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Sam Lakes

Chapter 10

I was so surprised and relieved by my talk with Arb. I love him so much; he really is a big brother to me. He is so much like Keith. So, now I know Ruthie knows and Keith knew. Neither ever made me wrong or liked me less. To them I was just their kid and they loved me.

Life for me right then seemed almost perfect. What wasn’t perfect was my own guilt over Keith’s death and the fact that no one believed me when I said he was murdered. As much as I hate to admit it, I wanted revenge. I wanted whoever killed Keith to die a painful death.

As Arb and I walked out of the CompSci building towards his car I saw Chase get out of the car. He has a great smile. He walked over to meet us. I stopped and Arb smiled and said, “I’ll be in the car, don’t be too long cuz I’m starved.”

“Hi” I said to Chase.

“If you ever scare me like that again…”

“I’m sorry.” I pushed my bottom lip out and made a sad face.

He giggled. “Stop that! You <ha-ha> just ruined <he-he> a good scolding!” We hugged and I said softly, “Chase, I love you with all my heart and soul, Now let’s go home and eat and then make out!”

“Hey, I’m all for that, especially the making out part!”

“Pervert!” I said and ran for the car.

“I know you are, but what am I?” he shouted.

I stopped and turned around and said at a volume only he could hear, at least I hoped it was, “My boyfriend.” I smiled and then continued on to the car I opened the door and pulled up the back of the seat so that he could get in the back which he did and then I got in the front passenger seat.

“Hey!” said Chase, “I thought you’d be sitting back here!” He made a pouty face.

“Awww!” I laughed.

“Yeah! I thought you two were an item!” laughed Arb.

“Well, we are, but there are rules,” I replied.

“Rules?” asked Arb.

“Yes, Uncle Ted said not to do anything that would make other people uncomfortable or things I wouldn’t want to see them do. If I get in back I’m not gonna just sit quietly!” I said looking at Chase. He blushed.

“The boy seriously needs some hugs, Colt! You have no idea what he was going through having to tell me how much he loved you. I sort of gave him the Arbor Maine third degree!” Arb laughed.

“You fiend you!” I laughed I unbuckled my seat belt, “My poor boy. Was Arb mean to you?” and dove into the back seat and cuddled up close to Chase. “Drive on McDuff and NO repeat NO looking in the rearview mirror!”

Arb smiled and adjusted the mirror at which point I planted a huge, passionate kiss on my boyfriend’s lips.

When we were almost home I paused from my cuddling and kissing to say, “Once more around the block, Jeeves!”

“In your dreams lover boys. We are home and I’m hungry!” said Arb in a really good mood; “By the way I think it would be a good idea if you let Mom know that you two are an item. She already suspects and after all you are her baby.”

I looked at him thinking how much like Keith he was.


“I was thinking” I said as I got out of the car and was out of punching range, “when you call me Geekoid I can’t really call you fagot cuz you’re not. Hmmm.” I smiled, “I’ll just call you L.D. cuz you are.” I giggled.


“Yeah, little dick! Cuz when I saw that thing when you were 14 you could have used your pinky and your thumb to jack off.” I laughed and took off towards the house. Arb tackled me half was across the yard and was on top of me in a second we wrestled around but I was hopeless at wrestling and then he started ticking me.

“I give!” I screamed and laughed. He got off and the three of us walked into the house.

Ruthie was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She looked at us saying, “Hi boys, how about setting the table. Case will you be eating with us, there is plenty of food as I was sort of expecting you.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’d love to” he replied politely and glancing at me and smiled. Ruthie saw his glance and smile and a slight smile appeared on her face.

We all sat down to eat. The dinner was one of my favorites – meat loaf. We were all chatting away when I noticed Ruthie looking at me with a slight smile on her face. She was waiting for me to say something.

“I’m back at the university, doing research for my doctorate,” I said.

“Is that all?”

“Well, I, uh, hacked in to the high school system and remove my records. I left no traces,” she smiled politely, but I knew she wanted me to tell her about Chase. “And last but far from least is I, uh” I looked at Chase and Arb the both had shit-eating grins on their faces, “you know this already, Mom!” I blushed.

“Know what dear?” She cocked her head to one side smiled and fluttered her eyes at me. Arb and Chase were trying hard not to laugh.

“You guys set me up!” They both burst in to fits of laughter. Ruthie was trying to suppress laughing too!

“Okay, Mom, I’ll say it. I love Chase! We’re boyfriends …” I sighed dramatically, “and…and” another sigh, “Well…” I looked down at the table and managed to squeeze out a tear looking up and letting the tear roll down my face. The room was hushed, “Well, he’s, he’s pregnant, but I swear it wasn’t me!”

The room exploded in laughter. When we’d all calmed down Ruthie looked at Chase, “Chase is it true, are you really pregnant?”

Chase looked down and then at me then back down then at Arb then to Ruthie and with the most serious face and then to me his bottom lip quivered, he mouthed “I’m sorry” and suddenly the moment for me became serious and my face showed it and my heart felt it. I glanced at Arb and his face showed concern.

In a voice just above a whisper, “Yes, I’m with child and Arb is the father.” For about a second the room was quiet and then the room exploded again in laughter.

After dinner I walked Chase to Uncle Ted’s. About half the way we walked in silence and once again my thoughts wandered to my work. I needed to tell Chase my feelings.

“What’s up Colt?” asked Chase.

I sighed. “I’m just thinking about stuff – stuff I should tell you. I did something today that could affect our future. Thinking about it I’m not sure I did the right thing. It’s what I want to do it will effect you and without your approval I won’t continue…”

We continued on to his house and after we made our expected salutations we went up to his room. I stopped by Melanie’s door and knocked.


“Pow-wow in Chase’s room,” I said as I opened the door and stuck my head in.

We went to Chase’s room and I called Arb and invited him over.

Arb arrived a few minutes later and joined us on the floor. We sat in a circle. I started, “I have not talked to any of you about this. Arb knows part but only part. You remember the barbeque and Mother was destroyed and I ended up in the lab – that’s when I met you Chase. We all know who created Mother.” Arb gave me a scowl.

“Arb, believe me, Colt’s show an denial didn’t work. I love him and I realized he was just trying to protect me and or Melanie,” said Chase.

Arb relaxed. “Okay, go on.”

“Well, I continued working on the new chips and motherboard and stuff. I was having a hard time because I knew something bad was going to happen. I didn’t know what or to whom, but I knew I had to get the work done and given to Keith to get an approval and then to the manufacturers. I finished the work and I was exhausted. Too tired to ride home so I slept on the roof of the CompSci Building. A few hours later Keith woke me up…” I was getting choked up and had to get control. “To say good-bye and to tell me he loved me. When I hugged him around the neck I knew that if he went to the meeting something bad would happen. I think I asked him not to go and he said he wasn’t and told me to go back to sleep. I was so tired I gave in…I fell asleep and he left the roof. I had a dream Keith was tied in a chair, he gave them the DVD and then this man told another man who was bald to kill him. And they gave him a shot of something and I watched Keith die, it looked like a heart attack but it was caused by whatever they gave him.”

“I ran home as fast as I could to warn Mom, I was a hysterical. I thought Keith had been killed. Mom told me that Keith was fine, she’d just talked to him and he’d be home shortly. I agreed that it must have been a bad dream and Keith would be home shortly so I went to sleep, but Keith never came home.” I bit my lower lip to keep from going into grief. I took some deep breaths and Chase scooted over close to me and put his arm around my shoulders to comfort me.

I looked at Arb, “You gonna be okay, bud?” he asked. I nodded ‘yes’.

“Today, before going to the lab I went to the library and did some reading on the paranormal and parapsychology…what I had was a premonition. Maybe it’s because of my brain or whatever, I realized that a lot of what I think is normal for me is not normal for the average person. Nobody knows why.”

“I know Keith died because somebody murdered him. I know they murdered him because of Mother. I want to find his murderer or murderers and bring them to justice. I only know of one way; to set a trap by building Mother II. I started today, but by doing so, I put each of you at risk. Whoever killed Keith will come after me, but they may try to come after me through you.” I was finished so I waited for comments.

“I know it’s possibly dangerous and I know you Colt. Once you have your mind set on something you rarely ever change. Dad is not here to advise me and although before he would have thrown a fit but you have matured a lot since you were twelve and beside the first one rocked! And finally, if I said no, I know you you’d go off do it by yourself and you’d have nobody to guard your back.” So Arb was in.

“You aren’t kicking me out of your life! Especially, not after what I went through today. Besides, I have some ideas of my own!” voiced Chase.

“My three best friends, I’m in and that makes us a team. And I think we need to protect each other’s back,” said Melanie.

I smiled.

“Okay, that’s settled,” said Arbor, “There are two things I insist upon, Colt. First we work as a team no going off on your own, that goes for all of us, but especially you bro and secondly we all take lessons in self defense, karate and the like and we all learn how to use weapons.”

“You mean like guns, knives and so on,” asked Chase. Arb nodded. “Cool!”

“All agreed?” asked Melanie as she put her hand out. I covered her hand; Chase covered mine, and Arbor’s covered Chase’s hand and we all said, “Agreed.”

So began our fabulous four. Of course, to say the least, being teens we never said anything to our parents. We took our commitment seriously but that didn’t mean we didn’t have fun.

Monday’s and Saturdays were karate classes, mountain biking with Alan every Saturday afternoon, until it got too cold, then we played racquetball, Tuesday was for archery, Wednesday was for handgun target practice with Uncle Ted – we just told him we wanted to do it for fun. Arb was the best at handguns, I was the best at archery, Melanie was the best at karate and Chase was the best at kissing! Just joking, well no not really joking, he was an awesome kisser! Chase was the best at the obstacle course that we all ran on Thursday. It was a two-mile course that Uncle Ted again got us access to.


Colt has an overactive imagination. For example, when he was six, Dad was doing some repairs to our gas furnace and he had to go into the crawl space under the house. We begged him to let us come down there through the trap door and finally he agreed. It was pretty neat for us to explore. Colt was ahead of me and all of a sudden he let’s out a yelp and goes zooming past me up and out the trap door saying as he passed by me “Huge chow!” I of course didn’t bother to wait around to find out what he was scared of and was soon up and out of the crawl space.

“There’s a huge chow dog down there! Keif you have to get out of there,” he yelled down to Dad.

The next thing I heard was Dad laughing his ass off and then a few minutes later Dad lifts Persia, our neighbor’s cat out of the trap door. “Here’s your mean vicious chow dog Colt!” Dad laughed. Dad could not convince Colt that there was no chow dog in the crawl space.

So, when he called his first meeting of the G.E.E.K. Club as Uncle Ted later named us (Genuinely Eclectically Educated Kids) I was very skeptical, but then sometimes he’s right when he gets these wild notions. I also knew what Dad had told me a few days before he died and I knew nothing would stop Colt from creating Mother II and his ‘premonition’ was just the excuse he needed and too some degree made it seem exciting to the rest of us. I knew the other two, Chase and Melanie, would blindly follow him if he jumped off a cliff…for that matter so would I, if for no other reason than our love for him.

I think Dad was a little paranoid about Mother and just over protective of Colt, I don’t know why he was over-protective. Maybe it was because Colt tends to do some potentially dangerous things. Like when Colt was seven he was fascinated by rocket engines and rocket fuels.One day blew up half the chemistry lab. No one got hurt, but he caused about ten thousand dollars in damage. He told the chemistry professor that he thinks he invented a new fuel but the formula was destroyed in the fire. He was barred from the lab without adult supervision. Or when he was eight he blew a hole in the inflated dome covering the University’s Olympic swimming pool doing a physics experiment the night before a statewide meet causing the dome to loose air pressure. It would have slowly collapsed except he called Dad and the maintenance crew was able to do an emergency repair.

As far as the self-defense goes it was something to do and of course added to the excitement of building a stupid computer, albeit the world’s most advanced computer. As it has turned out so far, it’s helped to make us a close-knit team and Colt and Chase definitely have more definition to their bodies and so have I.

Chase is pretty cool guy. You’d never know he was gay unless you see him at Uncle Ted’s with Colt and even then they’re not obscene. I think when I first met him at the lab I felt a bit jealous because Colt was obviously infatuated with him…I think that’s half the reason I made a big scene out of him and Melanie knowing about Mother.

I think, in ways, Colt and I are even closer together now than ever before. We’re more brother-like we share our experiences – I tell him about Sarah, my new girlfriend and he tells me about Chase and him, although not about the personal stuff and believe me I don’t want to know! I guess I could say that Chase is like a best friend or brother-in-law who I really like and trust.

Things were going along pretty well, until Mom sprung Kevin on us. Kevin O’Toole is the new husband to be. He seems like a pretty nice guy and I get along with him fine – I mean it’s Mom’s life anyway, but Colt was definitely upset. When Colt doesn’t like someone it’s pretty hard for the other person to like him because he is so deliberately obnoxious.

He and Kevin had a knockdown drag out verbal abuse fight with Colt doing the most abusing but Kevin got in the last punch, so to speak, when he said, “You know, I can really understand why your Dad hates coming around, you are the most obnoxious little bastard I have ever met.”

I saw Colt’s face and it registered severe pain and anguish – he had met his match. I think deep down Colt has feelings for his dad that have been so buried, so suppressed and it was like Kevin smashed right into that quagmire of suppressed emotions. In an utterly defeated and quite voice Colt said, “Fuck you and fuck my dad.” Then he slowly walked out of the house. Uncle Ted finally made Colt come back home after a week.

He was no longer obnoxious, but maintained a quite hateful attitude. He’d never get into a conversation with Kevin and when Kevin would try to happily engage him into conversation he would either answer in words of one or two syllables like ‘whatever’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘maybe’, ‘don’t know’ or a shrug of his shoulders. He could be having a conversation with Mom or me laughing and giggling and as soon as Kevin appeared he’d just clam up and leave the room.

There was one time when Kevin was trying to engage him into a conversation and asked the wrong question “So what interests you?”

“Hmm. Now that’s really…hmm I’d say temporal spatial equations, or possibly quantum mechanics as it applies to the circumferential measurement of one’s tempus.” I had to leave the room because I nearly split a gut trying not to laugh. It was pure gibberish and Colt knew it and he kept it up for fifteen minutes or so until Ruthie came into the room. Later, Colt told me his parting words were “Well, Kevin it’s been great talking to you about all this! You should tell Ruthie about it too she eats it up! Later, Dude.” He left the room and heard Kevin say, “Man, do I have a headache!” Mom asked him what they had been talking about and Kevin said, “I have no idea.”

What shocked me was when I said to him, “You know Mom would be pissed if she knew you did that,” and his response was “So, I don’t care. Anyway she loves him more than she loves me.”

“How can you say that?”

“In the last two weeks she’s only said that she loved me once and that was only after I said it first. I kept count.”

To be Continued

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Sam Lakes