My Step-Brother and His Best Friend

Chapter Eight

The Kiss...




Zen Ishad Boyd


James gave me a crooked smile and patted me on the back. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bar; waving the barman down I ordered us both cokes. The music changed to Rooster's `Come Get Some' and I resisted the urge to laugh -- half the people looked around wondering what the fuck they were suppose to do with some punk rock.


James raised an eyebrow at me, in a way I couldn't attempt to do. I stifled a smile and sipped on the coke the barman placed down in front of me. I shrugged my shoulders swaying to the music. James smacked me hard on the back, and I burst out laughing.

"Come on man, I leave you for three minutes and you've gone and done something."

"Hardly did anything just had a small showdown with Ian."

James smiled, "Yeah what happened?"

"He wanted me to go home, but the fucker was hard."

James burst out laughing grabbing onto my arm, like I just told him the world's funniest joke. To be honest it was sort of flattering in a weird fucked up way that Ian got so aroused. But at the same time I had to admit maybe he had been hard all along, and I was reading too much into it. Fuck the only hard cock I'd ever come across was my own -- so what the fuck would I know?

James was still cracking up, and he started wheezing a little so I grabbed his cock and tried to get him to drink some of it, before he choked on his own spit.

"Hey Jamie," it was sort of funny how fast Jamie shut up and turned around. His face was still flushed red -- but he no longer found anything amusing.

Ashley stood with his hands clasped in front of him, he had dark circles under his eyes and all in all he looked like shit, but for some reason James nodded his head. I was about to ask what the fuck -- but James grabbed Ashley's arm and dragged him away. I stood there watching the place they had just vacated, which was now filled with two blond girls.

I stood at the bar for a couple of hours waiting for James. I had rung him a few times but nothing. I was majorly pissed off, but I didn't want to leave without him, so I found a table at the back of the club and sat down. It was nearing two in the morning, and I was feeling tired. The kids were still going despite the time, and I was really getting fucking annoyed.

"So still here."

I rolled my eyes but moved over, since Ian figured it was alright to sit on my lap. He leaned his arms on the table, the muscles all sinew and tight. I watched as his veins pushed up from the skin -- I figured he was hot.

"Ashley came up and for some reason James went with him."

"They're probably fucking back at Ashley's house."

"I hardly doubt that."

Ian laughed, "You have no idea what they're both like. What they're like together."

"And you do?"

"I was around when they both started dating."

I nodded my head, maybe Ian was right. I didn't know what really was up with James and Ashley. I didn't know anything about them -- and that for some reason fucking depressed me even more. I leaned my head against Ian's shoulder and sighed loudly.

I could feel Ian stiffen under me, but for the love of me I couldn't care. I was tired and alone and my best friend had just left me alone in a stupid club he forced me to come too.

"Take me home Ian," I murmured sleepily. I could feel my eyes drifting close.



Ian Boyd

The kid was asleep on my fucking shoulder, what the fuck was I suppose to do with him now? Not like I could just leave him; he'd probably get raped, mugged or both. I stared at his face and wondered why everything was so fucking confusing? Sighing I got up from the chair and leaned down and picked him up. I took him out the back way; Barry stopped me asking me what the fuck? But he knew I wasn't into the shady business and he believed the kid was step-brother surprisingly.

The good thing about Bench was the taxi stand was right across the street. So I walked over shoved Zen in and told the cabbie where too, and settled back. Somehow Zen manuvered himself back onto my shoulder and let out a sleepy sigh.

The cabbie decided to take the long way back to my house, just to drain more money out of fucking pocket. I shut my mouth though, the fucker could chuck us out, and I didn't fancy my chance walking back from Pollok.


I looked over and Zen was rubbing his eyes sleepily. Shit the fucker looked...cute. God help me. I shoved him off me and glared at him for good measure.

"Where are we?"

"A cab you fucking dweeb."

"What? Why?" Zen said alarmed like I was Charles Manson.

"Cause you feel asleep at the club, would you have liked it if I left you there alone?"

Zen shook his head before leaning it back against my shoulder.

"For fuck sakes," I said pushing him off me. But he decided to just lie on my lap like that was fucking better.


"Please Ian I'm bloody knackered."

"So what I'm your fucking couch -- get the fuck off."

"Please," he said in the stupid whining way only he can do. I left him on me figuring he wasn't going to move unless I punched him one, and I was anything but a violent bastard. The cabbie kept giving us some alarming looks, and I figured I would be the only one to pick a fucking gay guy to drive us home. The sicko probably was waiting for us to get it on so he could get off.

Zen mumbled something before jerking awake and hitting his head squarely on my jaw, "Fuck! You bastard." Zen blinked rapidly before grabbing my face in his hands.

"God I'm so sorry. I got a fright. Shit you alright?" He asked petting my face. I pushed his hands away and rubbed my sore jaw.

"I'll live. Jeez."

"Sorry," he mumbled again. Since he was awake I assumed he'd crawl to the other side of the cab. But he leaned into me his hand gripping my arm, "Why does the cabbie keep looking at us like that," he said quietly. Which was stupid because the driver had the speaker on and he could hear us regardless? I couldn't help it but started laughing, it was a fucked up night that ended with me having a sore jaw. Zen frowned but seemed okay with my laughing figuring the cab driver wasn't too much of a freak.

"Where are we going?"

"Home," I answered. Zen pushed me his eyes comically huge.

"No! I said to mum that I was staying at James this weekend. I can't come home at half two in the morning. She'll kill me."

"I care because?"

"Please Ian, it's not like I can say me and James had a fight that resulted in me leaving his place."

"You kinda did since he bailed on you and left with Ashley," I said with amusement. It was nice to see someone else feeling the sense of abandonment that came with Ashley and James.

"Don't be such a dick."

"I ain't taking you all the way to James's house. We're almost home, so grow some balls and tell your mama why you're dressed like a slut and coming home at the wee hours of the morning."

Zen rolled his eyes and pushed at me again. I grabbed his hand and it suddenly turned into tug of war with me laughing and him shouting. I pulled him hard enough for him to sprawl into my lap head first. The sight in itself was hilarious and before I could make a cock joke about it, Zen pushed up and kissed me squarely on the mouth. There was no tongue; just a closed mouthed kiss that lasted all but two-seconds. I let go of him and stared at him, the cab driver suddenly stopped and switched on the light.

"That's nine fifty boys."

Zen turned away opening the door and rushing into the house, I slowly took out my wallet and gave the guy a tenner before exiting the cab and entering the house myself. The hallway was dark and quiet. I made my way up the stairs Zen's mum was probably dead to the world, because she hadn't gotten up to see who had come in. I bypassed my room and went straight to Zen's. I knew that Zen didn't have a lock on his door, so I pushed open the door and found the git huddled into bed. Closing the door, I walked over and grabbed the desk chair -- before pushing it under the handle.

"You really want to do this?" I asked slowly slipping off my clothes.

"Fuck off."

"Hardly," I murmured.

Naked I crawled onto the bed pushing the covers as I did so. Zen turned on his back his brown eyes wide and confused, "Get naked." And he did quickly shedding of his too tight jeans and T-Shirt. This was probably the most stupid thing I had ever sought out to do, but when I touched him I came apart. Grabbing onto his hips I pushed into him our hard cocks brushing together sweetly. I leaned down and kissed him, nothing gentle. All tongue and teeth. Biting and bleeding. Zen moaned and I kissed him harder. I kept sliding against him, and I could feel my orgasm building as did Zen's from the way he grabbed onto my hips.

Tearing his mouth from mine Zen moaned loudly, "Oh fuck!" as he came. I followed suit my own orgasm gripping through my own body. I fell on top of Zen breathing harshly.

"Oh my God." He said with utter amazement and horror, "What have we done?"