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My Blonde Brad - Chapter 08

"So you guys are an item or what?" Lei asked as we came out of the room.

"Yup" Brad grinned and pulled me closer.

"Yay!" Lei screamed out aloud and jumped into another group hug.

"This is great. Congratulations guys." Jason spoke finally.

"Now, sit down, tell me how all this happened. Three weeks ago you two were like Tom and Jerry. And now you two are in love. I can't believe this." Lei led us by hand to the couch.

"Jason, go get us pop." She ordered as he was about to settle down.  "Diet Pepsi for me and Anand. What about you Mrs. Roman?"

"God, would you let them talk." Jason came back with 2 diet Pepsis and 2 cokes.

"Sorry, I am just excited. Never thought this would happen..."

"Ok, let us explain then." Brad interrupted.

Lei and Jason listened with rapt attention as Brad explained the world's longest date ever; from the time he met me at the grocery store checkout counter, watching movies at home, me cooking for him, the date at the Indian restaurant, the Christmas tree, to all that happened on our New York vacation. Much to my relief he skipped the parts where we were naughty together.

"So when and where did you guys do it?" Lei hit the bull's eye.

"All the time and all over. He is hot." Brad pulled me back into his embrace again.

"So that's the reason Mrs. Taylor is not speaking. Too exhausted eh?" she teased. Even Jason broke into a smile.

"Shut up." I punched her.

"Wait until I tell your bro."


"Why not?" Brad and Lei both said in a chorus.

"I'll tell him personally. So how is he doing? Is his new girl friend pretty?" I changed the subject and luckily Lei started narrating her story.

"Her name is Tanya. She is beautiful. They go to school together. They've been seeing each other for four months now and they are in so much love. They were kind enough to let me hang out with them and the three of us had such a blast."

"More fun than with us?" Jason asked a little hurt.

"Of course not chweety. But equally well." She gave him a hug.

"Does she know?" I asked hoping I didn't need to come out to one more person.

"Yes, she does. She sent you a gift." Lei went to get it for me.

"This is beautiful." I exclaimed at the soft toy, a cute innocent looking lamb. This must be my year of soft toys. I showed it to Brad.

"I like her already." He said taking the toy from me.

"Next holidays, we should all go to San Francisco. That would be awesome." Lei suggested.

"Yea, we should." I agreed.

"I hate to end this, but I need a shower and change of clothes." Brad said getting up. I looked up at him and began to miss him already.

"Could you guys excuse us for a moment?" he asked looking at Lei and Jason.

"Why?" she asked.

"Please." He waited until they left us alone.

He planted a kiss on my lips. "Never expected this day to come this soon. Wanna stay with me tonight?"

"I'd love that. What about your dorm mate?"

"Yea. He'll be there, I am sure."

"And we can't sleep together here either." I was disappointed.

"We are doomed." He said smiling and pulling me close.

Our first night as lovers and we couldn't find a place to sleep together. Ugh. It is like that movie, Trick, where the hot guy and the cute guy spend all night walking around New York city trying to find a place for a one night stand. By the time its dawn the hot guy has grown a liking to the cute guy and leaves him his phone number. I digress. It didn't matter that we had spent the whole of last three weeks together. I couldn't ask Jason to make way for Brad. I was too shy. So, as Brad had put it, we were doomed.

I sighed. "Good night Brad." I said still holding him tight.

"Good night babe." Oh, his wonderful smile again.

We kissed. Gently, long and slow. I was still holding onto him.

"I got to go sweetie."

"What class are you in?"

"BIO 351"

"I am in 341." That was University lingo for Neurobiology and Genetics.

"I got practice starting from tomorrow. So we can meet after the class. In the cafeteria. OK?"

"Sure. So I'll see you tomorrow." I said when I actually wanted to ask "Can't you skip the practice?"

"It has been the best three weeks of my life."

"It's not over Brad."

He smiled and that made me smile.

"Good night. I'll see you tomorrow." he freed himself and ran away.

After a quick warm shower I got into my lonely bed. Jason and Lei were already fast asleep. They had returned from long trips and were sure tired. I had returned from a long trip too, but I was feeling too high. I just couldn't fall asleep. I was wondering what Brad might be doing right now. I could picture him lying on his bed thinking about me. Pleasant thoughts kept coming to me until I drifted off to sleep.

The first day of class after a long holiday season is always tough. Waking up late, fighting for the bathroom, rushing through breakfast, searching frantically for matching clothes, notebooks or pens and what ever. We finally made it before time. It was an interesting class. Genetics is a favorite subject of mine. Jason and I found comfortable seats and settled down. Lei, for the first time, was in a different class.

"So how is Jamie doing? " I inquired Jason about his girl friend.

"She is doing alright. I just met with her yesterday before you guys got back. She said hi to you."

"She is a sweet heart. She should hang out with us more often." Jamie like Jason was a quiet person. They have been going out for almost a year now and I have met her only like six or seven times.

"I think so too. I will ask her. And it would be cool when Lei finds someone special. I wonder why she doesn't date much."

"Ouch!" Someone hit me in the head with a book.

"Oh, did I hit you. I am so sorry." It was John, the guy who Brad had beaten up.

"Asshole" I said within myself. There was a wicked smile on his face. He moved further down to the front of the class and sat down.

"Why God?" I sighed.

It was time and the professor walked in. A few students who were standing in the hallway rushed in. Another set arrived late and disturbed the entire class before they found an empty seat and settled down. One among them was my ex Ed. Two guys I never wanted to be around were in my class. The two people who I wished were here were elsewhere. Life is tough ain't it?

It was the first day of class after a long holiday season. The professor just distributed the syllabus, schedule, homework questions, split the class into teams for projects and group assignments and that was it. Then he dismissed us. I dragged Jason and rushed to the cafeteria.

It was empty except for a few people scattered here and there.

"He is still in class, probably." Jason squeezed my shoulder.

"Yea. First day of classes mustn't be this long you know." I gave him a weak smile and sat down at a table.

I looked at my watch. There were close to an hour to pass before the first class of the day came to end. I could neither talk nor could I sit quietly.

"I am sorry." I was making Jason hyper too.

"That's alright." he smiled.

The cafeteria was slowly filling up. After what seemed like an eternity Brad appeared at the entrance. I rose involuntarily and every fiber in my body wanted to rush to him, embrace him and kiss him. Something held me back. I was not sure if he was ready to be out to the world. I saw his eyes scanning the area. I wanted to call out. I waved. His face lit with a huge smile. He came running towards us.

"How long have you been here?" he questioned trying to catch his breath.

"About an hour. How are you?" I took his hand in mine.

"Shit. I was waiting in front of your class for the last forty five minutes." He was pissed off.

"I thought you were in your class. So I decided to wait here."

"At 11 I see no one coming out of the class; I open the door and find the class empty. Why didn't you call me on my cell?"

"I didn't want to disturb you in the middle of your class. But we are both here now."

"Oh man, I missed you. A lot"

"I missed you too Brad."

"We are so stupid." He gave a goofy smile and sat down next to me.

I couldn't help smiling. "Speak for your self Taylor."

I had to try really hard to keep myself from throwing my arms around him in public. He didn't seem to have any such problem. He pulled me into a quick embrace. Brad has been joining us for lunch since last semester so there was no reason from his friends to suspect that, but I was not sure if the hug would appear to be platonic to them. Jocks don't hug, I think. I was always the nervous and uncomfortable one, while Brad did whatever he wanted to without any hesitation or guilt.

"Oh hey, Miller. How you doing?" Brad finally noticed Jason.

"Pretty good, thanks."

"Where is Lei?"

"She is in 401. And her class is in the other end of the building." Jason replied.

"Think of the devil and here she comes." Brad joked sighting Lei at the entrance.

There was an Asian guy with her. How in the world do they have such smooth skin and lustrous eyes?

"Hello boys. This is Dae. He is a transfer student from the University of Florida. This is his first semester here." she said introducing the handsome guy.

We all hello-ed him and he sat down with us. "Dae, this is Jason. And these are the two new love birds, Andy and Brad."

"Nice to meet you all" he said in a heavily accented English.

"So where are you from Dae?" I asked. I never can make out the difference between Japanese and Chinese. They all look the same to me.

"He was born and raised in China. He came to the US three years ago."

"Are you Dae?" Jason interrupted Lei.

"That's all right" Dae intervened and saved us from another little fight between Jason and Lei.

"I am from Shanghai."

"Why did you have to transfer?" Brad asked.

"Scholarship." He said. "Run out of scholarship in Florida."

"Oh that's too bad. How do you like it here so far?"

"Too cold" An honest answer, instead of just saying "It's good"

"Tell me about it" I added.

"Could we get some lunch before we continue. I am starving." Brad rubbed him flat tummy.

All agreed and we headed to the counters to place our orders.

We all had taken up four courses this semester. So that meant two classes a day on the first four days of the week. Jason, Brad and I had Friday off. Unfortunately Lei had Wednesday off instead of Friday. Luckily, she seemed to have made a new friend already and so would have some company. I had to work every single day from five to nine with only alternate Sundays off. So there was not too much time I had I could spend with Brad or the others, except the weekends.

Our orders arrived. We had lunch making small talk. Learning more about Dae. Telling him about us. He seemed to grow more and more comfortable with the fact that I was gay and Brad and I are together.

We were all soon done and were getting ready to leave the cafeteria. It was almost time for the next class to begin.

"So when do we meet again?" I asked. We were still learning each other's schedule.

"We could hang out after the class. I don't have to get to the practice until 6."

"Great. I don't have to get to work until 5."

"Awesome. And where?"

"In the apartment. Did you have some other place in mind?"

"No. no. Your apartment is fine. But I was wondering if we could meet somewhere alone."

"I am taking Dae around the campus. I won't be back home until late." Lei said.

"And I am meeting Jamie. So you guys got the house all for yourself."

"Be good; boys. No messing around on the couch. Alright?" Lei teased.

"Don't you worry; we'll not even have the time to get to the couch." Brad replied.

I think both Dae and I went red for different reasons on the answer.

"Hey, how about dinner at our place tonight. Say, 9.30. To welcome Dae into our little group." Lei proposed.

"Free food. Great. I'll be there." Brad said

"And of course a chance to be with you again." He put his arm my shoulder and pulled me towards him.

"You liar." I pushed him away.

"So 9.30. Let's go now. It's time." Jason reminded

How unfair. I can't kiss my boyfriend goodbye. If a guy and a girl did it in public, it is love. If two guys or two girls did the same thing, it is immoral and sleazy. I hope the day comes sooner than later, when realization dawns on our homophobic brothers and sisters. We parted ways to our classes after a loving look into each other's eyes.

Brad went up to his jock buddies. They seem to have accepted the fact that he was one in our group. The gay group. It did not look like they doubted anything about Brad. C'mon. Look at the guy. He is the captain of the football team, a total jock, a chick magnet, and pretty good at his studies, sweet, charming. He was everything a mother, wife and even a mother-in-law could ever want in a guy. But he chose me over his infinite girl friends. Wow, how good it feels to gloat on that.

The second class of the day went a little longer than the first one. As soon as I was out, I turned my phone on. There was a message waiting. It simply said, "I miss you already. Wish you were with me right now."

I called him on his cell phone. It was busy. I left him a message that I was going to walk home and wait for him there. I said bye to Jason and walked towards home. Jason went to meet Jamie. I heard my cell phone announce I had a new voice mail. It was Brad. This is weird coincidence. He had called me at the same I did. Anyways, it said his class was over and that I call him as soon as I was free so he could come over. I called him again and this time got him.

"You wait right there. I'll be there in a minute." He ordered.

What a lovely sight! The blonde hair. The smooth skin, lovely blue eyes, pink lips, white teeth, a beautiful smile, the pooka shell necklace, the cap turned backwards, the tight t-shirt  showing off his flat stomach, the woolen jacket, the long strong legs, his jeans, the brown leather shoes. Everything complemented each other so well. He looked like a Greek god running towards me.


"Hey." I was overwhelmed at his physical beauty. It might sound strange, but I think this is the first time I noticed him in such detail.

"Like what you see." He had noticed.

"Let's go home." I dodged his question.

"Yea, let's. We've got the place for ourselves for a couple of hours."

"You are full of hormones Taylor."

"And you're not?"

"No, I am not." I lied.

"Don't give me that shit."

"I am not."

"Alright. Let's go to a mall then. Or better still, the library." He teased me more.

"Ok. Ok. You win. Let's go home."

"That's like my boy. Let's hurry; we don't want to waste any more time." He said punching my chin.

We reached home in his car. As I entered the house behind him and locked the door, I found Brad all over me.

"I missed you so much." He said between kisses.

"Oh! Brad." I was still wearing my coat and he was heating things up way too much.

He suddenly stopped and sat down on the couch.

"What happened?"

"I want us to move in together."

"What?" That came out of nowhere.

"I want us to live together Andy. You know. I don't think I can be away from you anymore. We need to depend on others to find time alone. This is hard. I spent all of last night thinking of you. We can find an apartment and move in together. Just the two of us."

"Move in together?" I was shocked, surprised, happy, scared and worried, all at once.


"Brad, it is just day one."

"Oh!" His disappointment was clear.

"Not that I don't want to."

"But you don't want to."

"Oh! Brad, I am not saying I don't want to move in with you, but I am just saying that it is too early."

"Why is that? We've known each other for four months now."

"We've been friends only for three weeks."


I thought he needed more concrete reason.

"Not just that. There are logistics to think about..."

"Like what?" he was now angry.

"Like I can't dump Lei and Jason and just move out. It wouldn't be fair for me to move out before our lease ended. I've been living with them for three years now and they are like my family."


"And we never really dated in the real sense. I am not sure if we know each other well. Yet. I am afraid moving in together so soon might prove damaging to the relationship than helpful. And I don't want that to happen."


"That's all." I moved closer to him and put my arm around him.

"Do you love me or not?"

"Of course I do."

"Then why won't you want to be around me."

"C'mon Brad. That's not what I meant."

"It sounds like it, to me."

"Are we having a fight?"

"You bet"

"Oh Brad. Please."

"Andy, I really mean it when I say I love you. Never felt like this about anyone ever before. If you really love someone, there shouldn't be any fear about living together. Be it from day one or after a year into the relation."

"I think you are right, Brad." He was making sense, although it sounded cheesy and all.

"So you'll talk with Lei and Jason then?"

"Yea, alright. I'll talk with them. Soon. OK?"

"Great. I would like that. What do you want to do now?" Brad asked.

"Hmm. I think we should straighten out the expenses for our New York trip."

"You are such a bore."


"Let's do something more fun."

"Like what?"

"Let's make up for the fight we had."

"What do you mean?"

"Let me show you." he dragged me into the bedroom.

So were gone the two happy hours. I tidied myself and started for work. Though the thought of living with Brad did sound great, it seemed a little rushed. I decided to discuss this with Lei and Jason and find out what they thought about it.

"Welcome Mr. Roman. How are you feeling today?" That was Greg, my supervisor. There was something in his voice that told me something was wrong.

"I am good. Thanks. How are you Greg?"

"I am so glad you are feeling alright now. Just glad your flu flew away."

"Oh! yea, me too." I had almost forgotten about the lie I used to get the time off during Christmas.

"So how was New York?"


"The vacation you took after you lied to me that you were dying of flu."

"Greg I apologize." I couldn't understand how he knew. May be he visited New York too.

"No need. You're fired Mr.Roman."

I was totally shocked though I saw that coming. I knew there was no point in arguing with him.

"You're last pay check will arrive by mail in a week. You can complete your paper work with Bob before you leave."

Bob had the papers ready. "I am sorry man." He sympathised with me.

"Well. I deserved that for lying. You take care Bob."

"You too."

I turned around and walked out. I depended on this job for my living. It will be difficult to find an on-campus job now with the semester already started. There was rent, bills, food and books to take care of. I tried to figure what to do next. It is hard to think when you are upset. A boy friend situation and fired from your job. Could the day be any worse? The answer was right in front of me.

"I hear you are sleeping with the quarterback."


"Oh, you remember!"

I avoided eye contact and tried to think of a way to escape.

"So tell me. Is he good? Better than your ex?"

"John. Not now. Please."

"I bet he is great. A fuck machine..." Now I can tolerate someone assaulting me, but cannot take things against my family or friends. It was strange that only a few months ago, it was the reverse, when I went over to Brad's place to defend John.

"John, I gotto go now." I restrained myself from punching his filthy mouth.

"Oh yea? Is he waiting for you? Don't let the insignificant me stop you from getting to your lover. You can walk over me. You've had plenty of practice."

I started walking. He was shouting obscenities. Nothing registered in my mind. Luckily he didn't follow me. I reached the library and sat down in a corner. Silence and loneliness was what I wanted right now. More than three hours had passed when I heard the announcement that the library was closing in fifteen minutes. I still had no solution to anything, but was at least in a position to put on an act and not spoil Dae's dinner. I headed home.

Everyone was already gathered there. Some gentle music was playing. The table was all set. It looked like they were just waiting for me.

"Hey sweetie, how was your day?" Lei inquired.

"Hey..." Brad walked up to me and put his arm around me.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Yea, just a little tired. Sorry."

"Go wash up. We are ready for dinner." Lei was not satisfied with my reply.

"I need a shower. You guys start. Please."

"No, we'll wait. There is no hurry." Dae said. He was dressed in a black shirt and khaki trousers. He was taller than most Chinese guys I had met or seen. He was at least a 5' 8". He looked so handsome.

"Thanks. I'll be quick." I wished everyone would go away and I could just think these things out.

The warm water of the shower helped me relax. If I didn't want the evening to turn into a total disaster, I had to stop bringing everyone down with me. It will only lead to more questions and pity.

"Hey guys. I am sorry about before. I was exhausted. Work after two weeks of vacation is tough. Let's eat. I am starving."

It was a pleasant dinner. It looked like everyone was hungry and everyone was interested in learning more about the new guy. Dae was a cool guy. Very likeable. And it looked like Lei had taken a special liking. After dinner, he left almost immediately. We all agreed to get together again for lunch over the weekend. Jamie was invited. Jason was to pass on the message.

Soon after Dae left, Brad too was getting ready to leave.

"Jason, do you mind if I slept in here tonight?"

"No" I screamed inside my head. "Yea, sure. Not a problem. I can camp out on the couch." Jason replied.

"I was just checking. You're a good friend man." Brad patted Jason's back.

"You can stay Brad." Lei joined in.

He looked at me. I gave him a smile. I am not sure what it conveyed.

"No thanks. As much as I want to stay with Andy, I have to get going. It's been a long day for all of us. Good night guys."

"Good night" I said slowly.

"And you. I'll see you in your dreams." He approached me, pulled and wrapped my arms around him and planted a kiss.

"What a lovely guy." I thought to myself.

"Nite babe."


I stood there a couple of minutes watching him put on his coat and leave. Then I changed and retired to bed. It was going to be a long wakeful night.



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