The contents of this story is purely fictional. The content matter of this story concerns love between males teenagers. It is a story of friendship, love, some violence and profanity. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

Author's note:

First of all many thanks to those of you who have written. And many thanks to Jason for his fine editing.

In case you missed this part yesterday.

It's been fun writing this story for you. I'm not the best writer and to be honest the only reason I ever write is to hear from you guys and to make new acquaintances and hopefully a new friend. That's my pay for writing new friends and I can definitely say I was over paid for this story. Not only did I make a great new friend, but he's also a writer. His name is Jamie.

Now I am an avid reader from the classics to sci-fi/fantasy. And when I read, I really get into the story and mentally live the story - I've been a hobbit, a star fighter, a knight, a hero and a villain - if it is a good, well-told story.

Well, Jamie sent me the first 7 chapters of a sci-fi/fantasy novel he is writing to get my opinion.

I couldn't believe how fantastic this story was. How well written. How it made me feel. Jamie, in my humble opinion is one of the greatest writers I have ever read. I mean to tell you he is phenomenal! Right up there with the great writers of all time.

I begged for more, and more and more and now I have read nearly the whole novel and I am totally in love with this tale.
It's a wonderful story about love, trust and friendship. And if you are like me you'll laugh, cry, get angry, get happy and swoon reading it. Jamie tells me he wrote it for gay youth, but the more I think about it, the more I think it's a story for all.

It is a story that I think should be published by a mainstream publisher. It's a book that should be sold through the major booksellers.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because I have a dream and I think Jamie share's this dream, which is to see this novel published in the mainstream and I figure that maybe one of you knows or has a friend who knows or even a friend of a friend who knows, someone in the mainstream publishing world who might be willing to look at this novel with the view to publishing it. If you do please write and tell me!

How much do I believe in this writer and this story? Enough that I have decided to do a Flash animation of this story for the web in hopes of attracting a big production house into buying the movie rights. If any of you want to help me on this project let me know.

Enjoy the remaining chapters of this story.


Sam Lakes

Sam Lakes

Chapter 18

When I came to I was lying in my bed. Chase was lying next to me looking at me. He smiled, “Hi. You doing all right?”

“I dreamt I was falling from a plane, weird. What happened?”

“Right after you went unconscious, they got busted. Your Dad and about twenty cops, FBI and who knows who else arrived and they gave up. They discovered that you’d just been given a normal sedative so your dad brought you home and I’ve been here for about two hours just looking at your beautiful face.”

“So, what happened to them?”

“They’re locked up and in two days we’re all flying to D.C. Your dad has gotten permission for us to access their system to find the intercepting program. Of course you have to do a little song and dance to let them let you ‘interface’ your computer to their system.”

I smiled, “If they only knew what I have planned.”

“Oh, and what is that?”

“Just an idea I been toying around with. Want to help me work on it?”


I gave him a quick kiss and got up out of bed. I still felt a bit weird but I figured it would wear off.

On my way out to the U Dad threw me a slightly heavy but flexible T-Shirt like vest.

“You’re to wear this at all times. Understood?”

I stopped and put it on. “What is it?”

“Latest in protection it’ll stop a 45 at ten feet!”

“Good. I’ll remember not to get too close to someone who’s planning on shooting me.” I smiled. He shook his head.

For the next day and a half I made modifications to Mother. What ever the drug was they shot into me was persistent in making me feel weird. Although, Chase was with me most of the time, I think he was bored and just hanging around cuz he thinks I get pissed at him. I didn’t really explain what I was doing and that added to his boredom, but I just didn’t think I had the time. It took me longer than I thought it would (typical for me, underestimating the time needed to write code). The net result was I had about four hours sleep by the time we were at the airport.

I hadn’t really paid attention to the travel arrangements, but apparently here I am the last to board a specially chartered plane, which is also carrying the gang that tired to kidnap me two days ago.

As I walked down the aisle to my seat I passed the woman who’d given me the injection. I stopped and looked at her for a second. She pursed her lips as if giving me a kiss; it was like déjà vu. I smiled faintly and went on to my seat.
I sat behind Chase because I was tired and needed the sleep. I sensed something wasn’t right. I figured it was my lack of sleep so I curled up and went to sleep.

It seemed like I was destined not to get any sleep because forty-five minutes into the flight someone yelling awakened me. I sat up to see the woman was in control there was a new guy I hadn’t seen before holding Dad. Kevin was slouched over in his seat.

“For the last time Smith, where’s the computer?” she demanded. Dad was nearly unconscious; Arb, Melanie, Chase and the others were seated together while some oaf was holding a gun on them.

I slipped on my full-fingered biking gloves (just one of the modifications I’d been working on) and shouted, “Don’t hit my dad, I’ve got the computer.”

Dad just looked at me with the saddest eyes.

“Well, well sleeping beauty awakes! Bring it here!”

I took the computer out of my backpack and walked along the aisle to her. She grabbed it out of my hands then handed it back. “Open it up and start it up!”

I did as I was told.

“See it works.” She then surprised me.

“What’s with the gloves? Access w-w-w-dot-s-t-a-n-f-o-r-d-dot-e-d-u,” she ordered.

I did and showed it to her.

“I had an allergic reaction to the drug you gave me a couple of days ago.”

“Okay shut it and give it to me.”

I did and she put it in her backpack. She pulled out a GPS device and said, “Got to go people! You to pretty boy!”

Dad hollered out, “No!” She spun around and hit him in the gut hard and then a right uppercut.

“You fucking bitch!” I screamed. She spun around and decked me. So much for all the training I’d been doing, but hey I didn’t practice on an airplane.

“Gene, you carry the little asshole!”

“Chase, mom knows where I am.”

Gene was one big guy; he pulled me up and pushed me along the aisle where the Iron Maiden was putting on a parachute. Behind Gene came two other guys. She threw Gene a parachute. He put it on. She opened the door and I nearly got suck out of the plane except Gene grabbed a hold of me.

“Not yet little buddy!” he yelled and then chuckled.

“Hey! What about us?” Yelled one of the other two men.

She turned around with her gun pointing at them and fired two shots. One between the eyes of each man, “Sorry, no more parachutes!” She jumped out. Gene followed holding on to me with one arm.

“What a rush I love diving at night!” said Gene “How are you doing, kid?”

“Oh fine! Nothing I like better than being kidnapped. Jumping into total darkness is not my idea of having fun.”

Gene roared with laughter and pretended to almost drop me. I let out a scream.

“How’s your face, kid?”

“Like a fucking horse kick it.”

“Okay, I’m going to drop you when we’re almost on the ground. It’s important that you just relax, let your legs collapse and just roll with your body”.

Two seconds later he let go and I did as he instructed then got to my feet. I thought of running, but didn’t have a clue which way to go and besides I felt Gene’s big hand grab my arm.

“Good landing, kid. Come let’s go,” he said as he pushed me ahead of him.

“My name is Colt. I’m not a goooaaattt,” I said trying to sound like a goat, “Colt as in naaaaay!”

Gene laughed, “Charnel, you’ve got to admit this kid has a great sense of humor.”

“Who gives a fuck? Just do your goddamn job!” she replied. “And shut up. Both of you!”

My eyes had adjusted to the dark, ahead of me was the Iron Maiden and behind me was big Gene. I thought of faking an injury, but she’d either just shoot me or order Gene to carry me.

“I hate the woods why couldn’t we land some place civilized!” I complained quietly. A branch slapped me in the face “Owe! Stop hitting me with the branches.”

“Why do you want this stupid PC any way? It’s no good to you anyway. There are only a few people in the world who can operate it. If you don’t believe me switch it on.”

“Look, I said shut up! In thirty minutes we will be at our destination and the boss can decide whether we kill you or keep you and if this is the right PC or not. If it’s not the right PC we’ll use you for ransom and if it is the right PC - well it’s up to the boss. Right now you have a choice keep quiet or get knocked out. Like those two idiots on the plane.”

“My Dad’s not an idiot you fucking bit…” I didn’t finish because the butt of the gun came crashing down on my head.

When I came to, I was laying on the floor with a knot on my skull the size of a golf ball and my head ached.

I heard someone at the door so I pretend I was still out. It must have been Gene.

As the door opened slightly, I heard the Iron Maiden talking, “We’ve got the PC and a hostage in case of trouble. The PC is password protected. The kid said only two people know it… He’s locked up. See you then “Check on the kid. See if he’s come around yet.”

Someone came in, as I lay motionless on the floor. “He’s still out. You hit him pretty hard, Charnel” Gene said as he closed the door.

I waited until I heard the door lock before I moved. Slowly I sat up, wincing in pain. Looking around the room I saw my escape route, the window. Cautiously, I stood up and slowly moved to the window. There was no glass in the window only a pieces of old plastic sheeting. I crawled through the window and slowly walked away from the building; it was an old cabin along a rarely used dirt road. After I was well clear of the cabin I stopped.

I hoped that Chase had understood my message. That was my only hope and I was so scared I was shaking. I was about fifteen minutes away from the cabin when I heard a truck coming down the road and the trees were still a hundred yards away. I ran towards the trees, but they had spotted me. I heard gunfire and a bullet went speeding by me missing my head by a fraction of an inch.

A helicopter suddenly appeared above the trees speeding to my rescue, I hope.

The gun fired again and it felt like something had kicked me in the back knocking my body flat to the ground. The helicopter fired on the truck and suddenly it was engulfed in flames along with the two passengers in the cab.

I was lying face down. “Shit that hurt!” I muttered.

“Colt!” said Dad as he turned my body over.

“Dad…” I said weakly, “You look like shit,” then I smiled.

Dad hugged me saying “You don’t look so hot either.”

“It felt like somebody kicked me in the back.”

“Well, it was a good thing you didn’t take off your vest or …” I saw a few tears rolled down his face and he hugged me again.

“I’m okay, Dad. My head just hurts. That woman sure doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.” I looked towards the burning truck. “Maybe I should say didn’t.”

I stood up with my Dad’s help.

“Oh, hi Chase. How’s Mother?”

“She’s fine. She’s in the helicopter. Here you can lean on me if you want.”

“Thanks, but I think I…” I hesitated “Whoa! I’m a little dizzy!”
Dad picked me up in his arms and carried me to the helicopter and we left.

“You’re going to have a bruise on your back, but it looks okay otherwise and that golf ball on your head should be gone in a day. You took quite a whoop on your head, maybe a slight concussion. Take it easy the next day or so” said the Medic. “You two are free to go. I think your agency has arranged transportation for you and your family to DC.”

“Thanks” I said.

“Thanks” said Dad.

The limo driver asked “Where to sir?”

“The Willard Hotel in downtown DC” replied Dad.

Chase and I sat next to each other, across from Dad. The others had flown on to D.C.

“So, Dad, did you ask yet?”

“Damn! Things got so busy I completely forgot.”

“Dad, who is he? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you telling me. I mean I am your son and I am gay so he should be cool!”

Chase looked at me then at Dad and a smile appeared on his face.

“What?” I asked Chase.


“Yeah, right!”

“No, honest! I just didn’t know your dad was gay.”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“No.” He laughed.

Why did he laugh? He’s figured something out. I looked at him and he turned his head away and looked out the window and his shoulders were shaking from suppressed laughter.

“You know! Don’t you?”

He burst out laughing.

“TELL ME!” I begged.

Dad was now laughing because I knew he knew that Chase knew.

“No. I can’t cuz I don’t know and if I were to say I’m wrong then the person I think it is would be very upset that you know and I gave him my word I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Huh? Can you repeat that in English?” I laughed.

Chase looked at me like I was nuts.

“Forget it you two!”

I glared at Dad.

“When he says it’s okay then I will tell you. Okay. So just drop the subject so you don’t go getting upset.”

Dad was right. So, I cuddled up next to Chase and fell asleep.

We arrived a five a.m. everyone was still up waiting for us. Ruthie and Arb and Melanie gave us big hugs and asked me what happened. I told them.

Kevin told Dad that the meeting would be the next day seeing as we had some problems getting here. He said they laid on some extra security. Everyone turned in around 8 am.

I was plagued with nightmares and eventually got up at noon, everyone was asleep still. I took a shower and got dressed and decided I had to go get a hair cut cuz I looked like a real dork with this patch of hair they cut when they stitched up my head.

I walked out of the hotel and down the street and finally found a hair salon. I walked in. “Do you take walk-ins?”

“Sure” said the receptionist and seated me at one of the stations. “Your stylist will be Peggy.”

“Hello, what would you like?” asked Peggy.

I removed my cap and said, “I would like a buzz cut or something so I don’t have two different lengths of hair and be careful I just had the stitches out and I have a knot on the back of my head which still hurts a bit.”

“I hate to cut this beautiful long hair off, but I’m afraid it’s the only solution if you want it all the same length, however, I refuse to shave your whole head. I’ll make it short so it doesn’t look too different.”

“Thanks.” Twenty minutes later I left. I thought she had done a good job and that I looked different, but not ugly.

On the way back I stopped to window shop at a Radio Shack, that’s when I became aware of a man’s reflection standing behind me. He looked like the man Arbor had described to me in Alan’s apartment.

I moved slowly and stopped at the third store window. The man was definitely stalking me. I hurried back to Radio Shack and went in and walked to the back of the store where I puttered around for five minutes looking at radio controlled cars.

The feelings of fear that I had when Keith died returned, but now they were even stronger. I looked out and the man was sitting on a bench occasionally glancing at Radio Shack.

I left the store after buying some parts and the man got up. I walked faster and the man kept up. My fear was growing exponentially and then it finally came to me where I had seen him before!

He was the man who killed Keith!

But now I was practically running and he was catching up. The feeling of fear was too intense. I tripped and fell.

Dang! I hit my head again!

To be Continued