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Sam Lakes

Chapter 12


All day I’d been a bear grumpy and snappy. Worst of all, I didn’t know why but I felt something was wrong, but what?

“Earth to Colt, hey boy are you going to order?” ask Uncle Ted. We were at some restaurant in Epcot.

I put down my menu saying, “I’m not hungry, and may I be excused, please?”

“No, young man, you may not. You’ve hardly eaten a thing all day,” said Aunt Betty.

I ordered soup. Chase patted my leg and I moved my hand under the table to hold his hand. He squeezed it gently, looking at me and smiled. I wanted to be in his arms so bad. I forced a smile for a second or two. What was wrong? I looked up at Uncle Ted, “Uncle Ted, can Chase and I be excuse for a minute, I really need an emergency hug.”

“Sure, but don’t get into trouble and be back here in five minutes.”

We went outside the restaurant and found a place away from everyone.

“Hon, what’s wrong?” Chase asked as we embraced.

“I don’t know, I just know something’s not right and I don’t – fuck! I haven’t heard from Arb since day before yesterday! Babe, do you mind if I go call?”

“No, but I want a kiss first.” So we kissed. Oh how I love his kisses!

I got out my calling card and dialed the plethora of numbers and finally the phone rang.

“Hello.” I made a sneer and mouthed Kevin.

“Hi, Kevin, I need to speak to Arb, please.”

“He-he’s not hear, shit,” his voice was sad, “Colt, is Uncle Ted there?” Now I knew something was wrong.

“Kevin, where’s Arb! I have to speak to him,” I pleaded.

“Where’s your uncle it’s better I tell him, please Colt,” his voice was cracking like he was about to cry.

“NO! TELL ME! Kevin where’s Arb? I-I-I nee-need to talk to him! Pleeeeze!” I knew something was very wrong.

“You-you can’t Colt, he’s dead!”

“NO! You’re LYING! Why do you hate me so much? Why? Why are you lying to me! He’s NOT dead! Let me talk to him NOW!”

“Colt! Colt, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t want to have to tell you. I didn’t want to have to tell you. Please, I’m sorry,” he was crying.

“NO! ARB IS NOT DEAD! I KNOW HE’S NOT! He’s not! He’s not! I HATE YOU!” I screamed and dropped the phone and collapsed on to the ground.

Chase picked up the phone, “Kevin, call Uncle Ted on his cell.” He hung up the phone and took me in his arms while I sobbed desperately trying to believe that it was just a mean prank of Kevin’s, but I knew no matter how much he hated me, he could never lie about that. I had to accept the fact that Arb was dead.

Uncle Ted came running out of the restaurant, and helped Chase who was now trying to move me to a bench. I heard someone ask, “What happened?” Uncle Ted replied, “His brother died.”

I have no recall of how we got back to the hotel but I was in bed now with Chase’s arms around me. It had seemed like a bad dream, but it wasn’t I remember riding in an electric cart. I turned over to look at my love. His eyes were puffy from crying. Melanie wasn’t here. Something wasn’t right.

“You all right?” I asked Chase.

“Yeah, no,” he said as the tears began to flow. I kissed him gently.

“I love you.” He nodded. I took him in my arms and let him cry himself to sleep in my arms.

Something was just not right. I started thinking about things about Keith and what had happened. I don’t know how long I’d been thinking or if I dozed off but Uncle Ted came in. I looked up at him.

“Just checking on you guys. I’m sleeping in here tonight. Melanie’s sleeping with Aunt Betty tonight…she’s pretty distraught…” I saw a couple of big tear roll down his cheek.

“Uncle Ted?”

“Oh God, it hurts so much!” he said as he broke down and cried. I got out of bed carefully so as not to wake up Chase and went to my Uncle. I lead him to Melanie’s bed and we sat down and he hugged me while he cried. After ten minutes he stopped his crying. “I’m going to miss him so much Colt. I always envied my brother you know.”


“Because of you and Arb. You two were such good friends…but you were, and are so special…”

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says cuz I’m so brainy!”

“No, Colt. That is not why you are so special. I watched you with Arbor over the years and now with Chase and Melanie you give so much of yourself to others. You know over the years you done a lot of things and seemingly gotten away with it in the eyes of those who didn’t know you. Like when you blew up the chemistry lab Prof Thompson personally went to the Board of Regents to keep you from being expelled.”

“Really? Professor Thompson did that? Wow!”

“Yes, really and I think half the Chemistry Professors would have quit. Even your nemesis Dean Morrow saved your butt once. Yeah, he happened to see you one day explaining some concept to a junior who was really having an awful time. You knew her as Sally Furston, thanks to you she passed that year and the next.”

“Yeah, I really liked her.”

“Yeah well, her maiden name was Sally Morrow, Dean Morrow’s daughter.”

“So, how did he save my butt?”

“Well, when someone, who shall remain nameless, shot a steel ball through the dome of the swimming stadium causing over ten thousand dollars damage. He put it down as hail damage!”

“I love you Uncle Ted, I think you are a lot like me and Chase…Melanie is a lot like you. In fact I think you should be the fifth member of the GEEK club and as President I hereby make you an honorary GEEK Club member!”

“I’m honored.”

I was feeling a lot better then suddenly the light bulb turned on in my head! “YES!” I exclaimed, “Chase wake up! Uncle Ted please go get Melanie and Aunt Betty!”

“They are asleep.”

“Wake them up this is important! I just figure something out!”

Soon everybody was there sitting on Melanie’s or our bed.

“Okay Colt we are all here,” announced Uncle Ted.

“All day I’ve been out of sorts, something was not right! When Kevin told me that Arb was dead I believed him and I know that Kevin thinks Abr is dead. I thought that was the reason why I felt bad all day and out of sorts was because Arb had died but after I cried I realized I still felt like something was wrong.”

“When Keith died I had a premonition about it. Ruthie made me go to bed because he was alive. What we didn’t know, is Keith changed his mind or something and went to his meeting and was killed. The thing is when I woke up I knew he was dead – nobody told me. I can’t explain it, other than to say I felt it.”

“Arb IS ALIVE! I know he is! I know he is hurt or injured but he is alive!”

Melanie threw her arms around me and so did Chase we all three hugged and kissed each other.

“I believe you, Colt. I know you’re right,” said Chase.

“Me too,” said Melanie.

“So we are agreed, tomorrow we go look for Arb”

“Yep!” the two replied.

I looked at Uncle Ted, “Well?”

He smiled, “Okay I’ll get the flight change to the first flight, meanwhile you guys get some sleep.”

I was so happy. I knew Arb was alive. I think Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty thought it was some sort of mental denial but it wasn’t. I KNEW he was alive. “I love you Arbor Maine you’re a part of my life and we, us four are a team! We will find you!” I thought and I intended Arb to receive my message wherever he is.

“Melanie, you’re sleeping with your mom and dad right?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

Uncle Ted smiled and shook his head, “Okay, just…”

“Yeah, I know, don’t get your son pregnant!” I giggled. Chase blushed. The others left.

We got undressed; I turned out the light and cuddled up to my lover and we made wild passionate love to each other then fell into a restful sleep.

The next morning I was awake and dressed early ready to go. Uncle Ted came in.

He wasn’t smiling. He opened his arms for a hug. He hugged me for several minutes not saying a word.

“As you can see I’m ready to go,” I said cheerfully.

“Colt we won’t be going back until this afternoon…there’s no need to rush back.”

“Sure there is we have to find Arb.”

“Colt, my sister called early this morning…Arb’s body was found. I’m sorry Colt.”

I heard myself screaming out “NO” then everything went into a blur. My world collapsed and so did I. Uncle Ted told me later that I went berserk. I guess I did, I remember throwing things and screaming and trying to make a mad dash for the window – I wanted to die. If Arbor was dead then I wanted to be with him. It was Chase who managed to pull me back. I vaguely remember the flight back.

When I arrived at the Maine’s house. I collected all my things from my room and went next door to my house and unpacked. I hadn’t been in my room for years. My dad flew in for the funeral. It was going to be a closed casket funeral due to body damage and being in the water for two days.

“Colt, come on we have to leave in half an hour,” said Dad softly. I guess he knew how I felt. I guess he saw in my eyes what I saw in his twelve years ago when Mom died.

“I can’t Dad, I can’t go,” I said numbly.

There was no comforting statement from him. He just nodded and left the room. I felt like I was nothing without Arb.

Poor Chase, he’s been so good to me and yet I can’t bear to be around him right now because I feel so empty. I haven’t seen him all day. I miss him, but it’s best that he’s not around me right now.

I grabbed my old Pooh Bear and cuddled up with him. I had had him since I was three. He was a present from Arb. I have fifteen stuffed toys. Arb has seventeen. It’s sort of our tradition. The year we were enemies was the only year we didn’t, but once we were friends again I went out and bought him one and he did the same. I drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Chase woke me gently. He was smiling from ear to ear. I forced a smile and he planted a kiss on my lips then laid down on top of me and kissed me again and then gentle little kisses all the way to my ear.

“You were right,” he whispered.

Then moved his head back to look at my face.

“Arb is alive. I don’t know where but I do know he is not dead and the body in the casket is not Arb.”

I was stunned.

“Let me explain.” His eyes were so bright and sparkling and full of excitement. And I could feel the clouds of doom dissipating rapidly. He was breathing life into me.

“This morning Dad asked me if I was going to pay my last respects. I simply said, ‘no, I need to work off some frustration,’ and asked him to take me to the Y. When I opened my locker I found Mother. Arb must have put her there I ran to the library and ‘cmhacker’ STIKES AGAIN! Thanks to the great tutelage of the world most beautiful hacker extraordinaire!” He kissed me again.

“I had to sort some things out in my head namely when Colt is positive about something is he ever wrong. The answer was ‘NEVER’. Every time when we were putting Mother together and you’d get some idea and you’d say ‘I just know’ but when you’d say I think it may or may not be right. You said I know he’s alive and that was and is my premise. So, cutie!” he kissed me again, “I had to prove it.”

“I downloaded all the information about the Phoenix River that exists and told Mother to filter out all data not related to the flow of water. Then I ask Mother to calculate where a dead body would end up and where a live body would end up, the most likely points. I accessed the police reports where they said Arb’s body was found. And then I asked Mother given all the information she had what was the probability of the body being found where the police report said. Less than one percent probability.” I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a kiss, which he broke.

Excitedly the said, “But that not the best part! I had Dad drop me off at the accident site with my kayak! I went down the river to the place that was a 98% probability factor. Arb had been there! I saw his footprints in the mud and also the footprints of two other people! If he’d been dead he would not be standing! He is alive! And you were right!”

I looked into Chase’s smiling, excited and proud face. In the space of only a few moments he’d changed me from a yucky, depressed person to someone who once again was happy to be alive. He had done what I couldn’t do, believed in me, regardless of any obstacles and used logic and reasoning. I couldn’t help smiling and then what tears of happiness. All I could do was mouth ‘I love you’. Smiling and half laughing and crying a tangle of emotions, Chase was truly my life partner.

“So, so where is he?”

“I don’t know, but I did find this,” he said and got off me and then dug down into his backpack and produced cellphone. “I traced it to a non-existent person in Virginia. But get this it was paid for using a GSA Purchase Order. I checked out the calls made on it only three calls – two were picked up by a tower near Alan’s apartment and the third from a tower where I found the phone. The first two calls went to a common 1-800 calling card number the other to the state police; I then hacked into their system and guess what, it was the call that alerted the cops to the drunken driver who drove over the cliff. That’s all I have found out. I had to come and tell you and I figure we can work together to find out where Arb is. You know two heads are better than one.”

I was truly feeling great and back to my old self. I couldn’t help saying, “You said you want to give me head?” I smiled.

“Is that all you think about is sex?” he giggled.

“No. Well, yes, babe when you are around you make me horny!” I laughed. We both indulged in a brief kissing session. “Either that’s a gun in your pocket or you’re really happy to see me.”

“I’m really happy to see you.”

“Good, let go find Arb!”

“My lord, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied!” he giggled. I looked down to see the outline of his hardon in his jeans. I looked down at myself.

I got up and adjusted myself. “Later, Romeo, I promise,” I said with a wink and a lick of my lips. He grabbed his backpack, which contained Mother and left the house. On our way out we met Dad.

“Colt, can I speak with you?” asked my father.

“I’ll catch up with you,” I said to Chase and he went on

I stopped and looked at Dad,

“I’m going to be in the Far East for a few months, I’d like you to move back over to Ruthie’s.”

“No, thanks.”

“Why, you have a room there. I’d feel better if you were to stay there.”

“Well, I wouldn’t Dad. Arb’s not there and well she’s better off with me being here. She doesn’t really care about me any more now that she has Kevin and Kevin hates me and the feeling is mutual.”

“Kevin doesn’t hate you. You’ve just never given him a chance.”

“Dad, believe me he hates me okay. I’m not their kid okay!” I could feel my emotions rising and I couldn’t stop them

“He doesn’t hate you.”

“Dad, he hates me! He hates queers. I heard him say he hated that Goddamn fucking little queer to Ruthie. Okay, Dad! And seeing as I’m the only little Goddamn fucking little queer in the house I wonder whom he could have been talking about! Yeah, Dad, I’m a fucking little queer. I’m gay Dad! Like it or not that’s what I am.” I was shaking.

“I’m sorry Dad. I’m sorry that I’m gay. I’m sorry that I’m such a disappointment to you! I’m sorry that Mom died, because when she died, I didn’t just loose her, I lost you and when I lost you, I lost everything. There have been times when I prayed that you would die so that Keith could adopt me, but it never happened and he died and for so many years all I wanted to do was call him ‘Dad’ because he loved me, but I never did, I never once called him ‘Dad’.”

“I’m not going to stay with the Mitchell’s, Dad. Ruthie is just a friend now she’s not my Mom. I’m fifteen and nearly have a PhD. I can look after myself; besides I’ve got Chase. Have a nice trip, Dad.”

I turned and walked away.

“That’s not true!” Dad called.

I didn’t turn around or stop; I just raised my hand above my head and gave him the finger. When I got to Chase’s I needed another kissing and hugging session. Then we went to the lab with Melanie. By three a.m. we knew that Arb had been taken to Bethesda Medical and released within a few hours.

“Colt, Arb is nearly as smart as you. He’ll find a way to contact us. We will just have to wait,” said Melanie.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go get some sleep.


“Well, well who do we have here?” said Horace.

“We have no idea asshole, this isn’t a public lab we are testing so fuck off,” answered Colt.

“Why don’t you ask your buddy who I am?”

“He’s the partner of the guy I shot, who shot Alan,” I said, “You’re not getting the computer, Horace.”

“Yes, he is Arb, you see I work for his boss,” said Uncle Ted who was standing behind us with a 9mm Ruger pointed at Colt. “You see I know about you Arbor Maine. I’ve watched you grow up. I know who you were thinking about when Colt interrupted you jacking off! You were thinking about him and that’s why he opened the door. Shara is just a decoy. You’re just biding your time because of Chase. You know that Colt loves Chase, but the truth is you love Colt too, you always have.”

“Your crazy!”

“Then if I shot Colt you won’t care.”


“The gun went off and Chase’s body collapsed to the floor.”

“Do I get the computer?”

“Don’t give him the computer, Arb” ordered Colt.

“I have to Colt! I love you!” I cried.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Colt.

“My turn to kill your partner” said Horace as he fired a round towards Colt.

To be Continued

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Sam Lakes