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Sam Lakes

Chapter 11


It was spring break. Colt, Chase and Melanie went for a week to Orlando. Mom and Kevin were planning on a long weekend in D.C. and I decided I didn’t really want to go to D.C.

“Well, Arb as you’re not going to D.C. or to Orlando with us you can complete the ProxL testing. It should only take about half an hour and the guys in ops won’t notice it cuz most of the users will be off the system due to spring break. Now you know what to do right?”

“Yes, Colt, don’t worry. I’ll call you tomorrow and give you the results okay?”

“You sure you don’t want me to stay. I would. I hate the idea of you being all alone seeing as Sarah is away at her grandparents.”

“So, are you offering to satisfy me like she does?” I asked.

“Hmmm…sorry, no can do, I’m not built that way,” he giggled, “but if you give me a blowjob I’ll jack you off!”

“Fagot!” I laughed.

“Hey! I’m not the one offering to give me a blowjob! Come on do it I’m so horny I can’t stand it!” he whined then giggled.

“Get out of here! Go see Chase!” I laughed.

He came over to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. “Be careful, bud. I’ll miss you. Call if you need someone to talk to. I love you, Arb. I really do.”

“I know and I love you to” I said and kissed him on the cheek. We broke the hug and he left. I watched as he ran down the block to Chase’s.

After lunch I drove up to the university and walked up to the lab. I got Mother II out of the file cabinet, which we always kept locked not only because of Mother but also because it contained Colt’s thesis which he hadn’t yet turned in. I then found that I needed a notebook so I went to find one in the supply cabinet and I finally found one tucked away under some folders. In the process of setting things up, I knocked the notebook off the table and a piece of paper fell out of it.

It was in Dad’s handwriting. It said, “AB – meeting 4-29 703-555-5120” This must have been the person Dad was supposed to meet with! I put the note in my pocket and carried on.

Maybe I was just careless or I had my attention on the note Dad had written but I forgot to lock the lab door. Colt always had a rule when the cabinet is open the door is locked.

I had just finished a massive download of the Library of Congress over 10 gigabytes of data in five minutes by ProxL and grabbing every T1 and T3 line in the university.

“OH! WOW! YES! BABY!” I exclaimed.

“What are you so happy about?” came a voice, which startled me.

“Alan! What the hell are you doing here?”

“I work here ya know, dude.”

“Oh, yeah, you just startled me. Sorry, I just did a test and was downloading some files.”

“Really, quite a feat seeing as you’re not even connected to the LAN,” he smiled.

“Oh. Uh, yeah, well it’s a simulated download. Anyway, what are you up to?”

“To be honest I was looking for Colt and you, I saw your car out sideand thought maybe you’d like to catch a movie or something.”

“I’d love to. Colt and Chase went to Disney World with my cousin & family.” I said as I quickly powered off Mother and gathered my notes and testing results and started putting them away. I knew if I put Mother away in the filing cabinet it might look weird so I put the papers in the filing cabinet and the pc in the laptop storage cabinet under a bunch of PCs.

“Cool. That PC…it’s not another Mother, is it?”

“This nah, I wish though. No, ugh, Colt just had some testing to do for his thesis. This is my personal laptop.”

“Arb, don’t lie. I can tell when you lie, besides that’s not a Power Book and I know you own a Power Book.”

“Yeah, okay, we found another prototype and have managed to get it working - just don’t tell Colt I said anything, he’s still convinced Dad was murdered.”

“How’s he getting along with Kevin?”

“He’s not. It’s pretty bad around our place sometimes, so he just stays with Chase most of the time. Then a few days ago he told me that Mom doesn’t love him anymore since Kevin arrive on the scene…I meant to talk to Mom about it but something is really bothering her.”

“Oh…well I’ll meet you outside I have to go check out something over at ops.”

“Oh what happened?”

“FatMan Spiney said he had a two minute outage on all the lines some sort of weird glitch.”

“Oh, okay see you at the car. I’m driving the Lincoln.”

“Ooo nice.”

“Yeah, it’s Kev’s, he said I could drive it while he and Mom are in DC.”

“Okay be there in ten.”

I left and went to wait in the car. Fifteen minutes later Alan showed up.

“So, all okay?” I asked.

“Not really, something on the network I guess suddenly used every T1 and T3 line all at precisely the same time for exactly the same length of time, all downloading from the Library of Congress, but there is no trace of where that data was going. Weird!”

“Very weird!” I said smiling to myself.

“If Colt were here I’d blame it on him…were you doing anything?”

“No, nothing like that. And besides as you noted I wasn’t even connected to the LAN.”

“Yeah, I forgot…oh well. I need to go home first before the movies.”


When we got to his apartment Alan said he had just a bit of work to do so I asked him if I could use his phone.

“Sure, I think it’s in the bedroom.”

“What, making 976 calls from your bed now?” I laughed.
“Yeah, more comfortable lying down you know,” he laughed.

I dialed the number on the piece of paper I had found. The phone rang a couple of times before someone answered.

“Hello” said a gruff voice.

“Yeah, who is this?” I asked.

“Who are you?”

“Do you know someone with the initials AB? I need to talk to him?”

“What about?”


“Yeah like what?”

“Well, unless you can tell me who AB is I can’t tell you anything.”

“Yeah, well Mr. Bennison maybe you should try calling yourself. That’s who you are, right.”

“Well, no. This is his phone, but I’m not Alan Bennison.”

“Then who are you?”

“No one you know. I guess I have the wrong number,” I said and hung up.

“You look a bit frustrated,” Alan said as I walked out of the bedroom.

“Yeah, the guy was an asshole. I found this note written by Dad and I was hoping I’d find out who AB was…just curious. The guy said I should call myself! And wouldn’t tell me who he was or who AB is. I know it’s not you cuz you don’t have a 202 number…where is that anyway?”

“202 is Washington, DC.”

“Gee thanks, now that’s makes me even more curious. Why would Dad call someone in DC the only one I know in that area is Paul and he lives in Virginia, Ralston, I think or is it Reston? Anyway, let’s go to the movie.”

Two days later Colt called.

“Hey dude, wassup?” he asked.
“Nada, amigo.”

“Well, Donald, Goofy and Mickey send their love. Hey do you remember when you and I went on the Body thing ride?”

“Yeah, and you threw up! They had to shut the ride down for an hour.”

“Yep, I did it again! They weren’t too please…the people in front of me.”

“Oh! Sick!”

“Yeah, well, that wasn’t the worst of it! Guess who else got sick?”


“How did you guess? Anyway, yeah he must have thrown up about three times – projectile vomiting. It was really gross!”

“So what happened next?”

“I tried apologizing but the people we threw up on didn’t see the humor. I was really embarrassed. Uncle Ted wasn’t too happy, neither were the attendants that had to clean up. I’m sure they thought we did it on purpose. The people I threw up on got free passes I think. Chase and I just got scolding looks. I don’t think that’s fair. But hey guess what else, Chase and I got a tour of their computer facility. It’s really awesome all the process control stuff for the rides. We must have talked with there developers for four hours or so…we sort of lost track of time. Chase found a bug in one of their programs, in their testing areas of course, not production. I miss you a lot Arb. I wish you’d come with us.”

“Yeah, me too. I am so bored! Mom and Kevin will be home tomorrow.”

“Oh, that will be exciting!”

“Colt, don’t get started!”

“Okay, well tell Mom I still love her and tell Kevin to GET LOST!” he laughed.

“You nut! Well, I’ve got another call coming in – oh it’s Alan maybe he’s got something interesting to do tonight. Love ya!”

“Right back at you. Bye, regards to Alan.”

“Bye.” I hung up and Alan’s call was put through.

“Arb! You got to get over here right now. I need you to meet some friends, but don’t bring Mother cuz one of these guys might try and steal her away from you, you know what I mean? So I’d just hide her away some where,” he seemed to force a laugh, “Oh yeah, and bring your special computer the one you use all the time the Power Book. Okay?”

“Is something wrong? You sound all stressed out,” I asked.

“No, I just have to go piss, okay just bring over the Power Book don’t bring your Mother.”

“Yeah okay.” The line went on hook.

I had the feeling something was wrong but had no idea. He said to hide Mother, geez I wish I had lock the lab door, he probably told someone. My PB was at the lab anyway so off I went. I took Mother and stuffed her in my backpack along with my PB then drove to the “Y” and put Mother in Chase’s locker, luckily we all knew each other’s combinations.

I arrive at Alan’s apartment about an forty-five minutes later. I saw Alan sitting at his computer looking petrified.

“Alan, what’s going…on!” O said as someone from behind me grabbed me from behind with a death grip on my esophagus. I froze. I didn’t want my windpipe ripped out just yet.

“Give us the computer, kid.”

I complied and was thrown onto the couch. I looked at my assailant and nearly freaked he was the exact image that Colt had described in his dream. He threw me a bottle of whiskey.

“Open it and start drinking or Bruno will break your fagot friend’s arm off!”

I looked at Alan; he nodded for me to do it. I started drinking and coughing and gagging more than anything else. The ugly guy that Colt had foreseen leveled his 9mm Glock at my head.

“Nah this ain’t gonna work, you’re spillin’ more than your drinkin’! Get into the bedroom both of you,” he said.

As I stood up and followed Alan and Bruno into the bedroom I began to feel an alcohol buzz I thought I’d been smart, but not smart enough. I knew what these two were going to do. They were going to kill us because now they had the computer, they thought.

No sooner had I thought that, then Bruno fired three shot into Alan’s chest and threw the gun to me. I caught it just like he knew I would. He had been wearing a latex glove.

“You just killed your lover now your going to take your own life!” said Bruno.

My hand was shaking and I couldn’t stop it! The guy behind me grabbed my hand trying to force the gun into my mouth. I could feel his fingers creeping up to my trigger finger. I dropped, flipped over and kicked up as hard as I could into Horace’s crotch. He fell forward as I moved to get to my feet. I saw Bruno drawing his own weapon so I quickly aimed and fired.

One bullet went through his chest and out his back into the wall behind. Bruno fell on top of the other guy. I ran out to the car, half drunk as the alcohol really kicked in. I fell a couple of times and got back up but made it to the car with the gun still in my hands. I got in, dropped the gun on the floor, fumbled with the keys and finally started the car. As I drove off, I saw the bad guy running towards a big Dodge RAM truck.

I had no idea where I was going and found controlling the car progressively more difficult. He wasn’t following me I don’t think. I passed a sign that said state road sixteen. “SHIT!” I said. This was the road Dad died on. “I’m not going to die!”

There was a crash and everything went black. I have no idea what I hit, but the stupid air bag hit me smack in the face. I passed out.

In my drunken stupor I heard some voices, “You fucked up Horace! Plain and simple. We can’t take him back in case some one saw him leave. You lost the damn gun he was supposed to kill himself with and doing it now wouldn’t be logical. Let me think…shit!”

“Boss, when we got rid of Maine, if we’d gone two miles further there’s a river I can tow him there then …”

I passed out again.

When I came to I was sitting up. A vehicle from behind me bumped me and now the Lincoln was moving along the road faster and faster. Shit they were going to push me into the river. I pulled the airbag down so I could see. “Oh fuck!” somehow I catapulted myself into the back seat and grabbed the seat belt a fraction of a second before the Lincoln broke through the crash barrier. I felt the car take a nose dive flipping on it’s roof which crumpled like a piece of cellophane, the door popping open then being ripped off and the car rolled over and over finally to fall ten feet into the river below.

The icy river ripped me out of the car. I was still holding on to the seat belt as the car continued to sink to the bottom. I had no choice I had to let the river take me. My hand released its hold on the seat belt, my lungs starving for air as I struggled to get to the surface. I was at the point of just giving up when I realize I had to live! I can’t die! I have to save Colt! Soon they’ll realize that my Power Book is not Mother! As I surfaced my lungs, took in the fresh air as the current continue to bounce me off rocks like that little silver ball in the pinball machines.

I don’t know how far downstream the river took me before I was washed up onto a shore of pebbles. I forced myself to climb up the bank under a bridge before the lights went out.


I can’t believe I fucked up. The Boss hates loose ends. I think if I hadn’t done such a good job on the older Maine, I’d be in the same bag as Bruno. Well, it was that stupid Bruno’s fault! He threw the gun to the kid! He was supposed to throw it to me! He deserved to die. Damn that kid was a good shot! Right through the heart! And he was drunk! “Damn right you deserved to die, Bruno!”

The Boss says he’ll leak a story to the local and national news services, make it look like the Maine kid shot his lover. So, by any slim chance the kid survives he’ll be wanted for murder and when the cops get him he’ll be transferred to one of our mental facilities and kept drugged for the rest of his short life ‘cause as cute as he is he’ll be everybody’s fuck buddy!

But I know he didn’t make it, no one could have survived that crash I was doin’ fuckin’ eighty! Well, it’s time.

“Hello, state police, yes there’s been a terrible accident off of state road sixteen. This car goes by me at an ungodly speed, swervin’ all over the road and crashes through the road barrier and down into the river. The car is completely submerged. I’m sure the drive must have been killed. I didn’t see no body but it’s probably in the water. Well, no sir I have an important business meeting. I jest wanted to be a Good-Samaritan. Bye.” You fuckin’ bitch!

“Wipe you clean and have a good swim” I said to my cell phone as I threw it into the river.

Below the cell phone plopped into the river while under the bridge the life force ebbed from a young man’s body.

To be Continued

Author's note: Gosh is this what they call a cliff hanger??? I wonder how long it will take me to post chapter 12 - for that matter how long it will take me to finish writing it...2 weeks be ok or 3? LOL! love ya
Sam Lakes