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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter One

There he was--I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I was mesmerized with the flow of his glistening skin over his taught muscles. God, what a mind fuck! He was trotting across the campus lawn, apparently late to his next class. As I didn't have a class forthcoming I began to trot too but kept a fair distance behind him. He was heading toward the old Gillespie gymnasium and I followed him cautiously after he entered. I didn't see him at first so I assumed he'd gone to the dressing room. I didn't know what possessed me to go in, but I did. Talk about studs on display, everyone in the room was either naked, or so near naked that it didn't leave much to my imagination.

I looked around for a few moments and finally my eyes met his physique. Stunning, huge, gorgeous, and built to the hilt, were but only a few of my instant thoughts. God how I wanted to just go and grab him right then and there, but I was on a mission and my lusty thoughts would have to wait. Especially since we were in a room full of guys who probably wouldn't have understood.

I approached him with trepidation and just as I was about to reach up to him to tap him on his shoulder he turned around. Instead of touching his shoulder my fingers found his large pectoral muscle. Instantly he jumped back and his reflex almost knocked me down. I stumbled as if I were drunk but quickly regained my composure. He began yelling at me--asking what the hell I was doing. I just looked at him as I raised the book he had dropped while jogging across campus.

"I'm sorry, you uhh dropped this while on your way to class. I...I...uhh was about to tap your shoulder and give the book to you when you turned around. Look man, I...I...uhh didn't mean anything by touching you, I umm just wanted to get your attention and give your book back. Here--I'm sorry."

Instead of handing it to him I dropped it on the bench near where he was standing and quickly turned around as I left. Once outside the gymnasium I paused to make sure I was in control of myself--I was--but only barely. I continued on toward my dorm. Since I was a freshman at The University of Texas I was relegated like every underclassman to dormitory life for the first two semesters. I didn't have a roommate but I did have a double occupancy room. The room was really nice, and had a semi-private bathroom, which adjoined with another double occupancy room.

Four guys would normally share the facility but since my roommate decided not to show up there were now just three of us. There were locks on each of the two doors so once it was occupied there would be privacy. I fell back against the entry door once I had entered my room. My mind was still reeling from what had happened only ten minutes previous in the gym.

"I can't believe I did such a stupid thing. Why... why did I do such a stupid thing?"

I wasn't really talking to myself--it was just my thoughts stirring in my head. Finally, I gained my composure and threw my backpack onto the never used bed and went to mine. After a while I drifted off to sleep and awoke to the sound of someone knocking on my door.

"Just a minute, I'm coming."

It was Jake, a guy who lived down the hall from me.

"Hey Palmer sorry to bother you but uhh since we have the same chem class I was thinking we could study together."

"Sure, give me a second and we can go down to the study room. I'll get my stuff and I'll meet ya there."

"No sweat, I'll just wait."

After some face washing and a can of pop, I was ready.

"OK--let's go."

The class we were taking as chemistry 101. It was an introductory course but it was an easy elective--so I thought. Unfortunately I hadn't looked at the textbook prior to this but once I did I was shocked. This course was unquestionably more than just an introductory course.

"Dude, I'm dropping this course; I can't believe this is an introductory course for chemistry."

"Well yeah Palmer it isn't--it's the intermediate course, the one you're suppose to take after the intro course."

"Gee I feel so stupid; I'm supposed to be enrolled in Chem 101, not 201. Shit, I hardly know anything about Chemistry."

"Look Palmer, you have a full two weeks to get the hang of it, if by then you feel you're in way over your head you can drop the course and it won't screw up your grade point average."

"Well, let me read the introduction and the first chapter, then we can study together. Is that ok? I'm going to need help if I stay with it."

"Sure, I'll just re-read it while you take a look at it--maybe it'll sink in a little the second time through."

"Man, I wish my friends made me feel so confident. Well, let's get started then."

After about thirty minutes we had finished our reading. I didn't think it was too confusing but I did have a few questions for Jake. After another hour or so we decided we had a thorough grip on the first chapter. We were both pleased and decided to tackle the course together. We figured we'd go over the course assignments with each other's help. As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one."

We went our separate ways an hour or two later--he went back to his room--I went to mine. After that eye opener I decided I had better take a look at my other textbooks to see what I had gotten myself into.

Soon the sun started to retreat behind the horizon and it was a spectacular array of orange, pink, purples, and touches of gold. I changed clothes and went to the commons--the eating area for the dorm. There weren't many students, so I made a mental note of the time as I was a loner. It would be the perfect time for me to eat in peace and quiet during the semester. The food wasn't too bad either. In fact, it was better than my mom's cooking. She really didn't know how to cook when she married my dad but she made a valiant effort and neither my dad nor I had starved--still it was good to know that charcoal wasn't really a food group. I went back to the dorm after eating and as I was about to exit the elevator, there he was--my stud.

He wasn't looking my direction so I quickly ducked back inside. Some guys got in and up we went to the next floor. I got off and hurriedly ran down the flight of stairs to my floor so I could avoid running into him. My room was almost across the stairway door, but not exactly. When I opened the stairway door I heard him talking to some guys down the way. I peeked out the door and saw that they must have been around the corner so I quickly ran to my room and disappeared through the entryway.

"Man, that was close," I murmured to myself. I sure didn't want another confrontation. Feeling a little insecure I locked the door and decided to study some more, but he was all I could think about. I wanted to know him--I wanted to become his friend and me to become his, but after what happened earlier I decided it just wouldn't happen. Finally, sleep crept up and I found myself dozing so after a few quick jerks of my head dropping, I finally succumbed and went to bed. "What a day" I thought to myself, as I drifted off.

The next morning I awoke around 7:30. I hadn't slept that well as I had been rehashing the confrontation of the previous day. I don't know why I kept thinking of him as `my stud,' but I did. Hell we weren't even friends, and after the fiasco in the dressing room we probably would never be .

My first class didn't begin until 10:00 but I went ahead and dressed. My stomach growled letting me know that it wanted some attention. Not wanting it deprived I leisurely strolled over to the commons--it wasn't too far. It was housed between two large dormitories and it fed both. I kept an eye out for my stud and although I didn't really want the confrontation I knew we would eventually meet up. I just hoped it would be a few more days or weeks as I thought he needed to cool down a little bit and let what I said to him sink in.

Just as I was about to open the door to go in, someone from behind said something to me. Damn I hadn't considered him coming up from behind me.

"Hi Palmer, long time no see! Here, let me get the door."

It had been a long time since I had seen the guy--several months in fact and I wouldn't have minded a continued absence. It was Kevin, a guy I knew from my high school days. For years he had always picked on me, that is until I started muscling up. I could have easily taken him by the end of my senior year but that opportunity had sadly passed. I really didn't like him and he knew it.

"Hi--um... thanks," I murmured.

"You're welcome," he beamed.

What was up with him? He'd never been even polite, much less friendly to me, and here he was opening the door and acting as if I was his long lost buddy.

"Palmer, would you mind if we sat together, I kinda need to talk to ya..."

"Look Kevin, it's been a long time since I've seen you and I would have really liked it if I had never seen you again--is it really necessary?"

He looked at the ground a few moments as though he'd lost a great battle and finally he looked up and into my eyes.


I nodded my head and we went through the line and got breakfast. I went over to a table which was empty and set my tray down and went to get some milk, coffee, and orange juice. When I returned Kevin was sitting there. He had his head bent down in his hands and was shaking it back and forth as if thinking about something major. When I sat down he raised his head and looked at me. His eyes were moist and his eyeballs were pink and red. I looked at him for a while, not sure whether to give in and risk this being a trap he'd set, or to follow my instincts and show a little (very little) compassion. As I began eating I tried to figure it out.

"Palmer, I was really a jerk back in high school. I'm not sure anyone has a reason to like me but I really want to apologize to you for being such an ass, and it wasn't just you. I was like that to others as well--especially to those who were smaller or less popular than me. I...I'm trying to make amends if its possible. Just give me some time so I can show you that I can be a friend. I would really like to prove it to you."

I didn't say anything for a while--hell, I didn't know what to say. I had so totally hated him for what he'd put me through and now here he was asking me to become his friend? To forgive him?  I told him that maybe we could work on friendship but it would take time. He'd set me up for cruel pranks in the past and I really didn't trust him.