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Not everyone goes to college, for various reasons. Some for money, some for incapability, some for simply not being ready. No matter what the reason is, this is a fact. I didn't go college, I don't really know why, I just didn't. I have worked since I got out of high school. I believe I'll succeed in life through different ways. I have my own place now, which is right by the water; this little nice 6th floor one bedroom unit at an apartment complex in the south part of Boston. There's really nothing fancy about other than I have to pay for heat, ac or hot water, but to me is home. I have a big enough kitchen with all that I need; fridge, stove, dishwasher and many cabinets. From the kitchen, I have a view to my nice sized living/dining room in which I have a balcony with a view to the pool at the complex and the beach. My room was right across the hall from my bathroom. In my room, I have a big closet with mirrored door. The room was spacious; I have a queen bed, an armchair, a decent sized computer desk where I have my pc, and I have a musical keyboard -- mom's gift for 18th birthday -- which I love.

It was a Thursday night and I had gotten home early and was just watching TV on my couch when my phone rang.

"Vinny!!" Someone yelled from the other side of the line.

"Yeah Matt, what's up?" I said.

"Are you ready yet?" Matt asked.

"Ready for what?" I had no clue of what he was talking about.

"Don't play dumb! It's almost 10:30, let's go.

"Go where? Matt I am not going out."

"You gotta hurry up and get ready so we can go out." He kept on rambling.

"Hello!!! Did you not hear me? I-AM-NOT-GOING!" I said

"Come on Vinny, you have to go." He pleaded.


"Don't be a bitch let's go."

"Matt, I don't really feel like going anywhere." I was annoyed.

"Please Vinny, pleaseeee." He begged me.

"Ahhh ... I don't want to."

"Come on, it'll be fun, besides we can see some hotties, I am in need."

"You're always in need Matt."

"Whatever, what time you're gonna pick me up?"

"Matt I don't..." I knew I was gonna give in.

"Vinny you better be here in about an hour, I am getting ready now, so hurry the fuck up." He said firmly on the phone.

"Fine." I rested, he'd won.

"Good, I'll see you later then." He sounded pleased with his victory.

"Bye" I said hanging up the phone.


Matt and I have been friends for awhile. It's so weird how we grew so close to each other. One would even think that there was something else between us. Eww!! Oh God no! He and I are the type of friends that could NEVER do anything, not even if we were completely drunk. It's actually kind funny if you think about our friendship, we are so different; Matt's 21, and an all American kind of guy. He goes to Wentworth, a private Architectural and Design school. He's dad has a very nice living so he also pays for Matt's off campus one big bedroom apartment, which is not far from where I live. Matt still works, he worked as a receptionist of a fancy hair saloon. Physically Matt is not buffed up, but is in shape. He's about 5'10", white-skinned, jet black hair with caramel high lights, almost `lipless' with big black eyes. He's kind of a regular guy you would say, but not really. Like myself, he's gay, and boy is he?! Not flamboyant but is very fashionable, totally into brands: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, La Coste, Valentino ... He's room seems like was professionally put together. He's very cautious about the way he looks; waxing this, high-lighting that, plucking this...

I, on the other hand, think that perhaps I am a `bad gay man' or at the very least a `straight-gay'. I'm a lazy dresser. I am not really into brands at all, I am not a good decorator, my room is actually always a mess and I don't like shopping that much. I am more into video-games, comfortable close, why care about anything else? I have just turned 23, 5'8", black skinned -- almost caramel toned -- big red lips, dark brown eyes, short curly hair. I wasn't really the dating type -- I mean I have been with a few people but only two really were serious -- I haven't gone out on a date in the past 6 months, specially after things ended with Larry -- my last boyfriend -- I just couldn't deal with the drug abuse any longer. Matt is really picky about shit appearance, not that he was shallow or has ever said anything to me about my clothes but I know him, so when we're together I try to be a little more `presentable'. Well I was tying my shoes when my cell rings again.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey girl!" Said someone in a high-pitched voice.

"Hey Josh, what's up?" I said after recognizing his voice.

"Nothing much, I can't talk for long. Matt called me and said you guys were going to Man-Ray tonight." He spat it all in one breath.

"Yep, I'm almost done, and I gonna go pick `im up."

"Good, so I'll see you guys there, so you can help me find some dick, I need to get fucked tonight" He sounded excited/desperate.

"Oh Lord, spare me the details, will ya?!

"Whatever, I'll see you there."

"Okay then, later"


I love my friends and all, but for some reason I am not attracted to any of them. I actually know why I am not attracted to them: They are just not `man' enough for me. I mean I love them to pieces but I like to be with a guy whom I will look at and not be reminded by a `girl'. What's the point of being with one sex if they will remind you of the other? Anyway, I left my house and drove to Matt's. I have a decent car for someone in my shoes. I drive a 98 blue Ford Contour that I got from my dad, it has lot miles on it but works fine and it helps a lot at times. It was a warm night of mid September, there was a nice fresh breeze blowing in the air, which made it so nice, a perfect night to go out in the town. It was around 11:40 pm. When I got there he got into the car all bitchy.

"We're gonna be late." Was the first thing he said

"Matt, we're not going to work, we can get there at anytime, remember?"

"Whatever, just hurry up." He said that while checking his reflection in the mirror.

"Josh called me." I said changing the subject.

"Yeah, he called me too, he'll be there." Never taking his eyes off the mirror.

"Yeah I know."

"Guess who called me?" Finally putting the mirror away.

"Who?" I glanced over to his side and looked back to the road.

"Brian" I could see that he was annoyed by it.

"Oh Lord, are you seeing him again?"

"Hell no! He's a jerk, remember? Thinks just because he got dumped by his boyfriend he can come crawling back to me and I'll take him back. Please, that idiot's gotta another thing coming for himself.

"Drama!!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Please, I can do much better than him." He went back to the mirror

"But I thought he was supposed to be hot!"

"So??!!" I guess this time he was finally done with mirror, because he just shoved on his bag.

"Never mind." I wasn't in mood to get into his head now.

"Just hurry ok." He said sharply.

We got to Man-Ray around midnight. Here, in Boston, the clubs close at 2 in the morning but people tend to stay outside talking and meeting each do no one really leaves until 3:30. We got in and went to `our' little corner, there we found everyone: Josh, Daniel, Carl, Jenny and Laura, and Ned. The whole gang was there, jumping a shaking their bodies with the music. It was great to see everyone together specially because I only see them all together either in the club or on someone's birthday party. I said hello, hugged and kissed everyone, headed to the bar to get a drink, I usually don't drink but for some reason I felt like I was going to need one if I wanted to get through the night. I got there, bought a `screwdriver', and was heading back, I had only sipped my drink when this guy bumped into spilling my drink on the floor and on my shirt.

"Oh shit!" I couldn't believe it.

"Oh man, I sorry dude." Said the stranger

"My shirt!" It was soaked.

"I'm really sorry dude, I didn't see you there.

"Fine, fine. Forget it okay!" I was pissed.

"Is there something I can do?" He asked.

"How about getting your brain and your eyes to work for the next time?" I stormed down to the bathroom not paying much attention to the stranger.

After a few minutes I went back to the dance floor, my shirt was now wet, because I had to wash some of the vodka and orange juice out. I got back still a little annoyed but my mood was getting better, slowly but better.

"Where were you? I thought you had gone to the bar?!" Matt asked me when I got back.

"I did."

"And what the hell happened to your shirt?" He'd noticed the wet in my shirt

"Some idiot bumped into me spilling my drink."

"Oh man, it doesn't look too bad, it just has to dry up."

"Yeah I know."

The Dj. finally got it right and played to remix version of one of my favorite songs: On My Own by Whitney Houston. I simply loved that song and the remix version had put some very new tunes in it. I loved dancing along with it, singing it, everything about it, so I started dancing and feeling the music.

... And I am not afraid to try it on my own...

Every note every chord was so hypnotic.

... I don't care if I'm right or wrong...

The dance lights reflected in every body.

... I live my life the way I fell, no matter what I'll keep it real...

The warmth of some faceless body embracing me.

... You know, it's time for me to do it on my own.

Only then I really noticed that I was being held from behind by some guy. He had his arms wrapped around my waist, his front glued to my back, I could feel his warmth breath blowing in my neck, his thighs brushing up against the back of my thighs. I was a little surprised at first but he felt good behind me so I let him. Then he closed in even more and said something in my ear. The music was really loud so I could understand at first, I turned and yelled.

"What?" I got a good glimpse of him, it wasn't bad.

"Sorry about your shirt," he said.

"WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" I yelled.


I was so shocked that I just stood there for a few seconds staring at him not saying anything. I honestly didn't know what to do. I mean that idiot was right there, at my mercy I could've punched him, shoved him, and done anything. But no! I just stood there and looked at him, looked his face. He wasn't the prettiest guy ever, as a matter of fact his face was what I'd call average. His body on the other hand was much more interesting. I had felt his hard chest and abs up against my back, he was nicely built, firm muscles but not buffed up. He was about 5'11", definitely from Latin origins, short spiked hair, big brown eyes, pink nice sized lips, tanned skin, big arms, broad shoulders, thin waist. He had this white cropped linen pants and stretch black sleeveless t-shirt on and some sandals. God!!! I was checking the guy out, the same guy who had been responsible for wet shirt incident. After I acquainted myself with exactly who I was dealing with I looked right in his eyes, I actually held my stare at his eyes for about 5 seconds, shook my head and just walked away. I wasn't really mad, to be honest I don't what I was. I just knew that I didn't want to be there right next him. It was official I just should have stayed home tonight. I found Matt and said.

"Man, I wanna go home." I said

"What? Why?" Matt asked

"I am not feeling this place tonight. Let's go." I didn't really want to talk about it.

"Nooo! Come ooonn! We've only been here for a little over an hour!" Matt whined.

"Matt is already half past 1 we won't miss much."

"Come on, I've been eyeing that guy right there with the baseball cap all night, and I think he's interested .

"Oh Lord, you always say that but you won't do shit about it. Why not just go up to the kid and talk to him?!"

"Because I'm shy!!!"

"Oh Christ, please help me. One has somebody interested but is too much of a chicken to do anything about it. Me, I get hitted on by that same buffoon that spilled my drink."

"What? You're lying. Come here, `cuz I can't hear shit!" He said that, pulling me by my arm to the lounge area in Mar-Ray where they have couches and a pool table.

"Now slow down and tell me everything." Matt said while sitting us both down.

"Ok." I sighed.

"You know like how I told, that I was going to get a drink, well I got my drink and when I was making my way back..."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, fast forward I already got that."

"Fine. Anyway the same guy that bumped into me was the same one that was just dancing with me."

"You were dancing with him?"

"He was dancing with ME."

"Was he hot?"

"I don't care. I can't believe he actually had to courage to come up to me."

"Well did he say anything?"

"I don't know, I guess he was sort of apologizing."

"See, he can't be that bad if he was apologizing.

"I guess you're ..." Before I could finish Josh came over.

"Why are you two girls sitting down, this is like the last song let's go." He said that while pulling us to our feet.

"Come on Vinny. I need me some a piece of `cutie' pie tonight." Matt said and walked back to the dance floor.

Josh tugged my arm and whispered very quickly in my ear.

"Where've you been all night? I have someone for to meet."

"Whaaat? Whatever" I sneered away

"No, I'm serious man. I think this time I got it right." He said excitedly

Josh had a history of hooking me up with the worst possible people ever. He once hooked me up with don't-mess-with-me-or-I'll-fuck-you-up-thug-looking guy who could only talk about rap music and hip-hop. I could swear that Josh had hooked us up because we were both black. It had gotten so bad at one point that I threaten to never to speak to him again if didn't stop.

"Josh, come on. Give it a rest, will ya?"

"Fine, fine, but I know you're gonna like this one."

We got to the dance floor and danced the rest of the night. I must admit it wasn't all that bad, but still. At two o'clock the light were turned back on and people started to make their way out. I was busy talking to rest of my friends, so when I got outside I was laughing and hugging everyone, specially Jenny. She and I just get along so well, I love her to death.

"We barely got to talk tonight. Where were you?" She complained hugging me real tight

"Oh you know, around, here, there, everywhere." I answered with a smile.

"Yeah, I know! You were busy tonight with that guy dancing behind you. Some hot moves you two were putting." She said that pinching my arm.

"Ouch, I wasn't putting any moves okay. He was just this stupid guy who had spilled my drink earlier."

"Yeah, yeah. From the looks of the two of you he wanted to spill something else on you." She said.

"Argh disgusting!!! You can be so nasty sometimes you know."

"Come on, it's not like you wouldn't like it." She smiled and pinched me again

"Whatever dude" I said

We were still talking when Josh came by with the guy he wanted me to meet.

"Hey girls. Vinny this is the guy I was telling you about. Jenny, Vinny this is Adam, Adam this is Jenny and Vinny."

My mouth dropped open. This Adam guy was the same one that spilled my drink, the same one that danced with me and the same one that I had left in the dance floor. He was there smiling at me. And what a beautiful smile he had, sparkly straight-white teeth. He really wasn't bad looking, not at all. He wasn't any prince-charming about definitely yummy.

"Hi, it's you!" Said Adam smiling and extending his hand.

"Yeah it's me." I said accepting his firm hand shake still a little out of it.

"Hey, I am so sorry about your shirt, I really didn't mean it, I can be kind clumsy sometimes."

"Oh the shirt?! That's okay."

"I wanted to buy you another drink but at first you kind just left and then when we were dancing you stopped and left again."

"I am sorry about that. I guess I was still a little pissed, but I am fine now. After it all, it could've happened to anyone."

"Great! I am glad we're okay." He really smiled this time.

"Hi, excuse me, hi I'm Jenny." Said Jenny, with her not so gentle way.

"Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude you. I'm Adam, nice meeting." He said so politely.

"Have you and Vinny already met somewhere?" She asked that sort of to both of Adam and I.

"Vinny and I? No, not really, unless you count the bumping and the dancing." He answered with another smile.

"Oh Vinny, this is the idiot you were telling me about?" I couldn't believe she'd said that.

"Jenny!! I'm sorry Adam, I didn't mean it like that." I blushed .

"Sure you did Vinny, at least that's what you said." She was doing this on purpose.

"Jenny, will you stop?" I was so embarrassed.

"I guess I deserve that." Said Adam while chuckling

"Jenny honey, come talk to me, let's leave Vinny and Adam alone." Josh finally intervened. He took Jenny away and left Adam and I by ourselves, not that we were alone with dozens of people who had just gotten out the club out on the street.

"I am sorry about Jenny, she must've had a little too much to drink." I started, still a lot embarrassed about what Jenny had said.

"That's fine, like I said I deserved it. And I have friends too, I know how it is." He really didn't seem upset.

"Yeah... So I've never you seen in Man-Ray before." I changed subject a little bit.

"Yeah I know, I don't come here often but Josh sort of dragged me here tonight."

"I know the feeling. I wasn't really coming tonight either but I got dragged over by a friend."

"How do you know Josh?" He suddenly asked changing the subject

"Uh, from friends. He used to hang out with some of my friends, I have known him for awhile now actually. How about you?

"He had a thing with one of my friends and I met him through my friend, their thing didn't last long but we still cool with each other."

"Oh ok. What do y..." I got distracted by what I saw next.

Matt was on the street involved in a argument with the same dude from the club and who I was surprised to find out was Brian, and it seemed that he'd a little too much to drink. It seemed that Matt was more like caught in the fire than actually part of it.

"Who the fuck is this? Huh? Who is this dude?" Brian started it.

"Brian go home, we are not together anymore. I can do whatever I want." Matt said trying to shoo Brian away.

"Hey dude I don't want any trouble." Said the guy that was with Matt.

"Well that's too fucking bad, `cuz trouble just found your ass." Brian was getting obnoxious.

"Brian go home, you're drunk the police it's gonna be here in a minute." Matt said getting right between Brian and the other guy.

"Come on Mattie, come with me. Forget this loser." Brian sort of begged Matt

"Dude! Go home. It's late." Said Matt's new friend.

"You fucking stay out this okay" Brian did seem to be playing.

"Matt, you and little boyfriend seem to have some unfinished issues to work on, I guess I'll see you around." Said Matt's friend.

"No wait." Said Matt holding the guy's hand.

"Come on Mattie, I am here for you." Brian said that grabbing Matt by the arms.

"Ow you're hurting me. Let me go." Matt was trying to get free of Brian's grip.

"Dude let him go okay. He doesn't want be with you." Matt's new seem that wasn't gonna desert him now.

"I told to stay out of this." Brian said that pushing the guy away.

Luckily the police arrived just in time so everyone cooled off. Brian got in his car, he stayed a little bit looking at Matt but drove off soon after. Matt was apologizing to the other for the scene and kissing him good bye. But he also left right away. Then I saw him coming my way so I decided that I should leave.

"Sorry Adam, I have to go now, I'll see you around." I said sort of quickly and left.

"That's fine, when will I see you again? Hey, wait! I don't have your ..." He was just standing shouting.

"Bye." I waved him good bye already out of ear range.

I jogged up to Matt to check on him and see how he was doing. At this point our other friends that were still around had surrounded him.

"Matt, Matt are you okay? Said Carl

"That bastard! I just wish he'd leave me ALONE!" Matt confessed.

"Man, that Brian is some serious psyche! If I were you, I'd get a restrain order on his ass." Said Ned

"Come on guys leave him alone. That's enough excitement for one night, let's all just go home. Matt, let's go." I said.

Everyone rather agreed to that. We hugged and kissed everyone good-bye and went our ways. Matt and I walked to car not talking much, at this point I just wanted to give him enough space so he could calm down. We got in car that was parked the next street over and drove home. We were driving for about 10 minutes when he finally said something.

"What am I going to do Vinny? What am I gonna do?" He had his head in his hands.

"Hey, hey. It's okay. It's over now. I said that trying to console him and keep an eye on the road.

"I can't even go out anymore because he follows me."

"Matt, just forget about this creep, okay. He's only talk."

"You don't know that. I don't know that!!" And he was right, I couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't happen again."

"Imagine if he had something with him? I don' know ... like a baseball bat, a knife or even a gun." He was really worried, I could feel it. I hated Brian at that moment.

"Matt is over now, we're almost home and when we get there you gonna get in and hop right into bed and sleep all of this off. Okay?" Trying to get both of our minds off Brian.

We drove for another few minutes and then I was right in front of Matt's place. I turned the engine off, looked at him, and said.

"Would you like if I spent the night with you? You know I don't mind. After all we're friends."

"No, no. I'm fine. I am just tired of all this, tired of Brian. I don't know what I did wrong. I mean, why all out of the sudden, this interest in me. I mean we did hook up after he broke things off with that guy, but still. I guess it's my fault I shouldn't have slept with again."

"You can't keep beating yourself up over that. It's over and done. You slept with him and that was it. You can't change what you've done already."

"I know, I know. I just don't get it."

"Try forgetting all this for now. I'll stay out here and watch you go in, is that okay?"

"Yeah okay, I'll go. Thanks Vinny for bringing me home. I love you." He finally smiled.

"I love you too man. Now go on." I smiled back

He got out of the car and walked right in. I stayed outside for another minute or so, saw the lights in his room coming on and then off. I drove home that night worried about Matt's situation with Brian. I tried not to over analyze the problem being that I believed -- should say wished -- that everything would be okay. I got home somewhere around 4:00 in the morning. I was lucky that I only lived a few minutes away from Matt because I was dead. I got and went to bathroom. I smelled my shirt; it still reeked of alcohol that was when I thought of Adam. He was nice, pleasant to be with. I liked his smile, I liked it a lot. I don't know, there just was something about him that was seductive, maybe it was that whole Latin thing that he had. I must admit I was glad that I had gone out, even if things did turn out the way they did. The night was overall good.

I woke up Friday morning at 8:30, showered, got dressed and went to work. I got there around 9:45. I am a men's clientele specialist in Banana Republic, which basically means I am a specialist in the men's clothes in Banana. I was very sleepy when I got there. I didn't start until then 10 o'clock so I had 15 minutes to settle in before I had to start. Work went okay, except that I kept yawning all day long. Of course the store was extremely busy being a Friday and all, but I managed it okay. When I got home at 7:30 I was dead. I threw my stuff on the couch and head to the bathroom I was really tired and a bath would help me relax. About 40 minutes later I got out of the tub. I put on my robe and went to check my messages on my phone while preparing me something to eat.

... Vinicius, it's mom. Honey, you haven't called lately. Son, you know how your dad miss you. You should call more often to let us know that you're okay. Well there so much you need to talk about, but you know how much I hate leaving messages on your machine call me so we can talk. Bye honey. I love you...

I'd called my mom back as soon as I was done eating.

...Vinny, you bitch! This is Jenny, call me, I need to talk to you okay bye....

I'd probably just call Jenny back tomorrow I knew just wanted to apologize but it wouldn't her to suffer a little more. There were few other messages, nothing too important, but it was the last one that really caught my attention.

... Hi Vinny, this is Adam. I met you last night. You took off before I could get you number so I got it with Josh. I hope it's okay. I was wondering if you wanted to get some coffee tomorrow. I don't if your schedule will allow it though. Please give a call back, I thought you were really cool and I'd like to see you again. Well okay, see ya later then. Bye.

I reached for phone and dialed Adam's number back, it must've rung 3 times until someone answered.

"Hello." Someone said on the other line.

"Hi, this is Vinny, may I speak to Adam."

"Hold on a second dude." I could hear him telling Adam that he had a phone call.

"This is Adam."

"Hey, Adam. This is Vinny. You called me earlier."

"Yes, yes. How are you doing? I am glad you called back." I could tell that he was smile

"I'm a good, I am still kind tired from last night and today at work."

"He he, I know how it is. Sorry to call like this, I wasn't really sure if wanted me to call you not, but yesterday you left so abruptly."

"Yeah, I know. I am sorry. My friend was in trouble and I needed to take home."

"That's right! How is he by the way.?"

"Yeah, he will be okay."

"Good, good. How was your day?

"Ahhhh, long! As you hear I'm still yawning because of it."

"Yeah, I'm sorry to be bothering, if you want we can talk some other time."

"No, no. That's fine. I'm glad Josh gave you my number. I don't mind talking to you at all."

"Thanks, hey listen I really called because I was wondering if you, I don't know, would like to get coffee or something sometime, like tomorrow maybe?"

"Well, I work tomorrow but maybe when can meet during my lunch hour."

"That sounds nice. Where should I meet you?"

"How about at the Au Bon Pain at Boylston Street ?

"Sure, I know where it is. What time?"

"How about at 3?"

"That works for me."

"Then 3 it is. I guess I'll see you tomorrow then.

"I guess you're right."

"Good night."

"Good night."


I couldn't believe my courage. I had been asked out and didn't chicken out of it. That was definitely an improvement. I don't know what it was about that guy, but there was something magnetic about him that I couldn't explain. But I was really more impressed with myself. Why was I going out with a stranger? I knew almost nothing about this guy. But I knew someone who did, Josh. I called Josh, but no one picked up. So I just concentrated on finishing dinner. I called my mom back, didn't stay long on the phone because I was almost falling asleep. Washed the dishes and went to bed.

I got to work around the same time on Friday. Again there were a lot of people, but I wasn't worried because Au Bon Pain was just around the corner. At 3 I made my way there. When I got there he was already waiting for me sitting at a table. He saw me right away and got up as I approached. Good manners?!? I was impressed. He pulled a chair for and I sat down.

"Sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting long?" I started.

"No, no at all. I just am glad you could make it." Adam said while settling himself in.

"Me too."

"So you must be hungry, what do you say about we getting something to eat and sit back down again."

"Works for me." I agreed.

We got our food. Went back to the table and got into a very light my warm conversation. I told him about my family, my parents that lived in Springfield MA., and my little brother that went away to school in England. I told that I hadn't gone to college because I hadn't felt that I was ready for, but that my passion was music and that I was even taking singing lesson. I told him about having my own place. Told him also, about what I do for work and a little about my background. Adam Castillo -- that was his last name -- was 25 years old. He was mixed; half Italian, from his mother, and half Spanish, from his father. He lived in an apartment in Brookline, which was 10 minutes away from downtown Boston. He had a roommate, a cousin, named Kyle, who happened to be the same person who had answered the phone the night I called. He also told me that he had a younger sister who was a freshman in Boston University and how he had graduated from small college and was now helping his dad in the family business. He didn't seem that wanted to talk much about that so I didn't insisted. My hour was almost up. But I didn't want to leave, I was really having fun with everything, and specially with him. But I had to so I started.

"Oh my God. Look at the time I have like 5 minutes left."

"Oh no, has it been almost an hour already? I didn't even see the time go by."

"I know it feels like we just got here."

"It's a shame you have to go."

"Yeah, I know I'm sorry."

"Any chance you would accompany me to dinner tomorrow night.?

"Dinner?!" I did not see that one coming.

"Oh, unless you don't want to of course."

"No,no,no. Dinner is fine. I'd like that." I just didn't know what else to say

"Where do you want go? " He asked

"I don't know. Why don't you pick this time?" I suggested

"Can I surprise you.?"

"Uh... yeah, that's fine. But I at least need to know if I need to dress up."

"Don't worry about that. All you need to know is that I'll come and pick up at 7:30 pm. You can put on shorts and sandals for I all care."

"Adam, come on. Seriously, where are we going?"

"I told you not worry about it."

"Fine. I have to go now okay"

"I'll see ya tomorrow then."

"Alright then."

I went back to work walking on clouds. I don't know what was about him that attracted me so much. I mean, I definitely liked smile, there was something about it. It so sincere, and simple, almost like it was always there. His eyes were so captivating, involving, when he looked at me it was like there more of him looking at me from different directions at the same time. He was voice nice, deep, firm and suave at the same time, certainly suiting to my ears. I head him on my mind for the rest of the day at work. I didn't get home until almost 8 o'clock that night. I didn't have much to do except for watching my favorites cartoon on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans, Justice League and Dragon Ball GT. The night went on uneventful, I showered, ate something and went to bed. I need to rest up. I had some errands to run tomorrow, not that I could much being Sunday but I needed to catch up with my cleaning and laundry, so I went to bed around 11. I woke up the next morning at 11 with someone ringing my door bell. I went to the door tripping on everything. I press the interphone to talk.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh, who is it?

"Vinny it's me Jenny, let me up." She sounded weird. I just hoped that it wasn't anymore drama because I had just woken up and already wasn't in mood for it.

A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, I came from the bathroom and answered with a towel around my waist. I opened the door and Jenny was standing there with Sarah and Raymond, both with their hands full of shopping bags. Sarah and Raymond were my two other best friends. I loved them so very much, both had helped me so much throughout the years and to finally have them back after 2 weeks in Mexico was awesome. They were roommates and very good friends as well that's well they took that trip together.

"Uuuuhh. What were you doing?" Ray asked me with a big smile on his now super tanned face, right next to Sarah and Jenny.

"HHiii SARAH, Hiii Ray. When did you guys get back?" I said trying to embrace them both in a hug. I was really happy to see them.

"Ha ha ha, just last night." Sarah told me.

"How have you been honey?" Ray asked me still held in my arms with Sarah.

"Come in, come in. What is all this?" I finally let them go and refocused my attention at their hands.

"Some gifts that we brought from Mexico and some things that we picked up the supermarket before we got here. My mom always to me to never arrive emptied handed at someone's house." Ray

"You mom also told you that she wanted you to have a wife and kids, but I don't see that happening." Jenny made a remark, and Ray gave her the eye but didn't say anything.

"Oh guys you didn't have to. But you do know how much I love gifts." I said all excited helping them settling in.

"Ah hello I'm here too." Jenny said to me.

"I'm still mad you Jenny." I said, not even look at her.

"Oh God. You two are impossible, you know. Can you at least call a truce while we're all here" Sarah asked going towards the kitchen.

"You're just saying that Sarah because you have no clue what she did. Let me put some cloth on." I said that excusing myself.

"I was drunk." Jenny yelled so I could from my room.

"Were not." I yelled back.

"Was too." She replied.

"You knew what you were saying. To tell you the truth I'm not really mad but I still have to give you a hard about it. You know how I am." I said that entering the living room again, now with some shorts and a t-shirt on.

"I knew you weren't really mad." She said hugging and smooching me.

"Whatever, get off of me. Ha ha ha." We were fine again.

So the day resumed of Sarah and Ray telling me and Jenny about their trip in Mexico. Places they went to see. Friends that they made, hook ups and embarrassing moment. Apparently, Mexican food was a little too hot for Sarah who got food poisoned for a couple of days. But was fine after a lot of rest. Ray apparently met some `hot' of his own. Juan was a guy that he met in Mexico City on the 3 night that he was there and apparently things between Ray went so well that Juan would be coming up here to visit. Jenny and I did all the cooking, awhile Sarah and Ray mostly talked. I was really fun. I brought some real neat stuff from Mexico. I told them about Adam and everything that had happened, about Thursday night at Man-Ray and our little casual date on Saturday at A.B.P. and our real official date tonight. Both Ray and Sarah seemed really supportive of everything, they did have their concern about something.

"Don't expect too much okay, that way you won't get disappointed." Said Sarah.

"Yeah Vinny, try taking things slowly, so you can enjoy every minute and not get hurt."

"Jeez, the way you guys talk it seems like I'm an amateur who is always going out on dates and shit.

"They're only trying to help you know."

"I know, I know. Thanks you all, just don't worry some much, after all is just dinner."

"Okay, so what are gonna wear?

"I don't know probably some cargo pants and a shirt."

"No, no, no, no."

"What kind gay man are you?"

"What!!! He said I could even put on shorts and sandals."

"Vinny, this is dinner. I'm sure he's not taking you to McDonalds."

"Ha, ha, ha."

"Come let go check out your closet.

They spent another hour helping me choose something to wear. Trying on shirts and shoes, belts and pants. I didn't very much in my closet. I mean I did have some nice dressy cloth because of work, but I didn't think I would have to dress up for tonight. It was nearly 6:30 when they finally left. I already had my outfit for tonight picked out. I gonna wear, some nice washed up blue Diesel jeans with a neat french cuffed button down white with different shades of blue stripe Banana shirt and a nice pair of black Aldo's shoe. I did some tiding up, before I jumped in the shower. I was all done, dressed, 'cologned up' right around 7:20. 10 minutes later my door bell rang, he was right on time. I liked punctuality on a person, he was getting points for that. I told him over the intercom that I was going downstairs. When I got there I was impressed. He looked amazing. He had on some nice pair of jeans with also a very nice button shirt and a blazer. His hair was impeccable. It was almost if he was glowing, but what caught my attention was the fact that he was leaned up against a silver 2004 Mercedes. I just didn't know what to say. I must've have gone pail because the first thing he said was.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yes I am." I said after a few seconds getting back to my normal state.

"I didn't know you drove a Mercedes." I continued

"Yeah, I bought it a few weeks ago. I like it, it's real nice car, it runs amazing well." He said looking at the car.

"Is that for me?" I said pointing the rose

"No this is actually for someone else I'm waiting. Of course it's for you silly." There it was that smile again.

"Oh thank you. I really like. I am embarrassed now, because I didn't get you anything." I said after he had offered it to me.

"Don't worry about it. So shall we go? We don't want to be late." He said that opening the door for me.

I was so impressed with the way this guy was going out his way to be a gentleman, that I felt a little ladylike, which made me a bit uncomfortable but I guess it was just me being me. He drove us to downtown Boston, I was still pretty curious about where he was taking me, so much that I almost begged him to tell me but he wouldn't. He got the Prudential Mall and I was still a little anxious but he kept on talking to me that I lost track of where we were going, I only noticed when we were greeted by the host of the restaurant.

"Good evening Mr. Castillo. Your table is ready for you."

He had brought to one of the most famous restaurants in Boston the `Top of the Hub', which is located right on top of the Prudential Mall with a view of the entire city. Who was this guy? He drove a Mercedes, could afford to bring me to such place, and was recognized by the host. I was extremely intrigued by him. Our table was right by the window, we simply had the best view that the restaurant provided and we could see that whole city of Boston. Then when I open my mouth to say something he, raised his hand and gesture to someone behind us and I turned around I saw two musician, one with the cello and the other with a violin. Synchronizely they started playing this beautiful melody. I really thought that couldn't be happening I just couldn't believe it was actually happening. I kept looking from him to the musician and at the candle and at our surrounding. Again I had that feeling that he was treating me like I was his `woman' at that moment it was all a little too much.

"Excuse me." I got up and left the restaurant.

I walked to this open `balcony' that I believe was actually an area reserved to smokers. There were a few arm chairs outsides and this little garden. I went all the way to end and finally found the end. I just leaned over a wall looking at the city trying to understand, trying to digest everything that'd just happened. It was beautiful outside, the sky was clear, the stars were shining so brightly and the moon hung in the sky with such magnificence. The city lights and the tiny people walking on the streets. My mind was so far, far away that I didn't notice anyone approaching me.

"I see now why you would prefer this view better than inside." Adam said to me, calmly, not looking at me, he was staring at the horizon.

"I.." I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"Was it something I said? He asked, never looking at me.

"No." I said softly.

"Was it something I did?" He asked with the same tone as if he was talking to me softly to not scare me.

"No. It's not you..." I was saying.

"'s me. You know every time someone says they actually mean that it IS the other person's fault." He said with a smile I could see even though he still was looking at me.

"There is some much about me you don't know. Some much you don't understand. Some much I've been through." I said looking up the sky.

"You've been hurt. So what? He kept his gaze at the horizon.

I rapidly looked at him and just stared.

"We all have. It'd be weird if you hadn't." He said.

"I just want to take things slowly." I said looking down at the streets.

"What do you say we go for a walk" He finally looked at me and there that smile back on his face.

We left the restaurant, went downstairs, and started walking up Boylston Street. We were still kind of hungry so as were walking we saw this new Donut Place and decided grab something to eat. We got in and got right out because the night was just so beautiful that we wanted to walk and feel the night breeze. We were walking, and eating and talking. Adam was telling about his eleventh birthday party when he was about to blow the candles his old dog, a gold retriever, jumped on his back and he fell on top of the cake, leaving his face imprinted on it. I was laughing so hard that I had to lean up against a building. He was just so simple; he was laughing with me and saying, "It's so funny." I couldn't even say anything else all I could do was laugh and laugh some more. When I finally manage to stop laughing we walking no longer on Boylston but on Massachusetts Ave., the famous Mass. Ave. We were right on the grounds of the Science Church. This beautiful church had the most beautiful grounds I've ever seen. Outside of this church, there is big pool-like water fountain. The water was placid and quiet. We sat on the fountain and kept on looking at each other's reflections in the water as well as the moon's and the stars'. I don't know what came over me but I reached for him and held his hand. His touch was so nice and warm. His grip was soft but firm at same time. I had nothing in my mind at that moment. It was just us there, no one else, and nothing else. With my other hand, I caressed his face. He then looked at me and I could see myself in his eyes. He closed his eyes and kissed the palm of my hand. Everything was happening almost like in slow motion. He opened his eyes pulled me closer and leaned in and rested his lips on mine.