This is a fictional story with fictional characters. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely a coincidence.

This story involves love and physical intimacy between two consenting adult men. If you do not want to read this or are prohibited by law, house rules etc, please leave.

The is a story about relations and not about sex. So there will be very limited sexual acts and even when it occurs, there will be no graphic details.

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My Blonde Brad - Chapter 09

I was awake the previous night too, but for a totally different reason. How quickly the tables had turned. Now it was not a life and death matter. Only it felt like it. I reiterated the number of situations I had to deal with.

"John. I am not even going to waste any time on him. He doesn't mean anything to me anymore. If he wants to be an ass, even after Brad apologized to him, then it is his wish."

"Job. This is a serious problem. I have some savings that can last me for two to three months. I can borrow money from my brother if there is a need. So I have some time on my hand to find a new job. I cannot go back to Greg begging him to take me back. I have too much pride. Also he fired me for lying. So that's out of the question. I hate him. Everyone hates him. May be it's a good thing that I got fired. I should have quit myself long ago. You are too smart to be working in a grocery store Anand. You should be doing some intellectual stuff." I tried to convince myself that loosing that job was for the best thing that had happened to me.

"I don't think I can find a job in any other place. What will I tell them when they ask why I quit my previous job? Damn. One small lie and I am doomed. So it has to be a job in the University. I've worked in the laboratory before. So I can go back and try there. They are always in need of people. I can talk to all the professors who know me and see if they have TA positions open. The university will not pay as much as the grocery store, but what choice do I have now."

"Alright, I'll pull out the schedule of each professor I know and go meet them personally. I can apply for openings in the lab, library and the department front desk. It'll be easy. I'll get time to do my homework while the front desk is not too busy. Great." I felt I had already gotten the job.

I moved on the next one. The most important one.

"Why did he have to bring it up?"

"Why not?"

"It is too early."

"Time is relative."

"I donno."

"You don't love him."

"Yes. I do."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Lei and Jason. I can't leave them."

"Is that all?"

"I guess so"

"Don't you lie to me"

"I am worried."

"About what"

"When we move in together, people will know for sure he is gay."

"So what?"

"He doesn't want anyone to know. He doesn't even like to talk about it."

"When he doesn't care about it, why do you worry? If you want to live with him, just do it. You are eventually going to move in with him anyway. Everyone is going to find out then. So better now than later."

"I guess."

"If you really want to do it, you should. You can never fix the world you know."

"But what about how early it is."

"May be you have a point there!"


"You don't know him too well. Hanging out with someone and living with them are two different stories."

"So what do I do?"

"You want to move in with him...but don't want to do it right away...so we'll buy time. Tell him, you'll move at the end of the semester. Tell him you got the lease till then and don't want to put your roommates in trouble."

"Sounds good. But what about the private space that we both want? We cannot possibly go without for 3 months!"

"Honey, that's between you and your boy friend. You figure it out. You cannot be coming to me for everything"

"Huh?" Where else can I go?

So my altercation with my alter-ego was complete. He helped me out again, this time without having to be in front of a mirror. Sure nothing was resolved, but at least I had a plan. I decided to talk to Lei and Jason after we came back home from the classes. I didn't want to tell them about the job early in the morning and upset their day.

"And I'll talk to Brad at lunch tomorrow. And who knows, if I find something by then, the news would not be that upsetting. Great." I said to myself.

"Do I really love him? Then why am I not comfortable around him. Why did I not want to discuss any of this with him yet? Why am I glad he is not here right now? Then why am I thinking about him all the time. Why am I putting him at the center of everything I think or do? I do love him. I am only confused about how to react around him." I reassured myself. It was weird.

"May be this is an indication that I am not yet ready to move in with him. But that's not the way you treat someone you love. I am sure he was upset when he asked Jason if he could stay here and I was not too excited about it. I need to make it up to him. I will." I winked to myself in the dark of night with a twinkle in my eye and a naughty grin on my lips.

I couldn't sleep. I had a job to find. I made myself a sandwich and sat down in front of the computer. I went to the university on-campus job website to check out the scene. To my surprise there were more jobs available than I thought. The Biology labs always needed a lot of help. The library had a couple of clerical positions open. They paid minimum wage and thanks to the state. It was set at 6.95$ per hour. Not too less than what I was making at my previous job.

I did my homework. Prepared a list of things I need to do, list of positions I wanted to apply. It was almost 2 am when I felt like going to bed.


I woke up and realized that there was only 30 minutes before the class began. Lei and Jason were up and all ready.

"Hey sleepy head. How you feeling now?" Lei asked with a mouthful of cereal.

I just waved and walked towards the bathroom.

"Do you want me wait up for you? We got 30 minutes." Jason yelled so I could hear him from the bathroom.

I peeked out and nodded a "No."

"Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"Yea. Thanks. I am still a little tired." I said.

"You probably are coming down with something. You should go see a doctor." The mother in Lei started.

"No. I am fine. I'll be fine soon. You guys rush. I will catch up with you in the class" I said to Jason, with a toothbrush in my mouth.

I got back into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later I heard the door click. I took a hot shower most of the time thinking and planning than soaping and washing myself.

It was already 9 when I got out. I decided to skip the first class. "I wouldn't be able to concentrate anyways. So what's the point? And Jason is there. So I can find out what happened in the class from him."

I finished my breakfast. I grabbed my bag and cell phone and stepped outside of the house. The cold winds embraced me. It was still early January and it would take three more months before it starts warm up. I found that I had two new voice messages, both from Brad. The first one was around 8, asking if I wanted to meet him before class. The second was a little before 9 asking if everything was ok between us.

I could sense the doubt and panic in his voice. It definitely needed an immediate call back. I wanted to call him back and decided not to. There wouldn't be too much time anyways. I hated myself for finding excuses not to call him. I was at a loss in finding a valid reason for why I was behaving the way I was.


"Hi Ann. Good morning." I said entering the department office. Ann was the secretary to the chair. She took care of a lot more things than what her job description mentioned. So she was always busy.

"Hey, good morning. What can I do for you?" She answered with an ever present sweet smile on her face.

"I would like to apply for any job openings in the department."

"Oh OK. Let me get you an application to fill out and then I can give you the list of openings."

"Great, thanks."

She was always a lady of few words. She gave me both the documents and resumed her work. I studied the list. These were just the inter department vacancies. Some professors needed help in preparing the lecture presentations for freshman and sophomore years. As a junior, I was eligible to apply. These lasted only a month. Once the presentations were ready, you were out. But at the same time, if the professor liked your work, he might consider you for other tasks he might have. Also it is always helpful to be around these professors. Several jobs are filled through word of mouth even before they reach the list I was holding in my hand.

Never in my life had I had to worry so much about money. I was always taken care of. In India parents pay for tuition, well in most cases, and children can concentrate on their studies rather than struggling to make ends meet. The bottom line was that I was in a soup I didn't like being in and never ever imagined I'd be in.

I could apply only for 3 openings within the department. Just their way of keeping paper work under control and making sure every one got a chance at an on-campus job. So I picked three that I liked most. The first was in preparing materials for Biology laboratories. This includes setting up equipment, making solutions, washing glassware, cleaning up lab rooms, making and pouring media for Microbiology plates, setting up and pouring PAGE gels. All five days of the week and four hour sessions. The money was good, but the catch was it was from 12 noon to 4 pm, which meant I will have to drop my second course.

The second was with Professor Perry. Grading papers, preparing his class material and the like. Four hours a day. Two days a week. Good thing was you could bring the work home with you.

The third was with the Indian Student Association. A professor had requested a candidate who could give guest lectures to his students of Oriental Studies. This semester they were discussing India. So he wanted an Indian to talk first hand about how life is in India and what it was in the past and stuff like that. It was once a week. A two hour class and the pay were a whopping fifteen dollars per class. He wanted to personally screen the applicants with a written test and an interview. I wanted this. Even if I had to do it for free, it would be so much fun to go brag about my country.

By eleven I was done applying to all three I had short listed. Even if I took up all three jobs, I wouldn't make more than 900$. I was making a little more than 1200$. Hmm, that's a loss of 300$. I still had my entire weekends free. And I still had the library to check out. Library didn't belong to any particular department, so the limit of three applications per person didn't count there. My favorite job opportunity, `cos I've heard that there is not much work involved. So you had all the time to finish your homework or do whatever in the quiet atmosphere.

It was almost 11. I couldn't wait until after lunch. An early bird catches the worm. So I rushed to the library. Well, they needed help alright, not at the front desk, but with clerical. Well, a job is a job is a job. And it is money. So I applied.


It was 15 minutes past 11 when I reached the cafeteria. I spotted the gang and rushed to them. Lei and Jason looked concerned, as usual. Brad looked really upset.

"Where have you been?" Jason exclaimed even before I had a chance to say hello.

"Went to the department office."

"What are you doing hanging out there and bunking classes." Lei yanked my arm.

"Will explain all in the evening." My first priority was to go make up with my guy.

"Guys, do you mind, if Brad and I had lunch together...just the two of us." I stammered tried to look as innocent and cute as I possibly could.

"What. You are breaking tradition." Lei shot out of her chair.

"Please. I am really sorry. But I really need to talk with him." I pacified her back into her chair.

"You got to make it up for this." She demanded.


"You'll cook dinner for the next whole week." The same age old punishment.

"Deal." I said. "If I don't get a job, that's all I'll be doing." I thought to myself.

"This better be for a good reason Roman." Jason said.

"It is." I said quickly turning away to face Brad. "Shall we?"

He got up quietly and followed me.


I dragged him to one of the student lounges. I was not exactly looking for a private spot, but just wanted to get out of the café.

"Are we cool?" he asked as soon as we seated ourselves.

"Yes Brad, we are. We are cool." I felt so sorry for him and ashamed of myself.

"Then why didn't you answer the phone?"

"I woke up late Brad. And then I went to the see Ann. I didn't check my messages until...until I got to the cafeteria." I lied.

"So are you sure, there is nothing wrong between us?"

"Brad...I am sorry I've been acting weird. There is nothing wrong between us. OK?"

"So we're cool?"

"Yes, we are cool."

"Great...I've been worried"

"I apologize. I gave you a reason to."

"So what were you doing at the office?"

"Applying for jobs"

"Jobs? Why? What happened to the one at Pea Pods?"

I pulled out the sandwiches I was carrying in my bag and handed one to him before starting to speak.

"I got fired."




"For lying to get time off."

"Why didn't you tell us any of this?"

"I didn't want to bother you guys. And I think I was hoping I'll find a job by lunch and the news wouldn't sound too bad."

"At least to your roommates"

"Brad, it's not easy"

"You know what? You keep calling them your family. I think it's a joke."

"It's not a joke. They ARE family to me." It hurt.

"I think it is. `Cos if you really did, you would have talked to them."

"Brad you don't understand."


"It's not like I have loads of money in my bank you know. I have tuition, rent, utilities, and food to pay for. I owe you 300 bucks for the trip. I have to worry about these things. I am not a twenty year old anymore, you know."

"Andy...you are twenty one."

"That's not the point. But, I have applied for new jobs in the university. I am hoping something works out soon."

"I hope so too. But in the mean time, if you need any help...just ask. OK? Don't hesitate. We are all here to help you out."

"Thanks. That means a lot to me" I gave him a smile.

"Have you talked to them about the moving in thing yet?"

"About that..." I dragged.

"OK. You haven't. It's good. I've been thinking about it. And I realize I was rushing."

"What?" I was upset that he was taking it back.

"Yea. I am sorry. I think it might be harmful to our relation too."

I just kept quiet letting him talk.

"But what I am going to do is, find an apartment and move out of the dorms. That will give us our own space. And I would love it if you spent time with me. Visiting. You don't have to move in until you are ready."

"You are such a sweet heart."

"And you are such a moron for not talking to us."

"Yea. I am." I really felt bad now.

"But I am still crazy about you. You loosen up a little bit OK?" He leaned in almost whispering those words.

"Sure. I will." I gave him a warm smile.

"And you gave me a scare yesterday. You better make it up to me."

"I've already decided on that Big Boy."

"Really? What's it?" I could feel his excitement.

"You got to wait for that."

"C'mon, this is not fair. Tell me."



"No way. I don't want to break the surprise."

"You can't do this. Tell me. Please."

"Actually, I don't know myself exactly. So you'll know once I know."

"Man, you're turning me on."

"You are always high on hormones Brady."

"You must be thankful that your boy friend is such a stud. If you cooperate we could go at it like four times a day."

"So is that why you want me to move in with you?" I joked.

"Andy...The only reason I want us to move in is `cos I want to be with you. Spend all my time with you..." He got all serious.

"I know sweetie. I was only joking."

"Oh! But if we get to do it four times a day, that would be great too."

"You wish...It's time for your class Taylor." I said looking at my watch.

"Darn. You want me to bunk class?"

I looked at him. His eyes were so warm and kind and loving. There was this calm smile on his face. The same person I despised.

I took his hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I love you Brad." I said almost aloud.

He smiled. "I love you too."

"So I'll see you tonight?"

"You bet. I got practice. So I'll see you around 7, alright?"

"Can't wait"

"Me neither. Bye babe." He jogged away to his next class.

I didn't feel like attending a class, so I went back home. I was watching some random thing on the television until I drifted off to sleep.


I woke up when the door opened and Lei and Jason entered the apartment.

"Hey, what's up?" Jason inquired.

"Did we wake you up? Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am. Thanks." I said rubbing my eyes and straightening myself on the couch.

"Good. So tell us. What's the matter with you?"

"Lei, please, give the guy a chance to freshen up. Take a chill pill. Jeez."

"Oh yea, why don't you go get me one while I talk to Anand."

"It's OK. I want to tell you both something" I barged in interrupting their argument.

"OK" Lei was getting nervous. Jason came and sat by me.

"I lost my job."

"Oh my God" Lei was shocked.


I explained. There was a group hug and encouraging words and that was it. I was glad Lei didn't become hysterical. I decided it was not necessary to tell them about Brad's plans. I walked into the kitchen to get myself something to eat. I was starving. So were Lei and Jason.

"Hey can I ask you something?" Lei followed me.

"I am sure you `can'." Either she didn't get the grammar or was not really paying attention, as usual.

"Dae is looking for accommodation. Is it OK if he stayed with us for sometime? He doesn't have any friends yet and he doesn't have too much money to get a place on his own. I have already discussed this with Jason. So what do you say?"


"Really? Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best." I think she expected a lot more convincing.

"Any time for you." I actually felt good that Dae will be staying with us. If things work out well, he could be their roommate when I move out. That way they wouldn't have to spend any more money than they already do.

"But where is he going to stay? In your room?"

"Hmm. I never thought about that."

"Yes, you sure didn't. So what do we do?"

"Jason or you could move into my room."

"Did I hear my name?" Jason walked in.

"We were talking about Dae staying with us."

""Yea...and she wants either one of us to move into her room." I said pouring more coffee into Jason's mug.

"No way. I am not moving out of my room."

She looked at me.

"I'll do it." I volunteered. I was going to be moving out pretty soon anyways. So what's the big deal?

"Oh, I love you. Thanks" Lei pulled me into a hug.

"Oh God, I can't believe I am going to share my bathroom with a girl." I faked disgust.

"You asshole. You must only be glad. It's cleaner than yours." She said slapping my butt.

"Yea, and pink" Jason chimed in.

"Oh shut up"

"All right. All right. Let's not start a fight again. I got to go take a shower. Brad will be here soon."

"Don't forget that you are supposed to cook the whole week." Lei reminded.

"It's not fair. First I give up my room for your friend and you are still making me cook for the entire week?"

"Two different things Roman. You deserve that for not telling us about your job and not having lunch with us today."

"I hate you." I headed to the bathroom.


"Hey dude...you're looking...err...pretty!" Brad walked into the kitchen commenting on my kurtha-pajama.

"I thought I heard you." I turned around from the boiling dal. If I was cooking for a week, I was going to make sure it was Indian food. Jason liked it but Lei was not a great fan. So this was one way of me getting back at her for being so mean.

He was wearing jeans, sweater and his cap backwards. I extended my arms and he gave me a tight hug.

"Missed you." he planted a kiss on my lips.

"Oh! You two. Get a room" Lei walked in purposefully delivering her well rehearsed line.

"That's exactly what I've been telling him. He won't listen."

"What's going on?" Lei was confused.

"Brad wants me to move in with him."

"To his dorm room?" Jason was intrigued.

"No. He wants us to rent an apartment and move in together."

"So you are leaving us?" I didn't expect that to come from Jason.

"Not right away. I was thinking like in three months..."

"I assumed we'll all be together. First you are moving into Lei's room and now this?"

"Now you shut up Jason. It's not like he is going back to India. He is going to move to a different apartment. We'll still hang out."

"That's not the same as being roommates."

"Honey, it's time to move on. And further he is moving in with his boy friend, J. Be happy for him."

"Ofcourse I am happy for him. Just a little sad about loosing the best roommate I've ever had. And my best friend."

"I thought I was your best friend."

"You both are. I love you guys." He hugged us. I guess it is not so surprising when you consider the fact that we have lived together for over two years now and spent almost every free moment with each other.

"Should I leave you girls alone and come back later?" Brad found all this amusing.

"You better get used to it sister. You're part of the club." Lei pulled into him into the group hug.

"Oh, the dal." I disentangled myself from the hug when I smelled something burning.

"Oh forget the dal. I am taking you out tonight?"

"But I am cooking dinner."

"Actually more like trying to kill me for making him cook this whole week." Lei complained.

"I love it." Jason said.

"I am not a big fan of Indian food either. Especially if it is vegetarian."

"Oh yea. For all I know, you can't even boil water, so when I move in with you...I am pretty sure, I am the one who is going to be cooking. Don't expect me to be cooking umm...umm...the beef stuff."

"Let's worry about it when it comes. Let's go now."

"But it is a school night. Why don't we do it Friday evening?"

"You're such a lazy bum. Boy, I wish Brad were straight!" Lei sighed at Brad.

"Andy, you are not 8. And we are not in grade school. I don't under why you always want postpone happiness until Friday evening?"

"Right. Give me a minute to change."

"This is not fair. You get to go out and eat good food while we sit home and eat your crappy dal." Lei whined.

"That's what you get for being so mean missy."


We were seated in a Subway.

"So why are we here?" I asked breaking the silence.

"It's a date. You know we never really dated. So..."

I smiled. "Cool. I know I don't have a job, but I think I can afford a restaurant for our date."

"Does it matter where we are? I wanted to talk to you."

"Ok. I am sorry." I shut my mouth. "I am listening."

"I don't know what I want to say or where I want to start."

Nothing new, is it. He was trying to talk something personal and he was choking as usual. From my past experience, I decided it was better to just wait and let him talk instead of feeding him words or coaxing him into saying anything. Except for the girl who made us the sandwiches, there was no one else. And she was busy on the cell phone. We were quiet for a long time before he opened his mouth.

"I have never had anyone for myself. You know what I mean? I have been lonely all my life."

"You are not anymore Brad"

"I know that. I realized that when I first kissed in my room. I knew you were the one I needed. You were the one I was going to pursue. Life has not been the same since then. I am more confused than before sometimes. But I am excited about the future, knowing that you'll be there for me."

"Of course I am there for you."

"There are so many things I want to do. I have been captain for six months now. I want us to win some matches. We've never done that before. This is my last chance. We would have graduated before next season. I want to have an apartment and I need you. I want us to do stuff together. Like cook together, eat together, travel together. We have one and a half years. That's not a lot of time...you know."

"What do you mean we don't have a lot of time? I am not leaving you when we graduate. Where did you get that idea? And please tell me now, if you have any such plans." I panicked actually.

"I am not leaving you either. I want to do all this while we are still in college. That way we'll have all the stories to tell our kids." He smiled.


"You still want only 2 boys?"

"You still remember?" I recalled the conversation we had while driving to New York.

"Of course I remember. And I also remember this." He put his finger over his lips to mean a kiss (from that Indian movie we watched together)

"That's so sweet." I laughed out aloud. "You are one sweet guy Bradley."

"You think we'll be able to do all this?"

"We sure will be. I'll tell you what. We are going to go look for apartments from tomorrow. We are going to move in together as soon as we find a place. OK?"


"Yea. I'll find a job. If not today, tomorrow. And we have talked to Lei and Jason already and Dae is moving in with them, so every one will be ok...Someone told me, why delay the good things in life. We don't have much time remember?"

"Wow. I really thought I'll have to work you more for that?"

"You were working me all along? Oh my God. I am horrified. You..."

"Oh...shut up" he got up, came to my side of the table and pulled me into a hug.

"Brad, she's staring." I said about at the girl behind the counter, although I never tried to free myself.

"Great. Let's give her a drum so she could spread the news." He shut me up with a kiss.


"Hello" I said answering the unknown caller on my phone. It was 7.45 am. Who in the world would want me that early!

"Hello Mr.Roman. This is Professor Martin. You had applied to give guest lectures on Indian culture."

"Oh yes. Yes. Good morning professor." It's 7.45 am. It's preposterous.

"How would you like to come down at 10 am today to give a mock lecture on India? You can pick a topic of your choice. You'll have an audience of 5 students and me."

"Umm. Sure. I'd love to." What about my class?

"I'll see you at 210 Markovich at 9.45."

"Thank you Professor."

The line went dead.

"He is so cold. How does he have a marriage? Professors" I put the phone down.

"Jason" I called out.

"You go first."

"No..." I groaned. I am not going to be a pushover. Brad gets what he wants. Lei makes me cook for a week. The professor orders me ever before I am working for him. I was not going to let Jason have his way.


He didn't reply.

I got out of the bed. "Tomorrow, you are going first Jason."


I stopped by Ann's office only to find she didn't have any information from the other two positions. I applied for.

It was 9.45 am. I was standing in front classroom 210, Markovich Hall. I realized I didn't have a topic yet. I wished I had spent some time figuring out what to talk instead of pressing my clothes. There was no time left. So I entered the class room. It was still empty.

"Mr. Roman" the professor entered. He looked rather young. May be early forties. Dirty blonde hair that was beginning to gray. He was handsomely dressed.

"Hi" I rose from my chair.

"What is your topic Mr.Roman?"

"Umm...How India came to be"

"Oh great. My students will be here soon and we can get started. You might want to set up any presentation you might have. Do you need the projector?"

"I came up with the topic like 3 seconds ago. So...duh!" I thought. "No Sir." I said.

The 5 students walked in a few minutes later and I was ordered to start. I took a deep breath, surveyed the faces and started.

"Hi. My name is Anand. I am from India. I am going to talk about how India came to be. A little about how it all started? The land of India was formed when the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate..."

"That's how the Himalayas were formed." The professor corrected me.

"Yes. What I meant was, the collision of these two plates is what put India where it is right now. The proximity to the equator and the mighty Himalayas in the north give India a variety of climates."

"We are looking for History and not Geography."

"Yes sir. The history of India dates back before dated history. Some information comes from the scriptures. Ramayana the oldest epic dates back to 1,700,000 years. Kingdoms lived and flourished for thousands of years in the northern part of the country. When the Saraswati River dried up about 40,000 years ago..."

"Mr.Roman...Lets not get into myths. I would appreciate if you talk about facts." I was grinding my teeth now.

"Sir, it is not myth. NASA satellites have recently picked up images of a man-made bridge between India and Sri Lanka. And age of the bridge matches with the time Ramayana happened."

"Great. I think we've heard enough for today. It was nice meeting you Mr.Roman."

I gave him a fake smile and walked out the room.


"Now what?" Lei and Dae were the first to join me the cafeteria.

"The professor. He is such an asshole. He wanted me to say what he wanted to hear. Guest lecture is just an excuse for him to sit there and criticize. Just because he has a PhD doesn't mean he knows everything. "

"Hey what's up?" Jason joined us.

I was still ranting and I think they decided not to interfere and let me finish.

"Hey!" Brad arrived. "How did your interview go?"

I gave him a cold stare.

"What happened?"

"Brad, I really don't think you want to know. He just shut up after 15 minutes." Lei intervened. "In short, the professor didn't agree with what he was saying."

"Screw him then. What about the other three positions?"

"I don't know yet." I was so angry that I had forgotten to check Ann's office. "I am going to go find out." I stood up.

"What about lunch?"

"I have all the time in the world to eat. Later." I left.


"Where the hell have you been?" Jason screamed at me, trying to be a little hyper but it was just not working.

"Out looking for an apartment"

"And you skipped class again?"

"Relax J. I am quitting that class anyways."


"I got the job in the BIO lab. 12 to 4 on the weekdays. So I'll have to find some other course. And I also got the job at the library. Weekends. That's a 1000$ baby." I was at the top of the world.

"Congratulations" his fake frown turned to a smile.

"So where is Lei?"

"She and Dae are at the library. Some assignment due in 2 days."



"Have I told you...I'll be moving out in a week or two?"

He stopped what he was doing and turned to face me. "You said in three months."

"I decided there was no point delaying it."

He didn't say anything. The expression on his face said it all.

"I am sorry J"

"I am sorry too"

I didn't know how to react or what to say. So I decided to do the one thing I always do when I feel this way. Clean up our room. Dae was moving in today. So I started boxing up my stuff, just keeping the bare essentials accessible.

"Did you find a place yet?" It was Jason.


It was awkward.

"Well, best of luck...with everything"


It was going to be tough leaving these two and moving out.


"I have less than 45 minutes to get back to work Brad. So this better be good" I said as biting into my lunch. This was the 9th apartment in two weeks that Brad was driving me to check out.

"It is great. I know this is the one."

"You said the same thing about the previous 8 apartments."

"Yes I did. This is the last one. I'll not bother you again at work. You are busy all afternoons. You are busy all weekend. It's like you don't have the time ever." His face showed he was upset by my remark.

"I am sorry Brad. I shouldn't have said that. It is our apartment and I am not able to help out at all."

"Well, you can help with the cleaning and mopping and vacuuming after we move in. Don't worry. Here we are."

We entered the apartment.

"Just 4 houses, all of them facing away from each other. Private entrances. So much nature around. Huge living room. A nice little kitchen. A beautiful bedroom. Do you see how bright it is, even in winter? I love it. The land lady says it will be even more beautiful when spring arrives. How do you like the apartment?"

"This is not an apartment."


"This is home"

The apartment was totally empty. But I could see in my head, the home it was soon going to be.



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