The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male to male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

The following story depicts unprotected sex. As said, it's fantasy. You are reality. Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied. But if anyone thinks they're the real Andy Lee and would like to prove it to me, my e-mail address is below.

This story is a continuation of my previous story, My Roommate. I hope you like it.

MY ROOMMATE II (M/M, college, interracial, muscle) by

A lot has happened since the start of college when I first met my roommate, Andrew Wang. On that first day Andy just overwhelmed me with his sexual energy, but he does that with everyone he meets.

It's not just that Andy is a Chinese-American Adonis, which he certainly is. He has the body of a muscle god, 6'4", 280 lbs., 60 inch chest, 26 inch arms, 30 inch waist with tremendous abdominal definition and thighs that each were larger than his waist. He has amazing golden-brown skin, completely smooth except for a neat bush of black hair above his cock, and what a cock. It hangs down 15 inches between his legs when soft, the skin slightly darker than that of his body. Yet, when hard, it inflates to almost two feet of vein-covered, rock-solid flesh, thicker than my wrist. The tip pushes out from his foreskin, glowing red from the blood almost hypnotically. His orange-sized balls pump out spurts of pre-cum like normal men cum and when he unloads it's like one of those fancy water guns that can soak you from 20 feet. He can keep that up all night, exhausting dozens of partners and still seem fresh.

He was strong. I've seen him bench over a thousand pounds for reps without a sign of strain. But that wasn't his secret. It was just that when you looked into his black eyes, you would seem to fall under a spell. When you regained awareness of yourself again you were in the afterglow of the most incredible sex you'd ever imagined and there was nothing you wouldn't do for the person that could make that possible.

I suppose I ought to bring you up to date, now that we've just finished the fall semester. I'm Bill Foster. I'm on the men's swimming team. I was gay even before I'd met Andy, and pretty hot looking. At least that's what I'd been told. I was 6', 180 lbs. with a muscular swimmer's build, naturally, blond hair ­ Andy has a sort of fondness for blonds ­ and blue eyes. Plus my 9.5 inch cock kept me pretty popular with the guys in high school.

When I woke up after that first night in which Andy conquered the entire swim team and sent me to levels of ecstasy I'd never imagined, I was a mess. Cum was dried on my hair, face and body. I remembered most of it being mine, but a lot was from others on the team. I thought I remembered the twins with me, but couldn't be sure. It all sort of blended together. I was pretty sure most of Andy's seed went into my gut. He was still there as we lay in his bed, the mighty shaft deep inside me, beating with a strong slow pulse in time with his heartbeat. One huge arm was draped over my body, holding my back securely to his chest.

When I squeezed my ass muscles around the firm pole of his shaft, he responded first with a couple reflexive twitches from his embedded flesh. Of course, with Andy's power, those instinctive movements lifted my hips a couple inches off the bed and slapped my ass into his marble-like abs with audible thunks. I then felt his body stir as he awoke and his arm slid from my chest down my body, brushing my cock that was again hard.

He slid about half-way out of me with a squishing sound from my soggy intestines, bending me double so he could roll me to my back, coming to rest above me with my legs on his shoulders.

"Did you have fun last night?" I nodded yes, looking up into his eyes. "I thought you did," he added. "Can you handle a little more?" I guess my gaze was answer enough.

He started to stroke, sliding smoothly inside me to depths he alone could explore. A warm glow spread from my gut throughout my body as my cock would pulse out a bit of pre-cum on each of his inward movements. He bent over me. I held onto his bulging biceps to steady myself. His head lingered over mine and his tongue darted out to lick and clean my cum-streaked face, periodically kissing me deeply so I could experience the tastes.

After a bit he leaned back and announced, "There ­ all clean." Then on the next stroke he punched my button just right and I spewed four fresh loads onto my face and neck. He chuckled a bit and went back to work.

Finishing my face for a second time he started to get serious about his fucking, using long, smooth, powerful strokes that would arch my back when he was in to the hilt, his balls drawn up and deeply denting the muscles of my ass. I was out of it by this time. I gripped his arms with all of my strength to steady my thoughts, not that I made the slightest impression on the iron-bulge of his muscles. Our eyes locked as the world seemed to spin around his head.

My body shook as his cock jerked inside me, spewing its load. Each shot ricocheted off my gut walls with a force I could sense even through the haze. My own seed spurted wildly as I shot in sympathy. After a few loads, he started to pull out, holding a few seconds as each subsequent eruption flooded lower in my bowels. A last jerk yanked the flaring head through my clutching ass ring. The next spurts covered me, him, and our bed, with his cum. Gradually the flow eased.

As the last drops dripped from his cock head onto my chest, I took a deep breath. He lay lightly on top of me, splashing in cum that covered me, his cock, a thick tube between us. We kissed deeply. Then he pulled back, resting on his knees on the bed, lowering my legs, widely split, over his mountainous thighs.

"Class starts in a couple hours. You need a shower."

"What about you? You're as covered in cum as I am," I observed.

"You get started. I have something to do," he said, stepping off the bed.

He opened the door and went out in the hall, still naked, cock sticking straight up to his pecs, and dripping a trail of cum on the floor. I heard him knock on the neighbors' door. A few minutes later as I headed to the bath, the sound of heavy action on a bed drifted through the walls.

When I returned after my shower the sound was from the room on the opposite wall. As I finished dressing the sounds eased. About fifteen minutes later Andy stepped through our door. He'd obviously showered next door. Though still naked, his 15 inch soft cock was hanging between his legs.

"Give me a few minutes. We'll get some breakfast and I think we have our first class together."

He put on some extremely baggy pants that hung down to mid calf and a muscle tee that fit like a second skin, grabbed a backpack, and was ready to go.

When we left the room I saw the guys from the room on the right leaving too. One was Hispanic, about 5'8" and an average build. The other was an Asian guy, just 5'2" with a slim body. I doubt he was over a hundred pounds. They had big smiles on their faces that only got bigger when they spotted Andy.

Andy made introductions. "Hi, guys. This is my roommate, Bill. These are Luis and Tony."

" Hi," I added. "I heard you getting acquainted with Andy a few minutes ago."

" I hope it was as much fun as the Andy and Bill show that woke us this morning," inserted Tony. "But then it's better to be in the show than the audience."

" No offense, but you're a pretty small guy. Were you able to handle Andy? He's awfully big," I inquired as we were walking.

Tony looked up at Andy. "He's wonderfully big, but, yes, he got it all in. God, I thought it would be coming out my mouth. We will be able to do it again, won't we?"

" Sure guys, you both took it like real studs."

We ate breakfast with them. They were friends from high school in Alhambra in Southern California. They both had girls back home and hadn't considered gay sex before today. I certainly got the impression they were going to try a few things while waiting for another go with Andy.

Our first class was in a large lecture hall with a couple hundred other freshmen. We sat about halfway down. Andy cautioned me to take good notes. I did, but Andy spent most of the time making eye contact with some of the other guys.

At the end of class Andy waved goodbye to me and I saw him take six or seven guys into the men's room with him. I wanted to follow, but took the hint. I saw a couple of them around campus that afternoon and they definitely had the full treatment from Andy.

Andy never studied though he did whip out all the homework at a speed that astonished me. He went out every evening, but insisted I stay, work, and study every evening, Sunday to Thursday. I knew he working his way through the thousands in the student body.

He got great grades, and not just by fucking his professors, though I'm sure he did. I did fine myself through hard work. I knew Andy would be back in the room eventually and each night I got what others dreamed of.

Soon Andy would draw a crowd as he walked around. Mostly there were guys, and a few girls, looking for a repeat engagement. Quite often it was to introduce their boyfriends or girlfriends to an experience that had changed their lives. A few times friends would spot their buddies walking with Andy and realize, for the first time, that they shared a common desire.

I was pretty sought after, even when walking alone, by those that knew me as Andy's roommate. They thought I could put in a good word for them. Several times I took advantage of offered mouths or asses from the hotter ones who thought a little extra effort would help. Most of the time I told them I didn't have that sort of influence, but they were very insistent.

On the weekends Andy would let me tag along on his adventures. That first Friday night he went to one of the fraternities. He just went up to it and walked in. One of the members saw us, came over and started to say something, but stopped and bit his lower lip when he made eye contact. Andy put an arm round his waist, holding him close and asked where most of the brothers hang out. He led Andy to a recreation room downstairs while I followed.

There were about twenty guys in the room when Andy entered. They looked up and you could see them fall under Andy's spell. Several were openly stroking themselves through their pants and one was starting to undo his shirt, all without a word being spoken.

"I thought we might have a little fun. Go and invite the others," ordered Andy to the one who led us down here, giving him a little pat on the butt to speed him on the way.

Now Andy had arrived in his usual tight tee shirt and shorts that were just long enough to cover him when soft. He just stood there at the bottom of the stairs, legs spread, as his cock grew beyond the fabric and past his knee. Every eye was on it as it rose to vertical, pushing the material until it bunched at his hip.

Andy walked over to a handsome, blond, six-footer and kissed him full on the lips with his tongue diving inside as he held the stunned stud tightly to his body. The room was silent as they held the kiss for over a minute as the object of Andy's affections eagerly returned the passion. Just then I heard feet on the steps above us. The others were arriving.

" What's going on?" someone asked, spotting the scene below. Several of those in the room had already lowered their pants and had their cocks out. One had stripped. I stepped away to make room as a large group crowded on the stairs.

Andy broke his kiss and turned around. The guy he was with had a hand squeezing his cock about halfway up. His shirt was stained with a few streaks of Andy's pre-cum and he had an outrageous bulge in his pants, extending nearly to the side of his hip.

" We're having a little party. Why don't you join us?" Andy asked while lifting his tee over his head and tossing it aside. "Help my buddy here take my shorts off," he directed the leader.

As expected, he obeyed The others filed into the room and began disrobing. I wasn't going to be the last one naked. I tossed off my stuff while I watched the two fraternity brothers struggle to pull Andy's cock from vertical so they could slide his shorts off his leg. Both of them, with four hands, couldn't move it more than twenty degrees. All the while it was spurting pre-cum, spraying both men, and everybody within three or four feet, getting slipperier every second.

While it was a great show, I didn't want to wait. I saw a cute guy I'd seen with the gymnastics team standing near Andy, just watching, with his removed shirt and slacks clutched in one hand. He was only about 5'4", but very muscular. His white bikini briefs showed off the firm flesh of solid glutes.

I stepped close behind him, pressing my hard cock onto his ass. He felt me and pushed back into my groin. "You won't need these," I said, taking the clothes from his hand and tossing them toward the wall. "Why don't you get rid of those briefs too?"

He pushed them down and stepped out of them without any thought, still concentrating on Andy. "Are you going to fuck me?"

I just pushed on his back with my left hand while coating the fingers on my right with the pre-cum Andy had splattered on his chest. His muscular ass cheeks spread nicely when he bent over, exposing his hairless pink hole. He shuddered as I rubbed it with my middle finger, smearing the rim with some of Andy's juice. As he seemed to relax I pushed the finger in to the limit.

"You're very tight," I observed. "Try and relax and enjoy it."

" I've never done this before. Ah...aaah...oooo," he cooed as I pushed his joy button. "What did you do?"

" Just finding your sensitive spots." I added a second finger. "It will feel even better with my cock in there."

I reached over to Andy's cock, still the object of struggle by the two guys trying to remove his shorts, and coated my hand with its copious covering of slippery lube. I slathered my stiff shaft with his juice and pointed the tip at the entrance. "Ready?" I didn't wait for an answer.

I grabbed his waist and pulled. My cock head punched through his ring as he grunted in surprise and pain. I felt his muscles tighten. I left it in place, teasing him with half-inch strokes of the tip while seven more inches waited. As he got used to me he started to wiggle his ass around my intrusion. I pushed a few more inches into him, pressing my tip to his prostate. He reacted immediately.

I gave him a dozen quick pokes at the same spot, feeling him buck, shiver, and shake at each touch. He suddenly bolted upright, arched his back and clamped down on my pole as he came, spraying Andy and his two playmates with several heavy loads. While he was distracted I pushed the last half of my shaft into his warm cavity.

" It looks like you're ahead of me," laughed Andy. "I'd better get myself into gear." He snapped his cock from his buddies' grips, bent over almost double and pushed his shorts to the floor.

"You're first," he said to the blond while leaning back on the corner of a heavy pool table. He lifted him up until he was standing on the table rails, straddling his hips. The guy's hard eight-inch cock was standing out just over his head, dripping white blobs into Andy's straight black hair. Andy anchored the guy's calves between his torso and arms.

"Now sit down slowly," he directed.

He dipped carefully lower. Andy took the opportunity to lick at his balls and shaft as his partner's crotch passed in front of his face. By the time the cock was at mouth level Andy's blunt mushroom had speared his glutes and rested below the puckered hole. He stopped when he felt the contact, eager yet nervous.

Andy just engulfed the guy's cock to the root, pressing his nose into the curly, blond pubic bush. When he bent his neck forward he used the shaft as a handle to force the man down. As the tip popped in, he opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out. About eight inches of the fleshy stake impaled him before he steadied himself by pressing on the boulders that were Andy's shoulders. Andy let the cock slide from his mouth. It sprung up against his partner's abs.

All the other brothers were gathered around watching. All were down to underwear or less and were openly stroking their cocks. A few had already shot a load while watching, but Andy and I were the only ones fucking.

I resumed stroking my new friend, using slow full-length strokes from my 9.5 inches. He turned his head and looked back at me when I started up again. I think he was so involved in his orgasm and Andy's show he forgot I was inside him. He remembered quickly when my crown brushed his spot.

Meanwhile Andy had his hands on his partner's thighs, forcing him to sit down further on his fuck pole. He'd push him down a couple inches then relax the pressure, allowing the guy to lift up, but not quite to where he started. In a few minutes he'd worked about a foot into the tight hole. The blond was now in a full squat with his thighs parallel to the table. He was sweating heavily, moaning each time Andy moved within him, adding a small grunt as each dip bottoms out and the invader in his guts opens up new territory.

Andy pumps his hips a few times, forcing a few more inches in with short, quick strokes. As he settles back you can see the bottom half of his cock throb as he begins to unload. This is too much for his partner. He throws his head back as his first shot goes over Andy's head and lands in the center of the pool table. The next three spray Andy's face. He licks up all that he can reach with his tongue.

As the last drops drip off the blond's cock, he seems to lose his strength. His muscles go slack and he sits down into Andy's lap as Andy supports his back. The bottom half of Andy's still spewing cock disappears up his gut.

The guy is really out of it by now. Andy licks his face until he sees the eyes open and focus on him. He looks around at the crowd surrounding them, then back at Andy. "I can feel you. You're still cumming, but not so strongly." Andy nods. "Oh. You've stopped. I don't want it to be over."

" It's not," said Andy, standing up with his partner still plugged, turning around and laying the guy's back onto the table. He put the legs up in the deep valley between his traps and deltoids, held him by the waist and extracted almost the entire cum-coated shaft until the helmet pulled against the ring from the inside. A smooth motion sheathed his sword into its human scabbard as the recipient of his assault thrashed wildly on the hard surface of pool table. A few more strokes had the guy overwhelmed, gibbering unintelligibly, eyes unfocused.

I had stopped my own fuck motions, watching the amazing scene. Most of the guys had even stopped the stroking of their own cocks as everyone was enthralled.

The blond shot another big load, but I don't think he even noticed. Andy was upping his speed. He did a few minutes of frantic pounding of a stud now reduced to quivering Jell-O. The final stroke was in slow motion. When he bottomed out, the shaft must have flexed, lifting the guy's back off the table for a few seconds as he fired the first volley of a new barrage of cum. The blond's cock erupted again.

Andy pulled out slowly. When he popped free he was still spewing long white ropes of juice. He directed the first few onto his partner, soaking him thoroughly. Then he spun around, marking everyone with his seed. His partner had passed out, resting limply on the hard surface, his cock still weakly pulsing gobs of white into the deep pools of Andy's spunk that coated his body.

Andy looked around, grabbed the nearest onlooker and bent him over the side of the table beside his last guy. His chest splashed in the puddles as Andy held him down and moved in position. "You're next," he announced to his new subject, stating the obvious, as his cock started to fit itself in.

As Andy went back to work, I started to get some serious fucking with my gymnast friend. I bent him over again as I started to plow him deeply.

" Fuck me. Fuck me," he urged me on. I powered into him as hard as I could, faster and faster. "Oh...yes...yes...yes," he sighed. I hit the target again and again as my stiff cock moved through his warm, tight tunnel.

I was close. I gave him three final thrusts, pounding against his firm butt with a loud slap as my flesh contacted him. After the last I stayed buried and started to unload. As I climaxed I pulled him upright again, holding his back to my chest. As he started his own orgasm I felt his ass muscles spasm around my shooting shaft. I leaned backward as the feelings intensified, lifting him off his feet.

I lunged up into him each time I released a fresh blast. After a few I felt my foot slip on the floor that was slick with (mostly Andy's) cum. I lost my balance and scrambled to regain it while falling over backwards. I managed to sit back, landing heavily on the floor with my butt as my gymnast buddy bounced on top of me. I was still coupled with him and still pumping my cream into his bowels.

As my passion eased, I sprawled back on the damp floor. My gymnast friend lay back onto my chest, and then rolled beside me as my softening cock slipped from his bottom.

" That," he said, looking into my eyes. "But, I don't think I could handle someone as big as your friend though. By the way, I'm Jack, Jack Gardner."

" Hi. I'm Bill Foster and my friend is Andy Lee. I'm sure you'll get acquainted with him in a little bit. Don't worry. You'll love it, but I'm glad I was your first guy. You never forget your first time." I pulled him against me and kissed him. Our tongues dueled with each other playfully.

" It won't be my last. Could we get together again some time?"

" Sure. I've seen you around the gym. I'm on the swim team and we usually practice at the same time. Just stop by the swim team training room when you finish your workout."

" Great. Ugh...You know?...Could we do it again tonight?"

Just then Andy popped into view, reached down and hoisted Jack into his arms. "Mind if I borrow your buddy. You've warmed him up for me I see."

I topped a couple more guys and bottomed for a few before Andy had everyone too exhausted to move.

I awoke next morning to the delightful sensation of someone nursing my cock. I was in a bed in a sixty-nine position with Jack. His hard seven-inch piece was in easy reach, so I sucked it into my waiting mouth, tasting the juice already seeping from it. His legs were split by one of Andy's massive thighs. As my nose pressed into Jack's balls I had a great view of Andy's pole. All but about six inches was plugged into Jack's butt. His sphincter was stretched tightly around the invader, bright red from the friction and abuse of the past night. Dried fluids coated the area around it while a small trickle of cum managed, somehow, to find its way past the tight seal and soak into the sheets.

I backed off Jack's sweet piece. "Good morning, Jack. How are you doing?"

He paused his work on me. "I'm fine. Last night was something. You were great, but Andy was incredible. I can still feel him within me."

" That's because he is in you, silly." I reached between Jack's spread legs and gave a firm squeeze of the exposed portion of Andy's turgid dong.

Andy was roused from his sleep. As always his first motion was a few instinctive shakes of his cock that thrashed Jack's body back and forth on the bed for a few seconds, causing him to utter a sharp cry of surprise. Then his body stirred. His arm reached around and he massaged my ass.

"Morning, Bill. Who's our little friend here?"

" Hi, Andy. I'm Jack Gardner. Bill told me your name, but with everything so confusing about last night, I don't think I introduced myself. I did have a great time though. Uh. ... You know. ... If it's not, ... I'm not sure how to ask this, but could you fuck me again?"

" Well Jack I'm glad to meet you formally. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. If you noticed, it appears we already are fucking," moving his cock in and out a few inches as he spoke. "But, I think you want a bit more," he added, lengthening his strokes.

As Jack started moaning I went down on his sweet dick again. I ground my crotch into his face. He took the suggestion and sucked my stiff rod into his warm mouth. Andy is so thick that any movement he makes stimulates a guy's prostate almost continuously. Jack was so hot that his body tensed and he flooded my mouth after only a couple long strokes. I swallowed several gulps.

Andy wasn't done yet though. He kept up his motion, building it up by increasing the speed and length of his undulations. Jack barely softened in my mouth. A few licks on the sensitive bottom of the crown and Andy's continued stimulation had him as hard as ever in moments. The pleasure was making him moan, or, at least, he was trying to as best he could with my cock halfway down his neck. The effect was to make his throat muscles vibrate around my shaft. It was very exciting. I started to buck my hips to fuck his mouth.

Andy lifted Jack's upper leg, bending it up until his knee was near his shoulder, spreading his ass wider to allow his cock to penetrate just a bit further. As he raised his pace again I knew Andy was close. On the last stroke he slowed and I could see he had started to pump his load.

The first explosion inside him caused Jack to have a full body spasm. His throat clamped down on me and his cock fluttered wildly in my mouth as it poured out another big offering. I unloaded my own sperm. We both swallowed furiously.

Slowly our passion eased. I rolled to my back, resting after releasing Jack's spent cock as mine slipped from his lips. Andy stepped off the bed, standing up as he extracted his cock that he'd allowed to go soft after soaking Jack's intestines. He helped Jack get up. He was a bit unsteady and needed some support initially. I got up too and gave Andy a good morning kiss. He licked up some of Jack's juices from the inside of my mouth.

"I suppose we should shower and get some breakfast. Does anyone know where our clothes are?" Andy asked, looking around the room.

"The bathroom is down the hall. I'll show you. You can have breakfast here," offered Jack. "Damn. I feel so empty not having a cock up there," he added, fingering his hole.

"Our clothes are probably still downstairs in the party room," I replied. "I doubt anyone had the energy to straighten things up."

The scene in the rest of the house was amazing. There were some beds shared by sleeping twosomes and one threesome. They hadn't bothered or had the energy to shut the doors. Another couple was resting at the foot of the stairs. A number of groups were huddled peacefully in the party room, its floor still slippery with puddles of cum. A few singles were draped on pieces of furniture. They probably hadn't been strong enough to move after Andy finished with them.

We found our clothes, pretty well soaked like everything down there. "Let me toss these into the wash," offered Jack. "They should be ready by the time we shower and eat."

He was back in a minute and led us upstairs to the common bath area. When we entered the shower we found the blond guy sitting below a showerhead. It looked like he made it up here, but hadn't had enough strength left to turn on the water. He was still covered in dried cum. A thin white stream seeped from his ass hole and flowed along the floor to the drain.

We turned on the spray. It revived our sleeping friend. While we started getting clean we watched him awaken. It took him a minute to get oriented. You could tell when he recognized Andy. His cock sprang to attention.

"Oh. Hi. I seem to be a bit worn out. I think you fucked me twice last night."

" Good morning. I fucked everyone at least twice. You were a real stud. I did you four times, but I don't think you were counting." Andy extended a hand and helped him to his feet.

"Hey! You didn't fuck me last night. How about one now?" I asked.

"Bill, I fucked you every day last week, at least twice a day, including yesterday."

" I'm your roommate. You forgot about me when you met these guys. I want a fuck. I wanna fuck." I crossed my arms and put on my best pout face. I think the effect was spoiled some by my cock sticking up vertically past my navel, already starting to leak its juice.

"OK. You win." We were mesmerized watching his cock, untouched by him, inflate to its full hard length of nearly two feet and then rotate until it was upright, the large red mushroom cap glowing from the fresh blood that powered his weapon. It ended just in the groove between the thick bulging pillows of his pecs. "Hop up and climb aboard."

I jumped onto him, wrapping my arms around his thick neck and legs around his small, muscled waist. His strong hands held my upper chest. His thumbs extended across the front to tease my man tits. He lifted me up easily. My cock slid along his much larger one. I felt the ridge of his crown pass down my length until the tip passed along and under my balls. When I was lowered an inch I felt the blunt point knock at my door and demand admission.

I yielded easily to his, now familiar, presence. My gut swelled as the bulging head moved deeper. After just a few inches I shuddered in pleasure as he pressed my most sensitive spot. He kept lowering my body, forcing himself deeper. The tight fit gave steady friction on the centers of ecstasy. I could feel each of the many veins that crisscrossed the firmness that snaked further and further within me. My body writhed in exquisite agony, squirming in his iron grip around the unyielding flesh that pinned my butt.

Before I hit bottom of that first deep thrust, I exploded. My cock's first shot launched between our bodies and over Andy's head. Several more streaked both our chests and were washed slowly away by the spray from the shower. Slightly dazed in the aftermath, I looked into Andy's deep, black eyes to focus my attention. I felt the thicker shaft near the base expand my hole to its limit as Andy's orange-sized balls dimpled the muscles of my glutes.

He let me stay still for a few second until my breathing steadied as I eased off the peak of my orgasm. When he thought I was ready he lifted my body and my pleasure built again as I was stimulated by the movements within me. I knew from past experience that Andy was in absolute control. I released my arms from around his neck, placing my hands on the great bulges that were his biceps. Each muscle on his 26" arms was like marble. He lifted me as if I were no heavier than a basketball.

A familiar pattern was repeating itself. He stroked me long and deep, slowly building up the speed. The sensations flowed through my body, sending me into frenzy. I'd approach my threshold. The next motion would send me over and my senses would spin. The only thing that could penetrate the veil that intense pleasure cast over my mind was the sensation from my gut that became ever stronger as Andy continued his mind-blowing fuck.

Each peak came quicker and the effect lasted longer until it became a continuous blur that nothing external could penetrate. That is until the throbbing began deep in the center of my soul. It built quickly to a tremendous crescendo that took over my whole body. I let the wave break over me as the world spun and I didn't care, lost in the ultimate pleasure that only Andy is able to induce.

I became aware again. My head was resting on the iron-like plates that cover Andy's massive chest. His slow breathing and clearly audible heartbeat helped steady me. I was in his secure embrace and he was still deep inside me, but no longer cumming. The cool shower spray helped to clear my head.

"Was that what you wanted?" Andy asked. I nodded weakly. "Can you stand?"

" I think so," I mumbled.

I released my legs that were wrapped about his waist. They hung down still split widely by the outrageous bulges of his thighs. Andy bent his knees until he dipped low enough for my feet to touch the tile of the shower floor. Steadying me with his hands on my waist, he dropped lower and away, extracting a soft, but still impressive, cock from my body. It took several seconds for my body to recover when the head finally pulled clear, but he held me as he stood back up and I regained some strength.

"Wow! Is that what happened to us?" Jack asked.

"Pretty much," offered Andy. "Of course, Bill has had a week of practice to get used to it. You were unable to move for about an hour after I first fucked you."

" But I was able to get up almost right away this morning when you fucked me?"

" Oh, that was only a quickie, wakeup fuck, only two or three orgasms. I always start a new guy with a thorough fuck like you just saw and revisit him later to keep up his pleasure level. Then there's my special surprise fuck that can keep a guy senseless with pleasure all night. I gave Bill one last Sunday, but don't go asking for one. Though, if you're lucky, you might experience one someday."

" Hey, let's get breakfast. I'm always starved after heavy sex," I interjected.

We left the shower and dried ourselves. A couple others were awake by now. Anyone spotting Andy grew erect almost immediately. Jack had regained his erection watching our scene in the shower. However, Andy initiated no more sexual activity that visit.

Well that gives you the idea of what has been happening since Andy arrived on campus. I'm pretty sure he's made a couple thousand new friends this semester. That's only a small fraction of the school, but it's only his first semester. This evening we're having a little party to celebrate the end of finals. It's just a hundred of the hottest guys he's met so far. Jack arranged a gym we can use in privacy and enough gym mats to cover half the floor. Each invitee has to bring a date that Andy hasn't met yet, boyfriend or girlfriend. The captain of my swim team, Doug Moore, is bringing his fiancée.

The party should last all weekend. I'd better wrap this up. Andy and I have got to leave. The fun won't really start until he gets there.

The End