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The following story depicts unprotected sex. As said, it's fantasy. You are reality. Practice safer sex.

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This story is a continuation of my previous stories, My Roommate I, II, and III. I hope you like it.


I was awakened by the feeling of a large cock rubbing alongside my own. This was not at all unusual for me. Since starting college over a year and a half ago and rooming with Andy Wang, I normally find myself roused by some sort of sexual stimulus. More than likely it's the feeling of Andy plugged deep in my gut.

If you haven't read my earlier experiences, perhaps I ought to explain. Andy Wang defined the role of sex god. He was an incredibly handsome Chinese-American, a mass of muscle 6'4" tall and 280 lbs. with not an ounce of body-fat. His 60-inch chest tapers to a 30-inch waist with 6-pack abs. His 26-inch arms and massive thighs can lift a thousand pounds like most guys handle ten. His golden skin glows in the light, smooth and hairless except for a silky black bush above his cock. A cock that is awesome enough at 15 inches soft hanging between his muscled legs, but hypnotic when it extends a two-foot pole of steel, as thick as a wrist, crisscrossed with pulsing veins, topped by a reddish head as big as a fist, spurting pre-cum like most guys cum. But when he unloads, his orange-sized balls can pump quarts with enough force to cross a large room and keep it up all night.

Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody's wet dream. If he would make eye contact with a person they would fall under his spell. Just a simple touch on the hand would complete the seduction. The person, male or female, was unable to resist him. A few minutes later they would be experiencing the most incredible sex they'd never imagined. When I first met he said he wasn't always like this. He was changed somehow one morning. I didn't understand it when he told me, but I'm more than happy to take advantage of it.

That's what I experienced almost every night and morning as Andy's roommate last year. This year we moved off campus to a furnished university townhouse that Andy arranged to use rent-free; probably after a few hours of sexual persuasion to the right people. Andy would be out most weeknights satisfying the sexual fantasies of dozens of lucky students while I would study. He didn't need to, always seeming to know any material needed. At the end of the evenings he'd come home to fuck me. Weekends were our time to really party and I would get to go along to gatherings where he'd take on a whole fraternity or we'd have a couple dozen friends at our place for a two day orgy.

I'm Bill Foster, a collegiate swimmer, 6', 195 lbs. I've got a defined muscular build and a nice 10 inches too, though nothing to compare with Andy's monster. I'm a natural blond and Andy finds blonds really sexy.

Spring break had started yesterday afternoon. We were staying home, but don't feel sorry for me. Andy had arranged for plenty of his friends to drop by. I was feeling a nice friction from the large cock rubbing mine. It seemed a bit longer than mine, though not as thick. As my senses cleared a bit from the haze of sleep, I could feel that our poles were sharing a warm wet cavity that was being tightly stretched by the two members invading it.

A soft moan prompted me to open my eyes and got a big surprise when I recognized the face of Jun, the lovely, and quite petite, Chinese-American wife of Ming. Ming was Tony Han's older brother. He had driven up yesterday with his wife to take Tony and his Hispanic friend and lover, Luis, back to Southern California for the vacation. Since Ming had encountered Andy at the commencement of the year while dropping his brother off, this trip was certainly planned to introduce his wife to the same experience that he enjoyed, while getting another round with Andy himself.

I remember the shocked expression on Jun's face when they walked into our living room, seeing Tony and Luis fucking furiously on the couch. Then Andy came up from the basement recreation room and she was instantly under his spell.

The expression on Jun's face this morning was bliss, not shock. Actually, I might have been a bit shocked, since I'm 100% gay and I was definitely balls deep into her cunt. Though sharing it with another guy made it a bit more acceptable to me.

Jun had definitely been given the full treatment from Andy. Cum had dried on her face when she obviously couldn't swallow fast enough and it spurted through her lips. Numerous streams had matted her fine black hair. Her pussy was fully soaked with Andy's juice that provided great lube for the current activity. I'm sure her gut was full too. I know mine was. In the morning after a night with Andy I'm certain no one in the house wasn't filled beyond capacity.

Behind Jun's head I saw the face of my third partner in this morning's activity. I recognized him as the black basketball player who had arrived later in the evening. A big guy, about 6' 11", and an eleven-inch cock, if I remembered right. I believe I had fucked him a couple months ago when Andy visited the team locker room after a game.

"Morning," he said, seeing that my eyes were open. "Do you mind if I change our position a bit?" He didn't wait for my answer before rolling me onto my back with Jun face down on top of me as he settled between my spread thighs while never losing our dual penetration of Jun, still sandwiched, her legs widely split beyond my own, giving him plenty of access to her sopping cunt from the rear.

He started an aggressive fuck on Jun, doggy style, while I relaxed and enjoyed the stimulation. Jun gave a strangled little cry as she came almost immediately. Her muscles spasmed around our shafts. However, the black stud was just getting started, so she was soon stimulated to a second orgasm and a third. Jun's body bucked wildly, her head swinging side-to-side, waving the strands of her long, black, hair over my face. Finally, I felt the start of the cum explosion from my partner and joined him with my own spurting seed, our offerings mixing with the large load Andy already deposited. Jun's final orgasm wracked her body, leaving her limp on top of me. Satisfied, the black guy pulled out, and, without further comment left the bed and room.

I saw we had ended the evening, or begun the day, in the basement recreation room. Recreation in our home means sex, so it had been equipped with four large beds, one in each corner. I saw Ming on another bed being fucked by his younger brother while Luis sucked his cock. Andy must have been upstairs with another guest. I felt Jun begin to stir again.

"Good mooring, Jun," I greeted her.

She looked down on my face, probably really in control for the first time since awakening. "Bill?" She inquired.

"Yes, Bill," I assured her. "We met last night."

"Oh. What's happening?" She cried, realizing that she was naked in bed with me. She rolled on her side, letting my cock slip from her body. It slapped up against my abdominals, coated in cum. She stared at it, fingering the tender lips of her vagina that was continuing to ooze some of the fluids that filled it. "Did I have sex with you?"

"Yes, eventually. Do you remember Andy? Andy Wang"

"Andy?" She murmured. "He was big, so much bigger than Ming," she said, remembering. "We. We. It was wonderful. No. No. What will Ming think of me?"

"Don't worry. Ming had sex with Andy too. In fact, I'm sure he brought you here just to meet Andy. He wanted to share him with you. I'm sure you had fun."

"It's so confusing. My body is still so sensitive. It tingles in places I've never felt before. But, I do like it," she remarked, smiling at me. "Where is Ming?"

"Over there," I answered, looking across the room while she followed my gaze to see her husband in hot gay action with his brother and friend. While she was still considering the scene, Andy walked in with a guy I knew from the wrestling team. Andy had already pinned him a few times this morning based on the fresh cum dripping off his body.

He saw Jun and I on the bed and came over. With his massive muscles gleaming in a light sheen of sweat, he looked magnificent. He dwarfed the smaller wrestler, who was about my size, but much more muscular. Jun was staring at Andy's hard cock that stood straight up in front of his body, bubbling a bit of pre-cum.

"Hi, Jun. How are you this morning?" Andy asked, sitting down on the bed next to her. "I think I'll fuck you again," he said, stroking the tits of her pert breasts that instantly hardened to firm points as a flush of blood colored her skin. Her hand wrapped part way around the firm pole of his shaft about halfway up its two-foot length.

Jun contemplated the man who was about to possess her again. "Will I get pregnant?" She whispered.

"Only if you want to," Andy assured her. "Do you want to have my son?"

Jun's eyes screamed yes, but she replied, "I can't agree without Ming."

"Ming, come over here," Andy directed. As Ming began to disentangle himself from Tony and Luis to obey Andy's summons, I pulled the wrestler down onto my lap, slipping my 10 inches up his cum dripping ass. I figured I should have my own fun while watching Andy with a woman. While I' d known he'd fucked hundreds of women in the university, this was my first opportunity to see him in action that way.

Ming hustled over with Tony and Luis trailing behind. He looked at his wife, her hand still gripping the middle of the long pole of flesh sprouting from Andy's groin. Andy looked him square in the eyes and asked, "Do you want me to have a son with your wife?"

Ming nodded his assent as Jun looked on and smiled broadly. Andy put his hands around her small waist and lifted her effortlessly in the air, holding her suspended. The large blunt mushroom cap of his sex spear nestled between her firm breasts. Jun's small hands still held it at about a foot below that point as Andy smeared her skin with his slippery natural lube.

Andy lifted her higher, letting her hands slip along his length until the flaring crown pressed onto her fingers. Her hands now held him just in front of the gash that marked her entrance. Andy looked far too big to fit the small opening. Jun shuddered as she pressed the flesh to her clit and was rewarded with a spurt of fresh juice from the tip.

"Put me in your wife," Andy directed Ming. Ming reached around his wife's hips and brushed his hands on top of hers before taking hold of Andy from her. She held onto the top of Andy's head as Ming pushed the steely point at her tight opening. Everyone watched silently as it disappeared in her body.

Everyone but Jun that is. It drove her frantic, yielding a continual string of high-pitched squeaks and moans. Suddenly you could see her every muscle go taut. She threw her neck back so she was looking up at the ceiling, arched her back and split her legs out about 45 degrees, feet pointed and toes curled. She remained frozen in that position for almost a minute as her skin flushed and she breathed in shallow pants, uttering not a sound. At the end she exhaled loudly and you could see her muscles slack. She now rested limply in Andy's grip, sweating heavily. It was a foretaste of what was to come because Andy was only a quarter in her.

The next motion of Andy continuing to penetrate her sent another wave of pleasure through her body that snapped her eyes wide and the muscles all over her body trembling. Again and again she was pushed into an orgasm that drained her energy only to be reinvigorated by the next motion as Andy moved slowly deeper inside her warm womb.

Andy took about fifteen minutes to completely penetrate her. I think I spotted at least half a dozen orgasms wash over Jun, but there might have been more because toward the end she was definitely dazed and had lost muscle control with legs, arms and body twitching in an uncoordinated fashion.

Andy let her rest on his lap. He had about twenty inches up inside her, leaving a four inch cylinder near the base, as thick as Jun's forearm, joining her to his groin. He cradled Jun's back, holding the 5' 2" delicate Asian beauty against his chest, her head resting on the firm pillows of his massive pectoral plates. Jun sat in the valley between Andy's tremendous thighs, each one bigger around than her torso. Her legs were bent up near her waist to allow her to accept most of Andy's pole. It seemed certain that way up inside her the blunt head must be pressed to the top of her uterus, but I knew Andy would be careful with this delicate flower.

"Ming, bring some towels soaked in cold water. I want your wife to be refreshed before we continue."

When Ming returned Andy started cleaning Jun off. The cool water revived her. Her eyes focused on Andy and her body began to respond. She relaxed as Andy cleaned off the residue of a night of non-stop sex. Finished he tossed the towel back to Ming and bent his head forward to kiss Jun who returned it passionately, caressing his large tongue with her own as he explored her.

"How do you feel?"

"Wonderful. So alive. You' re so big," she observed looking down to where Andy entered her. " I can feel you way up here," rubbing her body just below the level of her firm breasts. "When your heart beats the big vein on top of your shaft pressed my button. It's so exciting. But before, when you were moving, I was on fire. I. I. I can' t describe it." She looked up at Andy' s face. "I don't want it to be over," she whispered.

"Actually that was just the prologue. I wanted you to recover a bit so you would remember when we created our child. Do you think you are ready?"

She nodded and licked he lips as she stared back at him. Andy hooked her knees in the crook of his elbows as he held her back, pressing Jun to his torso as he laid her onto the center of the bed. He placed a couple pillows beneath her hips. His body hovered over hers, almost three times her size and weight. The few inches of dark shaft that extended beyond the blood engorged lips of her pussy throbbed with quiet power. Silently, her lips mouthed the plea, "Fuck me."

Slowly Andy withdrew several inches from her body and, just as slowly, shoved it back. The effect on Jun was electric. She wrapped her arms around her chest and hugged herself tightly, upper body rocking, while moaning softly. Andy continued, longer and faster, building to his climax. Jun thrashed on the bed below him. She tensed with the first orgasm of this new round, then relaxed, sweating and panting as the pleasure continued.

Another orgasm hits her. She shrieks. Her hands grab at the boulders that form Andy's shoulders. Her nails try to press into the skin, but can't dent the firm muscle. The pleasure is continuous and too much for the woman to stand as Andy strokes through her body. The cries of joy echo through the house. She is close to collapse when Andy plunges in for the final stroke and begins to unleash his seed.

Jun had a few seconds to recognize that Andy had stopped. You could see her begin to recover when she felt the throbbing of the incredible phallus that transfixed her body. Her eyes grew wide as the first pulse plunged down the shaft and must have been clearly felt as it moved up the flesh of her tightly stretched vaginal canal and spewed into her uterus.

Now Andy doesn't normally release sperm when he ejaculates. When he does it is special, having a superman's seed swimming through your body. He gave it to me on our first night as roommates and each year on my birthday. While normal sex with Andy is intense, this is a whole different level.

I could see her sense it, just a little, as the first legion is deposited inside her and begin to move. More and more spew forth filling her up and starting to explore. I see she can feel them. It's like a wave of pleasure spreading out from the epicenter that is the tip of Andy's pulsing sex organ.

"Oh! Oh! Oooh!" She ejaculated, her voice rising in pitch and volume. Her arms wrapped around the thick pillar of Andy's neck. A muscle spasm lifted her entire body off the bed, only supported by her arms and the pole that speared her body. She remained locked in this embrace of Andy for over a minute before her arms let loose and she collapsed to the bed unconscious, yet still wracked by the spasms of a continuous orgasm.

I came up the ass of the wrestler sitting on my lap as other onlookers joined in. I saw Ming shoot his load over the prostrate form of his wife as Andy finished inseminating her and began to remove himself from her body. Jun continued to writhe on the bed, stimulated solely from the swimming sperm within her.

It was early afternoon before Jun's body relaxed into a deep contented sleep. Andy had another round with everyone in the meantime. I was one of many, including her husband, Ming, that dipped into the unconscious Jun's flooded twat. My cock was massaged to orgasm by Andy's squirming seed. My sperm had no chance in a battle with Andy's. I could feel some of his seed swimming up my tube, even against my ejaculation, where they tingled my nut sack for the next day, keeping me constantly erect.

After a lunch we dressed Jun's limp body and helped Ming, Tony and Luis load their SUV for the trip south.

A couple weeks later, we confirmed Jun's pregnancy. Jun had her son just before Christmas.

Tony brought us pictures when he started the spring semester. The baby was nine pounds at birth and had Andy's facial features. His four-inch stiff cock surprised the doctors in the delivery room. Tony says the baby has been named Andrew Ming Han. He eats constantly and is growing quickly. Jun has had her hands full with the new baby and Ming has taken some leave from work to help out.

However, after the first couple weeks, we had trouble finding out information. They insisted all was well but really provided nothing new. Andy promised to visit over spring break, but Ming and Jun said they would bring young Andy up for a visit.

So our break this year was not planned as the continuous orgy we had last year. Andy had combed the toy stores for gifts for his infant son. We cleaned and straightened the house in anticipation of their visit, though we knew the three-month-old couldn't possibly notice.

Just Andy, Luis, Tony and I awaited their arrival. Just after five we heard a knock on the door. When we opened the door we all had a big surprise. Jun and Ming flanked a young boy, just a bit shy of four feet tall, about the size of a ten year old. But he was like a miniature version of our Andy. He had his arms possessively around the waists of two young guys who appeared to be high school athletes. He had a big smile but everyone else appeared frazzled.

Needless to say, young Andy was not a normal baby. We learned he was talking in a week. By a month he was almost three feet tall and stronger than Ming. By six weeks he had discovered sex, first with his parents. At that age, about three and a quarter feet tall, his cock was twelve inches. He joined their bed one night and left both parents exhausted and satisfied. They got little sleep the next month until young Andy discovered the pleasures of the athletes at the local high school.

Now at three feet ten inches and one hundred fifteen pounds, young Andy had a sixteen-inch cock as thick as a beer can. He was a tiny version of his biological father with a muscular forty-two inch chest tapering to a twenty-inch waist. His eighteen-inch arms and twenty-six inch thighs appeared massive on such a small body. In the weight room at the high school he bench-pressed five hundred twenty pounds for a dozen reps. But he didn't go to the high school to exercise his muscles.

At the door, Jun introduced Andy to his amazing son. Randy and Hank, the high school athletes, were called his boyfriends.

"Mother, they' re not my boyfriends," the youngster insisted. "They're just fuck buddies. It's a long ride. I can't go that long without sex and you and Ming aren't able to drive after we have sex."

"He's right about that, Andy," Jun confirmed. "Ming and I spent a week in bed with him when he discovered sex before he tried other partners. We gave the first pizza delivery boy a twenty dollar tip."

"I really didn't expect this," confessed Andy. "You should come in."

Young Andy spotted Tony and Luis in the living room, dropped his buddies and ran to Tony. He hugged him about his waist and said, "You must be Uncle Tony." He kissed Tony on the lips, pushing his tongue in Tony's mouth. "Let's have sex," he stated, breaking the kiss and pushing Tony to the floor. Tony was under his spell and allowed the youth to pull off his clothes. Everyone was watching the scene, but the boy ignored us, concentrating on Tony.

"He's definitely your son," I observed. "He has your sexual energy, but no experience with controlling it."

"I think you're right, Bill. You're lucky, Jun, that he hasn't injured anyone in his enthusiasm. Has he produced sperm yet?"

"No. We would have certainly noticed that if his were anything like yours," offered Ming. "But, he cums almost as much as you and hasn't gone more than two or three hours between sex sessions since he discovered it. He was fucking his buddies the whole trip from L. A. We asked him to give them a break when we reached the Bay Area so they could be ready for our arrival. It looks like he's recharged and ready to go again," Ming added, looking at young Andy finish stripping Tony.

The kid pulled his tee shirt over his head, revealing an upper body development almost as big relative to his smaller size as his biological father's. His cock was already straining against the loose fabric of the baggy sweat pants he wore. He stood up over Tony and kicked off his shoes and socks. Tony tried to sit up but he pushed him back to the floor with a foot to the center of Tony's chest. He stepped between Tony's legs and pushed down his pants. The shaft of his cock stuck straight out from his groin with a slight upward arc. The head was an angry red mushroom sticking out of its foreskin. It spurted a stream of precum onto Tony's chest. He only had a few strands of black pubic hair above the shaft.

He knelt down and grabbed Tony's legs by the back of his knees, pushing them up and back to bend him double and upend his ass. A quick adjustment put the tip of his spear at his uncle's hole. He didn't waste time shoving all his sixteen inches up Tony's gut.

"Oh, you' re already soggy," Andy exclaimed as his thrust displaced cum already filling Tony's ass.

"Yeah, Andy, the other Andy, did me this morning."

I'll soon make you forget that, uncle," the powerful youngster announced as he started to power his cock through Tony's slim body.

"Why is your son ignoring you, Andy?" I asked.

"I don't know," answered Jun. "We told him who his biological father was. He's seen your picture and knows why we were traveling here."

"Well he seems occupied for the time being with his uncle," Andy observed. "I'll see how he handles himself. He certainly seems to be skillful. But there's no need for us to just stand around watching when we can have our fun too. Let me help you with your clothes, Jun. Luis, you can have some fun with Ming and Bill can handle your son's two buddies."

Well that was enough for me. There's no need to puzzle over things when I could be having sex. I went over to the two high school studs and put an arm around each guy's waist. "Come with me," I suggested, leading them to the recreation room downstairs. They allowed me to direct them while gazing at young Andy pounding his uncle. As we reached the steps, Tony's high pitched squeal announced his first orgasm.

I steered the boys to one of the four beds we had in our play area. We had changed all the sheets this morning, but one bed was already messed from our action with Luis and Tony and the room always retained a strong sex smell. I liked it. I was heading to one of the clean beds, but the boys pulled me toward the used one. They flopped down on the soaked sheets and started tossing off their clothes while I stripped by the bedside.

Randy was about five foot eight with a trim muscular body really just starting to develop. He had a nice six-pack and a seven-inch cut cock that was already hard. Hank was about five foot ten built like a young bodybuilder. He had a little treasure trail that led from hard abdominals to an eight-inch uncut piece that was standing straight up against his torso. Young Andy had them well trained. They were eager for male sex, staring at my ten-inch tool that was bubbling a bit of lube, anticipating the action.

I sat between them and shared a kiss with each one. I figured I'd get to know a bit about them before I fucked their brains out. They said they were both seventeen and juniors at their school. They were both on the wrestling team and were working out after class in the school gym with the rest of the team when Andy walked in. Someone demanded to know what he wanted. His answer was sex and the questioner the first. By morning everyone in the gym was exhausted. Their coach caught them in the morning, sprawled over the exercise equipment. Before he could react Andy had fucked him senseless.

Wow was all I could say. Apparently Andy has been working through the high school student bodies like his biological father has been doing at the university. The guys didn't know why Andy chose them for this trip, but the other students really envied them. I saw they'd had quite a ride on the trip here. Both their ass rings were red from the strain of accommodating Andy's thickness. Leakage had soaked the seats of their slacks in the few minutes they'd had them on.

I dipped a few fingers in Hank's hole. It was filled with cum as I expected. I tried a taste. It tasted like his father's. No sense in waiting, so I positioned Hank on his knees with his face in a pillow, and plugged my cock into his chute. I've gotten used to sloppy holes filled with warm cum. Of course, mine is the same way. Young Andy had his buddies trained well. Hank clamped down on my entering shaft, giving me great friction, in spite of the fact that I'm not nearly as big as what had been stretching him earlier.

As I got to down to a smooth, steady stroke, I directed Randy to straddle his buddy so I could eat out his ass. I pulled him back onto my mouth with a hand around his waist and one stroking his hard cock. I lapped the juices that had leaked down the crack and coated the back of his balls before probing his ring with my tongue. He moaned as I forced a couple inches inside, tapping the reservoir of sex juice stored within. A tasty flow coated my tongue until I pulled out, savoring the flavor before swallowing and going back for another.

After a few minutes of this, Randy asked if he could fuck me. I've never said no to that question, so in a few seconds I was sandwiched between the two high school studs, enjoying my cock up one ass while another stroked mine. It was Hank that came first, spurting his seed onto his chest and the bed sheets. The contractions of his orgasm, milked my cock, adding to the load in his bowels, while Randy mixed his seed with the juices I always held from my roommate. As the glow faded we disentangled and lay side by side by side on the large bed as our breathing returned to normal.

I'd not yet fully recovered when young Andy came down the stairs carrying his Uncle Tony over his shoulder. He'd already fucked him to exhaustion. Tony's exhaustion that is. Young Andy's 16 inch cock was standing straight up along his torso, dripping streams of pre-cum down its impressive length. Just looking at him made my cock hard. He saw the scene on the bed and locked eyes with me. I knew I was his next conquest and there was nothing I wanted more.

I've seen my roommate put guys under his spell, but he can control it and uses it only when needed. When I first met him he sensed I was gay and just let his natural charms seduce me. I guess the son, really only three months old, in spite of the way he looks and acts, can't control it yet. He just exudes a raw sexuality to everyone he's interested in and now that was me. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he deposited his uncle on one of the other beds and walked over here. He said something and the other guys rushed away. He was looking at me and his mouth was moving but I couldn't hear anything except a low rumble in my ears. I could see him clearly, his powerful body just in front of me, but the rest of the room was indistinct and blurry.

I knew he was a couple of feet shorter than I, but he seemed huge to my eyes, filling my field of view. He was kneeling on the bed between my spread legs. He lifted my upper body off the bed until I was facing him vertically suspended, my ass a couple feet above the bed, my legs were splayed with my knees hooked in the crook of his massive arms. He handled my weight as if I were no more than a stuffed play toy. And to him, I probably was. As I looked down, as if viewing the scene from a point outside my body, I saw his cock. It appeared to be glowing. Every few seconds a spurt of pre-cum leapt from the tip, spraying my body.

I lost sight of it as he positioned me above it. Then I felt the tip touch my hole. It felt hot to my skin. My ass lips were trying to suck it in. I wanted it inside me so badly. He lowered me onto himself as I felt my hole spread to welcome him. I felt bolts of his pre-cum spear into my already cum-coated gut. He was like a miniature version of his dad in so many ways. The cock wasn't that miniature as it forced its way inside, stretching me like only his father could.

He wasted no time sliding into the hilt. In a slow, smooth, motion he lowered my body onto his steel pole. It throbbed with each beat of his heart with a quiet power that dominated my senses. I remember looking down through the space between our bodies, my head high above his, seeing his calm face as he licked the shaft of my dick as it lowered past his mouth, looking past his muscular chest to his groin where the irresistible rod of flesh began, looking along its length, still a whole foot visible until it disappears in my bottom.

The shaft slowly sinks deeper as I descend toward his base. It goes further up inside me, spreading sexual sensations to my balls and straining cock that is now sliding in the valley between massive pectoral muscles. I explode. I started shaking and bright lights in a rainbow of colors seared my vision. I closed my eyes but it made no difference. I drifted.

My body was limp when I recovered awareness, though still held securely in the hands of my child stud. My face, his face and our torsos were soaked in my seed. I felt the last pulses of the fading orgasm pump a few weak spurts from my cock and looked down to see the sticky fluid running down the shaft and over my drawn-up balls to coat the initial inch of the thick cock that had now thoroughly penetrated my depths.

He looked up at me, a slight smile on his angelic face. He lifted me up, sliding my body over his rigid fuck-pole, spreading exquisite sensations of sexual pleasure through my body. My entire frame shuddered as I gasped out a loud moan. His smile broadened to a devilish grin when he saw his effect on me.

After raising me over a foot off his lap, he lets me slide down his pole. My balls press into his few strands of pubic hair as my cock rubs along the hills and valleys of his granite hard abdominals. I try and steady myself by gripping his shoulders between the flaring triangles of his strong neck and the boulders of his deltoids. As he continues a steady slow stroke, my excitement builds and builds. I give up to ecstasy as I explode again.

He was moving me faster when I recovered enough to notice. I barely had time to register the fact when the continuing stimulation from his internal massage of my gut overwhelmed me again. I think I screamed when I came again. I gave myself up to a sexual release. As I crested the peak, he came, throbbing with power and unleashing a torrent of his hot cum deep into my body. I lost all memory of time or place.

I was on my back on a bed. My knees were bent back to my chest. There was a huge cock up my ass. The world started to come back into focus. I saw Andy's son bent over my body. I remembered he had been fucking me. I thought I recalled him bouncing me on his lap. As my mind cleared, I saw the others from the house gathered around the bed. They seemed concerned about something. Andy had a hand on his son's shoulder, as if restraining him.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

"Sure. Your son has been fucking me. You know I always enjoy a good fuck and he's great." I felt my cum drying on my body and face. "We just started and I must have already shot a few loads."

"You shot ten times in the half hour we've been watching," blurted out Tony. "He must've been doing you for well over an hour. Ming heard your screams and got Andy."

"You weren't very coherent, but seemed to be enjoying the sex," added Andy. "But after a while I figured I'd get my son to give you a breather."

"He's your son for sure. I didn't know it was so long, but I know I enjoyed it. Oh god! I feel that cock way up inside me, almost as deep as you go. It's like a base drum beating in my gut. Can't you let him fuck me a bit more?"

"All right, Bill, he can do you once more, but then I'll have to insist he give you a chance to recover." Andy removed his restraining hand from his son's shoulder and stepped back a bit. He watched, holding Jun and Ming to his side. His cum was dripping down the inner thighs of both husband and wife, so it was obvious what he was doing before coming to my rescue. But now the youngster and I were the centers of attention.

Young Andy flexed his cock inside me lifting my lower body, up to my shoulders, off the bed. He twisted around, sliding me across the sheets until my torso slid over the side. Relaxing his cock, my head and shoulders lowered to the floor. He stood on the bed over my ass, pulling out about half his 16 inch cock. He pushed down, plunging into my clutching hole while pressing on my upper thighs, bending my body into an arc. My toes touched the wooden floor behind my head. I stared up at his powerful body, towering over my ass.

Only half an inch of cock was visible above my widely stretched hole. My own ten inches was like a steel pole angled out over my head. It was thick, but his was over twice as thick. Each of his big balls spread on either side of his shaft like oranges. They forced my own, much smaller orbs, down, pressing them with their weight of stored cum.

He reached a strong hand between my legs, gripping my straining member at its midpoint, maneuvering it along my face until the head pressed my lips. I opened my mouth as he inserted the head of my own cock into my mouth. As he rested more of his muscular weight on my butt, three or four inches followed the crown into my oral cavity. I tasted the copious residue of my previous loads.

He eased out of my gut while relaxing some of the pressure bending me double, allowing a couple inches of my cock to ease from my taut lips along with a foot of his cock in my belly. He started pounding my butt while forcing me to fuck myself in my mouth. It was only seconds before I lost myself in pleasure, moaning continuously around the plug in my mouth while tasting my own pre-cum hat dripped steadily onto my tongue. I could just stare, eyes wide, at his stupendous shaft as he pounded my insides with foot-long strokes.

He wasn't wasting time building my pleasure. I came. It was all I could do to swallow my cum fast enough to avoid choking on my seed. I didn't go soft as he continued to stimulate my internal pleasure spots, now faster than ever. I saw his cock swell as his first burst passed down its full length as he plunged into my gut to the hilt for a final thrust. As he bottomed out, I felt him unleash his cum. As he pulsed powerfully in the center of my body, I flooded my mouth again with my second load.

Continuing to unleash his cum, he withdrew most of his massive shaft from my body until the flaring head beat against my prostate with each new jet. The loads he'd infused in my body became too much. Each new increment forced up a river of juice around the tight seal my ass lips made to his thick pole. As I watched, stunned, it flowed down the surface of my own cock. I strained to open my lips wide enough to allow enough of a gap around my cock to let it into my mouth. I was rewarded by the taste of his cum.

He must have unloaded for a couple minutes before I felt the throbbing in my gut fade. I wasn't counting, having all I could handle with my own spurting cock as his orgasm forced mine to go on and on. I swallowed furiously to handle the juices flooding my mouth from my own seed and the flood, ten times as much, that poured down my cock from my overfull colon. I was upset when the others watching the scene scooped up some of the overflow flowing down my pole for their own tasting, not that I could do anything about it with my head nailed to the floor by my own dick.

Finally the moment ended. The kid eased off me and my body relaxed and my cock pulled from my mouth. He reached down and grabbed my chest tossing me over his head as his cock was yanked out my body. I landed on my back in the center of the large bed, exhausted, but still tingling, from the aftereffects of great sex.

"He's a great fuck buddy," I heard him exclaim. "But I'm a bit hungry now. Mother, how about some refreshment?" I saw Jun react to his demand by straddling her son's lap, sitting, facing him, on his rampant cock. With his maleness embedded in his mother's pussy, young Andy began to nurse strongly at his mother's breasts. I saw Jun toss her head in orgasm as her son continued to drink from her.

The young muscle boy pulled off the breast, licking a few drops that lingered on his lips. "Do you want to try some?" He asked, looking at his biological father. "I love it and it has everything a growing boy needs. Mom has two breasts and makes plenty of milk, so we can share. We can share mom's bottom too if you'll slide up beneath me like I do with Ming."

Andy accepted his son's invitation by lifting him together with Jun onto his own lap. As he set them in place his own two-foot-long pleasure pole extended beneath his son's bottom, sinking into Jun's gash just below the spot where her flesh was pried open by the thick probe already impaling her. As Andy sunk about 18 inches of his prick into her, a penis that was 50% thicker than his son's, Jun's canal was stretched as it hadn't been since the birth of the boy that was now sharing her with his dad.

Of course, I doubt she thought anything about the unique sexual situation she was in. The stimulation from two massive cocks in her cunt as her fuckers drank deeply of the milk from her breasts had her in a continuous state of orgasmic bliss as she thrashed about in uncoordinated spasms in their combined embrace. Everyone else in the house was just watching the show.

After feeding for half an hour from the semi-delirious woman, both men allowed themselves to reach their own sexual peak, coming simultaneously, flooding Jun's womb with their male essence. Once their cum began to overflow her vessel, they lifted her off their still jetting hoses and placed her on the bed next to me. I tried to comfort her, holding her in my arms, her body still wracked by a continuing orgasm that showed no sign of fading. The Andy's two cocks sprayed their cum high in the air like a fountain. It rained down on everyone like a summer shower.

Andy hoisted his son off his lap, tossing him in the air with a twist, catching him when he'd rotated 180 degrees and allowing him to settle on his erupting cock in one swift plunge as the young boy wrapped his arms and legs around his father's powerful torso. They shared a deep kiss as the son's cock creamed both their chests, lubricating their muscles as their bodies embraced.

As Andy and son were sharing their passion, I rolled on my side to check out Jun. She was not shaking as violently anymore. Perhaps she was coming around, though her skin was still flushed and body warm and damp from sweat, covered, as we all were, with drops of spewed cum. A steady ooze from the massive load deposited in her body made it past the reddened lips of her cunt. I saw a small trickle of milk dripping over the shaped surface of her left breast. I leaned over to lap it up.

It had an unusual taste. It made my mouth tingle. I put my lips over her tit to try and get some more from the source. I was rewarded with a generous squirt that filed my mouth. I swallowed. I loved the taste now and wanted more. She had plenty to offer. I could drink from her breast as fast as I could swallow. My body felt warm.

As I drank deeply from her milk, my cock grew hard, but I didn't want to stop my feeding to satisfy my awakened sexual need. I just rolled on top of Jun and plunged into her well-used hole. It was much tighter than I'd remembered from last year, in spite of giving birth and, just moments ago, hosting two massive cocks, each much thicker than my own. At least the cum filling her provided more than enough lubrication.

I must have suckled a few quarts by the time I released my load. When I finished I was exhausted. I rolled off Jun onto my back on the bed, catching my breath, my body flush with heat.

"What happened to you?" I heard someone say. I looked up to see Luis staring at me.

"I'm just resting after fucking Jun. What's the problem? I've fucked a few girls, even Jun last year. I'm still gay and I'll be happy to prove it to you anytime."

"It's just you look bigger," Luis responded. "Your pectorals, lats and arms seem thicker and, if your cock has gone fully soft after your fuck, I'd bet that's bigger too."

I raised my arm over my chest and flexed. My biceps did look much bigger, like I'd added a couple inches to the thickness of my arm and my chest was deeper too. "I think you're right. Why don't you suck my cock and we'll see if that's affected."

It was. Luis was really struggling with it and when he backed off it was hard at, maybe, 12 inches. He didn't hesitate at straddling my hips and sitting down on it. Its size was no problem for my Hispanic friend, well used by Andy, who was still twice as long and thick.

"How did you grow so much and so quickly?" Luis asked while bouncing on my cock.

"The last thing I did was drinking Jun's milk. Maybe that had some effect on me?"

I shot a big load up Luis' gut while he creamed my chest.

"I think I'll try it too," he said, pulling off my, again, softening pole and crawling over to Jun. She was still sprawled on the bed beside me, exhausted from the double fucking by both Andys. She instinctively cradled Luis's head as he started to feed on one breast.

It worked. We all tried it and I went back for another meal. I only gained a little the second go. There seemed to be a limit, but everyone gained about 25% in muscle mass and cock size. Except for our Andys, that is. It didn't seem to effect them, but they were already huge, even by comparison to our enhanced size.

Little Jun was the center of attention for the next couple of days with a suckling mouth at each breast and at least two holes filled with cock continuously. It seemed to help her energy and milk production to have Andy, young or old, feeding their cum to her stomach from either, or, often both, ends.

When the orgy of growth and sex was over, Jun was a mess. Dried and drying cum coated her body and hair and seeped from her orifices. Her breasts, finally drained, had recovered their pre-pregnancy size and firmness. Her overstimulated body was wracked by weak, involuntary, spasms from a multi-day orgasm that would continue for another few hours. Her eyes were open, but unfocused, as she was overcome by pleasure.

It's amazing what adding 25% of your body mass in additional muscle will do to even an ordinary guy, but everyone here started in decent shape and the two high school kids were already athletes. Tony was still the smallest at 5'2", but now looked like a muscular gymnast. The cock that grew to 7.5 inches was a nice bonus. His big brother, Ming, was more like a light-heavyweight class bodybuilder and Jun will enjoy his 9 inches when she recovers. Luis is about a weight-class down from Ming, but he started smaller. His 8.5 inch cock is only small if you're used to Andy. Young Andy's fuck-buddies really turned out great. They'll have to move up a couple weight classes in their wrestling, but, with their now huge muscles, they'll easily pin their opponents. With Randy's equipment now at 9.5 inches and Hank's topping ten, I think they'll be pinning a lot of guys in bed too.

We carried her gently to a shower and cleaned her thoroughly, grateful for the gift her milk had given us. We put her in the guest bedroom, watched over by Ming. When she calmed down eventually, she drifted off to a sleep that lasted 40 hours.

After putting Jun to bed it was time for some overdue rest for everyone else. Andy (senior) took his son's fuck buddies, Randy and Hank. Tony and Luis got together to explore the pleasures of their new size. And young Andy grabbed me as his new toy.

I do mean grabbed. He reached around my waist and tucked me under his arm, carrying my now almost 240 lbs. like it were nothing heavier than a pillow. He tossed me into the center of one of the cleaner beds and jumped in after me. My added size only meant that he could be more unrestrained in his use of my body. It would have been hopeless to try to resist him if I were so inclined. I wasn't. No matter how single-mindedly he used me for his pleasure, the result was unimaginable ecstasy for me.

Sometime later I either passed out or fell asleep. When I awoke, he was on the other bed with Tony and Luis, whom he had already fucked to the point of their exhaustion. He was about to come back to me when his dad came down to call a halt for a bit so we could eat something to regain our strength. I, for one, was grateful for the break. I'd never thought I could overdose on sex before.

Though for all the sex I had, it was nothing compared to little Jun, who we put through another marathon after she awoke to see if we could gain any more size. Unfortunately, we couldn't. But it took her another day after it for her to recover and, by then, our break was almost over and it was time for them to head back to Southern California.

Andy insisted that they leave his son to stay with us. It was the only way he would be able to teach the youngster how to control his sexual powers. He didn't know how long before his son began producing sperm and, in his current state, that would soon lead to thousands of super-sexual children and a breakdown of normal society.

Young Andy recognized his father's wisdom, though I could see him planning more fun with me in his mind. I knew I'd be in for a rough time until he learned more control, but I was happy to make the sacrifice to save the planet.

I could tell Jun and Ming were disappointed, though promised frequent visits. Randy and Hank offered to help them out and, that seemed a good alternative, as they were now all accustomed to more action than one normal partner could provide.

That night in the master bed between Andy, father and son, I didn't get much sleep.

The End