Ryan. Chapter 3

I padded back to the bedroom with food for me and Ryan to snack on. Ryan was sitting up in bed, the quilt lying on his legs, but his hairy, toned torso was visible, which I loved so much. I also loved his stubble, which was getting thicker and how his brown hair stuck out at odd angles due to sleep.

`There you go handsome' I said, as I handed over the food to Ryan.

`Cheers Sam. Well that was one heck of a night' Ryan replied.

`Oh yes, you enjoyed it then?' I asked.

`Without doubt, the best night ever, I cannot stop smiling. I feel so cheery now' Ryan said happily.

`I can see' I replied, `Now eat your sandwich and get ready to leave'

We ate our food and Ryan had a shower, as I just sat and watched TV in my room. After his shower, Ryan came back into my room looking like a true jock. The water glistened off his chest, making the hair on his chest and his treasure trail look thicker and darker. He wore his towel low down, his trail visibly reaching the top of his pubes. His fur-covered forearms hung by his side as his strolled into the room. He was utter perfection, and he turned me on so much, and I just wanted his cock. Badly, which is why I decided to act upon the urge.

I walked over to him and placed my lips on his, my bare chest pressing against his hairy, wet body and I could feel the warmth of his body on my chest and I pulled his towel off. He kissed me back vigorously, and I grabbed his tight, lightly haired arse cheeks, gently squeezing them as we slid our tongues over each other. I took it all in one and could feel it grow to its full length within seconds.

`Oh god Sam, not again, ahhhhhhh, so good. Keep going.' Ryan groaned.

I moved very fast up and down his swollen cock, tickling his balls with one hand and stroking the base of his cock with the other. He placed his hands on the back of my head, pushing me down on his cock, so I gladly obliged. I got faster and faster, and began to tug on his hairy balls.

`Ahhhh, Sam, I'm close. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I'm about to blow' Cried Ryan

I tugged once more on his balls as I felt his body and cock convulse as he pumped his warm, salty seed down my waiting throat. His cock softened and slid out my mouth.

He pulled me up and kissed me again, our warm tongues dancing for a few minutes.

I pulled away and said `Right, now get dressed whilst I go shower'

`What about your load?' Ryan asked

`I'll toss off in the shower' I answered

`No you won't, I'll do it' Ryan told me, and grabbed my cock.

His manly, thick hands were very warm and he pushed me back towards the bed, so I was in a sitting position. He pumped my cock with expertise; it felt amazing, his sweaty palms gliding up my aching cock. I leant back to lie down as he worked his magic, gripping my cock with his meaty hands, wiping his thumb back and forth over the head of my cock.

I was groaning and then I felt the orgasm build in my balls, he kept his speed as I ejaculated, squirting the cum up in the air, it coming to land on my belly, my cock and Ryan's hand.

I lay there to catch my breath, but then I pulled Ryan's hand towards me to lick it clean.

`Right, now get dressed while I go shower, need to wash this cum off you know!' I said to Ryan, who replied by smacking my arse cheeks.

After my shower I dressed ready to go and meet my mom and sister who were in town for the day.

`Right then Ryan, I am off to meet the mother and sister, you staying here?' I asked.

`Nah, I need to go get some work done. Want to meet up later for a drink?' He replied.

`No can do mate, what about tomorrow evening? I fancy going to the cinema' I said.

`Sounds good to me, I'll check out the times and let you know the times' Ryan told me

`Sounds good to me, now I shall escort you to your flat' I said to Ryan

We walked towards his flat, as it was on the way out of the main building. We got to his door and I kissed him goodbye, and then left to meet the family.

The next day I stood outside the cinema waiting for Ryan, as it was easiest as we had both come from different campuses.

I could see Ryan approach, and as he got nearer I saw again just how handsome he is. He wore dark chinos, and he had a long sleeve black shirt on, which hugged him tightly, showing off his muscles. I could see a little bit of hair sprouting out at the top of his shirt, where his buttons were undone. He had shaved, but kept a bit of stubble, and his hair was ruffled. He walked toward me and I felt a stir below, as I found him so sexy.

`Hallo' I said, as I Ryan approached me.

`Evening, how's it hanging? Ryan asked

`Well depends what you mean. I feel good; afterall I am looking at you. And I am hanging low, but I think that might not last long as I stand here looking at you' I answered.

`I do that to everyone you know, they just can't help it' Ryan told me cheekily, adding a wink on the end.

`I can see why, but they can sod off and keep their hands to themselves. Your mine. Now let's get inside' I said.

The cinema was pretty empty as the film had been out for a while, and we got seats near the back. We chatted a bit as the trailers were on, but fell silent when the film started. The film was 30 minutes old when Ryan took my hand and held it. I looked at him and smiled, and we turned back to the screen, just holding hands watching it. I loved the feeling just sitting there, holding hands, doing nothing more.

The film went on, I wasn't really into it and started to get bored of it. I decided to play Ryan up, so I placed my free hand on his thigh, working my way up to his crotch, which I grabbed lightly when I reached it.

`I'm trying to watch this Sam' Ryan whispered

`I'm not stopping you' I replied, and continued to stroke his crotch, which I could feel his harden in my hands.

I didn't go any further; I enjoyed just resting my hand on him, in a way teasing him.

The film finally finished and we went to a bar near the cinema for a few drinks.

`Right then Sammy boy, when did you pop your cherry?' Ryan asked me after we had got drinks and sat down.

`I was 15 and was with a lad from school' I replied

`Aren't you going to tell me more?' He asked

`Well we were mates, and it started with us just messing around and exploring. Wanking and stuff to porn, and then one day we did it. Well he did me, I never fucked him. I think he was just curious, I knew I was gay and I loved his body and cock. After that we messed around for a few months, and then we left school and drifted apart.' I told Ryan.

`So, his body or mine?' Ryan asked, with a mischievous grin.

`His of course' I answered.

`Bastard' And he thumped me and I just smirked.

`He had a great body, but nothing compared to yours Ryan' I said, and grabbed his thick thigh.

`That's better! So do you ever speak to that guy?' Ryan said.

`Not really now, I know he has been with his girlfriend for a few years now' I told Ryan.

`So, you put him off men? Ryan pointed out.

Now it was my turn to thump him.

`Have I put you off men then Ryan?' I replied to him, laughing.

`Yes, well no. I just want you, no other man' Ryan replied, blushing.

`Awwwwww' I said.

We continued to chat and drink. Ryan told me how he was never sure about sex with guys and how nervous he was around lads. Until he met me that was, and he now feels much more confident.

`Drink up, let's go back to my place for some coffee' I told Ryan, winking at him.

`Yes sir!' He replied, a massive grin spreading across his hot, stubbled face.

We left the bar and walked about to halls, and to my flat. I had just closed the main door when Ryan walked over to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I didn't resist, and kissed back. Our tongues rolled around each other as we sucked the other's tongue. I grabbed his tight arse, as he began to unbutton my shirt, getting halfway down.

`Having fun boys' A voice said.

We jumped apart, and I saw Sarah standing there, in her dressing gown with a drink heading to her room.

`Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me Sarah! I told her, my heart beating ten to the dozen.

`Well you two should get a room!' She said back, laughing.

`You mean like you and Harry?' I replied with a grin.

`That's not the point!' She replied, going red.

`Good, now sod off and leave us to it' I told her, still grinning.

`Will do. Enjoy your night boys' and she went into her room still smiling at us.

We went into my room where we were soon back at it, sucking at each other's face. We explored each other's bodies with our hands, I was rubbing up and down Ryan's warm, defined back as he slipped his hands down the back of my briefs, and began to grope my hairy cheeks. As we kissed, we rubbed and we squeezed and moaned and groaned. We slowly moved across the room towards the bed, where I pushed Ryan down onto it, all the while with our lips together and our tongues dancing with each other.

I sat down next to Ryan, still kissing. He unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, exposing my hairy chest and belly, which he quickly bent down to lick. Licking from my neck, down to my nipples, he took each one in his mouth, causing me to moan in pleasure.

`God Ryan, keep going' I said, as I pulled on his hair and stroked his back.

He did keep going, rubbing my back as he sucked and sucked at my hard nipples. After a little while, he left my nipples and licked and slurped his way down my chest and stomach towards my belly button.

`Sam, I do love this hairy stomach and chest of yours' Ryan told me in between sucking and licking.

`And I do love yours mate!' I replied

Ryan stuck his tongue in my belly button and licked at it as he unbuckled the belt on my jeans. He got on his knees on the floor and pulled down my jeans, leaving me in socks and my briefs. He pulled my socks off and rubbed my legs and thighs before settling on my crotch, which was rock solid.

`Nice bulge' Ryan commented, as he began to suck at it through the material.

After licking my briefs, Ryan pulled them off, allowing my 6" hard cock to spring free. Ryan looked at me, and I looked into his deep brown eyes, which made him look extremely handsome, turning me on even more if that was possible. We just smiled at each other, and he began to lick the head of my cock. It felt fantastic, the tantalising flicks of his tongue on my member was euphoric. He then took in the head of my cock, and moved down my cock taking half in before moving back out. He went up and down slowly for a while, getting more in each time. All the time I continued to groan and encourage him.

`Ahhhh Ryan, feels amazing. Work that mouth of yours' I said.

Ryan replied by taking all of my cock into his mouth and picking up speed. He sped up and down my cock, his hands grabbing my thighs and I could slowly feel my load to build up in my hairy balls. I had my hands on Ryan's head as sucked me off, his warm, moist tongue working magic on my throbbing cock.

`Ryaaan, Im going to cuuuum' I declared

He sped up and I felt my balls tighten as my seed blew out from my cock, pumping it down Ryans waiting throat. Ryan pulled out and I squirted my last drops onto his stubble.

Without waiting, I pulled Ryan on top of me, pulling his mouth towards me, taking on my own spunk which I just unloaded into his mouth. We kissed, and then I licked the cum off his chin and stubble, swallowing it. I rolled over, so I was lying on top of him, with my naked chest against his soft black shirt. As we kissed, I rubbed my hand up his shirt, feeling his thick treasure trail, following the hair as it thinned towards his chest and nipples. The kissing carried on, sucking at each other's lips, groaning, and I slowly undid his shirt, so we were both topless, chest to chest, our hairiness rubbing together. His body was very warm and soft, and I adored the feel of his body hair below me.

I tore away from his mouth, and started sucking on his neck, and grabbing his crotch. I stuck my hand down his chinos and briefs, grabbing hold of his long, warm cock, and I began to stroke it up and down as I licked my down his body, towards his treasure trail.

`Yes Sam, keep doing that' Sam groaned.

I undid Ryan's chinos, pulling them down swiftly with his briefs. And there stood his lengthy, 7 inch cock, in all its glory. I flicked my tongue at it, but I then moved away and took off his socks and pulled Ryan to the end of the bed, so his legs were hanging over. I stroked at his muscled thighs and legs, and then found his feet. I began to rub them, and then I took his toes in my mouth. One by one I sucked at each toe, lathering them up and tickling them with my tongue and rubbing his very hairy legs with my hands.

As I sucked, Ryan continued to moan in pleasure, enjoying every second as I worked on his hot body. I left his toes and licked my way up his legs towards his thick thighs, my hands taking hold of them. Only then did I attend to his dripping cock. Pre-cum glistened at his throbbing, purple head, as it stood waiting for my mouth. With my hands wrapped around his thighs, I bent forwards and tickled his cock head with my tongue. I removed my hands from his sweaty thighs, and placed them on his cock. My hands played with his shaft and balls, as I flicked at his piss-slit with my tongue. I then took his cock head in my mouth, sucking at it with all my might whilst still tickling his balls.

`Ohhhhh Sam. Feels great.' Sam said as he moved around on the bed, pushing his cock towards me.

At his hint, I went down on his whole cock, taking it all in and picked up speed very, very fast. My tongue took care of his shaft, licking it as I flew up and down his pole. I slowed down as I could tell he was near blowing, and I wanted to feel his cock up my waiting arse.

`Ryan, fuck me. I want your cock up my arse rough and hard now' I demanded and I got onto the bed on all fours.

`Ryan, spit on your hands and' I began to say, but was interrupted as I felt Ryan's tongue flick at my hole.

He prowled my hole with his tongue, licking and sucking as he stuck his fingers up my arse.

`Yes Ryaaaan. Feels great, so good, keep going' I moaned at Ryan.

He continued, using two fingers at my hole as he licked me out for a minute or so, before I felt his cock head at my entrance.

`Here goes nothing' Ryan said, as he grabbed his cock and slapped it around my arse and hole.

Next I felt him grab my hips with his hands as he lined up, then took one hand off to guide in his cock. He pushed the head in slowly, and then quickly pushed the rest in. It felt amazing, his cock hitting the spot causing me to moan out in ecstasy as I moved back and forth as he pounded my ass. As he worked his cock in and out, Sam began to get louder with his moans, and I was near to shooting another load, with Ryan close to shooting his first.

`Ryan, pull out and let me lie on my back' I told him, as I wanted to see his body as he pounded me and when I blew.

Ryan didn't answer, he just did it. He plunged his cock back into my ass, and picked up his pace quickly. As he moved in and out, his breathing quickened as did his moaning. I was moaning with each thrust as his cock struck my spot, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. It turned me on to see his hairy, toned torso and chest, glistening with sweat, pound me to oblivion.

`YES SAM' Ryan screamed as he released his load up my arse, which sent me over the edge and I began to shoot over my chest. Ryan's cock pulsated into my hole, pumping load after load of his hot, sticky seed. His cock softened and slid out of me and he collapsed on top me, my hot cum rubbing into his chest and belly hair as our bodies intertwined. His kissed me.

`That felt amazing' Ryan told me.

`It was fucking amazing for me as well, a nice, hot cock up my hole. You were fantastic' I said, and kissed him again.

`Must have been the best orgasm of my life. Your ass tightened on my cock as you came whilst I was blowing my load and that felt even better. Amazingly brilliant' Ryan said breaking the kiss.

I pulled the covers over us as we snuggled up, our bodies next to each other and we drifted off to sleep.



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