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Sam Lakes

Chapter 16

Dad, Ruthie and Kevin walked into the lab while I still had my arms wrapped around Chase. I released my hold on Chase and he moved to sit on a stool next to me. I looked at Dad and our eyes seemed to fix on each other. I small smile creped across my face and I saw the same happened to him. He nodded ever so slightly and my smile broadened just a bit as I nodded back.

Something had changed within me. I didn’t feel the need to lash out at him and some of the fear I had always had, seemed to be lessened.

“Okay, guys…and gal, it is time we put all the cards on the table. So, why don’t we all sit down here and join forces.”

We all got up and joined the three adults at a round table, which was in the corner of the room. I sat directly opposite my dad with Chase on my right, Melanie on his right and Arb on my left, next to him was Ruthie, Dad and Kevin.

“So, what do you guys know about this situation that’s going on, Ted says that you guys call yourself the Geek Club?”

“Well, Dad why don’t you tell us what you know?” I countered.

“Colt, stop playing games,” said Chase quietly and I was slightly pissed.

“Okay, game over. Dad, I know you lied to me and so did you Ruth and you too Kevin. You lied to all of us.” Chase nudged me with his leg. I glared at him, but I shut up.

Dad sighed. Then he looked at me, “It’s okay, Chase, I deserved that. When Keith died,” he bit his lower lip and looked down and tapped his thumb up and down on the tabletop just like I do when I’m emotional and have to get control.

Dad sighed again, Ruthie place her hand on his and gently squeezed it. “When Keith died, it hurt. He…he had always been my best friend, it seems like forever. For me things didn’t add up and I had a long talk with Ruthie. She mentioned your premonition, which gave me the excuse to have a special autopsy done on his body. His death was not of natural causes. His death was as you had seen it.”

“I had no clues as to why anyone would have wanted to kill him. He was working on some projects for me but they weren’t top secret or even secret. I became worried that maybe it was some sort of vendetta against me. I’ve cross a lot of paths and that could have been a possibility…I feared for the one…the one vulnerability I have…” Dad paused looked down at the table then up and directly into my eyes, “you.”

Now I knew. What Chase had caused me to look at, Dad had ripped open. I thought of the dream. It had not been a dream it had been a premonition. The knowledge of the future that was so terrifying to me as a child that my mind had blocked it out. I knew it had to do with my dad. I knew it was my biggest fear. The fear of losing someone I was so close to, who at that time I loved more than anyone or anything. Somehow in my screwed up mind I thought if I could hate that person if I could distance myself from that person if I could make that person hate me maybe, just maybe it would never happen.

But now I knew it was my actions, my creation, my computer that now put everything in place. That no matter what I had done, I couldn’t change the future, just like I could not change the future with Keith.

I could feel the hot tears running down my checks. I had to get away. I had to get to the roof, my sanctuary. I ran out of the room.

I was on my roof, my sanctuary, wavering on the edge. The dream that I had hidden for so many year was now back. It was like watching a movie playing before me - the helicopter on a roof, the baldheaded man, the box with the letters MF and Dad and a boy lying face down. I knew who he was it was Chase. The bald man was shooting at my dad three shots tightly grouped in the chest ripping their way throw his heart.

I looked down at the ground. I knew what I had to do. Maybe I could change it all. Maybe if I died now it would all end and my Chase and my dad would live.

A voice was speaking to me, “Colt, Colt! Please listen to me. I know about premonitions! When you ignore them they don’t change! They happen! Please look at me! COLT! LOOK AT ME!”

I looked at my dad, he was crying!

“I’ve had them too! I-I ignored it and I lost your mom. I was scared. I thought it was just my imagination! I could have changed it, but I ignored it! Please Colt listen to me!”

I looked away. Could this be true? My dad knew my mom was going to die just like I knew Keith was going to die…

“Dad! I’m afraid! I love you and I don’t want you to die! In my dream I saw you die! I don’t want you to die. I don’t want to be alone!” I was looking down. I felt like I was going to faint.

“Save me Dad! Don’t let me fall!” I started blacking out as I felt a hand grab my arm.

I felt him holding me tight and him kissing my head. He was sobbing. I opened my eyes and looked up, “Dad, what happened? Did you save me?” He nodded.

I was confused, but it seemed for the first time in a long time he loved me and I knew I loved him.

“You had a premonition too?” He nodded. “I jumped or fell didn’t I?” He nodded again. “But it didn’t happen. You stopped me. You pulled me back.”

“Yeah. When your mom died I knew it was going to happen, but I kept saying it was just my imagination. I knew I could have done something but I didn’t…like you with Keith.”

I nodded.

“When you were six I had another dream – premonition; you as a teen fell from a building because you were upset with me. I had lost your mom and I didn’t want to loose you. I told Keith what had happened. I told him I had to stay away from you because I didn’t want you to die because of me or because of an upset with me.”

“It broke my heart but I had to do it. The worst part was I didn’t know if what I was doing was right or wrong. It seems I have made so many mistakes when it comes to you and then you started to hate me. I just accepted it as if you hated me and were distant from me then maybe the tragedy would never happen.”

“It’s okay, Dad.” I hugged him tight. All these years I had been avoiding him for the same reason he avoided me.

Suddenly, it seemed so stupid and so funny. Do you know how everything is supposed to be really serious, but something strikes you as funny and you want to laugh, but you suppressed and the harder you suppress it, the harder it becomes to suppress until you feel like you’re going to explode with laughter?

Well, that was what was happening at that moment and then I exploded in laughter. I think the same thing was happening to Dad cuz right after I exploded he exploded. We must have laughed for twenty minutes or more because I’d just about get me under control and I’d look at him and he’d be just about getting himself under control and off I’d go again or vice versa.


“Yes, son.” That sounded so good to my ears ‘son’ it has certain warmth to it.

“You know I’m gay.”

“Yes, I’ve know it for a long time. Keith told me. He also said that he was amazed how you and Arb were so much like him and me.”

“You mean you’re gay?”


Now I really was confused.

“But you were married to mom, I mean…didn’t you love her?”

“Yes I loved your mom, she was an exception. When I was thirteen I met Keith and we became best friends. I loved him but he was totally straight, but he loved me and just accepted me like Arb accepts you. He was the only one who knew I was gay. When I met your mom she loved me. Our relationship was sort of like yours and Melanie’s. There was no Chase in my life. I got engaged to your mom and one day she asked me out of the blue if I loved Keith and I told her the truth I thought my life would be over, but then she said it didn’t matter to her she still loved me.”

“She was the only woman that I loved and the only woman that I ever had sex with and sex with her was good…”

We sat there on the roof for a while longer not saying anything. I was just enjoying being held by him, my head resting on his chest. Then a question popped into my head. I looked up at him and he looked at me.

“What?” he asked.

“Did you ever find your Chase?”

He smiled and blushed ever so slightly, “I was afraid you’d ask that question.”

After a few minutes he replied, “Yes. And that is as much as I’m going to tell you. Who I love and who loves me is something I do not tell very often nor does he. I think I should talk with him first to make sure he doesn’t mind you knowing who he is. And before you try to start asking me more questions about him I think we need to continue our discussion at the round table. I’m sure the others and especially Chase, are worried. Okay?”

“Yes, sir,” I said and for the first time in ten years I kissed my dad.

We both walked into the lab smiling and laughing because on the way back down to the lab I was trying to pry out of him who his mysterious lover was.

Everyone looked at us and there was no doubt that what ever problems Dad and I had had they no longer existed.

I sat back down next to Chase and leaned over to him and whispered, “You are always so right about me. I love you.” And I kissed him on the cheek. Dad smiled.

“Uh, can we continue?”

“Yes, I think now we can put our cards on the table,” I said, “Dad, did you order the chip implant. And the APB by the police in Ft. Worth?”

“No. But we did find the doctor who performed the operation. Unfortunately, he can’t tell us anything. He was found in the Potomac River with a bullet through his heart. What I don’t know and what I’m hoping you guys know is why would someone kill Keith, Alan and attempt to kill Arb.”

“The reason why Alan was killed and almost me was because of Mother,” said Arb.

“Ruthie?” questioned Paul.

“No, not mom. Our computer,” Arb said and looked at me, “Colt, Dad was wrong, to make us keep the secret!”

I nodded.

“You want to tell them?” Arb asked.

“I guess I should be the one,” I said looking down at the table, “When I was twelve I was working on a new design for a computer using nanotechnology – Dad, Kevin, it means I was working on the atomic level and sub-atomic level –the results were a supercomputer housed in a laptop. I programmed a security program and if someone tried to hack into it the computer would self-destruct. Well, Alan caused the computer to self-destruct a few days before Keith was supposed to have a meeting. You know what happened.”

“The meeting was about the computer Keith designed?” asked Ruthie.

“Yeah, well, Dad told us to never reveal who had built Mother,” said Arb.

“Whatever. Well, you should know Paul. I remember he came home one day and said that you had one of your flunkies working on it cuz you were overseas,” said Ruthie, “He said you were only supposed to communicate by e-mail and NEVER by phone because of security. He thought that was weird but you funded the project.”

“I funded a project but it wasn’t a laptop supercomputer project it was a statistical analysis project!”

“Bingo! Ruthie where’s the computer Alan had?” I asked.

“In the storeroom, but the hard drive has been wiped clean?”

“We’ll see about that! Come on Arb let’s get that computer.”

In short order we had Alan’s computer set up.

“Hmm. You’re right somebody formatted the hard drive; there is not operating system. Oh, hum!” I faked a yawn. “Now Dad the new improved Mother II!”

“Mother verify.”

“Hello, Colt.”

“Mother ProxL nearest system recover hard drive search emails for approximately Paul Smith”

Almost immediately Mother replied “Two emails match description first dated 435 days ago.”

“Skip,” I ordered.

The next email was the one. Mother read the email, “Paul Arbor found another prototype of Keith’s like the one I told you about. Send instructions. – Alan”

“I never received any email from Alan,” Dad said.

“I know Dad, They must have an interceptor program.”

“Mother, using second E-mail’s address do supertrace all contact points sending message quote Attention Person intercepting this message. Be warned. Mother will find you and when she does you die quote signature Colt Smith. Send”

“No! Colt! Mother cancel!” said Chase.

“Message send supertrace in progress,” Mother said.

“Mother Verify!” exclaimed Chase.

“Mother override, cancel Verify. Colt 845671.”

“Verify cancelled,” said Mother.

“Why?” Chase asked as the tears welled up in his eyes.

“They needed bait. I gave them bait. Me!”

“But why you?”

“First because I’m tired of people getting killed for something I created. Mother was for the good of mankind not for killing and secondly…” I stood up and put my right foot up on my seat and proudly proclaimed, “I, Sheriff of Rottingham, am the finest archer in the land.”

No one laughed.

“Well, now I know were you got your stupidity from,” Kevin said with a slight smile. Dad’s eyes told me all; I couldn’t help smile. “You of course know who their prime target will be right?”

“Yeah, me,” I replied.

“I don’t think so hotshot. Read your message again.”

“Attention Person intercepting this message. Be warned. Mother will find you and when she does you die,” I read the message. “Oh, shit.” I said as I said down. I looked at Ruthie then to Kevin.

He smiled and shook his head, “It’s lucky you two have me around to point out your little faux pas.” Dad smiled. “Ruthie, you’re going on a sabbatical.”

“Oh, no, no, no, Kevin. I am not going to go sit out in the boonies somewhere while this young man plays catch me if you can.”

“Mom you have to! I didn’t mean to make you the target!”

“Colt, I know you didn’t, but don’t forget they murdered my husband and they almost killed my son and what you did was stupid, but now that ‘s done I am not, repeat not, going to let them take you from me and most certainly not from Chase or Arb or Melanie or Kevin or your dad. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ruthie looked at Kevin who nodded.

“Trace route of message completed message is being held and has not been delivered to final destination,” said Mother.

“Your message has been intercepted, dad.”

“What does that mean exactly?”

“It means someone has a program which views all emails coming in to your organization and if you happen to be one of the people it wants to track it routed you email to a holding directory until someone views it and routes it on. It means when Alan sent his e-mail to you they got it and killed him and Keith must have e-mailed you first about Mother.”

Dad and I started working out our strategy for finding out who killed Alan and Keith. Our plan was simple – go to DC and gain access to their computer system. Find the Interceptor program and its owner and expose them. We wanted to be noisy about it because nervous people make mistakes. Arbor, Chase and Melanie, Ruthie and Kevin would watch our backs and stay in the background.

For once in my life I got to do something with my dad, While most kids get to go fishing or something like that, I get to go hunt down murderers. I giggled at that thought. I wonder if he asked his lover yet?

“So Dad did you get to ask Kevin?”

“Ask Kevin about what, son?”

“You know if you could tell me about you two being lovers.”

Dad roared with laughter.

“You think Kevin and I are lovers?” he laughed.

“Well, yeah. Isn’t he?”

“No way! He’s as straight as they come and by the way I hope you didn’t say anything to him. As I said I keep my love life very, very low profile.”

“No. I haven’t said a thing to anybody. Can I tell Chase? He won’t say anything.”

“Just keep it strictly between the two of you.”

“Okay. So, then who is it?”

“No more questions.”

I went to find Chase. He was at his home. I walked into his room. He was watching a movie. After a few minutes of being ignored I said, “Wanna talk?”

“Is that an order, sir?” he asked snidely.

I go up and walked over to him and started to hug him and he moved out of the way. “No. Come on babe what’s the matter?”

“I’m trying to watch a movie.”

“Like you haven’t seen it a dozen times. You’re still mad about the e-mail, aren’t you?”

He said nothing. He continued watching TV. I stood in front of him blocking his vision.

“Colt just leave, I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore.”

“Come on Chase; I’m sorry. You don’t mean that.”

“Yes, I do. I’m not going to stand on the sidelines and see you get killed! Go DO something with your dad ‘cause evidently this is his kind of game! You said in the beginning if we ever want out then we are free to leave. I’m exercising my right!”

“No, please Chase, I’ll do anything. I can’t do this without you.”

“Colt, I saw the look on your face when you typed that they will die! You’re only out for revenge! I can’t love someone who goal is to seek revenge.”

“That’s not my reason! Maybe in the beginning, but not now!”

“Good, then stop this game. Give it up!”

I could have told him the truth, I could have told him about the premonition, but I didn’t. He would have just thought it was just my imagination. I knew if Dad did it on his own he’d die, so I just said, “I can’t” and turned and walked out.

To be Continued

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