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Chapter 8: Light My Way

I felt the bed shuffle as I opened my eyes, the morning sun barely coming in through the window. Logan's face was in front of me, lying in his side, peaceful and serine as he slept with his messy hair and cactus like beard. His brawny arm flung over me. I stretched a little and yawned. Carefully, I picked up his arm and slid off the bed as stealthily as I could, noticing the fresh sheet covering us. Hmmm, I guess Logan must have pulled it over us last night. I sat on the edge of the bed and made a few morning sounds as I rubbed my face and yawned again. Logan tossed a little and fell on his back, one arm under the pillow and the other flung over his abs. My briefs that he was still wearing peaked out from under the sheet as his calves extended out from the other end. He looked like a kid on Saturday morning. I stood naked in the bedroom then walked around barefoot as I looked for my briefs.

Ummm.... there they are. I picked them out of a pile of mine and Logan's clothes and slid them up my legs. I'll put on fresh ones after I take a shower. I turned and walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of basketball shorts, slipping those on as well. Still shirtless, I walked over to Logan, still fast asleep and only slightly snoring. I bent down and kissed him lightly on his lips. He showed no sign of consciousness as I got back up and walked to the door. I turned the handle as the door opened. That's funny. I thought Logan locked it last night. As it swung open I saw Terrance standing there.

"Gaahh.....," I said surprised as I looked at him.

He had his usual sleeping clothes on; t-shirt and athletic shorts. His hair was a total mess as he grinned at me and raised an eyebrow.

"So you sleep well?" he asked mockingly.

I opened my mouth and stalled for a little bit, trying to come up with something to say.

"Yeah," I said as nonchalant as possible.

I watched his eyes as he looked me over then looked past me and into the room.

He smiled then chuckled, "I'm sure you did."

I know I turned red. He finished laughing as he looked past me again.

"Well.... not bad Ethan, not bad at all," he said, nodding his head at Logan.

I turned to see Logan still sleeping half naked on my bed. I stepped in front of Terrance's view, reached over and closed the door quietly.

"Hey, no checking out my boyfriend alright?"

Terrance laughed and walked back into the living room. I slowly fallowed him and noticed he had crashed on the couch as he said, "Calm down, I'm just complimenting."

I smiled back at him as he sat in the single sofa chair. I sat and reclined back into the corner of the bigger couch facing him. He kept a straight face while he looked at me until I saw the corner of his lips tremble and then the look of him trying not to laugh. He let out a snicker and then broke out in full laughter.

"What?!" I said, trying to make myself heard over his laughter.

He calmed down a little as he spoke, "You two gotta learn to keep it down."

I was about to say something but stopped as my mouth opened. I guess he was right. I leaned back and turned even redder. In a resentful tone I replied, "What did you hear?"

He looked up mockingly, showing me he was thinking.

"Umm.... names, definitely names, and I could have sworn you two were praying, I heard 'God' a few times.... aannndd...."

"Ok, Ok," I said interrupting.

And then in a tiny defeated voice I said, "I guess we were a little loud."

Terrance only nodded. He then got up off the sofa and said, "Now that we're being honest."

He walked into the kitchen as I got off the couch and fallowed him. He grabbed a box of cereal off the top of the fridge and pulled the milk out. I held the refrigerator door open and snagged the half empty carton of orange juice. As he made a bowl of Fruit Loops he asked, snide as ever, "So, did your quarterback score a touchdown or did Bruce Lee here get himself a KO?"

I was drinking the OJ from the carton and then heavily choked on it.

"What!?.... That's none of your business!" I said, OJ drooling from my mouth.

Terrance munched on his cereal, smiling like an idiot as I wiped the OJ from my chin.

"Come on Ethan."

"NO!" I said, sharply but still quite.

"Come ooonnnn..." he begged.

I hung my head knowing that he wasn't going to stop until I spilled.

I sighed, "No one pitched or catched."

"WHAT?!" Terrance said kinda loudly.

"Shhhh..." I said, "Logan's still sleeping."

"OH, Shit!" he said whispering, "Then why were you two grunting out of control?"

"We were not!" I said, clenching my teeth, knowing full well that we did but totally denying it.

"Oh yeah? Jeff and Grant could sure hear it up in their room."

"It was just oral."

"....Oral...?" he said, his eyes widened, the look on his face like 'That was it?'

"It was my first time," I said, talking to him like he didn't understand English.

"I guess," he said casually, turning his attention back to his breakfast.

"I hope you two didn't defile my bed."

I looked at him in a 'What do you take me for?' look.

"Well if you wanted in you could have just knocked. I'm sure Logan and I could've pushed pause for you."

He laughed harder revealing the half masticated food in his mouth.

"You kidding? With all the animalistic noises coming from the room? I doubt either of you would've heard me."

I scrunched my face at him.

He spoke up again, "Besides, when the jungle fever ended I had Grant pick the lock so I could change my clothes and grab my pillow."

Complete embarrassment crashed over me. I dropped the OJ carton on the counter and blinked a few times, "You saw us......"

"YES, NAKED.... well a little," Terrance said spitefully, finishing for me.

I think I stopped breathing as he took another spoonful of Fruit Loops.

"Don't worry, Logan had...." he snickered, "I think your briefs on," I turned even more red, "And you.... I just saw cheek. So I threw a sheet over you two so you didn't go flashing everyone. Besides, you two were in a coma."

I stood in shock as I realized why the door was unlocked and why we had a sheet on when I woke up. I looked back at him snidely, "Mother-fucker. You're such a punk you know that?"

"I know"

I think I heard myself snore when I finally woke up. I lazily rolled onto my stomach and flung my arm across the bed. I had my face in the pillow as I realized that Ethan wasn't lying beside me. My head popped off the pillow and looked around. Panicking a little and then hearing his voice outside the door. I let my head drop again, this time on its side. I stared at the clock. "7:53" it read. "Crap," I thought. I had class in two hours. I rolled back over and finally built up the strength to roll out of bed. My bare feet hit the carpet as I threw the sheet off. A sheet?.... I guess Ethan must have thrown it on me when he got up. I scratched my head and felt the insane beard I had grown. I better get back to my place and clean up before I go to class. I stood and realized that I had on only Ethan's briefs and a little embarrassed I looked around the floor for my pants. There they are!

I picked them up off the floor and shook them out. I then noticed all the other discarded articles of clothing. Man, I wonder what it's going to be like when we finally fuck? I pulled my pants on and froze for a minute, my fly still wide open. No, Ethan would never let me fuck him. I'd just end up hurting him. I zipped up my fly and buttoned up as I reflected on what the future maybe held. I hope things get easier.

Still shirtless and barefoot I opened the door and quietly walked out. The living room was empty but I still heard what sounded like Ethan and Terrance talking. I slowly walked over, rubbing my hair and yawning. I found them in the kitchen, Terrance in a shirt and shorts, sitting on the counter eating fruit loops. Ethan was on the opposite end facing him, leaning against the counter with a carton of orange juice next to him, bare-chested and sporting a pair of red basketball shorts that hung low on his hips. Just looking at him had my body aching again. But with Terrance there I wasn't sure I was allowed to do anything.

They both stopped talking and looked at me as I walked up and stood next to Ethan. Terrance looked at Ethan as Ethan looked at me.

I looked at both of them puzzled, "Soooo..... What's going on?"

Ethan turned to me and sighed nervously, "Umm... well it's...."

Terrance interrupted, smiling and almost laughing, "You two were loud! I should ticket both of you for noise pollution."

I froze. For sure my face was stunned. I think I mouthed the word 'shit.' I thought back on last night smiling sheepishly. Yeah, maybe the noise did get a little out of control. But damn if it was worth it. My taste buds began to tingle as I thought back to the taste of Ethan's body again after I'd dreamt about it all night. I was then brought back to reality by Terrance's laughter. I turned and noticed Ethan blushing.

"You two worry too much, you know that?" he said as he finished off his cereal, "I'm just giving the happy couple a hard time."

I relaxed and took a deep breath. I looked over at Ethan as he glared at Terrance with a sour look. Ethan then slowly walked in front of me and leaned back into my chest. Feeling is skin on mine again so soon had me instantly growing in my pants. I then looked at Terrance who was smiling at the both of us. I couldn't help it. I wrapped my arms around Ethan's tapered waist as I rested my bristled chin on his shoulder and pulled him even closer into me.

I then heard Ethan say jokingly defensive, "Hey, what'd I say about checking out my boyfriend?"

Terrance looked at the floor and put his hands up, palms out in an "Ok, Ok" gesture. He slid off the counter top and put his empty bowl in the sink.

"Time to get ready anyways," he said as he walked past us.

"Besides Ethan, looks like you already got him tagged," Terrance rubbed his thumb against his neck. He walked out of kitchen and left Ethan and I alone. Totally struck with embarrassment again I remembered the red bite mark on my neck. "Shit," I thought. Ethan turned around slowly and examined my neck. I guess it was pretty big because he just stared at it for a moment. He smiled then snickered. Kind of caught by surprise I looked at him.

"What?" I asked curious to know what was so funny.

"I guess I did a pretty good job didn't I?"

I smiled wide at his reply and pulled him to my lips, orange juice on his tongue, my arms around his waist and his hands gripping my shoulders. He pulled away and looked at the clock behind me on the wall. He lowered his head.

"I got class in an hour."

I nodded knowing I had class in two. He raised his head and smiled coyly.

"Race you to the shower?"

I smirked back at him, "You're on."

The now warm water cascaded over us I moaned lightly. Logan had his arms wrapped around me tightly, my back to his chest as he bit and sucked on my neck, his left hand roaming up and down my upper body while his right hand tightly held my tool, squeezing and stroking me. I opened my eyes to the new feeling of Logan's enormous cock wedged between my legs, the giant monster stroking and caressing the sensitive skin of my high inner thigh. I looked down to see Logan gently stroke my cock as I saw his own cock peek out beneath my balls then disappear between my legs. I leaned my head back as Logan's thrusts and strokes got faster and fiercer until I found myself on my toes, spraying into Logan's hands and Logan withering onto my back and shooting onto the shower tiled wall as he bit into my neck. We stayed in our sated positions while our milky essence mixed, braiding together then slipping down drain.

Logan breathed heavily in my ear as our dicks deflated. His hands let me go as I turned around. As I finally faced him he pulled me back into him, kissing me deep.

I looked at his satisfied face, "So we finally gonna get clean?"

He smiled broad as I reached for the shower gel. It was my turn to feel him up.

Both of us walked out of the bathroom with towels around our waists. We walked back into mine and Terrance's room and found him getting ready for a shower also. He looked at us.

"I'm not even gonna ask," he said as he walked past us, smiling and shaking his head. I could tell it embarrassed Logan. I snickered as Terrance left the room. Logan just stood there, the water dripping and rolling off his body and soaking into the carpet as he held up his towel. I strolled over to my dresser, water dripping off my hair and onto my face.

We then heard, "You two leave any hot water?"

I yelled out, "NO," still rummaging through my drawer. Logan walked over to me as we heard the shower start and then, "DAMN YOU TWO!"

We both chuckled as I continued to search through my dresser drawer. Logan looked in and then pulled out my jock strap. He held it out with both hands grinning wickedly.

"So when you gonna wear this for me?"

I snatched it out of his hands, "When you wear yours for me."

His eyes lit up as he replied, "Deal."

I sighed then chuckled.

"Ah-ha," I said as I pulled out Logan's briefs form the other night, clean and fresh. They were bigger than mine. Naturally, he was a bigger guy than I was, it seemed in all departments. He smiled as I gave them to him. I turned back around and pulled out a pair of boxer-briefs for myself.

I faced him again as he said jokingly, "Awwh.... you did the laundry."

My fist flew and knocked him in the shoulder.

"Shut up," I said eyeing him.

He rubbed his shoulder and laughed, "I was just playing."

"Yeah, yeah," I said as I dropped my towel and put on my underwear. I watched as Logan did the same and dressed in last night's clothes. It still felt awkward, Logan looking at me, even though he'd already seen everything. Maybe it was just habit, hiding for so long. I guess if he knew everything about me he'd understand. But the more he looked at me, the more I felt like I wanted him to.

Almost completely dressed I sat down on my bed and began putting on my socks. As I put on and tied my shoes Logan walked over and sat next to me. Finished with my shoes, I looked at him, his profile as he stared out in front of him.

He looked down and then smiled, "Ethan, I feel a little stupid asking, but... could you.... walk with me back to campus?"

He was now looking at me, his deep blue eyes in the sunlight, twinkling at me. I felt a tingle in my spine and in my stomach. I leaned in and kissed him, his barbaric beard scratching my face and lips.

As the kiss ended he opened his eyes, "I take that as a yes?"

I nodded once and smirked at him. My hand on his face, I rubbed my thumb over his bottom lip and then over his cheek like sandpaper.

"As much as I love your facial hair.... you need to shave."

He chuckled and felt his own face, "Yeah, I better. I got practice and coach is all about a clean shave."

I hopped off my bed and put on my cap. I held my hand out at Logan, "Come on, or I'm gonna be late for algebra."

Logan reached out and I pulled him to his feet. Still surprised at my strength he looked at me funny. I could be domineering if I wanted to.

We walked down the hall of the dormitory. I couldn't believe that this was where Logan lived. A little ghetto if you asked me. I walked next to Logan and lowered my head to hide my face as people walked by. Logan just glanced at me every time I did. We finally approached a door at the end of the hall marked 267. I took a look around as Logan unlocked it. It was a little bit of work getting here, 3 flights of stairs, but I was finally going to see where Logan lived for once. He turned to me with a nervous smile and pushed the door open. He held it open as I walked in. Once inside he let it go. It began to shut as he turned on the light switch. It looked like his roommate threw a blanket over the window. Logan pulled the blanket down and the daylight flooded into the room. He flicked the light switch off as I noticed the bed next to the door, neat and made. I turned to Logan, pointing with my thumb, "Yours right?"

Embarrassed he nodded, "Yeah."

I then saw the bed on the opposite end of the room. It looked like the person just flung the covers off and left.

Logan stepped behind me, "That's Terry's."

"Oh," I said, acting interested. The rest of the room looked barren.

"I really don't like staying here," he said looking at the blank walls and bleak carpet.

No posters, nothing on his dresser, his side of the dorm room reminded me of a hotel room, impersonal. He put his hands in his pockets, "Since we.... met. I really didn't see any reason to spend much time here."

I bit my lip and looked at the carpet also. I heard the voice in my head whisper, "You don't deserve him." I felt my chest ache and the sudden subtle urge to just run. Why do I always doubt my own happiness? I looked at my forearm, at the reminding scars. I shut my eyes and tried to let Logan's voice drown out everything else. What we have wasn't going to fall apart.

After a few deep breaths I looked back up and smiled back at him, feeling like my head was finally clearing up. He had a look on his face that wondered what had just happened. He then shook it off and smiled back at me as I walked to the door at the other end of the room

"Bathroom," Logan said out loud. I looked inside. It was tiny but big enough for one person, like an airplane restroom. I walked back to where Logan sat on his bed taking off his shoes.

"How do even use the restroom? It's so small."

He stood up and ripped off his shirt. His perfect muscles out for me to see. He stepped closer to me.

"I know. Why do you think we go to your place to have fun?"

I nodded my head in a 'oh yeah, you're right' kind of way. My fingers caught in his belt loops. I pulled him closer to me. His scruffy face came closer to mine as I finally got to taste his lips. I stood there as he held me as I melted in his arms. I needed him. My head was a mess and I felt like the only sure thing was him. The way he felt about me and the way he showed it made me feel like even thought my life so far had been a shit-fest, things were getting better. He pulled me harder into him as we heard the door jostle a little. I leaped out of Logan's arms and fell on Terry's bed. Logan panicked a little on what to do, then realized that he was shirtless. Quickly he dashed to his dresser and started pulling out t-shirts as the door open.

Terry walked halfway in, his back to us as he said good-bye to a few people and finally turned around. He was looking at the floor and then looked up. He looked at Logan, still without a shirt and then finally at me. His eyes lingered on me. So this was Logan's dip shit roommate that he mentioned. Well both Logan and I were definitely bigger than he was. But form what Logan said, he had a big attitude and even bigger mouth.

Terry's stare continued as that ever present uncomfortable feeling crept back into my head. I felt like only Logan had the right to look at me like that. I looked down and then up at Logan, still without a shirt standing at the other end of the room. I got off of Terry's bed and half smiled at Logan.

"Terry, right?" I said as I walked up to him. He nodded.

I stopped in front of him, "Ethan."

I smiled and then looked at Logan, who just casually smiled back.

"Well I gotta go..... class, but I'll give you a call ok?"

Logan smiled wide as I winked at him and then walked out. Once in the hall my smile faded as I realized how much of a chicken shit coward I was. I just walked out. Logan was my boyfriend and I didn't even kiss him good-bye. I wanted to, but.... I knew this was gonna take a while to get used to. But personally, I wanted to be immune now. I didn't want to have to care about everyone around us. I just wanted it to be him and me. I hung my head and then smiled to myself again, realizing I'd see him soon enough.

I sped down the stairs of the dormitory almost to the second floor when I felt my cell phone buzz in my pocket. I stopped and pulled it out, looking at the display name. "Chris calling," it read.

"Hey Chris," I said into my phone.

"Hey Ethan, so what's been up?"

"Ahh... nothin'. Just at a friend's place," I said as I left the second floor.

"Don't you live with all your friends?" he asked.

"Ahh well...."

"Seen you around campus.... and with a new guy."

"Just a friend," I said a bit too defensive. Why? Why can't I just say, 'Yeah, I have a boyfriend and I was at his dorm room'? 'Chicken shit, chicken shit, chicken shit,' I told myself.

"Whatever man, you two are fucking!" he declared into my ear. We weren't exactly fucking, but me and Logan were getting close.

"Fuck you Chris!" I replied

I heard him laugh, "Ok, I'm just messin' with you."

"Ok," I said, accepting his apology. If only he knew the truth. Well.... maybe it would be a bad idea if he knew.... the jokes would never end.

"Well Ethan...."

And then nothing..... I waited for a few seconds and then looked at my phone. It had gone back to the title screen. Hmm, I guess he just hung up or maybe he got cut off? Well if it was an important call he would call back. I dropped my phone back into my pocket and walked out the double doors of Logan's dorm building and into the courtyard.

I watched Terry stare at Ethan as he left. He turned as Ethan walked out almost eyeing him form behind. I felt my jaw go tight and my breath go heavy. I felt the rage of jealousy rise up and take over. I guess when I finally noticed, I didn't like anyone else staring at Ethan. The door finally shut as Terry turned back around. He walked to his bed and dropped his backpack on top.

"One of your friends?" he said, not even looking up at me.

"Yeah," I said as I turned around and continued pulling out the clothes that I was going to wear, jealousy still lingering on my conscience. I pulled out a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Terry sounded busy on his computer as I continued to ignore him. I stripped down and changed my clothes.

I pushed the classroom door open and casually walked in, my backpack on my shoulder. I finally took my seat not too far back, next to the window. College composition; I was never good in English. And this class didn't do much more than remind me how stupid I was at understanding my own language.

I unzipped my bag pulled out my textbook.

"Hey Logan," I turned to see Scott take his seat next to me, his bright red hair hard to miss. He dropped his backpack next to mine.

"You're early for once," he said, pulling his own Lit book out.

I smiled and opened my book, "Got up early today."

"Yeah, I can tell. You actually shaved," he said, nodding his head at me.

I shrugged and thumbed through the pages looking for last class' assignment.

My concentration was broken by Scott's voice as he said, "I saw one of your friends this morning... uh, right before class actually."

"Huh?" I said, as I looked up at him, my face drawn. He closed his book and looked back at me. He raised an eyebrow and said, "Yeah, that uh... skateboard, karate kid."

I coughed a little, for sure caught off guard, "Yeah.... uh.... Ethan."

"Right," he said, nodding his head, "Well my girlfriend knows him."


"Yeah remember? Her dad is some sort of martial arts master."

"Yeah," I said, having a faint idea of where this was going.

"Well, Ian...."

"Ethan," I said correcting him.

"Well, your friend seems to be Liz's dad's project."

"What?" I said, totally lost.

"Yeah, Liz said her dad is giving him some special training."

I sat back and thought. That's right. Ethan did mention something about training with a forms master. I guess it did make sense, funny how Ethan's teacher's daughter was Scott's girlfriend. I smiled and looked back at Scott.

"Yeah, that's right."

Scott dropped his eyebrows, "Yeah, I was wondering who he was.... just curios, that's all."

We were then interrupted by the professor as he started the class. My attention turned back to Scott as he said, "Hey, I was wonderin' if you wanted to go with me to the gym today, Adam was supposed to go with me but he bailed out. Said he had something to do."

I looked at him kind of funny, trying to remember if I had other plans. I couldn't remember anything so I agreed.

"Yeah, sure."

"Cool, the practice gym, at the stadium."

"Ok," I said nodding as class officially started.

As class ended I gathered my stuff into my bag as Scott tapped my shoulder, "Hey, I'll meet you there after next class, ok? I gotta go change and I told Liz I'd see her after class."

"Ok," I said as he dashed out the door and was gone. I sighed and continued to pack. I stepped outside and slowly walked back to my dorm room, holding my bag in my hand, letting the straps drag along the sidewalk. Even though it had been only 2 hours, I wanted to see Ethan again. I wanted to skip my math class, take Ethan to my room and take a nap with him in my arms. Just the thought had me relaxed. I got to the doom room and grabbed a change of clothes as I left, dragging myself to math class.

Sin squared plus cosine squared equals one. Tangent over cosine equals..... agghh, screw it! I'll think about it later. Math had been somewhat of a pain today. I guess having to learn new material in all my classes was stressing me out a little. So I was glad I accepted Scott's invitation to work out with him. Exercise always seemed to clear my head. I walked out of the locker-room dressed in a comfortable black sleeveless shirt with a pair of basketball shorts.

No one was in the gym. I guess it being lunch time meant everyone would rather be eating. The gym use for the football team was free and with the upcoming games I guess Scott wanted the extra training. But it being lunch time still felt weird. I sat down on the carpeted floor and began to stretch. The locker-room door swung open as Scott practically ran in.

"Sorry I'm late. Kinda got tied up with Liz.... you know what I mean."

He smiled at me, raising his brow. I smiled back and refocused on my stretching. Yeah, I knew exactly what he meant. He sat next to me, dressed in blue shorts and a white shirt, and started stretching.

"Sorry I left ya hangin'."

"Nah.... 20 minutes. It's nothin'."

He smiled back at me. I'm guessing he knew I wasn't mad at him for making me wait. We stretched for a few more minutes and I finally rose to my feet, Scott doing the same.

"Well, where should we start?" I said as I folded my arms.

Scott wiped his shorts off and smiled at the squat lift, then at me. Without saying anything we walked over and started our workout.

Time passed quickly as we talked about school and practice, home and friends. Before I knew it we were both sweating and about to finish up. All we had left was the bench press. Breathing heavily I fallowed Scott to the bench press as he turned around, wiping the bead of sweat from his brow.

"You mind if I go first?" he said smirking at me.

I rested my hands on my knees as I shook my head, "No.... go ahead."

"Thanks dude."

I spotted him as he finished his rep and then got up. I replaced his spot and was about to lie back when Scott asked, "You want more weight?"

"No. I'm fine," I said, looking back at him and smiling.

He looked as if he was about to fetch more weight but then stopped. He shrugged and positioned himself behind my head to spot me. I guess me being bigger meant that I had to bench more. But I was tired and the weight that Scott had on the bar was enough. I gripped the bar and held out in front of me. As I brought it down to my chest I noticed Scott's face looking down at me as he began to speak, "You know, Madison's been asking about you."

I felt my stomach jump into my chest and the sick empty feeling replace it. I buckled a little under the weight then regained control, Scott about to help. I looked back up into his face, a questioning look on it. He wiped it off then smiled back.

"Well I told her that you said that you were seeing someone. You know.... you said you were seeing someone."

"Yeah," I said from below, uncomfortable and uneasy about where the conversation was headed.

Scott looked away for a moment and then said, "Well, she said she hasn't seen you with anyone."

I felt like I was about to puke, but I refocused myself on the weight to try to keep my head clear. Scott then looked at me again

"And then I thought about it too. I haven't seen you with anyone.... or any girl at that."

My security along with my world began to crack, I could feel it. I shut my eyes and begged that I could think of something to satisfy all the questions, something that would leave Ethan and I in our own world.

I was on my last rep when I heard, above a whisper, "Logan.... are you gay?"

I looked at Scott, his face sincere and honest. I held the bar straight out in front of me, breathing heavily and still looking at him. I placed the bar back on the rack and slowly got up. The words 'why' and 'how' kept running through my head. I understood now why Ethan didn't want to tell anyone. As those words echoed around in my mind I felt my self confidence and security shatter all together. I took a deep breath and stared out in front of me. How did he know?

"What do you think?" I said as casual as I could.

Without turning around I heard him sigh and scratch his head.

"Well, I... I just want to know the truth."

I turned my head half way around, still staring at the floor. I couldn't run form it anymore. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to tell Scott. He was a good guy but in this situation I didn't want him hating me for who I was or who I loved. I pushed all the fears to the back of my head and replied with a question.

"And what if I am?" I said softly, still staring at the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him take two steps and then sit next to me, my back to his side. My head still turned halfway around I saw him hang his head then look at me and smile.

"Then I'd say...Cool."

My face went puzzled as I turned my head back then looked at my lap. This didn't make any sense. Why would a straight guy think being gay was cool? My mouth slowly opened, tying to form a reply.

"Why would you say that?" I said, drawing it out.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked behind me at Scott. He still had the sincere look in his eyes, almost worried.

"Well Logan. I'd say cool because it's not a well known fact that I have two dad's... living together."

I felt like I'd been smacked in the back of the head. My eyes got wide as I slowly turned my body parallel to his, an obviously confused look on my face. I eyed him for a little bit, scrunching my eyebrows. He smiled weakly at me.

"What?" I said, still processing what he had just told me. His smile faded as he looked at the floor and gripped the end of the bench. He looked back at me a little uncomfortable now that the focus seemed to be on him.

"Yeah, I have two dads. My mom died of cancer when I was 5, I don't remember much about her, but I just remember soon afterwards dad just couldn't take being alone, so one of my dad's old football buddies from college moved in with us, Eric. They were friends from what I remember, but then I started noticing.... little things. Like they'd always do things together; cooking, watching TV, taking care of me. Until one day I finally I saw them kiss.... and before I knew it they were sharing the same room and...."

I was now sitting with my elbows on my knees. Eyes locked on Scoot as he dug back for memories. It made sense. He always referred to them as his 'parents', never 'mom and dad.'

"So now I have two dads... and I love em' to death," he said as he looked at me, his eyes going a little glossy from the forming tears.

He wiped his eyes and smiled at me, "And I know they love each other."

Now more comfortable I sat up and looked him in the eyes as he said, "Kinda like how you love Ethan?"

I didn't know why that surprised me. I struggled for the words as I looked down. Did Ethan want Scott to know? But I'd be lying to myself if I told him no. His question repeated itself in my mind as I remembered everything. The feeling rushed back into my chest. I wanted Ethan there with me... and even though he knew it a million times over, I wanted to remind him, remind him that I loved him. I felt my eyes go moist and then Scott's hand on my shoulder again. I opened my eyes and looked at his friendly face.

"Did I get his name right this time? Ethan... right?"

I nodded and rubbed my eyes, "yeah."

He smiled wildly and sat back, "Well I'm glad we're being honest here now. I knew there was something going on with you two. Plus there was something else that kinda pushed the subject," he finished as he tapped his neck.

Oh Shit! I totally forgot about that. Damn Ethan as his foreplay tactics. I rubbed it and went red.

"Well..." I said slightly laughing.

Scott laughed out loud, "You don't need to explain it. I see enough at home."

Scott and I laughed weakly. He looked at the floor then at me smiling.

"That's how I kinda got an idea about you two. I see the same thing in my parents when they look at each other."

I nodded my head, smiling at him as I put my hand on his shoulder.

"I hope you're not mad at me for finding out?" his face went serious.

I sighed and looked back at him, "No I'm not mad at you, maybe for scaring the shit out of me, but not for finding out, no. Saved me a lot of trouble."

He smiled big, "Cool."

"You won't say anything will you?"

"No," he said smiling softly, "and about my family, it's...."

"I won't say anything either," I answered.

"Thanks Logan, I ah... don't think Adam's quite ready to hear it."

I scratched the back of my head as Scott got up.

"Well bud, time to go... I gotta get home for lunch, so how about we call it a day?"

I nodded in agreement as I got to feet. We both began walking to the locker-room as I asked, a little paranoid, "Does Liz know?"

Scott stopped and looked at me, "About my family or you and Ethan?"

I felt like I shrunk when I said, "Me," in a small voice.

We started walking again as he looked at the ceiling.

"Dunno, but I'm sure if she's got any questions she'll ask Ethan."

My mind went black with questions. Will Ethan tell? Is he that comfortable with us? Can he trust someone who's not a close friend? I shook my head as we walked into the locker-room. Well I guess we'll see.

"So does she know about your parents?"

Scott looked at me implying the question, 'are you stupid?'

"Dude of course. She loves my dads," he laughed as he said it.

Than I guess I really had nothing to worry about.

I stepped out of the mathematics building as I listened to Liz babble on about her boyfriend. It had gotten to the point were I just saw her mouth open and 'blah blah' come out. I had zoned out long before we had left the classroom. The last thing I remembered was something about a line and a vector.... I can't remember. Damn Logan for being on my mind all freakin' day. I guess the down side of having Logan as a boyfriend was that I didn't have room to really think of anything else. I still couldn't get last night out of my head. I still felt like I was quaking on the inside. How is it that just oral sex had my mind blown?

I stood there entranced when I heard Liz's voice, "Hey.... Ethan? You listening to me?"

I blinked and looked at her, "Huh?"

She had her arms folded as she gave me a look of disapproval, like all women give. The look on my face must have made her laugh. She giggled and seemed to have forgotten that she was mad at me.

"So what do you think?" she said.

"Uh...uhh..." was all I could stall with as I tried to think of something else to say. She shook her head and rolled her eyes at me, "I knew you weren't listening."

I tried to come up with an apology when I heard Liz's name yelled out by someone coming up from behind me. I turned around to see a fairly big guy with almost shaven bright red hair, bright green eyes and a big smile come up kiss Liz casually right there in the courtyard. God, I hated being third wheel. I kind of just stood there as I tried not to stare. Watching other people make out made me sick for Logan. As they finally detached Liz looked back to me, licking her lips.

"Oh... uh, Ethan, this is Scott, my boyfriend. Scott, this is Ethan, one of my dad's students."

As he turned around I got a good look at him. Now I remember, Logan's friend. He smiled at me and then extended his hand.

I shook it as he said, "Evan huh?"

Evan? He got my name wrong, but I smiled back none the less.

"So you're training under Steve-O?"

"Yeah," I said shrugging, adjusting the straps of my backpack and swing my skateboard at my side.

Scott squinted his eyes at me, "You know Logan Rian right?"

Yup, I knew him alright. Well, maybe 'knew' was an understatement. I nodded my head and half smiled at him. I think he took it as a yes. He laughed lightly as he grabbed Liz's hand.

"Sorry, it's just... when I see you and Logan together I always remember seeing you with your cap on low," he said, gesturing 'low' with his hand.

I adjusted my cap and smiled foolishly.

"Yeah," I said. I had it on backwards today. I didn't think me and my favorite black cap had become that well known on campus.

I looked at my feet as I heard Scott's voice again, "Hey, I'm going to meet Logan at the gym right now, you wanna come?"

I did, even if Scott was there with us. I just wanted to be near Logan. I looked at Scott with open eyes until Liz stepped in, "Ethan can't. He's gotta meet my dad right now."

"Oh," he said, looking at Liz and then at me apologetically.

"Sorry, I would but Steve's got me on a tight schedule," I said.

Liz giggled again. Scott chuckled and held out his hand again, "Well Evan, nice to meet ya."

I took his hand, "You too."

He turned to Liz, "Bye baby, gotta go."

"Ok," she said as they sucked face once more. At least Logan and I had the decency to do that behind closed doors.... sometimes. Scott waved at us as he jogged off and was soon out of sight. As me and Liz started walking the other direction I looked at her.

"He's your boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yeah, Scott Latham. He knows your friend Logan."

"Yeah," I said, "They're on the football team together, right? Logan ahh.... pointed him out once.... I think."

"So I take it you two have never talked, uh... you and Scott?"

"Hu-uh," I said, shaking my head. She didn't give me a look in anyway but I knew she knew something. I soon forgot about it as we walked into the parking lot and got into her car. I threw my board and backpack in the backseat. She got in and started the engine as I buckled my seatbelt.

"You sure Scott won't get... uh... jealous if me and you are in a car, ALONE, going to a building where we will be waiting, ALONE, for your dad to show up?" I eyed her jokingly.

She smiled as she backed her car out of the parking space. When she stopped she turned and locked eyes with me.

"I dunno. Would Logan be jealous if he knew you were ALONE with me?"

I dropped into my seat as my stomach did instant flips. My face must have expressed utter horror because she giggled.... more like a sinister giggle.

"You don't need to hide anything Ethan."

I shook the expression off my face as I tried as casually as I could not to sound so stricken.

"Uhh... w-what do you mean?" It didn't work.

Her giggle seemed to turn into a hackle, "You, Logan, I've seen you two together,"


She turned her view from the road to me, snide and almost cocky.

"Come on Ethan, who are you trying to fool? Obviously not me."

I brought my hands to my face and could have clawed my eyes out. WOMEN! I'd forgotten how overconfident they can be... and how they always think they're right. Which in my case, was dead on. I slowly rubbed my hands down my face to see her smiling at me. There was no way to win.

"Fine Liz, you win," I said through my palms.

"Wahoo," she blared, "Tell me everything."

Why did she remind me of Terrance? I lowered my head and sighed, what had I gotten myself into? I guess I was coming out faster than I thought. It still scared me, but it seems stupid hiding it from people who already knew. I swatted the butterflies in my stomach and swallowed the frog in my throat.

"Wait," I said loudly, "First tell me... how-w you found out. It's just I have to know. There's no way that we're that obvious."

This time she almost busted out laughing as she came to a stop at a red light. Her face almost gloated as she turned to me.

"Fine," she said, "Like I said, I've seen you two together a campus."

"Come on! To the common eye we're just friends," I tried to sound stern. She gave me a look of 'pardon me.'

"Hold on karate kid, it get's better."

That shut me up.

"What totally gave you away was my 'gay-dar.' It's 100 times more efficient than that of any other gay guy's."

I looked at her puzzled. Gay-dar? Isn't that a myth? I mean look at me. My own friends didn't even know I'd end with Logan. Or even Logan at that, if I was going to be gay than why didn't I know about him? I kind of came to the conclusion that the only gay thing about us was... that we loved each other. Shit... we were still men. My attention reverted back to Liz's comment.

"How?" my tone of voice emphasizing that I desperately needed to know the answer.

She giggled once more, covering her mouth. She was having a field day with this.

"It's a curse I have. Every guy that I think is cute either turns out gay or about to go gay."

I looked back at her as she gave me a look that could only be translated as, 'it's true, so there.' I shot her a 'go die' look.

"Wait a minute! What about Scott?" I said in objection.

She smiled devilishly, "Hold on, that can be explained."

I sat up as I thought in my head, "I gotta hear this."

She turned back to me, "No, Scott's not gay. Although my estrogen enhanced gay-dar did go off, it was not caused by him."

I gave her an unconvinced look.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Let me finish," she protested.

"So, later after Scott and I had started going out.... Oh, by now I was convinced he was bi. He invited me over to meet his parents. I met his dad, Justin, awesome guy, sexy man. I can see where Scott gets his good looks. And later, lo and behold, I meet his dad's partner, Eric. Brutally hot, if I were a 40 year old woman I'd be in heaven. So it turns out that Scott's straight and his dad is gay."

I continued to stare at her with my mouth open as I thought, "Has the entire world gone gay?" I shook myself out of it as she pulled into a parking space in front of the dojo. She cut the engine and unbuckled her seat belt as she looked back up at me.

"Now, you and Logan, I wanna hear all about it."

By the time she had fished every detail out of me, Steve came walking through the double doors. He looked around the dojo and saw the two of us sitting on the far bench talking. Both looked up as we heard his footsteps get closer. Liz got up and hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey Steve-O," I said as I stood up also.

"What up kiddo?" he said smiling at me as he sat down and took off his shoes.

All ready he stood up and said," You all stretched?"

Liz looked at me and tried not to giggle. "Pervert," I thought as I shook my head at her.

I looked back at Steve and said, "Yup."

"Well then, why don't we get started? Competition's is coming up quick, November's half way over."

I stood up straight and saluted him, "Yes sir!"

Training was grueling as ever, but the two hours passed like nothing. Out of breath I collapsed on the bench. Liz handed me a cup. I drank and then looked at the cup.

"Gatorade?" I said as I looked over at Liz.

She shrugged, "I guess 'Steve-O' has taken a liking to you. He talks about you like you're his son."

I took another sip of the sports drink and said, "To who?"

"The competition," she said as Steve walked up with a cup also and then messed up my hair.

"Good job Ethan," he took another gulp of Gatorade, "We may have a winning chance."

I slightly choked on the liquid, "ME?!"

Steve looked down from taking another sip, "Yes you."

He smiled as he turned and walked back to get his stuff gathered up.

"You think you can win?" Liz asked quietly.

I finished off the Gatorade and looked down at the cup. Was I really good enough? I felt my mind fill with doubt as my stomach shrunk.

I looked at Liz, "If Steve thinks so, then I guess giving it a try wouldn't hurt."

She smiled at me and got up, "That's the spirit," she said as she took my cup to throw it away.

"Well I think we're leaving. Dad wants to be home early today."

"That's ok, I gotta wait for someone," I said as I took off my gloves.

She sat back down and whispered smiling, "Logan?"

Thought clenched teeth I responded, "That's none of your business."

She got back up, "Fine, just keep it PG-13 ok?"

Before I could even answer Steve walked back up to me, his duffle bag all packed up, "Well Ethan, I'll see you on Thursday, ok?"

I stood up and wiped the sweat off my palms on the pant legs of my gi as I nodded at him.


He turned to the door but stopped and turned back around, leaving Liz walking to the door alone, "Oh, and before I forget, you need to call Derek or Christian. They need a substitute for the kid's class on Saturday."

I folded my arms and looked at him funny, "Oooh-k?"

He gave a funny look back, "Well Christian just told me to tell you. Oh, and to pay your cell phone bill."

I kicked myself mentally in the head as I remembered. SHIT! I was wondering why our call got cut off and then why he didn't call back.

"Ok, I'll give him a call. Thanks Steve."

"Ok kiddo, take care. I gotta run, date with the Mrs."

I waved bye as Steve winked at me and as Liz waved with a guilty smile. I snorted air at her as she walked out and was gone. I walked back to the bench and sat back down. I was still tired. I fell forward letting my face fall into my hands as I sat there. Why do people expect so much out of me? I felt like if I didn't win I was letting Steve down. I was the student of a North America champion. And if I lost I'd make him feel, well.... not so champion. I felt the stress build up and was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of swinging doors and heavy foot steps. I looked through my fingers as my worries almost at once melted away at the sight of Logan walking towards me. His smiling face making feel anything but stressed.

Well this was the place, the sign outside read "DOJO." I walked up the steps and in through the double doors. I had my backpack over on shoulder, heavier than usual because I had my gym clothes along with me. After my work out with Scott I scrambled into my street clothes and left without even taking a shower. So I imagined I smelled pretty rank.

As I walked into the dojo the cool air hit me in the face. I blinked a few times finally noticing how hot it actually was outside, even for mid fall. I looked around at the large room, the padded floor and the high ceiling. And then at the long bench that ran along the same wall as the door. At the far end I saw someone sitting down. As I walked closer I saw it was a guy and then I realized it was Ethan. He slowly got to his feet, wiping his hands on the karate pants he was wearing and then faced me. I watched his face lighten up with a smile as I walked closer. Holy Shit! I never thought I'd be having fantasies about a man in a karate suit until now. He stood there, arms folded with his smooth chest slightly showing. The gi, I think it was called, he wore was mostly black with a little red on the boarders. My eyes moaned at the color of his skin, shinning with sweat against his black uniform, his arms in full view. He was barefoot as he stood there, his hair slightly damp with sweat as he grinned at me.

"Right on time," Ethan said as I finally stood in front of him.

I looked at my watch. I tried to be here on time but ended up a couple minutes late.

"I tried," I said as I put my arm down and looked at him.

"You ready?" I asked raising my brow and my voice as I scanned him over, taking in the sight of him in a sexy as fuck uniform. I didn't notice until now that I was at full mast. I was beginning to understand that even body knew he was attractive.

"Yeah, almost, just let me shower and then change, ok?"

I nodded as he stepped closer. I knew what was coming. Almost quicker than him, I pulled him into me. Tasting his mouth as my mind finally went at ease. As he pulled away slowly, my eyes still closed, I whispered, almost paranoid for his sake, "You sure no one's here?"

Opened my eyes to see him smile and drop his head as he held my neck, "No, no one's here."

I pulled his face back up by his chin, "Than why did you stop?"

He smiled at me foolishly as I kissed him again.

"You shaved," he said as we pulled apart, running his fingertips over my chin and cheek.

"Yeah," I said, rubbing my other cheek and then my neck over his hand.

He raised his eyebrows and smiled warmly at me.

I felt my chest glow as he said, "I dunno if I like you better with or without the beard."

I went red a little as he inched forward and sniffed me, "But one things for sure. You need a shower.... or at least a rinse."

I pulled him back into me and brushed my lips against his, "Well you're not exactly smelling like a hundred bucks either."

He laughed on an exhale as I inched my face closer to his. The truth, his scent had me drunk. He smelled musky, the way a man should smell after a hard day's work. I kissed him gently, feeling his perfect body through the thick cotton of his uniform. I missed him, even if it was for only 6 hours. I then felt him grind against me. His prominent tool rubbed against mine through our clothes. I wanted to feel him, feel his skin on mine. I then felt him break and step back as I opened my eyes. Still smiling he grabbed my hand and his backpack and made for the bathroom.

"Where are we going? I'm hungry, I wanna eat lunch," I said whining while trudging along behind him, holding my hand firmly. He looked back at me.

"Well, I said you needed a shower right? Well I need one too."

"They have showers here?" I said slightly surprised.

"Yeah, this is a gym if you think about it," he said as we walked past the plaque that said, 'MEN.'

The warm water steamed as it splashed down my back, echoing through the locker-room as I held Ethan tightly to me, my hands around his waist as he gripped my shoulder and tugged at my hair. I completely devoured him in my hard kiss as I sucked the breath from him. Feeling his entire body against mine had me quaking. I had him completely against the wall as I ground my aching cock against his. I still couldn't comprehend how awesome the feeling was. I was riding high.... and I wanted nothing more than to fuck him, to be inside him. Everything else we had done only seemed to fuel the fire of this selfish need of mine to take him. I shot myself mentally. What are you thinking about? Ethan groaned loudly into my mouth. I can't, No guy in their right mind would ever want something as intimidating as I was anywhere near their ass. Besides, all I'd do is hurt him.

I wrestled with my thoughts of conflict as it mixed with the intense pleasure, like a hard chemical cocktail that raced through my brain. I made a promise to myself, 'we'll go at his pace.' The grinding and groaning got heavier along with the kissing until I felt something warm, warmer than the water crash over my abs as I felt Ethan go limp against my body. Knowing I had made Ethan cum had me exploding seconds later. The entire time the both us connected at the mouth, not breaking our kiss.... I loved these timed orgasms. He opened his eyes and half smiled at me. He looked tired.

"I've been waiting for this moment all day," he said in a low, husky, sated voice while running his finger through my wet hair.

I nipped his chin and jaw, "Guess what? Me too."

I looked down between us, almost in marvel.

"Should we clean up now?"

"Yeah, I think I'm hungry for food now."

It felt weird being in the food court again with Logan. Almost as if we were reliving the first couple days we met. Logan was all smiles as I think he remembered too. The only difference between now and then was that now we were a couple, although we did nothing to show it. But deep down, I wanted Logan's arm around me, I wanted to feel his affection physically, I wanted... something, some token that said we were more than just friends. But I remembered where we were at and that even though Logan meant something to me, the crowd, the public, society wouldn't accept us.

I flashed back to reality as Logan looked over at me, like he had just asked me something and was waiting for a reply. He was now asking a second time.

"Did you want McDonald's, pizza or Panda?"

I looked at all the fast-food lines. Steve would kill me if he knew I was eating this. I could almost hear him scolding me like a Marine Corp. drill sergeant. I almost had second thoughts until I looked at Logan, smiling and still waiting for me to say something. I bit my bottom lip and looked at the three choices.

"Umm... Panda looks good."

His grin got bigger, "Then Panda it is."

Logan opened the door to his dorm room. This time I think more comfortable than the first time. The door swung open as we walked in, me carrying our lunch in a to-go bag. The door shut as I tried to look for a place to set our food down. The desks looked like total disaster strikes.

I turned to him, "You uh... mind if we eat on your bed?"

He looked at me for a little bit, frozen like I'd just asked him to strip.

"Oh.... yeah," he said as he looked as his bed for a split second. He looked for a place to set down our drinks and finally decided on a stack of text books then gathered the clothes on his bed into a pile then threw them to the side.

"There," he said, looking pleased with his clean-up job. I shook my head at him and smiled as he jumped in his bed and sat against the wall, his feet hanging off. I walked over and handed him the bag and crawled beside him. We both opened the bag and began pulling out boxes, napkins and forks, trying to figure out what belonged to whom.

The time went by as we talked and laughed about the usual shit going on around us. As our meal was almost half gone, Logan turned to me, swallowing a mouthful of chow mien noodles.

"Ethan? How do you feel about people knowing?.... about us?"

'Crap!' I thought as I remembered Liz.

"Like friends?" I said.

"Yeah," he replied.

I didn't want everyone knowing. The very thought gave me that sea-sick feeling. And it wasn't like Logan and I were exactly screaming it either. But Liz was an awesome girl, and for some strange reason it didn't bother me as much as thought it would that she knew. If I wasn't gay I'd probably be jealous of Scott. But what did Logan think about people other than Terrance, Grant, Jeff..... Dave and Garrett knowing? I know he didn't mind as much as I did. But I'm sure he had the right to know who was in on our little 'secret.' I put down my fork and looked at my food.

"Well there's.... something I was meaning to tell you."

I could tell he stopped eating even though I didn't look at him.

"Somethin' wrong?"

"No.... it's just something I thought you should know."

It was silent for what felt like minutes. I hung my head.

"Liz knows," I said softly, "Sorry, I uhh.... yeah."

I heard Logan laugh lightly. I turned to see him smiling.

"What?" I asked, completely confused.

"I was gonna ask you about that because Scott knows too."

"What!?" I said brashly, his laughter increasing.

"He's totally cool whit it," Logan said as he put his hand on my knee. I gradually relaxed as Logan told me all about what happened. In turn I told him about Liz at the dojo and how I was practically tricked into telling her. I guess I was ok with a girl finding out, knowing that girls had an ear for these kinds of things. But I understood how Scott got his basis for asking.

"So... Scott has two dad's and he's going out with Liz," I said as a statement.

"Yeah," Logan said quickly as he finished off his meal.

"You think they'll say anything?" I said worried.

He stopped and put down his fork again, dropping it in the empty take out box.

"Well they said they wouldn't didn't they?"

"Yeah," I said still worried, "But you never know."

"I guess we'll just have to trust them."

I nodded as I thought back to the dojo. Christian! Shit! I remembered as I scrambled off Logan's bed.

"What's going on?" Logan said, still sitting on his bed.

"Uhh... can I use your phone?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said pointing to the desk in the corner.

"Sorry, I just forgot to call Christain," Logan gave me a funny look, "One of my friends at the dojo."

"Oh," Logan said under his breath as he slowly got off his bed. I dialed the number and listened to the ringing. One ring...... two rings.

"Yeah," I head over the phone.



"Yeah hey, what's up?"

"Nothing really, lunch break, what's up with you?"

"Oh, Steve told me today that you needed to talk to me."

"Yeah, before I got cut off I wanted to tell you that I need you to teach the beginners class on Saturday until Jake can find a permanent teacher."

"What? What's going on? You not teaching anymore?" I said letting the worry show.

"Well..... not here. Derek got a job back east and we're getting ready to move next week."

"Why do you think I've been trying to call you? But it sounds like someone hasn't been paying their cell phone bill."

"Shit!" I said as Logan walked up to me.

"Well, what's new with you? You finally gonna admit that you're sleeping with that hunky football quarterback?"

I took a deep breath. He already had thoughts about me and Logan. It was only fair to tell him. Moment of truth, "Yes, I am. You were right."

"Holy Fuck! You're kidding right?"

"No," I said, sounding totally beaten.

I motioned for Logan to say something into the phone. He staggered forward and leaned into the phone as I held it out.

"Uhh... hey, this is Logan."

I brought the phone back to me ear.

"I KNEW IT!" he blared at me, "So when can I meet him? I know. You two can help me and Derek move."

Confused and shocked I had my mouth open. That was quick. I just came out to him and that was all he could say? Well he did already have an idea. And I guess it did save me a lot of awkward trouble.

"Ooo-kaay," I said drawn out.

"I'll have to give you a call back to tell you when."

"Yeah, sounds good," still not sure about how I should feel.


"Yeah, I better get going, I'm calling from Logan's phone."

"Oh... so your at his place?" he said it with a hinting tone.

"Yeah," I said in a small voice.

"Ok, you'll have to fill me in later ok? Bye."


The phone clicked as I put it down. Logan stood next to me, both of us leaning against the desk.

"So what happened?"

I blinked myself out of my state of mind and looked at him.

"Oh, well... let's just say we can add someone else to our little 'list' of friends."

"Oh," Logan said, shrinking a little.

"Nothing to worry about. He's gay too."

"Oh," Logan said, perking right up.

"But he's moving and he needs me to teach his karate class on Saturday and he asked 'us' to help him and his boyfriend move."

"Really?" Logan said, his eyes widening at me. He put his hand on top of mine over the desk.

"You feeling ok?"

I looked up at him.


And I did. I guess having all my friends know about me and Logan wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. At least we could be ourselves around them. But being in public still had me scared shitless. I doubt I'll ever be ready to do it. Logan moved a little closer, his face moving closer to mine.

"They're just your friends. There's nothing to worry about."

I looked away then looked back at him as he moved in for a kiss. As we met I felt myself breathe easier. Logan had the strange power, whether he knew it or not, to cut away the world and make me feel like we were the only two people in existence. Why did his kisses always seem to wash away my fears, like morphine, nothing hurt or scared me. We heard the door open as we separated and watched Terry walk in. Why did he always come in at the most inappropriate times?

"Hey," Logan said casually as Terry nodded at him.

"Well I guess I'd better go," I said as I picked up backpack and board. Ignoring the stares Terry was giving the both of us.

"I'll call ya," Logan said speaking across the room as I shot him a smile and was out the door. 'Three people today', I thought, Liz, Scott and Christian. Well nothing I can do about it now. We'll just have to see who finds out tomorrow.

End Chapter 8: Light my way