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It's taken four months to finish, but...I finally have Chapter 6 ready for your viewing pleasure. NOTE: You guys will want to read Chapter 5 (Cliffhanger Part 1) so that you know exactly what's going on here.

Will Chris be raped, or will Mack and Alex find him and rescue him in time? Chris has never been fucked before, so it would make for one hell of a first time for that to happen if they're too late...

My Roommate Chris (Chapter 6 / Cliffhanger, Part 2 of 2)
By Mike K.
I told Daryl where my room was on our way to Daryl's truck. I can remember getting in, and shortly after pulling out of our parking spot, I must have passed out, because the next that I remember, I wasn't in the truck.
Alex left the keys to her car with Ryan, then headed to my car with me.
Once we were both in, I said to her, "I wonder if we should find out where Daryl's room is as opposed to just checking my room."
"You think Daryl will take Chris to his own room and not to yours?"
"No - I don't think it'd make sense for Daryl to drug Chris and then take him to our own room."
"Well, how are we...wait a minute."
"Matt...I remember Matt telling me a few days ago about this guy Daryl he'd slept with. I-I don't know if it'd be the same Daryl, but if it's not, Chris'll be fucked."
"Well, call Matt and see if you can find out."
"You don't need to tell me twice."
Before Alex could do that, however, her phone rang.
"Dammit..." she muttered. "Hello?"
I then heard a loud, slurred girl's voice. I briefly turned toward Alex and saw her holding her phone away from her, then pulling it back to talk.
"Dammit, I can't talk right now, Melanie!" Then she hung up. I couldn't help but laugh.
"Drunk bitch..." Alex muttered as she dialed Matt's number. Unfortunately, Matt didn't answer.
"He's not answering. He must've gone to sleep."
"Well, keep trying. Maybe you'll wake him up."
Sure enough, when Alex tried the second time, Matt answered. I told Alex to put her phone on speaker.
"Mmmm...what is it?"
"Matt, you know that guy Daryl you told me about the other day? Was he Daryl Anderson?"
"Uhhh..yeah, why?"
I sighed with relief.
"Earlier, Zack and I had gone with Chris, his roommate Mack, and a few other guys to this club The Tropical Moon. Chris ran into Daryl there. Then there were these guys fighting out on the dancefloor, and while that was going on, Daryl put some kinda drug in Chris's drink."
I could hear Matt gasp at that.
"Yeah. Chris had some of his drink..he became groggy, Daryl offered to give him a ride, and they left together."
"'d you call me for?"
"We're thinking Daryl's taking Chris to his own room. Do you know where Daryl's room is?"
"Yeah. It's on the first floor of Hecht Hall, number 114."
"Okay, thanks. If we hurry, we might be able to catch up to Daryl in time."
"I hope so. Should I call the cops?"
"Ryan's already doing that."
"Hey...sorry if we woke you up," I said.
"Pffft..that's okay."
"Alright, bye," Alex said.
And with that, we continued to speed down the road into the night.
I felt as though I was being shaken slightly. I wanted to rub the sleep out of my eyes, but I found that I couldn't. My right arm was stretched, and when I tried pulling it back, I couldn't. Then I saw that my wrist was cuffed to a bed. Looking at the other arm, I saw that it was cuffed too. I became aware of rope around my ankles. Obviously, I couldn't move my legs, either. I turned my head and saw Daryl standing next to the bed - naked. It then occurred to me that I wasn't wearing anything, either.
"Daryl? What the hell's going on?"
"Well, let's see. You're naked and tied to my bed, I'm standin' here naked..." I saw him point his dick, which looked like it was fully hard, at me with his hand. "...and about to stick this..." He bobbed his dick up and down. "...where it belongs."
"Stick that where it be..." I paused. With me being face down, it was dawning on me what he intended to do to me. "'re GAY?!"
"What the hell, did you put somethin' in my drink back at the club?"
"Just a sleeping pill. But I woke you up because I wanted you awake when I'd fuck you."
He started moving to get onto the bed, but I wanted to know why he was doing this. "Whoa, whoa, wait a second...why're you doin' this to me, man? We used to be buds." That was sort of true - our senior year, we had started growing apart, but otherwise, we'd hung out pretty often before I started at Miami.
"How long do you think I've been hiding the fact that I'm gay, man? I've had to keep it in since back in high school. I used to think about stickin' my dick in you all the time, but I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it."
I just looked at him in shock, not sure if I could believe what I was hearing.
"Then I saw you at the club...and I just, I had to grab you. I put one of my pills that I'm taking for insomnia in your drink, then waited to make my move. The rope, the cuffs...some guy I was with just after Thanksgiving left 'em here."
I tried stalling. "You didn't have to hide that you were gay, Daryl. You could've told me. It don't bother me at all."
"You don't understand. My mom and dad are always sayin' shit about gays. I can't have them find out that I'm gay."
"I'm surprised that you even sleep with other guys if you don't want people to know that you're gay. An-and speaking of that...if you're sleepin' with other guys, what do you need me for?"
"Those other guys can't compare to you. You've gotta have a nice tight ass to go with all those muscles you got." Stroking himself again, he added, "yeah...I'm done talkin'. It's time that ass got fucked."
Shit...I felt like there wasn't anything I could do now other than try to get free or just give up and let him have his way with me - and I wasn't about to just give up. I thrashed about, trying to break out of even the rope, but to no avail. Then Daryl hit me hard on the back, probably to get me to stop moving. I could feel him straddle me and then felt a hard, wet cock - Daryl had taken the time to grease himself with lube while I was trying to get free - between my ass cheeks. He'd put a hand around my waist to position himself when all of a sudden I heard a loud sound of something hitting a door. It seemed like someone had forced their way into Daryl's room.
"What the hell was that?" Daryl shouted.
"HELP!" I shouted. Whomever had broken in could get me out of this. Unfortunately, my shout drew Daryl's attention back to me, and he started positioning himself again.
Alex and I grabbed the first available parking spot that we could find in front of Hecht Hall, then made a mad dash for the front doors. Once in, we raced for room 114. Seeing that Daryl's door was closed, I banged on it. To my complete surprise, Daryl's door was not in fact closed - one pound and it flew open!
Stifling a laugh, Alex said, "Ha, couldn't even shut the door."
Then I heard a yell for help coming from a bedroom. Knowing that that had to be Chris, I ran to the bedroom door and threw it open to find Daryl straddling him and about to start pushing himself into him.
Daryl turned and looked at me. "Oh. Shit."
I flew into a rage, diving for the bed. I pushed Daryl off and into a dresser. I didn't give him a chance to recover from that, as I grabbed his head and bashed it against the dresser.
I'd started punching him like crazy when Alex shouted, "Mack, stop! You'll kill him!"
I hesitated for a moment before Chris added, "Get me outta these!"
I went to untie the rope while Alex checked the cuffs. I wasn't sure how Chris would get out of those without a key, but Alex must have found something, because we were able to get them off.
As soon as he was off the bed, Chris turned to me and gave me a big hug. "I can't thank you enough for savin' me, man. You guys got here just in time."
"I couldn't have done it without Alex. She saw Daryl put somethin' in your drink during the fight. She walked up to me just as I was watching you leave with him, and we left just after we caught up to Ryan and told him to call 911."
"It was Mack's idea to go for Daryl's room. Thank God we lucked out."
Chris then started getting his clothes back on. "Where's Zack and the others?" he asked.
"Mack and I left just after I went with him to the bathroom. I don't know what they're doing now."
Just then, Alex's cell phone rang.
"It's Ryan."
"Put it on speaker," I said.
"Alex, have you and Mack found him?"
"Yeah, we just got here. We were lucky - we were able to find Daryl's room. Daryl was just about to stick his dick into Chris's ass."
"Oh, my God." We heard a gasp of relief.
"What did the police say when you talked to them?"
Sighing with disgust, Ryan answered, "The guy I talked to hung up on me! Can you believe that?"
It was my turn to sigh with disgust. "Great. So now what?"
"Well, the rest of us are on our way back to Miami. Where's his room so we can meet you guys?"
"Hecht Hall, number 114."
"Okay. We'll be there shortly."
"Okay. See you in a little bit."
"Okay, bu-bye."
"Why'd Ryan call the cops?" Chris asked.
"I told him to call 911," I said.
It looked like Chris was thinking about something, so I asked him, "What?" He didn't answer, so I asked, "What are you thinkin' about?"
"It's Daryl. I just...I can't believe he wanted to fuck me so badly. That wasn't like the Daryl I used to know at all. I wanna have a talk with him when he comes to."
Chris didn't have to wait long, as Daryl then began to move.
I called his attention. "Hey."
He turned to look at me and Chris, then backed away from us as if cowering. Seconds passed.
"He should at least get dressed. I'll get him his clothes," Alex said.
"Daryl," Chris said. Daryl had by now curled up into a fetal position and his only movement was that he was shaking at times. His head was down, and when Alex tossed his clothes in his direction, Daryl didn't even react. We just stayed silent, not knowing what to do, until we heard what sounded like sobbing coming from Daryl's direction.
Shrugging, Alex asked us, "What do we do with him?"
"I don't know. I don't feel right just leaving him like this, but none of us can just stay here."
"Well, let's wait for Ryan and the others to get here."
"Ask and you shall receive," we heard from outside the bedroom.
"You're just in time," I said. "Daryl's curled up in a fetal position..and he's just crying his eyes out." Dropping my hands to my sides, I added, "We shouldn't just leave him like this - but I don't know what to do."
I noticed Ryan looking at him carefully. Ryan then started motioning towards the main part of Daryl's room. I just looked at him, confused.
He whispered in my ear, "Let's keep talking in the next room." I nodded, and said, "Come on." We walked out of Daryl's bedroom, shutting the door behind us.
Ryan then spoke up. "I think Daryl's realizing that he really fucked up. It's crazy, though, that he's taking this so hard."
"Well...we were friends in high school, and I'll bet he thinks he's ruined that," Chris said.
"I wouldn't be surprised."
"I wonder if I should talk to him," Adam said. "I once had a crush on a guy from my high school's football team, but when I tried making a move on him, he freaked out. Turned out he was straight. He threatened to out me to the whole school, but his girlfriend, thank God, set him right. But even still, never being able to have him was bad enough. I took it real hard - I must've spent the next week or so crying myself to sleep."
"But what if he turns to you for comfort?" Alex asked. "In case you've forgotten, you're just as unavailable as Chris is."
"Do you have a better idea?"
"Wait a minute," Chris said. "He got me here because he slipped me a sleeping pill, so he's gotta have some more around somewhere."
"What are you saying, try to make him feel at least a little bit better, then convince him to take a pill and sleep it off?" Adam asked.
Shrugging, I asked him, "Do you have a better idea?" mimicking his voice in doing so.
"...Not really. So...what, that's..what we're gonna do then?"
"Sounds good to me," Chris said. "How about you guys?" Everyone else nodded or otherwise gave their approval. "Alright...then I guess it's settled, and..the rest of us will get going then, alright?"
"I'll stay here with Adam," Steve said.
"Alright. We'll see you guys later." Ryan and Alex lived in Hecht Hall, so they just went off to their rooms. Zack went with Alex, and Chris and I headed over to my car to drive it back to our room.
Once Chris and I were both in our room, we both plopped down on the couch.
"Geez, man...what a crazy, fucked up night," Chris said before yawning and stretching.
"You said it."
After Chris stretched, he slumped back onto the couch. Almost immediately, Chris seemed ready to fall right asleep. His yawn was contagious, though, as I then yawned.
"We should just hit the sack. I think I could use a good night's sleep, and I'll bet you could, too."
"Yeah." So, we got up and headed for our bedrooms. I turned to Chris and said, "Goodnight."
"'Night." I then closed my bedroom door behind me.
I'd stripped down to my boxer-briefs and was just about to climb into bed when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to find Chris standing there with his pillow. He was also in only his boxer-briefs.
He asked me, "Hey Mack......would...would you mind if I slept next to you tonight? .... I just...I feel like I want to be next to someone tonight."
I was surprised to hear him ask that, but at the same time, I felt my heart flutter at the thought of him lying next to me. Granted, this wouldn't be the first time he'd be sleeping next to me, but it would be the first time it didn't happen right after we'd have had sex. I let Chris in, moved my pillow to give him room, and lay down on my bed.

I watched Chris as he set his pillow down on my bed and turned out my bedroom lights before he lay down next to me and facing me. I closed my eyes for a moment, and then opened them again. Chris's eyes were closed, and I just lay there watching him for a moment. He looked so peaceful laying there with his eyes closed. Then, he slowly re-opened his eyes, looked at me watching him, and smiled. I returned his smile.
"I really want to thank you for savin' me, Mack," Chris said.
"You already thanked me."
"Well, I really mean it. I'm grateful to you, man."
Chris then closed his eyes again and moved a bit closer to me. I also closed my eyes, but I couldn't drift off to sleep right away. Every so often I'd open my eyes to look at Chris, and then close them again. Finally, I draped an arm over him. He then put an arm over me. We both opened our eyes to look at each other once again, and, seeing each other looking, exchanged smiles. Shortly after I closed my eyes once again, I slowly began running my hand up and down Chris's back.
"Mmmmmm..." he murmured.
I continued gently rubbing Chris's back until I just stopped. Not too long after I stopped, I could sense that Chris's face was very close to mine. That was affirmed by his lips gently touching mine. I smiled and softly rubbed his back again. Then, there was only silence until I drifted off to sleep.
I shut my bedroom door behind me and stripped down to my underwear. I then stared at my bed before looking around my room. As I walked closer to my bed, the thought of sleeping by myself in bed tonight seemed really empty, like something was really missing...or rather, someone.
I walked over to my door, opened it, and looked out toward Mack's room. I closed my eyes and thought of myself lying next to him. In my mind, Mack had his arm around me, holding me next to him. I went back to my bed, grabbed my pillow, and headed over to Mack's room, turning the room lights off along the way. I knocked on his door, and when he answered, he looked like I'd caught him just about to lay down. I asked him if I could sleep next to him tonight, and he said, "sure". I followed him into his room, set my pillow down on his bed, and turned off the lights before laying down next to him. I couldn't fall asleep right away, and when I opened my eyes to find that Mack was watching me while I was trying to fall asleep. I couldn't help but smile at him, and I thanked him once again for saving me from being raped. I closed my eyes a second time, thinking about what had happened tonight. In some odd way, I was sort of flattered that Daryl thought I was so attractive. But being obsessed with me and wanting to fuck me were too much. I really wanted to talk to him in the morning - hopefully tonight would be a wake-up call that he shouldn't hold on to his obsession.
As I began to relax, I felt Mack's arm on my back. His touch felt really nice. I wanted to bring Mack closer to me, so I put an arm over him. I opened my eyes to look at him, only to find that he'd done the same thing. We exchanged smiles again, and then I closed my eyes again. That was followed by Mack starting to softly rub my back.
"Mmmmmm..." I murmured. The back rub he was giving me felt really soothing. It seemed like it was just what I needed after tonight's chaos.
Emotionally, I don't think I'd felt as close to him as I felt right then. Drawn by the feeling of such closeness, I gradually moved my head closer to Mack's until finally, I softly kissed him. By now, I found that I was hard - and I'm sure that he was as well. Still, it didn't feel right to have sex with him tonight. Instead, I basked in the continued feeling of closeness as I drifted off to sleep.


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