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I wrote this story several years ago. This is a re-write of the original story...It takes a bit of time to really get into the exciting part story. It is more an adventure/thriller rather than a sex story.

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Sam Lakes

Chapter 9

Old habits are hard to break and working long hours was definitely and old habit. I had arrived at the lab around noon and when 8:00 p.m. arrived I was still hard at it.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Arb.

“Old habits die hard.” He smiled.

“Yep. I quit school today; I was trying to be something I’m not. I belong here.”

“So I heard,” he laughed, “Funny you know there not a trace of you in any school file. And by the way, next time tell your boyfriend where you are and what you’re doing. The poor boy is frantic!”

I just looked at Arb with my mouth half open and probably with a look of fear on my face. He’d just said my boyfriend. His hand reached up and closed my mouth.

“You wanna talk to me about it,” he said. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes partly because that’s what Keith would have said and partly out of relief or something that he knew.

“You know about me…me…being…being…” I couldn’t say the word gay.

“Gay,” he said and pulled me into a hug.

“How long have you known?”

“Since the time you walked in on me jacking off. Just after that I got on your pc and I saw an email you wrote to some guy and told him the feelings you had and I checked your cache files. I was angry. I pissed and I had a hard time dealing with it. For a while, I wondered if I made you that way…because I loved you so much. And that made me angrier and I dis’d you man. You changed, you withdrew into a shell and began working crazy hours and everybody was worried about you. You did everything to keep away from me. At the time I hated you for being gay, but sometimes I’d see you looking at me and there was such loneliness. Uncle Ted asked me once what was up and why I didn’t hang with you. I told him a lie and I think he knew it. I told him I hated being called ‘Pinky’ by our friends. He said ‘Oh don’t you mean your friends? I don’t think Colt has any friends any more. That’s my evaluation of it. Next time you see him look in his eyes. Colt is so easy to read.’ So I did. I looked and it tore me up.

“That’s when I suggested we go to Las Vegas. I thought I could change you. But I failed miserably. And then I was angry and I called you a faggot and I saw the pain, and sadness and hatred. Not of me, but of yourself. I was so confused I hated the idea that you were gay and yet I love you and I wanted you to be a part of my life. I was crying when dad came in and I poured all my confusions out on Dad and Mom. Good old Mom. I was ranting about queers and how bad they are and Mom said, “Well, that settles it we’ll just kick him out. You agree with that Keith?’

“Dad said, ‘Hey cool with me he can go live with one of his friends.’

“That was what I needed cuz I remembered what uncle Ted had said – you had no friends. And then Mom added the final straw she said, ‘and after all Arbor that’s what you want and you are our flesh and blood. Paul will just have to deal with his queer son.’ Then they left the room to go out to a show. They let me stew for four hours. They actually went out to a show.”

In that four hours I I thought about my whole life with you and I thought about you. I realized that although I bragged about teaching, you gave me so much you always included me in everything you did. You’d painstakingly explain everything you did with Mother. You always gave and I always took. I remembered an email you sent some gay advisor about your feelings for me – you just loved me and knew that I wasn’t gay and you could live happily without me being a lover but you could never live without my love.

“Somehow, I had missed the subtle difference you meant. I understood you and how you really felt for me. You have always allowed me to be me. You never tried to make me be like you, but I can’t say I wasn’t trying to change you.”

Arb put his forehead against mine; I could see his tears well up and spill over onto his cheeks.

“Man, Colt, in those four hours, I realized how much you loved me and how much I loved you – maybe not the way you like me too, ” he smiled, “but without you, there would be such a painful void and emptiness in me, in my very soul that I doubt I would ever be happy again. You aren’t all of my happiness, but you are a large part of it.”

“I remember Dad saying, ‘Arb you look at Colt’s being gay as a flaw and in my opinion it is such a tiny flaw that it really doesn’t count when you look at the whole and who’s to say that it is in fact a flaw – you – me? They are only opinions not facts…opinions like beauty and ugly, like goodness and badness, are all a like and they’re only basis is opinions and opinions can be changed.’”

“I changed my opinion, Colt…you’re…you’re perfect just the way you are.” That said Arb kiss my forehead, “Come on, you’re fantastic boyfriend is waiting in the car.”

To be Continued? Absolutely!

Author's note: Okay this is a short chapter but the next on is a lot longer. I've just sent 10 to the editor! Many, Many thanks to all those who have written me - when I get e-mails about my stories it's like Christmas! I really love them! Especially when I can make a new friend. You jsut can't have too many friends!
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