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Ryan. Chapter 2

Ryan slipped his big manly hands down into my tight briefs and grabbed my hard cock and just held it as we continued kissing. Our tongues were intertwining as we made out for a few minutes, I was blissfully enjoying every second of it, with his hand just holding my cock. The kiss continued and Ryan began to move his hand slowly up and down my hard member, his hand was very warm on my cock which just added to the pleasure and ecstasy of the kiss. Ryan started to walk towards me, pushing me backwards towards my bed, even as we continued tongue fighting. He pushed me down onto my bed and he just stood there watching me. I stared back, taking in the magnificent sight of the naked Ryan. His 7' cock was semi-hard, nestled in his brown pubes which stretched from his cock into a thick forest towards his belly button and got thinner up towards his chest and nipples, which was glistening with sweat from the heat of the room and the orgasm I had just given him during his first blow job.

`That was one amazing blow job Sam. I have never, ever cummed like that before' Ryan said, as he stood in all his naked glory.

`It was a big load, and tasted amazing I would...' I began to reply before Ryan interrupted me.

`Now it is your turn to cum a bucket load' Ryan lustfully said, excitement sparkling in his deep brown eyes.

Ryan walked across towards me, his un-cut cock swinging side to side above his low-hanging hairy balls. He straddled my legs and leant in for a kiss, and began to unbutton my shirt freeing my hairy chest.

`Nice fur Sam' Ryan told me seductively with the twinkle in his eyes.

Ryan licked my chest and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt. I took my arms out and Ryan threw the shirt to the floor before leaning in and taking my nipples in his mouth in turn. He sucked hard, but it felt good, as I lay there groaning, loving it. As he sucked one nipple he played with the other, tweaking it with his thumb. Ryan licked down my body, tracing the hair with his tongue towards my hairy belly button, which he stuck his tongue in and licked it out. It took me by surprise the things he was doing to me, after all he was a virgin, but he knew what to do to make me feel good.

He un-straddled me, smirked and said `Looks like your cock could do with coming out of those jeans'

`Oh yes, it's what you do to me Ryan. Your fucking gorgeous' was my reply. I was shocked as he seemed a lot more confident now, but I was not complaining.

He unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off; he grabbed my hairy thighs as he began to lick my cock through my briefs. Ryan pulled down my briefs, allowing my 7 inch cock to spring free and stand to attention. Ryan looked at my cock, and began to wank it, moving his hands up and down, picking up speed. Once or twice he seemed to look at my cock and go forwards to suck it, but always pulled back, looking a little nervous about taking my rod into his mouth. I was enjoying his big manly hands working their magic on my cock; I was looking into his eyes, thinking how lucky I am to have this hairy hunk in my bed. He looked at my cock and then back up to my eyes.

`Take your time Ryan, no need to be nervous, just take it nice and slow, a little bit at a time, or just use your hands' I told him as he looked into my eyes.

`No, you gave me the orgasm of my life, and I will do the same for you' came Ryan's reply.

After he said that, he began to flick his tongue against my swollen purple head. He had his warm hands on my thighs and then he took my cock in his mouth. His wet, warm mouth felt amazing on my cock as I began to groan and encourage him. He went further down on my cock, his hands holding onto my thick thighs rather tight as he slowly worked at my throbbing cock. It did feel good, and he was my dream man so it was amazing in that sense. I wanted him to feel good and started to big him up.

`Yes Ryan, keep going, feels great' I said to him, as he continued sucking and he looked into my eyes and his eyes lit up.

He then decided to try and take all of my cock in, but began to gag so he pulled out and took my cock out of his mouth.

`Don't worry about taking it all in, just take it slow' I advised him.

He didn't reply, rather he just smirked back at me and went back down to my cock. He again took it into his mouth and began to use his tongue, licking my shaft moving up and down, the noise of his sucking getting louder as he picked up speed and licked my shaft. I could feel the orgasm building up in my balls as my cock throbbed and he began to tickle my balls and tug on them with his hand and began to use his other hand to stroke the bottom of my cock. This felt amazing, having my cock sucked and wanked at the same time as having my balls tugged on. The orgasm was fast building up in my balls and my breathing got heavier and I groaned and moaned and kept saying Ryan's name over and over again.

`Ryan, oh god, Immmm about to blow my load'

That only egged Ryan on, and he picked up speed and then the orgasm came. It was very powerful as I spurted my seed down Ryan's throat and moaned and shouted his name as my body shuddered and my breathing went wild as I pumped load after load into Ryan's waiting mouth. Ryan couldn't swallow it all; it started to dribble out of his mouth. I lay back down on the bed to recover from the climax.

I then pulled him onto the bed, and kissed me, taking my cum into my mouth and swallowing.

`That, was fucking brilliant Ryan. Amazing' I breathlessly told Ryan.

He smiled back and said `Brilliant, now we are even'

We continued to kiss for a bit, then just lay there, with Ryan in my arms his head lying on my glistening hairy chest and rising with my breathing as I calmed down. We just lay there, our cocks soft in our nest of pubes, my leg resting on his. We chatted for a bit as we lay there, just enjoying the passion we had just experienced.

`So Ryan, how was your first blow job and your first time sucking a cock?' I curiously asked Ryan.

`Fantastic, I never imagined a blow job could feel so good. The taste of your cock was great as well; I hope I can do it again someday?

`Oh I think we will find time to do that again' I replied mischievously

`Good! The orgasm I had was unbelievable; I never thought I would see so much cum again. That was until you blew yours. My, that was one big load!' Ryan replied, the excitement in his voice for me to hear.

`Hahaha, yeah I do blow big loads. You took most of it down though, so well done' I said, laughing.

For a while, maybe an hour or so, we just lay there. We talked and lay in silence. I loved it, just lying there in each other's arm, it was perfect.

`Fuck me' Ryan said.

`What' was my reply.

`Fuck me.' Ryan repeated.

`Are you sure?' I asked

`Yes, I want your cock inside me.' Ryan said in a matter of fact tone.

`Ok then, it may hurt a bit the first time, but when the pleasure comes, it will be amazing' I told Ryan

`I don't mind, I have always been curious and now I want to try having a cock, well your cock, up my arse to fuck me silly''

`Ok, just tell me if you want to stop' I said, and then before he could reply, I leant down to kiss him and began to suck his tongue.

I rolled on top of him, our bodies rubbing together, our soft cocks rubbing against each other has our hairy bodies intertwined as we kissed. I grabbed his face as I kissed him, our tongues licking each other. My hands slowly moved down towards our cocks and I took them both and gently rubbed them together. We were now in a sitting position, our legs on top of each other. I loved the feel of his hairy legs crossed over mine during our kissing session.

`Let me get the lube, then we can begin' I said to Ryan.

I got the lube out of my drawer, and put loads around Ryan's pink hole, and on my fingers.

`I am going to start with fingers, just to get you used to the feeling'

`Go ahead then, where do you want me?' Ryan asked.

`Just on your hands and knees for now' I replied

I gently rubbed my fingers along his pink hole, before I gently slipped my index finger into his arse. Ryan groaned a little as I began to move it in and out. Before asking Ryan how he felt, I decided to add in another finger, pushing in and out and I began to pick up speed.

`How does it feel? I asked

`Pretty good, keep going mate' Ryan told me.

I didn't need telling twice, and pumped my fingers in and out for a few minutes. I thought he was now ready to try my cock.

`Ryan, turn on your front. I want to look into your eyes as I fuck you. I want to see the pleasure in your face, the excitement in your eyes as you spunk all up yourself' I dirtily told Ryan.

Ryan didn't even answer and lay on his back, his head on my pillows. I took that as my cue, and got on my knees leaning near his arse and legs. I grabbed at his legs and lifted them up to gain access to his hairy, tight arse cheeks and of course his waiting hole. I rested his legs on my shoulders and then grabbed my cock and gently rubbed my cock head against his hole.

Next I pushed my head into his waiting hole. He gasped, and I slowly pushed more of my cock into his arse. He groaned in pain. I was about to open my mouth to ask him if he wanted to stop, but he got in there first.

`Don't stop, just keep going' Ryan said.

I hesitated, so he told me again. I pushed the rest of my cock in his arse, again he groaned but I continued. I started moving in and out very slowly, letting him get used to having a cock up there for the first time. He continued to groan, but kept telling me to carry on. As I moved in and out, I picked up speed, getting faster and he began to moan, but in pleasure rather than in pain. My cock continued to fuck him and I grabbed his thick thighs for support, before leaning down to kiss him with our hairy bellies rubbing against each other.

`Oh Sam, it feels so good. Go faster' Ryan asked

I picked up speed, pulling my cock in and out, in and out, picking up speed, holding on tight to his thighs. I began to pant, as my breathing quickened as I gathered more pace. By this stage I was going very fast. Ryan's long, hard cock bounced in rhythm to my cock pounding his sweet ass. His legs moved in time to my thrusts, his moaning and groaning getting louder and quicker.

`OHHH SAM' He shouted.

I could tell he was nearly ready to blow, as was I. My speed was fast, I was panting a lot, Ryan just kept moaning and saying me name. His hole pulsated and tightened around my cock as he began to cum, squirting onto his hairy torso. This sent me over the edge, as I pounded; I reached my climax a second or two after Ryan. We were both cumming at the same time; I filled his hole with my seed, as Ryan's seed splattered up his chest and stomach. After we had unloaded, my cock softened and slid out of his arse. I collapsed on top of Ryan, breathing very heavily. His spunk rubbed into the hair on my chest as I lay on him and pressed my lips once again to his.

I turned onto my back to gain my breath and to rest.

`So, how was it?' I asked

`Unbelievable. Un-fricking believeable Sam. I never thought I could feel so good being with a man. The sucking, the blowing, the fucking, the kissing. I love your body against mine, I love it.' Ryan replied.

`Good.' I laughed again. `Roll on next time then!'

`Oh yes!' Came Ryan's reply.

Ryan then lent in for another kiss, he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I accepted. We kissed for ages, 15 minutes maybe. We fell asleep in each other's arms. I slept brilliantly.

I woke up with my head resting on the hairy chest of Ryan. I could smell the musky scent of Ryan, of sweat, of sex, of cum, which caused my cock to stir. I looked at the clock and it was midday. Ryan was awake, just watching me.

`How long have you been awake?' I asked

`About an hour. I just loved watching you, you are amazing and hunky and sexy. You looked so handsome and cute sleeping on my chest' he replied.

I leant up to kiss him.

`Hungry?' I asked.

`Oh yes' he said as he smirked.

`Haha, in terms of food, not cock!' I giggled back.

`Ohhhh, ok then, go get me food babe' And he winked at me.

I pulled on my briefs and went to the kitchen to grab a sandwich each.

`Sounds like you two had a good night! Did you have fun?' Laura asked with a massive smirk when I entered the kitchen.

`What makes you say that?' I said and grinned back.

`Well the shouts of OHH RYAN' gave it away!' Laura told me.

I just laughed and thumped her on the arms.

`It was fucking fantastic,' Ryan said as he entered the kitchen in just his underwear, `Now can I have my briefs back?'

I looked down at my briefs, and realised I had put Ryan's on instead. He had put mine on.

`Good night Ryan?' Sarah asked

`Erm yeah, it was alright' He replied, blushing and going bright red.

`Only alright?' I asked jokingly

`Sorry about the noise Sarah' Ryan said

Sarah laughed and said `Dont worry about, it is all good to have fun, and I think you had a lot of that last night. Plus Sam hasn't stopped smiling yet and he has fancied you since the moment he first saw you'

`Has he?' He replied.

`Yes, now get back to bed. And Sarah, stop chatting him up' I declared

She just whipped me with the towel.

I made the food and padded back to the bedroom, still with a massive smirk on my face, happy as anyone could be.