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I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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Sam Lakes

Chapter 7


I had been sitting in the kitchen thinking about things in general when Alan came in. He looked a whole lot better than when Colt was screaming at him. I think he is in love with Colt. It’s only a feeling, and I’m sure he’s not gay, but then again he might be. I wish I knew.

Colt came storming into the kitchen but he was in one of his ignoring moods. So, I ignored him, but then I started getting a bad feeling like I did in California.

“Arb?” I heard Alan say.


“You didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?”

“Dude, what are you doing tomorrow a.m.? Would you like to go biking?”

“Yeah, I guess. What time?”

We talked a bit more then Colt came down with his backpack on which meant he was leaving probably for the U.

Shortly after he left Melanie came down and went out probably after Colt. A few minutes later she came back. She looked worried.



“What’s up? You two quarrel or something?”

“No. Not really. He got a little pissed with me but he said he has a ton of work to do before Tuesday. Is this normal for him to suddenly go off this late in the evening?”

“Nothing is normal with Colt,” said Alan light-heartedly.

“You’re right there!” I laughed. But inside I was worried. Something wasn’t right.

“Arb, are you okay?” asked Alan.

“Yeah, why?”

“You just looked worried about something.”

“It’s nothing, but I need to check on something.” I walked into Dad’s study. He’d just hung up from a phone call and looked a bit worried. “Is everything all right, Dad?”

“Oh, hi Arbie, yeah things will be okay. I just wish Paul was in the country. I have this meeting on Thursday and I really wanted to alert him to the fact that I won’t have the computer for the demo…”


“Right,” Dad forced a smile. I could tell he was worried about something. “How’s Colt?” he asked as he got up from his desk and walked over to me.

“I think he and Melanie had a tiff, he went off to the U to work.”

“Oh…” Dad pulled me into a hug.

“What’s this for Dad?”

“I just need a hug, okay?”

“Yes, it’s perfect…Are you sure everything is okay?”

“Yes…everything will be fine…Arb?”


“You know everyone thinks that Mother is my creation and I sort of let Colt mess around with the computer, but no one other than us three know the true creator,” he said in a low voice. He broke the hug and walked over to the door, closed and locked it, then turned and went to the sofa where indicated he wanted me to sit.

I did as he requested.

“Promise me that you will never let anyone know this. I did it to protect him…there are people who, if they knew, would be tempted to hurt him, or you because they would figure that they could get to him through you. I’ve not even told your mom the truth because I couldn’t stand it if anything ever happened to her if they used her to get to Colt. At the right time you have to make sure Colt knows this because if he were to ever tell someone because of his friendship or love for them they too could be used to get to him.”

“Dad you’re scaring me!”

“I mean to, if it gets my point across to you. There are some things I never told you about, or for that matter I’ve never told anyone about, patents and such and I need to let you know about them because I travel a lot and should anything ever happen everything is documented and locked away in a safe deposit box in this bank – the ID code to gain access is Colt’s ID that he told me about to get himself into high school.”

“You’re not in any sort of trouble, are you Dad?”

“Nah. You know you here all the news about terrorists and such and it’s just me being the organizing fool that I am.” He smiled and it didn’t seem fake.

“I love you, Dad.”

“I love you too and you make sure your boy knows it too.”

“I really don’t have to Dad, my boy idolizes you and Mom.”

Dad got up and went to the door and opened it, saying that it was past his bedtime and mine too.

I checked in the kitchen and Alan had left. Melanie was asleep on the couch in the living room. The house was quiet as I made my way to my bedroom. I had a hard time getting to sleep finally at 5am I got up and dressed and went to the U by way of Dunkin Donuts where I picked up two large coffees and a dozen glazed.

As I pulled up to a parking spot I saw Colt coming out of the entrance to the CompSci building.

“Hey Dude,” he smiled, “what took you so long?” I was happy to see him in a happy mood.

“How do you do it? Do you just wait by the door all night?” I laughed.

“Oooooo, it’s my sixth sense,” he said in scary voice then giggled, ”No, I was hungry and so I figured I’d give you a call and when you didn’t answer I knew you were on your way over here.”

We made our way to the Engineering Lab where we sat down and ate our donuts and drank our coffee. Colt worked and I sat and continued to think about Dad’s conversation. I went to Dad’s Office and lay down on his couch where I fell asleep around 7a.m.


I was happy to see Arb pull up because I was starved and I had had another panic attack at about one. It had been much stronger than any of the earlier ones. But just seeing him I forgot to tell him and he was so tired.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was working at the workstation and the next thing I knew someone was gently shaking my shoulder telling me to wake up. Slowly, I realized it was Melanie. It was funny because I heard Melanie’s voice but the person I was looking at was the most gorgeous looking boy I’d ever seen.

“Hi” I said with a smile.

“Hi,” he said, as we seemed to stare at each other. I could only think that I would be happy for the rest of my life if I could wake up to that face.

Come on Colt get your brain in gear I thought as I tried to wake up.

“Excuse me,” I said as I started to get off the stool. My legs gave way and I fell forward into him. He, being wide-awake, managed to grab me. So there I was in the arms of this awesome guy. Of course my leg decided to go into a Charlie Horse.

“OH! OH! Oh! Ow! Ow! Oh! It hurts! Rub it! Oh! Oh! Oh! Rub it!” I bellowed.

Chase quickly came to the rescue and massaged my leg until the muscle relaxed.

“Oh! Yeah! Rub it! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Ooooh, thanks that’s better.”

Melanie burst out laughing.

“What…what’s so funny?” I demanded with a half-smile.

“Do you have any idea what that sounded like?” she managed to get out between laughs and giggles.


“Oh! Yeah! Rub it! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Ooooh that’s better” she said.

Chase started giggling.

“You are both sick!” I said but then I started laughing and soon we were all laughing.

Melanie was right he was gorgeous.

I got up off the floor. My leg was still sore. “I have to go to the restroom and freshen up.” I said to the two, turned and started hobbling out.

“Would you like some help?” asked Chase.

“Would I ever!” I said a little bit too enthusiastically and of course I blushed. But the end result was I was being helped to the restroom. My heart was beating so fast a couple of times on the way we made eye contact and I could feel myself blush. “I think I can make it from here,” I said softly when we got to the restroom door.

“Okay, you sure?”

“Yep, tell Melanie to order us some pizza and sodas – that is, if you want to.”

“Yes, I’m starved. Uh, see you, uh,” he blushed, ”Sorry I’m acting like an idiot. Oh, here’s your kit.”

“Thanks,” I smiled and went into the restroom. I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. He was everything I could have dreamed of except he wasn’t Arbor, but I knew I could never have Arb and I could get over the feeling I felt just being near to him. I wonder if he liked me. I took a pee then washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth and combed my hair and checked myself out to make sure everything looked okay.

As I got back to the lab I heard Chase and Melanie giggling over something.

“Hey! What’s so funny?” I asked as I walked into the room.

“Melanie was telling me the story about you and the Frat party,” said Chase.

“You know there are times of my life when I did things that I wish other people would forget about them and that was one of them.”

“Well, that not as bad as me…one time I was in this play at school and I was supposed to get panted on stage and I had these special Velcro pants and underneath I had on these boxers with hearts on them well something went wrong and I ended up with the boxers around my ankles, but I didn’t realize it for like a minute.”

“Oh my God that must have been embarrassing,” I laughed.

“So you like go to school here?” asked Chase.

“Well, yes and no. I do research here but in a couple of weeks I’m going to be a freshman at JFK High,” he looked kind of confused, “I’ve done all my work for my doctorate thesis, but I don’t have any friends except for people who are way older for me and I wanted to spend more time with Arb, he’s Melanie’s cousin and my best friend. So, I took Mother with me and I registered as a student.”

“I thought your mother was dead.”

“Oh sorry not my real mother, she is dead, but my computer – it’s a laptop or rather was a laptop until yesterday. The security system on it worked like it was supposed to, when Alan, another friend – I helped him on his Masters, he tried to break in and failed and the computer did a meltdown. I only was able to save Prox L. I named her Maine Frame PC; Arbor came up with the acronym MF PC hence Mother. It’s like better than a Cray, but housed in a laptop.”

“So, it’s like your pc? You made it? You made a computer that was better than a Cray and put it into a laptop?”

“Yeah…” I could see it coming.

“You really are a genius. Wow!”

“Yeah…whatever.” I practically mumbled.

Chase reached over and took my hands and looked right into my eyes. “Colt, I am excited and in awe of you. I mean it’s like I found someone I can talk to who is smarter than me. At school they are always kidding me about being ‘Brain’ you know the cartoon?”

“Arbor’s friends do that to me too,” I giggled, “at least they don’t call me Pinky like they do to Arb.”

“So, what Prox L?” he asked.

I nearly fell over. He really wanted to know so I explained it to him. He was so neat…in a way he reminded me when I was six – so eager to understand and he understood even Arbor had a hard time understanding, but Chase got it! I started telling him about what happened to Mother and I had to think of some new security system.

All too soon the pizza arrived and I had to go down and pay for it when I got back Chase was not in the lab.

“Where’s Chase?”

“Restroom. So, what do you think of him?” asked Melanie.

I knew I had a big smile on my face as I answered. “Perfect. He’s smart, he’s beautiful, do you think he likes me? I mean I’m not being too geekish am I?”

She giggled and replied, “Why do you ask him?”

“I could never do that…I’m too shy and when I look into his eyes I get all nervous…and he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?”

She giggle, laughed and nodded he head yes.

I could feel myself turning red as I slowly turned around to see Chase right behind me. I looked into his green eyes, I couldn’t speak, and my heart was beating so fast as our faces came closer together for a gentle kiss. It wasn’t like Alan’s kiss because I didn’t want to pull away. Our lips opened to let our tongues meet as we totally embraced each other – almost like we were trying to become one.

“Guys, uh, the pizza is getting cold,” Melanie said and so our kiss stopped.

“Wow,” we both said to each other as we looked into each other’s eyes.

“Does that answer your question?” asked Chase.

I just nodded my head. And we broke our embrace and moved to get some pizza, which was lucky because just at that moment a very sleepy looking Arbor came into the room.

“Pizzzzahhh!” he said.

“Hey Arb! This is Chase Mansfield. Chase this is Arbor Maine.”

They exchanged their hellos.

“Colt have you thought about using DNA as a security?” asked Chase as he munched away on a slice of pizza.

“No…hmmm,” I said as I was chewing on a bite of pizza. I began thinking about what he said. “How would you do that?”

“I have no idea. I know a little but my Mom’s the real expert, she works a Bio-Tech Industries. It seems to me if you could work out a way to test a persons DNA then you would have an almost ultimate security system, but then you could set it up so that the pc acts like a normal pc unless it detects you as being a Mother user and then goes into Mother mode…just an idea,” he said taking a sip of soda.

“You didn’t!” said Arbor.

“Didn’t what?” I asked.

“You didn’t lie to them about Mother and who built her?”

“Come with me Colt!” he ordered.


“Cuz what I have to say to you is confidential. Now come with me!”

I followed Arb to Keith’s office. I knew I had gone against what Keith had told us two years ago, but I really like Chase and I knew he’d want to be a part of building a new Mother and Melanie is our …well Arb’s cousin.

“Arb I’m sure he won’t tell anyone and neither will Melanie.”

“That’s not the point! Dad told me that the technology you have developed is stuff that others may try to get…

I interrupted him, “So, it’s all encoded and nobody repeat nobody can break that code! And there is only one DVD it can be read on. And the stuff I have on the U’s systems would take a thousand years for others to find and piece together!”

“I’m calling Dad and you can argue with him.”

Arb called Keith and put him on the speakerphone and told him what I had done – the one person I hated disappointing in anyway, was Keith.

“Keith, they won’t say anything,” I whined.

“The thing is boy is we discussed this and you agreed. This was for your protection. Like it or not you are still a kid Colt. You are venerable and in ways too trusting of others. Son you are brilliant and what you created is light years ahead of anything else and in the real world even someone as old as me is subject to a few greedy individuals who would kill to have what you have developed…I love you Colt and as much as I hate lying that’s what you have to do now because if others knew they could use that new friend of yours to get at you…Do you want that?”

What a time for me to get another panic attack…the idea of my Melanie or Chase meeting Bruno the Bruiser six feet seven and three hundred pounds of pure muscle and Bruno pounding away on Melanie’s face and body or what if he beat her to death in front of me before he does the same to Chase.

I was pissed. I just find a new friend – the first one in years who’s not family and someone who is smart – who I could fall in love with and who loves me. I know he loves me! Damn you Keith! I was angry and fearful of that something I knew not what, so I lashed out.

“Alright I’ll go fucking lie to them. Don’t worry Keith, YOUR fucking cash cow won’t let you down!”

I didn’t give him a chance to reply to that nasty comment – I hung up the phone!

We went back to the lab.

“Chase, Melanie, Arb’s right – I lied. I was just trying to impress Chase because I wanted him to think I was really smart. I am smart but not that smart. All I was working on was a way to improve my Sony PlayStation. I think you guys should just go…you’re not really supposed to be up here. And I’m grounded which means you guy have to leave and I have to go home. So just get the fuck out of here!” I was crying partly because of what I was having to do and partly because the fear of what was going to happen.

“What do you m-mean?” asked Chase.

“I mean I lied! I was stringing you along because I hated pseudo intellects like you. Got that Brain boy! I’m not like you – I lie! Now get out of the lab and out of my life!”

So, again I was alone and I hurt so much. I had no other choice because I had work that I had to completed by Tuesday a.m. So, I forced myself to worked and blocked out my feelings for the next 36 hours. I finished what I had set out to do and Tuesday I dragged my body into Keith’s office and gave him all the plans and documentation for my new chips.

“Here. I’m going home to sleep,” I said coldly.

“Colt, I’m sorry, and you are not my cash cow,” he said.

I just nodded and forced a smile and left.

I have a quiet place I go when I’m sad, stressed out or too exhausted to ride my old Huffy home, my roof, as I call it. Everybody knows if you can’t find me anywhere then I’ll be up there. I like it because I can look out and see nearly everything and it’s like I’m exterior and free. Today was a roof day. I really needed it. This sensed of eminent danger was so strong, I was so tired, so drained I nearly collapsed as I exited the building on to its roof.

I slept trouble free until around noon when I felt someone kiss me. I opened my eyes to see who it was. It was Keith. I wrapped my arms around him and hung on for dear life because the bad feelings I had had earlier hadn’t gone but intensified.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I know…we need to talk later okay?”

“Please don’t go…don’t go to that meeting, please.”

“I have to go now…don’t worry we will talk to night. I just needed to see that you were okay. Go back to sleep now you’re exhausted.”

He kissed me again on my forehead and I fell back to sleep, but not a trouble free sleep. At some point I had a nightmare. Keith was in a room with some people. There was a big guy with a bald head yelling, “Where’s the fucking computer you promised!”

“It was destroyed, one of the students got it and thought he’d break the security system, he accidentally crashed the entire system. Look I have all the research data here on this DVD, give me a couple of months I’ll have a new prototype built,” said Keith.

The big guy took the DVD and gave it to another man who I couldn’t see. The man walked out the room saying to the big bald guy, “We can’t take a chance, handle it. We have what we need.” The bald guy nodded to a third guy and a needle was thrust into Keith’s arm and its contents emptied.

Keith first had a shocked look, which faded to a dazed look, right before he grabbed at his chest and convulsed and died.

I scream out, “NO!” and woke up. It had been too real. I cried out, “Keeeith!” I was hysterical as I ran down the stairs and exited the building. I jumped on my bike and rode hard and fast to get home.

I ran into the house screaming “RUTHIE! HELP!” Ruthie was in the office and came running out to me.

“They killed him Ruthie! They killed him!” I cried, “He went to the, the me-me-meeting. I asked him not to go! I fell asleep. I fell asleep and I saw then kill him!”

Ruthie took me in her arms and tried to calm me down. “Baby, honey, Colt calm down. It was just a bad dream okay. Keith is fine. You’ve been too stressed out you had a nightmare. Keith called me ten minutes ago from the lab. He’s fine, hon. He told me you were on the roof sleeping…did you check the lab before you left?”

“N-No. He’s okay. He didn’t go to a meeting, he’s at the lab?”

“Yes. Now you, young man, are going straight to bed and get some rest. Come along.”

We went upstairs and she got me some cal-mag, which I drank and soon was asleep.


I was just leaving the office when Ruthie called to let me know that Colt was at home apparently he’d had some sort of nightmare and was a bit hysterical, but he’s sleeping fine now.

Andrew Belkirk had called five minutes before that saying that he had to meet with me in half an hour, so I was in a bit of a rush.

The meeting did not go well at all and I realized that Paul knew nothing of the meeting or of any of the arrangements I had been making with Belkirk. The bad part was they had the DVD Colt had given me the other day hopefully it’s encoded.

It’s weird I know I’m going to die and you’d think my last thoughts would be of my wife but they aren’t. Colt, my sweet boy how I love you. How I shall miss you…OW! MY HEART!

To be Continued

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