The contents of this story is purely fictional. The content matter of this story concerns love between males teenagers. It is a story of friendship, love, some violence and profanity. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

Author's note:

I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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Sam Lakes

Chapter 1

What do you do when someone tells you that your best friend is dead?

This is my story about me, my best friend Arbor Maine and our pc.

So who am I? My name is Colt Smith and I’m 16 years old and I lying here in St. Mary’s Hospital recovering from multiple injuries. They say I’ll be here for quiet a while whatever that means.

How did I get here and in this condition – one broken arm, five cracked ribs, bullet wounds; one, three inches to the right of my backbone, one in my butt and one in my left leg?

No, I’m not part of a gang member or into drugs. How I got here is part of this story.

You want to know what I look like? I’m 5’ 7”; I weight 125 pounds now; I have blonde hair which is buzzed now but it was longish. I used to have hair that my Mom – well she’s not my paternal mom but my mom anyway – she used to say I had curls in my hair that were to die for.

Most of my friends used think I’m cute. I doubt if they saw me now they’d think the same.

Cute. I hate that word but then all of my friends are over 22 except my best friend Arbor. Arbor is the most beautiful, gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes. Arbor is exactly two years older to the day. I’ve known him all my life. For the most part he was my only friend. Why? Well, cuz I’m different. Very different.

First of all I’m always getting into trouble. Secondly, I think I’m gay and thirdly, I’m a genius in the field of computing. At the ripe old age of twelve I had a Master’s Degree in CompSci (Computer Science). The only reason I don’t have my Ph.D. is it’s not that important to me. I’ve done all the work I just haven’t turned it in. (Too busy getting into and out of trouble).

Arbor’s and my life changed with Mother. I was twelve. So, I’ll start back at the beginning four year’s ago.

I ran into the office of Professor Maine, throwing the door open I said out of breath “I’m…I’m here!”

Dr. Keith Maine looked up at me and smiled, “So I see!”

“Where’s Arb…Did I beat him?” I asked as I flicked my head to get my hair out of my eyes.

At that moment Arbor Maine walked into the room from a connecting lab “’fraid not geekoid, I’ve been here for hours!”

“Yeah, right!” For a split second I felt disappointed then I turned to Keith “Well?”

“Well, what” replied Keith.

“Keith!” I whined, “Did they finish with the chips? Do you have them yet?”

“Here!” Keith threw me a small bag of potato chips and laughed.

I didn’t see the humor in that.

“Before you throw a temper tantrum, yes I got the chips and I’ve already plugged them in to the sockets. Everything's already to test. I’ve just been waiting for you.”

Keith got up and the three of us walked into the computer-engineering lab. “There you are the Smith main frame PC,” said Keith.

“I think I prefer Maine Frame PC, that’s capital M.a.i.n.e Frame PC. Has a better sound to it and besides if it weren’t for the Maine’s it wouldn’t be here!” I said smiling and still slightly out of breath.

“Yeah, Dad. I like it! And for a nickname we could call it Mother” said Arbor excitedly.

“Mother?” questioned Keith.

I looked at Arbor and we began laughing. It is almost uncanny that the two of us often know what the other is thinking. Most just figured it was because we had practically grown up together, but we knew differently and never tried to explain it to anyone. We just knew how to read each other, sort of a sixth sense, which Arbor had discovered years ago by accident. Arbor had once talked with his Dad about this strange ability to see if he had an explanation for the phenomenon, but Keith had no answers.

“What? What’s the joke?” asked Keith.

“Nothing. I think Mother is a good name’ I said, “It’s a great name! You don’t get it do you, Keith? Maine Frame PC, acronym MF PC…MF…get it? Mother Fucker! For short Mother!” Grownups can be so dense sometimes.

Keith finally got it. “You boys! Just don’t let Mom…Ruth, here you using such language. Especially, you, young man” said Keith to me in particular.

“Me? Moi? I don’t know what your fuckin’ talking about!” I exclaimed with a little laugh then dodged a swat from Keith.

“You want to do it?” I asked Arbor.

“No. It’s your program and …well, you should have the honors of running the first program.”

I looked at the other two and started loading my test program. “I ran this program on the U’s Cray (super computer) and it took four hours to complete utilizing a total of 10.8K CPU seconds or for those of you who are mathematically challenged, a little over three and a half hours. The rest of the time was in the loading of the program from the DVD. Mother should load faster because of the pipe or bandwidth, you know how much data you can pump into the computer, and I made some minor changes to it.”

“How’s the pipe different?” asked Arbor.

“Well, in loading the Cray we are limited to a smallish pipe because we are using a standard port. Now you could say relatively speaking that is like using a standard household water pipe, just so much water can be pushed through that pipe. With Mother we used a larger pipe equivalent to three times the size of the standard pipe. And then I change the upload program to work at optimum efficiency for the increased size of the pipe. Sort of like putting a bigger pump on the line.”

“How much faster?” asked Keith.

“At a guess I’d say… SHIT! Holy shit! Something must be wrong! Mother fucker!” I exclaimed loudly as my hands rapidly moved across the keyboard and a screen full of numbers and letters appeared which I studied and continued to page down rapidly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Keith and Arbor.

I was too involved with reading the machine language codes as they flew by the screen for another minute.

“Whoa! Mama! I fuckin’ don’t believe it! Yes! You are a MOTHER!” I exclaimed beaming from ear to ear.

“What?” Keith demanded.

“It loaded. It fucking loaded in less than three minutes! It took almost an hour the other night…I figured it would take at least fifteen minutes. I made a few changes to the upload program to improve the upload process, but I…I never thought it would improve it this much!”

“Great! Colt, you’re a damn genius! That’s almost a 1000 percent improvement!” Then he stood back and looked at me and ruffed up my hair. For six years he has been a surrogate father to me since my paternal mother had died. My real father who had been Keith’s best friend rarely came around these days.

“Do you think Ruthie would be pleased? When is she coming back from the conference?” I asked, “This was all based on her thesis.”

“Colt, I’m sure she would be totally pleased, but I think she’d never make the connection between her doctorate thesis and this. I think she still think the improved performance of her old programs was due to hardware changes not your ‘improvements’. I never had the heart to tell her we never did the hardware upgrade. She worked a long time on that thesis. It’s sort of a blind spot sometimes for smart people to consider that someone else could improve their best idea.”

“I think your blind spot is, you think I’m smarter than Ruthie and I’m really not!” I smiled.

“Yes, you are geekoid” Arbor chipped in.

“Fagot” I responded to Arbor’s comment as usual. “Arb, you start the program.” I said as I pushed the PC over to him.

“Fuck you, right?” asked Arb.

“Hey!” exclaimed Keith.

“Dad! It’s the name of the program!” Arbor laughed.

Keith bopped me in the back of the head gently saying, “You better watch what you call things…One of these days Gussie Mousehimer your going to get someone upset and you’ll get punched out!”

“Yes sir, Professor Maine, I sorrwee!” I said in a baby voice then giggled as I dodged another swat from Keith.

Arbor started the test program.

I faced Arb so that Keith couldn’t see my face then originated to Arb with a devilish grin “I got an invite to a Frat party Friday night and…”

“Colt” Keith interrupted “I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that you are grounded from all …”

I started giggling and laughing “Gotcha!” I exclaimed and started laughing.

Keith made a desperate grab for me, however I succeeded in escaping by using Arb’s body as a shield.

“You little bastard!” Keith laughed “You know I should have grounded you for life!” Keith made a lung and grabbed my arm. I squealed as Keith began tickling my ribs.

“Stop! I’m gonna piss in my pants!” I screamed and escaped from Keith’s hold.

“Hey! The program’s finished!” exclaimed Arbor “Wow! Colt! Fourteen minutes and thirty-three point five-two seconds!”

“Arbor, run the analyzer program!” I said excitedly as I watched the screen “It looks good! Keith, it took four hours to do this on the U’s Cray! We’ve done the same in just under fifteen minutes! Mother is HOT!”

“No, she’s nuclear!” exclaimed Arbor. We did high fives and a stupid little victory dance thing that we’d done since five.

“Well, boys I think this calls for a celebration! How about a steak dinner?”

“Yeah!” we exclaimed.

“One nice thing about Mom going off to conferences, Dad, is we get to eat out all the time!” proffered Arbor.

I looked slightly down. “Yeah…I wish she was here…I really miss her.” Then I thought to myself “I wish I had a dad who cared.”

Keith looked at me. “Maybe we should call your dad and…”

“Fuck my dad! He doesn’t give a fuck about me, so why should I care about him knowing what we’ve done! Besides, your my real Dad maybe not my paternal father, but…”

“That’s not true Colt! And you know it. He’s just got a lot of responsibilities and…”

“Hey! I’m hungry! You two are on the way to a knock down drag-out fight! Come on let’s go eat!” insisted Arbor who knew me better than anyone else that when I get on the subject of my father the only way not to get into a royal argument with me in tears was to change the subject.

Arb grabbed me by the hand and darted out the door with me and down the stairs to our car.

Keith told us that this computer should have some sort of protection in case someone tried to used or steal it. Well, I worked a couple of days to figure out a program that would satisfy Keith and protect the computer. If someone tried to hack into it, it would wipe the 2 terabyte hard drive and all the special chips would self-destruct. Basically, Mother would be nothing but a pile of useless shit! Of course I didn’t test the program. I knew it would work.

To be Continued