This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

Music Class Just Got Better

It was yet another semester at school fpr Mike. Though he was looking forward to all that this semester is going to bring, it's been awhile since he has a serious relationship. Additionally, the amount of sex that he has been having lately has been dwindling. Mike is now 22, and since he was 16, he has had sex with a couple of girls and has fooled around with a lot of guys. Mike considers himself to be bi, but he fantasies more about guys. There is just something about a male knowing how to pleasure his own gender. Don't get him wrong, he dreams about pussy just as much as a nice big cock. It's just cock gets him even hornier.

Before I continue, Mike is 5'9, about 200 pounds (he's slightly muscular, but has a small beer belly). Mike has black hair, brown eyes, and isn't that hairy (only a little on his underarms, light coating on his chest, legs and arms). His cock is about 7 to 7.5inches long.

This semester, Mike decided to take a music class. Since he had already taken an introductory music class, he decided to take one of the upper level classes. The only one that interested him was History of Jazz, but that got cancelled soon after he signed up for it, so he decided to take Latin American Music instead. After the first day of the class, Mike was happy that he stuck with taking a music class. There were some cute boys and some beautiful girls. But there was one student that held his interest. He (I'm sure you saw that coming) was a few inches shorter than Mike, about maybe 160lbs, and not muscular, but defined. He wasn't well built, but he was lean. Mike would sit through class and occasionally think about him.

One night, Mike met a friend for dinner at the local pizzeria, which was also a greek place. Since Mike got there before his friend, he had ordered for the two of them since he already knew what Dave, his friends, wanted. After Mike took a seat, he was surprised to see who his waiter was. The kid from his music class apparently worked at the pizzeria. He came over to the table Mike was sitting at to take his order.
"Whatcha gonna have?"
"Ummm, I got a friend coming too, we're both going to have the bacon cheeseburger deluxe, my friend wants a Pepsi, and a Diet Coke for me."
"Ok, no prob."
"Hey, aren't you in Music 319?"
"Yeah, yea I am. You are too. I thought I remember you."
"Yeah. You a musician?"
"Yeah, I play piano. I'm a jaz lover too."
"Are you serious? Me too man."
"Know anything by heart?"
"Ha ha, I wish. Even though I was in the jazz band back in high school, I loved improv more. Never memorized any of the standards."
By this time, Dave walked in the door and was walking towards the table.
"Hey Dave." But turning back to the kid from his music class, "But yeah, I'm really looking forward to this class. You?"
"Yeah man, it'll hopefully give me some more insight to what I wanna do musically."
"Nice. . . . . By the way, what's your name?"
"Nice to meet you, I'm Mike, that's my friend Dave."
Dave and Andrew greeted each other and Andrew got back to work. As Mike and Dave talked and had dinner, Mike would occasionally stare at Andrew's ass. It looked God-ly perfect to him. Mike would love to make love to that sweet looking ass all night long. But first, he'll have to try and seduce Andrew.

A few days later, Andrew and Mike's music professor gave them an assaignment to review a few songs, and write a short paper about them; to compare them. Andrew was struggling a little to keep up with the material, so we came over to Mike and asked him for help.
"Hey, umm, Mike?"
"Oh hey, what's up?"
"Ummm, do you understand the assaignment?"
"Yeah, I guess so. Why? Need some help?"
"I think so."
Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, Mike started to write down his cel phone number. "Here, gimme a call later, and I'll help you out. I'll even make you some dinner if you want."
"ha ha, you live in the apartments?"
"Alright, I might just take you up on that offer. I get out of class around 6:30, you'll be free then?"
"yeah, I will be."
"K, I'll give you a call later."

Around 6:50 that night, Mike's phone rang. Picking it up, he sees that it's Andrew calling him; so he answers.
"City morgue: you kill 'em, we chill 'em. How can I help you?"
"Ha ha ha ha, that's a good line dude."
"Yeah, I try. I keep on trying to think of good ones, but it's hard. I wanna try and make part of it rhyme and stuff."
"Got any others?"
"Nah. Not the moment. . But anyway, what's good Andrew?"
"I'm outside your building, open the door you smuck. Ha ha."
"One door opening coming up."
Getting downstairs, Mike sees Andrew standing there waiting for him, and wearing the biggist, sliest, and also flirtiest smile he has ever seen.
"You order a pizza?" Andrew asked.
"Yeah, I hope it's still hot and ready to be eaten and devoured," Mike said with a slight hint of seduction in his voice. He knew that if he was going to get any where with Andrew, this would be the time.
"We've got compliments that our pizza has been good all night long," Andrew said, though he said it so it could be taken either way; sexual or not.
"Aight, let's get this stupid assaignment over with, aight?"
"Aight. Let's do it."
The two headed up to Mike's room and began working on the homework.

As they sat at the table in the suite area, Mike kept on glancing at Andrew. He tried to do it as discreetle as possible, but a couple of times he thought Andrew noticed. During each song, as they both listened, Mike just started fantazing about the possibilities. He pictured the two of them stripping off their clothes, passionatly making out, laying on the bed and just making the sweetest sex either has ever felt.
As they finished listening to the last song, Andrew started to speak.
"Mind if I take off my button down, I'll be able to work better," Andrew stated.
"Sure, no problem. Know how you feel. BY the way, want anything to drink? I got water, OJ, soda, Snapple, beer; your choice."
"I don't suppose you got any Vodka," Andrew said in a half joking manner.
"Yeah, I actually do. Want it straight up, chilled, or mixed?"
"You wouldn't by chance be able to make a Sex on the Beach?"
This gave Mike a chance to make his first move.
"Not only can I make a Sex on the beach, I could also provide a Sex on the Bed."
Andrew laughed at the statement, though Mike wasn't sure if it was because it was corny, or just out of kindness.
"Well, glad to know it's available," Andrew responded.
"I'll go make the drink."
When Mike got back, Andrew had taken off his button-down shirt. All he had on under it was a tight wife-beater undershirt. As Mike came in, he noticed how Andrew was toned, but not overly done, kinds like a natural build. Furthermore, Andrew had armpits that were hairy, but not bush like, which Mike just loves a man to have.

Just as he noticed Andrew seeing him stare, Mike quickly gave him the drink, and opened a beer for himself. As Mike jumped back on the computer, he opened up the word processor.
"Ok, now for the actual analysis," Mike stated.
"Right, let's get started," Andrew said as he finished a sip.
As Andrew sat next to him in a second chair, Mike typed away at the keyboard. Without Mike really realizing it, Andrew kept on inching towards him. As he did this, he pressed his leg against Mike's twitchy leg (the type of twitch you get from being horny). After about 20 minutes, Andrew put his hand on Mike's leg.
"Mike, do you mind?"
"Oh sorry, half the time I don't realize that I am doing it."
"No no, this." And then Andrew moved it to Mike's crotch and started rubbing it.
As Mike's cock started to respond, he started to moan. "Oh God! . . . OH God!"
"I've seen you watch me in class," Andrew said in a I caught you, but I'm not mad voice.
"Then what are you going to do about it?"
"I'm going to have you give me a Sex on the Bed," Andrew said with a huge grin.
"Well let me just get the ingredients then."

Mike went on the other side of the desk, where Andrew couldn't see him. Mike dropped his pants, and took of his shirt. Then, he pulled out some condoms and a bottle of KY lotion; then he came back around.
"All ready, just undress and enjoy," Mike said.
"Alright." Andrew showed the biggest smile yet.
Mike layed down on the bed and pulled off his boxers. He watched Andrew quickly drop his pants and boxers at the same time, ans then rip off his undershirt. Andrew then came over to the bed, layed on top of Mike and started to make-out, tounge and everything. Soon, Andrew started to grind on top of Mike causing both of them to go from semi-hard to full blown hard-ons (Andrews about the same size as Mike's).
"Hold on a sec," Andrew said. He moved over, grabbed a flavored condom that Mike happened to have and opened it. He took the condom, placed it on Mike's cock and then started giving Mike a blowjob, puting the condom on him, and keeping it there. Mike just started to moan even harder.
"I think I might just cum if you continue," Mike said inbetween moans.
"OK," Andrew responded as he stopped. He moved forward, putting his body back on top of Mike, leaving the condom wrapped hardon as it was. He then straddled Mike's mid-section, took the hardon-on in hand and put it to his anus and sat down. Andrew slowly took Mike's cock into his ass. Once totally inside, he leaned forward, started to kiss Mike again and they slowly started to hump each other. Soon, they moved so that Mike's back was against the wall, and their speed quickened.
"I'm gonna cum!" Mike screamed, and as he did, he thrust one more time into Andrew and ejaculated 5 big shots into Andrew. For a few minutes, the two laid there for a few minutes.

Andrew moved first.
Looking at Mike, he said, "My turn. But I want to do it the way we are, me on top, you on bottom."
"Ok, tiger. Lets do it."
With that, Mike picked up another condom off the floor and opened it. Before he did anything else with it, Mike brought Andrew closer to him and started kissing him, and threw in a couple of French Kisses too. Placing the condom on his chest momentarily, Mike went to rub Andrew's cock to make sure he was hard as can be. Once satisfied, Mike spoke, "Let's get you inside me," with a smile.
"I hope you'll enjoy me in you," rubbing his 8 inch cock.
"Oh, I have a feeling I will."
After lubbing his raging hard-on, as well as Mike's ass, Andrew slowly slid himself inside of Mike. Both let out moans of pleasure. Starting off slowly, Andrew rocked himself in and out, in and out. As the minuted rolled by, he picked up his pace. By the time he was ready to cum, Andrew slowed down a little.
"Do not slow down! Cum inside me full blast," Mike pleaded with a face that showed he was near an orgasm as well.
With that, Andrew sped back up. In and out, in and out. It was like nothing either has ever felt before.

Finally, Andrew cam just as Mike cam again. After holding his final position as Andrew cam, he collapsed on top of Mike. Both just panted for a minute or two before they moved.
"So, want to have some dinner?" Mike asked after awhile.
"Sure, what are you in the mood for?" Andrew responded.
"I know this great place, let me get the menu."
As they ordered, the two went to finish other homework, and have sex another time. This turned out to be another great relationship for the two. :- )


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