My Step-brother and his Best Friend


Chapter Two





Zen Ishad Boyd's POV

James decided to give me the silent treatment until the lecturer came and opened the door for us. We were still the only two people there plus the teacher. I headed towards the back of the room and sat down, throwing my bag on top of the table.

"I'll be back in a bit," said Andy our seminar tutor before leaving us alone.

"Are you going to ignore me?" I asked James, who stood at the front of the room.

"Unless you're going to keep hounding on me about Ashley."

"Is it so bad that I want to know what happened?" I asked defensively.

"Has it ever occurred to you that what happened may not have been good. That I would rather forget about," snapped James. I quickly shut my mouth and thought over what he said. He was right, he may be my best friend but that didn't mean I was entitled to know everything about his life. Sometimes people kept secrets for a reason. I should know.

I nod my head, "You're right. I'm sorry man, I didn't mean to upset you. You know me nosy as hell." That got a grin out of him, he walked up beside the table and sat down next to me. Dropping his bag next to him.

"I know its more to do with the fact you're crushing on Ashley. I guess I'd do the same. I know I'm being vague and cryptic and shit."

I didn't reply. He was right but I wasn't about to agree with him out aloud.

"I just... Okay let's put it this way - Ash he fucks whatever he wants. He won't call himself bisexual just that he's `sexual' and that's me quoting him."

I let out a snort. Guys.

"It was before you and me became proper friends back in school. I went to a club he was there, shit happened and we hooked up. I fell for him, he had me around for sex and more shit happened and resulted in a bad break-up. However I'm using the word break-up loosely, because according to him we weren't `dating'."

I looked at James the hurt so evident on his face, he really liked Ashley and was played like a fool. Fuck.

"I'm sorry."

James chuckled, "Don't be. I just don't want you to get roped in by him. And before you think this is me being a jealous ex it isn't. You're my best friend and I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'm a big boy," I blurted out.

James sighed, "Yeah. Look I've said my peace. That's all I have to say. Yeah."

I nod my head in silent agreement. Maybe one day James would tell me what actually happened, until then I'd just have to take his caution to heart and try my best to get rid of the crush on the apparent bad boy.


The seminar passed surprisingly fast for the first time since the semester started. It might have been because James and I were too busy writing childish notes back and forth. I was glad that our conversation ended on Ashley with a somewhat high note. The last thing I wanted was to fall out with him over something like a shag a year ago.

I had bid my goodbye to James and promised him to meet me at my house, for some serious gaming on the new Wii my mum had bought me and Ian. I made my to my next lecture it was Economics and I needed some serious notes for the exam that was coming up.


Ian Boyd's POV

My head hurt.

I slowly awoke to a light dull of sunlight that tried to make its way past the small crack, between the curtains that were drawn. I leaned up on my elbows taking in the mess of the room I was in, and the bodies that lay sleeping all over the floor. Slowly getting up I made my towards the adjoined bathroom and took a much needed piss. I wasn't surprised to find a girl sleeping in the bath tub either.

I was at Ashley house that was for certain. His parents had gone for the week for a professor conference thing in Holland, leaving Ash all alone in their big seven bedroom mansion. Flushing the toilet and washing my hands I made my way downstairs to the big country style kitchen in nothing but my boxers.

I found Ashley already there, on the bar stool watching the small flat LCD television and eating Weetabix. I walked towards the fridge and pulled it open, grabbing the milk bottle I shut the door. Propping myself on the other side of the island I drank straight from the glass bottle.

I let my eyes drift to the TV and realised that my favourite cartoon was playing, Tom and Jerry. Ash gave me a side-look glance and said nothing more.

After a few minutes of drinking and munching I broke the silence, "What did we do last night?"

"Coke, JD and sex," he answered coolly.

I resisted the urge to groan. I was trying to lay of the drugs, I had never been hooked on the shit but I knew when things could get out of hand.

"I told you to keep me away from the drugs."

"I tried. You slapped me."

I almost choked, "I did what?"

"Bitch slapped me," Ashley said grinning - eyes still fixated on the TV screen.



"Did I need the shit?" I asked.




I groaned. My good for nothing step brother was the bain of my existence. He was the reason why I kept fucking myself over, every single time.

"You should tell him."

I let myself break my train of thought and glare at Ashley, "Are you stupid?"

He shrugged.

"I'm going home," I said before polishing off the milk.

"Going to school?" He asked.

"Might as well," I answered.


Zen Ishad Boyd's POV

Okay so the Economics lecture did nothing but scare me even more for my upcoming exam. I wondered if the lecturers did this shit on purpose so we'd study even harder? Whatever the case all I knew was that I needed to pass this exam with a high B the minimum. I had an hour break before my last class for the day. Despite being an early morning I got off before lunch break which wasn't so bad. I headed towards the small coffee should beside the library (finding the irony too funny) and stood in line as my mobile phone rang. I scrounged around my bad for a few seconds until I found it.


"Is this Zen Boyd?"


"Hello. I'm calling from Birkenhead Police station we have a Ian Boyd in our custody."

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes this hadn't been the first time, my unruly "brother" hadn't gotten the cops involved.

"What did he do?"

"Drinking on school grounds and selling pharmaceutical pills."

"I'll be there soon," I shut my phone and got out of the line. So much for my hot chocolate.


It took me forty minutes to reach the police station, and I was going to be sure to chew Ian a new one for making me miss my last class of the day. I pulled open the doors and made my way to the front desk, asking for directions and information. I was pointed down the hall and made way there. Stopping in front of another desk I said;

"I'm looking for Ian Boyd, seventeen, brought in for drinking and selling drugs."

The woman almost chuckled at me, "He's getting printed. There's a fine of three hundred pounds to pay." I almost shat a brick. I handed over my card and she left to drain my money. I was going to kill Ian. A few minutes later the woman came back, and I signed off on my card and waited for Ian. He finally came around, looking tired but hot. He seemed to have gone back home, dressed and showered before going back to school. He had to wear a uniform due to going to a Catholic school, I always had a somewhat deranged fantasy about boys and uniforms. But the point was when he actually attempted bodily hygiene he looked nice.

He didn't look at me and just stared at the clock in front off him while the copper warned him not to pull the same shit twice. Finally done, he walked past me and towards the exit. I quickly caught up with him outside and grabbed his arm.

"Mum and Paul are going to know about this, and you owe me a missed class and three hundred pounds."

Ian rolled his eyes and I was tempted to punch him again but my hand still hurt from the failed attempt before.


"For fuck sakes what is your problem Ian?"

"Fuck off!"

"No! All I ever do is bail you out, pass your message on or take your crap. Fine you don't like me. Great. But why do you keep getting me involved with your life?"

He didn't say anything.

"Stop calling me to pay your fines, cover for you or get you out of jail. It's fucking annoying as hell."

He turned around and stepped up close to me," I thought we were family," he sneered at me, "Family helps family."

I stepped back slightly intimidated, "We're not family Ian."

"Yeah, cause I'd never be related to a fucking Muslim terrorist. Why don't you fuck off back home," I stood stock still as Ian walked away, my heart hammering and my eyes strangely wet.

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