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My Pledging Assignment, Part 3
by Greg Scott


All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc.  In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it.  Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

For my regular readers, I want to point out that this story is not part of The Lavender Line series.


"I couldn't even imagine doing that," I said after Jared and I had sat in silence for a minute or more.

"Which part?" Jared asked.

"Any of it," I said more forcefully than I had intended.

"I thought it was interesting," he admitted.

"Well, yeah, I guess it was interesting, but can you imagine actually sticking your tongue up some guy's ass?"

"I had never even thought about anyone doing that before tonight," Jared said, but I couldn't tell if he was actually agreeing with me or not.

"And what about having something that big shoved into you?" I continued, assuming that he must certainly be agreeing with me, at least on this part.

"Well, I don't think I could have just stayed there with a smile on my face like that guy did," Jared said.  "I imagine it wasn't the first time for him, though."

"But did it disgust you?" I asked, for some reason wanting to hear that he was repulsed by what we had watched.

"Why should I care what they want to do to each other?  Nobody got hurt.  I've never seen anybody have sex before tonight.  At times I actually thought it was hot...and so did you."

I had pressed him until he had caught me in my own trap.  He had seen that I had been clearly aroused while I was watching, just as I had seen the evidence of his own hard-on.

"I guess," I said, feeling sullen and a bit shamed by my admission.

The silence between us returned.

"How much longer do we have to stay here?  Has it been three hours, yet?" I finally broke the uncomfortable quiet.

"I don't know," Jared replied.  "I haven't seen a clock in this place except at check in."

"Plenty of cocks but no clocks," I remarked, hoping to lighten the mood.

Jared laughed, letting me know that I had succeeded.

Some guy about my dad's age walked by staring intently at both Jared and me, probably disappointed that there was no action for him to watch.

"Hey!" Jared called to him after he was out of sight.

"Yeah," the guy had returned to our doorway looking hopeful.

"Do you know what time it is?" Jared inquired.

The guy was wearing a watch.

"Two-thirty," he said, and he headed down the hall.

"Thanks," Jared called after him but received no response.

"Well, you've fulfilled your sentence," Jared smiled.

"Yeah, plus an extra half hour," I noted, but I remained in my chair.

Another guy walked up to our door and stopped.  He waved at us.  I recognized him as the older man who sat at the far end of the sauna; the guy who periodically stroked his cock as he watched the action around him.

Jared waved back at the guy, but I just sat there.

"You boys need to get into the spirit of this place," he said.

I quickly explained the reason for our presence, not bothering to explain that this was only punishment for me and that Jared was just serving as a sort of chaperone.

"You two would be beautiful together," he said.

"We're straight," I said as if I needed to clarify my explanation.

"Nobody judges here.  It's all about letting go, and connecting, and going wherever your hormones take you" he went on, acting as if I had said nothing of significance.

"We wouldn't even know how to start," Jared said.

"I can be your guide through the maze," said the old man.  "Now stand."

We stood, although I'm still not sure why we were so quick to follow his suggestion.

"What are your names?" asked the man.

Neither of us spoke.

"Who am I going to tell?" asked the man, apparently rhetorically.

"I'm Jared and this is Greg," my friend answered.

"Hello Jared and Greg.  My name is Isaac."

"Hi Isaac," Jared said while I simply nodded my greeting.

"Turn toward each other," Isaac said in a voice no louder than a whisper.  "See the eyes; look into them deeply to know the person within."

I had already noticed Jared's eyes many times through the night.  Their color seemed to vary according to the light.  One time they seemed grey, another a light brown.  Now they appeared to be green.  They were soft eyes, inviting.  I think if they had not been on a man, I might have thought of them as lovely.

"Look through the eyes, as deeply as you can."

While I stared into Jared's eyes, I had been conscious of the peripheral image of the old man.  Now I fully directed my attention at Jared and Isaac disappeared from my consciousness.  I sensed, somehow, that my friend did the same.

"Jared, extend your arm and rest your right hand on Greg's left shoulder."

I felt a charge when my friend touched me.  I had to fight an urge to recoil, before thinking how silly my reaction was.

His fingers felt warm on my shoulder, and he adjusted his touch so that his palm rested directly on my shoulder as his fingers reached toward my back.  I sensed just the slightest pressure, as if he were pulling me toward him.

"Greg, you do the same," Isaac's mention of my name briefly broke my reverie, but his voice was softly authoritative like that a loving grandfather.

I felt Jared's skin under my touch, the skin so soft but the muscles underneath so clearly present.  I thought that I felt him shiver slightly, but it might have been my own hand quivering in reaction to the contradictions between my rising desire to obey Isaac's instructions and my inbred inhibitions concerning the lingering touch of another man.

"Do not think," Isaac said as if reading my reaction.  "Just sense.  Feel the impulses through your fingers, your soft palms.  Feel the weight resting on your shoulder.  Know that those eyes whose energy has become your own are connected to the touch that you feel.  You have become a single circuit with what you see and what you feel."

I was only vaguely aware of a distant click, but I knew that Isaac had closed the door to the little room to make us secure in our own world.  I felt safer because of it.

"Allow your hand to slide off the shoulder, down across the chest.  Don't rush.  You have all the time in the world to explore your friend's torso.  You're young.  Use the time that is available to you.  Memorize the feeling, the contours.  Draw a map of touch but see only the eyes."

I hesitated, of course.  Jared was less inhibited.  I felt his hand explore the area between my shoulder and my breast, pressing hard enough to feel the firmness of my muscles, then lightening the pressure so that he might have been counting the cells of my skin.

I had never been touched in this way, had never even considered the possibility that I would be touched in this way.  I simply wouldn't have thought of it.  As it occurred, I was so lost in the sensations of Jared's journey across my flesh that I completely forgot that I had been instructed to perform the same exploration of him.

Jared reached a nipple, which he brushed with the lightest touch yet.  Somehow I felt that touch not only in my chest but also in my cheeks and even at the very tip of my penis.  I actually felt the circuit that Isaac had earlier described.

"Your turn, Greg," Isaac urged me forward in my journey toward freedom.

My attention now turned outward.  I truly wanted to map Jared, to learn the texture of his skin and the shape of his prominent pectoral muscles.  I wanted to rush to his nipple so that he might feel the same electrical thrill as I had, but I instead moved slowly.

As I moved my hand across my friend, I noticed that his skin was slightly moist, providing resistance to my otherwise unfettered movement.  I was probably in the same condition in the heat of this building.  

For some reason I wanted to taste the moisture, the sweat on Jared's chest.  Of course, I didn't.  Had I been as fully non-thinking as Isaac wanted, I would have run my tongue across the same path that I had traversed with my hand, but I still had that part of my mind that restrained me.

Meanwhile, Jared had reached my abdomen.  He spent an eternity seemingly memorizing every crevice of my belly button before moving on to the lower limits.

I saw Jared's eyes widen as I brushed his nipple, and I knew that he had felt what I had experienced earlier.  His eyes seem to grow moist.  They glistened, making them seem even softer and more beautiful.  Yes, I now realized that his eyes truly were beautiful, as beautiful as his chest beneath my hand.

"Jared, do not look, but loosen Greg's towel and allow it to fall to the floor," Isaac said in a voice that soothed me even though his instructions might have otherwise frightened me.

Jared did as he was told, and he did it without any delay.  I felt the air reach the areas that had been under wrap.  I felt a welcome relative coolness in that region, despite the overly warm room.

Next I sensed the lightest movement of my pubic hair.  I wanted to look down to my groin to watch what was happening and what I knew would happen soon.  I fought hard to keep my visual focus on Jared's eyes.

As Jared's tender fingers played through my pubic hair, I realized that my own exploration must have accelerated, because I had already reached my friend's abdomen.  I must have felt a need to keep up Jared's pace, but he had had a head start, beginning the whole experience ahead of me.

"There's no rush, Greg," the old man reminded me.  "Experience life fully.  It's not a race, you know."

I slowed and returned my concentration to that mental map of Jared that I had been instructed to draw.  I varied my pressure so that I could memorize him on the surface as well as deeper within him.

I noticed that my affection for this person who had barely existed on the periphery of my life before tonight was growing.  I almost felt as if we had been friends our entire lives.  Such was the depth of my developing awareness of him.

What I learned of his physical being, I also attributed to his inner self; his character.  It might have been that my focus on his eyes really did allow me to see into him, to see through him.

It did not startle me when Jared traced the length of my cock with a single finger.  I had known that would come.  However, I was completely surprised to discover that my penis was erect.  Not once had a sexual thought crossed my mind.  Yet, something had clearly aroused me.

Jared's lovely eyes bore into me at the moment his hand encircled my full dick.  He grabbed it firmly, holding onto it as if I might try to escape.  Then he loosened and finally released his grip on me.  My cock felt suddenly lonely, but he turned his tactile attention to my scrotum.

By this time, I had reached Jared's towel.  Without any instructions from our elderly mentor, I loosened the tuck and let it fall to the floor.  I spread my fingers and pushed my hand through the somewhat tangled pubic hair.  My hand acted as a comb as I felt the strands of hair brush along the sides of each of my fingers.

I moved directly to Jared's awaiting penis, which was just as hard and straight as mine had been upon his inspection.  I clutched it like it was a lifeline, then more gently moved it up and down.  

As I gave his cock its first stroke, Jared's eyes again grew wide.  He moved closer to me, moving his hand away from my ball sac.  He grasped my shoulder and pulled me toward him.  I let go of his penis, and place both hands on his back.

We found ourselves in what I might call a distant hug.  That is, our arms were around each other, but there was still a space between us so that we would not break our assigned eye contact.  I watched as Jared tilted his head slightly and leaned into me.

He closed his eyes and brushed my lips with his.  He withdrew and again opened his eyes, peering into mine questioningly.  Without thought I raised one of my hands, placed it behind his head in order to maneuver him into meeting me again in a full kiss.

It was a kiss that was at first an exploration, but it turned into a kiss of necessity.  What had started, I think, as an experiment and tentative became a kiss of genuine of passion, although I did not know where that passion had originated.

When our kiss finally ended, Isaac said as much to himself as to us, "I was right.  You two are beautiful together."

He turned and left the room, closing the door behind himself.  We probably should have thanked him, but we were too focused upon each other and our connection for us to even think of it at that time.

Our kiss resumed.  When it broke this time, it was because Jared had dropped into a squatting position, sucking my cock fully into his mouth.  I rubbed his head, not to control his movements but out of pure affection.

I could tell that he lacked experience, but he learned as he lavished more and more attention on my member.  I definitely didn't mind even his most fumbling attempts.  Even during the early part of his learning curve, I think I was happier than I had ever been before.

After quite a while, he came back up to face me.

"I've wanted to do that this whole night," he said.

"I didn't know that," I said.  "But I think I've wanted it ever since you held my hand upstairs in the game room."

Later I would remember how we stared at each other even earlier, while we were in the sauna.  I suspect the seeds of my desire for Jared may have been planted there, while he was being sucked off by a stranger and I was being jacked off by a guy that I couldn't even pick out of a line up.  I believe in a way that we were making love with each other with our eyes as we sat in that miserably hot room.  Maybe that was really our first time.  But it had taken the wisdom of Isaac to make us truly see ourselves and our desires.

Of course, we moved to the bed.  I took the initiative there.  First I followed my earlier impulse and licked every bit of Jared's perspiration off his chest.  I flicked my tongue across each nipple, while Jared vocalized his encouragement of my efforts.  I lapped at his balls, which tasted salty, a flavor I would come to love.  By the time I was ready to take his cock into my mouth, he was already on edge.

Before trying to take a prick into my mouth for the first time, I licked it thoroughly from base to tip to base and back again.  Now that I was planning to take it into my mouth, it looked larger to me than it ever had, and I wondered if I could actually accomplish my mission.

I soon learned that I was up to the task, but I was grateful that Jared was no larger than he was.  I hope that he's finished growing.  I know I did some things inexpertly, but I hope that my obvious enthusiasm made up for whatever I lacked in skill.

I must have performed well enough, because after a very short time Jared warned me that he was going to cum.  I decided that I had gone this far, I might as well go all the way.  Besides, I was surprised to learn that I actually felt as if I had a right to his cum.  I took all of it into my mouth, and, yes, I swallowed all of it.

I wouldn't say that I became instantly addicted to the taste of cum.  In fact, I can't imagine taking any other guy's cum into my mouth, at least not yet.  But as for Jared, I immediately realized that I would happily take his at absolutely any hour of the day or night.

Once he had recovered, Jared asked me to fuck him.  I told him that I wasn't ready for that yet.  I wanted to wait until I felt confident enough that I could prep him in the same way as the guy that we had watched in the play room.  Jared eventually stopped his pleading, but I had to promise him that the time would come soon.

Jared took me into his mouth again.  At first he seemed to forget some of the lessons that he had learned earlier, but he fell into a great technique much more quickly that he had before.  I was already close, being surprisingly turned on by having Jared shoot his gooey load into my mouth just moments before.

I felt my seed working its way from my balls and shooting into my new friend's awaiting mouth with astonishing force, considering that I had just cum a few hours earlier.  It was an amazingly intense orgasm, as anyone in the building must have heard me proclaim.

Afterward we kissed and actually fell asleep in each others arms.

By the way, I never wrote my report on the night for my pledging assignment.  I talked to the pledge master the next day and dropped out of the fraternity.  I was already too busy, and I knew that if I was going to be spending enough time with Jared I wouldn't have time for my pledge duties.  Besides, I had already gotten enough out of my fraternity experience.  Who knows, maybe deep down that was what I had wanted from a fraternity in the first place.

Jared maintained his membership, but he didn't spend much time hanging around the frat house any more.

Jared and I have pledged to each other that if we ever see Isaac again, we are going to thank him properly with a night of pleasure that he can remember forever.   

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