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Sam Lakes

Sam Lakes

Chapter 20 - Conclusion

The last words I heard were ‘I love you.’ I think I died. Well, I was definitely out of my body. No pain and totally free. But then was that what I wanted? Hell no!

I love the GEEK Team as Dad calls us and I love Dad, but most of all I love Chase, and it was not time to leave him. So it was only right that the first words I said when I first came to and found myself looking at his face in the other bed were ‘I love you.’

He yelled in excitement when he heard me whisper those words and in second he was standing next to the bed with tears streaming down his face. We kissed little light kisses.

A nurse came in and threatened to make him a eunuch if he didn’t back away and stop kissing me so she could take my vitals.

So, here’s what happen. While I was being taken up to the roof by Horace, Belkirk and Mallory locked everyone in the closet and took Mother. But Kevin, who had been shot, got everyone out of the closet.

Mother did as I had instructed emitted a very strong EMW electro magnetic wave (one of my modifications. It was strong enough that it knocked out all the systems within twenty feet including the computer itself causing the helicopter to crash and burn. There was nothing left of the computer we called ‘Mother’.

I’m glad. Mother was supposed to be for good and somehow she resulted in too many people being killed.

Chase has been here everyday, in fact he sleeps in the next bed – darn! There is just no privacy in a hospital. Poor little Colt, he’s dying to get out of the corral. I know he misses little Chase and also Big Chase!

I’m sure they have a hidden device in this hospital room that sends off an alarm as soon as Chase and I start to make out, cuz inevitably, a nurse or doctor walks in and what’s worse is they usually smile knowingly saying some silly thing like “I see someone’s standing at attention!”

Another week of this hell and I swear when I get home Chase and I are going to lock ourselves in our room for a week!

I finally found out who Dad’s lover is. The day after I came around and was out of critical condition Dad, Melanie, Aunt Betty and Uncle Ted came to visit. I think Chase knew because as soon as Melanie entered the room she winked at Chase and they both had smirks on their faces. Then Aunt Betty came in and she had a smirk on her face to.

“Hey, what’s going on Aunt Betty?” I said.

“Why Colt I just happy to see your doing so much better. Chase was so worried.”

“Uh-huh, I know something’s going on.” At that moment Dad walks in with Uncle Ted. They are holding hands!

I swear I would have never guessed all I could say was “But, but you’re married to Aunt Betty.”

“Colt, let me explain,” said Aunt Betty, “When I was younger, I got pregnant and the father ditched me, well luckily I had a best friend, Ted, I knew Ted was gay, but he was the most wonderful person and well the long and the short of it was we got married and I had Melanie. Ted was always in love with your Dad, but it wasn’t until a year after your mom died that they started dating. Well, your Dad feel in love with Ted and they’ve been a faithful couple for ten years.”

It made sense to me. That’s why Uncle Ted was almost always gone on the weekends and why they accepted me.

It really made me happy.

Well, that was several weeks ago. Yesterday I asked Chase, “Chase where’s the PB? I mean Power Book.”

“In your room, why?”

“Could you bring it tomorrow I’m getting really bored being here.”

“Bored are you? Hmmm,” he said as he came over to my bed. He reached under the sheets and ran his hand up my thigh.

“What you are touching is called a scrotum,” I smiled and he bent down to kiss me, “and those two things sort of round and oval, those are my…” I giggle cuz they are really ticklish, “those are my yesittickles!” I giggled even more and tried to push his hand away.

“You mean testicles,” he corrected me.

“No. Yesittickles! Stop!” I giggled. “They are my ‘yes it tickles’ or ‘yesitticles’.”

He carried on tickling me and then the alarm must have gone off and a nurse came in.

“Chase! Stop messing with my patient! You can do that when he goes home! Don’t you know it set off the alarms,” said the nurse.

“I knew it! I knew they had some secret sex alarm!” I laughed. “Do you know how horny I am?”

“Yes, well that kind of activity has not been prescribed by the doctor,” she laughed, “But maybe if you let me watch I could ask the doctor.”

“OH! You are sick!” said Chase.

She just laughed and then left the room.

Two minutes later the doctor came in. She told me that she was going to release me tomorrow. I’d still have to come back for physical therapy. That was the best news ever! Then she scribbled something down on her prescription pad and handed it to Chase saying, “Make sure Colt gets this tomorrow,” and smiled.

Chase read the prescription and turned red in the face. She laughed and left the room.

He showed me the prescription. It said “SEX!!! At least twice daily for the next week!”

So, here I am at home and I just had my first dose of my prescription. I am so relaxed. I’m cuddled up with my lover.

“Oh shit!” I exclaim.


“Chase I meant to show you my new Nuts!”


“On my desk, the power book – Nuts. That’s what I call it. You know PB – Peanut Butter – Nuts!”

“You are weird!”

“Yes, but that’s why you love me!” Chase brought the computer over to the bed and I opened it and powered it up.

“Watch this!” I said.

“Wassup?” said Nuts in a sexy male voice.

“Verify, Nut Dude!”

“Colt my man!” said Nuts, “G-2-G!”

“Hey Nut Dude verify my love,” I said.

“Hey Chase dude wassup?” said Nuts.

I mouthed the words ’Verify, nut dude’ and Chase said the words to which Nuts replied, “Hey Chase, you sexy boy! What is your desire?”

Chase laughed. “No way! Colt you have to change that – it’s too weird! Really makes me feel like I’m cheating on you!”

We played around with Nuts – and our nuts too!

I guess I’m not cut out to be a super spy.

But with my Nuts we are sure to get into trouble!

The End...for now...