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Sam Lakes

Chapter 13


“My turn to kill your partner” said Horace as he fired a round towards Colt.

“NO!” I screamed as I tried to push Colt out of the way. I felt a searing pain in my right hand. “OW!” I yelled as I opened my eyes to see a lady inserting an IV into the back of my hand.

“Where am I?” I asked

“You’re in a safe place. You’ve been here for three days. They’ll be wanting to question you now that you’re amongst the living. You have sustained two cracked ribs and a concussion. I saw photos of the car, you’re lucky…you should be dead. Officially you are dead. You’ll be remaining here until the Boss says you can leave you are now in our witness protection program.”

“No, I have to see my friends!”

“Sorry, you can’t.”

“You don’t understand! Their lives are in danger!”

“Calm down or I’ll have to sedate you. The Boss will be here in a few days he has to attend your funeral in two days and will not be here until Friday. We have instructions to keep you here and to make you as comfortable as possible. You, unfortunately, must be confined to this room.”

“Do I have to have this stuck in me all the time?” I said indicating the IV.

“Yes, until the doctor says it can come out. Sorry. By the way you’ll be addressed here as Phoenix Rivers. That’s because Arbor Maine is officially deceased.”

We chatted for a bit longer. I found out little else. I knew it must be a military or government facility. I just had what I was wearing, a hospital gown. I would be given clothes when it was determined when I was to be discharged. Basically, I was a prisoner.

The doctor arrived and removed the IV. He offered no further information at all before he left.

I didn’t like this situation at all. I couldn’t see that I was anymore safe in here than out there. I mean, what if Horace worked for the government and what if he knew I was here and what if he could get in here. I had to figure some way out. I went over and studied the door and the door latch. If only I had a knife! For the rest of the day, except when the orderlies delivered the food and the doctor came, I was busy looking for a knife. It was almost dinner I found a piece of metal someone left up above the ceiling tiles.

Around 8:00 things seemed to be quite so I decided to take a look around even if only to stick my head out the door. I was surprised at how easy I could open the door. I slowly opened the door, the hallway was fairly dark with only the exit doors lit.

I stuffed toilet paper in the lock recess to keep the door from locking while I was out. It seemed like where I was, was like a barracks. I found a storage room, which contained bed linen and an old pair of flight coveralls that were at least two sizes to large for me.

I checked the exit door for at least ten minutes to see if I could find an alarm system. I couldn’t. I tried the door. No alarms went off I waited for fifteen minutes to see if anybody came and no one showed up so I ventured on outside still in my gown.

After an hour of walking around I realized, duh! I was at a deserted army barracks. I checked some of the rooms on my way back to my room and all were empty.

I was the only person here it seemed. I had no idea who the Boss was, as far as I know, it could have been Horace’s boss. I couldn’t wait to find out. I had to leave now. I have to get back to Colt and the others. Somehow, they had found out about the computer. I went back and put on the flight coveralls grabbed the extra linen and towels and a couple of grungy pillows and returned to my room. Using the extra linen and pillows I made it look like there was a body in the bed sleeping.

As I was getting ready to leave I heard someone turning the doorknob. I quickly dove under the bed. Someone wearing suit trousers came into the room. He stopped, “No loose ends, Master Maine. No, questions to answer after all you are already dead and buried,” said the voice of the intruder. Then I heard three pops of three silence shots being fired into the ‘body’. Whoever it was left.

After ten minutes I left. I had no idea where I was. I ran from building to building and finally saw a guarded exit. Stealthily I crept towards the guardhouse. I could only see one guard on duty and he was watching a small pocket TV, “Yeah! Way to go! Woo hoo!”

I looked to see no cars were coming in or going out and hurriedly snuck past the guard house when I was fifty feet from the guard house I ran down the road keeping close to the side in case I had to duck under cover. I came to a major cross street and at the other end of the block was a Seven-Eleven. I hurriedly walked to it. As I enter the lady clerk looked up at me.

“Hi. I know you’re gonna think I’m a complete idiot, but where the heck am it?

“River Oaks Boulevard.”

“No. I mean the name of the town.”

“Fort Worth.”

“Oh boy…”

“What’s the problem hon?”

“I need a computer and it’s a matter of life and death.”

She burst out laughing, “I’m sorry hon, it just struck me as funny. My thirteen-year-old son is always on the computer – he always acts like it a matter of life and death…has to chat with his Internet friends.”

“You have a computer?” she nodded, “Ma’am I am in desperate need of a computer I have to send an e-mail to my friends so they can pick me up. I can’t call them because they always have the phone line tired up using the computer.”

“Well my shift is over in twenty minutes. You can come over and you can use my computer. Can I ask you why you are dressed in an old 7th Wing flight suit?”

“Initiation – the club I joined I had to streak through one of the abandoned old barracks – well I got five feet from the car and they took off with my clothes and wallet,” I sighed, “These were all I could find.”

She thought that was funny, “You kids!”

Twenty minutes later we left for her apartment. Her name was Maria. As we came in her son who was at the computer quickly turn off the monitor. His face went bright red.

“See, there he is at the computer!!” she giggled happily, “Bobby the is…oh my goodness I don’t even know your name!”

“Ar-Phoenix Rivers. I’m Phoenix Rivers.”


“Would you like something to drink Phoenix?”

“Huh, oh yeah, coke will do.”

“Sweetie, Phoenix needs to use the computer.”

A look of horror appeared on his face.

“Uh-uh, it’s not working right.”

“Oh, hear let me see.” I said.

“No! I-I’ll reboot it.”

I smiled. “So, what’s it doing hanging and not coming back?”

“Yeah, yeah something like that.”

“Well, maybe we should take it to the shop, dear?”

“It could be simple like your disk needs defragmenting. You know when you erase and add files, the disks get fragmented and you just have to run a program. I’ll check it out.”

“Thanks” said Bobby quietly.

“Well, guys I’ll leave you to it. I’m going to go take a bath.” She left the room.

“So, what were you trying to hide when we came in,” I smiled, “Porno?”

“No! I wasn’t hiding anything,” he said defensively.

I clicked on the address bar of the browser. “So, you go to Nifty?” His face went bright red. I laughed.

“So, does your mom know you’re gay?” He shook his head no and I could see the tears leaking out of his eyes. “Hey. It’s all right. I won’t say anything. My best friend is gay and he’s still my best friend and I still love him as a best friend.”


“Yep and he has the greatest boyfriend in the world too. Look can you do me a favor close your eyes tight and look over there. I have to access a site and I can’t have you knowing the URL okay?” He did as I requested and when to Mother’s site. Once there I erased the address.

“Okay, do you have a microphone?” He did and plugged it in. “Mother Test”

“Voice recognized,” Mother responded.

“Alarm Colt now.”


“Mother is sending an alarm message to my friend Colt as soon as he gets it he’ll either get on line or talk to me through Mother.”

“Dude! Where are u? Are U ok? It’s been a rough few days for me but tks to Chase we’re ok. Traced u to DC but then lost u. Luv u.?” he was typing.

“Ft. Worth Texas. I’m okay not too much pain. You need to come and get me. Be careful watch your back…I didn’t kill Alan…”

“Dude, I know that. I’m just glad I didn’t loose you.” I never thought hearing his voice would sound so good.

“Hey, I want you to say ‘hello’ to Bobby we’re using his computer. Oh before I forget I need some clothes. All I have is a pair of flight coveralls that are like way too big for me.”

Colt started talking to Bobby who was really nervous, but within a few minutes he was giggling and laughing as Chase had entered the conversation and then Melanie.

Finally, Colt asked, “So, are you crashing at Bobby’s house? Or the river?” he laughed.

“I’ll probably find a nice dark ally. How long will it take you to get here?” I asked.

“Well, probably 15 to 20 hours. We will leave in ten minutes. We need a pick up point.”

“Royal Oaks Blvd near the base.”

“Be careful. Luv ya…Thanks Bobby – you take care and Chase and I are here to talk anytime. Bye.”

“Bye. Mother, disconnect.”

“Thanks, Bobby.”

“They are really nice.”

“Whose really nice, sweetie?” asked his mom.

“Phoenix’s friends. They’re on their way.”

“Well, I better be going.”

“I thought you were going to crash here.”

“Bobby, I’m a stranger to you guys and …”

Bobby’s mother interrupted me, “Phoenix may I speak to you please? In private.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She took me into her bedroom.

“Are you gay or bi?” she asked.

“No, I’m straight, but my best friend is gay.”

“So you’re not against gays?”

“No. I love Colt like a brother; I’ve known him his whole life. I had a hard time dealing with it for about a year, but then I realized it was I trying to change him, not him trying to change me. But where is this conversation going?”

“My son is gay. He doesn’t know I know. I love him dearly. I just don’t want him to get hurt. He normally keeps to himself but he’s taken to you so quickly. I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“You know you really should let him know you know. He’s scared to death that you’ll hate him. It’s very important that you let him know this. Okay?”

“But how do I do this, what do I say?”

“Speak from your heart and let him know no matter what you will always be here for him and how you really feel about him and then tell him how you found out. He’ll probably cry, but just let him know it doesn’t change the way you feel about him.”

When I came out of the room he looked worried. “It’s your turn.”

“You told her didn’t you,” he said as his eyes teared up.

“No, she told me and she told me she loves you more than anything else in the world.”

He was crying as he entered. Ten minutes later they strolled out all smiles and arms around each other’s waist.

I couldn’t help smiling.

“Now, Phoenix what you’re real story. Your friends are 15-20 hours away which means this high school prank was a fib.”

“I better be going. The truth is I’ve had a horrible experience. I will probably come apart when I tell Colt and the others. Telling you could be dangerous for you and Bobby. There are some not very nice people after me. Somebody already tired this evening. I was being held in one of the barracks and this evening just before I was going to leave, someone came into the room and fired three bullets into a bunch of pillows I had put into my bed to look like me sleeping and then they left.”

“Well, Phoenix I am definitely not going to turn you out onto the streets! You are staying and that’s that!”

“Well, okay. Maybe I’ll tell you when my friends get here. Could I take a shower?”

She gave me a towel and showed me where the bathroom was. I got out of the flight coveralls and started unraveling the elastic bandage around my chest. I looked in the mirror at myself. There was a discoloration two inches below my right nipple and it looked like an inch long scratch below it. On closer inspection my heart nearly stopped. I was bugged!

I wrapped the towel around me and opener the door “Maria what is the sharpest thing you have?”

“I have a set of Ginseu Knives.”

“Please come here with the sharpest one, hurry!”

She rushed over and Bobby followed, “They’ve bugged me. See!”

“Cool!” said Bobby.

“I need you to cut this out of me. And then we will have to leave here. If this is what I think it is. I need a washcloth to bite down on so I don’t scream the place down.”

“Phoenix, I don’t think I can do that I faint at the sight of blood.”

“Gimmie the knife Mom!” said Bobby.

I explained to him what to do. And then I bit down on the cloth. It was all I could do not to punch his lights out; I was biting down on the cloth so hard. I was wavering on the edge of unconsciousness but finally it was over I thought until he poured a bunch of alcohol on the wound. He applied a basket weave and several pieces of gauze.

We had said nothing during the whole operation. It hurt like hell.

“We need to get out of her in case they’ve traced me. Find a cat to attach that to. And thanks.”

“Yeah.” He looked a bit pale.

“You okay?”

“I’ll be all right. I’m sorry I took so long.”

“I’m cool man, okay? It had to be done.”


An hour later we were checked into the Marriott. Our room had two beds Bobby and I shared one. Maria arranged to take the next day off. We had brought Bobby’s computer. She also bought me a pair of boxers, jeans, and pair of sandals and loose fitting shirt.

The ten o’clock news had my picture on it saying that I was a suspected kidnapper and asking people to report to the police any sightings and gave a telephone number.

“Bobby, I need the computer.” I connected with Mother. “Mother call 8175552987 from 5000 random phone numbers in area code 817 “ I gave her twenty different sample messages over 10 hours.”

“That will keep them busy. That will give them 5000 bogus calls that will seem like real calls cuz Mother will place a real ANI in each message.”

“What’s an Annie?” asked Bobby.

“When ever you make a call you phone send a caller id to the receiving phone so those messages will go to that number. With so many calls that look real they won’t know they will have too many to check.”

“Why are they doing this to you! It’s not fair! You didn’t kidnap us!” cried Bobby.

I looked at Maria. “Bobby, it’s time for bed.”

Maria turned out the light and ten minutes later Bobby scooted over and cuddled close to me. I felt him kiss my back gently and he whispered goodnight.

To be Continued

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Sam Lakes