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Author's note:

Jason, I really appreciate the hours you take in editing my story.

Sam Lakes

Chapter 17

Slowly, I walked home. I couldn't back out now, besides the damage was done. Like it or not, they'd be coming after me. I couldn't blame Chase for what he's done. I wouldn't want to stand around and watch someone kill him. I wouldn't want to, but I would never leave him hanging on the line. I wondered if Arb wanted to back out too, or Melanie. Yeah Melanie probably would because Chase has.

I turned about and walked back to Melanie's. She ran out to greet me. "What's up with you two?"

"He told me to leave. He wants out. He thinks I'm just doing this because I like the idea of killing someone and seeking revenge."

"And are you?"

"At first when this all started I wanted revenge for Keith, but not now. I figured I'd check if you want out too?"

"Well, you know it was fun up till the time Arb nearly got killed. I thought it was just your imagination. Arb made it very real. But I know you mister...I think Chase is wrong... I saw you when you came back with your Dad and something changed and now I think you do have a reason other than revenge."


"What is it?"

I told her about the premonitions my Dad and I had when I was a kid. "When Dad pulled me back he changed things. It's weird, and hard to explain, but you see when I saw Dad get killed in my premonition I was not there. I realize I was not there because Dad and I were keeping out of each other's life and because he wasn't there I jumped. You see he saved me and now I have to save him. If I back out and quit Dad will face them alone and he will die. "

"Whoa. That's really heavy! Did you tell Chase that?"

"No. He wouldn't have believed me. He would have thought I was yanking his chain or something. He wasn't in the mood to listen to me." Right at that moment it hit me, he was not part of my life and I felt such a void and the tears were about to start again. "Gotta go! Let me know whether you're in or not."

I went home and crashed on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

Then next morning Dad knocked at my door. I was still in my clothes from yesterday.

"Come in," I muttered.

"You okay?"

I nodded. He came over and sat on my bed and stroked my hair.

"It happens, little upsets like this. Don't give up on him. He's got to do what he feels right about. I know he loves you. He and I talked a lot yesterday. He was the one who convinced me to go to the roof, I almost didn't because I was scared I'd make you jump and my premonition would come true, but I changed all that and he had a large part in that."

"Yeah, I know. It's just that I'll never loved anybody so much in my life and right now it hurts that he doesn't want me in his life."

"Colt, I know that isn't the case. I'm sure he's hurting the same, if not more. He did what he felt he had to do and he has a reason for doing it. Like you, you feel there is nothing else you can do than what you are doing because of your premonition. Perhaps he has had his own premonition in regards to you, just don't hate him or give up on him."

"Melanie and Arb are still part of the GEEK Team...your no longer a Club." Dad smiled.

"Yeah. Well, I guess I'd better get up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Anyway, it's a first."

"A first?"

"Yeah, first time I didn't run up to the roof and cry." Dad leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you, Colt."

"Me too, Dad."

"Well, I know you love yourself, but what about me?" he laughed.

"You? You I adore! You're my hero! Now get out of here because I have a to get up! Oh, by the way, did you ask Kevin yet?"

"About what?" he asked feigning innocence I'm sure.

I smiled because I knew I was right, but decided to let it go for now. "Oh, nothing."

"Oh!" he laughed. "You think he's my lover?" He laughed some more. "Wait until I tell him that that's what you think! Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't, I'd hate for him to get pissed off." He left my room and closed my door still giggling and laughing to himself.

Damn! I was sure it was Kevin! Who the hell was Dad's lover?

I sat up and thought about Chase and reached over and picked up my phone and dialed his number.

"Hello," said a sleepy voice.

"I love you and I just wanted to let you know that."

There was silence and I knew he was crying.

"I know that you love me and I will not die anytime soon because I love you and I know our love will keep us together and alive for a long, very long time."

There were still no words from him, but I could hear him crying and I could feel my own tears rolling down my cheek and dripping on my chest. I heard him barely whisper "I'll always love you," and then he hung up the phone.

Still crying, I got up and took a hot shower. I have a tub shower and when I'm in a pensive mood, which I usually am when I'm on my own; I turn on the shower and lie down in the tub and just relax and think.

I thought a lot about what Dad had said... "Perhaps he has had his own premonition in regards to you.” I thought seriously about that.

Something weird was happening. It was as if I was dreaming but I was awake. I saw the four of us on the obstacle course and there were two men and a woman there the woman was threatening us. They wanted me. She pointed the gun at Chase, I stepped in the way and Arb and Melanie were being tied up. A shooting pain in my head, hurt look on Chase's face and my body lying on the ground.

The water was cold. My fingers were wrinkly. I looked at my watch. I had been lying there in the shower for an hour and a half. I got out of the shower and got dressed although I still felt like I was in a fog.

Dad was in the kitchen when I walked in.

"Wow! Long shower," he smirked.

"Huh? Yeah, I guess, yea.”

He laughed. "Don't worry I used to take long showers when I was your age too."

"Oh, that's good," I said then more talking to myself I muttered, "Was that real? Or was it just my wild imagination? Freaky."

"Son, are you okay?"

"Huh? Is there some coffee? Oh, yeah, of course." I walked over to the counter, and poured myself a cup.

I took a sip. Then went to the table and sat down across from Dad.

"Good morning again," I smiled.

"Welcome to the real world!" he smiled, "I was only kidding about the shower."

"What shower?"

"Colt, I was kidding you about taking a long shower."

"Oh, yeah it was sort of long. I was thinking and I didn't realize I had been in there that long. I thought maybe I'd fallen asleep but I didn't, I was dreaming or something. It was weird, probably my wild imagination...oh fuck!" I had phased out or something as another scene flashed by. The same scene except there was no Chase and because he wasn't there the woman now has Arb and Melanie!

The phone rang jarring me back to reality.

Dad answered and threw the phone to me. "Your boy seems very upset!!"


I could hardly understand what he was said he was so hysterical.

"Chase, I'm coming over," I said then I threw the phone to Dad. "Dad call Arb tell him to go over to Chase's. Like NOW!!"

I ran to Chase's and up to his bedroom. He was lying face down on his bed sobbing. "Don't go to the obstacle course, please don't go!"

I lay down beside him and wrapped myself around him kissing him on the back of his neck. "Sweetheart, it will be okay. I know what you saw. I saw what you saw. I don't know how or why but I saw." He started calming down as Dad, Arb, Melanie, Kevin, Ruthie, Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty crowded into the room. I continued to hold him close, kiss him and talk gently to him until finally he turned his head towards me and we kissed.

Nobody said anything and nobody left either.

"Dad, we need your help," I said quietly.

I began to tell him what had happened in the shower and again at the table. Chase’s mouth dropped open when I described the first incident. "I'm right aren't I Chase? That's what you saw first." He nodded.

"I don't know why or how. All I know is that I love Chase and he loves me. But Dad, no matter how we play out the different scenarios the one fact remains, I die and possibly we all die, I don't really want that to happen."

"What if none of you go to the obstacle course?" asked Ruthie,

I remembered this was one of the scenarios I had played while I was in the shower.

"I thought of that too while I was in the shower."

"Maybe I should try thinking in the shower," said Arb with a smile on his face.

"You already do Arb, but you have a one tracked mind. Oh well, little Arbie seems to enjoy himself!" He blushed and everyone laughed and he got redder.

"You can't tell me that you don't yet little Colt out often! Like every hour!" Arb tried to rebuttal.

"Sure, I let my little Colt out of the corral. When he needs to stretch and be groomed and rubbed down." I laughed.

"Eeeewwwwwww! Guys! Do we have to listen to your sexual perversions?" laughed Melanie. Ruthie and Betty agreed. Dad and Kevin just smiled.

"Anyway, whatever way I played the scene it was the same result or worse. It seems that these people's destiny is to kill one or more of us. Actually the obstacle course resulted in the least deaths."

Kevin and Dad glanced at each other and I saw Kevin almost imperceptibly nod at Dad.

"I think you should all go to the obstacle course, like you normally do. That's what they expect, but Colt I have a bulletproof vest you can wear - you can act as a shield to Chase if you have to but don't wrestle with the woman - I think Kevin and I can put together a plan to protect you guys just don't get cocky,” Dad said, Then, looking at me, “especially you.”
After everyone had left Chase said, "I'm so sorry for yesterday. I just didn't know what to do. I cried myself to sleep..."

"Me too." We kissed.

"Does little Colt want out of the corral? Does he need a rubdown?" whispered Chase.

I smiled, "Maybe later or make that definitely later! Let's go. Oh, yeah," I smiled and positioned my body so my face was right in front of little Chase, "I'll be chasing you a little later and you can count on that!" I leaned forward and gave little Chase a kiss through Chase's jeans. I felt him move and then I got up.

"You are such a little Chase teaser!" laughed Chase.

We arrived at the obstacle course at 11:00. "Okay you guys," I said, "Dad said we are no longer a club, we are a team. That sounds better to me, so what say you?"

"Team," we all said in near unison.

"One for all and all for one," said Melanie. Placing her hand out palm down, Chase placed his hand on hers, then Arb and finally me. We were a team. We all knew it.

"Let's go double time!" I shouted.

The vest that I was wearing was really slowing me down and I was sweating like a pig. Everyone was ahead of me. I was so tempted to strip off the jacket and the fear of the premonition of getting shot was enough to keep it on.

A cold shiver ran down my back. I new danger was approaching. The others must have sensed it too as they slowed down. I took out three throwing blades and concealed them in my right hand I had to be careful, as they were very sharp!

I caught up with the others. I pretended to be out of breath and they did the same.

"Danger," said Arb.

"Yup," said Melanie, "Behind that bush."

"I hope your Dad and Kevin are near, " whispered Arb.

"Company" said Chase as a female commando type dropped out a tree we'd just passed.

"Hi! Kids!" she said with an Uzi pointed at us.

"Is that real?" I asked.

She fired off a few shots into the ground. It was definitely real.

She pulled out a sheet of paper. Looked at the paper then at me. "This is Smith's little fucker here," she nodded towards me, "take care of the rest."

She pointed her gun at Chase. I moved to shield him. "NO! You can't do that!"

"Do what? Shoot him?" she smiled.

My hand was trembling as I stood there between her and Chase. She walked right up to me, "Kid, you ain't gonna kill me with that blade are you?" She reached down and grabbed my right wrist. I dropped the throwing blades. "Its one thing to play at it; and another to do it. You are not a killer; it shows in your eyes. Now take the jacket off and spread 'em. And in case you think Daddy's gonna save you - he ain't because him and that goon are taking a nap!"

I took off the jacket and then she frisked me and removed all weapons quickly and professionally. I glanced over at Chase and the others. They had been bound and gagged and were sitting on the ground back-to-back. I saw Chase looking at me and I gave him a faint smile.

"Larry, you get the honors!" she said behind me. I felt the pain of something hitting me hard on the back of my head, my legs folded and then I passed out.

To be Continued

Author's note: Okay. This is going to be sort of a long note from me to you.

The 'Nays' had it and so I finished writing the last three chapter, which I have sent to Jason to edit and when he's done I'll be posting them probably all at the same time.

It's been fun writing this story for you. I'm not the best writer and to be honest the only reason I ever write is to hear from you guys and to make new acquaintances and hopefully a new friend. That's my pay for writing new friends and I can definitely say I was over paid for this story. Not only did I make a great new friend, but he's also a writer. His name is Jamie.

Now I am an avid reader from the classics to sci-fi/fantasy. And when I read, I really get into the story and mentally live the story - I've been a hobbit, a star fighter, a knight, a hero and a villain - if it is a good, well-told story.

Well, Jamie sent me the first 7 chapters of a sci-fi/fantasy novel he is writing to get my opinion.

I couldn't believe how fantastic this story was. How well written. How it made me feel. Jamie, in my humble opinion is one of the greatest writers I have ever read. I mean to tell you he is phenomenal! Right up there with the great writers of all time.

I begged for more, and more and more and now I have read nearly the whole novel and I am totally in love with this tale.
It's a wonderful story about love, trust and friendship. And if you are like me you'll laugh, cry, get angry, get happy and swoon reading it. Jamie tells me he wrote it for gay youth, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's a story for all.

It is a story that I think should be published by a mainstream publisher. It's a book that should be sold through the major booksellers.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because I have a dream and I think Jamie share's this dream, which is to see this novel published in the mainstream and I figure that maybe one of you knows or has a friend who knows or even a friend of a friend who knows, someone in the mainstream publishing world who might be willing to look at this novel with the view to publishing it. If you do please write and tell me!

How much do I believe in this writer and this story? Enough that I have decided to do a Flash animation of this story for the web in hopes of attracting a big production house into buying the movie rights. If any of you want to help me on this project let me know.

Enjoy the remaining chapters of this story.


Sam Lakes