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I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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Sam Lakes

Chapter 3

I had cried myself to sleep and I didn’t wake until I felt a gentle hand placed on shoulder and her sweet voice.

“Colt, honey, wake up,” said Ruthie, “You cried yourself to sleep didn’t you?”

I nodded my head and then just gave her a hug. She let me stay like that for a few minutes running her fingers through my hair. “I love you,” I sighed.

“And I love you too. You wanna tell me what’s going on?”

I just shook my head ‘No’.

“Okay. Well, sweetheart, you need to get and get ready for dinner.”

“Do I have too?”

“Yes. Because I need someone to keep me company.”

“You have Keith,” I said.

“No, actually he dumped me tonight he and Arb are going to some dinner show.”

Just knowing that hurt.

“Ok,” I said, I’ll go take a shower,” I said and force a smile and went to take a shower.

I cried the whole time I showered. I got out finally wrapped the towel around me, walked to the bed and collapsed in tears. I was out of control and I couldn’t stop the tears. Ruthie came in and lay down beside me.

“Sweetheart, please talk to me. Tell me what’s going on,” she said in a soft voice.

“H-he h-hates mmmmeee,” I cried.

“Who sweetheart?”

“Arbor. I-I don’t know wh-what I’ve done wrong!” I sobbed, “I-I-I can’t help what I am! I know I’m not normal!”

“Oh my god!” she started laughing! How cruel was this woman to cry at my sorrow. She had asked for my troubles and then jeers at them! I pulled away from her the realized she was sitting on part of my towel and I was now fully exposed. She realized to and got off my towel, which I promptly grabbed and recovered myself.

“Don’t worry, young man, I’ve seen it all before and changed many of your diapers.”

I was embarrassed and not looking at her. She took my chin and raised my head so that I was looking at her.

“He thinks you hate him. Arbor right now is up with Keith balling his eyes out because he thinks you really hate him. Colt Smith, Arbor Maine has adored you since you came home from the hospital with your mom.”

It took a few seconds for her communication to soak in, “But he ignores me all the time and he’s always going out with his girlfriends. He just doesn’t want me around.”

I rarely call Ruthie mom. But sometimes she does something that makes me look at myself and realize the truth of things this was one of those moments.

“Colt, what have you been doing for the last year?”

“Working on my thesis.”

“How many hours a day?”


“And how many days a week?”



“Well I needed to get it done besides I had to help Alan.”

“You know it seems to me you almost forced yourself upon him.”

“Now again I ask you to really look at why you HAD to spend all this time.”

Because Arbor was ignoring me, because it hurt because I love him and I felt he didn’t want me around.”

“Good. Now pretend you are Arbor and your best friend in the world is busy 24/7 and you don’t ask him the real reason Colt is doing this. What is Arbor going to do?”

“Oops.” I finally got her point I finally saw the whole insane situation I had help to create and I started laughing! After several minutes I hugged Ruthie, “Mom, I love you soooooo much! I pulled back a bit and I saw a few tear rolling down her cheek.

“I’ve missed you! It’s so great to have my son back!” We hugged some more then the phone rang.

“Your phone, you answer it,” said Ruthie.


“C-Colt, can we talk?” Arbor said in almost a whisper.

“Yes, I’ll come up,” I said softly, “Arb, I” I nervously took a deep breath, ”I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I looked at Ruthie. She smiled and said, “Please tell my husband to meet me in the lobby. You guys will probably order pizza.”

I gave her a kiss and ran for the door and about to open it when I heard her giggle.

I realized why and turn crimson. I had forgotten to get dressed! She threw me my underwear, shorts and t-shirt. I got them on and then opened the door and ran up three flights of stairs. When I got to the room I knocked on the door and Keith opened it.


He ruffled my hair and left.

Arbor was sitting on the bed. I smiled. He smiled. His eyes were puffy. He patted the space next to him and walked over to him and sat down. We looked at each other and in a few moments we began talking. At some point we ordered pizza and then began watching some stupid movie.

I still had not told him my biggest secret. I was afraid and just thinking that I’d not say anything because at least now we were back to being best friends. Then next thing I new I hear him saying, “Earth to Colt come in please…”

“Huh? Oh, sorry I sort of phased out.”

“What were you thinking about?”

Oh fuck! What was I going to say? I was looking at my feet.

“Don’t know,” I lied.

He placed two fingers under my chin lifted my head until I was looking at his face. I was so scared of telling him the truth. Things seemed to be fine now we were back being friends. If I told him I more than loved him and that I was gay for him he’d go back to hating me.

I heard myself saying, “Honest, I don’t know…lately I just sort of phase out and don’t remember what I was phased-out about. Maybe I have a brain tumor like in that movie where that guy becomes real smart and develops all those powers.”

“Don’t say that! He died.”

“I’m hungry, no I am starved!” I said.

We ordered pizza and soda from room service. The rest of the evening we talked about different things and at ten o’clock I told him I was going to bed. He looked a little disappointed but I knew if I stayed I’d end up having to sleep in the same bed and that was just more than I could control. I’d end up touching him in places on his body that would make him hate me.

“Dude, I have some bike trails to explore with a cop, the one who gave me a lift back here and he’s going to be here at 7am.”

“Oh, yeah, well I see you when you get back.” He looked really sad.

“I could cancel,” I said hoping he say okay.

“Nah! That’s cool, besides I’ve got a pool date which this California babe!”

I felt a twinge of pain. I quickly turned toward the door, “Nite.” I exited the room without another word and before the tear started flowing and ran down to my room where I threw myself on to the bed and began to cry. Two seconds later the phone rang.

“Yes?” I said.

“Dude are you okay?” asked Arb.

“One sec” I managed to get out, “got to pee.”

I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face and tried to get myself under control. After a few minutes I managed to suppress my grief.

“Sorry, I really had to pee! What did you need?”

“Nothing I just thought you seemed upset when you left. I-I really love you bro…I mean…”

“Dude, I’m fine! I have to get to sleep. You have a great time tomorrow with your date. Nite.”


I hung up and went to sleep trying not to think about Arb or myself so I forced my attention on to Mother.

The next morning I woke at six am took a quick shower, which basically means I didn’t jack-off and then got dressed in my Lycra biking shorts and a white t-shirt my biking shoes.

I grabbed my helmet and bike and went down to the garage where I biked out of the garage around to the front of the hotel just as James drove up. I went around to the bike rack and put my bike on it then back to the front passenger door of his SUV.

“Hey, Mr. Donovan!”

“Hey, Colt! And you can drop the Mr. Donovan, name is James, not Jim, not Jimmy, but James, okay kid?” he said smiling.

“Yes, and the name is Colt, not kid, not pony boy. Just Colt,” I said with a giggle. He sort of rolled his eyes and laughed.

“You want to eat breakfast before or after the ride?”

“After I guess.”

“Okay well in that case open the glove box and get us out a protein bar each.”

I had no idea where we were going, but we were no longer on the flat desert.

“Well, I hope I’m not going to pick a trail that’s too hard for you, but if it is then let me know. Don’t try and be macho man. I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ve done these trails for the last ten years so I’ve got a lot of experience and I mean a lot. We’re doing this to have fun, right?”
“Don’t worry, I just want to have fun, breaking my neck is not my idea of having fun” I said as I took off on my bike yelling, “Race ya to the top!”

James gave chase and was up with me in a flash as then he passed me. I started laughing and put on the steam soon I was up with him and as I passed him said “Bye!”

I maintained the distance for a short time, but the look on James’s face as I turn back to look at him tickled me and I started laughing nearly coming off my bike. James passed me, but I guess my laugh was contagious and he started laughing too.

We continued racing and laughing up the hill, but in the end I was the first to the top.

“Well, I had to let you win” James said laughing and out of breath “otherwise, it would have ruined you ego! Anyway going down is the hard part. You ever jump a chasm?” I shook his head ‘No’ “Well, it’s totally awesome! Scary, but an awesome experience. Just don’t freeze up or you’ll end up in the hospital or worse. You game?”

“Yeah!” I smiled “And thanks for letting me win. I knew you were holding yourself back.” James shrugged his shoulders.

I dismounted my bike and laid it down then sat down on the ground. James followed suit.

I looked at the dessert below it seemed to go on for every. Even though it was winter it was already pretty warm. I gazed up into the blue nearly cloudless sky as I opened my water bottle and drank the cool water. I was keenly aware of James’s interest and could feel that he wanted me to talk about why I was where he found me.

“When I was six I lived with Arbor and his Mom and Dad. They basically became my parents, my family. I started cutting school because it was boring and I wasn’t learning anything. When I cut classes I’d always end up in the university’s library and would end up spending the whole day there. Arbor would lie for me and tell them I was sick. Well, one day I got interested in reading a book by Donald Knuth ‘The Art of Programming - Book I’. Time ceased to exist for me and before I knew it someone in the library came over to me and told me I had to leave because it was eleven o’clock and they were closing.”

“Jack Murphy, a policeman, picked me up on the way home. He told me my parents were worried sick about me and asked me where I had been hanging out. He laughed when I told him I’d spent the whole day at the U’s library and that I had gotten so interested in a book on computers. Anyway, when I got home Officer Murphy took them aside and I guess he went to bat for me ‘cause they just sent me to bed. Then next morning, though Keith and I had a talk about me cutting school. He had grounded Arbor for a month for lying to the teachers. I got really upset” I smiled slightly “I called him a fucking asshole, I mean I screamed it at him so loud that Arbor and Ruthie came running into the room. Now, up to that time I’d always been really meek and mild. I told him it was totally unjust to do that to Arb. I told him I’d educate myself and there was nothing anyone could do to make me go back to that stupid school. The shit really hit the fan and we argued for over an hour. The next day he drug me to school and I mean he physically carried me to school, to my classroom. At the first break, I was gone. I went back to the library. Now, I had told the librarian that I was a part of a special project the U was doing in self-education and I knew Keith would come looking for me. When I arrived that day I got her to let me go into the archives to do a research paper. She and I had established a really good relationship and I guess she was the second person to realize I had a great capacity to learn stuff. Well, I went back to the archives and that’s where I found Ruthie’s thesis. I started reading it. It was intense. When Keith arrived he asked the librarian if she’d seen me and of course she had. She could tell he was pissed and they talked. The end result was he got a reality adjustment. She let him in to the archives and he saw me reading Ruthie’s thesis. I was so into it I didn’t hear him until he tapped me on my back. I didn’t even bother to look to see who it was I just said, “Shh, this is the library. I’m busy…this is so intense! She is so smart!” Then he called my name and the end result was he sat on the floor next to me and we talked for about three hours and I never went back to regular school.”

“At first I thought I was just a regular kid maybe a little ahead, but by the time I was ten I knew I was different. It didn’t bother me too much because I was always busy studying and then one day I heard one of Arb’s friend’s say to him “You’re not going to bring the geekoid are you?” to Arb and Arb said no. I ran away and hid and cried then I fell asleep. Keith found me. He knew where I always went when I had to cry. We talked and he told me that Arb was sorry for upsetting me and that ten minutes after he and his friend had left home he knew you were upset and he realized what it was. He told his friend that he was the only person in the world who could call me a geekoid and to take it back and the guy didn’t and he called Arb a fagot and Arb punched him out.”

“Arb sounds like a really nice guy” he said.

“Yeah, he is,” I said as I stared out towards the desert.

“So, you’re a really smart kid, uh, person…so why did you run away?”

“Arb and I got into an argument…”

“About what?”

“Nothing really,” I began to feel uneasy about this conversation.

“Nothing? And ‘Nothing’ just made you ride thirty miles out into the desert?”

“Look it doesn’t matter!” I said angrily, “We’re friends now.”

“Chill!” He reacted, “Look I’m not trying to get all personal. I just…never mind…”

We sat in silence for several minutes. I guessed I phased out thinking about Arb and thinking about being gay. I felt depressed and totally thinking about how bad my life was. I felt someone shaking me.

“I’m gay…” I heard myself saying. Oh, my God! Why did I just say that? And to a cop too? I prepared myself for the worst. I started to get up and I felt his hand grab my arm.

“Let go of me!” I yelled.

“Colt! Look at me!”

I pulled away from him and jumped on my bike saw a trail marker, which said leap of faith and tore off down the trail.

I heard James yelling at me to stop, but I ignored him. I should have stopped.


Because as I was riding down a trail that I didn’t know. There ahead of me was a small ramp; had I known the trail I would have know to be going faster because beyond the ramp there was a five-foot gap and the chasm James had mentioned. It was too late to stop and too late to go faster.

My front wheel hit the ledge on the other side catapulting me over the handlebars. Then everything went dark.

To be Continued

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