The contents of this story is purely fictional. The content matter of this story concerns love between males teenagers. It is a story of friendship, love, some violence and profanity. If this is not what you like reading or it is illegal for you to read this material because of age or laws go somewhere else. This story is copyrighted by it's owner and may not be copied or published elsewhere without the owners permission.

Author's note:

I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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I would like to thank Jason for his excellent editing!

Sam Lakes

Chapter 5


Looking after a child like Colt was sometimes a chore, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. Colt had his mother’s good looks and Sarah was one of the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and a terrific sense of humor which she also given Colt. His drive and persistence came from Paul, his father.

Sarah and Paul were a perfect couple and Ruth and my best friends. Actually Paul and I had been best friends since junior high. Sarah was killed in a car accident when Colt was almost four. Some drugged idiot ran a red light and smashed into the driver’s side of her car doing sixty miles an hour. I know if the driver hadn’t been killed too, Paul would have killed him. I don’t think Paul has ever gotten over her death. At first he drowned his sorrow in his work and then that just became a habit. He rarely comes around to see Colt, perhaps because Colt looks so much like Sarah.

Colt’s real name is Coltrane Arbor Smith and he is a genius, child prodigy and in my humble opinion he ranks right up there with the likes of Einstein, Edison, and Tesla. By the age of twelve he was designing computer chips and computer systems that out performed extremely advanced systems. His knowledge and interest in Nano technology was so far advanced it was beyond my understanding.

As bright as he was, socially he was zero with kids his own age and not that good with older people. He could conduct an extremely intellectual conversation, however this tended to freak out a lot of adults. Of course many adult topics were beyond his reality simply because he was only a child physically.

I think I have never seen such a comradeship between to individuals as I have between my son, Arbor, and Colt. The love and devotion that has existed since the two met three days after Colt was born is uncanny; it’s almost like they’ve known each other in some previous life. However, when Colt reached his teens something happened and they seemed to be at odds with each other and Colt began studying all the time sometimes helping others like Alan Bennison, but most of the time by himself. It was like he was avoiding Arbor.

Finally, when I won a trip to Las Vegas, I made both boys go. There were some problems the first day or so and Colt took off. Luckily, with the help of a police officer who seemed to take a liking to Colt, the problems were resolved and we were able to enjoy the rest of the trip.

The two boys were once again great friends and suddenly Colt was coming up with some far out concepts one of them he called ‘proximity linking’.

Colt and I continued to work on the computer they called ‘Mother’. The chief investor was Paul which I kept from Colt due t the amount of animosity he had for his father.

A month after we returned from Vegas, Colt walked into my office.

“Keith, I got good news and good news!” said Colt cheerfully.

“First of all I’m going to JFK High this year! Courtesy ‘cashacker’” he beamed.


“Acronym, Coltrane Arbor Smith plus hacker. Don’t worry no tracks were left, I happened to find the administrators id and password and created a realistic transcript – I am a junior! Isn’t that great! Arb and I have three classes together!”

I shook my head. “Well, you always say I need to make more friends my age!” he giggled.

How could I be upset? After all, I had told him that numerous times he needed more friends his age.

“Okay you win! What’s the other good news?”

“THIS!” he said handing me a DVD, “This is practical application of my thesis! Learning Reasoning Heuristic programming language. It’s incredible! You take this and combine it with Proximity L and Mother and voila you have good news one!” He giggled and winked!

“You see I went to the school to see about signing up with my Mother and I proximity linked into the school’s system and voila! I’m going to high school! Any way Doc gotta jet and let my best bud know! Love ya!”

It took me fifteen minutes to realize exactly what we had done. I immediately phoned Paul, but he was out of the US for three week’s so I sent him and email detailing what had happened, Proximity L and Colt’s new language.

Two days later I received a reply to my e-mail from Paul. It read:

“Dear Keith,

Great! Important that this is kept absolutely top secret send no snail mail, no phone calls should mention this project encrypt all messages with the attached program.

I will be having Andrew Belkirk contact you shortly.


That’s funny Paul addressing as Keith we always addressed each other by our nicknames.

For security reasons I had never mentioned to anyone that this was Colt’s project and all the patents and propriety and intellectual properties were held in a pure trust which as well hidden from public and government view. Well you know if the rich can do it so can I.

Sure enough Mr. Belkirk called and we arranged a meeting in D.C. the net result was one million dollars of research money was deposited in the offshore trust (of course it was immediately transferred to a network of accounts throughout the world and eventually to a trust account I had set up for Colt) and one million credited to the university.


“Dude! Wassup and where you been all day?” asked Arb.

“Dude! Great news! I’m going to school with you this year! Meet Colt Smith, PhD. And a Junior at JFK High School. Compliments of Mother! Ha-ha-ha-ha!” I laughed.

“No way!”

“Way! I went to JFK and sort of inserted a transcript for ‘A’ student Colt Smith into their database. I used Prox L!”

“Whoa! Cool! That’s so tight! But Dude you’re going to be bored out of your gourd!”

“Yeah, prolly, but my ‘Mother’ will take care of my grades if necessary…hmmm I just thought of a new business – Colt’s hacking service – need a perfect transcript just cross my palm with gold! Ha-ha.”

“Jez don’t get caught! Dad would go ape-shit!”

“Hey! The Colt never gets caught!” I laughed.

“Yeah, right! It seems to me that Jack Murphy might disagree a bit.”

“Hey! He didn’t catch me! I was just a little drunk and disorderly! And trying to sober up!”

‘Oh yeah! Naked as a jay bird as I heard it and trying to swim in the park fountain.” We both laughed. Yeah, I had just come from a Frat party and decided to skinny dip in the fountain and I was singing ‘Wild One’. Keith was not amused neither was Ruthie.

“So, what are you doing tomorrow?” he asked.

“Well, I have some stuff to do on Mother because Keith said that he needs to use it to demonstrate something to someone.”

“Oh, boo! I forgot about that, I promised Alan to help him move to his new apartment. I can cancel if you need my assistance.”

“No. Alan needs the help – tell him I’m sorry I can’t help even though he didn’t ask me…”

“Colt! How many times do I have to tell you that he’s not upset with you.”

“Yeah okay.”

I let it drop but I knew he was pissed with me about something. He split up with his fiancé and I think he thinks it was my fault because I was always tagging around with him and she didn’t like me. Well, she wasn’t the right person for him, too demanding!

Saturday I worked on Mother’s Proximity L, to test it I had Prox L search out and grab all the U’s T3 lines and using a new program I uploaded Mother’s contents to the U’s databases servers and downloaded it and verified the transfers. She was perfect at six point three seconds for the total operation, which meant the Ops staff wouldn’t notice the glitch. I then tested the backup/restore function on the whole system to an array of twenty DVD-Rs I had built – optimized for Mother - ten minutes! HOT!

I was so excited cuz it meant Keith could give whomever a fantastic demo! But at the same time I had a terrible foreboding like I did on the trip…it seemed to be getting stronger.

As I got home I saw Alan and Arb sitting on the front porch. Arb ran over to me and Alan ambled over slowly.

“Hey. He’s not upset with you and he’s sorry if he’s given you that idea. So don’t bit his head off. Talk to him. Okay?”

“Yeah, hey take Mother upstairs.”

“Okay” Arbor took Mother and ran off to the house.

“Hey, Alan the Asshole!” I laughed.

He looked at me for a sec to see if I was angry or not. My next action was to grab him and pull him into a hug. “I’ve missed you, pal.”

“Yeah me too.”

We talked for awhile and then walked to the backyard to make the obligatory hellos to g-parent and guests which turned out to be more than relatives. I think half the U’s faculty was there which I hated.

It was already starting “oh look, honey, there little Colt, he’s got his Master’s Degree! Isn’t he precious! I wish your son was as bright!”

“Hi, G-Dad, what’s up?”

“Hey G-son! Dude! I’m doing great! I hear you uh lost your bike?” Arb’s G-pa is a really neat guy!

“Ah! Yes, It died a gruesome death!” I joked.

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t follow suit! I guess I’ll have to out do Paul and get you a Litespeed.”

“Dude! No Way! Don’t you dare old man!” he hated that, being called old man, “G-Dad in all seriousness, I love you, but that bike would be wasted on me. Please a plain old Cannondale will do.” I laughed and so did he. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I wish they hadn’t invited half the faculty. I hate those people.”

“I know what you mean, but sometimes adults just don’t think about us guys,” he smiled.

Some old fart came up to us and started talking to G-Dad so I wandered off. I saw Melanie my pseudo-cousin, “Hey girl!” We hugged and kiss-kissed – you know the thing they do in France where they kiss you on each cheek. Then we caught up on the haps since we last met.

Somewhere in the middle of our catch-up Arb interrupted by yelling from our window and asked if Alan could try and break Mother’s security.

“He’ll never do it!” I yelled back.

Alan stuck his head out of the window, “Hey hotshot! I have a hundred dollars that says I get in!”

“You mean I will have a hundred dollars when you fail – which you WILL!”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself!” he laughed and went back in.

“Arb, Make sure he turns the computer off at the third warning! Don’t forget!”

“I’ll tell him right now!”

I went back to talking to Melanie. Five minutes later we were laughing about something silly when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a sort of glum looking Arbor.

“Colt, I-I need to talk to you.”


He bit his bottom lip, which I knew he meant to say something bad. “Uh, I don’t know how to tell you this but Alan didn’t turn off after the third warning…”

I couldn’t believe what he said. He must be joking. Alan is trying to play a prank on me. Then I saw Alan and I knew.

“No…NO!” I looked at Alan, “YOU IDIOT! YOU FUCKING MORON! DO YOU REALLY HATE ME THAT MUCH! I WORK HOURS HELPING YOU AND YOU REPAY LIKE THIS!!! ALAN! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING LIFE! I HATE YOU!” I screamed. The whole place went quiet and everyone looked at me.

Looking at Arb, “Didn’t you tell him? Why did you let him do it?” Arb was in tears, but at that moment I was livid! I knew I had to leave the area or I say something to Arb that I’d regret! So, I ran upstairs.

Sure, enough, Mother was dead. The self-destruction program worked all her chips were lumps of worthless silicon, hard drives wiped and crashed. Nothing was salvageable. I picked up Mother went to the window and yelled at Alan, ”Hey Alan, and here fuckhead!” I threw Mother at him. “Now you explain to Keith just how you have fucked us all over! Cuz that is the worthless piece of crap you’ve left him for his demo! But then you don’t give a crap do you cuz your work is done! It doesn’t fucking matter that the U might loose it’s grant! It’s your motto isn’t it ‘I’m all right Jack pull up the ladder!’ Well, you don’t have to worry about the brat hanging around you any more. I’m out of here!”

I ran down the stairs and out the side door grabbed my old Huffy bike and left.

To be Continued

That's it for now - Sam