The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male to male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further.

The following story depicts unprotected sex. As said, it's fantasy. You are reality. Practice safer sex.

All characters in this story are fictional with no resemblance to any real persons implied. But if anyone thinks they're the real Andy Wang and would like to prove it to me, my e-mail address is below.

This story is a continuation of my previous stories, My Roommate and My Roommate II. I hope you like it.


My second year at college promised to be even more fun than my first. My roommate from last year had arranged to live at a furnished townhouse owned by the university and asked me to join him. Apparently it was rent-free. You might ask whom he had to fuck to get that. I don't know but I'm sure that whomever it was thought they got the best of the deal.

Andy Wang defined the role of sex god. He was incredibly handsome Chinese-American, a mass of muscle 6'4" tall and 280 lbs. with not an ounce of body-fat. His 60 inch chest tapers to a 30 inch waist with 6-pack abs. His 26 inch arms and massive thighs can lift a thousand pounds like most guys handle ten. His golden skin glows in the light, smooth and hairless except for a silky black bush above his cock. A cock that is awesome enough at 15 inches soft hanging between his muscled legs, but hypnotic when it extends a two-foot pole of steel, as thick as a wrist, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting pre-cum like most guys cum. But when he unloads, his orange-sized balls can pump quarts with enough force to cross a large room and keep it up all night.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody's wet-dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they'd never imagined.

That's what I experienced almost ever night and morning as Andy's roommate last year. Of course, Andy must have had a couple thousand sex partners during the year, in singles, pairs and huge parties with dozens of guests lasing all weekend. He never failed to leave his partners in blissful exhaustion. When we first met he said he wasn't always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn't understand it when he told me, but I'm more than happy to take advantage of it.

I ought to introduce myself. I'm Bill Foster. I'm on the swimming team, 6', 195 lbs. and a swimmer's build, naturally. I've put on a bit a muscle last year. It might be my workouts, but Andy thinks it's from being infused constantly with his cum. Perhaps. My cock went from 9.5 to 10 inches too, but it has been getting plenty of work as well. I'm a natural blond and Andy is particularly fond of blonds.

It was tough going home over the summer. I had lots of sex with friends back home, but it wasn't the same. I really envied the guys near Andy's home south of San Francisco.

The address Andy gave me was just a block from campus. As I reached the front door carrying my suitcases my cock had tented out the front of my shorts, anticipating our reunion with Andy. The door was unlocked. He must be home.

Once I opened the door and heard the sounds drifting out of the living room, I knew he was home. I left my stuff by the entry and moved into the house. As I expected Andy was in action with a guy on the couch. Two others were locked in an exhausted embrace while slumped together in one of the big side chairs. The guy Andy was fucking I recognized as Luis, the Hispanic guy that shared the dorm room next to ours with the small Asian guy, Tony. Tony was one of the guys on the chair. He was sitting on the lap of another Asian guy who was a bit bigger than he. Tony's chest rested on the chest of his friend, his head resting on the shoulder and legs split over the chair arms. Tony was sitting on the guy's stiff cock, but they were totally spent, having already had their turns with Andy. If their condition were not evidence enough, the small streams of cum leaking from both their holes and starting to pool on the hardwood floor confirmed my guess.

Andy noticed my arrival. "Hi Bill. Welcome back. Our bedroom is upstairs. You can put your stuff away while I finish up with Luis. He and Tony stopped over with Tony's brother who drove them up after checking into their dorm." He hadn't missed a stroke while greeting me.

I saw Luis look over at me while Andy was talking. His legs were in the valley between Andy's boulder-like shoulders and thick neck, bending him almost double. He was holding onto Andy's biceps to steady himself as he was rocked by full-length strokes from Andy's two-foot cock plowing his hole. He'd already had at least one orgasm from the looks of the cum streaks on his face and the leather surfaces of the couch by his head, but since he still had a way to go until he reached the senseless bliss that the others were in I figured it would be a bit until Andy was ready for me.

I stepped out of my shorts, slipped off my shoes and stripped my top. "Go ahead Andy and finish up Luis. I'll warm up a bit with Tony and his brother."

Andy spotted my erection already dripping a bit of pre-cum. "You are eager."

I knelt in front of their big chair. It was fortunately leather like the couch and it would be easy to clean off the big puddles of cum that had already leaked. I lifted the legs of the guy Tony sat on, his brother according to Andy, and spread them across the chair's padded arms, pulling his body down until his butt rested at the end of the seat cushion. This shoved his cock just a bit deeper into Tony's clutching hole. I could see the brother's ass lips twitching. Each little spasm would allow a bit of cum to seep from his hole where it would join the stream dripping from Tony. Neither guy seemed to react to my manipulations.

I had something in mind, but I would need to be well lubed. Andy had provided plenty, but there was no need to use the juice cooling on the chair when there was plenty being kept warm at body temperature. I leaned forward and slipped easily into Tony's brother's clutching chute.

All ten of my inches shoved in as Andy's cum spurted out around my shaft as I displaced it. It felt hot inside the well-fucked gut. His internal muscles grabbed at my shaft as his face showed his first reaction. His eyes briefly focused on my face and he licked his lips. I gave him a few slow strokes, eliciting a low moan from him.

As I heard Luis experience another orgasm on the couch, I decided to move on with my plan. I eased out of the brother and repositioned my now cum-coated pole at the spot he penetrated Tony, who was still resting peacefully. I put a little pressure against their junction. The tip of my crown dug a small furrow in the bottom of the brother's shaft and rolled a bit of Tony's ass-ring away. It was enough to give me a start. I shoved and got in half the head.

That, at last, roused Tony from dreamland. He lifted his head from his brother's shoulders and looked quickly from side to side, finally twisting around to spot me behind him just as his ass muscle yielded and allowed my bulb and about three inches of shaft to scoot in alongside his brother's piece. Tony gave a silent wince as he recognized the penetration.

"Oh. Hi Bill. Andy said he expected you any minute. I guess you must have arrived while I was recovering from Andy's greeting. Have you met my big brother, Ming?"

I pushed in more of my pole. When I got about three-quarters in I felt myself pushing past the crown of Ming's cock.

"Hi Tony," I responded. "It looks like your brother is still a bit dazed, but I did try a little sample before entering you. He's hot. You guys must have lots of fun."

"No. Ming's straight and married. He was just dropping Luis and me off, but wanted to come in to use the bathroom before he hit the interstate to the south. He saw Andy and I guess things just happened. Mmm...Bill... You're a lot thicker than I remember."

"That's because I'm sharing you with your brother. He feels like he has about seven inches stuffed in alongside me. Don't you remember?"

"No. Oh. I see," Tony remarked after pushing back a bit against his brother's chest so he could glance down and see his balls resting snugly on Ming's pubic hair. "I guess Andy set me down here after our sex. I probably had passed out until you roused me when you shoved into my hole."

We both heard Andy grunt as he started unleashing a load into Luis' belly. It triggered a sharp exhalation from Luis as he experienced another orgasm. Andy kept up his pace as Luis writhed underneath him wracked by the ecstasy from the constant stimulation from Andy's monster member moving inside him. I knew he wouldn't last many minutes longer, so I started my assault on Tony's clutching hole. His gut squeezed his brother's pole against mine as I moved so the ridge of my cock-head stimulated them both, not to mention what the friction did for me. It must have worked on Ming too because he started coming around.

"Ming...Ming," Tony addressed him. "Wake up."

"Little brother? What's going on?"

"You came in the house with Luis and I and met our friend Andy. He fucked you. You liked it a lot. Do you remember?"

"Yes. It's like a dream. Oooh. What was that? Is someone stroking my dick? Who? What? Aaah."

"That must be Bill."

"Hi Ming," I interjected, peering over Tony's back and giving Ming a big smile while continuing full strokes into Tony's butt.

"You and Bill are fucking me now. It feels great with both of you in my ass. Together you must be almost as thick as Andy. How does Bill feel sliding along your shaft? He's got a pretty nice cock. Nothing like Andy's, but what is?"

"Oh God! I am fucking you. We can't. You're my brother." Ming tried to squirm out from beneath Tony but he was pretty well pinned to the chair and his efforts only served to move his shaft in and out of his brother's butt a few inches. I certainly enjoyed his attempt, but my hands on Tony's slim hips kept him planted firmly on Ming's groin. "Ooooh...God!" He exclaimed again as the stimulation from his movements started to affect him.

"Come on Ming. I love being fucked. So do you if you remember when Andy did you, and it sure looks like you're having fun now. Just let yourself enjoy it and experiment with your movements to see what feels good."

"It does feel good. It's so warm and tight and I tingle all over when Bill slides alongside me."

There was a short scream from the couch as Luis experienced another orgasm, his fourth or fifth, I think. He was starting to lose consciousness as Andy built up his pace. I knew Andy was about done with Luis.

"Is that Andy with your roommate?" Ming asked, noticing the action on the couch for the first time. He continued to move in and out of his brother's hole trying to find what worked best for him as I helped out. "Is that what I looked like when Andy fucked me?" At this point Luis was gibbering unintelligibly while his eyes stared widely up at Andy's face.

"Sure," answered Tony. "That's what everyone looks like when Andy really turns it on...Yes...That's a good motion. Keep that up guys," Tony ordered us as we got into a rhythm where I slid out as Ming slid in.

I managed to work my cock in position where my flange was squeezed between Ming's pole and the bump of Tony's prostate. I held Tony down on Ming while I took advantage of our alignment to stimulate Tony's sensitive spot with short, swift strokes across it. Tony reacted instantly. His whole body shook and shuddered. He arched his back and gave a strangled cry as he exploded in sexual pleasure. Tony's anal cavity convulsed around the paired poles as I shoved in to the hilt. I felt the spray against my shaft as Ming joined his brother in ecstasy. Squeezed in an orgasmic embrace my cock joined the party.

When I eased off I held Tony in position so our softening cocks wouldn't slip out. I stayed half-hard anyway due to the tight fit of sharing the space with Ming. I saw that Tony had splattered Ming's face and chest with several big gobs of his sperm. Tony noticed too and started licking it up and sharing it with his brother in deep kisses. Ming was initially startled by the kiss and the entry and taste of his brother's tongue, but soon got into it. I managed to lap up a streak Tony missed and leaned over to share a three-way kiss with them.

While we were busy Andy had finished up with Luis. Breaking our kiss we saw him standing beside our chair in all his massive muscular glory, cock vertically erect in front of his torso, covered and dripping with some of the residue of the loads he'd deposited inside Luis who was now sprawled limply on the sofa. Tony and I immediately twisted around to lap up the juices. Ming hung back a few seconds before taking a tentative lick after which he joined us with enthusiasm.

"Tony, I see you and your brother have discovered some new interests in common. Get me nice and clean for Bill's welcome back fuck."

Ming backed off and looked up at Andy. "I can't believe that something that huge could be stuffed up my ass, or Tony's. It must be half as big as he is."

"Oh, you took it all and sure had fun, but you probably don't remember most of your fuck session. Most first timers get kind of dreamy after a couple minutes. I'll give all of you something to remember." Andy moved behind me. "Tony lean forward and wrap your hands around your brother's neck," he directed. Then Andy lifted me up by my thighs until I straddled the arms of the chair snuggly behind where Tony also straddled. "Bill, lay over Tony's back so he's sandwiched between you and Ming." When I complied our three butts hung over the front cushion of the chair with Ming on the bottom, Tony in the middle and me on top. Ming and I were still inserted in Tony's tight bottom. "Ready? This should be fun."

Andy pressed his marble-like pecs to my back and wrapped his arms around the pile of guy flesh on the chair until he held Ming's waist in his hands. Suddenly Ming started to thrash around, shaking the chair, and his cock stiffened instantly to full hardness and started to twitch against mine in Tony's hole. However, Andy had full control so Ming wasn't able to move enough to slip away.

"What are you doing? It's too big," Ming almost screamed. "It's so hard. Oh. Oh. Oh. It's in. I feel so full."

"That's just half my tip. Here's the rest of the head," Andy remarked as he gave a quick stab and Ming yelped in surprise. "Here's some of the shaft." Ming moaned. "That was my rim rubbing your prostate. Everybody likes that. Try it some more." He gave Ming a couple of minutes of stimulation until I felt Ming's cock erupt inside Tony's gut spraying my member with his hot seed.

"That was great. I never had such good sex."

"I just used the first eight inches, Get ready. Here's the rest."

"What are you doing? I feel you moving inside me. Where is it going? I feel it in my belly. It's so big. It's rubbing that spot all the time. How much more is there?" Ming was growing more frantic.

"Just another eight or nine inches," Andy assured him.

"You're doing great big brother. Rub your hand on your stomach and you can feel him inside."

"I can feel him just fine already. He's like a steel pole in my gut. Every move I try to make feels like my internal anatomy is rearranging itself around him. Oh. That's his balls on my ass. It feels like the tip is near my heart. Oh. He's pulling out. Now it feels like I'm being turned inside out."

I was a bit envious that Ming was getting a second fuck while I waited. Of course there was no point in being upset with Andy helping Ming explore his sexuality. It's what he does. So I figured I might as well help out and have a bit of fun too. I started to make steady strokes inside Tony, rubbing my shaft along the full length of Ming's embedded pole that was already twitching from the internal massage he was getting from Andy.

"Yeah, Bill, I like that. It's like two different voices singing in my gut. You're the base and Ming's the tenor. Do you like that too, Ming?"

"What? Tony? I feel...I..."

I felt Andy pound an ultimate stroke into Ming's gut and unleash his cum. Ming went wild and unloaded in Tony's hole triggering Tony and I to join in the mutual orgasm.

"Wow. That was a good one," sighed Tony. "It looks like I sprayed your face again Ming. Ming?" Tony shook Ming's shoulders. "Are you OK?"

"Tony? Yes. I'm OK. I can still feel Andy. Oh. Oooh. He's still shooting in my gut. I'm going to... to...again." He tensed all his muscles, moaned and sprayed my pole.

"Ming," called Tony again with more concern. "Ming."

"Tony?" Ming answered weakly. "I must have blanked out for a second. Andy has stopped now but I still feel him in me. I loved it but I'd be like your roommate if he keeps going."

"I kept going on our first fuck, but I want you to remember more this time," put in Andy. "I'll ease out now and give Bill what he's been waiting for."

"It was great, Andy. Oh. Even pulling out makes me tingle all over. Ah. It's out. I think I'm leaking."

"Don't worry, Ming," assured Tony. "That's normal after sex with Andy. He must have dumped a quart of cum into your gut. You'll leak for a while until your ring recovers from being stretched so wide. I'm still leaking Andy's cum and some that you and Bill just added. Of course, it's impossible to get a really good seal with two cocks up your butt."

"Well I'm not leaking and I want to be," I complained. As if to answer I felt Andy press against my back door. It spread my butt cheeks easily. The juice covering it felt cool against my skin. The tip nestled in the center of my ass lips. Andy pressed in just a half inch or so as my sphincter nipped around the intruder. I tried to push back on it, but I was pinned between Andy and Tony. I felt Andy spew a couple shots of his precum into my hole. "Do it Andy. Fuck me hard. I've waited all summer for this."

"Sure. Here's what you've been waiting for."

I felt my hole stretch as his flesh entered me slowly but irresistibly. The ring snapped to the shaft once the wider bulb popped into my bowels. I could sense each bump and vein along its surface as more and more eased through the sensitive band of muscle. The tight fit wiped the excess juices that still coated his member from its previous immersion in Ming's depths. They flowed down my crack, over my balls and cock until blocked by the lips of Tony's ass to pass down Ming's cock.

Andy expanded my intestines as he pushed deeper. There was constant pressure on my joy button that was only heightened by the pulsing of the shaft as the blood spurted through it driven by the slow throb of Andy's heart. More entered me until he was into the areas only he could reach. I felt him press my abdominal muscles from the inside. He kept going until the head poked the top of my belly just under my heart.

Andy just left it there for the time being. It was an inescapable presence in the center of my body, radiating warmth and beating slowly with a power that rocked my entire frame. My cock grew harder than ever, straining in the grip of Tony's gut and exciting Ming's well-used shaft back to hardness.

As Andy started his fuck strokes, he moved his hands to Tony's hips so he could slip Tony almost off the paired cocks as he withdrew his own. Then he would impale Tony as he impaled me. It drove me wild and both Tony and Ming writhed in pleasure from the new stimulation.

Andy drove me right over the top. I arched my back as I spewed a huge load up Tony's hole as he and Ming joined in the explosion. When I came off the peak I rested my head on Tony's back. Every nerve in my body was hyper-stimulated.

As Andy picked up the pace of his fucking I was propelled back to sexual delight. I could tell that Andy was building to his own climax and we were all going to get a wild ride. He pounded my ass harder and harder. The impact reverberated through the entire pile of male flesh coupled on the big chair. The slaps of flesh on flesh as Andy drove his sex spear into my guts was punctuated by the groans, grunts and moans as the three of us reacted to the impact.

Andy gave me a final stab, burying himself to the max while holding Tony onto my groin with Ming along for the ride. I felt his pipe pulse as he pumped me with his essence. Each load reverberated in my intestines with the force of a punch. My body was sweep up into a whole body spasm of sexual frenzy, pumping its offering into Tony's tiny body that was fluttering under my torso in his own ecstasy.

Unexpectedly Andy yanks his wildly beating member from the tight confines of my body. I barely had time to react from its snapping from my ass when I felt in plunging besides Ming and I deep into Tony, whose scream, more in surprise than pain, probably could be heard outside. My own cock was wedged against the sides of Tony's overstretched bowels as Andy filled the center outreaching me by almost a foot. As he continued to unleash his juice Ming and I were pumped dry by the muscular waves that passed down its surface.

Tony's body became stiff as a board as every muscle contracted in reaction to the sudden invasion. As I sensed Andy easing off his orgasm, Tony passed out. Every muscle grew slack as he collapsed onto his brother's chest who himself was gasping in exhaustion with his head rolled back on the top of the chair.

Just then the doorbell rang. "Come in," shouted Andy.

As my cock dribbled its last I heard the door open and some commotion at the entry.

"Look at that," someone said. "We'd better go."

I managed to look up and spotted two big black guys. They were dressed in baggy sweat shorts and football jerseys. They were both about six foot five or six and very muscular. Defensive backs was my guess. The one on the right had a very big bulge in his shorts, but the other had a hand on his elbow trying to move him away.

As I was taking in the situation Andy reared back and stood up. The action whipped the entire two-foot cum-coated penis from Tony's tight butt. Ming's cock and mine were trapped by the flange of his withdrawing crown and ejected just before his cock head pulled clear with an audible pop. As Andy rose like a golden muscle god, his sexual equipment extended out over my back and I felt juices dripping onto the sweaty skin of my back.

"Hello Earl. I see you brought a friend," greeted Andy. "You're welcome to stay. We're really just getting warmed up."

The guy trying to leave just froze when he saw Andy. A confused expression passed over his face as he made eye contact. A big bulge that matched that of the other grew in his shorts.

"We're pretty informal here," said Andy while walking over to the new guys. "You're way overdressed. What's your name?" Andy asked the nervous guy who was a few inches taller than he but had about 40 lbs. less muscle.

"Henry," he stammered.

"There's nothing to be nervous about, Henry. We're all friends here." Andy had walked right in front of him, his cock pressed against the guys football jersey had already splashed it with a couple of spurts of precum. Henry was just staring down at the cock head. Meanwhile his friend had stripped off his shirt and was stepping out of his shorts. His thick, twelve-inch cock was hard and dripping. "Let me help you with your shirt," urged Andy.

I moved to the couch, leaving Tony and his brother sleeping peacefully on the chair in the afterglow of great sex. I lifted Luis up a bit to sit down then rested his head on my lap. He started to nurse my crown as I rubbed my hands on his hair and neck and relaxed to watch Andy in action.

Henry meekly let Andy lift his jersey over his head and toss it aside. Andy's cock head wound up resting in the valley between Henry's pectoral plates. "You're nicely developed, Henry," said Andy rubbing his hands along the muscles of Henry's chest. "Those biceps must be eighteen inches. How do you like mine?" He asked raising his arm and putting Henry's hand on its 26 inch peak all the while staring into Henry's eyes. Henry seemed to be in a mental fog while Earl was now naked and watching the interplay between his friend and Andy.

"That's a nice six-pack," continued Andy running his hand over Henry's flat, muscular, waist. "That's a good-sized bulge in your shorts too," Andy remarked while wrapping a powerful hand around the cloth-covered shaft as a shiver ran through Henry's body. "I know it's not as big as mine, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. Let's have a look at it."

Andy slipped Henry's shorts down until they dropped off his slim hips to the floor. Henry looked to also have a thick twelve-inch piece of uncut meat. It was by now fully hard with the reddish-brown tip poking fully clear of the darker flesh of the shaft. Andy smoothed the lube from the tip over his hand and pumped the shaft a few times, bringing forth more drops of natural lube.

"Here, have a feel of mine," offered Andy moving Henry's hand to the middle of his pole. Henry wrapped his big hand on it, but it didn't quite fit all the way around the thick tube of flesh. "It looks like you'll need both hands." Henry accepted the suggestion. "You can stroke it if you want." Henry took the hint and started running his hands along the steely surface still heavily coated in slippery cum and juice from its adventures in probing the depths of Tony and I. Each stroke resulted in a small jet of Andy's precum that splashed over Henry's face and chest.

"You came already?" asked Henry questioningly.

"No that's only a few spurts of natural lube. A cock this big needs a lot. It tastes really good. Give it a try. Earl, show Henry how it's done. There's plenty for both of you."

Earl, who had been standing by just watching, eagerly stepped beside his buddy. He gripped Andy's pole about half a foot below the tip and bent over to lick around the flange. He opened his mouth to its widest and stuffed the entire mushroom cap and a few inches of the shaft inside. You could see his tongue moving around his bulging cheeks as he cleaned the surface.

Andy had one hand behind Henry's neck. He used it to urge Henry to bend over until his head was just above where he held the slippery pole. He licked at the juices experimentally then with more and more enthusiasm, moving up and down, even removing Earl's hands and cleaning his fingers.

"Earl, give Henry a chance at my cock head," Andy ordered. "You can lick my balls. See if you can get one of those big orbs into your mouth."

Earl got to his knees while Andy split his massive thighs widely to give him access. Earl's nuzzled his nose into the sack, licking the surface while staring up along the impressive length of the shaft and Andy's muscular torso.

Henry took Earl's old spot. He jacked the top, watching the foreskin extend around the crown and retract back. He extended it again and poked his tongue inside, moving it around under the hood. Andy, with steady pressure on his neck, urged him to go down. Henry mimicked what he'd seen Earl do and opened wide enough to fit in the bulbous top. Andy rewarded his success with several spurts of precum that Henry swallowed eagerly.

"You've gotten me pretty clean, Henry. You can stand up now." He was a bit reluctant to stop sucking on Andy's pole, but did as requested, however, he kept a hand holding the shaft. Andy put one of his massive arms around Henry's muscular waist and moved him until they stood face to face. Henry had to straddle Earl who was still on his knees ministering to Andy's balls.

Andy wrapped his other arm under Henry's and around his back, holding the rear of his head in his hand. With that and the arm about his waist he pulled Henry to him with their erect cocks pinned between their torsos. Henry's chest was pec to pec with Andy's broader and deeper one while Andy's bulging 26 inch arms between Henry's lats and his triceps forced his arms out to the side so Henry could only try and hold the huge melons of muscle that formed Andy's shoulders. Their thigh muscles dueled unequally too. Forced wider by Andy's huge muscles Henry lost contact with the floor and quickly wrapped his legs around Andy's waist to steady himself. Andy held the 240 pound stud in the air without the slightest strain.

I think it was only then, held helpless in the powerful grip of an Asian stud he'd only met moments before, but who had already dominated him physically and mentally, that Henry realized where this encounter would lead. "You're going to fuck me?" he whispered.

"What do you think?" Andy asked back quietly, his face only a couple of inches from that of the muscular black athlete he held in his arms.

"You're going to fuck me," Henry repeated, this time with certitude. He kissed Andy strongly. His eyes went wide with surprise as Andy plunged his tongue into his mouth, but Henry was soon sucking it with gusto. Henry became quite excited, squirming in Andy's strong embrace, sliding his cock against Andy's thick pole and the rock hard sculpture that formed Andy's abdominals.

When they broke their kissing several minutes later, Andy just hoisted Henry over one shoulder. Henry's entire front side was smeared with Andy's precum. Andy was too, of course. Andy stepped away from Earl, popping out one of his orange-sized balls that Earl had managed to suck into his mouth.

"I'll take Henry to our bedroom. Earl, help Bill take his suitcases upstairs. You guys can have some fun together while I break in Henry." He slapped Henry's ass once hard and walked out.

"Hi Earl. I'm Bill." He walked over to the couch where I sat with Luis sucking my cock. He took a good long look at the chair where Tony and his brother were still sleeping. "That's Tony and his brother, Ming, on the chair. Andy sort of wore them out. This is Luis, Tony's roommate. It looks like he's almost recovered from being fucked."

Luis pulled off my cock, leaving it glistening with his saliva and sticking straight up from my blond bush. He sat up next to me and pulled his knees up to his chest and fingered his hole. "I don't really recover for a day or two. I'm still leaking Andy's cum." He dipped a couple fingers through the ring and brought them out dripping with cum that he licked off. "Tastes great though. Help yourself. There's plenty for everybody," he offered, taking another gob.

"Thanks Luis, but I have my own supply." I licked a couple fingers worth from my own leaking hole and then took another sample for Earl. "Try some." He did.

"I'm not gay."

I looked up at Earl. "You're standing here naked with your cock pointing to the ceiling, licking cum from my asshole, and waiting your turn to be fucked, but you're not gay?"

"That's not what I mean. I have a girlfriend."

"Luis and Tony have girlfriends and Ming is married and they like sex with guys. I'm 100% gay though. I love all cocks, but nothing beats Andy's."

"Bill, Tony and I dumped our girls. We're a couple now," asserted Luis.

"Oh. Congratulations. So, Earl, how did you meet Andy?"

"I was at the football weight-room about 6:00 AM yesterday. I like to do my heavy work early. I'm usually the only one there at that hour. I was getting ready for some heavy work on the leg press machine. When I heard someone ask if I needed a spotter. It was Andy. He was carrying a barbell in one arm. It must have been stacked with 600 pounds that had bent the thick bar into a substantial arc. As I stared he curled the weight with one arm, showing the biggest biceps I'd ever seen. After a dozen reps I saw his cock extend below the leg of his shorts. It rose up and pointed at me. Then Andy asked me if I wanted to help him with his workout. I did. It was the best sex I ever had, but my memories are a bit confused. The next thing I am certain of is Henry asking if I was Ok. I was sitting on the floor of the showers with the cool water spraying me. When I found my clothes there was a note asking me to come here today and bring a friend."

"Tony and I got an e-mail," added Luis.

"It sounds like Andy set up a little housewarming party. We may have more visitors. Luis, I'd like you to stay down here and meet anyone who arrives. We can pile their clothes in the entry closet. I'm sure they can have fun together until Andy gives them their turns. Meanwhile, Earl, let's bring my bags up and see how Henry is doing with a couple feet of cock up his butt."

There were a couple rooms at the front of the second floor. One had a queen bed and the other was set up as a study with a couple desks and computers. Sounds from the back room indicated that we'd find Andy and Henry there. We put the suitcase in the hall and went to see the action.

A king-sized bed dominated the bedroom. Andy was sitting on one corner of the huge bed with his legs split to allow one on each side of the corner. He had Henry sitting on his lap, facing him. Andy was holding the big black stud by his flaring lats. Henry's muscular legs were draped over Andy's arms, his knees bent over the crook of Andy's elbows. Henry was completely helpless in this position. The best he could manage was to wrap his arms around Andy's thick neck to steady himself.

It appeared they were resting up, but I could tell that was deceptive. Henry had obviously already had a few orgasms. There was cum streaked all over his and Andy's chests, faces and hair, some very recent and just starting to drip. He was staring right at Andy's smiling face, but the eyes were unfocused. Every few seconds the eyes would open wide and his entire body would shake for an instant. The cause was not evident, but for anyone who has experienced sex with Andy the signs were unmistakable. Andy's sex pole, as powerful as the rest of him, was rocking Henry's body as it spewed jet after jet of cum deep inside.

"Hi guys," greeted Andy as he spotted us. "Earl, thanks for bringing Henry. He's a real athlete. I think he may be able to handle another round or two."

Henry understood Andy's last remark. His eyes seemed to focus on Andy for an instant and then he looked over at Earl. However, his body was rocked again and his mind returned to the overwhelming sensations being generated internally.

Clearly we had some time to pass before Andy finished, so I decided to help Earl experiment with another aspect of his sexuality. I pushed my muscular butt into his groin, rubbing his rampant twelve-inch cock into my crack. He didn't react immediately to my actions, as he was still intent on what Andy was doing with his friend. Earl was half a foot taller than I and with his pole sticking up another foot I couldn't get the head into my hole even on tiptoes. I took matters into hand by reaching behind me to rotate him near horizontal so I could slip it in.

"What are you doing?" Earl asked, finally noticing my efforts, but not stopping me.

"Having some fun while we wait for Andy." I had split my legs a couple of feet to open my glutes a bit and was adjusting my height on my toes to get him aligned. "This would be easier if you helped."

He didn't help, but he didn't try to move away either. I felt his cock hit the right spot and pushed my ass back. He started to spread me open and I did half a step on my toes backward. His crown popped in. Earl tried to pull out then while I tried to move back with him to keep him in. I lost my balance and fell against him. He wrapped me with his arms to keep me from toppling to the floor. When we were steady again he was in a half-squat with both knees between my thighs and all twelve- inches in my gut. It may only be half as thick and half as long as Andy's, but it sure felt good. I squeezed my internal muscles around it.

"You're nice and tight. It feels pretty good," commented Earl.

"Let me bend over the end of the bed and you can fuck me. I've already been fucked by Andy this afternoon and you can feel how well lubed I am with his cum, so you don't have to hold back. Show me what a black muscle stud can do."

"You asked for it, fag boy."

He eased me into position, grabbing my hips. Slowly he withdrew his shaft until the rim bumped my ring from the inside. Then he plunged back at full speed, smacking his groin on my ass loudly. He tried to pull it out just as quickly, but I squeezed him again and he slowed a bit and moaned as the friction affected him.

Meanwhile, Andy had dumped Henry onto his back in the middle of the bed and was on his hands and knees above the overwhelmed football jock. He still had his legs hooked around Andy's arms which had him bent double and raised his ass off the mattress. Andy was plowing his partner with almost the full length of his two-foot cock at a pretty good pace. Henry was covered in sweat like he might after a hard practice on a summer day. Andy's face was hovering about a foot over his. I could see that Henry was staring right into Andy's eyes. I recognized it because it's something I do too when the world seems to be spinning out of control.

A hard slap of a hand on my ass cheek brought my thoughts back to Earl. He was certainly fucking me with energy and enthusiasm. He just wasn't hitting the best spots. I adjusted my position a bit until he started connecting.

"Feel that spot. There. Try and hit that when you plunge in and rub it as much as you can."


"Because it makes me feel good. What's the point of having a big dick if you don't know how to use it? Guys that are bigger and thicker have a natural advantage since they can get more friction on the sensitive spots, but if you don't know how it's just a pain in the butt."

"Is that why Andy is so good? How's that stroke?"

"Good. Good. You're getting it. Andy has the Stradivarius of cocks and is a virtuoso at playing it. You and Henry are very nicely equipped. You just need practice. Ah. Oh. That's it. You're a quick learner. Let me know if you someone to help you polish your skills."

A sharp cry drew our attention back to Henry. His body was bouncing up and down several inches as Andy's cock fluttered wildly while erupting inside him. He was experiencing the ultimate in sexual frenzy that his earlier orgasms had been but a prelude. His cock shoots bullets of cum like a machine gun. I'm hit with several volleys. After a minute he runs out of ammunition, but he is still being wracked by Andy's continued release. Finally Andy finishes and withdraws, leaving a totally exhausted Henry sprawled on the bed.

Andy is kneeling on the bed between Henry's widely split thighs. His mammoth pole extends over the prone jock's body angled upward at about 45 degrees. A small white ribbon of liquid cascades from the tip with only a hint of the force that propelled it moments before as the flow is just slightly modulated by the gentle contractions still lingering several minutes after the start of Andy's explosion. The discharge forms a small lake on Henry's belly with the muscles of his abdominals as islands poking through the surface, the brown skin contrasting sharply with the liquid. I suppose I could compare Henry's soft cock to a beached whale, but that might be taking the image too far.

Andy turns his head toward us and makes scans Earl with a look that says next. Earl stops his assault on my hole in mid stroke. He understands.

Andy gets off the bed and moves behind Earl. He pushes Earl tight to my butt. Earl's cock jerked upward when Andy penetrated his backdoor. He started breathing rapidly as Andy filled him with inch after inch. Earl was trapped. He couldn't move forward because he was plugged to the root in me and if he tried to move back he only impales himself more on Andy's stake of flesh.

A tremor runs through Earl's body as Andy punches his joy button. He pulls Earl's hips back, sliding about half his cock out of my ass, while embedding another six inches of his. Then he pushes Earl back to the hilt into me while no surrendering any of the internal territory he dominated. Another pull and he plunges deeper into an ever more frantic jock who realizes that he is a helpless boy-toy for this dominant Asian stud.

Earl's mounting panic is quickly overcome by the sensations of pleasure arising from the stimulation of his cock and ass. I feel his cock expand in my bowels, begin to pulse and jet its seed. His strength seems to drain with this initial release as he slumps over my back. I can still feel Andy pumping him and know that this round is just beginning.

"Let's move Earl onto the bed. He'll be too weak in a while to stand." Andy put his big arms around my chest and lifted Earl and I into the center of the bed. He laid me with my head on Henry's abdomen as my pillow, a wet pillow. My head splashed into the pool of cum that covered it. I lapped it up. Earl rested on my back, his head on my shoulder, and his legs between mine. My legs were splayed much wider as Andy split Earl's thighs to allow best access for deepest penetration.

"You've worn Earl out already. He's just dead weight on my back now."

Andy slapped Earl's ass hard. I felt the impact reverberate through his body. He snapped his head up from my back as it shocked him awake.

"What? What's happening?"

"You passed out for a minute. I expected a big guy like you would have more endurance."

"I'm sorry. I feel funny. I don't know what got into me."

"Two feet of thick Chinese cock are what's gotten into you. It's right into your belly. Feel that. That's my cock slipping through your gut."

"I love that. Keep going."

"I'm going to fuck you until you collapse, just like your buddy here and like I did with you yesterday. Henry shot five times before he passed out, but I lost you after only one. So, I want you to concentrate on fucking Bill. It will help you stay focused when the action gets heavy. Now I want you to get on your knees and elbows and move your hips between my groin and Bill's ass."

Earl followed Andy's orders and his weight lifted from me and he started pulling his cock out. It felt like he got about eight inches before bottoming out on Andy and starting back in. Andy told him he had the idea, but pick up the pace. He did and I could sense that he was getting back into it.

The bed really started rocking when Andy joined the action. He was pulling out of Earl when Earl was plunging into me. Then when Earl was on the out-stroke Andy would impale the black jock, slamming into his glutes before Earl could pop free of my ring. Since Andy's motion was about three times the amplitude of Earl's, he was moving much faster.

It sure felt good to me. I was pushing my butt up to meet Earl's plunges. I reached down to stroke my cock that was again hard.

"I think he's getting the hang of it, Andy," I observed.

"You may be right. It's time to give him a bit of reward."

Andy speared Earl harder than ever, driving him down until he was pinned between us. I felt Earl shake as Andy began to unleash a torrent within him.

Earl screeched in shock as the sensations built. "What? Oh! Oh. Yes! I'm coming. Ooooh."

I feel Earl's hot seed spurt into me as I released into the sheets. The pleasant glow of a good climax had barely dimmed when I felt Andy resume his fuck to build up for round two.

Slap. Slap. Slap. I heard the sound and felt the impact as Andy urged Earl to get moving again. He did.

The recent commotion must have roused Henry. I felt his body shift a bit under my head and a hand rubbed through my hair. I turned to look at his face and saw him prop up his chest with an elbow and look around at the scene on the bed.

"I must have been out for a time. You're the guy who fucked me. Andy?"

"Yes. That's right."

"I'm Bill, Andy's roommate," I inserted. "Nice to meet you."

"I can hardly believe I was fucked by that thing except that my body knows it was in there. I can feel your cum leaking out a bit too. Earl, how do you like it?"

"I don't think Earl is interested in conversation just now," I offered.

"Yeah. He does seem to be busy. He makes a good filling for your sandwich."

I felt Henry's cock poke the back of my head. I turned around and saw that it had started to come back to life since he woke up. He was partially hard and his head was poking about halfway clear of his hood. I licked at the tip and it jerked at the touch.

"Would you suck it for me?"

I didn't need a second invitation. I bent my neck and got the head and about half the shaft into my mouth and went to work on it. It responded immediately growing harder and filling out to its full twelve inches. That pushed a couple more inches into my mouth. Henry had one of those cocks that are kind of streamlined. The head doesn't flare much beyond the thickness of the shaft and gradually grows thicker toward the base. It makes it easy to slip it down your throat, but I really like the extra friction a wide flange gives in the gut.

"Why don't you turn around and let Bill between your legs. He'll have better access," suggested Andy.

I backed off his cock to let him move. He propped his back up with a couple pillows, split his legs and raised his knees. With my head between his strong thighs, I wrapped an arm around his leg to grab his cock that had snapped to his abdomen and put it in my mouth. I swallowed it to the root and nuzzled my nose in his wiry pubic hair that was still soaked in cum.

I was getting some good action with a foot-long black pole in both my mouth and butt. I'd push back letting Henry's tube slide through my lips until Earl's plugged to the hilt in my butt, pushing me forward until I had my face mashed into Henry's groin.

"I always hated it when I saw a gay guy checking me out. I despised them. Now I'll be checking them out. You've really opened my eyes."

"And your ass," added Andy.

"I'm sure I'll never be quite as much of a 'tight ass' again."

At this point Andy started raising the tempo. He started pounding Earl harder and faster. That meant I was hit harder too. Earl was grunting and moaning as he started getting closer. After a minute he groaned and shot another load in my ass. Andy just kept pounding him, building to his own explosion.

Earl tried to keep going, but I could tell he was just being carried along by Andy manhandling him. I squeezed my ass around Earl's cock that stayed hard even after he released a load. I was trying hard to milk Henry too, who was rewarding me with moans and tasty precum.

Andy started things with an ultimate plunge into Earl's abused ass. The stimulation from his wildly pulsing cock brought Earl to another climax more intense than his last. I shot my own load as I gulped down a hefty shot of Henry's cream.

The End