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I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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I would like to again thank Jason for his excellent editing!

Sam Lakes

Chapter 8

I had managed to hold back all my emotions during the funeral and hadn’t done to badly before. I knew Arbor and Ruthie were devastated and I had to be there for them. The official cause of death was severe myocardial infarction, his heart simply ripped in two, but I knew different. I knew that it had been murder. I had said so, but the ‘authorities’ said no.

It was after the funeral that I came apart. Relatives and friends, of whom there were many, were at our house – some sort of traditional potluck when people die. I didn’t really care.

Whoopee! My dad showed up. I hated him. He tried to talk to me but I simply walked away from him. Where was he for all the times I needed him? I don’t need him now. I thought I didn’t need anyone. I got tired of all the people and Ruthie and Arbor seemed to be holding up fine so I went to my room and sat on my bed practically devoid of any feeling when there was a knock at my door.

There he was, Chase. As I stood and looked at him all my barriers seemed to crumble and a flood of tears came forth. I stood there crying. Chase came into the room and closed the door taking me in his arms. I sobbed and sobbed for ages and he just held me so close, stroking my hair and kissing me gently on the forehead as I cried.

After a long time we moved over to the bed and I laid down on my side with Chase spooned in behind me his arms still holding me while I continued to softly cry and he continuing to give me delicate kisses. I was finally cried out, not asleep but just numb and awake and tired but more relaxed.

Chase began talking quietly, “I know that you were lying that day after you came back from talking with Arbor and Keith. It hurt and I was angry for a while, but then I began to think why would you lie and the only answer I could find was that Keith knew the dangers you would face and so was trying to protect you. I know I’m right because I know when you kissed me there was love…you weren’t faking it.”

I turned over to face him and he continued, “But I also realized you were probably trying to protect me and keep me from harm…and Melanie. When I heard of the accident. I went to see Melanie and we talked and cried and talked some more and I begged her to drag me along today because I had to see you. I need you in my life Colt and well you need me…I can’t ever hope to even slightly replace Keith in your life and I don’t want to. I just want to be a part of your life because I need you in my life.” A few tears were trickling down his cheeks.

I buried my face into his chest. He smelled so nice. I don’t remember ever smelling anybody like that except vague memories of my mom. She always smelled nice. I was tired and I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up several hours later to an empty room, I could still hear voices of our visitors so decided to see if Chase was still around.

I walked into the kitchen where I saw Ruthie, Arbor, Chase, Melanie, Uncle Ted, Aunt Betty, Alan Bennison and Paul Smith, my father. As I entered Dad said, “Ah, my sleepy boy returns to life.” I glared at him. Then turned my attention to Ruthie.

“Mom, can I have something to eat?” I asked more to irk my Dad than anything else.

“Sure, hon, I’ll get you a plate.”

“Gee, Dad maybe you can marry Ruthie, then Arbor can get to know how I felt all these years without a Dad. On second thought don’t cuz I could never love you one zillionth of the amount that Arb loved Keith and I doubt Arb could accept you as his real Dad like I accepted Keith.”

“Knock it off Colt!” ordered Arbor.

I looked at Arbor and felt ashamed of what I’d done. “Sorry, Arb. And I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence, Mom.” Oops wrong thing to say.

“Your brother told you to knock it off! Now knock it off!” Ruthie said angrily as she slammed a plat of food in front of me.

I said nothing for a moment I just looked at the plate of food in front of me. Years of suppressed anger seemed to be boiling up in me. I squelched it. Nobody said anything finally I said, “Yes ma’am,” and ate what she had given me.

“Colt, I need to ask you something,” voiced my dad, “What do you know about a computer Keith had?”

I glanced at Arbor and read his face.

“What computer?”

“The one called Mother.”

“Nice computer until Alan cremated it. I used it to play games on. I used to tell people I worked on it but I lie a lot,” I glanced at Melanie and Chase and continued, “It was super fast and I had Resident Evil on it – awesome game Dad.”

“Didn’t you design the security system?”

“Whoa! I’m smart Dad but not that smart – I cut and pasted a security program assigning certain variables to addresses Keith gave to me. Keith wrote the program and I just cut and pasted. I sometimes use to boast about myself but as I said I lie a lot and Keith over looked that fact, I guess cuz he loved me like a son.”

I had to get in the last dig. Arbor and Alan simply shook their heads, Chase could see the hurt and Melanie didn’t like how I was acting and went outside. I took one more bit of food and after scraping off my plate followed Melanie.

“How can you be so insulting to your Dad?” she asked.

“Easy…imagine this your four years old and the person you love dies, she no longer there to hold you, to love you, and the other person you love, your idol deserts you too, your left with a friend, your best friend but though out your whole life you know that the person who is supposed to love you hates you cuz he never comes around except a few times a year maybe. Keith was essentially my Dad, but I never called him that…” I started choking up. I paused to get control but I couldn’t. “So many times I wanted to call him Dad, but he wasn’t my Dad. So many times I wished that Paul would die so I could call Keith Dad. I l-loved him so much and, and now he’s gone – and it’s bullshit when people say he’ll always be in my heart…he’s gone and half of me is dead; there’s nothing there just an empty lifeless void. It should have been my dad that died because Keith would still be here…here in my heart…here in my life!”

Arbor startled me as he wrapped his arms around me. I turned around and he held me. “Arb, promise me you’ll never leave me, you’ll always be here for me.”

“I promise,” he whispered, “I’ll always be here for you and you be here for me to okay?”

“I promise,” I whispered back.


The months rolled on. High school had been good for me in the first few weeks. Making some new friends. Arb and I spent most of our waking hours together, and then he met Annette Gerstrum. They became good friends and started dating. I went out with a couple of girls to keep the show going but I could never get into snogging with a girl.

Good news, bad news and even better news was Uncle Ted and his family move a block away. That was the good news. The bad news was Chase came out to he parents and they kicked him out. The even better news is Uncle Ted, a lawyer, became the legal guardian of Chase, ergo Chase only lived a block away! Because I was accelerated a year and because of a sly bit of hacking by yours truly, Chase and I were in every class together! Oh yeah and to say the least so was Melanie.

Chase was a wreck though. Being kicked out by your parents was far worse a situation in a way than what I had gone through. I love Chase and I wanted him to know that I was totally there for him. But it meant coming out myself at least to Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty. My fear was that it might mean coming out to Ruthie and worst of all Arb.

I was sitting on Melanie’s bed with my arms around Chase thinking.

“Earth to Colt, come in please,” said Chase.


“Melanie asked if you want some ice cream?”

“Oh…uh…no. Uh, no thanks.”

“Colt what’s up?” she asked.

I sighed and gave Chase a kiss on the cheek before I started talking, “I’ve been thinking of coming out to Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty…it scares me in away because they might want me to come out to Ruthie and then Ruthie might want me to come out to Arb. I couldn’t take it if Arb freaked out and hated me…my Dad sure wouldn’t want me and I doubt your parents would let me bunk up with Chase.”

“Hey I have no objection with you bunking up with me!” joked Chase – we kissed briefly.

“Guys, please. Well, I think you should. Arbor adores you, he always has and I’ve never heard him say anything nasty about gays. Have you?”

“Yeah, a couple of times…we saw a gay couple holding hands in the mall and kissing in the movie and he made some very derogatory comments,” I smiled, “but then I agreed and added my own comments too so he wouldn’t think I was gay.” I started laughing; really laughing when I thought of all the things I do just so people won’t think I’m gay or too smart! Talk about stupid!

“Let’s do it!” I said as I released Chase and made my way to the door. “Well, aren’t you guys coming?” I asked.

“Nope!” responded Melanie, “This is personal between you and my mom and dad.”

“Gotcha!” said Chase and then they both broke out in to fits of laughter. I tackled Chase on the bed.

“You fiend!” I laughed and then I could resist kissing him on the lips passionately.

“Come on guys! Get a room!” exclaimed Melanie.

I broke the kiss for a second just to say, “I got one with a bed! Yours!” then went back to Chase but we both got the giggles.

After a few minutes I got up and sorted myself out and went down with my supporters to see Uncle Ted and Aunt Betty who were in the living room reading.

“Ahem,” I said to get heir attention and in a quiet voice continued, “I, uh, need to talk to both of you…uh, please.”

Uncle Ted looked up and smiled, “Okay, I bet I know what it is. You are gay and you are in love with my son!” He laughed and Aunt Betty smiled.

I just looked at them. I couldn’t believe I was that obvious. I think my mouth dropped open and all the things I had been preparing to say were gone and I was without words.

Good ole Chase to the rescue. “You knew? How?” We looked accusingly at Melanie.

“Oh no, you two can forget that I didn’t say a word!”

“She’s right, Colt,” said Aunt Betty.

“Colt, how long have you known Melanie?” asked Aunt Betty.

“All my life.”

“And when did you tell her you were gay”

“At the family barbeque.”

“And when did Chase move in with us?”

“Two months ago.”

“And when did we move here?”
“One months ago”

“Good! Well it is a little obvious that when Chase moved in you suddenly rode your bike over to our house, a sixty-mile round-trip every weekend not just one day but two days. And since we moved here you’re here everyday not that we objected to you company and add to that you two are in every class together…sounds a bit like cshacker has been on the loose in your school,” she giggled.

“You know about cshacker?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Uncle Ted.

“And you’re okay about me being gay?”

“As long as you don’t get my son pregnant, I’ll be fine,” laughed Uncle Ted and I blushed.

“We just kiss,” said shyly.

“Yes, well we guys need to have a talk and lay down some rules. Okay?”

“Yes, sir,” Chase and I responded.

“Colt, have you told Ruthie and Arbor yet?”

“No, and I don’t want to.”

“Why? I’m sure they will be okay about it.”

“Ruthie, probably. Arbor never. I don’t want him to know.”

“He’s going to learn about it sooner or later.”

“Please Aunt Betty he can’t know about me! I lost Keith! I don’t want to loose Arbor!”

“Colt, it’s fine. We are not going to say anything to anybody. It’s you two boys life and your responsibility to inform those who you want to know and to conduct you life accordingly. If you decide to come out to the world then that’s your business and you have to live with the consequences.”

“My best piece of advice is before you do things important to you, look at the consequences – if they aid your survival and the survival of others then do it if not don’t do it.”

“Now ladies,” said Uncle Ted, “if you will excuse me I’d like to take my boys out for some man talk.” Uncle Ted loves ice cream and his belly shows it although not too much. We decided on DQ.

“Okay boys, here’s what I have to say. Remember, I was a teenager once too. You said sex hasn’t entered the picture yet, but in your kissing I venture to say you get hardons, right?”

We blushed and nodded.

“Just remember the advice I gave you earlier. Don’t do things without considering the consequences and make sure the consequences will help your survival, not only as individuals, but as a couple. If they don’t, then don’t do them. Point two, and the final piece of advice, never do anything with each other that you aren’t both in agreement with and don’t force your partner to do something you want to do, but he may not want to do, by making him wrong for not doing it. As a graphic example, Chase let’s say you decide someday to give oral sex to Colt and he’s okay with it but he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it to you don’t say to him, “Well, man I did it to you.”

“And finally,” he went on to say, “Don’t make sex an important thing in your relationship. If you want to have sex for the pleasures you get from it stick to jacking yourself off – use your hand not somebody else. When you have sex you will get double the pleasure if your whole purpose, and only purpose, is to give a pleasurable experience to your partner. Okay?”

We agreed.

“Now the house rule is this, if you haven’t seen us do it, don’t let us see you do it. For example you will never see me making out with my wife or even French kissing her. A peck on the cheek, or on the lips, yes, hugs are fine, holding hands is fine you get the picture.”

I nodded then giggled.

“What Colt?”

“I was just thinking of you French kissing Aunt Betty…eeewwwww!”

He laughed.

School has been so boring and the math teacher is a bitch and tries to pick on me nearly everyday – she hates me. Why? Cuz I’m a smart ass. Today was no exception but I was in a particularly bad mood, I’d gotten into a tiff with Arb and Chase was at the dentist.

“Well, Mr. Smith, I see you very quiet today, where’s your boy friend today?”

There were snickers all around. I was red with anger!

“Why, Mr. Smith I’m surprised you’re so quiet.”

“And you’re a moronic bitch, I could teach better than you” I muttered under my breath and a few people near me giggled.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re excused.” More chuckles from the class.

“You think you’re so smart, Colt Smith you can do a 5000 word essay on a famous mathematician by tomorrow!”

“Fuck this! If I taught as bad as you I commit suicide! You fucking suck! I’ve met a monkey that knew more than you about math than you!”

“To the office, you’ll be seeing Mr. Williams!”

“Oooo! I so fucking scared! I’m out of here. You got that! I’m going to office and signing out of here!” I held up my middle finger on my right hand and said, “You see this!” giving her the finger, “Well one plus”, giving her the finger with both my hands, “this equals fuck you! I’m out of here.” I walked out of the classroom to the office.

“Hi Ms. Fornsworth, need any help, I’m taking a break from math class today.”

“What again?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Well, you could enter this stack of papers for me, I’d be willing to just let things pass.”

“Sure, no prob, babe!”

I sat down at the workstation and started entering the data. She left for a smoke break and I removed every trace of me in there system. I left the school and went back to the U and into the engineering lab.

“Colt!” called a familiar voice.

“Hi, Perky!” I said to Professor Perkins, “Wassup?” Now Perky is old, must be seventy, if he’s a day. So can you imagine, an old guy talking like a sixteen year old? Well, Perky did. He was one of the cool profs here.

“Hey dude I got a package for you, I’ve had it for months. Sure missed ya. be right back!”

What he gave me was a package with all the chips I had design and Keith had ordered and all the documentation back. I didn’t belong in high school. I belonged here. Consequences, I had cheated my way back to high school to solve a problem and it had become the problem. I could do good here. I could help others. I seemed to be the only one who knew that Keith was murdered I could create Mother II. I could make her better. I’m not talking giga hertz I’m talking petahertz, I’m talking octabytes and in a small package. I could bring the murderers to justice.

I knew this was the right decision. And so begins my new life.

To be Continued

Just a note to any one who has read this story:

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