This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

My Asian Apartmentmate

It is yet another fall semester at school and Mike was looking forward to all that this semester is going to bring. It's been awhile since he has a serious relationship, but that hasn't stopped him from having fun. Mike is now 22, has had sex with a couple of girls and has fooled around with a lot of guys. Mike considers himself to be bi, but he fantasies more about guys. There is just something about a male knowing how to pleasure his own gender,

Before I continue, Mike is 5'9, about 220 pounds (he's slightly muscular, but has a small beer belly). Mike has black hair, brown eyes, and isn't that hairy (only a little on his underarms, light coating on his chest, legs and arms). His cock is about 7 to 7.5inches long.

Now, moving on. This year is Mike's Super Senior here at college, and he was placed in the campus' apartments. Since Mike hates moving in when everyone. So he decided to sign up to help the freshman move in.
Once the new students were all moved in, there was still about 2 days before all the returning students moved in. However, there was something that happened the night before that will change the whole year for Mike.

Saturday night, Mike was just hanging out in the apartment in his boxers and watching TV, playing World of Warcraft, and whatever there was to do to occupy the time. Around 8:30pm, the apartment door opened and one of his apartment-mates walked in.
"Hey man, I'm Brian."
"Need any help man."
"Nah, I got it. I just got a few more things."

About an hour later, Brian was walking around the apartment suite in his boxers too. But what sparked Mike's interest was that his dick was bobbing around and was visible through the front hole. It was about 2 inches flacid, but it looked splendid. Mike had an idea. Since he had an asian fetish, he decided to see if he could get that piece of Asian meat inside him.
"Hey, umm, Brian, want a beer or something?"
"Yea sure man."
Mike went and got two beers from his fridge and the two sat in the main suite area. Mike took one couch, and Brian took the other. The way that Brian was sitting revealed his slightly low hanging balls through the legs of his boxers to Mike. Of course, Mike had to stare. Brian noticed this, and he decided to see if Mike would go the whole nine yards.

"Yo, man, how's your semester laying out?"
"Not too bad, 2 english classes, a music class, theater class and a history class. How about you?"
"A couple of biology classes, and two stupid DECs."
"Ouch man. You gonna have any time to party and shit?"
"Yeah man, of course. I'll be getting my noodle wet. How about you? Got a girlfriend yourself?"
"Nope, haven't had a serious relationship for a few years now. Didn't feel like dealing with all the hassle. I'd rather just get my noodle wet without the strings."
"True true. I'm sure I could have gotten this sucked and licked a lot more if I wasn't tied down," Brian said bringing his whole dick and balls through the slit of his boxers.
Mike tried not to show that he was staring, but he couldn't help it. He wanted to just reach out and play with it.
"So, ummm, how many times have you had it licked and sucked?"
"Oh, about 5 times," Brian responded. "All 6 inches have been pleasured perfectly. Though, I've never had it sucked by a guy. I keep wondering if I'd go through with it. How about you?" This is where Brian is going to find out thee truth. But will Mike be able to seduce him into sex?

"Only 5 times man? I've had that many in a week my freshman year."
"Ever get one from a guy?"
Mike hesitated before he decided to just go for it, "Yeah, I actually have. I've also given head to a few guys too."
"Awww, are you serious?"
"Yeah man. It's not that bad. Once you start doing it and get past all of the preconcived notions about it, it's quite enjoyable."
"Well then, . . . . would you suck mine?" Brian asked rubbing his cock to full mast.
Without even thinking about it, Mike got down on his knees and starting to suck on Brian's now enlarged member. Mike by this point was a professional at sucking cock. He brought Brian near the edge within 5 minutes and kept him there for another 10 minutes. By the time he decided to let him cum, Brian had unloaded the biggest load he has ever shot.

Since Brian was now left breathless, and somewhat unfunctional, Mike went for his opportunity to pop his cherry. in one move, he was able to move Brian and take his boxers off without any protest. Mike went in and started licking around Brian's hole and this gave Brian a whole new thing to moan in pleasure from. Mike then went and quickly grabbed his bottle of KY lotion and applied some to his fingers and started working on Brain's Hole.
"Whoa whoa . . .whoa . . . . wha . . . . Uggggggggh." was all that Brain could mutter.
Mike knew he hit the sweet spot for Brian. "You think that's good, wait till you see what I got in store for you."
"O . . . Oh?" Brian asked inbetween moans.
Once Mike was satisfied that Brian's hole was loosened up enough, he put some KY on his dick, kept on fingering Brian, and then positioned himself. Slowly, Mike slid his dick in and out, pushing more in everytime. Brian started moaning louder.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing? It feels so wierd yet so gooooooooood."
"I got my dick up your ass man."
"What!?!" Brian screamed.
"Chill man, chill," Mike said trying to keep Brian from hurting himself. So, Mike controlled him with the pleasure and just stuffed himself completely inside Brian, so he couldn't get away. "Relax, you were enjoying it before you knew what it was. Just go with it."
Brian started to relax a few minutes later and Mike started to get back into the rhythm.

About 10 minutes later, Mike and Brian switched positions, so Mike was now on the bottom and Brian riding him hard. Brian looked like he couldn't get enough of the pleasure. Neither could Mike. But Mike decided to start sucking on Brian's nipples. Brian couldn't take it anymore, he pushed down on Mike one last time and cam for the second time within an hour and caused Mike to cum right then and there.

After about a few minutes, Brian spoke first, "Dude, I didn't know that would have felt so good."
"See what you were missing?"
"How does it feel to have, umm . . . you know . . . . your thing . . . in another guy?"
"You mean my dick up a guys ass?"
"ye-yeah," Brian studdered nervously.
"Just like a tight pussy, but maybe a bit warmer."
"Hmmmm," was all that Brian could say.
"Want to give it a try?"
"What? Me put my dick inside you? No way man."
"Hey look, you enjoyed mine inside of you, it's only fair that you get to do back to me. And besides, it's just like fucking a pussy. Only difference is that it is tighter all the time."
"I still don't know man."
"Look, I'll walk you through it. If you become really uncomfortable, we'll stop. ok?"
"You promise man?"
"K, I'll give it a try man. But only because I'm taking your word on this."
"Fine. Now sit on the couch again."

Brian took a seat on the couch and Mike got on the floor in front of him. Taking Brian's limp cock, Mike started to play with it, lick it, and suck on it until it was hard. Once Mike was satisfied that it was at its rock hardest, he got up, and somewhat sat on Brian's lap, but facing him. Mike used his lower legs to stay above Brian's mid-section. Mike took some KY lotion, and rubbed it on his pucker and a little into it. Once he was done, he tossed the bottle aside and repositioned Brian, so that his still hard cock was underneath him perfectly. Slowly, Mike moved down and guided Brian's cock to his hole. Loosening up a little, Brian's cock moved inside of Mike.

Brian's cock was only going in partially.
"Brain, here, move with me so we're laying down with you on top."
Once in position, Mike loosely wrapped his legs around Brian and helped him to start working. Slowly, Brian got confortable and started driving his dick in harder and deeper, hitting Mike's prostate. Pretty soon, Mike had a ragging hard on and Brian was now laying directly on top of him pumping like he had done this several times before. His face was in ecstacy, and each other's chests were rubbing against each other's, sending even more pleasure through the nipples. Pretty soon, Mike exploded, sending the hot cum between their stomachs, and tightening on to Brian's dick still in him. This caused Brian to cum within a minutes.
Brian didn't even pull out, he just collapsed on top of Mike, breathing hard. Pretty soon, Mike just went and pulle Brian in for a kiss, a french kiss no less. Brian was just completely surprised, but didn't object. They stayed like that for about 5 minutes, kissing and Brian's now flacid dick still inside Mike.

"Told you it would be good," Mike said breaking the kiss.
"I guess I owe you one. I don't really know what I owe you and why, but I owe you one."
"Well," Mike started, "anytime you need a little action, and just feeling the ladies, you know where to come to."
"Aight dude, will do. Now, time to go and shower."
"Mind if I join you?"
After a minute to think it over, Brian responded, "Yeah, why not. I'm kinda feeling horny tonight anyway."
"Ha ha, that is always a good thing."

And from there, the two becamereally good friends. After Mike had graduated, he still came to visit Brian until he graduated. Soon after, they moved in together and kept this special bond. They were best friends, with sex privaledges when needed. Shouldn't all friendships be that way?


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