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Stephan Noteworthy

My Wild Side

Chapter Three

"Let's go Palmer. We can explore this together at your place."

We each stepped back and checked each other, making sure we were properly dressed for public. I went first into the hallway and stood chatting with a friend who I knew from high school--his name was Rick. He was gay--I knew it, and so did the entire high school.

He had been the football quarterback and was about 6' 4", and ripped like the Adonis god he was. I had seen him in the high school dressing room on several occasions and he always smiled at me but I didn't think much of it at the time. Stephen came out of the classroom about three minutes after I had come out and saw me talking to Rick but I couldn't read his expressionless face and as he passed us by I made up some excuse to Rick for needing to leave. Once outside the building, I caught up with my stud.

"Stephen you ok?"

"Yeah I guess. Who were you talking to back there?"

"Rick--he was our high school quarterback. I hadn't seen him for a few months so we were just talking. Why--you jealous or something?"

I hadn't mentioned that Rick was gay and I was glad I hadn't.

"Look Palmer--I hardly know you, but yeah I'm jealous. I try to control it but can't help it. When I broke into that fight earlier, I just saw red. I mean, that guy was trying to hurt you and I couldn't stand seeing it. I immediately jumped in when I saw him trying to beat the crap out of you."

"Well I'm glad you did!"

"So where are we headed?"

"Dohrman Hall. Room 813."

"That's a nice dorm. I have a few friends there and they're on the 8th floor too."

"Well I'm going on ahead, you come up a few minutes later."


"Don't worry, I'll be there. I'm not about to louse this up!"

He was grinning when he said that, and I trotted off on the campus lawn, not bothering to stay on the walkway. Once in my room, I began frantically trying to straighten up my accumulated mess. I shoved all the dirty clothes in the closet and straightened up my desk--thankfully just when I had everything neatly put away, I heard a knock on the door. Opening it, I marveled at how stunning he really was. He entered, and I quickly closed the door behind him.

I didn't waste any time--I quickly embraced him as if I were a leech. He was about a foot inside the door, when I literally jumped him. I grabbed him by the neck and wrapped my legs tightly around his muscled torso. I don't know what had happened to me, but I couldn't get enough of him, and after a while, I disembarked.

"Gee Palmer, and I thought I was horny."

He was laughing big time, and I was chuckling too.

"Shut up and strip."

He quickly complied, as he said: "Yes sir." It wasn't a long wait until he was completely in the flesh. God he looked so delicious, but I wanted him to know who was in charge, so I continued.

"On your knees stud."

I couldn't believe I was like this. I was totally out of character. I had never been like this, but I kinda liked it. I was in charge--I knew it, and he was soon to know it too.

"Take off my shoes and socks."

God, I was really getting into my fantasy. Here a hunk of a man, much taller than I was, and who outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds of pure muscle, was being submissive as I barked out order after order. I mean he could have wiped the floor with my ass if he had wanted to.

"Remove my shirt and start licking!"

And oh how he complied. I was in ecstasy, as he literally bathed my chest with his tongue. He nibbled and chewed on my firm bulky pecs as he sucked my nipples, making them fully erect. I still couldn't believe my mannerisms, but he obeyed to the letter. When he finished, he was still on his knees as I had told him. He looked up at me with pleading eyes, and I relented somewhat.

"Take off my shorts, and don't delay!"

"Yes sir!"

He reached up and undid my belt and buckle. He was grinning as if he were really enjoying my little wild side. As he slid my shorts off, he hooked my undies as well.

"Did I tell you to remove my underwear? Well, did I?"

"No sir, I just thought you wanted me to." He looked like a sad puppy as he bowed his head in shame. I wanted to cry, he looked so sad, but I didn't.

"Rip my underwear off, and be quick about it stud."

I was naked as a jaybird even before I had finished with my command. God my stud was strong, but then one only had to glance at his body to know that, and I definitely knew it.

I looked down at my kneeling stud--he was dripping pre cum from his throbbing hard muscle between his legs. I was rather naive when it came to the sexual experience, as I had none. I figured he was rather aroused by what we were doing, and I looked at my much shorter instrument, and it too was dripping. I knew what I was feeling, so I figured it was a good sign. I didn't want him to know that I knew absolutely nothing about the sexual organs, so I acted as if nothing abnormal was happening.

What I did next completely shocked me. I told him to bow toward me, and he obeyed. When I told him to come back to his regular kneeling position, I was poised so that I would be facing him, and I was soon sitting on his massive shoulder with my throbbing cock in his face. He looked up at me with a huge grin on his face.

He looked questioningly at me. I took my hands and streaked his cheeks, which by now had major beard stubble on it. I was so aroused, I could hardly believe it. Suddenly, my abdominal muscles started contracting and soon gobs of white stuff shot out. He took my cock into his mouth once he saw what was happening and began sucking on it as he tried to suction more out. I couldn't have been more pleased. I reached down and scooped some of it onto my finger. I raised it and sniffed it, then opened my mouth and tasted it. It had a distinct odor about it, but it tasted good.

"Ok stud, get up now with me on your shoulders."

My cock was still inside his mouth, and he nodded his obedience. He got up rather easily, even with the added weight on his shoulders. Now don't get me wrong, I may be rather short, but I'm bulked out. I'm no lightweight either. This guy is strong!

I really haven't described my physical appearance, so now might seem a good time. I'm rather short myself. I stand maybe 5' 6" if I'm on my tiptoes (he, he!), but I weigh in at about 165 pounds. It's all muscle too. My pecs are my admired feature, along with my six-pac abs. I have absolutely no hair on my body, except of course on my head, under my arms, and in the pubic area. I have an average size tool--4" soft, 5-1/2 hard. I have a 26" waist, and a good-looking V shaped torso. My chest is 42" when not poised. My hair is a dark brown with some rustic blonde tinges in it. It's natural though. I have absolutely no body fat. One could not even pinch an inch on me. I have a great tan, and a very distinct tan line. I've really worked on my tan, and it's really paid off--I get a lot of looks since I had muscled up, and I've always been admired from afar, both from girls and some guys as well, especially on the beach. But since I'm rather a shy guy, nothing ever came of it.

I don't think I've fully described my stud either. Other than he's stunning, huge, gorgeous, and built to the hilt, I'll try to describe him to the best of my ability. He stands 6' 8", and he's massively built. He weighs about 265 and from the look of him, it's all muscle. God, I'm getting harder just thinking about him (of course he's working on me too). Now am I horny or not?

His face is drop dead gorgeous, and when he smiles, those dimples really come alive. He has dark brown hair as I do, but there aren't any blonde streaks. It is rather on the short side of long, but it really, really, I mean really looks good on him. His shoulders are massive and hugely muscled, as is the rest of him. His chest is about indescribable, but I'll try none-the-less.

When poised his chest is about 54" of pure unadulterated muscle. I don't think anyone could pinch an inch on him either, but I'll check it out later just to be on the safe side. The hair on his chest is dark brown, and just adds a special flavor to his well-tanned demeanor. His shoulder blades stick out to the side, but not obtrusively. I know you've seen body builders flex, and you've probably seen shoulder blades fan out. Stephen's doesn't. God he's so drop-dead good looking.

His pecs are scrumptious looking. I haven't really nibbled on them yet, but I can hardly control myself when I look and think of what I want to do with `em. They're firm when poised and are softly movable when he is in a normal stance--he's a hunk by all measure. God, I'm getting harder if it's possible! On down, his abs are rock hard. If one was to try to hit them with a fist, I think it would be like hitting a concrete wall, and it wouldn't even faze him--he's that well built!

His throbber is about 4-1/2" soft, but when fully loaded (he, he) it's a good 7 or 8" and it's large in circumference. It's so wide that I don't think I'll be able to swallow all of him, but I know I'll damn sure try. It's a beautiful cock, and it beckons me to the hilt--It's uncut too. I've always been fascinated by uncut cocks--now I have one to explore and play with. Oh God, here I go again getting harder. Just when I think I can't get any harder, I do. Hell you would too if you were looking at what I'm looking at and being done to as I am.

His thighs and calf muscles are proportionate to his body, as they aren't overtly huge--just right. He wears about a size 13 shoe, and I can hardly wait for some foot and toe action.

Since the ceilings were 10 feet high, we didn't have any trouble with clearance. During my tirade of descriptions, he continued to suck my hard cock, which was growing harder by the minute. It throbbed with the pleasure he was exerting and from my thoughts of describing him. As he had been walking around with me on his shoulders--God he's strong. He released my cock from his mouth and looked up to me grinning crazily.

"I didn't tell you to stop did I. Put it back in and suck!"

He didn't waste a minute either. We continued with me on his shoulder for about another fifteen minutes. As he walked up and down and around the room, I would bend and rub his pecs and tweak his nipples. When I did it, his cock would jump. I couldn't believe how sensitive my nipple action was on him. It was as if it were hard wired directly to his 7-8 incher.

"On your knees stud and bow down."

He willingly obeyed as I disembarked, and I took his hand in a motion that told him to arise. He looked down at me and grinned. I then took his cock and began playing with it. He was groaning and moaning with the pleasure I was exerting on him. I took it by my right hand and led him to the bathroom, as if he were on a leash.

"In the tub stud. Fill it!"

Once suitably filled I got in and rested my back and head against his massive chest muscles. I cannot explain how wonderful it felt to be resting against him. He had his huge muscular arms around me, and was playing with my muscled pecs and squeezed my already erect and hardened nipps. The hair on his chest beckoned me to turn around and start playing with `em. As I pulled on the soft hairs, he made some light moans and groans. It was as if they were hard wired too, cause I felt his cock jump as I lightly pulled and twisted them between my fingers.

He wasn't overtly hairy--he had just the right amount, and it made his well-tanned body stand out that much more. Since I was turned facing him, I began nibbling on his chest and nipples. He didn't have them flexed, and I was enjoying the sensation to the hilt. God, I loved doing this. After about fifteen minutes of me ministering to his now swollen and very red nipples, I tweaked them and arose out of the water. I took his firm muscled hand and steadied him as he got up.

When facing him, my mouth was practically in the crevice of his perky pecs. It was all I could do not to nibble on them again. I dried him off, and he dried me as well. We both enjoyed the sinsations (I know it's not spelled that way, but that is what it was: sin-sations). I led him once again by his throbbing cock, but this time to my bed. I gently pushed him on his pecs, but he resisted.

"On the bed stud!"

He did as he was told, but he took my hand and pulled me down along with him. As he lay on his back, I was now laying horizontal on his body. Feet on feet, legs on top of legs, my cock buried in the crevice below his crotch--my abdomen on his cock, and my head resting in the crevice created by his muscled pecs. How could it get any better than this! Of course, I would find out, as we would continue down our path of no return.

I mentally shut down my commando mentality, as we began fondling and playing with each other. We rolled on top of each other and fully explored one another. His fingers and hand caressed my ass, and once he reached my sphincter, I shuddered with delight--I almost lost it. Stephen then spoke softly as he continued to thrill me physically.

"God, I enjoyed that. At first I was somewhat leery, but as it developed, I found I had a desire for it to continue. I don't understand why, but I don't have to. Did you enjoy being in control as much as I did being submissive and dominated?"

"Yeah, I really did get into it, at first I didn't know why I was being like that, but you seem to have hit the nail-on-the-head. I enjoyed it as much as you did--maybe even more. I mean, here you are, an overpowering stud, who won't take shit from anyone and I felt an overwhelming sense of power, as I controlled your every move. It was great--I couldn't have asked for more. We won't always play this game, but I enjoyed it an awful lot. Now, I'd like to see just how much of you I can swallow."


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Stephan Noteworthy