Mick and Jordan

By Angyl

Mick and Jordan are roommates in college. Both have girlfriends. They are both straight as can be. They also share most classes together and hence it was only sensible to share a room in the same dorm. This came in handy when they got assign to do a report or something together.

First we have Mick. He is tall and slender, about 6'2 in high. His hair is long and brown, and his eyes are hazel. His body is cover in hair, including his ass. HE really did not care, he like his hairiness. When he was hard he sported an 8" cut cock.

One could say Jordan is the polar opposite of Mick. He is 5'7. His hair naturally blond and cut so the front hangs just above his eyes. He is smooth, and keeps his nether region nicely trimmed. He did have one small advantage over Mick, his cock was almost 9" inches and cut.

As I said both of these boys were completely straight. Well Jordan maybe not so much, he'd let a guy suck him off for some cash. Admittedly he had enjoyed it, but he did not go out of his way to find a guy to suck him off.

It was a late evening and the boys had been working on an English lit assignment. Mick was not only getting frustrated, but he was kind of horny. He wished his girlfriend was there to help him fix it. The harder he tried to concentrate the worse it seemed to get.

"Fuck we are never gonna get this shit done." He moaned in frustration.

"Dude you gotta relax." Jordan replied.

"Fuck I'll be right back."

"What ya gonna go pull it?"

"Yah might help."

Something came over Jordan. He turned in his chair.

"You know we are roomies you do not have to go to the can to jerk it."

He began running his hand up Mick's pant leg and rubbing his crotch. He was rubbing his at the same time.

"Dude what the fuck are you doing? I'm straight."

"Yah so am I man." Jordan said as he got on his knees.

He was still rubbing Mick's crotch as he undid his pants and pulled out Mick's cock.

"Dude no fucking way, this is gay shit."

"Come on no one will know man."

Mick seemed to ponder it.

"Fuck whatever, you tell anyone I am gonna kick your ass."

"Dude no worries alright"

Mick shrugged as Jordan took his cock in his mouth and started working it. Shit he did better than Mick's girl.

"Fuck ya suck that cock!!"

Jordan ran his tongue down the shaft and gently sucked and kissed his balls. Then he moved back up and went back down on his cock. Mick's whole body trembled, he never experienced and thing like this, not even with his girl.

"Oh fuck!! Oh Fuck!! Yeah feels so good!!"

Mick wanted to cum. Even his girl could not really get him to cum when she sucked him off.

"Oh fuck yeah gonna cum!!"

Jordan did not back off. Mick pushed his head down as he filled his mouth with his cum. Jordan swallowed every drop before letting his cock fall from his mouth. Mick stood intent on getting dressed, but Jordan had other things in mind.

"Where ya going dude? My cock needs attention." He stated.

"No way man I ain't gonna do that!" Mick retorted.

"Come on man, fair is fair."

Jordan gently pushed him to his knees, and moved forward, shaking his cock at Mick.

"Come on man suck my cock."

"I swear I'll kill you!"

Mick slowly took Jordan's cock in his mouth. He gagged a few times but once he got used to having the cock in mouth, he realized that maybe it was not so bad, not that he was gonna make a habit of it. Jordan was really enjoying his cock getting sucked.

"Yeah feels good you like my cock don't ya?"

Mick was not about to admit he liked it just a little bit. He just kept sucking his friend. Part of him eager to see what his cum tasted like, and the other kind of grossed out by it. His cock had gotten hard again and he was absently begun stroking it. Jordan needed to cum.

"Fuck dude take my cum." Jordan moaned.

He really had no choice When Jordan grabbed the back of his head and rammed is cock in, and proceeded to fill his mouth. Mick swallowed a huge load, he thought it would taste gross, but he was surprised at how sweet it actually tasted.

"What the fuck dude?" He asked.

"Fuck that was hot man." Jordan responded.

"Yeah well you could have let me decided man, not just grabbed my head."

"Sorry just kinda got lost in the moment."

Jordan looked down to see Mick was hard again. He could use another taste, and get him ready to fuck him.

"Dude lay on the floor; I want your cock again."

Mick was not about to complain. He got on his back and spread his legs. Jordan got between them and wasted no time in swallowing his cock for a second time. He licked the shaft and tip and then took him to the base. Back up to the tip and sucking it firm and gently. He had worked his arms under Micks legs and as he licked down and started sucking on his balls, he began to lift up and bringing Mick's ass off the ground. He licked down towards Mick's hot ass. He got up on his knees, which gave Mick no chance to stop him. He ran his tongue down his crack and the worked his way in. Mick was surprised.

"Dude what the fuck? Oh shit don't stop."

Jordan begun running his tongue around the pink pucker and then he worked his tongue in. Mick squirmed each time his tongue hit home.

"Fuck eat it man!"

Jordan decided he had him lubed up enough. He looked at Mick.

"Okay dude I think you are ready."

"For what?"

"I am gonna fuck your tight ass."

"Fuck no way man, that's exit only!!"

Mick tried to get out of it, but Jordan had him pinned. He was already lining his cock up.

"Just shut up and take my cock."

Jordan didn't even wait as he shoved his cock full throttle inside him. Mick let out a scream.

"Fuck dude you're hurting me!!"

Jordan just continued to fuck his hot ass. It was nice and tight.

"Fuck man you are ripping my ass!!"

"Just relax I am sure it gets better."

Mick tried to relax, and sure enough as he got used to having Jordan inside him, it actually felt really good. It still hurt, but the underlying pleasure was amazing.


"You like my cock in your tight hole don't you?'

"Fuck yes!!!"

Jordan pulled out and turned Mick over, and got him turned over. He got right back into it, and fucked his friend doggy style. Mick shot a load all over the floor.

"Fuck my ass!!"

Jordan really slammed into him now. Each time he drove in his balls slapped Mick's ass.


Jordan was about ready to fill Mick. He grabbed his hips and started to slam deep and hard.

"Fuck...oh...here it comes!!"

A few more thrusts and he filled Mick. He kept going until he was soft, and slipped out. Mick rolled over and got up. He looked at Jordan.

"Like I said, if you tell anyone I liked it, I'll kill you." He stated.

"No way dude this is just between us." Jordan replied.


"Besides we can have fun with each other now, and no one knows."

Jordan laughed. When he leaned in and kissed Mick, he was not stopped. Then Mick pulled away.

"You know next time I am gonna get you hot ass." Mick stated.

"We will see." Jordan retorted.

Mick smiled. He needed to get cleaned up and ready to go see his girl. He was not too sure if he even wanted to know. HE had found another way for sex.

"Man I gotta get cleaned up and go see my girl." He said.

The two of them headed down to the shower, after throwing some shorts on. Both knew that it was not going to be the end for them. Even as they showered Mick was beginning to realize what he had been missing all these years. Jordan already knew about himself, but he was not sure if he should tell Mick, maybe someday, but not now.

The End...

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