My Step-Brother and His Best Friend

Chapter 7




Zen Ishad Boyd


It had been a week before James decided to turn up, I had called him a few times but between studying, sitting my exams and dodging Ian I didn't have much time to actually do anything but wait it out. He had called me an hour before asking if he could come over, it was a Friday night so I was more than happy to have him over.

"Zen! James is here," my mother yelled from the bottom landing. I closed my history text book and got up, opening the door I leaned over the balcony and waved at James, "Come on up," he smiled at me before quickly saying something to my mother. I walked back into my room and plopped back down on my bed, my head resting against my pillows.

"Hey," said James closing the door behind him. I smiled at him, and patted the spot next to me. He took off his jacket and laid down next to me, "How's it going?" He asked, I shrugged my shoulders, fingering his hair. He still seemed down, more sad than angry now.

"Want to talk about it?" I asked slowly.

"Nothing to talk about, sis was bang out of order. She's been hiding in her room for the past week, the dumb cow."

"She's your sister," I added lamely.

"Probably why it hurts more, but don't worry I'll get over it, and continue to keep on loving her, " he added laughing lightly.

"You sure?"

"Are you fishing for some gossip Zen? James sat up, my hand slipping from his hair. He was grinning at me, and I flushed lightly.

"I'm not trying to be nosy."

"But you are mate, you are." I shrugged my shoulder giving him the `what-do-you-expect' face.

"You have this big secret and it's kind of annoying being the only one not allowed to know."

"Not much of a secret, Ashley and I dated and he cheated on me. The end."

"I know as much, but it seems like there's more you know?"

James got off the bed and walked towards my desk, he pulled out the computer chair and sat down heavily on it. He fingered a few of my things, picking up a book, putting it back down again. Fiddling with my stress ball, poking at my keyboard. He was stalling, or maybe he couldn't explain the situation properly.

"He cheated on me, Zen. Isn't that bad enough?"

I nodded my head, there was something more and he didn't want to say. Maybe he couldn't say it. So I decided to leave it alone. Ashley cheated on my best friend, broke his heart. That was enough to hate the guy.

"Don't worry James, so what do you want to do?"

James frown turned into a sly smile, as he jumped off the chair and threw himself onto me. I laughed out aloud as he straddled my hips, "We're going to start that plan of ours." I groaned hoping he had forgotten about it.

"Now you promised you'd do it. It won't be anything too extreme."

I pushed him off me, as he settled back onto my bed, "Fine tell me, maestro."

He grinned, "You're going to seduce Ian."

I rolled my eyes, "Sure. Me. I'll get right on that."

"No listen, you're going to sex it up round him. Get him all excited and into you, once that happens you'll gain his trust, and then you can out him to his dad."

I laughed, "First off I can't sex anyone up, secondly don't you think that's mean."

"Well probably, but who cares. You're mum knows about you, and there won't be a chance that she'll allow your step-dad to kick out Ian. So it'll just be an horrible embarrassment, that'll probably scar Ian for life."

"No seriously that's mean."

"You care?" countered James.

"I don't care about that shit bag, James. But I'm not going to out anyone. That's just not on."

"He's treated you like shit for ages now, get your own back on him."


"Geez Zen stop being the good boy for just this once, look if you don't want to do the outing bit fine. Just get him all riled up and then leave him in the cold. That'll make his day," laughed James.

"The second option seems less evil. But how the fuck I'm I suppose to `sex' him up?"

"First off look in the mirror mate, all that brow hair and light eyes. If you weren't my best mate I'd fuck you."

I flushed, "Thanks. I think?"

"Naye bother, now do what I say alright. We're going to have to send you to some of the clubs he frequents. Don't worry they're nothing seedy, sure they're classless like Ian himself. But where else is he going to pick up those skanks he fucks."

"Thanks, not only I'm about to seduce my step-brother but probably catch something from him too."

James laughed loudly, "Unless you're going to fuck him, then I doubt you'll be able to catch anything too bad."

"Jesus James."

He laughed again, "The blushing virgin, how adorable you are. After this stint with Ian, I'm getting you laid."

"Why I'm I always your bloody pet project?"

"Because you're too cute, and so very sheltered for a closeted gay guy."

"I'm not closeted."

"Sure you're not," said James patting me on the arm.

"So the plan is?"

"Well first we need to insert you somewhere where he's going to really see you. He'll probably head to Bench tomorrow night, so we're going there. But come over to my house, beforehand so I can slut you up some."

"I don't think..." I started suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the idea.

James smiled softly, "Look if you don't want to do this, just tell me. I'm just a sadistic arsehole, who'd like to see Ian get one over him. But I'm not about force you into this."

"I know you wouldn't, it's just I'm a little scared you know. Man I ain't been to a club."

"Don't worry I'll be there, shit man I ain't about to let you do this alone."

"Alright, " I sighed, "Ian needs to pay his dues."

James winked at me, "Too right he does."


Ian Boyd

I had missed out seeing Ashley for awhile, so I had called him up on Friday evening letting him know I'd be over at his house the next afternoon. When I had come home last night, James had been at our dinner table joking around with Zen and his mum, my dad was too busy wolfing down his own food to contribute to the conversation. I bypassed on having dinner with them and just went up to my bedroom. I never liked James when he was with Ashley, Ashley became a different person; a fucking moron in love simply put. Even though I was secretly glad they both had broken up, sometimes I figured it was a little better when they were together. Ashley gets into this funk, and it takes ages for him to get out of it. I'm too much of a bastard to actually help, so maybe when James was around it was better.

So I figured I should go and spend some time with my best mate. We were heading out to Bench later on tonight, so I figured we could hang out and play some X-Box and then leave together for the night.

"Ian where are you going?" hollered Zen's mum.

"Ashley's," I said putting on my jacket.

"Can you not spend sometime with your family for once?" She scowled at me. I rolled my eyes and pulled open the door, and slammed it behind me as hard as I could, when I left.

The trip to Ashley's house was a fucking feat by train or bus, so I hailed down a black cab and got in, giving the driver the address I sat back and relaxed. The weather was shitty as usual, the sky a dreary gray, with a cold wind picking itself way through the city. Winter was surely here, and I hated it like nothing else.


Zen Ishad Boyd

It was Saturday and after telling my mum I'd be staying with James for the weekend, I made my way to his house. I had no idea what he had in store for me, I mean James had the whole sexy-flirt thing going for him. He had no problems talking to guys (or hell getting laid), so why he thought I'd be able to pull Ian was pretty much fucking insane. But I had signed the deed with the devil, and I'd either come out laughing or be the laughing stock.


Ian Boyd

"Hey Ash!"


Taking two steps at a time, I powered my way up the stairs and made my way to Ashley's bedroom. Knocking once, I let myself in only to be greeted with chaos. Clothes were strewn everyone, I could hardly see the bloody floor.


"Tell me the black or the stone-wash?" Ashley's blonde hair was in a disarray and his blue eyes wide.


Ashley nodded frantically before throwing the jeans on the bed, before heading back into his big-ass walk in wardrobe.

"You alright, mate?" Ashley said something, but me being in one room and him in another, the answer was a mess of grunts and rumbles. So I walked into the closet only to be greeted with more mess.

"Ash, man?"

He finally turned around, his hands shaking and his bottom lip trembling. I sighed out aloud, I hated when he got this way - panic attacks where prone to him, and only ever happened when he was hitting the low down. Taking his hand, I led him out of the wardrobe and onto the floor. I sat cross-legged myself and pushed his head down onto my lap, as I stroked his hair in a soothing manner.


Zen Ishad Boyd

I rang the doorbell only to be greeted with the sour face of Amanda. She looked like shit, but I could hardly feel sorry for her. I nodded my head, as an indication that I saw her, and moved past her, as I made my way upstairs to James's room.

"You decent?" I asked, before I heard James laugh. Opening his door he was standing in front of his full-length mirror putting his belt on. I plopped myself onto his bed, as I watched him preen himself.

"You vain fuck."

"You know it," he laughed as he finished with his belt. He turned around and I let out a low whistle. Dressed in some tight-ass jeans and a funky rockers shirt he looked hot.

"Now it's your turn."

I sighed as he pulled me up from his bed, "Alright master turn the frog into a...nicer one?"

"Cutting yourself short isn't becoming."

"Only speaking the truth my friend."

"You don't even know the meaning," he said with a smirk.


Ian Boyd

Ashley's freak out was all but the past, we never spoke of it and we moved on. Bench was kicking it tonight, the crowd already bustling on the dance floor and bar. A couple of hotties caught my attention when we walked in, but I stuck close to Ashley. He was all smiles and handshakes, but I didn't want to leave him too soon.

"I'm alright mate," he said after awhile.

I didn't say anything, gave him a little nod and moved away. I walked up to the girl I'd been checking out. Striking up a conversation with her, I let my worries fall away as I tried to score myself some luck tonight. I looked over at Ashley who was laughing with a short brunette girl. He seemed fine, so I smiled at my own conquest.


Zen Ishad Boyd

"You alright?" Asked James. I looked down at what I was wearing and chuckled nervously.


"You look hot, Zen."

"I look like I'm in my big brother's sexy clothes," I muttered.

"Don't call me your brother, I have sex dreams about you."

I gaped at James, as he laughed.

"Seriously, half these girls have been eyeing you, and most of these guys want to kill you."

"Yay me."


"But," I started.

James shook his head, "No! You look hot and we're going in." My objections were swallowed by the loud dance music as we entered Bench. Looking around it was filled with the usual school crowd, slutty girls and perverted guys. A great place for Ian. I followed James as closely as I could, trying my best not to grab his hand as we walked past leering girls and scowling guys. Finally he stopped at a table, and we sat down. A waitress passed asking what we wanted, ordering a couple of cokes we settled in for the night. I looked around, the lights were bright the music loud and the chatter obscured.

I leaned into James' personal space and literally shouted over the shitty music, "So what now?"

"We dance, " he said smiling. I cringed and sat back down on the seat. The waitress came around, and gave us our flat cokes as James handed her a fiver. Five quid was helluva expensive at this joint. He motioned me to drink up, I picked up my perspiring glass and took a long drink. James had swallowed his drink as quickly as he got it, as I struggled with the last remnants. Finally done, he stood up and I followed him out to the middle of the floor.

I spotted Ian with a girl not too far away, he looked my way, and I guess he didn't clock on that it was me. But his second take had his eye widening. Before I could do anything, James grabbed me around the waist, and started grinding against me. To say I was shocked was probably being nice. Looking like a deer in headlights, I looked from James to Ian in quick successions.

The music was too loud to say anything, so I went with the plan. I started swaying my hips, and taking what I could with the crap music. After awhile it became easy, and I lost myself in the sea of grinding and music.


I don't know how long James and I danced for, but when we finally parted I was sweating and so damn thirsty I could have drank a well. We moved to the bar and ordered two bottles of water. James paid as I drank half the bottle easily. Throughout the whole stint on the dance floor I knew Ian was watching, the girl he was chatting up had left because he wasn't paying her any attention. It felt nice to get one over him, whether he was rooted to the spot at my blatancy or shock, it was still a nice feeling.

"Going to the loo!" Shouted James. I nodded my head. I drank more from my water bottle. I decided to sit down and went back to the table, which was luckily vacated.

"Little boy playing with the big boys." I rolled my eyes as Ian grabbed me from the back of the neck. The pressure was soft, but the presence still there.

"Seems like Jamie boy is a bad influence," he sneered. I shook of his hand and stood up facing him. This close to him, I never realised how bright Ian's eyes were. Shaking off the weird thought, I pushed against him only to have him grab my wrist.

"What's the matter Ian?" I said softly.

His eyes widened slightly, as he stepped closer, "This is my domain," he said like a petulant child. I rolled my eyes, I guess he didn't like that because the pressure on my wrist got tighter.

"Go home."

I laughed, "Not likely, I'm having fun."

Ian was so close now, that I could feel his crotch against my own. He was turned on, and I was proud to not let the surprise show. I could feel myself getting hard too, so I tried to extract myself from his tight embrace.

"Let go", I grounded out, feeing uncomfortable.

"Listen to your brother, baby and go home." I shook him off, and he finally let go. We both stared at each other, but Ian was the first one to leave. As Ian left, James came back.

"So?" he asked.

I smiled, " I think I like this game."




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