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I woke up the next morning at noon. I freaked out for a minute, "oh my God, I was late!" I jumped out of my bed and that was when I remembered I had that day off too. I sat back down on my bed and remembered all the events of the night before: Adam downstairs leaned up against his car; the restaurant and the musicians; me freaking out about it all; our walking, our talk, our laughter; and then our kiss. It was all still so fresh in my memory. I had made the first move but he had been more daring than I and kissed me. Then I kissed him too and he kissed me back. It didn't matter who kissed who, I just remember the feeling that invaded me when we broke our kiss, our first kiss. I still had my eyes closed, I still had his arms around me, I opened my eyes and his eyes were right there, looking at me. I could see myself again in his eyes. No one was saying anything, we just looked at each other. I leaned towards him and kissed again. This time we let our lips part and my tongue invade his mouth, as soon as I felt his tongue touch mine I shuddered. I felt electric sparks from him, coming from his whole body and passing on to me. Only then I realized we were making out in public. I broke our kiss and started laugh.

"What? What is so funny?" He asked

"Us. We are making out on the street." I said continuing giggling

"I thought it was my breath. I totally forgot where were." He giggled too.

"Your breath was just fine. It's this place, it's so beautiful." I said looking at him

"You're beautiful." He said just looking at me with the same spark he had in his eyes a minute ago.

"We should go. You probably have to go to work tomorrow. I don't be reason why you're late." I said getting up and changing the subject.

"You're right. It's getting kind of late. Come on I'll take home." Adam said while I pulled him to his feet.

"You don't have to. I can just hop on the train, and I'll be home in ..." I started.

"No way. I brought here."

"That's no problem, I'm far from ..."

"Vinny, I insist I'd be the one to take home."

"Okay, I guess there's no arguing with you."

"No sir."

We walked back to the Mall and into the parking lot. We got in the car and drove off. He put on a cd and kept on drive. I guess with our silence I finally had time to analyze what had happened that night. It downed me what a fool I had made of myself and how understanding he had been about it. I was a little embarrassed of it all so I had to say something.

"I am sorry." I said. He didn't saying anything so I continued.

"I am sorry I ruined our dinner. I don't know what came over me."

"You don't have to apologize, it's okay." He said looking at me so softly.

"No, it's not okay. And yes, I do have to apologize. You have done nothing but tried to make this night a special night. I am sorry I ran off on you on the restaurant. I don't know what it was. Everything was perfect; the dimmed light, the table, the candle, the music, you."

"Do I remind you of someone." He suddenly asked. I have to say I was caught off guard. I didn't think of it much before but now that he had brought it up.

"I...I don't know... maybe." I said

He reached for my hand and just held it. It was as if he was saying that everything was really okay. He kept on driving and in about 15 minutes we were parked right in front of my building. He kept the engine running and put his other hand on mine. He just held my hand and looked at my fingers. I felt I had to say something.

"Ah, do you want to come up for some tea? I don't drink coffee." I said while laughing a little.

"It's late, and I have to go to work tomorrow." He said

"Okay." I just agreed.

"I am sorry once aga..." He silenced me with a kiss.

I ran my hand up down his side while we kissed. I could smell his scent, his cologne was nice too, but I really like his body scent. It's so sweet and suave, almost faint. Our lips were parted again, and I could feel his tongue in my mouth. My body was already reacting to it. I could feel that I was getting an erection. We kissed for what seemed like forever, then we both sat back. He looked at me and smiled.

"I have to go Vinny." He said.

"Okay." I replied

"I will call you." He said.

"Okay." I could only say okay.

I kissed him one more time and looked at him.

"Good night Adam." I said while looking at him.

"Good night Vinny." He replied.

That had definitely been one of the best dates I have ever had. Even though, I messed up big time. Suddenly I was back in my room sitting on my bed. I had been daydreaming, only it wasn't a dream. It was real. Adam and I did kiss, and it was one of the best kissed I have had in such a long time. It wasn't the kiss itself -- not that I had any complaints -- it was the emotion behind it that made it so great. I lied back on my bed and just thought of him. A few minutes later, I decided that I really had to get up and do what I didn't do yesterday because the guys had come over. I got up, brushed my teeth, put on some clothes, and focused in my laundry. I got all the laundry took it downstairs to the laundry room, put it all in the machines after sorting them. Went back up to the apartment and started went to the computer. It was that time of the month, and I had to care of it. I got all bills put them together and paid them all. There was the worst part of living by myself I had bills to pay and no one to help me, but I was paying for my privacy and my freedom so it all was worth. I had some cleaning to do. I started vacuuming and dusting. I was done in about 20 minutes after all, my place wasn't that big. I went back to the laundry room. Put it all in the drier and went back home.

I was tired I wanted to cool off a little bit. I went shower and turned the water on. The warm water was so relaxing. Any soreness that I might've had was being washed away with the water. I started soaping myself, then was when I remember of Adam again; his eyes and his touch; his smile and his hands, his lips, his lips, his lips. I got boner just from thinking of our kiss. I couldn't help myself so I started massaging my dick. I had one hand running through my torso and another massaging my now fully erected dick. My moments turned from a nice little massage into a real jerking off. I hand was go up and down my shaft, all I was thinking of was Adam; his lips, his big arms, his lips, his nice body scent, his lips, his hands holding mine, his lips. Adam, Adam, I had come all over my tub. Strings and more strings of my own semen were now on the bottom of my tub. I was sweating, my legs were trembling. I had to lean against the wall to hold myself up. I don't remember when was the last time that I had had an orgasm just masturbating. Moreover, this one had been so intense that I was now feeling weak and sleepy. I just let the water wash all of the evidence of my afternoon pleasure down the drain. I stayed in the shower for a few minutes more and then got out. I got dressed and remembered about my laundry. I went to get it, when I got back there was a message on my machine.

...Hey Vinny! It's me Josh I saw you number on my caller id so now I am calling you back to see what's up. I am home now, and I will be for the rest of the day. So give me call okay. Bye girl...

I put all of my laundry away, went back to the living and called Josh. The phone once and he picked up.

"Hi dear. Vinny hold on a minute I'm gonna go get hand up my other line." Josh said all in one breath. Seconds later he was back.

"Hi girl." Josh said.

"Hello woman. How are you doing?" I liked josh he was funny.

"I have been great. Sorry I didn't call I was out of town." Josh said all excited.

"Where did you go?" I was surprised.

"I went to Montreal." He said.

"You did? No way."

"Yep. After you guys left, Adam came to talk to me and ask me for your number. I was already talking to this Canadian hottie that I met outside, I actually met right after I pulled Jenny off of you two. I took her to Laura and Daniel and then saw this guy looking at me from across the street. Of course I didn't waste any time. We talked a bit, kissed a lot and hit it off pretty well. I went home with him that night. The next day he invited me to come with him to Montreal for the weekend and I did.

"No way! What about work?" I asked

"I called in sick." He said as if it didn't matter a bit.

"You're crazy! I could never do that."

"Talking about things you could never do, did Adam call you?"

"He did, he called me on Friday, and we went out for coffee on Saturday."

"Nooooooo. You?!?! Out of all people you actually went out on a date??"

"Ha ha, whatever man."

"Tell me everything, don't hide anything.

I told Josh everything that had happened. Of course I was interrupted numerous times by his gasping. Josh was a great friend, and sometimes I forgot that. He was much courageous than I was. He would sometimes spot a guy and simply go up to him and most of the time he'd take the guy home or go to the guy's place instead. No matter, he was the type of person who you could definitely classify as adventurous and daring. And there was the paradox of his life. He worked at this insurance office, 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. He would deal with files and files and rude people on the phone all day, but at night when he got home he was this total different person. I must confess it was amusing to watch that constant transformation of his. But anyways, as soon I had told him everything he screamed.

"I knew it.


"I knew I was right this time." Josh said glorified.

"Whatever man."

"So tell me. When are you gonna get into his pants?

"What? Who said anything about having sex?

"Ah hello, Earth to Vinny. Honey, you're gay. That's what we do. We do in one date what would take straights at least 5.

"Ha ha ha. Shut up stupid."

"I am serious. Take me for example."

"Oh I don't really think you are a good example for anything"

"Screw you. So do you like him?"

"I wouldn't I like him. I do, without a doubt, enjoy his being around him.

"Marcus and Adam sitting at the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

"Whatever. Listen, what does Adam do? He didn't really seem like he wanted to talk about it much."

"He's realtor agent. He's father owns this big company. I forget the name now, whatever. I know they make a lot of money."

" I wonder why he won't talk about it though. Oh well it's not like I really care anyways." I said plainly.

"Ah let me see, what is the word I'm looking for ... HELLO."


"He's loaded. Can you just imagine? Oh my god. I actually tried to put my own charms on him once I was done with Jason."

"Who's Jason?"

"This guy who I went out with for awhile. He was friends with Adam. But Adam wasn't really my type.

"Every guy is your type. Let me see, he wasn't interested?"

"No, whatever, his loss. He likes the boring type, that's why I knew you two would be a perfect match."

"Fuck you."

"You wish you could."

"Arh Lord. Listen I gotta go now. I have some things to finish up, okay? I'll talk to you later okay.

"Bye honey. Now don't forget; with a big wallet even a small dick doesn't seem so small."

"Arh. Bye Josh."

I hung up with Josh and just lied on the couch. Life was taking a weird turn. I haven't been with anyone in 6 months, and to be honest I didn't want either. But then, before could say or do anything to stop it, there comes Adam. I mean I was in love with the guy, shit I only knew him for less then a week. But he ways; the way he talked, walked, carried himself, the way he looked at me, the way he held my hand, the way he kissed. I just couldn't shake that. It was almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything yet. So I made a little sandwich and headed to the gym, which next to Matt's place. I thought would be a good idea for us to work out together, besides I hadn't talked to him since Thursday night when I dropped him off. I picked up the phone and called.

"Hey Mr."

"Where the fuck have been?" He yelled.


"I'm just kidding you idiot." He laughed

"Bitch. You're a bitch you know that."

"Whatever, so really where've been? What have YOU been doing?"

"I'll tell you at the gym, do you wanna go work out?

"Well, I guess so, I'm doing anything anyways."

"Great! Meet you in 15?"


I got ready and headed out to the gym. I got there in about 10 minutes and went to the locker room. As soon as I finished putting my things away Matt came in.

"What took you so long? You only live few houses down."

"Stop bitching." He said putting his things in his locker.

"Let's go run first, so we can talk."

We walked out of the locker room and entered the cardiovascular room. We got two treadmills right next to each and started running. I was already sweating after 3 minutes. He started asking about what I had done during the past few days. I told him everything. About my first date with Adam, then dinner and the kiss. How I had made out of myself and how Adam had taken so well.

"Oh my God."


"You're falling for him"

"Am not!"

"You so are. You can't even see."

"Matt, I know for less than a week."

"Oh well that's not my fault, I'm just calling it how I see it."

"You're crazy. There's just no way. I like him. I mean, I wouldn't mind spending more time with him.

"Ok, but you're in denial."

"Matt, you know better than anyone else that I can't be in a relationship right now. Not after what Larry did to me." I said, while doing sit-ups. Larry had been my boyfriend for about 8 months. We met moved in together almost instantly. Everything seemed to be going okay until I found out that Larry had gotten Herpes. Not only had the fucking bastard cheated on me but almost infected me. I had to take a whole bunch of test to make sure I was clean.

"Vinny, no one could've seen that one coming."

"I should have Matt. We lived together for more than 6 months. I should've seen the signs. Why didn't I see the signs?" I felt so stupid and humiliated but what Larry did to me that it still hurt inside.

"Because you loved him and you wanted to believe that it wasn't true."

"I don't think I've given myself so openly and completely to someone the way I did for him." I could feel the tears starting to build up.

"He was the first guy you've ever lived with." Matt said, trying to console me.

"Whatever, I don't want to talk about it anymore."

We continued to work out for another hour and during that time Matt told about what he had done during the past few days. Apparently, Peter, the guy he met on Man-Ray on Thursday night, was a model and lived in Vermont. He and Matt had talked on the phone and Matt had explained the situation with Brian. Peter seemed to understand and invited Matt to visit him over the weekend.

"Vinny, the kid is gorgeous."

"Oh God."

"What a body. And he is so nice too."

"Don't get involved too fast though. You remember how it was with Brian, don't you? Now you see what happens when you get with people you barely know."

"I am not stupid, besides Brian is a sped. Peter and I don't share the same zip code. It'd much to ditch him he if turns out to be crazy."

" Whatever. Listen, I'm done for today. I have to cook dinner so I take to work tomorrow. I can't be spending as much money as I have lately. Are you coming?"

"Yeah, I'm tired anyways."

We left the gym and said goodbye to each other. I got home around 6:30 , and went to the shower. My muscles were so sore, but the hot water helped me to relax. I stayed under the shower for about 1 hour, and then got out. I was drying myself when I heard the phone I ran to living room so I could answer it.


"...Hello you have won a trip to Disneyland Los Angeles California entirely for free. All you have to do is call us back a 1-800..."

I hate those call, everyone knows that it's all a scam to get you to pay for something that is `free'. Whatever, the worst part was that I thought it was Adam on the phone. Fuck!! Was I really falling for him? No, there was just no way I was to going to make the same mistake twice. Besides, I had finally gotten my career moving. It wasn't anything too fancy, but I was up to a promotion for a manager and I just couldn't blow it right now. I cooked dinner, ate a bit and prepared my lunch for the next day. All night I waited for Adam's call but I finally gave up hope around 11 o'clock so I went to bed.

Three weeks had passed and I hadn't heard from Adam. It was Tuesday, and I almost finished with one of my most annoying but rich clients, whom I had been wondering the whole store with for almost an hour. I was on the second floor ringing him up when I was called on the walky-talky.

"... first floor to Vinny..."

"...this is Vinny, go ahead..."

"...Vinny whenever you are finished with your customer, you have another gentleman already in the dressing room asking for your help..."

"...see if there's anything you guys can help him with for the meantime, I'll be done in about five minutes..."

"...will do..."


I finished with my customer and headed downstairs. When I got there I checked my agenda to see if the customer on the dressing room was a clients that had an appointment that I had forgotten about. My agenda was clear my next appointment was is about 2 hours, so I assumed that that was a new customer. I was walking towards the dressing rooms when Susan, a sales associate and good friend of mine came to me and said.

"The guy in the fitting is so hot. His body is so nice."

"Ha, ha. Suse you are so bad. You know we can't be checking customers out like that." I said to her smiling.

"Vinny, I'm serious. You can't be gay."

"Whatever, I gotta go now."

I got to the fitting room but the guy was inside one the stalls. I knocked and said.

"Hi, I'm Vinny, you were asking for my ..."

As soon as I knocked and said my name, the door swung opened and Adam stepped out of the fitting room. He was wearing a suit. He blazer was actually hung on the door and he had a messenger bag lied on the floor. He definitely looked like he worked in a office. I didn't know what to say. I was just looking at him, until he finally said something bringing back to reality.

"Hi Vinny." Adam said

"I better get someone else to help you out with today, someone will be right with you." I turned around and started walking out of the dressing room area.

"Vinny, wait!" He grabbed by my arm.

"Let go of me Adam." I yanked my arm off his grip.

"Let me explain..." He started saying

"There's nothing to explain." I said.

"Yes, there is. I have been very busy with things happening all at..." I couldn't believe that he was trying to pull that on me.

"I'm sure you have. As matter of fact I am busy myself, so you don't mind..." I turned around so I could leave.

"Will you listen to me? I wanted to call you and talk to you but..." He began again.

"But what? Huh? What? Last time I saw you was almost a month ago. We went out, had wonderful time, so I thought, you said you'd and the you didn't, you just ...

"My grandmother died Vinny." He said quietly.

"What? How can you even play with something ..."

"I'm not playing. My grandmother died 2 days after that night we went out." He continued.

I didn't know want to say. I guess I wasn't completely convinced that he wasn't lying.

"She was like a second mother to me and my sister. My whole family flew to Jacksonville Florida, where she lived, for the funeral. My mom was a wreck, hell she still is. They were very close."

"I don't know what to say."

"That's why I haven't called. I didn't come from Florida until last week, and even then there were still a lot things I had to do, I told how I worked with my father. So I had to come back to take of the business and he stayed down in Florida with my mom."

"I am so sorry."

"That's fine. You didn't know it."

"I really am sorry. What a jerk I was to you."

"Vinny that's fine. You didn't know it."

"Still. Hey listen I can probably go on my lunch hour now do you want to go it something?"

"I can't I am on lunch hour right now"


"Okay. But I can't be long I have to go back to office."

"That's fine.

We left Banana and went to Paris Cafe on Boylston. Adam told me how even some relatives from Italy had also come for the funeral. Apparently, his grandmother had died of natural causes at the age of 85. Aunts, uncles, and cousins that he didn't even know existed flew to Florida for the funeral. We stayed at Paris Cafe for about a half hour, we talked a little more. He told me about how crazy the office was without his father there to help him, how there clients and more clients that he had to call and apologize for the delay in their processes. A few minutes later Adam left, he had a desk full of documents that needed revision. Before he left I said.

"Can I call you tonight?"

"I'm gonna be staying late again. I still have a lot to do."

"Give me you card so I can at least give you a call at work."

He handed me his card, said good-bye and left. I, also, went back to work. Although, in my case I felt like shit for talking to Adam the way I did. Time passed by fast in no time the clock hit 5 o'clock and I went home. I wanted so much to do something nice for Adam. So I had this crazy idea. I went home quickly and showered, put on a nice linen shirt with some shorts and sandals. I took few things with me, included Adam's card; I then called a cab and went to his office. I wanted to surprise Adam, I wanted to make his day a little better, but deeply I knew I just really wanted to see him again.

I got to his office sometime around 7:30, hoping that was still there. I called him from outside of the main door on my cell.

"Hello." Adam said from the other end of the line

"Hi.. it's me." I said

"Hey, I'm glad you called but I buried under a pile of documents, I can't talk on the phone right now."

"That's fine, I understand. I was just wondering, have you taken a break yet?

"I can't I have too much to do.

"So it's safe to say that you haven't had dinner yet, correct?"

"Umm... yes I've not eaten. Why?

"Because I'm right outside with a picnic basket full of good food."

"What? You're here!!!

"Yep. Come on let me.

I stood outside for about a 3 minutes until I saw Adam coming to open the door. He had this weird smile on his face, I couldn't really read it, was it `you are crazy for doing this but I like crazy'? Or was it `I cannot believe I am going to lose a whole night of work because of this kid'? Either way he was smile and smile are always better than frowns. He opened the door to let me in and I got the answer to my unasked question.

"You said once, that I could shorts and sandals and you wouldn't care.

"Ha, ha. I can't believe you. You're crazy you know.

"I have been told that before by a few people."

"Come in, let me take to my office."

I liked his office. It was all furnished with a lot style. He had a big mahogany rectangular desk, which was a mess with all the paper tossed on top of it. He also had this nice and big rough looking brown leather chair behind the desk that looked extremely comfortable. In front of the desk, there were two chocolate brown leather armchair. He had a big sofa to the side as well as this large mahogany bookshelf, which was complete full of books. I took a sit at one of the armchair and put the basket to my feet, Adam just stood and looked at me.

"What? Do I have something in my nose or something?"

"No. I just..."


"I can't believe you did all this for me."

"I wanted to do something and to apologize one more time for the way I acted this afternoon."

"I told you that it is fine, will you stop apologizing already."

"I know, I know. But still."

"So what do you have in that basket of yours?"


We started digging through the basket. There were grapes and strawberries, orange juice and coke, chicken salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches. I had also a bottle of wine that I had been saving a while ago at home for a special occasion; I guess this was special enough. We moved to floor so we could get more room and comfort. He took off his shoes and sat right next to me. We ate and talked about what I had done for the past 3 weeks since his 3 weeks hadn't that much fun. I told him how I had been working a lot being so close to holiday season stores were being invaded by masses of people searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. I told him about my going up to Springfield for a weekend to spend time with my parents who were bitching -- for lack of a better word -- about their never visiting son. I hadn't gone out anywhere all that time. I was pretty much keeping up-to-date with my friends through the phone. During our conversation, I saw a spark in his eyes, the same I had seen when we were on the restaurant. When finished eating and started to clean up. It was little past 9 o'clock so I convinced he should go and just finished whatever he had left tomorrow. He offered to drive me home and even though I refused, he insisted. So I let him, but honestly, I wanted him to, thus this way I could spend more time with him. He wasn't that talkative during the ride but I knew not to bother him. We got to my building and he kept the engine running.

"Oh no, no, no. You mister are coming up with me to help me with all these things."


"No. Don't you Vinny me. Let's go, come on.

He parked the car and come with me in the building, as soon as we got into the elevator -- which is mirrored on the top -- he leaned against one side and against the other. I, then, remembered something that was kind funny and embarrassing at the same time.

"Oh man, my apartment is probably a mess. I totally forgot about that."

"I don't mind things like that."

"Oh well, I guess I don't mind being that we're friends.

"I was hoping we could be more than just friends." There it was again the spark in his eyes.

I didn't know what to say, before I could think much he came over me and kissed me. As soon as his lips touched mine my eyes automatically closed and that, was when I could taste a sweet but faded hint of apple and cinnamon that I knew it was his natural taste. His tongue was brushing against mine and that was causing me a massive erection. He had his hands pulling me closer and closer, our hips were grinding against each other's, and I could barely breath. I felt so good inside. I elevator beeped telling we were on the sixth floor -- our destination -- so we broke our kiss and got out of the elevator.

Nobody was saying anything, I wasn't even thinking, there was nothing in my mind. We got in front of my door I opened the door to let us in. As soon as he was inside, I locked the door and pulled him on a kiss. We were almost like animals; I was almost like an animal, pressing him up against the wall. Trying to get every single drop of his apple and cinnamon taste inside my mouth. Fighting to unbutton his shirt and to undo his tie. I lost my sandals somewhere while we stumbled and bumped into everything in the way to my room. Once we got there, he fell on top of the bed, and I on top of him. All this time we kept kissing, never letting go of each other's lips. Adam just had his pants and shoes by the time we got in the bedroom. I raised myself off him a bit so he could take my shirt off. His chest was so beautiful, cut and ripped, and his nipples were dark and tiny. Although I couldn't get him to let go of my lips, I had my hands all over his chest. I ran up and making sure he felt on his skin friction of my nails. I started kissing his chin and neck, I ran my tongue up until I found his earlobes and sucked on them and bit a little bit. While I did that, I used my fingers to play with his nipples, squeezing them and flicking them. He was moaned so deeply and intensely to it all, that I knew he was suffering real good inside, and that just gave more incentive to keep on going. He was running his hands up and down my back, from my neck to my ass. He was feeling up every single one of my back muscles and I was loving the way his hands felt on my skin. He advanced a bit and slipped his hands through the band of my shorts, so he could get a feel of my ass. He warm hands felt so nice against my ass cheeks, he was massaged them and squeezed them. I lifted my head and sighed/moaned, he pulled out his right hands from my shorts, grab the back of my neck and pulled me down and kissed me. He was sucking on my tongue, hold my ass with one his hands and moving his hips up and down making me feel his massive boner through the thin fabric of his dressy pants. I broke our contact, stoop up and unbutton my shorts slowly, making sure he was catching every single move I made. He stared at me unblinkingly; I saw his eyes getting wider when I finally unzipped my shorts and let drop from my hips. I had one last item, my short black boxer-briefs, which were forming a tent with my pole stretching the fabric. He sat up on the bed and ran his hands up along my thighs, he hugged my waist and started kissing my navel. I let my head drop backwards and moaned. I started playing with his soft hair, while he bit, kissed, and licked me around my navel.

I pulled back from his embrace and started undoing his belt, 2 seconds later I was slipping his pants, shoes and socks off him. He and I both only had our underwear on, he was wearing briefs, which I normally don't like but on him just made him even sexier. We were rolling from side to side on the bed. It was almost as if we wanted to fuse our bodies into one. Finally, we got to the point where we couldn't wait any longer so each pilled the other's underwear off. Adam's body was beautiful; big muscular arms, with nice sized well-cut chest, he stomach was flat, his thighs were as big as of soccer player, and his dick was real thick and big. I was guessing that his cock was 8" X 5", and it was cut, with low hanging balls the sizes of big strawberries. He seemed to like my 6.5" X 4.5" uncut, because as soon as he saw it he grabbed with a full hand. I shivered when he touched me there. I started massaging my shaft while looking right into my eyes. He wanted to witness my reaction close by. I couldn't stand those big black eyes, so I closed my eyes and kissed him. He didn't keep our kiss for long, he seemed to have other plans for his own lips. He started descending, licking his way from my chin to my navel still holding my tool. He positioned himself right in between my legs and looked at me down there. He first curved my legs a bit and then licked the extent of shaft never breaking his gaze. First on the right, then on the left, he kissed me next right under my balls and flicked his tongue right there, that felt so good, I arched my back up, looking back on the wall, my body was twitching to everything that he was doing to me. My hard cock was lying flat against my stomach so he pulled down and swallowed my dick as much as he could. He was sucking my dick in such way that it felt as if he wanted to suck the life right out of me, bobbing his head up and down. With one hand he played with my balls; tugging on them and massaging them. With the other hand Adam was caressing my stomach. I was in world of ecstasy, his tongue against my flesh, his hands and his tiny but teasing early 5 o'clock shadow it all felt so good, so immensely good. Disconnected words were coming out of my mouth without my notice It was as if I could control it.

"Ahrrrr, Adam..."

"Yeahh, yesss...."

I think my talking must have turned him on, because he started talking to me too.

"Do you like it? Huh?" He asked me sensually.

"Yeah..." I whispered.

"Like this? Do you want it like that?" He continued teasing me.

"Oh yes baby." I said with a sigh.

He seemed like a pro. His head would come up, and with it was his hand that swirled around my cock. He started descending again, he first sucked on my shaved balls -- one by one --, then he went back to the little spot between my balls and my pucker. To every kiss that I receive there I moaned so loud that for a moment I was afraid that people could hear me. He didn't stop there, he continued going down until he found my most sensitive spot. He licked, and kissed on it so good that I was almost going crazy. He was already playing with me for almost 5 minutes when realize there was one last thing I needed before shooting my load.

"Adam I ..."

"Huh? Tell me?


"Just tell what you want and I do it."

"I need you inside me."

"Sure baby."

Adam sat up while I reached under my bed for a little box. In it I had condoms and little bottle lubes, flavored one. I took a condom and a passion-fruit flavored bottle of lube -- my favorite -- and put the box away.

"Come here." I ordered.

Adam still between my legs scooted closer to me. I unloaded the condom on his dick slowly to excite him some more, a smeared a generous quantity of lube on my hand, I put some on his rod and some on my ass. It wasn't my first time being entered by someone but I didn't do it very often, and I had never been with someone of his dimension either so I was still a bit concerned.

"Go easy on me please."

"I promise." He said ever so softly.

Adam got even closer to me and I lifted my legs so he could start the job. When his cock touched my asshole my whole body shrived, but I knew it was too late now to turn back. He looked at me before going one last time, waited a couple of seconds and forced his way in. When I felt the pressure, I just closed my eyes and tried to relax as much as I could. Soon he had managed to slide the head and then the rest of his rod deep inside me. It hurt for awhile but he was moving ever so slowly that the eventually the pain gave away to an amazing pleasure that I hadn't never really felt before. It was impossible to verbalize it. Adam leaned in and lie on top of my while moving back and forth inside me. He wouldn't kiss me, his lips were only inched away from mine, but he what he really wanted was to watch my expression as I was being filled by him. He then started pump a little faster and that sent me back to my world of ecstasy. The sound that his hips made when the met the back of my thighs was so hot. The feeling of our skin touching down there -- and his balls hitting my ass -- was indescribable. It was all so much I clenched my teeth while my drifted to the sides and grabbed the bedding, while I was experiencing one of the most incredible sensation I've ever felt in my whole life. He ran his hands through my arms and held my hands entwining our fingers.

"Oh Adam ... oh man ... oh" I was moaning so intensely

"I know ... I feel it too Vinny" He would whisper never losing his pacing

"Oh God, oh, oh God." I could barely speak.

"Come on baby, cum for me." He kept murmuring in my ears

"I'm gonna ... I'm gonna .... I .... I ...."

I just couldn't hold it any longer, my untouched cock just erupted, and strings and more strings hit us both on the stomach and chest, my cock was throbbing so hard and continuously shooting for so long that I was I thought I was gonna pass out. That was definitely the most intense orgasms I had ever had. I couldn't move for what seemed like centuries. I never wanted that feeling to go away. Right after I shot my load Adam started to climax so he lifted his body from mine, pulled out his cock and started adding to the puddle on my stomach, although his first load strings were shot as far as hitting my headboard. I felt his body shiver with the orgasm When he was done, he was just panting for air and hovering over me. I looked up and pulled him down on me. I loved being crushed by him. He hugged me and kissed me. We kept kissing for what felt like hours, I just couldn't get enough of him. He finally slid down to my side and then I reached down again to the box under the bed to get a small towel. I wiped both of us off and threw the towel somewhere. He was lying on his back so I put my head down on his chest and just stayed there. I could feel his heart beating and I could feel him breathing. I wanted to say something, something nice, not emotional like `I love you'- even though I thought I did at that moment --, but something smart and still sweet. I just couldn't think of anything so I just lied there and said nothing. If it wasn't for his breathing I would've thought that Adam had died, because simply didn't move a muscle. I waited for a bit more, looked up at him and then asked.

"Adam! Are you okay.?"

He didn't answer, he just moved his head down a little so I could he look at me. His eyes were so little at that moment, almost closing; I knew he was just as tired as I, so hugged him around the chest tighter. He turned his body so that now he and I were facing each other -- he was on his left and I was on my right. With his hand, he caressed my face so softly. He brushed my lips with his fingers, then ran his hands down my neck, chest, stomach and when he found my waist he pulled me closer to him into a hug. I reached around and hugged him back. He put his leg on top of my thighs and kissed me ever so tenderly, as if thanking me. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep, as did I.