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My Roommate Chris (Chapter 4)
By Mike K.

Monday might have started badly, but it was semi-rescued by Chris. Little did I know that Chris would need rescuing of some kind later that week. Something truly horrible nearly happened to him just five days later, something that should never happen to anyone (well, almost anyone - I don't care if it happens to the truly wicked people in this world). In the long run, however, his experience would bring the two of us very close together. Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself...!

That Saturday - February 19, 2000 - was both mine and Chris's birthday. Yes...we actually shared the same birthday. We planned to celebrate by going out for a night on the town with our now group of friends (in case you haven't been keeping track, they would be Ryan, Adam, Steve, Zack, and Alex).

On the day before, Friday, things between myself and Chris started to take a rather interesting turn.

It was later in the afternoon. I was in my room, laying on my bed, when I heard something - a voice? - coming from the main part of the room. I stood up and went to see what was up. What I found was rather odd - Chris was laying on the couch. He appeared to be dreaming, as he looked to otherwise be asleep. I decided to be a pest and wake him up, so I started shaking him. It wasn't very long before he woke up. He had a raging erection, which suggested to me that his dream must have been rather erotic.

"Mmmmmmmmmnn...what the......MAAAAAaack! You ruined my dream, dammit!"

The thought of Chris's predicament made me laugh, and I asked, "What kind of dream was it?"

Chris's right hand passed over his erection as he said, "The one that leaves you like this."

"Who was in it?"

Chris chuckled and answered, "Well...there was me...and you."

Acting a bit surprised - though I was pretty surprised to hear that Chris would be dreaming about me like that - I replied, "Really."

There was an awkward silence for several seconds before Chris said, "You know what...if you want, I could show you what my dream was like."

I shrugged and said, "OK." I was rather intrigued at the idea.

"Alright, but to do it, I need you to sort of lay down here where I am."

"Okay..." And Chris stood up while I moved to get on the couch.

"Actually, you need to be sitting more." With Chris directing me, I shifted until I was sitting with my head propped against the back of the couch, with my body positioned in a diagonal direction and my right arm resting on an arm of the couch.

"Now close your eyes."


"I want what comes next to be a surprise."

I decided to play along, and the next minute passed by without another word said. I opened my eyes when I felt Chris lifting up my shirt. He was completely naked - fortunately for us, the main door was closed, and presumably locked.


"You wanted me to show you what was in my dream, right?"

"...Yeah." I was going to say, 'what, your dream was you fucking me on a couch?', but for some reason...I kept that thought to myself. Sex on our couch with me in this slanted position would mean that Chris would have to be looking at me while fucking me - and thinking about how that would look was proving to be quite a turn-on. So, rather than further question his motives or even resist him in any way, I instead was compliant. I was going to slip my shorts and underwear off myself, but Chris told me that he wanted to take them off personally, so I let him.

Once I was naked and sitting back in the position I was before, I asked him, "Now I need to lift up my legs, don't I?"

"Oh, you've figured it all out, huh?"


"Yeah, lift 'em up."

I saw that Chris was only semi-hard before I lifted up, but then I saw his cock grow back to fully hard. I watched him slip a condom on, then reach down for his bottle of lubricant, which he had put on the floor (thus, the reason why I hadn't seen it immediately).

As he applied the lube to my hole, he said, "I hope you don't mind if I seem like I'm in a rush to just stick my dick into your ass. I'm just feelin' kind of impatient."

"Just as long as you don't plunge right in and like, rip me open, I should be fine."

"Don't worry, I won't."

He coated his dick with lube and then leaned in over me. His left arm reached over my left arm, which was resting near the top of the couch. He put his right hand down flat just past where my right arm was. I felt his dick at my hole, ready to enter. I gripped Chris's strong arms to brace myself for his entry. There was only a slight burning discomfort once the head popped in, but Chris still waited before pushing farther in. Once I'd relaxed, he pushed in a little more. There wasn't really any discomfort this time, and I let go of Chris's arms and rested my arms as I had before. Once Chris got the message that he wasn't hurting me any, he resumed pushing inward. I watched him ease his cock into me for a couple seconds before tilting my head back and closing my eyes, opting to wallow in the feeling of great pleasure that was washing over me. I let out a small moan when I felt Chris's balls hit my ass.

I then opened my eyes and, while he paused for a moment, my senses took the time to soak in the moment before me. There was the sight of him on top of me (well, virtually on top of me, anyway) - his strong, muscular arms stretched out to my left and right...his well-defined, sizable pecs just inches above my chest...his head only inches from my own. I looked deep into his brown eyes for a few seconds while I thought of his hard, thick, just over 7 inches of condom-covered cock buried completely in my ass, and of my legs, which were now wrapped around Chris's waist and crossed at the ankles. I moved my head back what little I could as I did my best to get a full view of the sight before me. The sight of Chris virtually on top of me like this, combined with him having his cock completely inside of me...I don't think there could be a sexier moment than this.

In a soft voice, Chris said to me, "You know...there's only one other thing to do to make this exactly like my dream."

Softly, I asked, "What's that?"

"This." He put his right hand under my chin and raised it a bit. We were still looking right into each other's eyes - and then I saw him leaning forward. My eyes closed, and our lips met in a passionate kiss.

I was shocked that Chris was actually kissing me on the lips, and my eyes flickered open wide for a split second. But then I forced them closed, wanting to lose myself in our kiss. I tried pushing my tongue into his mouth, and he must have had the same idea, as I felt his tongue passing by mine. Then suddenly, he pulled his tongue back, so I also pulled mine back, and he broke our liplock.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before I simply said, "Wow." Chris was smiling like he really wanted this. And sure enough, he once again leaned back in to resume our interrupted kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his back, pulling him slightly closer to me. I felt him put a hand behind my head. I left my tongue in my own mouth this time and just let his in, opting to wrestle with his tongue instead. As I felt his cock finally start to move in a fucking motion, a voice inside my head was screaming, "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S ACTUALLY KISSING ME WHILE HE'S FUCKING ME!" And then another voice was shouting, "SHUT UP, SHUT UP! THIS IS PERFECT - LET ME ENJOY IT!" I don't really believe in perfect, but once Chris and I had shifted around so that I could feel more of his hard body pressed against mine, there was no other word that could describe how this moment felt to me.

Well...maybe there was. Feeling the muscles and skin of his chest and his stomach pressed against my chest and my stomach was really sensual (even if my rock hard dick was trapped between our two bodies). There was his hand that was behind my head while his tongue fought with mine for control inside my mouth. There was his 7-plus inches of hard, thick cock inside of my ass, fucking me - at first, it was slow, but it became a little bit faster as it became easier for Chris to withdraw to where only his cockhead was inside and then slide back in completely. With my legs wrapped around him, I couldn't have squeezed his cock with my ass muscles any more than I already was if I'd tried. Although...I didn't sense the need to feel any more "full" than I already was. All I really wanted to do was one thing in particular - continue to soak in the feelings of Chris's hard body on top of mine, his tongue moving about wildly in my mouth, and his cock moving back and forth inside of my ass. For the next several minutes, that's what I did.

After those several minutes, Chris pulled his tongue back from my mouth and moved backward from me. I released the grip that I had with my arms, letting them droop, but not with my legs. Chris had withdrawn from my ass to where only his cockhead remained inside.

"Pull me back in," he said to me in a husky voice.

I followed his instruction, pulling with my legs as hard as I could. What resulted was a deep, powerful thrust into my ass.

That forced a loud moan out of me. "OH!!"

Chris then took the initiative again, as he withdrew a little bit, then forcefully thrust back into me. He then withdrew again, and followed with another deep thrust. It seemed to only take one whole second for him to complete both a single withdraw and a single thrust.

I was starting to shake, as Chris's deep thrusts were driving me wild, and I was moaning all the while. "OHHhhh...OHHhhh...OHHhhh...OHHHhhhh...OHhh..."

Chris kept up his pattern of withdrawing and thrusting deep until gradually his withdraws became not so quick and his thrusts not so powerful. He leaned forward once again and settled back on top of me, only this time he aimed his mouth at the left side of my neck. He started licking my neck, and buried his full length inside of my ass, bringing his fucking to a halt for the time being.

"I have to stop moving my dick for a little bit. I don't want to blow just yet, and if I keep moving, I won't be able to hold it in," he said, as if to explain himself.

Chris then set to work on my neck like he was preparing it for the hickey that I knew he would be planting on it. One particular stroke of his tongue, though, really made me shiver. He rested his tongue on the side of my neck near the base, and very slowly started licking upward.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." I moaned softly.

Chris continued to lick for several more seconds before starting to suck on the spots where he'd been licking. I moaned when his lips touched my neck - by this point, my pleasure had turned to absolute bliss.

Chris sucked on my neck and licked it a few more times over the next couple of minutes before leaving teeth marks and taking his mouth off. He kept his head close to mine, though, as he started to fuck me once again. Chris wasn't taking his time so much now - he was gradually building towards a faster and faster speed. I badly wanted to get off as well, so I reached for my aching cock with my right hand. Slowing his fucking down for a moment, Chris stopped me and grabbed my wrist.

"Allow me," he said. He grabbed a hold of my dick and simultaneously began to jerk me off and speed back up his fucking.

Any ability that I may have had to control my moans of pleasure was quickly dashed. It was only one minute of Chris grunting as he thrust into me, and me moaning as he also jerked me off before...

"OHHhhhhhhhhhhh-OHHHHHHHHHhhh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" ....before my eyes shut and I came with a shout. I felt Chris move my dick as I started to cum, probably to divert from shooting somewhere I wouldn't want to blast, like up near my eyes. After a few jets, I heard a shout from Chris, followed immediately by his cock starting to pulse inside my ass. In otherwords, now Chris was cumming too. After shooting a few more loads, I started to go slack, while Chris continued to shoot his last few loads. This would cause his cock to be forced out of my ass, though it wouldn't have been able to stay in there anyway - unable to keep himself up, Chris collapsed on top of me. We were both really sweaty, though Chris's chest and torso also felt a mix of slippery and sticky - Chris must have aimed my shooting cock at himself. Shortly after Chris fell onto me, I heard a "sploosh" sound - the now-filled condom must have slipped off of Chris's (shrinking) cock and started to spill its new contents onto the floor. Chris and I slumped to where I was able to lay my head on the arm of the couch.

We fell asleep like that, not waking up for several hours.

I was awakened by a tugging on my chest.

"Ughhhnnn..." I opened my eyes (barely) to find Chris trying to pull himself from on top of me. I wondered, why would he have to struggle at all to get off of me?

"Mmmnnnnn...what the fuck?" I asked sleepily.

"Aghhh..." I felt a slight peeling sensation. "...I'm fuckin' stuck to you, Mack."

That roused me awake. "What?"


Chris tried pulling up again, which resulted in some more peeling. As he was making his next attempt to separate us, a sudden feeling came over me - it wanted Chris to stay laying on top of me longer. So, I threw an arm around him and said to him, "Wait......don't pull up off me just yet."

Surprised, he asked me, "What? Why not?"

"Well..." My arm was now firmly pushing down on Chris's back. Chris looked confused, but after a few seconds, I felt Chris's body relax, and he settled.

"You really like this, don't you - having me laying on top of you like this," he said to me.

"Yeah. ...... I can't help it. ... I just really like this feeling of having your body laying on top of mine."

"Well......I gotta admit...layin' here on top of you does feel kinda nice."

A few seconds later saw our gazes fixed on each other again, just like last night. I stared deep into his eyes for a while before finally, I saw his eyes begin to close and his head lean towards me. Knowing what was forthcoming (again), I closed my eyes. Shortly after our lips met, Chris's tongue pushed its way into my mouth. Morning breath? I didn't care about that, and apparently neither did Chris. Unlike last night, his tongue wasn't moving so wildly this time. With the hand of my arm already around Chris, I began gently rubbing his back up and down. I put my other hand behind his head. Chris slid both arms behind me across my back and pressed our two bodies as close together as he could. As we spent the next few minutes making out, my hand that was behind Chris's head began to rub, feeling what little hair there was there. I became bold with my other hand - I let it slide down Chris's back until I was nearing his firm ass. Taking a chance, I put my hand on one of Chris's ass cheeks and began grinding our crotches together.

Chris's tongue snapped out of my mouth, and our lips barely parted as a guttural-type moan escaped his mouth. He moaned again as I kept grinding, but then he suddenly began to shake as if coming out of a trance. Pulling away, he finally peeled himself apart from me. We both then shifted to sitting positions, facing each other.

After a few seconds, Chris spoke. "We should probably both throw something on and head down to take showers. I don't know about you, but I don't like leaving so much dried cum on me like this."

"Yeah, you're right." There was a lot that I wanted to talk about right then, but I realized that a shower should probably come first. Chris and I left for the nearest shower room about a minute apart, and we were fortunate to not run into any other guys in the room. But then again, with it being just after four in the morning, as the clock in my room indicated, very few other guys would be awake at this time. We didn't speak until both of us had returned to our room.

I found the main room to be empty when I returned. Looking around, I saw that Chris's bedroom door was closed. I went to his door and knocked.

I opened the door slightly, enough to poke my head in. "Chris?"

I found that he was laying on his bed. It looked like he was trying to rest, at least until it was a more reasonable hour. "Oh...sorry."

"No, it's - it's alright."

"You want me to let you sleep a little more?"

"...If you wouldn't mind."

"Okay." No need to be rude, I thought. I decided to chill out in my room for a little while. I searched through my CDs for something to listen to to pass the time. I decided on Savage Garden's self-titled CD, and put it in.


Even though I told Mack I wanted to sleep for a little while, that wasn't the reason why I wanted to be left alone for the time being. The real reason was that I wanted time to dwell on everything that has happened between me and him over these past several weeks. For the first few weeks of the semester, it seemed like there was something that Mack was hiding, that there was something about him that he didn't want me to find out; I just assumed this because he seemed to be cautious at times around me. I was curious to know what was up, but I didn't bother to ask about it - I did not get along at all with my roommate from the previous semester, and I didn't want to repeat that again. Then came the day at the end of January when I walked into our room not wearing a shirt. I noticed Mack staring right at me - or should I say, staring right at my chest and my abs. I was thinking, why's he staring at me like that?...and then it hit me - he must be attracted to me. Thinking quickly, I let him get a feel of my abs. I wondered if this might be connected to him hiding something from me, and when I saw him get hard, I knew that the answer to that was probably yes. While I was showering, I thought about the possibility of fucking Mack up his ass like I had several other guys before. That made me real horny, so I decided to try for it. That was why I had Mack follow me into my bedroom - and because it did feel a little more private in to be in the bedroom anyway. The foreplay? That I let Mack do because I felt like I owed him a little something since I'd planned to eventually fuck him. But damn - he seemed to be more than a little eager to crawl over to me and start licking me up and down. It started to make sense when he mentioned an ex-boyfriend - he probably had had nobody to do anything with for a while.

This is where things have started to stray from the way I usually am when it's me and another guy. With the way I was holding Mack close to me and sucking on his neck for so long (I'd suck on a guy's neck anyway when leaving a hickey, but never previously as long as I sucked on Mack's neck), I was more intimate with him than with any other guy I'd fucked before. Why? I couldn't really make sense of it then, and even now, a few weeks later, I'm still struggling with the sense of it. But as I think about it just felt right to be so intimate with him. I don't think there's any other way to explain why - but really, how else can I explain the fact that I also reached down and actually jerked him off so that we'd cum together?

Then there's the fact that I've since fucked Mack again - three more times at that. That in itself has been different since I'd never fucked any other guy while at Miami more than once. I didn't go for a second time with anyone else because I have no desire to "be" with any of them, and I don't want them to think that I do by fucking them a second time. And yet...with Mack, it's different. I felt like it wouldn't matter if I fucked him again. But if it's not supposed to matter...why now does it feel like it does matter?

And then there's the massage I gave Mack on Monday. I know he appreciated that I gave him a massage after he'd had such a rotten day, but that's not the thing that's getting to me. What's getting to me is that earlier that day, when I saw the kind of day he was having, I just felt this need to brighten his day or make him feel better. It makes me wonder how much I might actually care about him. Sure, friends do things to make friends feel better on bad days, but...I feel like it's not enough to say that I was being there as a friend that day.

And the massage itself - I really liked rubbing his back. Fucking him while I was at it was only an idea that I wanted to try. Yet once again, I felt a strong sense of intimacy in doing that, even if I didn't end up pulling Mack close to me that time.

The dream actually wasn't the first time I'd dreamed about fucking Mack. The fact that I had even dreamed about fucking Mack at all was surprising to me, since it was the first time I'd ever dreamed about fucking a guy. But yesterday's dream stands out on its own. I had thought (quickly) that basing the sex that we would have after Mack woke me up would be another interesting idea - and because Mack woke me up when he did, I had wanted it right away. I suppose he had it coming - I was well on my way to climaxing in a wet dream - and being woken up before climax left me really horny. What makes that dream stand out, however, was the fact that I was in fact kissing him - rather, making out with him - while fucking him; I'm not making that up.

But it's the kissing Mack and making out with him while I was actually fucking him yesterday that seems like I'm being pointed towards a part of me that I'm finding it hard to believe could even exist. Let me start from when I told him that was the only thing left to make my dream real. While the making out with him did match my dream...matching my dream wasn't the reason why I wanted to do it. Telling Mack that it would match my dream was from me wanting to make an excuse, plain and simple. I kissed Mack...because I really wanted to. I couldn't help it - I was looking right into his eyes...and I felt a growing desire to want to kiss him. And then when our lips met, following up with pushing my tongue into his mouth was almost like instinct. I pulled back for a brief moment because I noticed that he was surprised when his eyes went wide for that split second, and I wanted to know what he might be thinking. After that...we went back to kissing, and I would eventually jack him off so that we could cum together once again - and all simply because I wanted it that way. I pointed Mack's dick mostly at myself to keep from a mess being made up by his face or past the couch. I didn't really want to get up off of Mack, and eventually I feel asleep while still on top of him - this despite the condom falling off of me and spilling a mess, and despite the sticky mess between us. Which reminds me...I don't think either of us remembered that that condom is still on the floor!

But, anyway - I was shocked to wake up actually stuck to Mack; I wasn't expecting that. Obviously, I wanted to get unstuck right away, but Mack wanted me to stay on top of him a little longer. I wasn't sure whether to tell him yes or not, but when he started pulling me down with his arm, the feeling of my body against his got to me, and I gave in. Damn, did that feel nice to be laying on top of him. And then...we were looking right at each other again...and I felt a strong urge to kiss him building once again. I didn't hesitate this time, I just pushed my tongue forward into his mouth so that we could make out. While we were making out, I felt a need to hold Mack against me, so I slid my arms around underneath him to help him press our bodies together as much as I could. Shortly after that, he slid a hand down to my ass and, grabbing it, he pushed my crotch against his. Thinking about a guy doing that would probably have freaked me out any other time...but with Mack... ...

I can't find the right word to describe it. All I know for sure is that I wasn't wanting him to stop doing it. But was like I'd been in a haze for the past several minutes, and all of a sudden the haze was gone, because I looked at Mack, realized that we were stuck together, and set about peeling us apart. I spoke and suggested the shower - which we both needed anyway - to avoid a long, uncomfortable silence.

...And now, here I am, alone in my bedroom, having thought about what's happened so far this semester between Mack and I. I haven't found a single thing that I regret or that I wish hadn't happened. Not one thing!

I can't but think...why? Why don't I regret anything that I've done with Mack? doesn't make sense to me. There's no way I'd regret fuckin' him...but the most I'd ever done with any other guy is leave him with a hickey, and maybe get a little touchy-feely with him while I'm fuckin' him - not to mention the fact that I was only with any of the others only once. I don't count Ryan in this not just because he's my cousin, but also because there was a reason for fucking him besides just fuckin' him.

But Mack...with Mack I've done much more than just fuck him the one time. ... And if I had to rewind and do everything over again with the chance to do things differently......

I wouldn't.

I know there has to be some reason for that I feel this way...but what is it? Is there really a part of me that is attracted to Mack?


Hmmm...the plot thickens. I know what you're all wondering, where's the big cliffhanger? Well, folks, I had intended for this chapter to have one. But, I've decided to postpone those events yet again. With the way those events will take place in this story, it just didn't feel right to start that ball rolling in the same chapter as what is in this chapter.

Chapter 5 will have the cliffhanger, that I can guarantee. (And if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'! :P)

Sorry it took longer to get this chapter done - I wasn't expecting it to take this long to write. It might be a while before I can have Chapter 5 written...but hey, patience IS a virtue.

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