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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter Two

We finished our breakfast and went our separate ways. All of a sudden, I heard a voice and recognized it--it was my stud. I panicked but quickly calmed down and slowly turned around. Luckily he was once again facing away from me so I left and headed back to Dohrman Hall.

About 9:40 I got what I needed for class and left for my 10:00 o'clocker. I noticed a sizeable group of guys huddling around so I went over to see what was brewing. A student was beating the crap out of some smaller guy. I didn't like what was happening and it seemed no one was going to help the smaller guy out. I asked what happened and found out the smaller guy had put the make on the bigger student. The homophobic basher was making it known he didn't like fags as he was yelling, screaming, and beating the shit out him.

Inwardly, I was fuming and finally couldn't take it any longer so I stepped in to break it up. In the process the bigger guy began clobbering on me. Now I'm in fairly good shape, well muscled and all, but this guy was much larger than me so I went into my auto-protect mode and used some of my martial art techniques to block the assaults against the smaller kid and myself. It seemed as if an hour had passed but in reality it had only been a few minutes. As I was blocking yet another blow, someone stepped into the fracas and started beating on the larger guy. Soon the fight ended with my hero being the victor. I hadn't seen who it was since I was still busy trying to protect the victim but when he turned around I almost lost it then and there--It was my stud.

He came over and helped the kid and dusted the dirt and filth off of him. In a way, it looked kind of funny. I mean, here this stud was about 6' 8". The little guy couldn't have been over 5 feet, not that I'm much taller, but still it looked laughable. The little guy's head only came to a few inches higher than the navel of my studs' abdomen, if even that. My stud looked at me every once and a while as he was cleaning the little guy up but I couldn't read his expression. When he wasn't looking I left and hurried to my class. I was only fifteen minutes late but I looked God awful in my filthy clothes. The teacher saw I had arrived late and called attention to it as he told me that the class started at precisely 10:00 o'clock and reprimanded me in front of the entire class. I felt like shit in dirty clothes.

Once it was over I went to the instructor and explained what had happened. He apologized and told me that he was wrong to reprimand me in front of the class and asked me not to be late the next time class started. I told him I'd be on time. My next class wasn't for another hour so I decided to go to Dorhman to clean up. I didn't bother to see if the stud was around. I had finally gotten over him, and was looking forward to my next class. I had been really good in art during high school, and my then teacher told me that I should take some college level courses, so I decided I would.

I entered class about ten minutes before it started, and began reading a brochure it. The first agenda was to sketch a person nude. The art class would supply the model. "What a way to start class," I thought and was hoping it would be a male student. As soon as class started we were told that Stephen Goodmyer would be our model and even though I had no idea who he was, I was glad to find out the model would be male. The instructor said he would be the model for the first two classes--I hoped he would be in decent shape.

Was I ever surprised when the model came in--it was my stud--dressed in what appeared to be a bathrobe. It looked kind of ridiculous on him but it did cover up his privates (barely). The teacher introduced him to us and now at least I knew his name--Stephen Goodmyer. The teacher told us that we would sketch him full frontal in a pose that would be provocative to say the least. He asked Stephen to face the students and to disrobe. He did and man did the girls and even some guys gasped--I certainly did.

I knew he had a good body from our brief encounter in the gym but his equipment was something else and was uncut. It must have been a good 5" long, as it was soft. The teacher had told him earlier what to do, and asked him to begin so Stephen started stroking himself. Apparently modesty wasn't one of his hang-ups. The teacher watched our expressions as Stephen did his thing.

It didn't take long for him to get fully aroused--only a few minutes and soon he was sporting a good 7--maybe even more. The instructor had him get onto the quilted posing platform and into his pose position. He lay on his side with the calf of his right leg perpendicular to the table. His right foot rested in the crevice behind his left knee. He tightened his abs and chest muscles and once again some classmates and I gasped--what a sight!

We were then told to begin sketching. Stephen continued to stroke his meat every now and then so it would remain in the aroused state. During the class his eyes were fixed on me and his face was expressionless. The instructor told us we would have just one more class with that same pose and that we had to complete the sketch by the end of our next class.

I decided to end my Neanderthal ways and just get the situation out in the open. He dressed in a room all to itself--the only door was in the art class so I waited and a few minutes later he came out. He looked directly in my eyes and smiled--I knew then we would become friends. Of course I hoped we would become more than that but at least we would be friends. I broke the ice first.

"Look man, I'm sorry about what happened the other day. I was just trying to return the book you had dropped--I didn't mean to touch your chest. I was just going to tap you on your shoulder to get your attention but I was already in motion and you turned around so fast. It just happened. I can't take it back, (not that I had really wanted to) but I hope you can get over it and we can be friends. I'd like that."

He just stood there gawking at me as I rambled on but as I finished he smiled.

"So what's your name?"

"Guys call me Palmer. It's a nickname really but I've been called that for years now."

"Palmer huh? I like that--it fits your personality well."

"Gee thanks, I... I guess."

"You want to be friends huh? Look Palm if it weren't for the fact we were in the gym dressing room with a bunch of horny dudes I wouldn't have minded your touch. For that matter anywhere else you might want to--I'm gay and modesty isn't one of my strong points--you just surprised me. Ever since then I've been looking for you but you're one hell of a guy to try to catch up with."

"So what are you saying Stephen? You liked it when I touched you? I sure didn't get that feeling. I felt so awkward but I do admit the touch of your flesh did feel good. Wha..., what do you want?"

"I guess what I want is you--I want you to feel good with me at your side, and I want to be able to touch you and you touch me. I guess what I want is... I want you."

"I think I'd like that too but we need to be careful. This campus is generally non-homophobic, but as you know, there are a few--we found that out today. Look I've never been with another guy and I've never even been with any girls either. Never even been kissed or kissed anyone except my mom and dad but that's different. I've always been somewhat of a loner but yeah I would really like being your friend and perhaps a lot more."

Stephen looked around to make sure no one was looking. He was smiling and had the cutest dimples on his cheeks. God, I wanted to massage his package and roam my hands on his chest and I didn't want to wait. He then pulled me to him and I was shaking like a leaf in the wind. He pulled me in and I felt like I would melt with his touch. He lifted me up with my feet dangling over a foot off the ground. God this guy was strong--he acted as if I was light as a feather. He planted a kiss on my mouth and pushed my lips open with his probing tongue. I was instantly hard and after a while set me back down on the ground.

"Stephen are you through with your classes for the day?"

"Yeah, I don't have a class till just before 10:00 tomorrow morning."

"Neither do I--you want to come with me to my dorm? I have a private room where we won't be disturbed--we need to explore this further."

I don't know what the hell came over me but suddenly I had the urge to grope him and play with his chest muscles. I pulled his shorts forward and reached in and began massaging his softness--he became instantly hard. I reached up under his shirt with my other hand, and as I did he immediately tensed his upper torso which made his pecs and abs rock hard. The feel of his soft curlies was just an added bonus as I caressed his bulging muscles. Never in my life had I felt an emotion as was then coursing through me as I felt his massiveness--his hard body had definitely made an impact on me.

We were the only ones in the classroom at that time and after a few moments of intense pleasure I came to my senses and removed my hands. I mean here I was groping him--feeling him up--and up to a few moments earlier I had never kissed anyone or had been kissed by boy or girl. I began apologizing for my actions but before I had finished he spoke.

"Let's go Palm--we can explore this together at your place."


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Stephan Noteworthy