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Sam Lakes

Chapter 14


I knew today was going to be hell just waiting around for Arb to make contact. I knew if I didn’t occupy myself intensely, I’d start getting negative thoughts. My solution, or maybe it was our solution, was to train intensely all day because Chase, I think, was just as anxious about today as I was.

On the obstacle course I let him run ahead of me. Why? Because he has got the cutest butt in the world! To be honest towards the end I thought about just tackling him and making out, but alas, there were other people around.

A funny thing happened just as I had that thought; he turned around and ran backwards, just gave me the sexiest smile and then turned back around. What a prick teaser!

I got him back in the showers. I was semi-hard and soaped up my body put my head under showerhead and gently swayed my body back and forth causing my dick to enticingly flop and swing from side to side while I was making seductive sounds and surreptitiously looking at him. I was definitely having an effect on him. A couple of other guys came into the shower so I stopped.

As we walked out of the showers he whispered to me “Prick teaser!”

“And your not!” I laughed.

Today we set a record for the archery range. Chase and I are highly competitive in archery. I nailed my first arrow dead center of the target.

Chase smiled, “Watch this sheriff! I, Robin Hood, will split your arrow!” Taking careful aim he released his arrow. A perfect split!

“Hey Joe! I split another one!” he yelled at Joe the owner of the range. Joe came over to look. “Shit! Boys you’re gonna drive me out of business!” Joe had a deal if you split an arrow he’d give you two new arrows.

“Oh, Robin, Robin, Robin, when will you learn!” I said in my mock English accent, “I, Sheriff of Rottingham, am still the finest archer in the land!” With that I drew back my arrow aimed and slowly released.

“YES! Still the finest archer in the land!” I yell as my arrow split Chase’s arrow.

From archery we decided to go mountain biking and did about ten miles and got really dirty so, of course, I suggested we go take a shower and wiggled my eyebrows and slowly licked my lips. From the look of the growing bulge in Chase’s shorts I think he was interested in more than just a shower.
So, I told him to follow me and I biked to the Y.

“Why are we here?” he asked.

“To shower.”

“You’re a fuckin’ tease! You know that?”

“Yep and after our shower you can lose to me in racquetball!” I said as I ran inside.

“In your dreams!” he replied.

All right, so Chase beat me at racquetball…he cheated…he yells out, “Oh my God! That guy is naked!” I turn to look and wham, the racquetball hits me in the head and he scores the final point making it 14-15.

We got home and took another shower, but a really nice long one. By the time we got out of the shower it was lunchtime and the day was dragging. We ate talked with Melanie a bit then took a nap.

I woke about six cuddled in Chases arms. “You awake?” I asked quietly.

“Yes,” he mumbled. I turned over and gave him a kiss.

“Good, we need to get my dad’s SUV set up and test all the equipment. We collected Melanie and walked to my place picked up the SUV. I noticed that Ruthie and Kevin were not at home and wondered why, but it was just as well as we didn’t have to worry about them seeing us taking the SUV. Chase drove us to the University.

Our long awaited call arrived and ten minutes after we left the University. Melanie was driving following our previously planned route out of the city.

“Mother,” I spoke, “Verify.”

“Hello, Colt, verification completed”

“Mother, analyze, license plates.”

“Analysis complete. Two vehicles following belong to DOD, one vehicle State Police, all others are privately owned.”

“Okay Melanie. Go for it,” I said. Melanie started on a maze of turns to get us out of the city and to allow us to spot anyone following.

“Mother, analyze, license plates.”

“Ford Taurus, license plate YIU675, Budget Rental, following, driver using cellphone.”

“Intercept and relay cellphone signal of Ford Taurus license plate YIU675.”

“Hey Al, I think they are just out for a joy ride, in daddy’s new SUV,” came the voice of the driver.

“Well, stay on them, bud,” said the called person.

“Cellphone signal disconnected,” reported Mother.

“Okay Melanie, let’s lose them,” I ordered.

“Seat belts guys!” she said as she hit the gas and executed our maze at incredibly high speeds then finally got to the highway entrance and were on our way.

“Renewed connection with cellphone,” announced Mother.

All we heard was “Damn kids!” then we lost the signal.

About twelve-thirty Mother verified Arbor. We watched what he was doing. We knew he was in trouble. Mother verified the connection point was different and a search revealed he was at the Marriott at DFW.

“Okay, Melanie my time to drive,” said Chase. Melanie pulled off to the side and they switched places and I move up front. “Fasten your seat belts, kids – who’s for breakfast at the Marriott?” he asked as he hit the gas pedal. In quick order we were doing 105mph.

“Mother. Verify.”

“Hello, Chase, you are verified”

“Scan police channels for speed traps. Radar detect and laser detection on.”

“Detection operating. Scanning operating,” announced Mother.

We drove the remaining 725 miles in seven hours. Chase drove until 4 and I drove the remaining three hours.

Mother had previously verified the connection point from Arb first call belong to a Maria Gonzales then verified the check-in of a Maria Gonzales. Using Mother I made the stay complimentary including all room service or restaurant charges.

The first thing I did when we walked into their hotel room was give Arb a hug.

“Ow!” said Arb, “I had to do a bit of an operation last night, well, Bobby did.” He pulled up his shirt to show me. “Somewhere along the line they planted a chip on me, luckily it was only subcutaneous. It must have been some sort of tracking device cuz the next thing I know I’m wanted for kidnapping Maria and Bobby.”

“I figured something was up when I saw all those messages going out. Anyway, I’m starved!”

During breakfast I noticed Bobby looking at me and when I’d catch him he’d blush and look away.

After breakfast, on our way back up to the room, I pulled Bobby aside and asked, “So, Bobby, wassup?”

“Nothing, why?” He blushed bright red.

I just continued to look at him. “uh,”he sighed, “I just think you’re beautiful.” He blushed again.

“Thanks. What else?”

“What’s the GEEK Club?”

“The GEEK Club?”

“Why?” I say trying to show disinterest.

“Arb, was talking in his sleep. He said ‘GEEK Club and then he shouted, ‘No!’ then he began crying and saying that he loved you and telling you not to die.”

A cold shiver ran down my back.

“It must have been a bad dream,” I said, “He been through a lot of stress.”

We all left the hotel by 9:00a.m. We were heading for home. Maria and Bobby were off to the police department to clear up the fact that they have never been kidnapped, to tell them that they had been given a free weekend at the Marriott as a result of a radio promotion from three months ago. Although no one at the radio station remembered the promotion there computer records clearly indicated she indeed had been a winner.

For the first three hours Melanie drove and Chase and I debriefed Arb, I could see he was holding back and trying to keep his emotions out of it. I guess all of us did. Alan had always been a great friend.

“How did Alan know about Mother?” asked Chase.
Arb looked down and bit his lip, “I-I forgot to lock the lab door and he came in…I told him it was a proto type we’d found.”

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“Nothing we went to his place and then out to a movie.”

“When you were at his place did he send an email to anybody?”

“I don’t know I was in the bedroom.”

“Doing what?”

He told us about the call he made.

“So, whoever it was that tried to kill you, and killed Alan must, have been alerted by your phone call or something Alan did.”

“Colt, you’ve always been right, they were the same ones that killed Dad; I heard them say something about it,” said Arb.

Lots of things didn’t add up in my mind – I didn’t sleep a wink on the way back.

An hour from home I told Chase to go to Tulson Crossing Mall.

“Why?” he asked

“We’re going to do some shopping. Look Arb is dead. They had a funeral and all; he can’t just go walking around. We never go to Tulson so chances are nobody will recognize us.”

“You got a point there,” said Arb.

On our way out I said to everyone, “Arb went into the mall with us as a brown hair, brown eyed, and baggy jeaned. But he came out with fire engine red hair, green eyes, a tight wife beater and tight jeans, with his ear pierced a fake tattoo that looks real and shoes that make him and inch taller. Everyone meet Phoenix Rivers!”

“Damn Phoenix you look hot!” said Melanie, “Nobody is going to say you’re not well endowed!”

“Hey Phoenix, I agree with Melanie! Wanna do a threesome with Colt and me?” laughed Chase.

“Oooo! Hey Phoenix how’s your titty. You know I could kiss it better for you,” I laughed.

“You guys are sick! I’m still me and I’m still straight!” he said and we all laughed.

I dropped Chase and Melanie off at their home and drove down the block to my home with Arb hiding in the back. After the garage door was closed. Arb sat up; he had such a sad look about him.

I was about to ask him what was wrong when I heard the doorbell ringing. It was Ruthie.

“Hi, Ruthie,” I said as I opened the door.

“Colt Smith! Where the hell have you been! And why are you driving your dad’s car?”

For some reason I got pissed. “What the hell do you care? I’m not your kid! I’m just excess baggage that you and Kevin don’t want!”

She had a shocked look on her face. “That’s not true. Colt I love you, I always have and Kevin likes you, he really does you’ve just never given him a chance.”

“You shouldn’t have married him, he’s not your type and he doesn’t like me. I know it. To him I’m just a little faggot – I heard him on the phone, He was talking to someone and he said one of these days I’m going to punch that little faggot’s face in.”

“I can’t believe that, he was really hurt when you moved back over here and so was I…I’ve lost one son. I don’t want to loose the other.”

“Well, guess what I found while I was joy riding? Phoenix come in here and meet my mom!”

Arb came out and almost instantly they were in tears hugging each other.

My PDA beeped which meant that Mother had a message for me. I looked at the message “10 surveillance instruments located in this area,” and gave me the floor plan of our house with little red dots indicating the location.

I walk over to Arb and Ruthie and put my finger to my lips and showed Arb the PDA and indicated for them to move out side, which they did.

“Mom you need to take us somewhere where we can talk and don’t tell Kevin. I don’t trust him!”

“Colt, I have to tell him something. He’s going to want to know where I’m going.”

“Tell him I’m sick and you’re taking me to the Walk-In Clinic,” I said.

We ended up at the skating rink. “Colt, could you get the food, I need to talk with my son – my oldest son.” I smiled at her correction and held out my hand indicating that I need some cash. She gave me forty dollars and I tootled-off to get the food.

When I got back to their booth, I notice Arb had been crying and so had Ruthie. I suddenly felt guilty about the coldness I had treated her with. After all she thought she had lost a son. An as for marrying Kevin, maybe I hadn’t given him much of a chance.

“Eat up folks! Don’t let the pizza get cold.” We all started eating.

The long day and a full stomach was getting to me.

“Well, boys we better get going,” said Ruthie.

“You need to check us in at a motel,” I said.

“Why? I thought you’d be coming home,” said Ruthie.

“Because if my house is bugged, you can be sure yours is, and we don’t need Arb recognized,” I said.

Ruthie agreed and checked us in at the Days Inn room 331, then left for home.

When we got to the room the people in 333, were having a party, so we called the front desk and they move us to room 131.

I was exhausted and I fell asleep also as soon as I hit the bed. The next thing I knew it was morning and Arb was screaming at me to get up.

“Colt! Wake up now! We have to get out of here!”

“Come on Arb let me sleep in.”

“No get up! Two men in the room we first had were shot dead! We have to get out of here!”

Suddenly, I was awake. I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt, put my shoes on and stuffed my socks in my pocket and was out the door with Arb. We saw a bus for the University and ran to catch it. Just as a dozen cop cars pulled into the parking lot of the motel.

“Exact change, please,” said the driver.

“This is all I have,” said Arb.

“Then you have to get off.”

‘No! Look my friend and I are late for class. Here you take the twenty; later you get change and keep the remainder.”

The driver took the twenty and waved us on.

Half way to the U I realized that Mother was still in the SUV so we split up and I went to get Mother and Arb went on to the U.

I ran all the way home and let myself in. The mail was lying on the floor so I picked it up and threw it in the mail basket. The phone bill was there.

“Hmm. I wonder how much it costs to call from Japan.” I opened the bill there were no calls from Japan. But what I saw made chills run down my back. The day after Arb supposedly killed Alan, there was a call to Ft Worth, Texas and a call to Bethesda, Maryland.

Shit Dad knew! He knew! What kind of business was my dad in? I had no clue. I was jarred out of my thoughts by the front door opening.

“Colt! What the hell are you doing here! I told you two to stay together!”

“I’m sorry. I-I, uh, forgot my backpack. I left it in the car. I’ll go get it,” I said as I dropped the phone bill into the mail basket. I got my backpack and Mother and returned to Ruthie. I noticed that the bill was now lying in the basket the opposite of what it was than when I dropped it. What was going on here?

I followed her out and got in Kevin’s new Caddy SUV.

“Hey Hotshot!” he said as I got into the car. Look at you happy as shit cuz Ruthie just balled me out! Well, fuck you. I refuse to answer.

We arrived at the U in less than ten minutes. I got out.

“Colt, I don’t hate you. I really don’t.”

I just glared at him, “Whatever.”

Ruthie gave him a kiss and we set off for the lab. “You know Colt, here’s something to think about, it would hurt you to show some common courtesy. At least he’s trying!”

I ignored her and went on to the lab and she went to her office.

“Hey!” I said to Arb as I walked in, “Here find four laptops and make them look exactly like Mother.”

“Hey where you going? Mom got all over my ass for splitting up.”

“Yeah, me too. She told me I had to really think things over so I’m just going to go to the library. I need to think.” I turned and walked out.

When I got outside I saw Kevin talking to two men I could tell they were both carrying a concealed weapon. One took a brief case from the back of his car and walked off in the direction of the old Biology Department Building, which was next to the building, I was working in.

Kevin got in his car and drove away. I followed the man who went into the building. I stealthfully followed and saw him exit the stairwell on the fourth floor. I followed. He must have entered the storage room where they keep old equipment. There were racks and racks of junk. I spotted him over by a window he was assembling a rifle. From his position he could fire directly into the lab where Arb was or get us coming out the door.

I backed up and hit a bottle, which in turn hit another bottle, which felt on the floor. I saw the man turn and look at me. I froze like a dear caught in the headlights of an approaching car and then I bolted for the door. I ran for the stairwell and started to go down. I saw Kevin running up the stairwell. I had no choice. I ran to the roof. With a little effort I got the door to the roof open as I heard Kevin talking to the man.

I hid behind a fence, which went around the chillers for the air conditioning system. He came out and looked around but didn’t find me. He pulled out a cell phone and started talking I could only pick up part of the conversation.

“Paul, look I’m sorry about last night …screwed up…yeah …need you here. To … these boys…”

Kevin left. What was going on? Why was dad trying to kill us? Did he know about Mother? Did he kill Keith or have him killed? I had to get to Arb! I have to warn him!

I cautiously exited the back of the building. If I could get to the back of the CompSci building I could get access without being shot or seen. I slowly went through the delivery door when somebody grabbed me!

“There you are!” exclaimed Kevin.

“Let go of me I screamed.”

He yelled something else at me. I managed to kick him hard in the shin causing him to release me I stumbled forward, hitting my head hard on a fire extinguisher and things just went black.

To be Continued

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Sam Lakes