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My Pledging Assignment, Part 1
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

For my regular readers, I want to point out that this story is not part of The Lavender Line series.


It was an assignment that might have been better made in an advanced sociology class than a fraternity.  

I had been half an hour late for a pledge class training session, so I was given an extra assignment as punishment for my misdeeds.  I was late because I had taken on too many responsibilities to handle as a second semester sophomore.  Now I was required to sacrifice an entire evening to make up for the half hour.  I had to admit, however, that the pledge master was more creative than most.

There was a bathhouse on a mostly deserted side street in the small city that was home to my university.  I was supposed to go to this place Friday night, register and just wander around the whole place, writing copious notes about what I observed in each part of the facility.  To assure that I actually performed everything that I was supposed to be doing instead of just making stuff up, one of the active members, what are called "brothers" in a frat, would accompany me.

I don't consider myself too naive, but I had no idea what a bathhouse even was.  After I got back to my dorm room once I had learned my fate, I went straight to my computer to check it out.  What I read made my eyes grow wide and my dick shrivel.  U.S. bathhouses are not what the Japanese or Turks would think of.  In fact, I actually started to wonder if my desire to become a full fledged member of the fraternity was strong enough for me to really go through with this.  I couldn't imagine just roaming a place, watching men have sex with each other and taking notes on the whole thing.

I didn't know which of the brothers would get stuck going with me, being my chaperone for the evening, until I arrived at the frat house at about eleven Friday night.  It turned out to be a guy named Jared, a junior.

I felt at least a little lucky about that.  I didn't really know Jared very well, but he seemed like a decent guy.  He wasn't one of those guys that all fraternities have who get off on some sort of power trip by picking on the pledges and making them do stupidly embarrassing stuff.  Of course, I couldn't really imagine doing anything more embarrassing that what I was about to do anyway.

"Did you draw the short straw?" I asked Jared while he was driving us to the place.

"Actually, I volunteered for it," he replied, surprising me completely.

"You did?" I was incredulous.

"The other guy who was thinking about observing you would have given you shit the whole time.  He's an asshole.  I didn't think you deserved that."

"Have you ever been to one of these places?" I asked before I realized the implication of my question.

"Nope, I'm a first timer just like you," he replied without any apparent offense.  "Are you nervous?"

"Oh yeah," I admitted.  "I'm starting to sweat."

"I'm scared shitless," he agreed, making me feel a little more relieved to have some company in my misery.

We explained to the guy behind the counter why we were there.  He didn't seem to care at all.  In fact he seemed kind of bored with the story.  He told us we had rooms number seventeen and eighteen, although I didn't really know what that meant.  Even though we assured him that we were not there for sexual purposes, he insisted that we prove we each had at least one condom.  Since neither of us carried any, we were forced to buy them before he would buzz us into the facility.

He confiscated my pencil and notebook, telling me that I could get them on my way out.  As I explained why I needed them, he just shook his head continuously.

"That's okay.  You'll remember," Jared said with a wink.

I think my hand was actually shaking as I grasped the door handle, and Jared and I stepped into a different world, each carrying a bulky towel, a locker key suspended from an elastic bracelet and a pair of flip-flops.

The hallway was dimly lit, too warm and far too humid.  When we got into the brightly illuminated locker room to find our assigned lockers, we discovered it was even more humid than the hallway had been.  The air, which was almost visible, smelled of chlorine, soap and cologne.  In that regard, it was very different than any locker room I had ever been in, which mostly consisted of gym locker rooms which always smelled sweaty.

The desk clerk, who had given us something of an overview of the layout, had been insistent about the rules of the place.  First, everyone had to shower thoroughly before entering the main part of the facility.  Second, no clothing aside from the towel and the flip-flops was allowed outside of the locker room. Third, all valuables had to be locked inside our locker, but we were supposed to remember that the establishment was not responsible for any losses.  Fourth, we were expected to act with gentlemanly civility.  Easy enough except for the attire part, I thought.

Our lockers were next to each other.  Jared and I each turned slightly to the side as we undressed to provide the other with reasonable privacy.  We both wrapped our towels around our waist and slipped into our footwear before heading to the showers.

Interestingly, in a place where there was no concern for modesty, the showers were actually private, with two sets of shower curtains for that added protection.  There was a liquid soap dispenser in each.  I was surprised by how clean my shower was.  In fact, the whole locker room looked almost spotless.

Jared and I rejoined at the door that led into the main attraction area.

"You ready for this?' he asked.

"No," I replied as I opened the door.

Once the door had closed behind us, we looked at each other and both shrugged.  Jared flashed a comforting grin.

We had decided to hit the jacuzzi first, figuring that would be the least threatening, since we wouldn't really be able to see that much.  Jared led the way in, and I knew immediately where all the smell of chlorine had originated.

There were six guys sitting around in deck chairs.  Two of the guys still had their towels wrapped around themselves, but the other four were naked.  The hot tub, itself, was the largest I have ever seen.  I didn't count, but I guess there were probably twelve or fourteen men in it, apparently enjoying the rapidly bubbling water.

The roiling water didn't allow a view, but I knew that all the men were naked, because no swimming suits or anything were allowed anyplace.

"You boys going to join us for a little relaxation?" asked an older man with a warm smile.

"I don't know, yet," I replied.

"Why not?" Jared said to the man as he dropped his towel, slipped out of his footwear and walked down the steps into the water.

I admit that I did take a quick glimpse at his stuff as he walked.  Guys seem to instinctively compare, I guess.  For some reason, I was relieved to see that he wasn't one of those metro-sexuals who trims his public hair.  I don't know why I should care, but it did make me feel more at ease.  Grooming that area just seems a bit self-absorbed to me.  I've got better things to do with my time.

"Come on in, Greg," Jared called to me.  "It feels great."

I followed his lead.  There was no place for me to go once I had gotten into the tub, but a couple of guys on the opposite side from Jared moved away from each other so that I could sit.

I felt self-conscious crossing the tub, as my dick just sort of floated on top of the churning water as I walked.  Everyone in my line of sight seemed to be staring at it, except for periodic breaks when their eyes would sort of travel up an down the other exposed parts of my body.

As I sort of wedged my way into the limited space the men beside me had provided, I looked across at Jared.  He smiled at me when we made eye contact.  He seemed much more relaxed than he had been.

That sense of acceptance hadn't hit me, yet.  Feeling two guys' naked hips firmly against mine was not something that I found reassuring.

After about a minute or so of breathing the chlorinated air, I felt a foot rub my calf and right foot.  I shifted my feet to the left.  That must have sent the wrong signal to the guy on my other side, because he started rubbing my left foot.

This was just the sort of thing that I had feared.  I had a sense of the ettiquette of this place.  Nothing is supposed to be a big deal.  But this was a big deal to me, because nothing like it had ever happened to me.  I wanted to raise myself up and get out of the water immediately, but I knew that such a movement could be considered an insult.

The original guy tracked me down, so I just sat there with two guys giving me a foot massage.  I know I squirmed a bit on the slippery bench, but I otherwise pretended that nothing was happening.

Something similar must have been happening to Jared, because he was looking silently at one of the guys next to him.  Jared's eyebrows were raised in a curious way.  Then he looked back at me and grinned widely.  He looked almost like he had sparkling eyes from the reflection of the water.

I decided to just enjoy the feeling of having my feet rubbed.  If I tried to forget the situation, it was actually a rather pleasant feeling.

At the same instant, as if there had been some sort of signal that I hadn't noticed, both of my neighbors placed a hand on my thighs.  That change was enough to startle me out of my short reverie.

"I have to go," I said quietly while standing.

I walked out of the tub and began to dry myself, even though I mostly wanted to get that towel wrapped around me again.  I sensed every eye on the one side of the tub watching me rub off the water.

Well, not quite every eye.  Jared was still looking at the guy next to him.  His eyebrows were no longer raised.  He just seemed to be looking intently into that guy's eyes.

"Come on, Jared," I called to him.

He looked up startled to see me standing out of the jacuzzi.

"Yeah, okay.  In a minute," he said.

He whispered something to the guy next to him.  The guy nodded, and the two seemed to move a bit away from each other.  Jared sat there for another minute or two.

I watched as Jared at last walked up the steps.  I could see the reason for his delay, as his cock now seemed to be a bit bigger than it had been when he entered.  I knew that he had been killing time to let his erection, or at least partial erection, subside before vacating the tub. 

I didn't blame him for getting a little excited.  I had been battling physical arousal while those guys were rubbing my feet, too.  It took a lot of concentration for my cock not to respond.

Once we were back in the narrow hallway, we decided that we would go next to the sauna.  We chose that because it was also on the same floor and it would allow us to finish drying off.

We found the right door after first walking into a little storage room with toilet paper, paper towels and other stuff.  The sauna was actually inside a larger room, which had a couple of unused massage tables and an area that had two shower heads.  Presumably the shower area was for cooling off, which already sounded good to me after the hot tub.

I dropped my towel and stepped under one of the showers.  I adjusted to handle to mostly cool and turned it on.   The spray felt good.

Jared must have liked my idea, because he took the shower next to mine.

"What did you think of the jacuzzi?," Jared asked.

I thought I caught him glancing quickly at my dick as he asked.

"It was okay," I replied.  "The guys next to me were trying to rub my feet, though."

"Is that all?" he laughed.  "The guy next to me was rubbing my whole leg."

"You let him do that?" I asked.

"Hell, yeah.  It felt great," he replied with more honesty than I had.

"You ready," I asked, nodding toward the door to the sauna.

Jared answered by turning off the shower and wrapping his towel around his body.  I noticed that his dick had returned to normal.  Man, I sure seemed to be checking for that a lot, it seemed.

The sauna wasn't as full as the jacuzzi had been, but it still had quite a few men it it.  The areas with the most room were on the top tier of benches, nearest the door.  Once again, out of necessity, Jared and I climbed to our spots across from each other.

I immediately noticed that we were a bit overdressed for the room.  None of the other men had towels covering themselves.  Jared must have noticed, too.  When he reached his bench, he removed his towel, placed in on the bench and sat down on it.

I noticed that the muscles in Jared's ass were somewhat visible when he bent forward.  I guessed that must come from soccer, because one of the few things I knew about my escort for the evening was that he is on an intramural soccer team, which he takes very seriously.  The rumor is that he was quite the soccer star in high school.

As surreptitiously as I could, I surveyed the room.  After all, I had an assignment to do.  Two guys at the other end were stroking their own cocks in unison as they stared at each other across the walkway.  An old guy at the very end sat watching, with his very impressive hard-on pointing toward the ceiling.  He would occasionally stroke it unselfconsciously.  Everyone else was at least somewhat flaccid, although I don't think that anyone was completely soft except Jared and me.

I sort of felt like the outcast, feeling a bit over protected in my towel.  I loosened the tuck.  Once I was sure that nobody was watching me except for Jared, I opened the towel, matching the condition of the others.

The guy who was sitting next to Jared rose, stretched and sat down noticeably closer to my friend.  Jared looked in his direction and nodded a greeting, then turned his gaze back toward me.  This time I was absolutely sure that he looked at my groin.  I was mildly embarrassed by his action, but I was surprised to notice that I also felt flattered.  

Jared could tell that I had caught him peeking at my equipment.  I didn't want him to feel embarrassed, so I looked directly at his cock and balls to remind him that all guys do that.  I figured that evened the score, something that always seems to be important to guys.

One of the guys who had been jacking off near the other end stood up, grabbed his towel, walked to his jacking partner across the walkway and squeezed into a space next to him.  I watched as he reached over and started to stroke the other guy, who quickly did the same to him.

This was something that I had never seen before, of course.  It made me feel uneasy, so I quickly looked away.  When I glanced across at Jared, I noticed that his eyes were glued to the two guys.

Since Jared was watching, I didn't feel like I was intruding into their activities, so I started to watch the two guys who were going at it now with greater speed.  The guy who had moved over to do this stopped his hand movement.  He leaned over and took the other guys hard cock into his mouth.

The guy who was now getting a blow job leaned back to give his friend better access, but he kept on jacking off his buddy.  I watched this for a while, becoming interested in the techniques involved.  I realized that my own cock was starting to come to life, so I quickly looked back at Jared.

Jared was staring at me, going from my eyes to my cock and back again.  That part surprised me a little.  What really surprised me though was that the guy next to Jared was lightly rubbing Jared's thigh in a circular fashion.  With each circle, his hand moved closer to Jared's obviously growing cock.

My friend didn't even glance toward his neighbor as the guy grabbed his cock, fondling it lovingly more than stroking it.  Instead, Jared maintained his gaze toward me.  Apparently the dry air was getting to him as much as it was to me, because Jared slowly licked his lips.

I was about to stand up so that I could get out to the cooler air outside of the sauna, when the guy working Jared's dick suddenly engulfed it in his mouth.  Jared closed his eyes as I heard him moan.  I found myself surprisingly fascinated by this unexpected turn of events.

After a few seconds, Jared opened his eyes to look directly at me, again.  The look on his face reminded me of someone who had spent the whole night drinking, as if he wasn't sure where he was but didn't care.  By now my cock had fully responded to the scene that was unfolding before me.

I heard a moan from the guy who was getting blown at the other end.  His partner's cum was shooting out of his cock at a rapid rate.  I think the sucker was getting a mouth full of cum at the same time.

I suddenly felt like I had to jack off, no matter where I was or who was watching.  I grabbed my cock.  When I did, Jared moaned again.  I was only vaguely aware of the guy next to me sliding closer.  I realized that I didn't have any idea what he looked like.  As he grabbed my cock and took over my stroking, I also was aware that I didn't care what he looked like.

My eyes were locked on Jared, who in turn gave me a penetrating look.  The guy working on me had a unique approach.  Well, I should say that he had a method that was very different than my method, since I had nothing else to compare him to.  He applied pressure to the place just under the crease in my cock head.  It probably has a name but I don't know it.

That pressure brought an intense feeling, almost pain but not quite.  He now had two hands working me in various ways.  I abandoned all concern about the public nature of my pleasure.

I continued my stare into the eyes of my new friend across the way.  Jared seemed absorbed by what was happening to me, although I know that he had to be aware of what he was receiving from his feverishly sucking neighbor.

I could take it no more.  My cum exploded out of me with a force that I had never experienced.  Again, I heard Jared moan as he carefully watched each of my shots.  I felt my own neighbor lick some of my cum off my upper chest.  At that moment, Jared moaned louder than ever.  He grimaced as if he might be in pain, but I could tell that he was shooting his load into the stranger's mouth.  That seemed to intensify even the last few shivers of my climax.

Soon after, Jared and I were under the cool streams of the showers.

"Are you okay," he asked.

"I'm okay, I think," I said as I considered his question.  "How are you doing?"

"I'm great," he said with a wide grin that exposed his perfect teeth.

"How do I write that in my report?" I asked grinning.

"Without any names I hope," he said as his grin grew even broader.

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