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Sam Lakes

Deja-Vu (end of Ch14)

I cautiously exited the back of the building. If I could get to the back of the CompSci building I could get access without being shot or seen. I slowly went through the delivery door when somebody grabbed me!

“There you are!” exclaimed Kevin.

“Let go of me I screamed.”

He yelled something else at me. I managed to kick him hard in the shin causing him to release me I stumbled forward, hitting my head hard on a fire extinguisher and things just went black.

Chapter 15


I walked into the lab Arb was there. In front of him were three unfinished clones and Mother.

“Geez, Arb I would have thought you’d have completed one clone…” I could sense there was something a wry.

Arb nodded behind me. I turned around as fear seemed to drain all the energy from my body – my head ached, my throat was dry. There stood Kevin.

“That’s good enough guys. Now, don’t do anything. Just step away for the computer.” Kevin said.

We both looked at Kevin with a silenced gun pointed at us. “Ah, ah, Colt! You start the self destruct program and the last thing you’ll see is Arbor brains coming out the backside of his head!”.

I stepped back.

“You see all we needed to do was get you to do something with that computer. We know Keith has all his research files and the chip designs on the computer. We tried to get him to give them to us, but you know he was sort of stubborn, so well, you know the rest” said Kevin.

“Who is we?” asked Arbor.

“Well, why not ask the guy who goes through his Dad’s mail. I’m sure you figured it out Colt, right?” asked Kevin.

“Paul” said Colt.

“He wins the prize! You’re right Paul Smith” said Kevin.

“He’s your dad, Colt!” said Arbor.

“No he’s not! He’s an asshole!” said Colt.

“Well, now is that anyway to speak of your Dad?” Colt looked to see Paul Smith standing there with a 9mm Glock equipped with a laser sight.

“Dad? How did you get here?” asked Colt.

“Hey, who do you think killed those two brothers in the motel?” said Paul “We had to scare you guys into using the computer.”

“Why did you try to kill Arbor?”

“A stupid mistake, but luckily he survived a little while longer” said Kevin.

“You know if you guys had been nicer to me I might have let Ruthie live. But you know she’s such a smart bitch it was a pity…well you know… no loose ends. And as far as your little butt buddy, well, no loose ends” Kevin laughed moving to the right revealing Ruth’s and Chase’s bodies.

I saw Ruth lying in a pool of blood with her neck slit open and a horrifying look on her face. Chase laid still, his shirt soaked in blood.

“No!” screamed Colt “No! Ruthie! Chase!”

I heard a thump next to me and saw Arbor’s body go limp his eyes rolled back and he crash to the floor. The wall behind them was covered with blood and bits of his brain.

“Abor! No! No! You fucking murderers!” I screamed in total horror.

I sat straight up in bed.

“Colt! It’s okay. You just had a nightmare!” Ruthie said as she held me and tried to comfort me.

“No! No! Kevin and Dad they killed you, Chase and Arbor!” I cried.

“Colt look at me. Look at me!” she commanded “I’m here. I’m okay. Chase is fine. I have strict orders to call him as soon as you came to. Arb is okay. You just had a bad dream.”

“I saw the man with a rifle and gun. He chased me. Kevin came looking for me on the roof. He was talking to Dad! He said they screwed up last night!” I cried still hysterical.

“Colt calm down. Kevin is all right. He’s a good man” she said calmly.

“No! No, he’s going to kill us. I saw him talking to the man with the rifle!”

She held me closer to her. “Colt you are not thinking logically. You’ve taken a few unrelated facts and dubbed in the worse and are drawing the wrong conclusion. Come on, I need you to listen to me Okay?”

“But I saw the rifle. I…”

“Colt! Listen to me” she said turning my head so that I was directly looking at her “I don’t deny that you saw the man with the gun. Okay? But he’s on our side. He is there to protect you, Chase, Melanie and Arbor. He works with Kevin and Kevin works for your Dad. Your Dad works for the government.”

I was slightly confused. Was Ruth right?

“When Keith died, it wasn’t an accident. Just like Arbor’s accident wasn’t an accident. We didn’t know Keith’s death was anything but what it appeared at first, but your Dad and Keith have always been best friends and your Dad was convinced it wasn’t of natural causes when I told him about your premonition. He had a special autopsy done. Keith was murdered. Your Dad got worried that I could be the next target, so he sent Kevin to stay with us.”

“Kevin is like a body guard. We’re not really married, he sleeps on the floor in my room,” she said with a slight smile.

“Your not married?” I asked.

“No, but before you get me sidetracked, let me continue, okay?” she asked and I nodded yes.

“I don’t know how your Dad did it, but he made it possible for me to access two of the largest super computers in the country and I was able to run the simulations which helped us find Arbor.”

Was I really so smart? Ruthie and Chase did similar things.

“Arbor was airlifted to Bethesda Medical Center. Your Dad insisted we put a tracking device on him because we could risk loosing him. We still don’t know who is after us or why. If Keith’s first computer was around we would have known, but as you know Alan destroyed the system.”

“When Alan died, we thought maybe he’d found some papers of Keith’s, but Arbor told us he didn’t know.”

“Your dad had Arbor secretly flown to an old Air Force Base in Texas.”

“Since that time Arbor has been under surveillance and so have you. When you stopped staying at home. Dad had Kevin put all the bugs in your house. Kevin watched you by day and I watched you by night. When you were at Uncle Ted’s, he watched over all of you.”

“I listened to you cry yourself to sleep every night next door. It nearly broke my heart not to tell you that Arbor was alive, but I was afraid that the second I turned my back you’d be on your way to Fort Worth, and that could have spelt disaster for both of you. “

“But why did Paul lie to me? Why did he say he was in Japan?” I asked.

“Force of habit. Look, we all make mistakes. None of us are perfect” she replied in Paul’s defense.

“Keith never lied to me” I said “I always wanted him to be my father. I don’t hate Paul. I used to after my mom died and he was away all the time. Now, well he’s more of an acquaintance - not even a friend, just an acquaintance.”

I looked at her, not sure if I should say what I wanted to say.

“What?” she asked as she could see my eyes beginning to water up.

“I still miss him so much. I’ve tried to just think about the happy times, but it doesn’t work. I just miss talking to him. Arbor tries so hard, so does Chase and Melanie. I know they’re doing their best, but it just doesn’t work as well. Keith just had this knack of getting me to look at things from different viewpoints and to analyze things. Sometimes, I go to the roof and, well, you know why I go there… and I think about Keith and it still hurts that he’s not here. It’s my fault, it’s all my fault.”

“Oh, Sweetheart, it’s not.”

“No. I know I am… I can’t tell you why because…I just can’t.” I forced myself to get control. “How’s Kevin? I guess I’ve been a real pain in the ass to him.”

“Oh, he’s fine. He was a little distraught over what happened, but he’s pretty thick skinned” she replied. “He really likes you boys a lot and his duty is to protect you even if it means his life. He knows you don’t like him because you think he’s my husband, but he’s very observant and he has the highest regard for you, and not just because you’re his boss’s son. He told me once that he’s never seen a kid so sharp, so smart. When we knew Arbor was safe he argued with your dad saying that you should be told. I initially said no because I was afraid they might follow you and then I could lose both my boys. We don’t know yet if it was them that kill the two men in the motel.”

“Can I call Kevin?”



She got her cell phone, dialed and handed the phone to me.

“Hello” said a sleepy Kevin.

“Hi, Kevin. It’s Colt,” I said.

“Well, how are you doing, Hotshot?” Kevin said a bit more awake sounding.

“Okay. I just wanted to call and tell you I’m sorry for acting like an ass.”

“Hey, I would have done the same I’m sure. Well, probably not taken a dive into a fire extinguisher. Are you sure your okay now. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I’m fine. Hope you don’t mind that I called at this hour and thanks for watching over us. Especially since I’ve been a real pain in the butt to you. I really owe you big time. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“You can call me anytime you want and you really don’t owe me a thing just knowing you’re okay is enough. You’re a good kid; Colt and you have your Dad’s best qualities. And yes, your Dad can be a pain in the butt too!” Kevin laughed.

I yawned saying “Thanks, bye and night.”

“Good night, Hotshot. See ya later” Kevin said and then hung up.

“I guess he’s not so bad. He says I have Dad’s best qualities and Dad can be a pain in the butt too” I smiled. Maybe my Dad isn’t so bad.

“I’m glad your not married to Kevin…it’s not a good match” I yawned, “I’m sleepy” I mumbled, “Do you think you could adopt me…?”

I woke the next morning and instead of Ruthie in the next bed, I saw the beautiful face of Chase. I think I must have watched him for five minutes. I knew he was about to wake up. His eyes fluttered and then boom! They were open and looking at me with a big smile.

“You were watching me wake up weren’t you?”

I nodded.

“You okay? How’s your head?”

“Hurts a bit. I love you. I feel like an idiot and an asshole the way I’ve treated Kevin, you know he isn’t married to Ruthie.” I couldn’t help smiling.

“Yeah. Ruthie told me the whole story. Your dad arrived last night. We talked, like for hours.”

“Great! Then you’ve talked to him longer than I ever have in my whole life.”

“He asked if we were boyfriends. I told him ‘yes’. I think the main thing he wanted to know was if you – if we were happy. I told him I was and I’m pretty sure you were.”

“So is he pissed that his son is queer?”

“No. You know you need to communicate with him, really communicate with him.”

“Yeah, maybe someday.”

Chase got out of bed and came over and got in bed with me.

“Babe, I know you and I know deep down there’s a lot of pain, you just have to let it go. You need to talk with him and let him know you’re pain and listen to his. I really don’t think he’s a mean, heartless ogre.”

“Yeah, he’s just a regular ‘Shriek’ full of love and compassion for his queer son,” I said with sarcasm. Chase just shook his head then kissed me on the cheek. “You better get up before the nurse comes in.” He gave me a quick kiss and got out.

The doctor released me around ten and Ruthie and Kevin picked us up.

“Where’s Arb?”

“He and Melanie are at the lab,” said Ruthie.

“Then why are we headed home? I need to see how Arb is doing.”

“Your dad is home. I thought maybe you might want to spend some time with him?”

“Why? We have nothing in common? And besides I’d rather spend my time with people I love, people who have some meaning in my life! I’d rather spend my time with Kevin to make up for being such an asshole to him –now that I know you’re not married to him I think we could become friends, what do you think, Kev?”

I saw Chase roll his eyes.

“And what’s that for Chase?” I said in an irritated voice.

“I just happen to think you’re wrong.”

“Wrong? WRONG? Why don’t you go be friends with you father? At least you know he hates you because you are a fucking queer! I have no idea why my dad hates me! What did I do? Was I somehow responsible for my mom’s death? Did I kill her? I have no IDEA! I don’t even remember her anymore.”

“COLT!” shouted Ruthie. I glared at her. “Colt, you father doesn’t hate you, he never has!

“BULLSHIT!” I yelled, “THAT’S BULLSHIT! Because if it’s love he has shown me then,,,then…please just take me to the lab!”

And is exactly what they did. I stormed up the stairs to the lab with Chase following.

“Colt, please stop being an ass.”

I stopped and turned around I was angry and mad and out of control and I knew any minute he was going to push me too far and I would lash out at him and forever regret it. I would say something really hateful and try to hurt him.

“Go away! Please I love you but I’m pissed and I don’t want to hurt you, please you’re all I have. Please Chase, just go.”

“I won’t push you, but I’m never going to leave you. I love you, Colt. I disagree with what you are doing, but I will stand by you.”

I did not deserve anyone like Chase. I turned and continued on up to the lab. I had cooled off some by the time I reached the lab.

“Hey Colt!” said Arb excitedly, “Come here, four clones and one Mother. Find Mother.”

“Here.” I pointed to Mother.

“Lucky guess. Turn around.” He shuffled them around and said, “Okay. Try again.”

“Here.” I pointed to Mother and smiled, “And before you tell me to turn around I just want to point out this. Mother has three little marks under the logo ‘MF’ also she has a tiny little nick right here.”

“You guys need to be able to recognize her instantly. I don’t want her given to someone by mistake. So you practice that while I write a program to simulate Mother.”

They practiced and drilled until each could recognize Mother instantly while I wrote a quick simulation program in C++. I tested the program and it was working great! Somehow I found myself thinking about Dad and Keith.

In all the time I had lived with Keith, I had never called him Dad and yet he was a father to me. He was always there for me. I knew he adored me, not just because other people said so, but by his actions. As I used to give the impression to him that I was striving to always do better because of Ruthie’s thesis and yes that was my springboard I did it all because I wanted Keith’s approval.

I looked around the lab. I had grown up in this lab. When Keith got me into a gifted child’s program this lab became part of me. It was here or the library where I’d do all my studying. It was here that I ate my lunch with Keith, everyday of the school week. And yet I never called him Dad.

Why? Why after all these years does my dad want to make up for all the lonely years I spent without him? Maybe it’s because of Mother. Maybe it’s because he wants to cash-in on her and it’s not that he loves me. Is Chase right? I’m afraid to talk to him…I know that it’s a façade that I put up that I hate him. Truth is I never hated my dad…I have always loved him. But I’m afraid to show it. But why? Why can’t I show him that I love him, that I have always loved him?

Six. That’s when things changed, when I was six…I remember being in some teacher’s class and crying hysterically and I ran out of the school and all the way to the U. I was looking for Keith and I couldn’t find him. I went to the roof of the Computer Science Building; the door locked and I couldn’t get back in.

They said I went into shock. I don’t remember. I remember being on the roof and being petrified, not of the roof, but of a dream. A dream I can’t remember now except for the fear and terror of it; just like…oh fuck! It was the same fear and terror I felt with my premonition about Keith when I saw him killed! Oh, fuck!

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was Chase standing beside me. I wrapped my arms around his waist resting my head on his firm belly. He gently ran his fingers through my hair.

“You okay?” he asked softly.

I nodded my head ‘yes’. I looked up at him and whispered, “I love you.”

He smiled and bent down to kiss me. It was such a gentle kiss. “The feelings mutual.” I smiled.

“I’m fine now,” I said in a quiet voice.




To be Continued

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Sam Lakes