dave looking at me, gawking a little. I'm guessing I understood why. Logan happily stared until I motioned with my eyes in the direction of Dave and put my cap back on backwards.

"Oh," Logan said a little embarrassed, "Uh, Ethan, this is Dave Carson... Dave, Ethan Harrison."

"Hey," I said extending my hand. He did the same and nodded with a smile.

Logan then turned back to me, "You hungry?"

I gave him a quick nod which drew a smile from him as he said, "Well, uhh... Dave here invited us to dinner at his place."

I raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure," I said casually.

Logan had met my friends, so I guess it was my turn to meet his. I felt relived that I didn't have to ask if I was even going to meet them or not. Besides, Dave looked cool enough.

The three of us walked into the parking lot, small talk along the way. I learned that Dave was an ex-marine studying off his pension. He was in school studying medicine and that this was his first year out of the Marine Corp. As he finished talking Logan and I watched as he jogged ahead of us.

"Right here, the silver one."

Logan and I stared on. Dave turned off the alarm and hopped into a new Ford Excursion, raised and muscled out. What kind of money was the military giving him? Logan gave me a nervous smile as we walked up and got in. We both sat by each other in the backseat and admired the interior. Dave buckled his seat belt and started the engine.

"Snazzy huh?" he looked at us in the rear view mirror, "It's my husband's, Garrett."

My eyes shot wide open as I let those words process, my expression for sure all over my face. Dave laughed as he put the truck in reverse.

"I don't think Logan mentioned that I was gay did he?" he said, now looking directly at me in the mirror.

I turned to see a guilty countenance on Logan's face, "No...uh, it must have slipped his mind"

Dave laughed even harder as he proceeded to tell me about his husband, Garrett, and how he and Logan found out about each other that night at the gym. I looked at Logan as Dave finished. Why was he so good to me?

"So... you came to steal my heart did you?" I said as I looked into his vulnerable eyes

"That was the plan," he said as he began to move closer to me.

"I guess you win then," I whispered.

His warm lips pressed against mine as we closed our eyes. I didn't know how much I needed his kiss until it happened. I felt his tongue as it grazed the roof of my mouth and then tenderly battled mine. I then felt the vehicle slow down. We broke then both looked at Dave. He had stopped at a red light and though the mirror he said, "Don't mind me... and don't mind the truck either.... tinted windows."

The three of us laughed as me and Logan stared at each other a little embarrassed.

"I think we're done."

We finally made it to the house. We stepped out of the vehicle. Wow! Nice side of town. I looked at the house, 2 stories with a good size front yard, definitely someone who had money. Dave opened the front door for us as the rich smell of Italian food rushed out. I inhaled the aroma, someone knew how to cook.

The house was big. We stood in the living room and noticed to the right was the dinning room. Between the two was what looked like the entrance to the kitchen. In front of us was a flight of stairs and past that was a den and who knows what else.

"Garrett, I'm home," Dave said out loud.

"Back here," I heard. A deep voice, almost the sound of power, resonate form the kitchen. Dave dropped his bag by the door, leaving us there too as he walked towards the kitchen. The tallest, hugest guy I'd ever seen walked out. He had wavy dark hair, not quite as dark as Dave's, but still obscure. He had a few days beard and deep blue eyes. His shirt was open a little which showed off a generous amount of chest hair. He had faded jeans on and motorcycle boots. His arms were tree trucks and his legs were enormous. He was pure absolute power. I stood in shock as I think Logan did as well. Dave's husband?

Dave walked up to him and wrapped his arms around his neck as Garrett wrapped one arm around Dave's waist, the other hand holding a large cooking spoon. They kissed rabidly as me and Logan looked at each other, our mouths still open. Is that what we look like? Maybe a toned down version. I was about as big as Dave, just little bit smaller, but Logan was still no where near Garrett's size. They finally separated, Dave turning around and Garrett holding his hand and smiling. Dave walked him over to where Logan and I stood.

"Garrett, babe, this is a good friend of mine, Logan, and his boyfriend, Ethan. Guys, this is my husband Garrett."

I smiled as I shook his hand. He had the hand of a gorilla, along with the grip. I think Logan looked a tiny bit intimidated as he shook hands with him.

In a deep resonating voice Garrett said, "Dave called me up and said he invited you two to dinner."

Dave looked up and smiled at him. Garrett smiled back and grabbed him by the waist and pulled him closer to his side.

"That's my Dave, generous to a fault."

They looked at each other, you could almost see the love resonate from them. I then looked at Logan as he smiled at me and gently held hand, love written all over it. I could have shot myself, why hadn't I wanted this before? I held his hand tighter as Garrett spoke again.

"Hope you boys like Italian," we all looked at each other and seemed to have smiled in agreement.

The dinner table was small and round, I guess big enough for two people. Logan and I sat down as Dave and Garrett carried out of the kitchen pasta, appetizers, lasagna and iced tea. As we began to eat I took a bite of lasagna. Wow, this was incredible. I looked at Logan who seemed just as impressed, then at Garrett who smiled at us both.

"Did I do a good job?" he said lightly.

We nodded. Logan's mouth full as he gave him a thumbs up. I replied with a simple 'yeah.' Garrett seemed delighted with our verdict.

"Well thanks to my Italian mother for teaching me."

David laughed as we just smiled at Garrett.

Logan finally swallowed and said, "So Garrett, what do you do for a living?"

Garrett put down his fork and wiped his mouth with his napkin.

"I'm a Mechanics Engineer for Ford."

Logan and I looked surprised.

"So how long did you go to school for that?"

Garrett smiled at Dave, "2 years, but I had a lot of training in the Marine Corp."

Garrett's smile faded as his voice went melancholy. Dave looked at him and affectionately held his hand tightly.

Kind of nervous I asked, "Something wrong?"

They both looked at me. Garrett spoke up, smiling again, "No, it's just... I was in love with the Marine Corp until I met David."

Garrett's hand came up and touched Dave's chin. Still looking at Dave he said, "Then it didn't seem as important as I thought it was."

Still holding hands on the table Garrett and Dave looked at me and Logan.

"Plus, I'm sure you boys know how the military is somewhat intolerant when it comes down to exactly who you chose to love."

Garrett looked saddened at the thought as he said it.

"So when Dave finished his service, I left with him, moved here, lived off our pension until I could get a job and help Dave pay for school.... It was hard, but I've never been happier."

I felt my heart being tugged at, like on the inside I was crying for both them. All the hardship they had to endure to get where they are now. But what they felt for each other seemed to have weathered all of it. I felt Logan's fingertips lightly stroke my hand. I looked over at him. He didn't have to say anything. I read it in his eyes, 'I love you.' I smiled and tangled my fingers in his. I reverted my attention back to my food and took another bite as Logan asked, "So, how'd you two meet? I mean I know in the Marine Corp but... how?"

Dave and Garrett both looked at each other and laughed nervously. Dave took a drink of his iced tea and said, "In boot camp. I had just gotten out of high school and the rumor was that when we got off the bus at boot camp, Sgt. Drake was gonna eat us alive."

He glared at Garrett who looked a little embarrassed.

"Back then he was a mean mother fucker. You guys haven't heard him yell yet but it sounds straight out of hell, if you know what I mean."

We all laughed as Garrett replied, "I had to, or you little shit head recruits would've walked all over me."

Dave continued, "But I saw through the macho bravado and I think he knew it."

Garrett looked deep into Dave, "I'd like to think it was love at first sight."

Dave nodded back at him, "yeah, I think it was too."

They traded smiles as Garrett then turned back to us, taking another bite of lasagna.

"So, Logan, Ethan, what's your story?"

Shit! Spotlight on us. Logan cleared his throat.

"Well we both go to the University. That's where we met.... and uh, it was definitely love at first sight."

He stared at me as I remembered that day too. Even though the day started out shitty, he did turn it into one of the best days of my life.

Logan continued with the story, "We were friends at first, but now..... so far for 5 days, I can't imagine life any better." his last words sinking into my chest.

I took a deep breath and smiled, "I never really imagined I could be this.....happy, but uh.... yeah, it's hard and sometimes I don't feel adequate because it's something I never done. But love's about taking risks, right?"

Garrett gave me a big nod and Dave just grinned, all teeth. They knew it was true. I looked back at Logan who just seemed to stare into me. I could feel his gaze as it seeped into my bones and left a welcome dizzy feeling.

Dave looked up from his plate and asked, "So Ethan, Logan's your fist boyfriend right?"

I looked down at my food and took at deep breath, smiling on the inside.


I looked back up to see Dave smiling with sincerity. Why?

"Cool," he said grabbing Garrett's enormous hand and clenching it as Garrett looked a little lost in the conversation. Dave then took a deep breath.

"Garrett was my first boyfriend too."

I felt like I'd been struck by lightning. Dave and Garrett; how'd they make it work for so long? I didn't understand the mechanics of their relationship, let alone mine and Logan's. I felt like a novice, like I didn't understand anything. It was the truth. I still had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, and no clue on where we were headed. I blinked and thought again. But if that was how Logan and I could end up, it was worth a try. Logan's hand still held mine and I felt his smile shine on me. I looked back up a Logan as Garrett finally spoke up.

"So, Logan, Ethan your first boyfriend?"

I watched as Ethan reflected in on his thoughts. Seeing an older couple together for so long made me think about my own relationship and gave me a comforting ray of hope, ok a big ray of hope. I let the thought cross my mind, 'how long will it last?' I quickly pushed the thought out of my head. Thinking about a possible end when it's just started made my chest cave in. Besides, I'd already made up my mind; I'll never let him go. I let the warmth flood over me as I smiled at him. His clear brown eyes came into view when I heard Garrett's voice.

"So, Logan, Ethan your first boyfriend?"

My train of thought shattered as I noticed the question. What? My first boyfriend? Oh boy, why now?

"Well, boyfriend boyfriend, yeah."

Dave and Garrett gave me raised brows and Ethan had a puzzled look smeared across his face.

Dave then spoke up, "So there was another guy before?"

"Uh... yeah."

They all gave me a look of 'o kay.' Great, I was planning on telling Ethan later and alone, but no way out of telling him now.

"Well there was this guy in high school. Nothing like what me and Ethan have now, but it was more of a mutual curiosity fling."

"Ohh," Dave and Garrett said as they both took another sip of iced tea and another bite of food. But Ethan looked totally confused.

I leaned into his ear and whispered, "I'll tell ya later."

He gave me a gentle nod and continued finishing off his meal. The rest of the evening we talked about incoherent things; school, work, military, but we had fun. It was great seeing Ethan and Dave getting along well. They seemed like almost old friends. And Garrett was a great guy. Although a guy of his stature still intimidated me. When dessert was gone we all sat back in our chairs, everyone looking very well satisfied.

Garrett looked at his Rolex, "Well boys, I have a few things to finish up from work. I dunno if you 3 had anything else planned?"

Dave shook his head as we laughed and did the same.

"No, the food was awesome but we got homework to finish," I said.

Dave added, "Yeah babe, me too."

Garrett nodded his head slowly and grinned. He jumped out of his seat as the rest of us slowly got up.

"Logan, Ethan, why don't we give you two a ride home?"

I smiled at Garrett as Ethan smiled nervously in agreement. A ride home would be great.... if we lived together. But he was offering so I guess might as well.

I nodded back at Garrett, "Sure."

All four of us made our way to the Excursion. Ethan and I piled ourselves in the back seat while Garrett drove and Dave sat shotgun. We pulled out of the driveway as Garrett asked, "Where too?"

I spoke up, "The apartment complex next to the Auditorium."

Ethan quickly turned to me and little surprised and a bit confused. I guess because I told Garrett to drop us off at his place instead of my dorm which was closer. I closed the tiny gap between us. I slowly reached over and let my arm rest over his shoulder. He was so new to this. I was new to this, but I still knew what felt right. And right now was too early to be back in the dorm. I let my forehead touch his as he rested his against mine.

I spoke a little above a whisper, "I don't wanna go home... where I know I'll just be alone."

His eyes pierced into me and I felt the entrancement that always seemed to fallow.

"I wanna go home with you."

He closed his eyes and sighed long and deep. I waited until he looked back into me.

"How do you always seem to read my mind?" he said smiling.

I grinned back at him and then I think we both remembered where we were, in the back seat of Garrett's SUV. So we didn't do anything else to draw anymore attention. We both looked up to the front seat to see Garrett and Dave smiling back at us through the rear view mirror. Garrett's hand locked around Dave's.

"You know what?.... you two look awesome together," Garrett complimented.

I bit my lip and smiled as Ethan turned red.

We pulled up to the front of the apartment complex. Ethan and I jumped out after thanking Garrett and Dave for the ride and dinner. I walked around to the passenger side as Dave rolled down the window.

"Hey, remember we have a results paper to finish next Tuesday."

I nodded, noting that I remembered. I looked at Ethan who nodded implying that he was going to open the gate for us. He walked over as Dave motioned that he still had more to say. I stepped a little closer.

"So how you feelin'?" he asked.

"Nervous," I replied.

"Well just remember what we talked about, and don't push him, just let things fall into place."

His smile suggested a questioning 'ok' on my part.

"Ok," I said with a little more confidence than I actually had.

"And don't worry, he loves you. I know that now," he said.

I smiled warmly and nodded.

"Well you two have fun, Ok?"

He yelled over me, "Hey Ethan, later."

Ethan, who had the gate moving, waved back at Dave.

"Logan, Ethan," Garrett said deeply and waved at us both. I took a few steps back as Dave's window went up. I waved good-bye as they drove off, watching the Excursion disappear around the corner. Wow, friends like us. I never thought me, the loser jock, would be blindly in love and making couple friends. But they were different, they were ex-marines. Ethan and I were different. I'd never call us the stereotypical gay couple. About the only thing gay about us was that we loved each other. I guess in our case everything about us was different.

The gate finished opening as I turned back around and watched Logan as Dave and Garrett drove off, the sound of the heavy engine fading in the distance. They were cool guys. It made me feel tons better that there were guys like us who had a relationship like ours. I had idea what to expect and I tried to learn as I went. But I liked the thought of knowing that me and Logan could end up like Garrett and David, happy and still in love. My attention focused back on Logan as he slowly strolled back towards me, his head down looking at the pavement and then at me, smiling as he approached, me just standing there.

"So? Videogames or movie night?" he said, his hands in his pockets.

I laughed at him as we walked towards the apartment, the sunlight fading fast. I walked in and threw my keys on the table. Logan fallowed close behind. Hmmm... no one home. I guess everyone was either staying after class or they left. I walked into my room and dropped my backpack and skateboard inside the door and tossed my cap on the bed. Logan was crouched by the TV looking through Terrance's movie collection. I walked over and sat on the couch in a comfortable position.

"So you pick one out?" I asked.

He turned and smiling shook his head. He walked over and sat next to me. His icy blue eyes stared into me as moved closer. I then felt the heat of his lips on mine. My senses went fuzzy. I don't think I'll get tired of this. We pulled apart, and still only inches from my face he said, "TV will be fine."

"Thought so," I said sarcastically.

He leaned back into the corner of the couch, still sitting up but slightly slouched, his right leg hanging off the cushion. He smiled and invited me over with stares and small hand gestures. I smile back reluctantly and moved over, turning around I laid back against his chest, my head in the alcove of his neck and shoulder, my legs on the couch and my right arm hanging off. My left hand rested on my torso as I felt his left hand come around and stretch over mine, his palm rubbing the back of my hand and then interlocking his fingers with mine. I grinned as I found the remote and turned on the TV and began channel surfing. Cooking show, do it yourself, talk show, soap opera, commercial, commercial, commercial. As the pictures on the screen flashed out of view to another, I took a deep sigh and asked, "Logan, who was this guy in high school?"

His body was solid and heavy on top of me, but nothing uncomfortable and nothing unwanted. My fingers tangled in his, his hand still big but still smaller than mine, his soft hair brushing the skin on my neck. Nothing seemed out of place, everything seemed perfect.

He channel surfed in what seemed out of boredom. I then felt him sigh and he said, "Logan, who was this guy in high school?"

I tensed but just a little. I wasn't sure if Ethan felt it laying over me. "Great," I said in my head. Well, I was gonna tell him sooner or later. Besides, he had a right to know.

"Ooo Kaay," I said kinda drawn out.

He lowered the volume on the TV and dropped the remote on the floor. Still laying half on top of me he turned his head so that all I could see was the downward view of the profile of his face. I could now feel a little of his breath on my neck.

"Well, Ethan, I uh.... I used to be bi. So in high school I had a girlfriend, Alison. And as far as guys went I didn't do anything until my senior year."

I looked down at him as he nodded noting that he was paying attention.

"I think I told you that I was captain of the wrestling team, right?"

He nodded again and said, "Yeah."

"Ok..... Well there was this transfer student, Tyson. He had just moved to Colorado. He was a wrestler and a good one, but coach wanted me to meter him.... uh test his skill and teach him a few things."

I felt Ethan shift and get comfortable as I continued.

"The first few practices went by fine, we just became friends. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that I began to notice a few things."

Ethan spoke up, "Like what?"

I rolled back my thoughts, trying to remember, "Umm... like a few extra stokes here and there... and uh, maybe a little too much groping... on both our parts."

Ethan chuckled, his breath racing against my Adam's apple.

I took a deep breath, "Well you know how wrestling is... if you get rubbed up against or grabbed its totally excusable, it's like a medium where straight guys can grab each other and brush it off."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," he said.

"Well, this one practice we were working on pins. I showed him a few and I had him practice on me. When he got pretty good he pinned me on the mat. He was on top of me and being totally turned on I was hard. I knew he felt it, I think it's a little hard to hide something of my size."

Ethan laughed again and nodded.

"But he uhh... he kissed me," my voice went small, "and I kissed him back," my voice going even smaller.

"We got up and made our way to the janitor's closet and.....we did it. We fucked. That was my first time. Later I found out I was his 10th or some other number. But I learned a lot of tricks and techniques that year. We hardly talked in the halls. I think all we did was fuck in that broom closet. That went on for about a semester and then we graduated.... I came here and I dunno where he went."

As I held him in my arms I finally realized that it had been so long since I thought about Tyson. And for the first time I felt ashamed of it, I felt like I had cheated on Ethan somehow. I wonder what it would have been like to have had Ethan as my first... and me as his.

Ethan finally asked, "And your girlfriend, Alison?"

I laughed as I remembered my high school graduation, "Oh her.... she uhh... broke up with me at graduation. She knew."

"About Tyson?"

"Maybe, but she knew I wasn't completely straight."

"Oh.... and what did you mean when you said that you 'used to be bi'?" Ethan said, with inquisition in his voice.

"Well I always thought that you're defined by who you love. And in my case it's you. You're a guy, I'm a guy. So I guess that makes me gay."

Ethan moved a little then rolled over completely and adjusted himself to where half his body was laying over mine, our chests touching and his head next to mine. He looked up at me as I looked down, his coffee brown eyes taking me in. My arms went around his back as his left arm went around my waist.

"I uhh... I guess I'm gay too," he said as he looked down from me, his voice a little resentful, like he was almost ashamed of it. I guess I showed a worried look on my face.

In a questioning tone I asked, "That ok?"

He looked confused as he looked up at me, "What?"

"Being gay."

He hesitated, "Uhh.... no, it's just... I never thought I'd fall in love with a guy,"

"So you're telling me that you've never even had a crush on a guy?"

He looked slightly caught off guard, "Well... no, not in high school. But I wasn't blind. I noticed a few guys that thought I was eye candy. Terrance even told me a few had crushes on me."

I laughed out loud, "Well duh? Ethan, have you looked at yourself?!"

He shrunk a little by my rhetorical question. I brought my hand to his face and brushed his cheek lightly. And in a serious tone I declared, "You're the most good-looking, hottest.... gorgeous guy I've ever seen. And sometimes it amazes me that I'm even with you.... you're beautiful."

I watched him blush and saw in his eyes something dark, like a bad memory. He tossed it back before he looked at me again and smiled.

"Well, right now only your opinion matters."

I chuckled and said, "Sounds good to me."

I touched his face again, running my fingers along his jaw, entranced at the way he looked at me.

"So.... did you have any guy crushes after high school?"

The look on his face shrunk again. He didn't say anything.

"Well?" I asked, fishing for an answer.

He sighed, "To be honest... you were my first guy crush."

My eyes stayed fixed on him as my heart leaped into my throat as I realized that he had felt the same way before that night 5 days ago. He felt like I did. In a small but sincere voice I said, "Really?"

He looked down, "Well... yeah. I just didn't know it was a crush. I mean I knew we were friends, but for some odd reason I wanted more, but I asked myself, 'more of what?' And it choked me when I couldn't be with you. For some reason it was only you that got me.... And that's another problem. How can I be gay if the only guy I feel this way about is you? All the other guys.... they don't exist to me. How does that work?"

I locked my eyes on him and answered, "I don't know how you'd label it, or even how to explain it."

I moved my head a little closer to his, "But love isn't about explaining or even discerning. It's about how you feel and how you make me feel."

"I guess you're right," he said lightly, letting out a deep sigh and smiling as he did so.

I let my head rest next to his as I felt his body rise with every breath practically under me. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands work their way under my shirt and finally caress my skin. I relaxed even more as I felt Logan's breath on my face. I let out a modest moan, noticing that Logan was growing in his jeans, and leisurely lowered my hand from his chest over his stomach and painfully slow, worked my fingertips into his denims. I opened my eyes to see him smiling at me while his hand was now full on groping my ass through my pants. I smiled like an idiot as I felt more of him, my fingers now enticing his enormous tool with gentle strokes.

The next thing I knew my fingers fell out of his jeans as he shuffled under me and got up off the couch. I was now on my back while he looked down at me. Without warning he crouched down and quickly worked his hands between me and the couch, lifting me up. Startled a bit, my arms lashed out around his neck as I realized what he was doing and finally let out a smile. I guess he was going for the romantic approach.

He slowly walked towards my bedroom, just staring at me in his arms. I hadn't been carried like this since I was a boy, but when Logan did it I couldn't help but feel totally loved and somewhat protected. Even thought I could fend for myself, the feeling still felt good. When we were inside the bedroom he gently laid me down on my bed. I took my cap and flung it on the dresser as he got back up.

"Can I lock the door?" he said, pointing with his thumb behind him.

I just nodded. As he walked back from doing so I looked up at him. My eyes wide as I thought, 'Was I ready for what I think might happen?...' I didn't have an answer for my own question, I felt scared, but then again I felt a little more excited. He put his knee on the bed and positioned himself over me. I felt his weight press me into the mattress, his left elbow by me head and his other arm slipped under mine. I stared at him as his left hand ran through my hair and his crotch gently, slowly ground into mine.

He let the corner of his lips curl as he lowered his head and slightly brushed his lips over mine, feeling the warmth of them, our breaths mixing. He did this for almost a minute, not saying a word. Me being the martial artist, I didn't like being teased for too long. My hands came up and with a swift movement, I pressed his head into mine, taking what fistful of hair I could while my other hand pressed our chests together. He was caught by surprise, I think, but only for a split second. I kissed him hard while he kissed me back with just as much force. My bottom lip caught between his teeth as he slowly pulled away from me until he let go. God, he knew how to kiss! Now looking at me face to face he stuttered to open his mouth.

"Ethan, do you trust me?"

What? What's with all the questions? I know I looked back at him with question marks in my eyes. It was a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer. I thought about it unknowingly stalling. 'Do you trust me?' rang in my mind. Without any legitimate reason other than... love, I answered, "Yes Logan, I do."

His face relaxed as I felt his caged cock grow even more in excitement. Still puzzled but a little more turned on, I smiled back at him, letting him know that I acknowledged the growing piece of meat wedged between us. His head came down and took my mouth in, devouring my tongue. His lips unlocked themselves form mine, finally allowing me to breath.

His breath traced along my jaw line until he came to my earlobe. He sucked it into his mouth while I firmly stroked his back, neck and hair. He didn't stop until he got a gasp out me. My ear fell from mouth as he whispered, "I love you," in my now raw ear.

He kissed his way down my neck, biting at the cords and tender flesh. His hands came around and up to my chest as he pulled the collar of my shirt down as to give him access to my collarbone. I tilted my head back to make things a little easier as he kissed the tender skin.

I watched his head come up and then his body. He straddled me while he smirked and let his hands slowly pull my shirt up. I lifted off the bed a little as my abs and then my chest were revealed. He kept lifting it up until he tugged and pulled as I raised my arms and my shirt came off. His left hand clasped my shirt in a wad as the other skimmed the smooth skin of my upper body. I saw him wink as he licked his lips. I had no idea what was about to happen, but I was dying to find out.

I watched as his torso appeared, inch by inch as his shirt revealed more of his caramel skin. My heart raced and cock pulsed as I watched his perfect pecs rise with each breath. His nipples, small but taunting me as my palm ran over them. His shirt came over his head, his hair being wisped all over. He was a dream, a perfect dream.

He blushed as he smiled softly. I threw his shirt that I had in my hand aside. His hands lingeringly came to my waist and gently tugged at my t-shirt.

"Am I the only on getting comfortable here?" he said, looking at me and then the portions of skin being revealed when he lifted and played with the end of my shirt. I smirked coyly then chuckled on an exhale.

"Absolutely not."

I crossed my arms, grabbed the ends of my shirt and yanked it over my head. Ethan leered on, now grinning passionately. I flexed my pecs, it just got a little chuckle out of him. I turned my attention back to his half naked body under me. I focused back on his hairless nipples and heard my own heart beat faster. I scooted back on his body to where my crotch now rested on his thighs. I bent down slowly. We locked gazes as he raised his head off his pillow to watch my descent. My head hovered over his chest. He watched as my tongue flicked out and began to massage his nipple. His flesh tasted just as good as his lips. He let out a few gasps as I now had my lips locked around it. The soft piece of flesh went instantly hard in my mouth along with his piece of meat that now pressed into my abs. I sucked and laved it with my tongue. I looked up to see him breathing heavily and lightly moaning. I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure I was giving the one I loved.

The feeling was unreal, my breath now deep and fast. Why hadn't we done anything like this before? I felt his mouth lock on the flesh around my nipple. His saliva; as his tongue swirled around it. I could feel that my nipple was now stiff. I looked down at him, love and fire burned in his ice blue eyes as he closed them and sucked harder. My right hand left the bed and was now stroking the back of his head and pulling at his hair. His hand strongly stroked up and down my sides. I laid my head back and smiled broadly. I knew now why my ex-girlfriends liked this so much.

I felt his right hand slowly caress down my sides and then come over my abs, the heat of his palms warm as they reached my chest. I grinned and laughed a little as he took my left nipple between his fingers and rolled it between them. I felt it harden as my left hand grabbed at the comforter under me. He opened his eyes and slowly released my pec from his mouth.

Grinning he looked at me, "And what's so funny?"

I smiled back, breathing slightly heavy, "Nothing," I argued.

"Well?" he said, smiling wickedly, "Let's see you laughing now."

His tongue came out and licked across my now solid nub. I then felt his mouth over it again as the pleasure continued. I shut my eyes again as I ran my fingers through his hair. Then I felt it. I flinched. I felt his teeth, slightly nibbling on my ever so sensitive flesh. But damn if it didn't feel so good. The nibbling turned to chewing as my hands were now pushing his head into my chest, his mouth opening wider as I raised my back, trying to fit more of my pec into his mouth. His right hand now tweaked and tugged at my left nipple. The suction suddenly stopped as I felt my body relax. I looked down to see Logan release my pec from his mouth. As his mouth came off he had my nipple between his teeth. He slowly pulled at it as it finally came free. My right nipple felt like it was on fire.

He licked it one more time and grinned at me, "The other side?"

Completely turned on, I nodded my head.

I never thought I'd say this, but I liked getting my hair pulled. Ethan's hand now had fistfuls of my hair, pulling if I slowed down on my chewing. I closed my eyes and focused on the incredible taste of his body. It was mine now, mine to explore, mine to sample. I heard his heavy breath as I slowed down, his hands now massaging my head as I detached my mouth from his pectoral, pulling at his nipple with my teeth as I did so. I felt his engorged tool rub against my abs through his jeans as I looked up to see only pleasure free flow from his eyes. His hand in my hair traced around my ear and across my jaw.

Relaxed, he said, "Logan, you so fuckin' awesome."

I grinned as a reply. My hands grabbed again at the sides of his body, stroking gently as I bent down and kissed and tasted his sternum. His head fell back into his pillow as he turned back into putty, his hands grabbing at the comforter. My mouth went down as I licked, tasted and bit my way between his abs. My tongue traced around his belly button as his love trail brushed against the stubble of my chin.

I scooted back even further, taking the fine hairs in my mouth. I heard him gasp as my breath reached the band of his underwear. My right hand came down from his upper body and lightly scanned his jeans. My fingertips reached the button as I looked up at him. He raised his head and I could almost hear his eyes pleading for me to go on. My hand fiddle with the button as it finally fell loose. Next I pinched the zipper tab and leisurely pulled it down. My lips and breath hovered over my fingers as the zipper hummed its way open. I opened the flaps of his denims to reveal his caged cock, hard and defined underneath the thin cotton of his briefs. I grabbed the sides of his jeans and began to pull them down off his body, revealing the smooth skin of his thighs as it disappeared under the leg of his briefs. I felt him shuffle underneath me as I noticed he was kicking off his shoes, the pair of sneakers hitting the carpet with a thud.

I sat up on my knees and pulled his legs up with me, his feet in the air. Ethan smiled wildly at me as I smirked back at him and pulled his jeans from his legs and threw them aside to meet his shirt. His legs now free from his jeans I lovingly lowered them in my hands, admiring the beautiful physique of a martial artist. I placed his legs around my waist as I scooted back even further, almost off the bed and looked over Ethan. His eyes steamed with desire, his chest inflating rhythmically as his hands caressed over his upper body, his legs modestly parted, sporting only a pair of tiny white briefs.

I looked back into his eyes and in amazement said, "You're so fucking beautiful."

He blinked at me as his smile went from radiant to dim. He shook it off as his smiled glowed at me again passionately as he said, "Then show me you mean it."

I closed my eyes and ardently smiled. I stepped off the bed and grabbed him by his hips and pulled him down lower to where his ass sat on the edge of his bed and his legs hung off, his feet flat on the floor. I had him positioned to where one leg was on either side of me. I got down on my knees, my hands falling on his legs as they began to explore and feel his satin like skin. I looked deeply at the tight briefs he wore in front of me. I could distinctly see the wet spot which marked the head of his cock. I looked up him, still laid back on his bed while I began my descent. He supported his head with his pillow, a dazed look in his eyes, like he was drunk on lust. My face floated over his crotch. I took in a deep whiff, taking in the musky scent of him through his briefs. I opened my mouth and gently bit and tasted the side of his meat through the cotton material. I heard him groan as my blood raced faster, knowing I was about to taste him, really taste him. I worked my way up his shaft until I felt the warm sticky wetness on the corner of my lips. I moved farther until it was under my mouth. My tongue pressed into it as I loving sucked in him. Sweetness crept into my mouth as it crashed into my tongue. Never had I tasted anything as delicious as what I was tasted at that moment. I now knew what they really meant when they said, 'cock honey.' I never imagined anything so sweet to come from another male body.

I was snapped out of my trance by Ethan's groans, my cock now pulsing at full attention. I sucked for more delicious pre-cum but it seemed like his briefs had given all they had. I guess now I had to go right to the source.

I swear, this was complete torture. I let out another deep groan as I felt Logan's mouth over the head of my cock, sucking through the already drenched cotton of my briefs. The heat of his mouth and saliva on such sensitive skin was driving me into sexual paradise. The way his tongue moved and the suction of his mouth had me clinging to the comforter. I wouldn't have stopped him if it killed me. But I was still wearing my last form of protection and Logan still hadn't stripped himself of his pants. He was depriving me of my eye candy. Logan was hot, but even hotter naked.

I groaned in bliss as I sunk even more into the mattress, his hands on my legs, occasionally wandering under the leg of my briefs. But as they came up again I felt them go over the fine fabric. I felt the tips of his strong fingers slither their way underneath the elastic band as they curled. They came into a hook, both hands on either side. And the torture began. Centimeter by centimeter his hands pulled down the border of my briefs. The cool air from the room rushed over the newly revealed skin. While in a spot over my cock I enjoyed the hot breath of Logan's mouth. Further and further, inch by inch my skin was burning under the warm air that escaped from his lips. I felt his nose in my pubes as the elastic came down further. I felt him inhale. This was a dream, I had to be dreaming. I felt the elastic snag on the base of my cock as he dragged the rest my briefs practically off my hips.

I looked down to see the elastic stretching, dragging off my aching cock, inch by inch. And Logan's tentative eyes locked on my organ, his lips parted like he was ready to devour but hesitating for something better. His breath was now focused on warming that part of me that only he had access to.

And then it was off. My eyes widened as I felt the downward force of my briefs disappear. I felt my cock leap up from my groin and stick straight up. I watched as Logan's left hand snaked its way off my hip to the base of my cock, his large fingers gently wrapping themselves around it. They squeezed and I closed my eyes, my body tensing. How does he do that to me? Every time.

He started a slow upwards stroke and them down, taking his time. My nerves jumped as I felt something warm fall over the head of my dick. I looked down at Logan; his mouth hovered over my cock as saliva poured from his lower lip and covered the head, spilling down the length and into my forest of pubes. I then felt his hand stroke up the length of me, smearing the warm liquid around my meat. As he reached the top his thumb topped it like a joystick and spread the remaining spit all over my pink head. His hand stroked down my now drenched tool.

I looked at his face as his eyes, soaked in desire and lust, refocused on me. His eyes held me as he closed the distance between his mouth and my cock. I watched his lips part and his pink tongue peek out. I watched and felt it as it flicked at the drop of pre-cum oozing from my piss slit as my cock flexed in anticipation. I noted the satisfaction on his face as he, what looked like, savored the flavor. He opened his eyes and licked his lips. They parted again as his hand steadied my dick at its base. I watched the head vanish in the darkness of his mouth and I felt the heat of the air inside. Then his lips closed, right under the crown. His tongue then pressed over my head as he began to gently suck.

I shut my eyes and let my head fall back into my pillow, my hands on my abs now digging into flesh. The pleasure was wonderful. I knew what he wanted, pre-cum, and I felt it slowly oozing into his hungry mouth as his tongue swirled around the head. I grunted and smiled at the same time. His tongue then stopped suddenly and then rigidly, I felt it massage the sensitive underside of the head.

I couldn't help it. I moaned out his name, "Logan... fuck.....ugghhhh..."

After a few strokes of his tongue I felt my dick go farther into his mouth.... and farther. I looked at him as I raised my head again off my pillow. I watched my cock disappear completely into his mouth. I watched the cords of his neck flex as I felt his throat squeeze around my shaft. I moaned loudly and slowly raised my hand to his face. I let my fingers brush the stray bangs aside as I saw into his eyes. His nostrils flared into my pubes as my balls rubbed against his prickly chin. I continued to stare as he slowly came off and my cock fell from his lips. He looked up at me and smiled. Holy Shit! My boyfriend knew how to give a blowjob.

Ethan's fingers continued to play with my hair as he looked at me with the look of being blown away. I looked back down at his cock, beautiful and perfect, just like he was. And the source of the sweetest substance I had ever tasted. Uncontrollably I lapped up the dribbling pre-cum as it flowed from his cock head, the sweetness tantalizing my tongue and shocking my brain. I wished the free flow of cock honey would never end. I sucked the head back into my mouth, large and mushroom shaped. I could see his shaft flex as more and more nectar spilled into my mouth. I used my tongue and pressed it into the piss slit of his head. I could feel it slightly part as my taste buds practically ached at the crash of flavor. This time I think I moaned. I closed my eyes and gently sucked on the head of the prettiest cock known to man. I lowered my head farther as I felt the bulbed head venture farther to the back of my mouth, my tongue licking and swirling at the newly entering flesh. I got about half way down and then I came up, sucking fiercely as it almost slipped from my lips, then going back down.

I don't know which was more satisfying, the feel and taste of Ethan's cock or the pleasure filled moans and incoherent part of words that echoed in my ears. I continued sucking him halfway down. His hand came up to my head again and gently began playing with my hair, his fingers running through it like a comb. I could also feel that he was getting into it, his hips rose slightly as I descended. I had my hands, palms flat on the sides of his haunches, helping him gently bounce into my eager mouth.

I then let my throat muscles relax, I took a deep breath and slowly opened my mouth wider, the round head hit the back of my mouth. But I still advanced. I relaxed even more as it went down my throat. I lowered my head as I watched Ethan's pubic patch get closer and closer until it tickled my nose, the taste of him and now the smell of him. I took a deep breath from my nose and the combination was drugging. I let out a deep moan the echoed from my stomach.

My own cock was now pulsing at full hardness, but still caged in my jeans. I either had to let it out or suffer the pain of having it crunched in the tight briefs I was wearing. Keeping Ethan's meat in my mouth, I lowered one hand and skillfully undid my pants. I let out a sigh of relief as the pressure was released as I worked on my zipper. With the zipper completely down I gently stuck my hand into my briefs and extracted my own tool, large and also bobbing in expectation. I pulled on the briefs and yanked them underneath my large balls. I now had 9 inches of meat sticking out of me. But I had no desire to touch myself. The discomfort now gone, my hand went back to Ethan's skin like iron to the magnet. I had him completely engulfed in my throat, contracting at times making him moan out loud. I worked my right hand from his groin over his washboard abs, against his left pec, until my palm come over his mouth. If I couldn't moan out load, neither could he.

Why? Why did it feel so good? His mouth, hot like an oven and his talented tongue rendering me helpless. I felt his nostrils blow hot hair into my pubic patch as I knew my dick was completely lodged down his heavenly throat. His neck contracted, sending pure pleasure back to my brain. I had no choice. I had to moan right out load.

"Mmmm..... Looogggaannn.... mmmm..."

At that moment I didn't care if the neighbors heard or not. With his lips still locked around the base of my cock. I felt one of his strong hands leave the side of my thigh and work its way up my body, stopping and groping as it felt necessary. I felt the warmth of his palm glide over my neck, under my chin and then over my mouth. I felt him suck hard. I moaned and then felt two fingers enter my mouth, one by one, meaty and thick. Logan continued to suck as I moaned muffles, sucking on his fingers, occasionally biting them as Logan slowly extracted my cock from his mouth. Sucking hard as he did so. Coming out of his throat and into his mouth, his tongue bathed my prick as it passed over. I felt the crown on his lips as it finally fell free. I looked down at him as he smiled back me, radiating in accomplishment. I grinned as my head fell back again, his fingertips covered in spit, caressing my lips.

Partially satisfied he raised his head, licking his lips as he got up off his knees and climbed onto the bed. Hovering over me and then gently resting his body on top of mine, his monster cock next to my own. It felt like a Maglite as it dribbled and pulsed against my cock and over my abs. His fingers still wet on my face as he traced them over my cheek and down my neck.

Our noses almost touching as I watched him as he said, "Ethan, you taste wonderful."

I smiled as my hand reached between us. I watched his eyes grow big and surprised as I rubbed my fingertips over the gushing head of his colossal cock. I brought my hand back up, my fingertips covered in the shimmering substance. He paid close attention as I slowly brought them to my lips. His mouth opened in amazement as I sucked the honey from my fingers. It was Logan. This is what he tasted like; bold, rich, just like he was with only a hint of salt. My taste buds danced as I craved more.

I pulled my fingers form my mouth, his lips forming a smile as I replied, "You taste good too."

In excitement it seems he dropped his head as our lips crashed together. I could taste myself in his mouth and I was sure he could taste himself. The kiss ended and he stared into my eyes.

"Ethan, feed me," he whispered.

I was totally and completely fucking turned on. I never thought Ethan would even consider doing what he did. It left me shocked and raging hard. I felt my own cock drooling a pool onto his abs. If he wanted more, there it was. His tongue left my mouth as our lips broke free, the taste lingering on my tongue. I stared into his eyes as I felt a new hunger burn in me. The taste of his body had ignited an appetite that had me craving everything about him. I let my eyes rivet themselves on his beautiful face. My desire just rolled off my tongue.

"Ethan, feed me."

A little confusion in his look as he only nodded and then smiling replied, "Under one condition."

I looked at him questioningly, "Yeah...?"

His hands came around and grabbed my jean clad ass. He nibbled on my bottom lip, "Loose the Levi's."

I dropped my head a little. That was it? I grinned and bit at his lips, "Whatever you want."

I kissed my way down his face and neck, between his chest, licking at his abs and sucking his cock once more before getting up. I stood there at the end of the bed, shirtless, my cock sticking out, drawn like a cavalry sword, with Ethan's briefs snug around my balls and hanging off my ass. I also noticed my jeans were open and almost falling off.

He sat up, resting on his elbows, smiling and scanning me over.

"And you call me perfect?"

He chuckled and I laughed along as well. I looked down at my chest and arms, the light dusting of hair I sported and my bazooka I had ready to fire. It warmed me inside to know that Ethan found me just as attractive. I looked back at him and skillfully dropped my jeans. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the denim, my powerful legs ready to have some fun too. I brought my fingers to the briefs I had on.

I had them ready to pull off when Ethan put his hand out and said, "Wait, aren't those my briefs?"

My fingers still inside them I looked down at them then looked back up at him, a coy smirk on my face. He grinned back and said, "You look fuckin' hot. Better keep those on."

I laughed then withdrew my fingers, the elastic gently snapping. I took a step forward as he lay back once again on his bed. All he had on were his pair of ankle socks and briefs that were now wrapped around his mid thigh. I crawled onto the bed and seized his briefs and pulled them down lower, watching as they rubbed against his skin; over his knees, over his calves, past his ankles and finally off his feet. I dropped the briefs on the floor next to my shoes, his shoes and my jeans. He was now in front of me in full glory. I was ready for my dessert.

It was the weirdest feeling lying on my bed with nothing covering me. I lay back letting the cool air rush over my overheated body. I felt Logan's hands feel up my legs, from my knees to my groin. I lifted my head to see him kneel down between my legs, his eyes scanning over my newly revealed nakedness. I looked at my abs as I noticed the shimmering pool of nectar Logan left for me. I watched the liquid roll off my abs and onto my side. I lashed my hand out and caught the drop. I brought it to my lips as I felt Logan's hands reach around my thighs and raise them up. What was he doing? I watched as my left leg came up, Logan's hand holding it up from behind my knee. He held my right leg up the same way as he pushed my knee into my chest. Instinct told me to grab it. I held my right knee in place as his hand retreated down the back of my leg, warming the sensitive skin. I laid back and blushed a bit knowing my ass was in full view.

My eyes locked on the ceiling as I felt Logan's hot breath blow over my quivering sphincter. I felt it burn the sensitive skin of my high inner thigh.

"Oh...God... that feels so fuckin' good..." I whispered.

I then felt his hot breath retreat and then on the surrounding area I felt his burning tongue lick the virgin skin. I gasped as my cock bobbed and spewed more cock snot onto my abs. He began to nibble as I arched my back and groaned his name, pulling my right knee even further into my chest. His teeth, lips and tongue loving me into nirvana, this couldn't get any better.... or so I thought. His mouth left and I froze, waiting for what would come next, scared and excited at the same time. Then it came, a warm liquid splashing over my tiny hole.

The closer my mouth got to his puckered entrance the more incredible the taste got. I licked his skin once more as I pulled back and my hands cupped around his firm bubble ass and I stared at the prettiest, tiniest little hole I'd ever seen. And it struck me again. He had no hair what so ever in his crack. The skin that framed his chute was a smooth milky caramel color, and like caramel, tasted just as sweet. My eyes burned and my taste buds flared as his hole taunted me.

I inched closer and let the forming saliva spill from my bottom lip and drip over his hole and then run farther down his crack. I watched his hole wink at me as the spit worked its way inside. Inside..... I was finally going to know. I closed the distance, and my eyes, as my tongue flung out and firmly licked him, letting my entire tongue taste all he had to offer. My tongue melted as it felt like a million of tiny sparkles igniting over my mouth. I groaned deeply, licking his hole harder, pressing my tongue into him.

I felt Ethan's back arch as he practically screamed out, "Logan... holy fuckin' shit!.... "

I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, savoring his flavor as I got up quickly, raising my head over his crotch. In a semi frantic tone I asked, "You didn't like it?"

Breathing semi heavily he said, "No...... it was incredible..."

He shot me a smile. I laughed as relief washed over me.

"So....?" he said glowing, "Who told you to stop?"

I laughed subtly at him and went back to work.

I felt his tongue again, like an electric shock, thick and strong, massaging my aching hole. I clenched my knee as I brought more of Logan's cock honey to my quivering lips. The joint stimulation had me floating. His tongue lurched back as I could feel the air rush over my newly soaked hole. I felt his hands on the sided of my cheeks and then his thumbs on the surrounding skin as he pulled my ass cheeks even further apart. I felt his warm breath over my hole again as I melted back into the mattress. Expecting his tongue again I felt what I thought was his bottom lip. I knew it was when his top lip came over and along with the bottom, locked around my hole. I gasped as his cheeks and chin came into contact with my already over loaded skin, the stubble on his face driving my senses insane. Between his lips his hardened tongue flicked at my hole, up and down, left and right, wetting me beyond belief. My legs still up, he grabbed at my left ass cheek, pulling as it as if to fit more of his face between me spread ass. I looked down at him and all I could see were his eyes, forehead, and just above his nose. Even with half his face obscured he still looked rugged and handsome.

His right hand came around and snatched my cock as I grabbed the bars of my bed. He made incoherent sounds as he continued to feed on my body, driving me into bliss. I moaned and gasped as he licked and flicked at me. I then felt him detach. In my mind I pleaded, 'don't stop.' I raised my head and saw him, his gaze fixed on my hole with his mouth open.

"Delicious, fuckin' delicious," he said as he dove back in, picking up where he left off.

I then felt him suck. His lips locked around my hole as his tongue pressed into it. I brought my right hand to my mouth and bit into my forearm to keep myself from moaning out of delight and disturbing the neighbors. I bit harder as my hole slowly parted, opening as his wet hard tongue slipped into me.

That was it, I lost it, "Logan!... fuck.. AHHH... don't stop, eat it, eat it..... AHH FUCK, fuck my hole with your tongue....MMMmmmm...fuck me..."

He didn't stop, but pressed his face farther into me, his tongue was lodged in my overjoyed hole. He flicked it up and down, in and out as my mind went to mush. My cock in his strong hand beginning to throb as he started a slow pumping pace.

My mind was boggled. His ass was beyond belief. His cock honey was awesome, but this was on another level. I ate and dug my tongue farther into him. His hips almost bucking as I tongue fucked him. I stroked his cock and ate his ass like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my 2 days beard gnawing at his tender flesh. I felt him shake as his ass clenched down on my invading tongue as he groaned, "Logan.... I ... I'm gonna cum."

I opened my eyes upon hearing that. I extracted my tongue as I pulled my face from between his ass as stared at his engorged cock. The veins pulsing and cock honey spewing over my fingers as I held it. I pumped slowly with my right hand as my left hand paid more attention to his now raw asshole, using my index and middle fingers to massage his shocked sphincter. I wrapped my lips around the inviting head of his cock as Ethan wailed, "AHHHH...Fuuuuuck...Logan... I'm coming."

I almost heard his hands clench on the metal bars of his bed as his back arched and his body tightened as his cock spewed the ultimate flavor into my mouth. Sweet... sweet like candy. I shut my eyes and let my mind succumb to his drugging essence. It spewed and spewed until it was about to fill my mouth. I swallowed as more come out until it slowed and then stopped. And I made up my mind. No unpleasant liquid could ever come from his body. Released and relaxed, his breathing slowed as I swallowed what remained, feeling it slip down my throat as I crawled up over him.

The electric wave lingered as it finished ripping through my cock and into Logan's hungry mouth, then reluctantly letting my cock drop from his lips. My muscles finally fell loose as I felt Logan crawl up unto the bed. Resting over me, I pulled his face into mine, tasting him and me mixed together.

He stared at me as I looked back at him. He licked his lips as I replied, my hands on his waist, "Where'd you learn that? I fuckin loved every minute of it."

A smile formed on this rugged face as he blushed, "Well, I'm glad you liked it."

He rolled off of me as we laid side by side, both our heads on the same pillow as we smiled and stared at each other. I felt my own cock deflate as Logan's stares continued. The sleep was already working on me as I woke myself up and then noticed him scanning his fingers over my chest. And then I noticed, he was still hard, hard as a rock, as he gently ground himself into me.

I looked back at him and with a little guilt said, "Logan, you're still hard."

His attention turned from my chest to my face.

"Don't worry about it, I'm fine," he said, looking into me with those bright blue eyes.

I looked at him in awe. How could he say that? I felt so selfish. This past hour he spent making me feel wanted and I didn't do anything for him in return. I shook my head as him as he traced his fingers up to my face.

"Ethan, it's cool, I made you feel good, and..... that's all that matters to me."

I closed my eyes. You don't deserve him.... I brought my hand up and held his hand that was on my face.

I took a deep sigh, "Logan, a relationship isn't one sided.... at least ours isn't."

I opened my eyes as he stared at me like a deep caught in a headlight, his tool still hard and for sure leaking all over the place. I rolled over him and fell out of bed on my feet. He rolled over onto his back and looked at me. He laid there with one hand on his ripped and fuzzy abs, his large and powerful chest still breathing heavily with his huge arm hanging off the bed, his cock still crying for attention, pointing straight up, like a fountain, the tip shimmering with honey, his large balls a little chocked from the elastic on my underwear he was still wearing half off. I didn't see why he called me perfect when his body was just as desirable. He was my burly boyfriend, and I wasn't about to let him go unsatisfied.

I held my hand out and smiled at him, "Come on," I whispered.

He slowly held out his hand as I pulled him up. He was a big guy, but nothing I couldn't handle, I'd taken down bigger guys in my tae kwan do training. He sat up on the bed and looked at me a little funny, like a 6 year old on the fist day of school. His hand still in mine I pulled him onto his feet. He stood tall, like a sentinel of pure muscle. His hands at his sides, standing shoulder width apart. I stood in front of him, my eye level at his chin, his tool poking me in the stomach. The confusion in his face fled as I smiled warmly at him. I brought my hands to his abs and let the fine hairs of his body run gently through my fingers. I came to his chest as I felt his large hands on my waist. I kissed and bit at his prickly chin, letting the coarse hairs scrape my lips.

I closed my eyes and felt his body under my touch, "Let me love you Logan."

He lowered his head, closed his eyes and sighed, "Yes Ethan."

'He said yes,' I thought as I worked my mouth around his strong square jaw line to his neck. I remembered giving Tera hickies, but this was going to be my first to a guy, but not just any guy, my boyfriend. My hand on his bicep and his hands on around my waist found us skin on skin, his monstrous cock wedged between us. I felt his neck and jaw clench as I nibbled, sucked and then chewed on the tender flesh of his neck. I bit him hard as I finished, moaning as his grip on me let go.

I worked my way down farther, licking and kissing his chest, wetting his fine hairs with my tongue. I got to his abs, larger than mine and besides his face and cock, they were my favorite part of his body. I passed his belly button as his hands again fell to his side. I watched the hair go thick as I felt the head of his dick smear pre-cum over my chest as I knelt down. The smell was rich and thick as I inhaled, his pubic bush the same bronze color of the hair on his head. And then there it was in front of me. I'd say 9 inches of man meat stuck out of him. The head was round and pink in color, thicker than his shaft. I fallowed the vein that crept out of his bush and ran along the length of him and disappeared under his bell shaped head. It was thick, big and strong, exactly like its owner. I looked up at him, he stared down at me, yearning and almost with remorse in his eyes. I looked back to the tool in front of me. It was big... but I could take it. My first time giving a blowjob, I hoped I wouldn't screw it up. I just remembered what I always told my girlfriends; no teeth and lots of tongue.

His dick nodded in impatience as I breathed on it. I watched as a drop of pre-cum formed on the tip. There it was. My mouth watered as stuck my tongue out, rubbing it from underneath then scooping the drop into my mouth. Logan about convulsed as his breath went to gasps. Just like before, his flavor was nothing like I had ever had before, and I found myself craving more.

I took a deep breath and licked my lips as I grabbed at the base of cock, steadying it. As I inched my way closer I opened my mouth. I closed my eyes as the hot flesh slipped past my lips, my tongue rubbing the underside as it advanced. Logan's body stiffened as his breath now choked up. I wrapped my lips around it as let it go further into my mouth.

So this is what it feels like. I locked my mouth tighter around him and sucked lightly. Logan just about lost his balance. I let it go farther and then I felt my stomach leap and then tighten. My jaw fell open, Logan's cock falling out as I pulled back, my stomach uncontrollably heaving.

I closed my eyes and tried to keep myself from falling over. The sensation of Ethan's mouth over my cock had me frozen helpless. 'Holy fuck, it felt so good,' I thought as I licked my lips. His hot mouth, smooth lips and his wet tongue making me see lights in my head.

Just then, my world shattered as I fired my eyes open. I heard him heave as I my cock fell from his mouth. I looked down to see him crouched, his head hung low. Forgetting completely about the blowjob, I dropped to my knees in front of him. I picked up his face, stunned and confused. I pulled his head into my neck and held him until his breathing calmed. I let him go to look at him.

"You ok?" I asked, more worried about him rather than my own dick.

He nodded, "I'm ok....."

He took a few breaths, "I.... I-I don't understand."

I wiped my pre-cum from his shaking bottom lip with my thumb.

"Gag reflex," I said.

He looked at me awkward.

"It's just... you can't take things too deep."

I lowered my head and sighed in guilt. I knew I was too big for him, I knew it! If I'm not careful he's going to get hurt. I looked back up at him, still confused he looked back at me.

"Ethan..... I know I'm big.... and I don't think...."

He began to shake his head, forcing me to end my sentence.

"No Logan.... please, let me do this."

I looked into his eyes, like the night we first kissed, they were begging me. I let out a weak smile. If he wants to do it, then I'll let him.

"I've never said no to a blowjob... and, you did say please."

He smiled back at me as I got up, "Ok..."

On my feet I looked down at him, still on his knees, his eyes full of desire as he scanned me from my face down to my re-hardening cock. I closed my eyes as I felt the wet burn over the head again. I let out a gasped as his tongue pressed against my cock as he sucked more of it in. I opened my eyes to see the corner of the ceiling as I felt his hands on my hips above his briefs I was wearing. I watched his large eyes looking up at me, his mouth filled with a third of my cock. He sucked on it then extracted it, then sucked it back in, the slurping sounds echoed in the room as his hands pulled my groin into his face. Maybe I'll help a little. I rocked with him as me muffled a moan. I brought my hand to his head and caressed the softness of his hair. I laid my head back as I tried to keep myself form collapsing. I looked down again at him, his beautiful face. And then it started, the surge that ignited from my toes. It shocked me as it ran up my calves, thighs, and then my groin, leaving the muscles in them drained, my balls tightening close to my body. I clenched my teeth as I held my breath, my hands on his head gripping his hair. I opened my mouth as fireworks exploded through my cock.

"AAaawwwhhhh....AAAWWWWHHH.....awwhhhh god."

I bit my lip as I began to shiver like a dog caught in a thunderstorm. There I went, I didn't have the strength to stand.

He was big, definitely bigger than most. I closed my eyes as I tried not to let it go too far back. I sucked harder on it, hoping more of his pre-cum would spill out. His hands came around and caressed my hair. I knew now that I was at least doing a good job. I could tell he was now getting into it, his hips now rocking. I felt his enormous thigh muscles work underneath his skin as I savored the muscle I had between my lips. I looked up at him just in time to see him look down at me, ecstasy glowing from his face. I then saw his face tighten and his body flex, his thigh muscle hardening under my hand. His grip tightened their hold in my hair. I saw the vein on his cock bulge as his cock inflated even more. His primitive male cry of release echoed in my ears. And then I felt the spray, hard and straight, hit the back of my throat. The liquid was thick and warm, and the taste was a hundred times better than his pre-cum. I felt his cock pulse in my mouth as it dumped out spurt after spurt. It filled my mouth and began to leak out of the corner of my lips. I panicked a little, took a brave step and swallowed the pure protein, letting it coat my throat as it entered my body. The taste was overwhelming, bold but sweet at the same time, with just a trace of salt. With his cock drained and deflating, I let it go, slurping as I released it after giving it one last suck.

I looked up at Logan who was teetering as he clumsily walked towards the bed and collapsed. I got up and walked over to the bed, wondering if he was ok. He was lying on is side facing me. He opened his eyes and gently extended his arms. I smiled back at him and crawled into his embrace.

Still breathing with his mouth he said, "THAT was amazing."

I smiled to myself, for my first blowjob... I think I did alright. Face to face he smiled at me. He brought his hand to my mouth and wiped his index finger against the corner of my lips. Looking to see what it was, I saw a pearly drop of Logan's cum. He looked at me and began to bring it to his lips. I brought my hand up and caught it before he could even open his mouth. His hand in my grasp, I guided it to my mouth. I sucked on his finger, leaving nothing.

Thinking he was stunned, he looked at me, gawking almost. I sighed and relaxed back into the pillow, still looking at him. I wonder why it shocked him that I liked everything that came from his body too.

"Logan, you think I don't love you."

He closed his mouth and pulled me closer to him, leaving less than an inch between our noses. He froze and just stared at me for a moment as his hand came up and brushed aside the hair falling over my forehead.

"No, it's just.... no one's ever licked me enough to do that."

I brought my hand up and felt the bristles of his face.

"Well I love you Logan...." I inched my face closer to his, "all of you."

I felt the blood in my heart beating faster. What he said almost made me want to jump on the bed and yell, 'he loves me.' My mind flashed back to Tyson as I thought about how he never did anything for me. And now I had Ethan in my arms, giving me just what I gave. I cocked my head closer and kissed him gently, softly like deserved.

Upon ending I whispered, "I love everything about you too."

"Hmmm, hmmm," he mumbled as I watched him close his eyes. I looked at the clock, 9:53 glowing red, the streetlight coming in through the thin curtains highlighting his face. My cock now satisfied, I tucked it back into the briefs and pulled them up. I relaxed back into his bed, him in my arms as I let the sleepy feeling roll over me. compared to my first day here, life just got a whole lot better.

End Chapter 7: Burn Until the End